Olivier Martinez Confirms: We’re Expecting a Son

06/12/2013 at 06:15 PM ET

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Expecting Son
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

It will be a boy come fall for Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez.

“My son will be an American, but I remain French,” Martinez told PEOPLE in Paris on Wednesday.

The actor, 47, made the comment at the opening night of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, where he is serving as this year’s honorary president.

While joking with reporters, Martinez remarked about his experiences walking red carpets.

“It’s not the first one, not the last [I’ve been on],” he said with a smile. “It’s part of the job.” The actor noted differences between the press line in his home country versus the United States, where he’s lived with his actress fiancée for the past two years.

“I’m French — it’s less important,” Martinez explained. “Meaning, I remain a Frenchman in America, but I adapt to American culture. I feel good there — but I’m still a foreigner.”

“My son will be an American,” he proudly repeated.

Berry, 46, arrived in Paris with the actor on Tuesday. The couple are expected to walk the festival’s red carpet together on Thursday evening, where Berry will be the special guest of honor.

— Peter Mikelbank

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jeanmarieok on

Give it a year, People will be reporting on how she’s taking him to court to keep this kid away from him.

Carrow on


fayem1 on

I doubt it this is a hard working MAN not a pretty boy loser leeching off HER fame & money

fayem1 on

Doubt it this guy is her equal not a la zy pretty boy living off her money and fame

Just Wait on

Just wait, Olivier…the day will come when psycho Halle slings all kinds of accusations your way and tries to keep your son from seeing you. Ask poor Nahla what her delusional mother put her through.

fayem1 on

Poor Nalah please she had every reason for concern after he tried to assault Martinez under estimated the older man got his face busted. So they will be fine & from pics nalah seems to love him.

Anonymous on

She won’t last long with him once she can get support money

Anonymous on

Seriously!!!! Get your facts straight! Gabe gets money from Halle, what makes you think she will need Olivier’s??

Brandi on

Lol my thoughts exactly! Love her or hate her, this IS Halle Berry we’re talking about…she’d be the one to make payments as far as any of that is concerned.

fayem1 on

Wow hate does make you stupid unlike you Ms. Berry doesn’t need food stamps WIC or a man she has bank stupid

ELC on

Does he know what he’s doing?He’ll be here today and gone tomorrow regardless of his paternity.

debbie on

She’s nuts and he is not handsome..whatever rocks your boat.

fayem1 on

Looks fade she is in love enough to marry hom not with nahla dad he may be pretty on outside but clearly not so on inside

Anonymous on

Did you mean…she’s taking him to court to keep HIS kid away from him TOO. She is soooo the problem and I feal really sorry for both the kids…I’ll be watching for People”s report too Jean …………………………………………..

fayem1 on

Brainiac how can she keep a child away from someone that hasn’t been born. Did you read article hater they are happily together I know that hurts you

kim on

he should do us all a favor and stay in france

Anonymous on

He is proud his son will be American…but wasn’t he JUST trying to take Halle and Nahla to FRANCE to keep a low profile b/c they both hated the American press? I mean and to keep Gabe away from the the little girl…but isn’t the paparazzi thing the reason they stated?

fayem1 on

And the fact that crazy gabe attacked him because he still wants Ms Berry and she has moved on. Real healthy for nahla father of the year what does he do for a living oh yeah collect child support from Ms Berry

Cat on

His son will actually have both nationality. Unless he gave up his citizenship…

Jessica on

Cat –

It’s not that easy, my husband is French and I’m American. Our children do not have dual citizenship and it is quite a pain in the rear to get it. France is notorious for drowning you in paperwork then losing it!

cyrille on

Incorrect, Jessica. I am French and my daughter was born in the US. Being used to the French system, I was expecting tons of paperwork and cumbersome procedures. It was actually fast and straight to the point. My husband is not even French nor American and it added another layer of complexity. I was so pleased by the swift process.

Jacquelyn's Ramblings and Thoughts on

Actually, YES it is that easy when you want to take the time to do the paperwork. My husband is French and I am American and our son had no problems what so ever getting his nationality and his French Passport. All we had to do was write our local French Consulate and get things started.

