Jennifer Love Hewitt Expecting First Child

06/04/2013 at 02:40 PM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant Expecting First Child Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBC

Jennifer Love Hewitt is about to add mommy to her resumΓ©.

The Client List starlet, 34, is expecting her first child with costar and real-life beau Brian Hallisay, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“This is a wonderful time and we are looking forward to starting our family together,” a statement reads.

The baby on the way will be the first for Hewitt and Hallisay, 34.

In addition to her acting, the mom-to-be has also been a strong supporter of embracing a woman’s body — curves and all! — after unflattering photos of the actress on the beach surfaced in December 2007.

“Love what you look like right now — and remember I said it 10 years from now because it’s the greatest gift I can give,” Hewitt told PEOPLE after debuting her new svelte shape in June 2010.

Despite loving the skin she’s in, Hewitt may ride out her pregnancy in her favorite attire: sweats!

“This is going to sound weird, but I’ve cut down on the lingerie a lot in my own life because I wear it all the time [on TV],” she says. “So it’s like I don’t want to go home and even think about another cute bra and panties set. I’m over it. So I’m a soft, cozy, T-shirt or tank top and big, baggy sweatpants girl.”

— Dahvi Shira with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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Stella Bella on

Congratulations to the happy parents.

Kola1 on

Congrats ! She is one of my favorite actresses I am so happy for her

Misty on

Good for her. I like her and her show is soapy fun.

Anonymous on

Yea! I love her. Congrats!!

Callie on

Congratulations to them! I have no idea who he is but this is great.

Donna on

At first, I didn’t either. He plays her on screen husband, Kyle Parks, on the Client List. I had to look him up.

shannon on

Congratulations to her! I love her and wish her nothing but the best.

Tiff on

Congratulations to her.

lesley summers on

congratulations to her:) she will always be one of my favorite

Jesse1 on

Wow! Congratulations!

Maria on

Oh no, here come the haters! Everyone is gonna start making fat jokes about JLH. Congrats Jennifer! I think you are beautiful and I wish you health and love during the next nine months!

Zeze on

No one made any fat comments but you, stop being passive aggressive!

Miriam Poulsen on

She has been freakishly unlucky in love. This is excellent news! Congrats!

liz on

Oh another actress getting knocked up by her co-star out of wedlock. woo hoo.

Anonymous on

I can hear her saddlebags starting to expand again already…

Jessica on

Wow you are extremely ignorant! Please don’t EVER have children and pass on your stupidity genes .

tt on

U are rude she is not stupid

teknosbeka on

While I’m not confident the relationship will last given her track record, I think she will be a wonderful mother. Congratulations!

Marge on

I hate to be negative nancy but she’s def been known to date around and have bad luck with men. I hope this guys a good one. Congrats to her!

deconoir on

Wow! Very surprising. But I like her and I’m sure she will be a fantastic mother. Congrats!

Verb56 on

Despite serious relationships…. Really? Who doesn’t date around?? Why to stay classy People!

Verb56 on


derbot on

Just becos you have a serious relationship doesn’t mean you have to have a child or children.

Pamela on


Becca on

Can her ego handle a baby??!!!

Magnolia on


Margo on

Good for her! πŸ™‚ Happy to see she’s doing well! πŸ™‚ (Love ‘The Client List’)! πŸ™‚

Sarah on


me on

Despite serious relationships with a slew of Hollywood men over the years – including Ross McCall, Jamie Kennedy, Alex Beh and Carson Daly – Hewitt has never had children.
What people is really saying is. S L U t finally got knocked up.

Rae on

Wow, that will be a pretty baby

JlKnfddg on

So many celebrities are getting pregnant before marriage that people assume it’s the right thing now. It’s not. Where did the world’s morals go..maybe it’s why earth is such a mess.

Abill on

Thanks so much for your comment.My thoughts exactly.I am raising a 12 year old and I know some day she will think it is OK to do the same thkng because hollywood and the press condone these situations.

Thee Queen B on

Hopefully you teach your child to follow better examples and not to look to Hollywood for guidance on how to live her life.

Cheryl on

I don’t really see the role of celebrities to be a moral compass for children. That’s the job of parents.

