Stephen Moyer Reveals Names of Twins with Anna Paquin

06/12/2013 at 10:30 AM ET

Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer Name Twins Charlie and Poppy Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Nine months after their birthStephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have finally revealed their twins‘ names. The True Blood stars’ son is called Charlie, while their daughter is Poppy, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Moyer let the names slip in an interview at the True Blood season six premiere Tuesday evening, E! News was first to report. Explaining that elder daughter Lilac was headed off to camp over Father’s Day weekend, Moyer said that he and Paquin, 30, planned to celebrate the special day “hanging out with Charlie and Poppy.”

Speaking to PEOPLE earlier in the week, Moyer, 43, said that he and his wife were keeping their twins out of the spotlight for a reason.

“They came much earlier than we were expecting. They were so fragile in the beginning. We are just trying to protect them,” he tells PEOPLE.

“[We’re] trying to give them as much of a normal upbringing as you can in this town. They didn’t choose to be actors – not yet! Who knows what they’ll be? It’s just a question of wanting to keep that private for them so they can choose.”

Moyer and Paquin, a best supporting actress Academy Award winner in 1994, were married in a sunset Malibu ceremony in August 2010 after he proposed on a Hawaiian beach the year prior.

True Blood returns to HBO on Sunday, June 16.

— Andrea Billups with reporting by Patrick Gomez and Julie Jordan

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Jesse1 on

Cute names! Very classy of them. Not shoving their children in front of any cameras. That’s how it should be. Very happy for them.

GemmaG on

What sweet names. I love the name Poppy, but was always unsure about the nasty nickname it may get. Good move on the parents to keep them under wraps.

Lauren on

I think it’s refreshing to see a couple that wants to keep privacy for their children. These days, you see every parent taking bids to see which magazine will pay them the most for the first photos. Way to go, Stephen and Anna!

kitty62862 on

Lauren, the reason they do that is because there is such a papparazzi frenzy, because there’s a big bounty to be paid for the first picture. They get out of hand fast, dangerously chasing after that picture. What happens is the parents sell the picture to a publication, which sinks the price for the papparazzi and the frenzy stops. Then the money is donated to charity, with no fanfare. Heard this in an interview with Pink and Barbara Walters. She donated her money to Autism Speaks and Ronald McDonald house. No fanfare, because the media will focus on who donated how much, and where.

denise on

Love their names.

bkable on

Totally respect their decision!! I don’t think simply saying their names will ruin that though. I 100% believe celebrity kids should be off limits to the paparazzi… like Stephen said, they didn’t choose that life.

Brooke on

LOVE them both. Poppy is one of my favorite names….

Colleen on

Both names are great, especially Poppy, very cute.

Marge on

Normal and adorable names!! They seem like normal and down to earth people. Love them!

katehawk88 on

I love these two!!! They make True Blood so amazing!! I’ve always loved Anna though she was awesome in X men! What a great couple and now they sound like amazing parents. Congrats to them!

Nikita on

AW! Love those names!!!

dudley doright on

these 2 look scary

ME on

Is Poppy the nickname for Penelope? I like it!

Toni on

Don’t really think knowing their names is invading their privacy. Who really cares? Just more publicity for them.

valeskas on

My cats name is Charlie.

Barbra on

Wow. I can sleep now. I don’t mind “celebrities” wanting to protect their children from the spotlight, but if you didn’t want to give us the information before, why start now? I don’t know who they are and don’t really care. If you’re a “celebrity” and don’t want attention keep it that way. I have the same issues with these people who say they already know the sex of their baby, but want to keep it a secret. Then DON’T SHARE IT WITH THE MEDIA that you already know. Gosh.

Jessi on

If you would have taken a few minutes to read the article you would have seen that he didn’t mean to say their names, he let it slip in an interview.

kelly anne on

No offense but they are not that famous. I am sure they can live a normal life without having to hide their kids names from the public etc. I don’t think anyone really cares enough to stalk them and pay for their photographs. I think some people in Hollywood think they are bigger than they really are. Honestly I could have passed either on the street and not have a clue who they were.

Isabel on

ME, Penny would be the nickname for Penelope. I’ve always just heard Poppy used as a name by itself.