Jacquelyn's Ramblings and Thoughts on

It is that easy for children to get dual citizenship if one parent is French and the other American. My son had no problems what so ever getting his and he is three years old. Everyone loses paperwork not just the French. We have not had problems with getting papers when dealing with citizenship, the family book is essential in making sure things go smoothly.

lila on

I hope the son speaks French, as I believe Gabriel and Nahla do? Bilingualism would be a good thing for the son.

fayem1 on

Gabe speaks french prove it I have heard him speak English was a challenge

jorja on

He’ll be French too as his daddy is French

gilda on

I wonder if they’re doing this so that she can get citizen ship in France… something she’s wanted, and the judge denied. I wonder how having a child will impact that situation, with the father being a french citizen. Does anyone know?

cyrille on

You have to marry a French citizen, speak French, and waut 3 years to start the citizenship process.

Jacquelyn's Ramblings and Thoughts on

For that child he will basically have dual citizenship considering they do the paperwork which isn’t a lot no matter what people say. Halle on the other hand would actually have to live here in France for a consecutive three to four years depending on if they are married before she could think about getting her citizenship. Yes, I do know from experience.

Heidi Quayle on

I wonder how he’d describe his son – God forbid, he’d feel his child is half French, half caucasian. Halle Berry called Nahla’s dad a racist when he referred to her as bi-racial. I don’t understand that!

An Ame on

Heidi – don’t mix race and nationality; racist v xenophobic.

American Mom on

Heidi didn’t say anything xenophobic or racist. Her remark about half French half Caucasian was misstated but it was obvious what she meant by that & it was not racist or xenophobic in any way. You must be the PC police, going around looking for things to be insulted about even when they don’t exist.

American Mom on

Actually, since Halle Berry is biracial, her daughter is then only 1/4 black. But yes, that was odd of her to say. Then again, she says and does a lot of odd things.

Blackie on

Get it right.wierdo… He called the child bi-racial but called Hallie the N-word. so get it right

San Diego Chic on

That is a horrible picture of him. That guy is not ugly , he is actually freaking FINE! Look him up, friggin gorgeous. Halle is crazy rich and famous, that’s about it.

cncsmom on

OMG. I was going to say the same things the other comments said. Just wait, Oliver!

Sasha on


Missy on

He’s such a jerk….

fayem1 on

You have met Not

Shelbe on

Boy, the haters are out in force today. Can’t just be happy for the man that he’s having a son. You haters can suck lemons, Halle and Olivier got the world by the tail and your just jealous. That leech Gabriel got his money and a black eye so why you guys still crying. Olivier obviously wants his son raised in America, God knows why. Maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t want to separate Nahla from her leech father. Having a child of your own can change things, stupid haters.

Nicole on

Omg seriously come up with a different word than hater I can’t take it anymore!!! It used to be used for people who hated someone because they were jealous of them, now it’s just every time someone doesn’t like something or someone or agree with you. No one here is a hater because they don’t like Halle’s behavior.

Callie on

It’s no wonder he’s got a short temper and is nasty; he’s French

They both need to move to France. She’s a stuck-up nasty, ghetto *itch and he’s a nasty Frenchmen.

guest on

Ghetto?! I’m no Halle fan, but ghetto she’s not. You’re a racist bit#@.

fayem1 on

Second that but then I bet that poster never misses honey boo boo

Jacquelyn's Ramblings and Thoughts on

Just what does being French have anything to do with people being short tempered or nasty?! I assume you are not French and you seem to be both of those things with the nasty comments you have left.

Athina on

Cut them some slack. Halle is getting along with Aubry now and things seem to be going much smoother. The people who post on these sites with the negativity must be the same ones who still drag up the little pig phone call from seven years ago. Why not wish them well. They appear to be very happy together.

Shelbe on

You haters can suck lemons, Olivier is always handsome, better that leech male model. Halle is a great mom, your all jealous because she’s rich and famous. Bet you guys have stellar lives with no mishaps, bunch of phonies.