Guest. on

You should be your daughter’s role model not Hollywood… Btw. Did you read about Kate winslet pregnancy! Her 3rd. Of her 3rd. ” HUSBAND” 3 kids 3 different Dads but I guess it all right, she was married every single time she got pregnant right?

kitty on

“Judge not, lest ye be judged”. She’s a person just like the rest of us. Who hasn’t had several relationships by the time they’re in their mid-thirties? God bless her. I wish her every happiness.

Lighten up ladies!

Happy4her on

Congratulations Jennifer & Brian!! I am very happy for them!!Their baby will be beautiful!!

gia on

Congrats Jennifer.

Elizabeth on

I am so happy for her I just love her she is so awesome!

joy on

Great news! Congrats to JLH!

It’s too bad the press gives her grief for dating, yet praises the men in Hollywood for doing the same. Glad she found joy, since she seems like a nice person.

Nicole on

Oh boy she finally trapped one

anna on

the maneater is finally settling down. congrats

Callie on

Congratulations to her and her boyfriend πŸ™‚

Pam on

How wonderful! So excited for the couple. She has always been a favorite of mine.

KW on

Awesome. She’s had a rough year with the loss of her biggest supporter (mother). I hope the new addition fills the hole that was left in her heart. Congrats!

Elena on

Does anyone get married before having kids anymore? I mean these have to be planned. Most of these people are way to old and educated to “accidentally” get knocked up. Call me old fashion but of someone is good enough to plan bringing a baby in the world why are they not good enough to marry first?

Faye on


Kim on

Congrats JLH!!

dawn norris on

I dated a slew of men threw out my teen’s and early 20’s and by late 20’s i met my husband and next month we celebrate 20 yrs you gotta go threw a lot of toads to get to the prince. Nothing wrong with how many men she was with if she had to get to the right one.

kim on

is this the same chick who cant stay with a guy for more than two minutes??

Robin on

I’m happy for her. She seems to be one of the most genuinely nice actresses around and I think she’ll be a great mom….

Abill on

Great.Another bastard child and another unwed hollywood mother. GREAT role models for my tween!

Leah on

Bastard child!? Really? I do feel sorry for your tween daughter but it has nothing to do with JLH. I’m teaching my child to be kind to others, regardless of whether their parents are married.

Thee Queen B on

AMEN. I feel sorry for the tween for having a mother that would call an unborn child a bastard. What a great example there for her child to follow…smh.

Abill on

You can teach your daughter all you want about morality and kindness and choices but the hard reality is that in today’s world you are not the only teacher, Leah. Children are innudated with information through social media, internet access, cell phones etc.Statistics show that children are quietly questioning and even rejecting parental guiding and teaching. If the press would not glamorize every unwed hollywood birth it would make my job as a parent a lot easier.

Brandy on

Awww SO incredibly happy for the couple!!! I love there show and thing that it is amazing that she is “real”!!!!

mojo01 on

You know if they say that about JLH what in the world do they say about Taylor Swift…she is changing boyfriends constantly.

Congrats to the expecting couple..I wish you both and baby well!.

klutzy_girl on

Whoa! Congratulations to them.

Carmen on

Does anybody get married first anymore?

Nona on

Well, no one else would marry her. She was always one to attract guys that would love her, then leave her. She must have done this purposefully, to trap the guy. Pathetic!

Tara on

maybe now her serial dating will come to an end and she will finally grow up. she has always seemed very immature for her age. one thing is for sure … she will be ecstatic once “the girls” start growing since she is obsessed with them.

Just_Jasmine on

I actually really like JLH. Mazel to her!!

Steven Manson on

There goes Client List. Can’t exactly work a pregnancy into that one lol. I was dreaming ot be the first one to knock her up but ah well LOL.

Good Luck, Jen

Anonymous on

I am so happy for her! After losing her mother this has to be an amazing time for her. May she find peace and happiness.

brutony on

Congrats, JLH, and I hope alls well with you and Kyle! But what are they gonna do about her on her show-Im sure they begin production on the new season in a few months? Will she hide behind furniture and taller actors?

butterfly 770 on

I love JLH, Best Wishes to her, she Deserves to have something good in her life…..t

butterfly 770 on

I am so happy for JLH, She deserves to have something good in her life, new boyfriend a baby and a hit show….You go girl!!!

blessed on

Wishing Jennifer love much joy and may the angels in heaven bless her with a happy and healthy baby! Blessings!