Divah on

I agree with Toni, knowing their names is not invading their privacy and I am very pleased with their decision to keep them out of the spotlight. They are the actors and get the publicity, their children are off limits.

Emma on

Very cute names and you have to respect celebrities who try to keep their private lives private. I would bet those twins are going to grow up in a very normal/stable environment.

Karin on

I love how they are putting parenting first!! That’s how it should be!

Smithy on

Love the names!

Eden on

i like them both and at least they had the decency to get married before she got pregnant. at least some celebrities still have some class and are old fashioned!!

Anonymous on

very very neat and responsible. I love these two so much even more now.

Anonymous on

Sweet names. And very cute to continue the flower name from the older sister, Lilac.

Callie on

I love the names, so cute.

Emry on

poppy is better than hashtag and apple, but still god, why that name? i don’t get it.

Mallory on

I’ve been waiting forever to hear these names!! Love both of them. So cute his daughters each have flower names!!

kim on

ahhh, normal names. how refreshing. everyone should follow suit…

Sandy on

every time I hear the word “poppy” I think of the evil witch in Wizard of Oz- saying “poppies, poppies” as she’s putting the spell on them!

Icky on

Sometimes it seems as those these celebrities have children for the wrong reasons. I applaud Brad and Angelina for their adoptions and their efforts to raise their kids. I give a standing ovation to celebrities like Stephen and Anna who don’t shove their kids into the limelight while still in the hospital nursery. Congratulations for making it this long without paparazzi biting at your heels.

pris35 on

Poppy Moyer and Charlie Moyer, very cute.

Guest2012 on

Are these two such “stars” that they seriously need to be so private? I would think they would be able to have a fairly normal upbringing.. unlike say Brad and Angelina’s kids, etc. and geez once the K baby girl is here, we won’t hear of anyone else anyway.

Cathleen on

Such sweet names! Anna and Stephen seem like great parents. Best of luck to them!!

Anonymous on

Poppy is a stupid name. Just like Pippa. Stupid.

Anonymous on

Just a guess but Charlaine Harris wrote the series TrueBlood was based on (The Southern Vampire Series aka The Sookie Stackhouse Series) and also a series called Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. The las of the Aurora books is Poppy done to death (Poppy was the main character’s stepsister in law) so Poppy and Charlaine (Charlie for a boy)

Guest on

Love the names, but Poppy and Lilac for the daughters names? Had to go with another flower?

Sar on

I think they are wonderful names. Poppy is becoming more popular and also goes with big sister Lilac. Charlie is a nice fit with older brother Billy. Bravo to them for putting family, and not fame, first!

Susan on

I’m not necessarily a fan of these two, but I love that they keep their children private.

Rebecca on

That’s sad that they were premature babies, it must be a very frightening experience, but I’m glad they made it ❤

Anais on

Beautiful names. Congrats! I didn’t know they had twins. double happiness

KaitlynS. on

Kudos to them for keeping their babies names a secret, I mean we’re not their family we shouldn’t have to know their babies names right away

And might I add the names are perfect

Anonymous on

kitty62862- You are spot on about everything, especially the bounty that’s on some celeb babies’ heads. For example, I remember Brad Pitt saying in regards to Shiloh (this was when she still a baby, btw) that there was a “bounty on her head before she was even born!”

That’s pretty darn scary when you think about it, and I shudder to think of what might have happened had they taken her out without selling those first photos first!

Anonymous on

BTW, I love the names!

mileysux on

Adorable names! I am so happy for them. They seem like such loving people!

Renee on

It’s amazing that nobody leaked their names in all this time. I wonder if they can take them out anywhere, it seems the paparazzi would be all over it if they did.

Anna on

Really cute names! Love it!

Anonymous on

Every time I see pic’s of her after she had the babies, she looks sick and way to skinny. Goes to prove she obviously feels the pressure…and what the heck is up with the name Poppy? That’s just as bad as Rainbow…

Annie on

Actually, they are big stars and there are many paps pictures of them, even with their little babies so yes, they are “big stars” and he didn´t want to share their names, it simply slipped when he was asked what was he going to do on the Father´s day, it probably wasn´t planned