Kate Winslet Expecting Third Child

06/04/2013 at 04:30 PM ET

Kate Winslet Pregnant Third Child Ramey

Kate Winslet is pregnant!

The Titanic actress, 37, and her husband Ned Rocknroll are expecting their first child together, PEOPLE has confirmed with her rep exclusively.

“Kate and Ned are delighted” over the news, the rep adds.

Despite her previous marriages ending in divorce, Winslet — also mom to daughter Mia, 12, and son Joe, 9 — always knew she wanted to expand her family further.

“I’m hoping to have more kids,” Winslet told InStyle in 2006. “I don’t know whether one or two. Oh, God, I would love to have more.”

The Oscar-, Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actress and Rocknroll, 34 — who is the nephew of Richard Branson — tied the knot in a secret ceremony in December after they began dating in the fall of 2011.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Brooke on

Might I suggest giving the baby the last name Winslet???

Tammy on

So she now has 3 kids by 3 different men.

Anna on

Yep glad you can count. 3 kids 3 dads what’s your point?

Kate on

Thanks Anna, you just helped her MAKE her point!

Sharon on

Im sorry but 3 kids with 3 different dads isnt something to be proud of, Anna.

Jaci on

The elite and the poor have more in common than you’d think

Liz on

Yes so I have 4 kid’s with 4 different men sh*t happens does not make u a bad person

Tyra on

She is living he 50’s… She was married to every man she had baby by….

Liz on

At least she was married

Tyra on

She is living the 50’s… She was married to every man she had baby by….she isn’t the first and won’t be the last!!!

Ava on

So do I. Why make the same mistake 2 more times? Keep it moving Kate!

Nikki on


gaby on

congrautlations to katie!! she looks amazing as usual!

gaby on

congrats to katie! she looks amazing!

Jac on

Well, at least Jennifer Love Hewitt got her 15 minutes worth…

Abi on

Of course she is because she has to procreate with every husband she gets! Well either way congrats to them.

Callie on

Well, she can always have more children with husband 4 or 5.

Kate on

Good one!
And she will!

Stella Bella on


Alanna on

Congrats Kate ❤

Anna on

3 baby daddies….yikes……only in Hollywood is that ok

Lexi on

Umm…pretty sure that’s okay everywhere else too. She was married each time so even Christians can’t throw stones. who are you to judge?

Csave on

Wow there is a lot of judgement people in here so what if she has 3 kids from 3 men i have 2 from 1 man my sister has 4 from 3 and my cousin has 5 from 5 it doesnt matter at the end of the day the octomom has how many kids with how many guys half of you out there are most likely the same congrats to kate winslet she deserves happiness!!!!

Kevin on

Kate is one fertile dame! She seems like a fairly awesome mom. Good for unborn baby and the whole family!

Sara on

His last name>>>>

Julianna on


Monica on

Great news!

Andrea on

Congratulations to them!

Hooty on

Sweet, love her.

Kristen on

Well, hopefully this marriage doesn’t end in divorce too (isn’t this like her third?). For the sake of those kids, that would be terrible. The older ones have already had multiple families ripped apart because mama and her men can’t get it together.

Blah on

Congrats! But I have one concern…..So the baby’s last name will be “Rocknroll”? Oh my God…lol

Robyn on

Congrats! Kate makes a great mom, all the best to her and the baby and the marriage.

Carol Brady on

I think they should name the baby “Good Old Fashioned.”

Anonymous on

I hope they name it ‘Itsonly’. The rolling stones would be proud.

Jen on

‘Old Time” Rocknroll, if Bob Seger lets them.

Debbie on

No no, baby can be named “ilove”

michelle on

People are so rude, so what if she has 3baby dads!!!! I have 4 by 4 dads. Who cares this is 2013, jerks

Kab on

Michelle are you proud if that? Disgusting

Liz on

Who r u to.judge must b perfect get a life

dianaivett on

STFU Kab!!!…The only thing disgusting is you thinking you are righteous enough to judge anyone!!!!

neicie on

Please don’t brag about that. No offense. That’s not good for your kids. I don’t care if it’s 2050, kids by a bunch of different men is not good for all involved!

michelle on

I sure am. Are you proud to judge ppl? You’re disgusting!!!!!!!!

Julie on

Wow! That is not the norm, even if it is 2013. I’m sure your children are beautiful, but I hope you’re fixed.

Allison on

Bahahaha, Julie! Good one!

maggie on

Tammy, yes, but at least she was married to all of them!

erin on

That’s what I was thinking.

lovely123l on

Good for them. She is still young, and can pop out two or three more.

Anonymous on

But Leo…..

