Kingston Rossdale’s Tutu Cute Birthday Outfit

06/11/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Kingston Rossdale Tutu Gwen Stefani

From his ever-changing hair to his hip attire, we’re always in awe of Kingston Rossdale‘s trendsetting style.

But even we had do a double take when we spotted him in a pink tutu at a friend’s birthday party in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on June 2.

The tyke, who turned 7 on May 26, attended the princess-themed bash with mom Gwen Stefani, dad Gavin Rossdale and little brother Zuma, 4½.

And although Kingston arrived in a cool tee and cargo shorts, he had no problems throwing on the tulle skirt while enjoying the festivities.

He even gave us a peek at his missing front teeth.

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Crystal on

When I first saw this I thought “Gwen has lost her mind!!” I think that boys should be boys and wear boy clothes. I’m sorry. Call me closed-minded but that is my belief and I’m sticking to it. That being said, when I heard he put on the skirt at the bday party I though “awwww!!! That is tutu cute!!!” What a great kids with great open minded parents! 🙂 I know. Contradictory but they are MY THOUGHTS!

theillustratedmom on

Holy Gender Bias, Batman! The 1950’s called they want their stereotypes back. It is a child’s party for pete’s sake! You do not know the context in which this picture was taken. How do you know it wasn’t a joke? You did call one thing right on the nose. You ARE close-minded, Crystal. Get a grip chick!

Robin on

Oh let the comments begin but seriously people, did it occur to anyone that he did it to make people laugh as most 7 year olds do? I seriously don’t think he was forced…call CPS!

Dee on

I agree Robin! Some of the “adults” on here should get a life. You don’t know the back story. Anyways, what’s the big deal. If it was a little girl in. A football helmet no one would be making any noise. SMH

Anna on

Crystal, I completely agree!!

JMO on

It wasnt serious he was at a girls bday party however l think Gwen secretly would have liked a daughter!

Ashley on

I can totally see my 6 year old son wanting to wear this. And I would let him with NO problems. I love my kids for who they are. Not who I want them to be.

MollyF on

*sarcastic tone*

Now call CPS, Gwen and Gavin have to have thier kids taken away because Kingston is wearing a Tutu.

Give me a freakin break, he’s 7 years old, let him have fun. *rolls eyes*

Kristen on

Instead of questioning why Gwen is the parent that she is, why not question why the paps are stalking this child at another kid’s birthday party?

Allison on

Very good point and really the only one that should be addressed Kristin! Why intude in on a child’s birthday party. From the looks of it he is having a wonderful time.

Holiday on

Gwen was probably happy to see him in that, she stated so many times that she won’t feel content until she has a girl. My son is 7 and wouldn’t be caught dead in a tutu.

J on

Some of you sarcastically saying people will insinuate that CPS should be called should unclench. People’s opinions of how Gwen’s kids dress and act aren’t that extreme.

Grace2 on

love it! so a boy puts on a tutu. big deal.

i assume kingston is typically developing, however, my son is not. he’s on the autism spectrum and frankly, doesn’t’ ask for much.

this past winter, he wanted a cupcake hat. i searched everywhere for one. i didnt find one, but did find a cute, pink winter hat. i bought it for him. you should’ve seen the looks we got. it made me sad, that something that my my little guy SO very happy, made others give him and me a scornful look.

frankly, i think there is so much freedom in his little world, that he isn’t constrained by societal norms when it comes to color of his clothes or that he doesn’t care what others think. how refreshing.

let’s all try to give our kids a love of life, whatever that looks like, and raise them to be open to others, to everyone…

D.A on

Did you try etsy?

Sophia on

I don’t think a person of any age should feel they have to dress to conform to gender stereotypes or other people’s ideals.

Crystal, I’m just curious, how does Kingston wearing a tutu change the fact that he’s a boy? Instead of wearing clothes that are traditionally assigned to his gender, shouldn’t he, and any other person, feel comfortable wearing clothes that best express him as a person, whether that be a blue shirt and jeans or a sparkly purple ball gown? I realise that he’s just messing around at a birthday party but the close-mindedness of some commenters disappointed me, but unfortunately didn’t surprise me.

Stacey on

He is clearly at a girl’s birthday party and is just playing along. I love his hair!!!!!

rxangelina on

My son at 7 wouldn’t be caught dead in a TUTU! This odd Hollywood extreme “let your child be ‘WHO’ they are” is PATHETIC, PLAIN RIDICULOUS, And a poor excuse for bad parenting! They LOOK TO US FOR direction! Man..I sure would’ve been confused if my parents would’ve encouraged even MORE IDEAS to me since I was already a tomboy! YOU CAN LET YOUR CHILD BE “THEIR OWN PERSON” WITHOUT MAKING HIM OR HER THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE TOWN!!!

Anonymous on

Dee- I must respectfully disagree. Girls in “boys clothes” (one of the most notable being Shiloh Jolie-Pitt) get far more “noise” made about them on this site than people are making about Kingston in a tutu (at least thus far!).

Other than that, I agree with you and the majority of the other commenters here. He was playing dress up at a birthday party, and even if he wasn’t, so what! A fail to see how a piece of cloth is going to hurt him!

