Julia Pace Mitchell Welcomes Son Stephen

06/11/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Let the restless nights begin: Julia Pace Mitchell is a mom!

The former Young and the Restless actress and her husband Stephen L. Hightower welcomed their first child on Wednesday, May 22, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Born at 7:45 a.m. in Middletown, Ohio, son Stephen L. Hightower III weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz. and measured 21 inches.

“Being new parents has brought us closer together, it’s all about teamwork,” Pace Mitchell, 27, tells PEOPLE. “Little Stephen is awesome. Being a mom is the greatest role I will ever play.”

The couple announced the pregnancy in January, with Pace Mitchell telling PEOPLE, “I feel so blessed and hopeful about becoming a mommy for the first time.”

Julia Pace Mitchell Welcomes Son Stephen
Bella Baby Photography

— Anya Leon

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Denise on

Congratulations!!! He is beautiful

My Girl on

The name is so original. All the same he is gorgeous.

Pam on

He’s obviously named after his Daddy, My Girl. Having a family name is more special than having a unique name.

isleyclaymore on

Congratulations to them but why does the baby have a pen? I just don’t get it

Pam on

Me neither. I guess maybe to advertise Hightowers Petroleum Co. Lol!

BRod on

I love that he has a normal name. Tired of the “original” names some of these celebs come up with!

lilah on

So beautiful! God Bless!!

Guest on

isleyclaymore he’s holding the family company pen — Hightowers Petroleum Co.

Isleyclaymore on

Thanks, I see it now.

The Redhead on

I suspect the pen is free advertising for Daddy’s company.

Isleyclaymore on

Perfect! @TheRedHead

Couldn’t see the inscription on the pen with my mobile.

Sandra on

Look closely, he is representing for daddy’s company. Baby already knows that pampers ain’t cheap 🙂

Isleyclaymore on

Thanks Sandra! Very true

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

Now THAT’s a cute baby…I love the plug for his father’s company…so clever!!

Shellz Kneisler on

He is beautiful! Congratulations!!

chi-girl on

he is just awesome – what a beautiful little boy.. congratulations to the new mom & dad!! love t hat full head of hair…

bkable on

I’m glad he has a normal name but I would hate to be married to a Stephen and have a baby Stephen. Waaay too confusing. I also hope if they have a girl next it will be Julia the second… Just ridiculous lol

Amanda on

I agree bkable. I’m not a Fan of naming sons after their fathers either.

Anonymous on

The pen thing is beyond tacky. Which goes to show that money and class don’t necessarely go hand in hand.

trixierix on

Extremely tacky. But what a cutie!

JWV on

I don’t know who she is lol but what a beautiful baby boy! Congrats.

Anonymous on

He is beautiful!

Anonymous on

so cute..pen is for the father’s company he owns..i believe..

Jess on

what a beautiful boy. Looks like Dad is already preparing him to run the family business someday.

momto3boysillbe on

How is him holding the pen tacky? Some of you just don’t have a clue. Obviously the father is very proud of his newborn son who could possibly be running the company some day.

Anonymous on

cute baby, wonder if daddy going to groom him to take over the family business or is he going to follow his mother and granparents acting footsteps….

Toni on

Absolutely beautiful baby boy. Those of you who are complaining about the pen, the name, whatever else you can think of …. please grow up. The pen in his hand is adorable … not tacky. He is a III … that explains the name. Now go back under your rocks and find something else to gripe about …..

PG on

What a great picture!….little Stephen looks so content…I love it.

Carolyn on

Adorable baby. Not sure of the whole promote my company in my baby’s first picture thing. And really, I don’t consider this a celebrity baby. The woman was on Y&R for a couple of months and hasn’t done anything since. Come to think of it, she’s only had two acting jobs her whole life. Gorgeous baby, but still…

shimmeh on

That’s not true Pam. I love my name (Cameron) and it is very unique and special to me just as any other person. Everyone’s names are beautiful. Oh and the same name over again in the same family really isn’t original btw. Also what a darling son!

Molly on

A picture of the baby with the pen is not tacky. Submitting this photo for PEOPLE magazine is extremely tacky. If this is in fact, the family’s business, they’re exploiting the baby to promote their business.

Robyn on

The baby with the fathers company on the pen is low…. come on is this about promoting his company or the baby?

Sabrina Hightower on

Whether she appeared in one film or 10 its more than what some of you have done. Instead of living vicariously through blogs how about getting a life. Maybe then you can just congratulate people instead of behaving like judgemental jerks. Carry on….

Sabrina Hightower on

Its not promoting or exploiting…. Most people who read this article aren’t in the business of buying 1 million + worth of fuel. Just a proud papa. Get over yourself.

Kat on

Why not include the mom’s photo? Now I have to go back and google, Ugh

KDulaney on


Lydia on

Cute baby. I hate when parents name their son after the father though. I feel like it’s super sexist. If she had had a girl would the girl have been named Julia Jr? Probably not. Dumb and unoriginal.

Carrow on

Life imitating art. Her character had a baby boy last year!

He is adorable and so tiny. Congrats Julia; who is one of the most beautiful women on TV. Plus size or skinny.