Gg on

I think he’s kind of nuts as well.

Doesn’t he have a temper ?

Sandy on

will he beat the crap out her and his son? I just don’t trust him and we all know her relationship always end badly

LuvLeeRita on

She’s a buffoon and he’s an idiot. Doesn’t he realize she’ll fight him tooth and nail someday for custody when their relationship ends? He will forever stay in America as with Aubrey (he’s Canadian) just to be able to see their children. With Halle Berry’s poor record with marriage(s) this one is doomed as were the others.

Hazel on

She’s nuts!

Susie on

Their child can speak French with Nahla whose Dad is from Quebec. Ils peuvent se parler……….ensemble….and I hope that Halle is taking some big time expensive French classes or else she will likely miss out on a lot in her children’s lives….

fayem1 on

Did you read what you wrote before hitting post Hallie is an involved mom and will miss nothing use both sides of your brain

gyl on

Wishing them the best. I would probably be on bed rest if I were her- it is still early and she is of a mature age. Hopefully all continues well with the pregnancy.

gagirl on

Are you a doctor?!?!?! I don’t even care for Halle but to make fun of her age is just low. CLEARLY she doesn’t need to be on bed rest. She looks great which is more than you could probably say. I guess you’re one of those who had kids young, didn’t have a life, now regrets it and projects your crap onto other people. Have an awesome day in your miserable life.

Just My Opinion on

I wish them the best, and a healthy baby boy. Whether their relationship last a year or longer, what’s it going to cost you? No matter what or how you feel about Halle Berry, I bet she not sitting at home caring.

Susie on

I do think that Halle has a mean streak in her, like she is exempt from the paparazzi. Katie Holmes may be odd but she seems to handle the public attention gracefully as if she accepts having become involved in it. That 90’s pixie hairdo Halle has is cute but she is starting to look like she is milking the whole thing instead of gravitating towards any other type of style. It is still really cute, as some styles these days are not, but having the same hairdo and the same mean streak is kind of tired looking….makes people want to say “next”.

Mia on

Ahh hello people, Halle doesn’t get child support, she PAYS child support to Gabriel Aubry, get your facts before you comment.

Kat on


dee on

Scary thought having a baby at 46……hope its healthy!

gagirl on

Really???? What a nasty thing to say. Everyone doesn’t hit the fertility jackpot, you know. So what if she had children later?!?! You don’t genuinely care if the child is healthy or not. All you wanted to do was make a dig on her age. Feel better about yourself now?

Sheri on

Never trust a man who smiles like he’s on the toilet…

Angel on

Wow! Why all the negative comments about Hallie? Those of you leaving nasty comments must be incredibly miserable to attack a pregnant woman. Congratulations Hallie and Oliver. I wish you all the best on your upcoming nuptials and delivery.

Julesy on

Unfortunately, I agree with everyone else … I don’t see much hope or longevity for this couple especially with Hallie’s romantic track record.

fayem1 on

Liz Taylor always seemed happy to me

Nicole on

Angel, she’s earned the negative comments. Two failed marriages and a nasty custody war with a third man … and she plays the victim EVERY time. But look at who the common denominator is in all those situations. No one is intentionally attacking a pregnant woman. We just have a strong indicator as to how this will end – very badly.

heather on

I agree . Everything that Halle is doing with Oliver’. Did the same thing with Gabe

Pia Razon on

Well, he said it best . . . he’s French and we all know how the French man loves . . . passionately and many! If I were Halle (and knowing her record with men) she should be very concerned.

Pia Razon on

Gabriel was very kind to Halle and tried to work things out on her terms. This guy is going to run her through the wringer. He’s going to convince her to vacation with the baby in France and all of a sudden his family will be hiding the baby. He’s going to be what she has been – strait up crazy!