Melisa on

I don’t think it’s terrible writing at all. She is the Hollywood bicycle. Everyone has had a ride.

I hope her baby doesn’t squint as much as JLH does.

Katie on

She seems sweet! I bet she misses her mom more than ever now that she’ll be a mom. Congrats!

Holly on

Yay! I love her! Congrats!

master l on

guess she wont be “jennifer love huge-tits” any more, she’ll be “jennifer love gigantic-tits”…

Rosie on

I had Melinda Gordon in mind when I realized “Yay she’s pregnant” but realized it’s actually Jennifer Love Hewitt….”Yay, she’s pregnant”!!! I’ve liked her since “Can’t hardly wait and Jennifer Love Fefferman from boy meets world! Congrats to the couple on your blessed bundle!!

michelle on

People didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. This girl dated and was engaged to countless men ! It’s incredible that this will only be her first child! More amazing that she knows who the father is~

dancer92136 on

Happy for her. She seems to be finally getting the family she has always wanted.

Charli Mabriel on

JlKnfddg, I don’t use anyone else’s life to justify my own. If you’re so worried about the earth, do you think that your judgmental/hateful comment helps? I really hope you’re joking that you think this is why the earth is such a mess. I think we have a lot bigger problems than a successful woman giving birth out of wedlock.

Rebecca on

Always LOVED her, I’m very happy for the two of them. She’s a beautiful woman and she finally found her prince. I’m sure she doesn’t give two cents about what people say about her and why should she?! πŸ™‚

Denise Simpson on

They must have edited the article because comments say it was written ‘despite a slew of men, Hewitt has never had children’ and I don’t see it.

Alley Cat on

Oh well another single mother in La-La land, what a surprise. Given her incredibly poor track record with men I would not bet on this relationship lasting very long. I beleive she is a very insecure and needy person that slips in and out from one “relationship” to the next. Best of luck, you both will need it!

Rebecca on

Notice how those who post negative b.s. don’t bother to post their names. As usual hide behind anonymity! Why don’t those people own up to their nastiness and hateful words?!

Not Surprised on

LOVE this! Congrats to them both!

Anonymous on

I read the article over and over, where does it state that she dated a “slew of men”?? I love JLH and don’t care how many frogs she’s had to kiss to find her “prince” but am disappointed with People had they allowed a writer to slip in a snide comment like that……..shame shame

sambec on

They must have edited the article after such an uproar because I don’t see any of the quotes you all are yelling about.

Babies are always a good thing! Congratulations!

sherquetta on


Jacqueline on

Another Hollywood baby out of wedlock. Shocker

Tina on

I’ve been a fan since Kids Incorporated! Congrats!

Anonymous on

OMG How did this happen?

Shawn on

i can’t believe this has trended to #1 on yahoo. damn, people…get a life!

anonymous on

The article does no mention that she has slept around!!!

Brian on

Apparently the article’s been edited. I don’t see anything about her dating history or past beaus. That being said, I think she’s all hair, make-up, and augmented body parts i.e. not all that. Hope things work out for her, though.

Charli Mabriel on

Who are all these sad people using celebs as role models?! Ugh, if you don’t have to have kids out of wedlock then don’t but why does it matter when someone else does? Are you handing the accountability of your life over to JLH?

Ric on

Way to go Love deserve it..

UnKnown on


Congrats to Jennifer and Brian, much love and happiness to them both and their soon to be baby πŸ™‚

judi danciu on

Stella, it says the first for Hewitt and hallisay…not the first for Hewitt…I do believe she has another child….

Anonymous on

@Abill- YOU are the peson to set an example for your child, NOT actors. I would worry about what goes on at home first, that is where the children learn morals.

Alex M on

I was watching the client list a few days ago and wondered if they were dating in real life. I had no idea they were until today. congrats to them! She is gonna be an amazing mother πŸ™‚

chris on

So much for getting married in a covenant relationship before having unprotected sex and getting knocked up. This is not to be praised or congratulated!!! This is a huge problem in our culture. To reward this with headlines of praise only makes it worse. God have mercy on you idol worshippers and those who praise it.

