Malin Akerman to Her Husband: I Love Our Son ‘a Little More’

06/05/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Malin Akerman Entertainment Tonight Canada Angela Weiss/Getty

The new man in Malin Akerman‘s life is busy taking over her household and showing off his bodily function skills — and the first-time mom can’t get enough of him.

“It’s been great, it’s been baby vortex right now, dirty diapers and burping and farting and eating and sleeping,” Akerman, 34, tells Entertainment Tonight Canada of her 5-week-old son Sebastian. “That’s my life right now and it’s beautiful.”

Enjoying “every moment” of her maternity leave, Akerman is busy soaking up precious time with her baby boy. “He’ll wake up, do a little feeding at 7 a.m., then goes back to sleep and [we] sleep together ’til 10. Then we cuddle,” the actress says.

While adjusting to a newborn comes with its fair share of challenges, Akerman credits her husband Roberto Zincone with easing their transition to a family of three.

“I have a really supportive husband. We’ve been tag teaming it,” she says. “I couldn’t have done it without him. It’s work, it’s a full-time job.”

Still, the reality of finally having a son is taking time to sink in. “My husband and I walk by as he’s sleeping and go, ‘When are the parents coming to get this kid?’ You can’t believe it’s your child,” she says.

“But it’s amazing, the biggest love you have ever felt in your life — I go to my husband, ‘I still love you, just this little one a little more.'”

Having achieved an incredible amount of success both personally and professionally — her new show Trophy Wife debuts on ABC this fall — Akerman can’t help but stop to count her blessings. “I have a baby and a show and I get to stay home, truly blessed,” she says.

— Anya Leon

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megan on

” I go to my husband, ‘I still love you, just this little one a little more.’”

Drives me nuts when people say that. You’re comparing two completely different types of loves. There’s no need for saying “I love the baby more than you”

Des on

@megan… Yet its TRUE

klutzy_girl on

@megan I agree.

Perhaps women constantly putting children before their marriages is a contributor to divorces. You can’t neglect your husband once you have a baby, just won’t work.

sadie on

It may be true, but it’s not like she should tell him that. I’m sure he loves their son a little more than he loves her, but does he tell her that? It seems a little inconsiderate of her. jmo…..

ecl on

Why is it always women “neglecting” their husbands that is to blame for divorce? Maybe we should blame husbands for refusing to do their share of the housework and childcare, demonstrating that they are the one’s who are neglecting their families and don’t love their wives enough to ease their burden by acting as equal partners.

Marky on

I never loved anyone more than I did my husband, even when my children were first born. I loved them almost as much, but not more, and, like sadie said, I wouldn’t have said so if I had thought I loved the baby more. How sad to think their marriage and their relationship may be taking such a backseat for their baby who needs them to have a great relationship. Too many people are so consumed with their child they put their marriage on the back shelf and end up divorced which hurts their child. My children are adults and they’ve all said that the relationship between their parents was a great gift to them; it gave them security and it gave them love, as well as an example to follow.

Anonymous on

I don’t see what’s wrong with what she said, as long as she tells her husband that in a light-hearted, sweet way. 🙂

Jamie on

I loved the security of knowing I could trust my parents enough to know that they would put me before anyone else in the world. If someone made my parents chose me or the other to get shot, I know they would chose me. That has made for a wonderful familty dynamic growing up.