Poppy on

Keeping up the pattern of a different daddy, depending on who she is married to.

Married 3 times, 3 different fathers, all by the age of 37…something to be proud of there, Katie girl.

Marky on

Michelle, why does it matter that it’s 2013? Why does that make it just fine that you don’t stop and think about whether this relationship will be one that will be strong enough to support having a family together?

klutzy_girl on

Yay for a baby Rocknroll. I was hoping for this for the hilarity of the last name alone, but I love her. Congratulations!

Anonymous on

she should name him jack if its a boy, or rose if its a girl

emmab73 on

If she has a girl, she could name her Stella! (still rock ‘n roll to me!)

Sandy on

This is as surprising as Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. She has a baby by eachother husband. It’s part of her routine.

Susan on

Geesh, defensive much, Michelle? Then again, you have good reason to be with four kids with four different last names.

michelle on

Lol actually they all have my last name thank you very much. Nd yes u get defensive. Kinda hard not to in the judgemental society we live in. I love my kids nd I’m not perfect. I made some bad choices. So am I going to hell? Umm no!

verifiabletoxin on

three kids with three different dads. a very modern young woman!

obscenely talented, too.

I was sad she didn’t stay with Sam.

so too bad that two are not enough.

I say again, this woman is prodigiously talented. Oh, I really hope she stops smoking this time!

Jim on

I heard if it’s a boy, they’re going to name their son:


Jen on

Jennifer Love Hewitt is punching a wall somewhere right now. She really thought she was going to have a hold on that headline for a bit more than an hour.

Bekkah on

Wow, look at all these self righteous jerks on this comment section! Who the hell are y’all to judge?! Leave her alone; I know all y’all commenting aren’t perfect, because NOBODY IS. So shut your ugly mouths. Congrats to Kate and her husband, and the soon to be big sister and brother!

Liz on

Here here I so agree warm wishes and blessings all s round

dancer92136 on


Emma on

@michelle, 4 kids with 4 different dads isn’t exactly something to brag about either

WowKate on

3 babies by 3 different men! Way to go, Kate!

karen on

I really admire her as an actress but three kids with three different dads? That is a lot to coordinate.

kaitliz on

Well, I figured that was coming. But geez, this should be it. I really hope she doesn’t name the kid “something rocknroll” Poor thing.

jones on

I am a fan of Kate and think she is an amazing actress, but this means she will have three children with three different fathers.

Shelley on

Perfect; three kids with three different fathers.

Beth green on

KK is young. Give her time.

Caroline on

Love americans with sarcasm 🙂

neicie on

There’s only a 5 year age difference between Kim and Kate. This is bad for the children. Regardless how you try to soon divorce is typically not got. And 3 different men? Regardless of how much money she has, her actions are low budget.

Gigi on

My condolences to Jennifer Love Hewitt….people already forgot you’re pregnant.

Marcia on

I love Kate Winslet, but this guy…I just don’t know about him. She gets married quickly, has a baby and ends up getting divorced. 3 kids by 3 fathers.

Tara on

@ Michelle….it’s not the people on this board who are pointing out the obvious questionable behavior of having 3 kids by 3 men as the major problem. It’s those like YOU who feel that there is nothing wrong nor damaging to your children by having 4 kids by 4 different men!!!!! That is a horrible message to send and I can bet you did not marry anyone of them.

Cindy on

You people are going on about something that is really none of your business. Not one of you are responsible for any of her children. Also, I know a man that has 3 children with 3 different women all of whom died. I guess he is a awful person as well. Grow up and mind your own business.

lee on

Are you sure? Kinda sounds like a welfare case.

kaitliz on

I love her, but she should stop procreating w/ each hubby.

Me on

Oh of COURSE you see nothing wrong with 4 kids with 4 baby daddys ‘because it’s 2013.’ Too bad for your kids.

dk on

Nice to know this world is full of perfect people.

Miche on

Supposedly her first two husbands cheated on her. She sucks at picking men, but she is entitled to happiness and to having a baby with her husband. At least she can support her kids.


Lisa on

Three kids by three different guys.

Time to slow down and maybe close up shop there for a while, Ms. Winslet.

Just saying….

Erin on

Surely that’s not his real last name?

Dawn on

I like her and she’s a terrific actress. BUT: really, three kids from three men?

Big Fan on

Awesome, at least she’s already married first!

Jac on

@Michelle, Yes it’s 2013, but guess what? I don’t have 4 different kids by 4 different men. In fact, MOST women don’t. What does the year have to do with this? I think it’s rather disgusting to have a bunch of kids by a bunch of different men. Have some respect for yourself.

