How Hilaria Baldwin Is Adjusting (and Not) to Pregnancy

06/03/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

โ€จโ€จHilaria Baldwin Pregnant Big City Moms
Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have just a few more months to go before their baby girl is born — and the couple can’t wait.

“We talk about her nonstop,” the mom-to-be tells PEOPLE at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower event on Thursday in New York City. “Our two little dogs are our babies and now we’re going to add to the family with a non-fur baby.”

But the Baldwins aren’t the only ones who are anxiously awaiting the birth. According to Hilaria, Alec’s 17-year-old daughter Ireland is “so excited” to be a big sister.

So does that mean Ireland will be on babysitting duty? “When she has the time, we’d totally take her up on it,” Hilaria says with a laugh. “[For now] she’s off modeling and doing incredible things.”

In the meantime, the yoga instructor and Extra correspondent is embracing pregnancy and all that does — and doesn’t — come with it. “I’m not craving anything bizarre,” she says. “I think it’s because I eat so well. Iโ€™ve been waiting for the pickles and ice cream to come, but they haven’t.”

As for a big adjustment, Hilaria has had to give up her rigorous workouts. “I’ve toned it down a lot. I don’t do as much cardio,” she explains. “This is about her. I can’t get my heart rate up too high because my doctor told me babies can’t sweat. So I just try to do a lot of toning exercises and yoga.”

Pregnant or not, there is one must-have for Hilaria: her high heels.

“I’m always in heels and now I have so much extra weight so when I’m not wearing them, my foot stretches and it hurts,” she says. “So even around the house I have them on. I’m the only pregnant woman who feels better in heels.”

— Michelle Ward

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Izzie on

This woman certainly sounds like a bigger flake with each soundbite.

Karma on

I don’t crave because I eat so well. I live in my high heels. blah, blah, blah. Just as obnoxious as Alec. I feel sorry for their daughter.

MrsFritz on

She’s annoying as hell. Yuck.

Julie on

@Izzie…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for the laugh.

Gina on

Ditzy gold digger..

Tara on

I was enjoying her interview until she gave herself props for eating so well. That just sounded like a backhanded compliment. Congratulations you can afford fresh fruit and meals to be delivered to you everyday, but don’t attribute it to you not having weird cravings. If a pregnant lady craves pickles and ice cream it doesn’t mean she is eating bad. I’m not sure if meant it that way, but that’s how it reads.

michelle on

Darn shame you can’t pick your parents. This poor little girl is going to have a psychotic, angry, violent man for a father and a self absorbed, snotty mother. Poor little thing.

ari on

People like Izzie, Julie, Michelle hate because they are jealous and can’t admit it. And That IS really pathetic!

haven on

She looks really pretty her face doent look bloated at all she does sound like a snob though.

Kat on

She should only talk when reporting for Extra. Or consult a publicist on what to put out there. Her comments make her look so ignorant and dumb.

Kate on

I can’t think of a more self-absorbed, obnoxious and snobbish Adam Henry than Alec and so far there is nothing likable about his wife. And I had no idea who this woman was until she was seen with him. Yes, big gold digger, Alec just hasn’t woken up yet. I would imagine Hilaria shares the same politics as her hubby and both are totally clueless and just make me want to vomit.

Callie on

Idiot. Her feet hurt because she wears high heels all day. Stupid is, as stupid does.

Kim on

Fur babies = stupidest phrase EVER. It’s a dog. It’s not your baby. smh

ebethsb on

My dogs are my babies, Kim. Live and let live.

NoAdditives on

@Tara I’ve found that the healthier I eat the less I crave junk food or sweets.

Athina on

She’s just sharing her thoughts She’s excited and happy. There’s nothing particularly snobbish or obnoxious about her comments. It’s just the usual trolls making their typically nasty comments. You’d think they’d bypass reading about this couple if they dislike them so much but no, here they are with their snouts right in the trough, lapping up every word.

Mila on

No kidding huh Athina! I was thinking the same thing. I wish I knew what it is about people that makes them so nasty and petty and horrible to someone they have never met. And a pregnant woman, no less. They should all be ashamed…I’m embarassed for them and their complete lack of tact in talking about a fellow woman during such a vunerable and happy time. They should be happy that another human is happy and healthy and about to come into the world, not wasting the life they have bitching about strangers on the internet

nancy on

Athina such a beautiful name which was also my grandmothers name. Just thought id share!

bobmilin on

I still say that the marriage will never last also why would a guy 55 years old want to have a baby? I mean shes a great piece of ass but knocking her up is like smashing your sports car into a telephone pole. Now hes got a fat wife and crying baby I dont envy him at all…

Pam on

You’re disgusting bob! I hope you don’t and never have kids. You’d obviously be a horrible husband or father. Pig!

Lena on

Well, I have never heard about this woman before she married A.Baldwin, however, I ate well while pregnant – I had to follow a diet since I got sick a lot – and didn’t have cravings, and my back hurt less when I wore heels rather than flat shoes, my doctor even suggested I stop wearing ballerinas so I stuck to platform booties or wedge pumps. What about being less judgemental? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anonymous on

NoAdditives is right. If you do eat on the healthier side and rid your body of the junk food, sugar, and processed foods you will be less likely to crave them.

