Jewel: A Second Baby Would Be for the Benefit of My Son

06/04/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jewel Second Child for Kase
Courtesy Jewel

Completely content with her one child home, Jewel isn’t looking to expand her family further any time soon.

But if the day were to come where she and husband Ty Murray were to add another baby to their brood, it would be for the benefit of the couple’s son, 22-month-old Kase Townes.

“I was getting acupuncture recently and the acupuncturist said, ‘You need one more!'” Jewel, 39, says in an interview with Sweden With Love.

“You always hear the first child is for you and the second child is for your first child. I’m very happy with one, but we’ll see!”

For now, the couple’s main concern is walking the fine line between over-indulging Kase while simultaneously teaching their toddler to be “self sufficient” as he gets older.

“I don’t know of a lot of spoiled, wealthy kids who turned out well-equipped for life. I look at our son as a little gift we get to take care of until he’s 18-years-old and starts life on his own,” she says. “I want him to be able to take care of himself and live a happy and rewarding life, so I think spoiling him would be doing him a disservice.”

Fortunately, their approach to parenting easily aligns with their sprawling 2,200-acre working ranch in Texas, where the family can often be found performing the daily duties together.

“We try to do our best and teach him that he can earn things by helping out. We’re very conscious about it,” she says. “He gets to learn how to take care of and love the animals. He’s still very little, but he loves sitting on the tractor and help feed the cows.”

The proud mama adds, “He’s a wonderful little boy, and I’m so grateful he can grow up in such a beautiful place.”

— Anya Leon

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Katie on

Oh how cute he is!! And he looks just like Jewel. Jewel looks beautiful. Love her!

mamatothree on

I like Jewel, and I think it’s great that she and her husband are co-parenting and living in the country. When my oldest daughter was born, I couldn’t imagine loving another the same way. However, when my second daughter was born, I loved her fiercely too. I think she speaks from the place of a parent of one…and kind of mistakenly. A sibling is a gift, but don’t think that you won’t love that one as much, or that it is just a gift to the first. If it was true, that would be cruel to the second.

Anonymous on

I’m an only child and I loved it. For a time I wished I had a sibling but I wouldn’t change the experiences I had growing up for anything. If you’re happy with one child, just have the one.

rachiecake on

aw, I feel like same way about my 17 month old son.
will we have another? we’ll see!

Ashleigh on

I always wanted one more… My husband just passed 14 weeks ago, and now more than ever my 6 year old wants a sibling. He told me today he is very sad he doesn’t have a sister to play with 😦

Holiday on

Children always benefit from siblings. You can pick an only child out a mile away

lovely123 on

I have eight sisters, two decided never to have children, and two others decided to have only one. The rest of them have between two to four each. Growing up in a large family with three bedrooms and ONE bathroom, I can respect the idea of having one child or none. I wish her the very best, and I can’t believe she is 39 already!

lorelei on

Ashleigh, I am so sorry for your loss..

Someone's Mommy on

Ashleigh, I am so very sorry to hear that 😦

MommytoanE on

Holiday, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. Some only children are easy to spot sure, but definately not all. I know a lot of onlies, who I would have never guessed were onlies if I wasn’t told. My daughter is one of them. ALL of her teachers have all said that they wish all their students were like my daughter, and that they would have guessed her to be a middle child or younger child not an only.

There is NOTHING wrong with stopping at one.

TM on

We decided to stick to one child (a beautiful daughter) mainly because of higher education costs. We knew that we would only be able to send one to college. I hope she will understand one day and won’t be too sad about her lack of siblings.

JR on

Being an only child rocks. I am one and love it!

JR on

Being an only child rocks! I love it!

aleshamom4 on

What a sweetie..both of them 🙂

So sorry Ashleigh 😥

Lila on

People who still fall for the only child are obviously either blind or stupid. They have been disproven over and over again.

I was an only child and loved it. Now we are raising an only of our own and she loves it. She is an active, funny, smart and well rounded child. She is popular with her peers and rarely is sitting at home. Because she is an only child, she is able to do so many more things than if we had to deal with a second child. It’s the perfect balance of getting to parent and getting to still enjoy your own life. No referee needed at our house!

Nancy on

Ashleigh, I am so sorry!

Holiday–you couldnt’ be more wrong, judgemental or stereotypical. My son is the most kind, sharing and loving child and others notice it.

Even though my son doesn’t care either way, it is up to the parent if they want another child, not the child.

My sister and I were and still are not close, constantly competed for everything and still to this day argue about who our parents liked better. It is very difficult for parents of more than 1 child because they have to be concerned about making everything fair. Also, Jewel, there is no guarantee that the 2 kids will be close. I know plenty of siblings who are not!!!

Hopper on

I love Jewel.She should have another one .Her son is Sooo Supper Cute!

Amanda K on

Wow. I can’t believe some people’s comments. Some of us have no choice but to have one due to fertility issues, cost of college, etc. I am blessed with one baby boy after years of unexplained infertility and he has brought so much joy to us. Families come in all different sizes after all

Anonymous on

MommytoanE- I couldn’t agree more! My mother is an only child, and most people are surprised when she tells them so!