Ruthie Fournier on

This woman is tremendous. I just love her. She makes her own rules and sets an amazing example for other woman and aspiring actresses.

Mztmom on

3 kids with 3 different dads….. Isn’t that a bit like “breeding” with animals. YUK!

Elisabeth on

Three babies by three different men TRASHY!!!!

Rachel on

she is going to have 3 kids with 3 different men? and she was married to each one, kinda proves marriage IS a massive joke. i really like her, but thats kind of disgusting to me.

Tara on

Interesting to note that those defending multiple children by multiple men have an inability to put an articulate , non derogatory comment together. Fact is shuttling different men in and out of your children’s life is damaging and sets them up for a lifetime of mistrust.

Rachel on

michelle, you are disgusting
and maggie are you an idiot? so because she was married its ok? what is wrong with people? i seriously am dumfounded by the idiots that exist in this world.

sullyjo on

I also read somewhere that both previous husbands CHEATED on her–is she not entitled to find love and move on? She’s MARRIED to them not just having a kid for the sake of having a kid. She loves love and apparently likes to be married.
I’m not in her shoes nor am I in any of yours–why can’t we just wish her well in her pregnancy and move on?? Have a great day.

Anonymous on

first of all, stop calling this”baby Daddy’s” that happens when the man and woman are not married..leave them alone congrats to them..such haters in this world.

Harley on

I love how people that criticize women for having babies out of wedlock are criticizing a woman for having children while married. Men who have three kids with three different women aren’t given this much crap, why is she? She’s a beautiful woman is, regardless of her husbands, could easily care for her children and then some. What matters is her ability to parent.

Diane on

first of all, stop calling this”baby Daddy’s” that happens when the man and woman are not married..leave them alone congrats to them..such haters in this world.

babyfat on

ROCKNROLL ….hmmm !!! is that his real name ????

Anonymous on

3 kids, and none by the same father? Way to keep it classy.

Puddytat72 on

3 kids, and all by different dads? Way to keep it classy.

Ana Blake on

Ok so 3 kids by 3 different husbands who cares, as long as she is happy and her kids are taken care of. People are so quick to pass judgment, at least she is not on welfare popping out babies every year.

ZombieQueen on

That would be my hubby’s ex…lol. Six kids by AT LEAST three different men and constantly on welfare despite receiving generous child support. And all by the age of 35.

Kate’s choice isn’t one I would make, but I adore her. She really seems like a very loving mother. I truly wish her the best.

Farrah on

Clint Eastwood has eight children by six women. Strange how people don’t talk about that.

Suval on

Most intelligent comment on this subject. No one will ever state that Clint Eastwood has so many children with 6 different women and call him trash. Different rules for men. So sexist. I adore Kate. She’s one of my favorite actresses. If her first two husbands cheated on her shame on them. Was she supposed to stay in those marriages and wait for it to keep happening? Kate is entitled to find love, marry who she’s in love with and have a child/children with him just like the rest of us. Congrats to Kate and her husband.

Laurie on

Ok first off all… Yes it’s his real last babe he legally changed it to that last year though no one knows why. He is the nephew of Billionaire Richard Branson and they were together when Kate saved his grandmothers life from the house Fire. Second of all, not all marriages succeed but I am sure all those children were conceived in love!! Many women marry and have children it doesn’t matter that the marriages didn’t last as long as the children are cared for. PLEASE STOP JUDGING ONE ANOTHER!!! Just wish her the best and move on. No one is perfect but I am sure she is the best mother?! CONGRATS KATE

nita on

Its ok nobody is perfect. Its a blessing to have kids. God is perfect they have a good life anyway. Cheers!!!!

Molly on

She has had 3 committed relationships. Good for her for trying again with love and if she wants more children, why not? I am sorry there are so many judgmental folks out there.

Duh on

I’ve been married 3 times. First one I met when I was 16 married at 18-doomed to fail. Second time he cheated on me while I was pregnant and third one threw me into refrigerator and my son called the cops (wasn’t the first time)…so I shouldn’t ever marry again because you guys don’t think so???!!! LOL Most of you probably can’t get more than one is all I can figure on all this hate… 🙂

Tee on

Such a dumb last name (seriously).

Ayla on

We’ve seen little of her previous kids, but they seem to be well-adjusted children, and as opposed to others, she doesn’t have the need to parade them around and keeps them very private. 3 kids by 3 different dads may not be the norm, and probably not what a woman imagines her life’s going to be, but her previous husbands cheated on her, she’s entitled to move on and to want to have a baby with her current one. No one wishes to have a broken marriage, let alone two, so stop judging.