Kaitlyn on

Poor kid…

Bel on

Does it matter?? They have nothing to do with all of us regardless of how we feel. Jealous she got pregnant 2x at her age. Oh well life goes on.

fayem1 on

Because of her severe diabetes conceiving has been difficult you insensitive low life

Gigi on

If Halle were white then everyone would be cheering for her but because she is black she is automatically “crazy”.

American Mom on

Umm..she’s half white.

fayem1 on

Welcome to racist america and for the idiot who said she is half white she looks black and that’s all racist care about

Ali on

He’s nuts, she’s crazy. Lord help that child.

Amanda on

Both of their careers are in the tank. Halle hasn’t had a hit in a while. Their popularity went down after the altercation with Aubrey. I work for a PR firm (they are not our clients) but it’s well known they have dropped in what we call “popularity points” . Their marketability took a nose-drive because Aubrey is perceived to be a good father and his rights violated by first trying to take his daughter to a different country and secondly him getting a beating.

Trey on

Congrats to them I hope they have a healthy bouncing boy although Nahla wanted a sister.

anonymous on

He is such a jerk. I hope he doesn’t beat the hell out of anyone for no reason again like he did to Gabe. He wanted to move to France and was furious the judge wouldn’t let him and now is saying the child will be American. Strange.

Blackie on

For real!! GABE got what was coming to him. Uou do mo threaten to kick a@@ and can’t back it up. Oh well I bet he will thing about it the next time. And to all you people out there that are name calling Halie, get a life. I sure of we dug into yoursn we could find a xouple of things to talk about.

Marilyn on

It was already announced that it’s a boy when we learned she is pregnant.

Sasha on

Congrats Halle! Wishing you and Oliver the best!

Lisa Del Fante on

Good luck, he will need it.

bigdede on

A boy? I would hate to see the damage Halle does to this poor child. I’m with the others, in a year she will be saying how he is a racist and abuser.

Anonymous on

wow, do any of you know the couple personally? get a life you miserable ugly freaks of nature. have a great day!

diane on

congratulations! very happy for you all.. God bless.

Shelbe on

I don’t think he was suppose to tell the sex of the baby. Looks like Olivier slipped up big time. Wish I was a fly on the wall when he gets home tonight.

sheila french on

congrats to the beautiful couple prove the haters wrong!!!!

maryhelenc on

I can’t see this ending well; not for Nahla, this lil boy, anyone. Halle is a man eater and he is violent. Normally, I try to see the positives, but a man who kicked the holy Hell out of his stepdaughter’s father has some serious issues.

Tee on

You’re a foolish frenchman, you’ll soon find out your American son and his American Mom will make it very ugly when she falls out of “love” with you, but thanks much for your sperm.

Trinigurl on

Wow – what haters. Good luck Halle and Olivier.

Cyndi on

Yeah,Olivier, we’ll check back with you in about a year or two when Halle decides go to wacko commando on you, and try to destroy the love between you and your son…

Elena on

Good thing Olivier doesn’t mind that his son will be American because that’s where he’s going to live when he and Halle break up and she demands full custody. I hope I’m wrong. We’ll have to see.

philippa Brown on

For all the negative comments.. Get a Life!!! Until you walk in her shoes then keep your mouth shut!

Lexi on

Ummm, why do I feel like I already knew this?

Shelbe on

Gabriel is a weak leech that got his butt handed to him by a older and smaller man. Some of you wusses should fight for him next time since he seems unable too. Everyone forgot how he had to take anger management classes and was picking on the nanny. Olivier and Halle will have this baby and have a wonderful life in spite of you. The pond scum on this thread need to get a life, haters.

Christina on

Beautiful couple. Congratulations on a baby boy!
Oh, and also: Lighten the fuck up, folks – get a life instead of criticizing other people.

Donna on

When he smiles, his eyes disappear. Just like Leanne Rimes…. can’t stand either one of them…maybe it’s the eyes,.

Shiela kerr on

Wish them both well!

Patricia on

jeanmarieok Notice how she hasn’t had to go to court since her ex started a fight and lost it to Martinez and the police made him go to anger management all over again. Anger management must have worked because they’re letting him have the kid again.

suzy diamond on

She’s a crazy woman. This relationship has the shelf life of spilt milk. Poor baby. She’ll be fighting to keep this child away from this father just like the last one.