Leah on

So should she go hide in a corner for 9 months? Should her child be treated like a second class citizen. The problem with all of the judgement is that it affects innocent children. Children are a blessing and if you judge a child, well God help YOU!

Anonymous on

@Abill- YOU are the person who sets the example for your child, NOT actors. What is going on at home is more important than what actors are doing. A good example at home is best.

Anonymous on

Wow, there are a lot of negative and judgemental comments. So what if she’s not married? It’s none of anyone’s business. Someone said that she was too old for this to be an accident. First of all, there’s no such thing, I believe an unplanned pregnancy is a suprise, not an accident…that’s a horrible way to look at something that is so special and wonderful. You’re never too old for a suprise, it happens all the time. I hope everything goes well for her.

sunshine on

What does it matter if they aren’t married? Just because two people are married and have a child doesn’t mean the child will be raised any better. As long as there is love in the house and the child grows up in a nurturing environment marriage isn’t neccessary!! I am so sick of people making that comment when a women gets pregnant “out of wedlock”. Get out of the 1950s!!

Avett Green on

Another couple bringing a baby into the world without marriage and then splitting up. Sigh. Gonna happen.

eliannparker on

I’m happy for them, she seems sweet and I’ve liked her acting in the few things I’ve seen her in. That said, I think I really am done with “People”. Your writers are barely literate and they are judgmental rather than discerning . “People” used to be a site that had some in depth material about celebrities and others out here in the “real world”. Now it’s just paid trolls trashing what is stylish (apparently in the eyes of a 12 year old if the Style section is any indication), and promoting the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous on

Awesome cant wait to see what happens to her boobs

Kate on

Why does she have to get married at all?

Shery on

Not sure what you people are talking about. No headline or anything in this article calls her a sleaze or anything close to it.

Angela Borte on

Congrats! I love watching her on The Client List! I hope they write her pregnancy into the script! That would be cool!

Lisa on

Congrats to her. I am happy for them both!!

Big Fan on

Um, no marriage?

Anonymous on

Congratulations!!!! I am happy for the happy couple. She is my favorite move star!!!

Alex on

Well, I wasn’t expecting that news today! Good for her, I think she’s lovely. Plus, she’s always expressed her desire to become a Mum, so I think it’s wonderful news.

Jim on



Carol on

Have these celebrities ever heard of getting married BEFORE having babies?

missbmarie on

Good for her, choosing LIFE!! πŸ™‚

kyliekoo on

Can you get pregnant with a “bedazzled” va jayjay ?

Beth B. on

So happy for her! I’ve always liked her πŸ™‚

But what a shame her mom didn’t live to see this. I’m sure she’s smiling down on her little family from heaven.

Kasey on

Love the show, hate the squeaky voiced little 12 year old Nicky-

Jenny! on

That’s awesome so happy for her! She’s done a lot of things in life and I bet she’s more than ready for a child. Can’t wait for this one.

Lisa on

Congratulations to them! She has been one of my favorites since the Party of Five days!

Anonymous on


James Reyes on

Sorry guys, now she got knocked up. Congrats

Anonymous on

well, there goes those perky breasts

James Reyes on

Congrats to the couple on their first child.

Anonymous on

Hip hop Hooray. Who gives a darn really?

Tee on

I’m reading this at 650 EST and re-read it and they must have edited out the line about her relationships past because I don’t see it. Bet her Mom is over the moon and I do wonder if this relationship will last, but that’s their business. Good luck and congrats!

edrobsll on

Great news….another child born out of wedlock.

Guest on

I guess she was bound to baby-trap one of them. They don’t call her Jennifer Love DESPERATE for nothing.

Tara on

Their baby will be beautiful. Both are hot

Thee Queen B on

Congrats on being a perfect bitch. Must be wonderful to be so proper and ideal up there on your high horse, but I have news for you…people are all different and live their lives in the manner that works best for them.

Nick on

Congrats on being a bitch…LOL best line ever!! πŸ™‚

dawn on

I’m with Nick! Queen b is the best!!!!

Agatha on

Don’t get the : she isn’t married comments..

She has enough money, if she would get married and it would end in divorce she has to give that man half of her money.
Good for you Jennifer! Hold on to your hard worked money! And give it to your baby!