Dee on

He looks like he could be her son too. He is not good looking at all. My opinion anyway and is that his given surname? Rocknroll? Seriously?

Agatha on

Not digging the 3 babies with 3 dad’s.. But it’s her life! Congrats to the new baby, and if this ends, it doesn’t matter. She has money to provide for them.

Anonymous on

I think she married her two previous husbands because she was pregnant. I would bet she was pregnant when she married this guy. 3 children with 3 men. We doesn’t have a good track record. AND he legally changed his name to Ned Rocknroll! That is just weird!

Michelle on

Not to be rude but why is this breaking news? I mean like who Is she? Why are they so important?

EvaS on

Michelle…I hope your FOUR babydaddys are paying child support.

Tara on

Yes she has a right to happiness, as do we all.. What I take issue with though is this blameless somewhat self serving mentality. What is she teaching her kids? She has not been single for longer than two months at any given time. It’s a contradiction…she is successful and independent but still feels the need to jump into a relationship. To top it off anyone who states it’s 2013 as an excuse for this behavior has truly lost it. Just because times have changed does not always mean its been for the better. Regardless wish her well…she seems nice enough.

essie on

what a slut!

Kelly on

congrats to Kate and hubby!!! LOVE her so much, hoping this marriage sticks for her! Nonetheless…she seems like a great mother, so congrats!

Natalie on

Well when they get divorced approximately 2 years from now Kate will have a souvenir.

Sam on

So what’s worse: having a kid out of wedlock or kids with different husbands? The answer: who gives a sh!t if you’re a good parent and a decent person. She’s an excellent actress and beautiful. It’s her life, her choices. Everyone else can shove it up their …

K on

Should’ve been Leo…

Anonymous on

Who cares.. It’s 2013!! Such negative response to a beautiful creation

sweets on

While 3 kids with 3 men isnt ideal at least shes married. Kim was married when she got pregnant just to another man. Kate Winslet is a talented award winning actress while Kim is famous for “acting” in a porno.

Jennifer on

Three kids, three different fathers. You’re officially White Trash.

In your face on

She married three time
Not like she dated them
And had not get married .
Who are to say not is perfect
Right . One lady said she had diff kids
With diff men . It husband

Sharon on


meghan on

@Michelle, yes it’s 2013 and yes that still makes you a whore.

Ewok on

Why is she married or having a baby with a man named Ned Rocknroll? She has the worst taste in men. Won’t last.

Karen M. on

Congrats to Kate and husband! Love her.

steve kinahan on

Three different fathers. Three different kids. Am I the only person who sees this as a Mommy Dearest episode?

Karen on

Three children from three different fathers and she is a supporter of Roman Polanski. Just the type of person who should be procreating.

Kimberly on

Judgmental and negative as hell…just the type of person that should be procreating.

patrice on

What I would LOVE to know is, how her having 3 kids by 3 dad’s affect your lives?? Her kids are prolly more well rounded than the ones passing judgment. Sometimes relationships don’t work out people! Life isn’t perfect! Ugh

Kim on

3 kids from 3 different fathers? All with different last names. Nice! I love Kate to death but come on.

Kim on

Congratulations! ❤

fern on

She’s turned out to be kind of a dingbat.

Cinder Lou on

Name the kid “Itsall” … so it can be “Itsall Rocknroll” to me! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself. ☺)

Michele on

is this 3 diffrent fathers? ICK!!!!

dd on

Never a good idea to procreate with a guy named Rocknroll.

Anonymous on

Really???? If anyone else had 3 kids by 3 daddys they would be called s$&#. Just sayin. It’s the truth!

kitty62862 on

Either that or Old Time 😉 she’s happy, so good for her!

Stacey on

People like her are the reason morality in this country is going down the toilet. Jesus – have some RESPECT for yourself!

michelle on June 4th, 2013

People are so rude, so what if she has 3baby dads!!!! I have 4 by 4 dads. Who cares this is 2013, jerks

kitty62862 on

Married. Every. Time.

PacificGrl on

I can’t keep up. How many times has she been married?

Jenny on

would her situation be viewed differently if she wasn’t married at all, didn’t have a significant other, but wanted to share her life with children…
Say she went to a sperm bank and chose sperm of 3 different men….would all you smack talkers have anything to say then?
I think people she keep their nose out of their neighbors business and their minds on their own lives.
Those of you making derogarory remarks and have lowered yourselves to name calling are the ones with issues.

….Mom of 3 – daughter/niece, adopted in 2000, Son born 1991, Son born 1997. all children were ‘had’ while unmarried. Both boys have the same father, whom I married in 2004.

I don’t judge others, because I am FAR from perfect and wouldn’t want to be judged.