I agree with Athina as well. You’re picking apart her interview and trying to find something to snark on when there really isn’t anything there.

And Michelle, being judgmental like yourself is just as bad as any of the traits you mentioned. So sad for your children/future children. Poor things….

Real mama on

Could this woman sound any more like a bimbo trophy wife? She’s a prize alright!!

ellaray on

Why in every picture does she do “the eyebrow thing”? It makes her look incredibly smug.

NYC on

Airhead…she married him for $ and status..with his erratic behaviour this prob wont last. Big daddy will has to be in control!

Kim on

Sigh. A woman talks about eating PopTarts with butter during her pregnancy, and you all burn her alive. This woman talks about eating healthy in hers, and you all do the same. Since you’re all obviously such pregnancy experts, why don’t you get together and write a book and let us all know how to do it right?

Ciparliamo on

Go away! Why is this woman news???

Cate on

Why do I see this woman on every news article in people, us, ect? She is clearly married to Baldwin for the money/fame and is soaking up every chance she gets to be in the spotlight. Not a fan of her or her husband for that matter.

Bekkah on

@ Tara, actually there is some truth to the healthy eating = not having cravings. Cravings usually mean your body is lacking in some department. All I wanted was peanut butter while I was pregnant with my second son, then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, got put on a strict diet and all the cravings went away.

And the rest of you- she’s a wife of a celebrity; don’t they all say shit like that, especially when they get pregnant?! Good god, lay off of the woman. Stop being so damn nasty. Saying hilaria’s a self absorbed snot and feeling sorry for her baby. Shut up. Because you sound just as snotty.

jaime on

Well said all you miserable haters, I’m sure hilaria is just simply flattered that you actually took the time to click on the link from her twitter page (either that or you’re glued to the internet looking her up 24/7) to look at her photo as well as read the article, so guess that really means you’re not haters after all:-) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Halley on

She seems pretty obnoxious…

Marky on

Look, there are many of us who have eaten healthy, not had (or given into) bad cravings while pregnant. Our babies were healthy and nice sized–7 lbs plus. There are plenty of pregnant women who have had cravings, and given into them. Why does it end up being a rude, hateful mud-slinging tantrum about whether someone is a gold-digger, a loser, or a media w—-e just because you are sitting behind a screen and no one knows you?

How about congrats; she is thrilled to be having her first, and they seem happy, so let it go! Please! Ireland is so over any issue she and Alec had years ago, and his politics may not be mine, but there is the right, in the USA, to hold your own political views whether we agree or not.

Guest on

So cruel, I just think she meant well. She seems to have a good realtionship with Ireland and Alec and that’s all that matter. People should be happy.

emma on

I can’t stand her – she thinks way too much about herself. She’s that type. And she sounds Kim Kardashian. vain bc she can’t live without her high heels.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look chic and stylish, while being comfortable.

But I like Alec Baldwin – always have.

Me on

Wow…this woman has really been drinking in the limelight. She was everywhere on entertainment tv…so the fact that she’s exclusively on extra now means I can avoid her. She went from a nothing to wanting to be famous. I also have a comment about her heels thing. Everyone ripped Kim Kardashian(trust me…I’m not a fan of her one bit!) a new one for saying the same thing…literally word for word. Just ridiculous. At least Kim has traded in her non-maternity clothes and heels for maternity wear and flats. This hilaria chick needs to stay out of the spotlight…she married and got pregnant by a joke of person and that doesn’t deserve the attention.

Alice on

This woman is so incredibly stupid it makes me laugh. I am a midwife and I have never heard one woman say to me “I crave pickles and icrecream” Hilaria honey just because people say this stuff on sitcoms and movies doesn’t mean it happens in real life!! She also demonstrates her stupidity talking about high heels, high heels are bad for everyone especially pregnant women because the hormones relax your joints and ligaments and can cause injury. I guess she is so vain she doesn’t care but the joke is she stills looks like a dumpy Minnie Mouse perched on heels

anne louise on

Oooh, nasty nasty woman. Your miserableness is palatable. I feel for those closest to you. But then again, maybe there isnt anyone?

Alice on

I went to her twitter and she is boasting her baby has been kicking for hours and won’t stop…um that’s not cute that can be dangerous, any unusual movement needs to be checked out. If she was less stupid she would be up at a hospital having a CTG to make sure her baby is ok!!

canucklehead on

She’s just so amazingly awesome isn’t she. WOW

Smithy on

Have followed her on twitter — very full of herself. Very self-important. As much as she seems to despise the media glare that her husband is under, she also seems to relish in it.

Romy on

she actually isn’t always in heels. she is in tennis shoes a lot for all her working out, which are flats in a sense. her feet should be fine without her heels on.

anne louise on

I guess Im the only woman here that finds Hilaria adorable and down to earth!Since when fo you have to be well off to eat well?! Iwork in a grocery store and thats just jealous BS talking. Her happiness with her life just bubbles out. Best thing that ever happened to either one of them? Each other! Love and luck guys.

cynthia on

It’s great when one sleazy celebrity (Alec) and one wannabe (Hilaria-ious)(his stupid pregnant wifey) hook up. They both look so pathetic…

renee on

bubble air headed fool. heels while pregnant embarrrasing