Kelly on

I am so very happy for her!!!! This is one pregnancy I will be watching!! Congrats to her and her boyfriend!

jenni on

Wow the comments are really harsh. Her mom passed away last year I think. I couldn’t be happier for them. Congratulations!!!!!

dee on

I like her! Congrats to her and her bf…however she hasnt aged all that great she looks much older than 34:(

Brandi On The Rocks on

Awww was that your mother’s way of putting you to sleep? Seems she missed the point…you weren’t supposed to wake back up…

Mandy on

So happy for her

Michelle on

Congratulations!!!! Why are people so hateful there are so many “normal” people that have to kiss a lot of frogs to find their prince. At least she is not married to someone else…

Jim on

You know something, I think this Brian Hallisay is a ploy. Not only Brian is the father-to-be, he’s also her employee (with Sony TV). She’s the executive producer on her stupid TV show and he’s on it. If they get into a fight, they’ll bring it to work.

The reports stated that these two were dating for 15 months.

Another thing is that these two are actors. Causes problems! Ask her last husband-to-be, Ross McCall when he did that TV show “Crash” for Shotime. Hewfat hated McCall’s love scenes on that TV show and they were arguing over one other thing….PRENUP. Hewfat is worth up to $20 million bucks.

Hewfat bought a house for a single, recently. Now she’ll have to sell it and look for a house with more than one bedroom.

AND she was promoting THEIR TV series with her revealing appearance on the Ellen show, reavealing her bouncing fat boobs n front of Mathew Perry.

It’s a ploy!

And she still has a thing for Matt Damon.

mandysandy on

Awesome good for her!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations!!!! She had to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince which everyone has been through. At least she wasn’t married to someone else while she got pregnant

suzy diamond on

Doesn’t ANYONE get married first anymore!

Stellabelle on

Congrats to Jennifer and her beau on their new baby.

Stacey on

These “celebrities” do not want to be married because that takes to much effort on their part. They just trow morality out the window and have a kid with their “boyfriend/girlfriend whatever. Then they get into a huge custody battle, look at Hallie Berry. With another kid she will be in custody battles with 2 baby daddies. I blame woman for the lack of morality and why men still run the country. Ladies, have some respect first for yourself and then for a child. Maybe then we could stop playing second class citizen to men.

Caydee on

Congratulations Jennifer Love!!!!! I LOVE you! Ever since you were in the I Know what you did last Summer!!!!! You will be an amazing mommy!!!!!

Gigi on

Cool. Now she will have something else to talk about besides her boobs.

ecpjll on

i’m so happy for her πŸ™‚ Love her…been watching her since I was like 9 or 10.

labiz12 on

As long as her and her man are truly in love…who are we to judge by saying oh she’s not married…she’s in love..marriage takes time….no one can judge her but God and whoever is making cracks about the unborn kid…you’re truly a nimcompoop..loook it up!!!

Anonymous on

Congrat’s to her, she is great!

butterfly 770 on

I wish JLH the best with her new baby, she deserves to be happy, enjoy your time they grow up faster than you think..Best wishes, t

Marky on

What on earth is the matter with you people? I’ve rarely seen such rudeness on a blog, and can’t understand why. She is an actress, usually on TV, like many other actors. If you like her acting and her shows, fine, if not, fine, BUT what on earth makes any of you believe you should act like ill-behaved twit teenagers and insult her for any reason? Wow, get some manners!

hey k on

she has been in consistent monogamous relationships. Most people who aren’t married cant say the same. She is actively dating. She is no slut, no sex tap, not flashing her crotch. Sometimes people can be so negative against people who don’t deserve it. Women can be so negative toward each other. This is why we will never rule the world smh….

susan on

congratulations to the both of you. you guys are awesome and i just love the client list. me and my daughter watch it every week. take care, susan

Diane on

Awesome, I am totally Happy for her, I always thought see was one of the down to earth people in Hollywood..

Cali on

I met her at book signing. I thought she was sweet and nice. She was a b****. The most unfriendly celebrity I met.

The Dr. on

She’s starting to get a Sarah Jessica Parker horse face…good for her!