Before you open your mouth, take a stroll in their shoes.

CONGRATS Kate & Ned, I hope you have a healthy and beautiful baby…and Cheers to your marriage, may it bring you much happiness!!

Locksley on

Oh – I thought she was going to have another nude scene in a movie.

BrendaStar on

So happy for Kate. Good grief to the girl still going on about the 3 marriages and 3 different fathers. I remember the same type of comments when Kate’s marriage was announced. We are talking about Hollywood stars. I think Liz Taylor had 8 different husbands. It’s sort of like reading about royalty. Remember Henry VIII and his 6 wives.

duh on

“Duh” I feel sorry for you. Telling us “you bet we can’t get more than one guy? Look at the type of men you got. One that abused you, one that cheated on you, and one that married you when you were a teenager. Three marriages means you’re a failure “duh” as for women who get multiple men,have multiple marriages that would be what you call a whore, who clearly is dependent on a man. And for the record, it is sluts who can and WANT to get multiple men.

Locksley on

Oh. I though she was going to appear in another nude scene in a movie.

carol on

And Kate’s new uncle-in-law (just happens to be Richard Branson, since she’s now married to his nephew, Ned. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?

Bean on

Ha they should name the baby ‘I Love’…..put another dime in the jukebox baby

Richard Antaki on

Congratulations hope and wish you and your family a good health during that period. Good luck and will see you in your next flick.

BrendaStar on

Some of you need to learn respect, compassion and kindness. A good person would never have attacked a poster for her lifestyle. Some of the kids who post here are proud and mean.I think it’s wrong to attack another poster’s life style. Who are any of you to judge. The Bible says that we are nothing without love. Time to look at yourselves.

Bean on

Ha they should name the baby ‘I Love’……put another dime in the jukebox baby!

Anonymous on

Ha they should name the baby ‘I Love’……put another dime in the jukebox baby!

gradgirl on

So sad. She’s been married 3 times and now has one child by each husband…. and she’s only 37! How embarrassing.

Anonymous on

3 babies by 3 different guys? Is she black?

anonymous on

What the hell Anonymous?!

Wow,this definitely gives me an idea of the vicious judgemental pig behind that comment!So in your opinion only black people have many children with multiple partners.Your head is do far up your a$$ I hope you don’t suffocate while inhaling your own “smog”

tabitha on

If she wasn’t married you judgmental jerks would mention that. She didn’t find love the other relationships so what? She fell in love and instead of living with them, she married them. It isn’t your business how she lives her life..?! Move on.

Locksley on

Oh. I thought she was announcing that she was appearing in yet another nude scene

Amy on

That’s not his real first or last name. He legally changed it for some dumb reason.

And yikes-3 kids by 3 different dads. Talk about drama. Bet holidays are fun for her!

Taylor on


Rachel on

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! So what she has 3 children with 3 different fathers! Mind your business, you’re not paying child support….

Ann on

She can marry as many times as she wants. You don’t have to stay in an unhappy life just because someone thinks it’s right. And she probably wanted a child with her husband. So who cares? Really, people would rather that someone stays miserable and keep kids in a married family even though it might be horrid. It’s not the 1950’s.

jennifer on

Yah it is year 2013, having a bunch of kids from all different dads isn’t exactly the “norm” for everyone. Its a bit extreme after getting to the third and fourth time. But anyhow. What’s the big issue with the kids last name. She doesn’t have to give her kids the dads last namme. I didn’t give my son his fathers last name. We’re together, but not married. My sons name will change when mine does. That’s that.
Maybe third times a charm for kate, that would be awesome, congrats!

Tara on

that’s awesome! good for her. best of luck!

Rosebolo on

Anywhere other than Hollywood… She’d be considered trailer trash

joules on

Not sure why people are bagging on her, at least she is/was married to the father’s of her children.

Cooper on

I vote for Ivana if it’s a girl. Ivana Rocknroll (all night).

Anais on

she’s always been a great mum shielding her kids away from the media. I have never actually seen a photo of them in any magazine.

Sloane on

Words cannot describe how much I adore this woman…best wishes to her and her hubby!

Nancy on

The baby’s last name will be Rocknroll….that is pretty awesome

Julie on

Three baby daddies? Ick. Where’s Judge Judy when you need her?

Kris on

For some reason, my reaction was “Oh no !” That is not ..my …usual reaction.

loo on

every time a non-married woman has a baby, there are a ton of comments about celebrities having kids out of wedlock. now that a woman is having her third kid by a third man while in her third marriage, she’s trashy? smh

Anonymous on

The lovely Halle Berry is pregnant with her second child and will now have two baby daddies. So I wonder what that makes her? What should she teach Nahla and her new baby about sex, love and marriage? Experts please enlighten me?

