Jensen and Danneel Harris Ackles Welcome Daughter Justice Jay

06/07/2013 at 09:25 AM ET

Jensen Ackles Welcomes Daughter Justice Jay
Kyle Rover/Startraks

Supernatural fans are finally getting a little justice.

Jensen Ackles and wife Danneel Harris Ackles welcomed their first child, daughter Justice Jay Ackles, on Thursday, May 30, they announced via Twitter.

“We are happy to announce the birth of our precious baby girl,” Harris Ackles, 34, wrote, adding that they will call their daughter JJ. “She was born happy and healthy.”

The actress, best known for her roles as Shannon on One Life to Live and Rachel on One Tree Hill, and Ackles, 35, announced the pregnancy in January.

The couple were married in 2010 in the actor’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.

— Andrea Billups

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Denise on


klutzy_girl on

Not what I was expecting from them, but I really like it. So happy for Jensen and Danneel! Congratulations!

Elle on

Not feeling the name at all but congratulations all the same!

Rebecca on

Aww! Awesome! I love the guys from Supernatural, one of my all-time favourite shows.

Dawne on

Congrats on your healthy happy girl!

EmmaWasHere on

That’s fab! Congrats to them and baby JJ who will no doubt be BF’s with little Padalecki 🙂

Renee on

Now little Justice can marry little Thomas. Supernatural circle of life….

Julianna on

I was so thinking the same thing Renee! That would be simply amazing.

Congrats, Jensen and Danneel!!

Lila on

This child hit the gene pool lottery! She will no doubt be gorgeous. Congrats to Dani and Jensen! Having a daughter is the greatest gift in the world.

M-sha on

Love Jensen and Danneel and LOVE the name!! and it’s a little to adorable that it seems she is named after Jensen and Jared who are affectionately called J2 by all their fans… so now we have Jensen (who goes by Jay) Jared (who goes by Jay) and Justice Jay (who goes by JJ)… This makes me love Danneel even more… I’m kinda dying right now

Elletnah on

Princess Ackles!!!


Isabel on

Congratulations! Not a fan of the name, though.

Angela Borte on

Congrats! I loved her on OTH as Rachel.

Alayna on


Connie on

Love Jensen, love Supernatural, Congrats to your new addition. So happy for you both, Sincerely, Connie!!!

Jae on

Does it seem a little early to anyone else?

Jane on

Yay!!!!! So happy for them and happy that JJ arrived happy and healthy. Congrats toJensen and Danneel on her arrival 🙂

melissa on

Jensen is so hot and I’m sure their baby is beautiful!! Can’t wait to see pictures of her….especially of him…lol!

Brooklyn on

Not the biggest fan of the name or nickname, but congrats to them!

Christina on

They are a gorgeous couple! Congrats and cute name!

Kimmi on

Congrats! I’m sure she’s gorgeous like her parents! Looooove the name! Too cute! ❤

Kacie on

Aww I love this.

J on


maryhelenc on

Congrats to Jensen and Daneel!

Justice Jay isn’t a name I would have chosen, but with a last name like Ackles, it must be hard to find a really good first name. It flows well and JJ is a cute nickname!

Nancy on

Horrid name to have to carry for a lifetime, poor thing.

Jen on

Dreadful name for a little girl. :/

Kelly on

What a terrible name for a little girl.

Jamie on

Love Jensen! Congrats! That name is awful for a little girl though. Good thing she is going to be gorgeous. No one will care about her name.

Daffygrams on

So happy for them!!

fountain on

congratulations to the proud mama and papa. d & j. wonderful name as well. so many connections to their lives.

to Jae-no it doesn’t seem early to me. Danneel’s belly button was popped at the ucla sing two weeks ago. I knew she was going to have that baby quick after that.

fountain on

congratulations d and j on the birth of baby jj.

mystic on

Aww.. congrats to the happy couple:-) What a cute name too:-)

J on

Fountain, belly button popping doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a sign of impending birth, like an oven stuffer roaster timer…lol!

Eshelle on

Congratulations Jensen and Daneel! I’m very happy for you and your new baby. God bless all of you.

Marko on

Nancy, Jen, Kelly: Justice is not a terrible name for a little girl. It’s a terrible name for a little boy, but wonderful name for a little girl because Justice is traditionally a female figure. You’ve seen all the statues of her I’m sure, Lady Justice. In most languages which use gendered words, justice is a feminine word.(Like Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, etc). It’s a powerful female name.

heather on

Congrats on the new addition! Why do you salty people have to be rude?! So, you don’t like her name, she isn’t your child. Don’t be mad cause your names aren’t as awesome.

Anonymous on

Nancy- Who says she has to carry it for a lifetime? If she really can’t stand it when she gets older, she can always legally change it (yes, it’s expensive, but considering who her parents are, that shouldn’t be an issue for her! :)).

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

So jealous. Some people are so lucky. Oh Jensen is so yummy.

Hackles for the Ackles on

I knew a boy named Justus when I was growing up–at the very least this little girl has the correct spelling for her name. Let the schoolyard pantsings & pummelings commence!

Emotional on

danneel harris said she was bulled in school and now her daughter will be too with the name justice jay. way to go danneel. have the kid stand out in school. so if jay is short for jensen and jared, why give the kid justice? oh, wait, she wanted to name the kid a superhero name. wow, i dont think danneel harris is to bright.. 😦 i wonder if jensen, jared, and danneel had a 3 way once.. interesting!!

Holly on

I think pety people that aint got anything better to do in their life than poke fun at a precios babys name r nothing but low life losers..its beautiful and yall r jus hatin…she and they r blessed none tha less congrats…she has a gorgeous name and im she will live up to that name..

Justice on

My names Justice! Why so much hate on the name? I never got bullied about it, it’s just that sometimes people can’t say it correctly.

Anonymous on

Emotional- Somehow I’m pretty sure Jensen had a hand in naming his daughter, too. 😉 No need to put it all on Danneel!

mimi on

Congrats!! What a horrible name!!Daneel said on twitter that she wanted the name to sound like a superhero. With taste like her..its not really a surprise.

Mae on

Congratulations to the new parents As someone who has been watching SUPERNATURAL since the start 2005, I love Jensen as a actor. I may not know much about his wife abut they look great together. So cute Justice and Thomas will grow up BFFs….aaawww toooo cute hee hee So happy for these 2….

Sarah on

Look at least she doesn’t have a crap name like those other child stars (apple, blanket, moonrock?!god knows) at least JJ ha a normal name

maria on

Congradulations!! Danneel and Jensen on your little new bundle, of joy. The name Justice is a beautiful name, for a beautiful little girl. I soo think jj is a cool nick name. U both did good. 🙂

GP on

I am an occasional fan of Supernatural and remember Jensen on Smallville too. Seems like a great guy but now that cute baby has to live with that wierd name for life. Maybe just call her “JJ” Anyway, congratulations to the proud parents!