CaCee Cobb Celebrates Her Baby Shower

06/03/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Two bumps and a baby shower!

After celebrating her own Tom Sawyer-themed baby shower in April, mom-to-be Jessica Simpson attended best friend — and pregnancy pal — CaCee Cobb‘s own summer soirée Sunday to celebrate her upcoming addition.

“Showered with so much love yesterday. Thank you @JessicaSimpson #bestfriends #bestbabyshowerever,” Cobb Tweeted Monday, sharing a sweet snapshot of the pair at the party.

Cobb, 35, and her husband, The Exes star Donald Faison are expecting their first child together, the newlyweds announced in January. “Looks like Donald and I are going to have a little stormtrooper of our own!” Cobb Tweeted at the time.

But has the future first-time mom been dropping hints that she and Faison are adding a boy to their brood? In addition to previously confirming her pregnancy by posting a photo of a light blue Star Wars tee, Cobb donned a floor-length frock featuring a pretty blend of blue and purple flowers for her baby bash.

CaCee Cobb Jessica Simpson Baby Shower
Courtesy CaCee Cobb

— Anya Leon

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Lb on

should name this site bump dot com now…

Michelle on

Cacee looks beautiful! Pregnancy definitely agrees with her. Jessica – not so much!

?? on

It is not a bump!! It is a baby. I hate that expression.

Colleen on

Lmao!!!! I soooooooo agree with you! It’s a baby! I hate the bump term, I really do!

Nicole on

You’re kidding me with that photo right? it’s like an oil painting! come on. I love Cacee’s dress though, anyone know where she got it?

Guest on

Holy hair!!!

Beth on

That’s a lot of weave going on there!!!

Alison on

Very cool that the two best friends can share their pregnancy experience together!

Ella on

I honestly think it would be awesome to have Jessica as a best friend. She would do ANYTHING for her friends. And both look beautiful 🙂

Pam on

Wow, that is some big hair!

lexy on

they both look beautiful!!! jess is due anytime now n she;s gorgeous!!!!!

lexy on

gorgeous pregnant girls!!!

Anonymous on

Beautiful twosome…and Jessica appears to be a great BFF

Steph on

They both look fabulous!

Julianna on

They both look amazing!

Nic on

Love CaCee’s dress. She definitely has the glow. Jess, wtf is up with her manicure?

Greetings on

Hated how Cacee always flirted with Nick on newlyweds and wouldn’t move out of their house and get her own!!!

Thee Queen B on

Lol looks like she’s moved out now. How long ago was that…ten years ago?? #TimeToMoveOn

lizziebee on

Cacee looks amazing…Jess is HUGE! I mean, I know she’s due anyday now but DAYUM!!! She big!!!

Just gross. on

I love Cacee’s dress. So pretty. Pregnancy fits her well. As for Jess, um not so much.

Andrea on

They both look beautiful! Jessica looks much better healthier this time weight wise but still has at least 3-4 weeks to go! Maxwell was a big girl and usually the 2nd is bigger. Either way these are pregnancies I like reading about not a certain someone where it’s non-stop. Congratulations to both of them!

Gigi on

Both look great, but Cacee is absolutely stunning!!

Michelle Jackson on

Idc what anyone else says. These to look amazing together! Makes me wish I was pregnant all over again!

Guest on

Holy crap that’s a lot of hair. They’re both from Texas, right? Everything is bigger…

It’s me on

Poor Jessica…yeah she is not AS big this time but lets face it she packs on the pounds while preggo…….Her friend looks very nice, like she has been eating healthy and with some constraint 🙂 Her dress is very nice on her, I see Jessica is sticking with black….to a baby shower???

Rachel on

anyone saying negative things your jealousy shines right through. these are two friends having babies at the same time, its a great thing. why anyone would come here to say jessica simpson looks bad is beyond me. please seek help for your jealousy.. maybe if your own life improved a little? sad

Shanta Winzer on

They both look great!

Donna on

they are not pretty…they look like whales…and drag queens…

Anonymous on

seriously both of you ladies have aged alot!! you look like some crazy neighborhood betties from a 1980’s movie of the week

Beth on

Way too many hair extensions here! Bigger the hair the less big the bodies look? I don’t know what they are trying to do.

Marky on

Jessica could deliver any time, and CaCee has awhile to go, so of course she is bigger than CaCee. Jessica is short waisted, and therefore shows more than a person who is long in the torso.

My SIL is very short in the torso, and she was huge, then had a 7 lb baby. Mine was the same size and I never got very big at all. Neither of us is very tall. Give Jessica a break; she looks lovely and she never says anything ugly about anyone.