Sun on

3 Children by 3 different fathers? What’s next? Fourth child by fourth father? Busy woman

BrendaStar on

It’s unkind to attack a poster here because someone with the mind of a 12year old thinks they know how everyone else must live. Practice your values and pass them on to your children. Learn some humility and compassion while you’re at it. The Bible says that we are nothing without love.

Jeannine on

Who are any of you to call names and judge Michelle or Kate Winslet.
I have 5 kids by 4 different guys and last time I checked it didn’t make me any less of a person than any of you sitting on your high thrones in your glass houses. It is easy to insult and call names while hiding behind your screen name. It’s been proven people who are quick to insult a person is because they themselves are miserable individuals. MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

Guest on

Halle Berry is on her second child and is not married and now will have two baby daddies to add to her resume. I wonder what that makes her? Now Kate chose to do it right regardless of the circumstances surrounding her pregnancies. Yes she may have 3 babies daddies./ slash husbands, however, I doubt she married only to get divorce, time and time again. NO ONE, marriage is divorce proof or infidelity proof neither. I applaud her for getting back into the dating game and not allowing failed relationships to keep her from wanting and finding true love. Men move on faster than a freight train and no one have a problem with that, other than the jilted wife or girlfriend. Now, experts please answer this question, whose children will suffer the most damage? a child whose a product of a divorce, and the parents, choose to co parent, with the child best interest at heart? or a child born out of wedlock, whose parents are fighting constantly in front and around the them? I would love to have feedback on this question.

Anonymous on

Wow! Some of you are so hateful. You should be ashamed of yourselves! So what if she has 3 children with 3 different men?! She was married to the fathers. No one enters into a marriage or has children if they’re planning to get a divorce. I’m sure she takes her children into consideration before she enters into any relationship.

Elsa Caceres on

yes tammy that is her

aleshamom4 on

Seriously gth over it..she’s happy..Liz taylor beat her by far, if you are going to nit pick, not that you should..those who live in glass houses…

Here is to a healthy baby!!

Alia on

Why doesn’t she just not get married? It obviously hasn’t worked for her before…why not wait a few years and then marry after she knows it’s gonna work out? I’m not being mean, just realistic. I’m happy for her finding love and new baby, but just don’t understand why she feels the need to make it “official.” That way she can have all kids under her name and be the sole custody, she won’t have to worry about future custody battles. Why would she wanna risk going through custody battle, possibly losing being with her child all the time?? I don’t understand this. I would not risk that if I knew I had history of failed marriages as well as financial ability to handle everything myself!

Sophia on

Cool! I was hoping Kate and Ned would have a little one, they’re family friends of one of my closest friend’s and by all accounts are crazily happy together. As for the fact that she’ll have 3 babies with 3 different men… Personally I don’t think that’s anything to fault someone over. You’re in love ’til you’re not, what can you do? The main thing is these three children each have two loving parents and a very privileged upbringing. I think they’re all very lucky. Anyway, big congratulations to Kate and Ned, and Mia and Joe xx

Elsa Caceres on

as an actress… you are one of the best!
in relationships… you need help
get counselling
live wiht the man
and maybe after five years of being together
marry the man
you do will have three men and thee different children
not a pretty sight
nothing to be proud of it?

Charli on

Awww congrats to tehm!

Anonymous on

Congrats to Kate and her hubby. What if she has three children with three different men. She can take care of them. Some people just can`t live without juddging others. Who gives a damn – it her life. But if Kate was a man her actions will be admired- to have kids with three different women.

cari on

For those saying “3 marriages 3 different dads…” Im pretty sure that Sam Mendes is the father of both her children and she did not have any with her first husband. Besides, so long as her family is happy and healthy then i doubt Kate Winslet, or any mother for that matter, would really care what anyone else’s opinion was.

Leah on

Wow, you people are the ones who are disgusting, such horrible comments!
Nobody goes into a marriage wanting it to fail, you cannot predict the future. We do not know what happened in their marriage, everyone seems to be blaming Kate for the failure of her marriages but there is two in a marriage, maybe she wanted to work at them but they did not?
She wanted more children, instead of sleeping around she has entered into a marriage with someone she loves. I’m pretty sure she has no plans to divorce again, but life is life and you cannot predict what happens in a relationship.
All you people are up on your high horse, one day something awful may happen and you get a divorce. What if you wanted more children? Would you deny yourself happiness and a family because of the “stigma” of a 2×2 or 2×3?