Suzee on

A. I love how they say they’ve been together “15 months” to make it sound longer.
B. How many guys has she been with? Geez
C. What is with all of these celebrities getting knocked up out of wedlock? TRASH and nice role models

Jen on

I think that she’s adorable and beautiful and wish her the very best, however the media should not be toting her as someone who “embraces a woman’s curves.” After those “unflattering photos” popped up, she went on a rampage saying “How can a size 2 be fat?!” And then proceeded to lose a ton of weight. NOT a good size role model. Seems like a lovely person, but that other stuff? Not so much.

Anonymous on

Where is everyone getting that it is saying anything about them she dated. I read it three times and I found nothing that even mentions her exes. The only thing that said despite was where it said, Despite loving the skin she’s in, Hewitt may ride out her pregnancy in her favorite attire: sweats! Unless they rewrote it sense posting it.

eff on

omg!!! Im so happy for her! They are gonna have such a beautiful baby!!! I love them as a couple!!!

Rebecca on

Wow, I’m actually really happy for her. She’s come off as kind of desperate the last couple of years because she seemed to really want a boyfriend, but this baby will be a greater gift to her.
I didn’t even know she was in a relationship, I hope it lasts for the sake of them all.

Sun on

Congrats! You will be a great mom!

Gia on

What the what!?! With all those engagements under her belt, I figured her for the marriage>baby types. Guess the men folk won’t acting right and the bio clock was tick-tick ticking away, so she let one slip by. Good for her. If her and her guy don’t work out , that okay she seems like she would make a great mom. And if they do even better. Congrats to the couple.

aleshamom4 on

Haters to hate on anyone, anything..omg..wish someone well..KARMA?? BEST WISHES for al healthy baby..

Donna on

Sorry happy for her.

Richard on

OMG! She actually trapped somebody!! I wanna see how this plays out.

Anonymous on

cool good for her !

deb on

that is happy & sad news.. she is adorable in every way from all accounts- but suffering from the female celeb-curse which has left her alone….but now she will have a child, at least and who knows maybe a whole family. I wish her the best.

Rani on

So… Brian Hallisay is the lucky guy that got to inseminate JLH? Wow… much respect… She’s a beautiful woman…

Anonymous on

She looks to me like she’s soooo high maintenace. Anyways, congrats!

Khloes mum on

Are you ignorant people frighten kidding me???? Blabbing on about her not being married and how that’s why the world is so bad! Yes because people are killing others and murdering children because some people don’t have a piece of paper saying they are married! You are just so darn smart! I got married at 19 and it was the biggest mistake of my life! Or are you simple minded people forgetting that 85% of marriages end in divorce?? I know have a beautiful baby girl and guess what… I’m not married to her dad!! We love each other so much but I don’t need a piece of paper to help me sleep at night. I pity your children for having to grow up with ignorant sad excuse for human beings for parents. Guess when judgment day comes we will not be the ones feeling the wrath haha!! Any who congrats JLH I think you are absolutely amazing and I hope my daughter looks up to you the same as I do and have the last 13+ years!!

Khloes mum on

I now have a beautiful baby girl*

mr bonejangles on

While it would be nice if the only moral compass for young people these days would be their mother and father, that simply isn’t the case. Celebrities are celebrated and looked up to. You do influence these kids whether you think of yourself as a role model or not. Just an aside if parents are to be the moral compass for their children, are these two folks the best moral compass for their children getting pregnant out of wedlock?

Shawna on

It was just announced that they are engaged. So you can all stop freaking out that they are not married/getting married. Congrats to Jennifer and Brian!

Amy on

She is lovely and I wish her happiness and a healthy baby.

Melissa on

Congrats! I have always like her πŸ™‚

Jenn on

She deserves to be happy like the rest of us. Having a child is a blessing.

How people say she’s been with so many people is beyond me. Why stay with someone you’re nothappy with. Move on. I’m sure all those calling her a skank/slut/whore have only had sex after being married to their current husband. So that makes your count one right?

Kara S. on

Congrats to her and her boyfriend!

Lori on

I love her!! Good for her! You don’t need to be married to have babies,or kittens,or puppies. They both have the “means” to be parents;after all they both have jobs. She is nothing like that “Kardashian BOOB,attention whore;that gets her pic snapped every time she farts

Lori on

I like her,good for her! She’s way better then the Kardashian “Boobs”

Amanda K on

Congrats! They make a cute couple.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to her and her fiance!