Victoria on

Funny that Halle pops up pregnant a few months after Martinez beats up her daughter’s father. They both look horrible in the press…..now she’s hoping she’ll get fan support by being pregnant. So glad that Nahla has her Dad – but her poor baby brother won’t have that kind of stability with his violent tempered father and coo-coo Mom!

4mom on

Ok you guys seriously need to stop harping on her age. She should be on bed rest because it is early and she is of mature age? If she needed to be on bed rest her dr. would put her there. Where does her age factor in to it? My great grandmother got pregnant at 46 with baby number 12 and that was over 100 years ago. I don’t think she was on bed rest either, she had the other 11 to raise.

LindaLou on

This guy needs a son. Maybe then he’ll understand what he put Gabriel Aubry though when he has his own child. One day Olivier will want to see his child and Halle will deny him…and her new boy toy will interfere and take her side. Karma, baby, karma.

Der Kaiser on

She’s 46 – and pregnant with Boyfriend No. 3’s baby? Can someone say “Ho”?

Anonymous on

I love how everyone acts like they actually know them …. as if they know who they really are. I also love how there are so many perfect people out!!!!

Lucy on

“He (Olivier Martinez) was always there, helping with the practical stuff and being protective,” said Kylie Minogue, who was given the all-clear (from breast cancer) last year (2006). “He was incredible. He didn’t hesitate in canceling work and putting projects on hold so he could be with me. He’s the most honorable man I have ever met.”


your all a bunch of haters with miserable lives,.misery needs company!!!

Nancy on

Hey Ollie, she is expecting a boy, not a son. See her in court !

Debbie on

They are both bat$hit crazy. Poor child doesn’t have a chance.

Rolyat on

He was so hot in the movie “Unfaithful”. His looks went down the toilet bowl.

Tammi on

Wow what a bunch of idiots …That is all. I’m just wondering where u all received your Psychology degree’s from, and the last engagement you actually attended where you were able to meet any of these individuals…I’ll wait. I just wonder if people knew who each of you really are, where u come from, and what you do when no is looking what they would really thing? Since you read Tabloids….umm yes People is tabloid. I glad to see you have based your opinions on them, and what they feed into you. Feel sorry for you kids, because hunni if I had to be a spawn of some of these judgmental idiots I would probably be spouting this hateful cray myself, and bullying poor kids. Ridiculousssssssssss

Ann on

Wishing them all the best…….

Adrienne on

Who cares about this skeeze bag and her angry skeeze bag boyfriend? I’d rather read about the Nascar driver who died last night. At least he is worth of the press, until like these two media whores.

jennifer on

Now Halle will have two babies with two different daddies. Classy.

Heidi Qualye on

An Ame – I am not mixing race and nationality. I’m saying that Halle views Nahla as a black American and she called Gabriel a racist in open court and to others because he said Nahla was bi-racial and had dual citizenship. Halle herself has a white mother but she considers herself black, and technically Nahla is only 1/4 black, so why is it wrong (or racist) to call her bi-racial?
I’m saying that it’s amusing Olivier is already going along with Halle on the nationality peice and I’m ‘warning’ him that he can’t dare bring his race (or, seemingly, nationality) into the mix when it comes to his son.

Mashed Potatoe on

Two more irresponsible wealthy talentless tax evading self centered hollywood liars bringing an offspring into the world who will be privileged beyond merit

Sha on

Don’t know what it is about him but he gives me the creeps. He looks like such a slime ball.

KLM on

She is such a tramp! How many marriages, now 2 babies by 2 different baby daddies, etc…….

cliff cabbage on

Yes, their son will be an American but he wont be eligible to be President.

Mimsy on

@Heidi.. In the Old South, white people didn’t recognize biracial. Meaning if you had 1/8th of African American blood, regardless of your complexion or parents,then you were considered black. That’s why Halle always identifed with being black. Gabriel doesn’t want Nahla to be considered black, but he can’t control that. Nahla will decide for herself how she views herself.