Ini on

So what, she married three times and each time had a child. What’s your problem? She can provide for all her children. Women need to stop being so bitchy but rather live their own lives

Ini on

Reading all these judgmental posts makes me realize why men rule the world: They simply don’t waste time judging others, but rather live their own lives. Women are so sad in their double-standard: Who’d judge a man for swapping partners? Nobody’d care.


Well,nobody is ever happy about these baby news! They’re not married, they’re too old, too young,the age gap is too small, too big etc…
The constant whiners about the “marriage before children” should be happy. She was always married with the father!
Elizabeth Taylor had 4 children with 3 husbands and all you could read about her was that her children thought the world of her and absolutely loved her. (And I don’t remember reading they ended scarred for life).

Debra on

at least she can support all 3 children on her own.

weezer on

3 different baby daddies. That girl gets around!

Jayne Field on

congratulations to you both. 😀

Donna on

so what, she had three children..one by each of her husbands…at least she knows who her children are fathered by…congrats to Kate and Ned!

Jay on

The 3 kids with 3 different men bothers me but hey it’s not my life. Regardless congrats on the new baby!! Always a blessing.

guest on

so according to people.com readers a) women (but not men) are sluts if they have more than one partner and b)children are only miracles as long as it’s from the same father every time. happiness is irrelevant.

Mair on

Well, if her history keeps going, she will get divorced again, get remarried, maybe just in time to have another child with the 4th husband and then she will in the “4×4” club!

Anonymous on

Something is wrong with this one…3 kids by 3 different men…that’s gross! Plus this baby may inherit Richard Branson’s genes…not pretty!

Anonymous on

Is it so hard to choose one person to have children with and leave it at that? Do people ever stop to think how embarrassing it is for their children when people realize they all have a different father. So your first marriage doesn’t work out, be happy with the children you had, don’t make more replacements with your new spouse. It’s gross and degrading to your exsisting offspring.

Noneya on

If it’s a girl they could name her Olive!

sl on

Congrats to the couple, however she’s looking a little trashy by having kids all with different dads. I love Kate but she and other actresses/women should try a little harder in my opinion to not have kids with every guy she’s with. Yes it’s her life, aware of that, but it does make women look like “wh” s. Thank goodness my 3 kids have the same dad. Got married at 17 (doomed to fail) but didn’t!!! Still with the same man 36 years later. It’s hard sometimes, but people don’t try hard enough anymore.

Noneya on

If it’s a girl they can name her Olive!

Rhonda on

All that I can say is congratulations to the happy couple.

Beth on

What, their not over the moon? They must not be that happy then…

My Girl on


Kat on

Marry a younger man (nephew of a billionaire) then, get knocked soon after! Sounds like a plan to me!

Shannon on

Her husband’s real name is Abel Smith…apparently that was too boring so he changed it to Ned Rocknroll.

Katie on

Wow kind of surprised at all the ugly comments. What happened to women sticking together? So she has 3 different fathers, so what? She loved them all at one point and was married first each time. So things didn’t work out, being she’s famous probably took a toll on the first two marriages. She’s having a baby, not committing a crime. I’m happy for her. She’s kind hearted and a very nice person. I wish her the best!!

Diana on

Sorry but I think she is nasty. She seems to marry whore around and gets pregnant by everyone she marry whores.

Diana on

Sorry but I think she is nasty. She marry whores and gets pregnant by everyone she marry whores.

boohoobytch on

@ michelle – you sound like a straight up hood rat, that’s the most undesirable, ghetto situation I’ve heard….4 by 4, lmao – get a job that has health insurance and take your g-h-e-t-t-o @$$ to the obgyn for some birth control

Diane on

I had a friend who has 6 kids with 3 different husbands over an 18 year period – she was not a trashy person in any way. She may have made some bad marital choices, but she was happy in her 3rd marriage, close to all of her kids and even friends with her exes.

RR on

I believe Sam Mendes is the father of her other two.

mamatothree on


Anonymous on

Awww..they’re going to have a “lil rocknroll”

Sparkle on

I like Kate Winslet, I think she is very down to earth and a very good actress. However this means she will now have 3 children with 3 different fathers. Maybe I’m jut old-fashioned or getting old but that seems so wrong to me.

Lola on

Ruthie, having 3 kids from 3 different father’s in NOT “setting an amazing example for other woman”

Joselyn on

So…she got married and is now pregnant less than 2 years after starting dating..it’s fine in a normal situation but after 2 divorces and 2 kids from 2 different fathers you would think she would be more cautious this time around. A grown man who changed his last name to “ROCKNROLL” doesn’t set off the right vibes..

