Shiri Appleby Wants Her Daughter to Remember Her ‘Ethereal’ Sense of Style

06/04/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Shiri Appleby P.S. Arts Bag Lunch
John Shearer/Invision/AP

Dressing for the part has never been so fun for actress Shiri Appleby.

Since welcoming daughter Natalie Bouader in March, the new mom has been relying on her reoccurring out of the day while still trying to maintain her feminine flair.

“When I’m on mommy duty, I relish wearing sneakers and jeans, which I’ve always done,” Appleby, 34, told PEOPLE Thursday during P.S. ARTS Bag Lunch event at the Los Angeles home of Meredith Kaplan.

“But at the same time you want to feel cute and playful for your daughter. You want her to remember what you look like — to have this ethereal look.”

In between attending mommy and me classes, Appleby recently squeezed in an opportunity to showcase her love of shopping with her 10-week-old. “I took her to buy shoes [at Jimmy Choo]. Isn’t that the cutest thing?” she says.

Fortunately for the first-time mom, much of maintaining her appearance is the result of both baby girl’s exceptional sleep schedule and Appleby’s experience of logging long hours on set.

“Last night was a little bit bumpy, but I think I’m just enjoying the process so much and she’s a good sleeper,” she says. “I have to say night shoots on television shows are a lot more tiring and they also get you prepared for motherhood.”

She continues, “I’m having the time of my life. Being a mom has just really changed me and opened me up a lot. I’ve never been so happy and grateful for things.”

But what’s Appleby’s secret to keeping her cool during those few times her daughter’s demands become too overwhelming?

“My mom has been the voice in the back of my head that’s really telling me it’s important — even though I feel guilty — to go out and go to auditions, go to the gym,” she says.

“So when I’m with [Natalie] I’m focused on her and when she’s fussy I’m not burnt out from her being fussy. I think that’s why I look well-rested, because I don’t feel like I’ve let go too much of myself yet.”

Fiancé Jon Shook has also played a big part in the smooth transition from a family of two to three.

“He’s the greatest! You realize that being a parent is really about being a team and I feel we’re much more of a team every day,” she says. “We talk about [our wedding] every day, but we just say, ‘We should do a wedding,’ and then we’re like, ‘Having a baby is a lot easier than planning a wedding!’ So we’re more overwhelmed by that than we were having a kid, but we’re working on it.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Amy on

While I think the comments section for online post was created by a horribly negative evil genius…the way she comes off in this article is……vapid. Idk but she sounds rediculous taking a 10 week old to shoe shop and thinking of that as a wonderful memory! Wow!

jay on

I dont think she sounds vapid at all. I think she sounds like a happy mom. I took my daughter shopping for the first time to a friggin Rite Aid and i thought it was the greatest thing! A memory is a memory, who cares where it took place?

And by the way, i think not knowing how to spell ridiculous is ridiculous.

Ann on

Will we get to see Natalie?

emma on

Wow! She sounds just as shallow and self-centred as Kim Kardashian. Honestly, your daughter is an infant and could careless about shoe shopping etc. All she does is eat, poop and repeat.

Hollywood really is a sick place. The golden age really is over.

andreaa on

Well, did you expect her to take the baby to payless, emma? We probably won’t be reading about that in people.

Penny on

While taking a 10 week old to Jimmy Choo may not be your cup of tea, what exactly is wrong with it? We have kids to make new memories for ourselves, too. I’m taking my 15 month old to the zoo this weekend, and she’s already been on 3 vacations and to the aquarium. Will she remember? NO! Part of parenting is making glorious memories for yourself, so you can tell her how you did such and such with her at 10 weeks old. From my experience, hauling a new baby around is much easier than a toddler!

No offense, but I’d rather see a parent make memories with their baby than think they have to be all stuffy and at home. That’s no life to live. Why do we all think making memories is for the kid, anyway? Don’t grownups need to make memories, too?

Linda on

Well said, Penny!

Sandy on

maybe if you had the wedding first it wouldn’t be so overwhelming

ME on

wow, I have to say I am very surprised by this article. I really liked her until I read this. she really comes across as selfish and vapid here. wants to look cute and playful for her daughter? what does that even mean?? and she well rested because she hasn’t let herself go? wow. just very strange. I am sure she is a great mom, it was just an odd choice of words she is using here.

Cynthia on

Motherhood is wasted on the young….caring about what your daughter thinks you look like? Whatever….

maryhelenc on

I think she sounds like a first time mom who is excited to do a million things with her baby, even things that seem silly. I remember taking my eldest daughter shopping for a dress for an Xmas party even though she was three months old and telling people that it was the most awesome thing ever, even though she was too young to give a crap, because it was the idea that someday, she & I would go prom dress shopping and do girlie stuff.

Lizzy on

“‘Having a baby is a lot easier than planning a wedding!’ So we’re more overwhelmed by that than we were having a kid, but we’re working on it.” … this pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the world in this day and age.

Jessica on

Considering I haven’t heard anything on Shiri lately it’s nice to read this article and shocking to see the judgemental comments of some people. I mean honestly, do you really care if she takes her baby shoe shopping? It’s her memory and good on her! She’s not trying to gain votes from any of us but merely letting the world know that she hasn’t got a nanny to look after her child as she does it herself even when she needs to go shopping no matter where she shops. My gosh people, she should not be compared to media attention seekers like some!

Candice on

What’s with the wise ass cracks? It’s all about the Memories. I see people bring their newborns to Six flags.