Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Why I’d Rather Be Pregnant in Bikini Photos

06/13/2013 at 06:01 PM ET

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Pregnant Bikini
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

When mom-to-be Jamie-Lynn Sigler met her fiancé Cutter Dykstra in steamy Myrtle Beach, S.C., last week, she didn’t think twice about slipping into a bikini.

Nor did she give much thought to being photographed in it.

“I would probably not be caught in a bikini otherwise, but when you’re pregnant, it is what it is!” she told PEOPLE at her baby shower (benefitting children’s charity Baby Buggy) in New York City Wednesday. “However your body’s carrying is how your body’s carrying.”

The actress, 32, met her fiancé, a minor league baseball player, down south while he was there for a game, and says that due to his travel schedule, the couple will probably opt for a staycation, rather than a babymoon before their son’s August arrival.

Meanwhile, as her pregnancy progresses, the process is becoming more exciting for the first-time dad, 23.

“I think as he feels him move and kick it becomes more real,” says Sigler. “We have a couple of [baby] names we’re toying with. We’ll call him one name one week and one name another week. I think we have our favorite, but you never know. We could change our minds when we meet him.”

At the shower — held at Sugar and Plumm on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and the sponsored by Britax/BOB, Hanky Panky, cloud b and Serena & Lily — Sigler and her family and friends dined on salads, veggies, chicken, fries and sliders and an impressive dessert selection. On the menu? The “Earthquake in a Fishbowl:” heaven/hell cake, cheesecake, key lime pie, Brooklyn blackout cake, butterscotch pudding and vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel ice cream.

A.K.A. any pregnant woman’s dream.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Pregnant Bikini
MOVI Inc./Splash News Online

As she counts down to her due date, Sigler (who says she’s still feeling good and even wore cute heels to her shower — “I’ll make do for certain occasions,” she jokes) says she’s got good friends to rely on for advice.

Pals Beverley Mitchell, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Joanna Garcia Swisher have all recently welcomed daughters.

“My best girlfriend Joanna just had her baby a couple weeks ago and she talked me through her entire [birth] so I know everything that happened — the good, the bad, the ugly and so I’ve got all the pointers,” she says. “She’ll probably be there when I give birth so it’s been nice to have her go through it and get to experience it with her.”

And her son will be one lucky little guy to have so many playmates close in age. Jokes Sigler: “Most of them are little girls so he’ll be like the little prince with his harem!”

— Rennie Dyball

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Denise on

She looks fabulous.

steph on

I think she looks stunning. Her confidence is something every woman SHOULD have.

MrMonkee on

Heck with her, he looks fabulous.

bkable on

He’s 23!? 1. That’s a big age gap and 2. He does NOT look at least 30

PickADuck on

Double standard, much? I’m pretty sure if he was the older of the two, you wouldn’t have even noticed the “age gap”.

mike on

Lenny Dykstra’s son?…..poor kid.

Jen on

She looks beautiful and happy, which is exactly as it should be.

Aud on

He’s 23? Atta’ girl!

gagirl on

LOL exactly Aud!!

Tina on

I love that she looks like a regular pregnant girl, rather than looking like a stick with a basketball attached to her front. Great picture! Congrats!

Jay on

She looks beautiful and I love her attitude about being in a bikini. Good luck to them!!

Charli on

I love her in the black dress.

hah on

@Aud – Love your comment!

Vivian on

@ Lisa – praying for you. Sad person that you are.

Tammy on

Man, I wish I looked HALF as good as her in a bikini NOT pregnant!

Arvada on

I’m so glad she didn’t mind these pictures being taken of her! I know the paparazzi is just ruthless down there in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so she really must have felt violated! I’m sure she’s being chased by photographers all the time, what with how she was on the Sopranos six years ago and all. Why do these people try to revive a stalled or totally dead career by pimping out their pregnancies? And why does People buy into it?

Sophia on

Cutter’s a pretty unfortunate name :/

Brenda on

Who came up with the ridiculous term “babymoon”? Really?

Ryleigh on

Brenda..take the stick out of your rear. Thanks!

Irishf1977 on

Lol ummmmmm what did Brenda say that was so bad? I think the term is stupid also!!!!! We alllll can’t afford/and afford to take off of work for baby moons Brenda, which is why it prob. Sounds stupid to us! Lol

lamey14 on

Um…she looks AMAZING! Good for her, she really looks great!

Gina on

She is so beautiful, and looks amazing pregnant. Congratulations. That is gonna be a gorgeous baby.

Olivienne on

I totally agree with Pick a Duck and Aud.

Seriously. I’m only one year older than my boyfriend, and i still get stupid comments from close-minded people. The idea that “the guy should always be older” is a completely sexist and archaic double-standard that needs to die.

Steve on

Lookin good, Meadow!

Mel on

What on earth does a 32 year old have in common with a 23 year old? Other than the baby………….

Sara on

What a beautiful belly! She is so cute. I was the same way when I was heavily pregnant: it was one of the only times in my life I had ZERO self-consciousness about my frame, as pregnancy is beautiful and natural, and pregnant bodies are amazing!

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Pregnant women should cover up, if they are self respecting, and someone as short and pear shaped as this woman, should definitely dress more appropriately.

Lauren on

She is practically a pedo! She needs to date MEN her own age

Carrow on

I’m glad she was comfortable in her bikini. She used to have an eating disorder so to see her happy enough with her body is an inspiration.

Jane on

If I looked like that pregnant I would have been a happy camper! 😃