Mimsy on

Congrats Halle and Olivier!! He’s going to be a gorgeous kid!

valeskas on

Of course the baby’s mom is American and when one parent is American the baby automatically is an American, the baby can choose what nationality he wants to be, when he is 18. So says the law.

Mashed Potatoe on

It’s all about the sex. That’s all Hollywood is about. I am sure they both enjoy slapping each other in bed. When the hot sex wears off so does EVERYTHING else.

Rose on

Isn’t she a little old to be carrying a baby? Good luck!

Katie on

Never trust a man who smiles like he’s on the toilet… Sheri that was hilarious!!! Best comment in months on here!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He’s just a much a nut job as she is. Hope they’re happy. Poor little boy.

Lotus on

Awwww! Nahla’s gonna get a brother! Since I don’t have a magic crystal ball stuck up my butt, nor a miserable life where I enjoy putting my misery on others, I’ll simply say congratulations to the couple and wish them well.

larsen on

Can he not see what is coming? they will break up and his child will remain in America where Halle will have all the power. She will block him from his child as she did to Gabriel. I feel sorry for this poor man.

Ann on

He feels good here but wasn’t it some months ago when Halle was trying to take Nahla away from her father, it was just too dangerous with the paps here? Future People story: Halle’s sadness: second baby daddy no good either! Watch out Oliver!

kris on

i dont get why some people are calling him ugly. apparently, they havent seen “unfaithful”

Rosa on

Why are you all so judgemental? You do not know either of them personally. If we knew some things about you, we might think you were unbalanced. Live and let live. Are they hurting you? Not at all. Let kind words flow sometimes.

Jacquelyn's Ramblings and Thoughts on

WOW, Stop with the comments about the French unless you know from first hand experience what the French citizens are like and their country.

We do not know these two individuals only what has been portrayed through the media about their lives. From the media stand point every person in Hollyweird they are all basically sex crazed maniacs. Until you know the whole truth from all three parties which is hers, his and the real truth then stop judging what you truly don’t have a clue about. And Halle’s ex’s are not saints, but since all the haters seem to know everything about her maybe now the media can focus on true news.

Bella on

Congrats Halle & Oliver, I wish you the best!!!

Anonymous on

@Callie, Such harshness, um they wouldn’t let you play with them!!

PacificGirl on

Support from him? Ha! Halle’s money is waaaaaaaaaaay longer than Olivier’s trust me!

sala on

Wish them all the best. Every family goes through tough times, but it looks like they are working through them. I have no doubt she has the best interests of her children in mind. Only difference is the world has seen their fights and struggles. Glad the world hasnt seen all my drama! lol

Anonymous on

She’s like a black widow.

marlayna vargas on

“This Psycho needs help!!”….and he is just dumb.

Dollie on

A little history on Halle, married before to two crazy men, one a sex addict the other an abuser… before that beaten until she lost hearing in one ear. So in her defense she should be tougher having been a victim of domestic violence repeatedly. I’m happy she is happy with a man that is love with her. She is not crazy and earned every dollar she has. Haters always crawl from under a rock.with negativity. God Bless you Halle with a healthy baby and family. She will be a good mom.

Anonymous on

There’s nothing as sad as a beauty with no brains. There white men really don’t love you, Halle. You should have learn this from the first white Canadian jerk you had a baby with, ah, but you didn’t. Oh, well…anyone who does the same thing but expect different result is insane…an idiot.
Ilove you, darling. Sometimes, love must be tough.

Niko on

The vitriolic hatred of this couple—Halle Berry, in particular—on this site is just baffling. No matter what, people will find something to hate on her about. Some racists love to hang out here. They condemn Berry for getting pregnant at 46, yet collectively feign amnesia when Caucasian actress Kathyrn Morris became pregnant at 44, with TWINS! Go figure.

Where was the outrage then? I’m still trying to find the “Nahla gets a kid brother!” sort of comments. All I’m seeing is people spewing vemon left and right! Sad and disgusting.