Dee on

Her parents are both celebrities. She had a major role on Y&R for a couple of years. I guess if someone is not a reality “star” they are not relevant these days. There is nothing wrong with the baby hokding a pen that represents the family. Shakira had a photo of her baby in soccer shoes. It’s cute. Some of you people must live miserable lives if you have to critique a baby announcement. People did a story on her pregnancy and is just following up on the babys arrival. Get a grip!

naanab on

Ummmmmm why does the baby have a pen in his hands? To poke his eyes out early? Just a concerned person.

Congrats!!!! He is beautiful.

SLB on

Man, women can find just about anything to complain about. “Celebs” can’t catch a break when it comes to naming their kids. If it’s a crazy name the world hates it, if its a normal name you hate the spelling, and now if it’s a family name you hate it. Give me a break! The baby is beautiful and when normal people see a beautiful baby the classy thing to do is say congratulations. SO CONGRATS TO THE NEW PARENTS!

Carmen on

Finally someone who has a baby AFTER marriage!! Congratulations on a beautiful baby!!

Sharon on

Precious baby boy!! I have a special place in my heart for the name Stephen…my grandfather passed away and that was his name, spelled the same way. Best wishes 🙂

Jennifer on

he is so sweet and beautiful

rochelle on

Wow Carol what a hater why does it matter whether Julia has done one or 1000 roles,I bet it’s one or 1000 more than you. Do your research before putting a person down . You know there is this saying that goes the closest some people get to greatness is to take a bite out of you.Feel better now Carol

Jason Hightower on

This is a time of love and happiness for our family. Stephen is a third not a jr. Our company and its accomplishments are deeply rooted in family being a 3rd generation minority owned business. It is our fraternity, foundation, organization, and we are all proud to bear the strength of the name.

Hightowers markets business to business and bears no profit or exploitive nature in our newest son holding a company pen.

Love you Julia & Stephens! Please keep the negativity at a minimum.

trinity on

Beautiful baby! Beautiful parents!

God Bless!

karan smith on

What a sweet angel face…

Anonymous on

naanab- Relax. I’m sure he was only holding the pen for the five seconds or so it took to take the picture…and being closely supervised by several adults the whole time!

Anyway, congrats to them! I personally don’t care for naming a child after the parent either (unless it’s the middle name or a different version of the parents name- such as Giada De Laurantis naming her daughter Jade, which Giada is the Italian form of. In my opinion, the baby has the best of both worlds that way. They’re honoring family but still have their own unique name!).

But that’s just my opinion, and I’m sure they could care less about it! 😉 That being said, the baby is adorable, and I love the pen!

Anonymous on

By the way, if they have ever have another son, I think Pace Mitchell would be a great name! 🙂

Anonymous on

Stupid name. I hate juniors, give your kid his own identity, not his own fathers name, just to please his huge ego.

Sharon on

Ok anonymous, i guess moses or pilot inspector are more suitable names. I dont like when sons are named after their father either, but at least he will not be teased because of his name one day.

Monica on

He’s beautiful. They are truly blessed. Congratulations to you both.

RKF on

I’ve never heard of her, but it seems exploitative to use an infant to advertise your own company. Very tacky.

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who said the name is “stupid” and that naming a kid after his father is feeding his “huge ego”)- As I said last night, I’m not a fan of Jr’s (or IIIs like this baby is or IVs, etc.), but I think it’s a bit unfair to say that people do it because of the father’s ego.

Sure, some might, but often times it’s not. Rather, it’s about honoring family and/or carrying on a tradition that stretches back for generations (for example, as I said earlier, this baby is actually a III, not a Jr., meaning that he shares a name with both his father AND grandfather!).

Anonymous on

RKF- They didn’t do it to advertise the company. Jason Hightower (the baby’s uncle, I’m assuming) explains it a few posts above yours. 😉

Anonymous on

Sharon- And how do you know that (that he won’t get teased)? He might very well get called “Even Stephen” or something similar. No name is tease-proof!

Sharon on

You are right, anonymous, i worked with kids lol…i just feel a “normal” name gives a child less of a chance of being teased. If i were a boy i would still rather be named Stephen over some of the names celebrities give their kids anymore.

Pam on

I was also born in Middletown, Ohio!
What a beautiful baby!

jj on

Anyone who has anything negative to say about this picture, this baby, his parents, their names and/or their what they do for a living (and how they choose to promote it if that is what they are doing) is truly pathetic. It’s shameful that this baby’s uncle (?) would even need to get on-line to defend his family because all you HATERS out there are simply not worth it. I find it funny how some people can be so heartless with their comments related to an INFANT when it’s not worth it – Get a damn life!!!! … And get a 9-5 job because I’m sure you losers spend the majority of your day eating crap from Rally’s and Dairy Queen, not attending to your hordes of kids, and watching Jerry Springer and Judge Judy!

Don't Believe the Hype on

I get her and the girl that played Precious mixed up, either way, I see that some family members have tried to get on here and justified the tackiness of that pen. lol I think it’s funny, because if you do a little research, you’ll see that the company really isn’t all that, not very large or very well known, about like her.lol I’m not hating just get tired of people being so pretentious. Congrats on your baby Precious!!!