Maria on

@DUH, just b/c some of us are married to only one person doesn’t mean that we can’t get anyone else. It just means that we were smart enough to pick a really awesome person to spend the rest of our lives with….unlike you who must be a real winner to pick such losers.

anonymous on

Congratulations to you on being the epitome of a model citizen and living up to society’s standards, Maria.You should be so proud of yourself for having done the “married with 2.4 children and a white picket fence”.You have lived life to fullest and deserve a 10/10 for that

Carol Senal on

Pretty ridiculous woman she is. She has so much talent but certainly is put together in the head.

Amanda K on

So many bitter Bettys on here. A baby is a blessing! Congrats to her. I feel sorry that people feel the need to be that judgemental to others. Your own lives must be pretty pathetic

Kat on

Poor kid! Mum has 3 children with 3 diff men and the dad seems ditzy, a legend in his own mind. He/she is screwed, right out of the gate!

Anonymous on

Girls in trailer parks can now say they have something in common with “tat gurl in ta boat movie”!

michelle on

Bully much? Before u all judge maybe you should know the facts. My kids are all ADOPTED. I just wanted to see how quick ppl are to judge one another. This will make for a great essay. Pretty sure I will get an A+. My point about it being 2013, is that ppl no longerstay I relationships when they are unhappy. Pshhh you people are cruel nd heartless. Can you look in the mirror nd be ok with the hateful things you have said to a complete stranger??? It’s not up to yiy, I or anyone else to judge anyone!!!!

anonymous on

Thank you so much michelle!People are so imposing and judgmental.

RK on

Ned….”Rocknroll”….???? Seriously! What a D bag!

EvaS on

Yeah right michelle, I don’t believe that for a second…

michelle on

And do you think I give a shit what you think Eva? Nope. You’re going to be the one that has to look our maker in the face nd explain why you pass judgement, I have more than you will ever have. All u do is sit on you’re ass and judge ppl who you will never meet, does that satisfy your sick mind. I feel sorry for you and YOUR kids! !!

Terri on

Hmm…wonder if the baby will have the father’s real last name.

BeMore Momma on

I know a young lady my age (24) who is pregnant with her 5th child and EACH CHILD has a different father. I think its said because she always says she will have as many as she wants. She didn’t graduate from high school nor does she have a GED. She doesn’t have a job so most likely she’s on government assistance. To each their own, but I would try to better my life before popping out anymore children. Kate Winslet’s situation sounds way better than this young lady

Rebecca on

She always was close with Richard Branson, I didn’t realize she was dating his nephew though!
That’s cool, congratulations to them both. I hope the baby comes out healthy and has a happy life.

Anonymous on

congrats !!

Sophia on

Yikes, not a lot of good energy on this thread! You must all be pretty perfect to be shamelessly casting judgement on a happily married couple (seeing as these two strangers’ marital status seems to be quite personally important to a few of you) who are overjoyed to be expecting a child together. Surely his surname, their decision to have a baby, her previous relationships and older children can’t have TOO much of an impact on your day-to-day lives. Live and let live. I’m sure Kate isn’t overly fussed if some random internet users think she’s “trashy” and should stop having children.

Congratulations to Kate, Ned, Mia and Joe x

RKF on

I don’t care about the multiple daddy issue because that’s her business, but her disgusting arrogance is vomit-inducing.

crappola515 on

I guess that means she’ll be moving on to her next husband in about 4 yrs.

Esme on

Geez, how many kids and how many husbands is this idiot going to have? Why can’t she stand to be without a man for a few days? She’s ridiculous.

Lisa on

She will have three baby daddy’s. Great role model.

Rachaelmall on

No self-righteous, judgmental bitches complained about Melanie Griffith having a kid with each of her three husbands…

Today it is popular to hide behind your computer and make ignorant comments on the internet about celebrities. As if your little opinions have any tolerances to these people’s lives. LOL

Rue on

Congratulations to Kate and Ned!

… But what about Leo? You guys are perfect together!

Jessamine on

I think they should give a nod to Billy Joel, and name the baby Itstill. Or they could go with Oldtime, with a nod to Seger.

FanofKate on

Kate Winslet is an amazing person & mother. Congratulations

Rachel on

Im impressed Go Kate! Having a family beats all the money in the world and all the make believe movie crap out there.

Kica on

ok really??? Rocknroll????

K on

The double edged sword still holds true today. Unfortunately, I hear over and over again the “guy” who has a connection with someone he hardly knows and just up and leaves the kids and the Mom to do all the raising..and we’re (judges, courts) just supposed to put up with it…but oh, when the woman does it –Oh, no how could she?

The caveman mentality still going strong out there today.