Anonymous on

Olivier is a JERK for what he did to Gabriel for hurting him and trying to take Gabriel daughter to live in France. I admire Gabriel for keeping what he’s been thru low key, I’m sure he’s been through a lot with those two and it’s very obvious he loves his daughter very much. Olivier and Halle are known for their temper…………Having his son born in America is this a ploy to eventually get everyone to live in France his he lost in court!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations. Gorgeous couple.

Anonymous on

Having their baby in America is a ploy to get Halle, Nahla and his son to live in France since he lost the rights in court. He is a JERK!!!! Gabriel loves his daughter and Oliver has done everything he could to make Gabriel life miserable.

Anonymous on

These comments are just mean. She’s had some bad luck, bad choices in men.. but noone knows what went on with that father of her daughter.. He doesn’t seem like a very nice guy. I wish her the best and happiness with this new baby boy. Now she has the perfect family.

Linda W on

Wow, How can she have anything good happen in her life with all this negativity on this board

Nikita on

I have never seen so many hateful, judgmental and ignorant people in one place! You all think you know these people, THAT is the hysterical part. The fact is, and I can’t believe I have to spell this out, is we don’t know them! And if you believe everything you read in these magazines, you need to realize there is a certain “spin” they do on certain celebs to make them look a certain way. You are all sheep!

meghan on

fayem desperately needs a hobby.

Jamie on


Sounjirah on

Just a note: Quebec and France have different languages; Parisian French vs Québécois French varies a great deal. It’s like comparing two similar dialects.

Susan on

I do wish them well but it seems that Halle cannot stay happy for too long though.

Nicole on

People are so ignorant. t doesn’t matter but Halle Berry is biracial. She and Oliver are both two incredibly gorgeous people. It’s amazing that people who don’t know her have so many negative opinions on her. Personally, I believe that it is insane to judge her character without examining all aspects of her personality and background story. But then again the hatred could be because she is “black” and he is “white”. That’s ‘Merica for you. Congratulations to Halle and Oliver on their beautiful blessing…

Gina on

She sure knows how to pick them (sarcasm)..

Gina on

How long will it be before he finds out she is a nut case..

Katie on

Congrats to the happy couple. I agree that their son in going to be so gorgeous. Not surprise by the nasty lying racist comments. Racism is growing here in America. What a bunch of sad people that can’t stand to see another race of people happy. Lol bi#ches it’s not like you ever had a chance with Gabriel or Olivier but I guess that’s what got some of you so mad .

FRED 28 on

Two babies, two babies daddy’s! What else is new !

katheryn on

What is wrong with Halle? She has completely gone off the deep end. I wish I could say I see this relationship lasting, but unfortunately I don’t. Well, congrats on the baby anyway. Good luck.

carol on

Congrats to Halle ,and Olivier . I hope you have a great pregnancy ,and an healthy baby . Much happiness .

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them!!!!! they make a great couple and for people who seem to be an expert on her relationships KEEP YOUR DAY JOBS….

Eliza on

Congrats 🙂

Tracy on

I totally agree with the comments on her. Watch out Oliver! As soon as you start not getting along with her, she will turn into a ‘holier than thou’ mess. She will try to strip you of your parental rights. I guess its a little too late for him to run far, far away…lol


They make a beautiful couple and I wish them the best of luck but with Berry’s track record who knows. P.S. Halle, for Christ’s sake PLEASE get a new hairstyle!

zoesmom on

I wish them a healthy and happy baby, as no one should punish the children for mistakes their parents make. However, Monsieur Martinez, you are correct in saying your son will be American…because there is not a chance you will be allowed to take him to France onces Ms. Barry is inevitably finished with you. I wish you the best sir!

jaintn on

I wonder what she’ll accuse this poor sap of when the split? She’s pretty much levied every possible accusation at her ex boyfriends and/or husbands. I have faith in her though. She’ll find something. She’s nothing if not resourceful.