Dawn on

I’m so very happy for her. She is an amazing actress and love everything she has done. I will pray for a very health pregnancy and baby. God bless. Enjoy this time it’s a true blessing one only women can experience. What a gift God gave us and a huge responsibility when he allowed us to carry children !!! Childbirth may hurt, but the end result ” the prize”, is so worth every minute. Once you look into those beautiful little eyes and know that’s your baby you don’t even remember. Love to you, Dawn

Crystal on

Congratulations to JLH. I consider myself to be pretty “modern” but this is getting ridiculous. I agree with all the other commentators about celebrities and people alike having babies before making a real commitment and getting married. I mean every time you look up another celebrity is pregnant by their “boyfriend or fiancee” but not HUSBAND! I’m starting to think marriage is becoming a minority instead of the majority as it has been for the past 50+ years. You do not have to be married to be great and loving parents. I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying is that before you make the decision to make a baby, make the ultimate decision and make your relationship legal.

Angel on

I love her I watch her on party of five she is so goodat what she does I have watched everything she done I’m so happy for her and the baby daddy

Diablo135 on

Her chest Will get even bigger!

Tee on

Good grief. Can’t you people just be happy for them? Why does everyone automatically think they have the right to be judge and jury? I’m sure they didn’t plan this baby, just to provide fodder for you gossiping people. Let he/she who is without sin,cast the first stone….be careful people, judge not lest yr be judged.

Gia on

@Khloes mum. The last time I checked the divorce rate in the U.S. was low 40s to low 50s percentage, depending on your sources. I have no idea where you got 85%. Maybe in UK? Plus I think your marriage at 19 didn’t work because you were MARRIED AT 19! Maybe all these people getting married too young is the cause of the divorce rate being so high.

Elsa on

Congratulations, Love her show

Stephanie on

There are some seriously immature comments on here. Serial dater? What does that even mean?! Way to continue the degradation and the shaming of women for dating more that one or two people in her lifetime. What was she supposed to do after a break up? Become a nun? Give up on finding love? I weep for your children, especially your daughters, for having such awful people as parents.

swimmerkw on

Wow, seems to me some people just like to be mean and judgemental! Congrats to them!

Jerry on

Hope she has a healthy, beautiful baby. But she could have done a lot better.who is this guy, a third rate talent who is moving in at the 3mil dollar apt that was bought with her money? I hope Jennifer has a strong pre nup.

Melissa Black on

Am so happy for you on your pregnancy you will have a pretty or cute baby and I all so think your be a wonderful mother you are one of my favorite actresses so congratulations jennnifer.

Meldawn on

I’m not sure I understand why so many people get upset about celebrities having babies without being married. There are much bigger issues in the world. Would people rather they get married and then divorced a year later? Two people love each other and are having a baby, that’s a beautiful thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That being said, it is my opinion that calling people names and being hateful are much worse than having a baby without being married. I say congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Why the baby before marriage lame comments? You think celebrities are not real people just like us? Get a life, folks. I’m sure a bunch of you haters have way too many skeletons in your closets. I, however waited until marriage to start my family as my grandmother taught me yet I’m not hating on those who choose a different route for their family. I may be old fashioned but I except the modern ways of others.

Kitty on

Honestly, people want to say that others “date around” well, that’s what you do when you are single. Not everyone is fortunate enough to meet the “right” guy on the first date when they are a teen. She is right to date and date and date and not settle for some guy that will end up messing around on her or falling out of love a year after they marry (like Russell Brand did with KP). Come on if you make comments about out of wedlock marriage. OMG, I know people at Church who are doing that too! We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore but feel free to go back there if that’s how you want to live. Also, I totally HATE people that call pregnant women “FAT”. This should be the most joyous time of a mother’s life and instead they have jerks in the media, etc following them around and trying to bring them down. People are just pretty much evil that work for tabloids:( Best of luck to JLH and her co-star on their good news. Hope that jealous people won’t try to ruin it for you:(

kingmambo on

Frankly, Jenny Love’s looks would kill if she had no hair whatsoever. Love that girl