Natasha on

Everyone looks great and i’m happy for all…however cacee is due in january?! Im hoping thats a typo. Its a long ways away when she looks big now!!!?

hbrookemendoza on

No Natasha, she told everyone she was pregnant in January. I think she due in September.

Sandy on

BEAUTIFUL- both of them.

ALL women are beautiful when carrying LIFE. All these SHALLOW women basing pregnancy on looks and how much their body changes- sometimes dramatically-are just plain mean and judgmental. It’s ALL about carrying a baby to term and a safe delivery for mom and baby. Stop being so hateful!

Sandy on

I DID NOT Know CaCee wears a WIG?!!! Wow, she needs to move it up so it isn’t so obvious. Do any women use their real hair any more????

Vic on

Wow I didnt recognize Cacee. Her face changed during pregnancy….which is completely normal. She looks beautiful! So nice to see her and Jessica still bffs.

Norah on

That is a beautiful picture.

allydavis2013 on

They seem like very sweet ladies!

1happymama on

I think they both look beautiful and I love Jessica Simpson. Why do people have to be such haters??

Mallory on

Fat and FATTER!!!

bellanana on

“if you have nothing nice to say than don’t say anything at all” that’s what i tell my kids..

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Michelle, There’s not much more catty and horrible I can think of one woman criticizing another for than how she looks while pregnant.

Colleen on

Shame on all of you who say anything bad about this picture or any pregnant woman. Each pregnancy is different and every woman carries a different way (not making it up – actual scientific FACT). “CaCee looks beautiful but Jessica, not so much?”

Really? Who do you think you are judging any woman on how she looks while she is pregnant? A woman, any woman, celebrity or not, has no control of how her body is going to transform. It is what it is. For comparing and judging Jessica to her friend or anyone, SHAME ON YOU! That is such an awful thing to say. It must be really difficult for you to be so perfect…. Go rest, the weight of perfection must be exhausting.

Mia on

What’s with their hair? – It looks like a music video from 1985….

fiscaltripper on

those are two really really gross looking people. the amount of spackle, paste, paint, peroxide, mousse, glop and slop and jewelry, it is soooo grotesque, poor babies coming into that world of artificial scents and fabrics and gunk!!!

what is up with Jessica’s red tipped fingernail? GOD why am I looking at this, I need a lobotomy

Montana on

For 6 months Cecee looks great and for 9 months Jessica is amazing to be such a friend. Think they both have on Jess’s hair extentions. LOL

Lisa on

@Natasha, CaCee ANNOUNCED the pregnancy in January, not that she’s due in January.

Tee on

Let’s not forget some of that volumious hair could be weaved in fake hair. CaCee’s is a lovely style and color. She looks lovely. As for Ms. paid far too much to be a WW spokesperson just to end up pregnant and gain a bunch back, since Maxwell was a 10 pounder, I’m sure this 2nd baby will be in that range (or a tad more) too.

ansu on

wow! that is a LOT of hair in that picture

Laura on

What’s up with Jessica’s hair and those dark shorter pieces underneath showing??

Ann on

Jessican needs to cut that hair…..fugly!!!

Anonymous on

typical online hater,described as sitting in a basement in front of a computer in pj’s with no life,but an obsession and foaming at the mouth with jealousy.

Donnatex on

I’m having an 80’s hair band flash back…

huh on

Jessica is desperately in need of a hair cut! She looks like Sally Struthers…now- not from back in the day!

Janae on

I think they look like twins.

Debbie on

Pretty ladies!

Jessica on

Cacee is due August 3 so two more months to go.

Jessica looks horrible.

Jeanine on

Wow Jessica look stunning as does CaCee.

bkable on

I think once you’re past the 6-7 month stage and you’re obviously showing, its no longer considered a bump. Its considered a baby! I think its cute when it literally is a little bump but these two are VERY pregnant; especially considering they’re having showers.



Amanda on

Texas Sized Hair!

dmarie217 on

They both look great! I am not usually a fan of Jessica, but she looks to be taking a healthier approach to this pregnancy…love their big hair too!

KimCheeks on

These two are very beautiful pregnant women. Not sure why there are so many BABs (Bitter A$$ B*tches) on here but it’s ridiculous. Why must we cut other women over how they look when they are pregnant? It’s not you so just get over it. Congrats to these two hot mamas and cannot wait to see their precious cargo!

TG on

They both look great!

Julesy on

OMG, Jessica is twice the size of CaCee and she’s wearing black, which is supposed to make you look thinner. lol

Anonymous on

Holy extensions! Overkill and they’re BFF’s not twins! Agree, Cacee looks better pregnant.

Jamie on

I think the both look beautiful, I love Jessica:)

Terri on

Both rocking that Texas hair…lol