J on

Actually Gigi, Halle is biracial b/w if you want to nitpick race. And no, nobody is picking on her because she isn’t completely white. Grow up, kiddo.

sweetbabyjane on

They make a beautiful couple and I wish them the best of luck but with Berry’s track record who knows. (This picture of him doesn’t do him justice! He’s gorgeous)! P.S. Halle, PLEASE get a new hairstyle, you’ve had this one forever!

Terri on

Congratulations to them! I’m sure he’s very excited to have a son along with his step-daughter.

Anonymous on

Well let’s see with his temper and her crazy ass, I am they will make AWESOME parents. NOT!!!!!!!!!!! In a year or two he will be the new Gabriel and I would love to see what happens then.

Rae Savage on

Its only a matter of time before Halle becomes “unhinged” and runs to Africa with his kid and Nahla…Olivier and Gabriel Aubry will both be filing legal docs to get to see their kids…

firstamendment3 on

It’s rather sick thinking about the baby’s sex. I’d prefer to know the gender.

Anonymous on

I’m not a big fan of either. I know I don’t know either personally but the image they project is of ‘I’m so much better than any of you’, IMO. He really disgusts me. It’s almost like if you looked up the work cocky in the dictionary his picture would be there. I only hope the kid looks like her or we’ll never see his eyes. Olivier can’t even keep his open – always squinting – not attractive to me.

tony on

I love all the idiotic hypocritical comments from all the haters who sound like they have a few screws loose. I haven’t met a woman or man yet who haven’t had a little drama in their relationships. People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.

Cherry on

I hope this relationship will be long lasting.

Jan on

Ahh so sweet. They look so happy. Can’t wait to see the little baby boy he will be a beautiful baby. Nahla will be a cool big sister.

Shelbe on

And on and on with the hate. Halle and Olivier are having a beautiful baby boy, are famous and rich which eats you lot up. You should wish them the best for their family like you would your own. That sfuff with her old boyfriend is in the past and things do change. That Gabriel was a nasty piece of work or he wouldn’t have tried to jump a Olivier. He sure got a surprise didn’t he.

lucy on

As a french girl, nobody know Olivier Martinez over here.
He is not living here for more than a decade, I don’t consider him as French, so who cares if the baby is living in USA !
Hope the baby will be healthy, that is the main thing !

Jessamine on

Let us not forget this is the man who left Kylie Minogue when she was battling breast cancer. What a peach.

Anonymous on

Wow! I’m not an american but I find the comments very nasty when it comes to african american.

gb on

Jessamine, you need to get your facts straight….please refer to Lucy’s statement of how Kylie Minogue praised him for standing by her side while she battled cancer and ever cancelled work to be with her. Haters will make anything up.

Morgana on

He didn’t left Kylie when she fought her cancer but they split after she was cured. Google Kylie’s thoughts about this guy and you will see a totally different guy that you claim he is.
All this hate towards Halle are aweful. Her first husband beat her, the second cheated on her and you claim she is nuts! Shame on you for all your hate instead of love for a sister.

tori on

Stupid Halle should of stayed with Gabriel,he’s much better looking and loves his daughter. Instead she picks this ugly dude who has a hot temper and will help her keep her daughters father away from her. What a pair of losers and the poor children will suffer!

Anonymous on

Olivier Martinez is French, but he was born in Morocco. His son will have dual citizenship both in France and the US. No big deal. That is the way it is sometime. I just want the family to be happy. He the heck cares what the child looks like or who he resembles or where he lives, or anything. This is a new child to two very much in love individuals. Haters are always saying crazy things about people who are unique but happy. Leave them alone.

Nadia on

Halle is not black sorry she is not and this is coming from a pure black women Haitian Canadian. I should know what is black and what is not. Just like white people can say whos white and whos not and so can blacks. I have a son who is black and white metis which means mixed. Her kids are 75% white rest black so in my eyes and majority of real blacks around the world she is not black. Even in white nations as Europe there do not call mixed people black .Who to believe Europeans orginal white peoples motherland or America immgrant country? I will believe the African and European mother land of my son ancestry who does not one drop 🙂