I’d also like to point out that there ARE male ballet dancers aren’t there, so tutus aren’t strictly “girls” clothing! 😉

Jen DC on

um… a pink tutu for a coupla hours at a friend’s birthday party is hardly Gwen’s underwear nor indicative of some paranoid “slippery slope” argument you’re trying to make.

science has come a long way in the understanding of sex, gender, gender expression and sexuality, all of which are different things. take Eddie Izzard, for instance. he likes to wear women’s clothing. he’s straight. i happen to find him incredibly sexy in drag, as well as in traditional men’s wear, but hey, i’m a weirdo with an open mind for shenanigans.

i don’t think we’ll know for a long time what “categories” or “slots” Kingston and his brother will fit into, but i think it’s rather sad that you have to project all your fears on to one little boy wearing a tutu one time.

and who cares about his hair color or whether he paints his nails? rock and roll has always been strange. the boy’s own father paints his nails. male members of his mom’s band do exactly the same things with their bodies. he sees that, recognizes it as *his* normal and seeks to copy it. and i gotta say: it doesn’t seem like this type of stuff did No Doubt or Gavin Rossdale badly, since they’re freakin’ globe trotting rock stars with millions of dollars coming in.

and maybe Kingston will grow up to be a banker, he’ll calm down and wear Italian wool pinstripe suits handmade in HK. we don’t know. HE’S SEVEN.

Catca on

The story calls the tutu “trendsetting”. Hardly. He wore cargo shorts and a cool tee to the party but it was a girl’s princess themed party and he threw on the tutu for a laugh, not as a fashion statement.

Bekkah on

Seriously, guys? He’s seven. He’s dressing up. Who cares? Let the kid be a kid, like Gwen and Gavin are.

Real mama on

People need to relax!
I have a nine year old boy who is a total mans man, boy to the core, but he loves nothing more than getting a laugh and a big reaction! I can totally see my son doing this, putting on a show, fooling around.
There is NOTHING wrong with what this boy is doing!
What is wrong with this picture is the stalkarotzzi hiding in the bushes stealing images of this child to sell and put it out there to be judged by a bunch of idiots! Now that’s what’s wrong with this picture!

jenn on

Such judgmental morons on this thread

Nicolette on

He’s such a cutie patootie oh my gosh!

Crystal on

@Sophia- Kingston wearing a tutu does not in any way change the fact that he is a boy. Again, I am more traditional in my views of gender roles. I would not let my son wear a tutu. In this particular instance it’s okay because he’s obviously dressing up in costume. That being said, if they were just walking down the street I would raise an eyebrow (or both). Yes, you want your child to be comfortable in their own skin and be able to express themselves freely. That being said, I’M the parent, THEY are the child and I’m going to do what I feel is best for my son or daughter. To me, that is gender specific clothing. Now that I think about it I don’t believe it’s closed-minded at all. It’s traditional. I’m a traditional person. I don’t think I should be shamed for that. If you do than so be it. That’s your opinion just like this is mine.

rxangelina on

I kinds feel like ppl are getting really HEATED BY THIS CONVO!
My daughter plays with a little boy that id the youngest of 3 boys and HE ID JUST VERY FEMININE! HE has been the same way since kindergarten and he hangs w all girls, his fav color is PINK and it has been since kindergarten! His older bros are totally into hockey and his parents support him ss he is!
My only issue is if the parents are SUGGESTING! ITS hard enough on kids. I just don’t see making it any harder – that’s ALL.

Anonymous on

Crystal- Well what if you found out that one of your children WAS uncomfortable in his or her own skin because of the clothes you made him/her wear? What would you do then?

Anonymous on

And just an FYI, I wore my brother’s hand-me-downs all the time as a kid (which I LOVED, and not because they were “boys clothes”. I loved wearing them because I pretty much worshipped my brother and enjoyed just about anything that made me more like him!)….and I think I’ve turned out pretty darn well. 😉

Ashley on

With you Kelly!!! BIG TIME

M on

My first thought wasn’t that Kingston was in a tutu, it was the same as Kristen, why are the paps taking pictures of a kids birthday party. Creeps!

RachelB-MD on

somebody lost two front teeth!!! Snagglepuss is what kids used to call kids with two missing teeth. He is a cute kid with or without teeth!

Lens on

Clothes are clothes. They do not have a gender.

Anonymous on

Good for him. He has no cares in the world and is very happy being him. U wish I had his courage

ajay on

For anyone that has anything bad to say about this picture, needs to stop. How is it affecting your life? It’s not! They call you guys close minded because you guys are afriad of being judge, seriously! We need to let are kids grow up to be happy and if my son wants to wear a tutu in public, I would let him because if that’s what brings a smile to his face then that’s all that matters to me 🙂

Tyler on

This puts a smile on my face. And yes, I respect everyone’s opinions but it’s a tutu, and what would it matter if he was wearing a dress or floral top? If he wants to wear something that goes against the stereotype of dressing your gender, then why the F not. I’m an androgynous guy that can go out in public and not get a second look so why should he not be able to… Men in particular with their sons wearing a tutu but wouldn’t have a problem with their daughter’s wearing cargo pants or sneakers. Please…

J.A, oSER on

This doesn’t even need to be a issue, if you ask me Kingston was just joining in on the festivities and expressing himself. If you really just look at photos of the boy. you can get a real sense that he enjoys dressing up and expressing himself. Plus what little boy would let his mother put eyeliner on him and force him to go to the beach. He is clearly just a young fashionesta.

l8apex on

For those of you saying he’s just expressing himself, keep going with that logic and see where you end up.

That’s how girls get pregnant out of wedlock… That’s also why we have pseudo gang-bangers strolling around with their pants down getting pulled around the ‘hood by their pit bull that can’t be controlled.

(Decent) society makes certain demands on people to look and act within certain ‘norms’. Boys wearing tutus is not within the norm. But hey, if you want a society full of degenerates, have at it. But when ladies start saying “where are all the good men” (and men saying the same about women), just refer back to this attitude of “I’ll do whatever I want, don’t judge me!”. Now let me get back to video games in mom’s basement.