It’ll Be a Girl for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

06/02/2013 at 10:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Expecting Girl
Albert Michael/Startraks

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are thinking pink.

The couple is expecting a daughter in July, the reality star, 32, confirmed Sunday on the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“I’m so excited we’re having a girl. Who doesn’t want a girl? I think they are the best,” she said on the show. “I know that’s really what Kanye has always wanted — he wanted a little girl.”

Kardashian celebrated her baby shower the same day the announcement aired.

Although the couple have known for months whether they’’ll be filling their home with shades of pink or blue — Kardashian admits the couple had to get creative to keep the baby’s sex a secret.

“We buy all white,” she says with a laugh. “Or we’ll go and buy both [girl and boy clothing], and then no one will know!”

— Sarah Michaud

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Kat on

If it was a boy, then that would have (also) been what she really wanted.

Bridget on

So happy for them. A little girl!!

Jacki Mann on

yuck. who cares. they are both gross.

mia on

Best comment ever Jacki! They suck on an inconceivable level.

Gemma Mckenna on

Why read the article if u hate them so much u f**king dimwit!

pam on

Amen to that!!!

deadgirl on

I just said Gross. But I liked what you said. Two thumbs up for you 🙂

Oh Really on


Pnut on

Soooo gross. That poor girl will be in pink & ruffles her whole childhood. Ew!!

Carrow on

Best comment ever Gemma!!!!

Rachel on

why go out of your way to keep it a secret? oh just to get good ratings for the show? i really hope this baby is treated like a human and not an accessory.. i know she will be very well cared for, but hopefully by her parents.. these people are just off

Kat on

Ok now my life is complete.

Linda Hutchinson on


Krys Montgomery on


Sharon on

I second that lol…classic!!

emma on

*high five* lol I couldn’t agree more.

Whitney on

so cute!! I love them! Congrats to them. But, as usual, someone will comment something negative just because she is Kardashian.

Tammy on

Congratulations Kim and Kanye…so very happy for you both. Just remember Kim this is yours and Kanye’s baby….not your MOM’S!!

Tammy on

Oh yeah, another superficial, shallow Kartrashian female running around. Aren’t there about seven too many right now?

MR on

How can you say that about an inoccent baby Tammy….hmmm whos the trash now?

Kimberly on

Congratulations Tammy! You get the most ignorant comment of the week, and it’s only Monday. Do your family and friends know how hateful you are? Probably not because it easy to be hateful on line when there’s no consequences face.

Amanda on

Of course she is having a girl, never seen anyone’s appearance go that downhill during a boy pregnancy

Sharon on

That’s a really stupid thing to say Amanda. My best friend just had a baby girl…gained only 18 lbs and totally kept her appearance up. It depends on how the mother takes care of herself, not on the sex of the child.

Bellasmommy on

Thank you Amanda for that awesome comment. I too had a little girl, gained 24 pounds and aways tried to dress cute, had my makeup done and felt great about myself.

During pregnancy its tough to feel pretty but I tried and I’m sure you’re friend did too.

Shame on those people for judging on your looks while pregnant…if you’ve never had the blessing of carrying a baby and trying to look good then keep your comments to yourself.

MissMe on

Wow. Dumbest comment ever Amanda.

Anonymous on

Well…she can name it the same names she was thinking of when she was with Kris Humphries….she even dates and marries the K’s

Caroline on

Didn’t we already know this? I swear I heard this months ago…

Lady on

Wasn’t is useless information revealed months ago….

KHI on

Wow. Old photo but who knew Kanye could smile.

kitty62862 on

When he gets dressed nice and smiles, he’s a handsome guy.

khaleesi on

Happy for both of them. I just hope Kim will act mature this time and won’t over expose this little princess.

Jackie on

Congrats to Kim and kanye, and for all those who post who cares apparently you do because you took the time to post lames lmao


My question is this? If you don’t care and you think they are so gross and she is a media whore, why would you click on this article to give her more attention. Just keep moving past it. She is not paying you to follow her.

On a different note, I think she will be a very attentive mom and the baby will be beautiful

Brandy on

I hope the baby looks like her. Not a big fan of Kanye.

Lisa on

all white? that sounds like a perfect baby wardrobe

Ruby on

I can imagine the stains now… Not exactly the wisest choice on their part. Newborn and young babies are notorious for having accidents.

Ugh on

Why announce a month ahead? Dumb. God bless that baby with a loving nanny who is normal.

Anonymous on

Who cares.

Rox on

I feel so sorry for that little girl… She is not going to be very attractive… and can imagine finding out as a teen, you’re mom was famous for making porn…

CinSweet on

If Kim is smart, like any other parent she will share some of the tough life lessons she’s learned, including from that experience. I highly doubt she will allow her child to be blindsided by the news as a teen. Nor do I think it’s possible to even keep that from her for that long.

Shanta Winzer on

Shut up Rox! You just posted a stupid comment!

bebe on

Rox is only commenting the truth.

Madison on

Congrats to Kim and Kanye on their baby girl. I’m sure she will be gorgeous and well taken care of. For the people saying you don’t care about the Kardashians,why would you even take the time to click on an article about one of them,read it,and then comment on it? Either you all are fans in denial or you really just have way too much time on your hands. Also,Kim is NOT a porn star. She made a private sex tape (which I’m sure some of you have done) with someone she was SERIOUSLY dating,and unfortunately it got into the wrong hands.

Brandi on

Wow…the baby isn’t even here yet and idiots like you are already calling her unattractive. I think that you are really the ugly one and need to learn some class and have enough respect not to talk about innocent babies like that. I’m not a Kim fan but this is just getting to be ridiculous now. Grow the hell up.

Anonymous on

A Baby is always a Blessing people ! Lets not forget this ! She will be a good Mother . And this Baby will be beautiful

CinSweet on

This was not a very well kept secret lol! But congrats to them! I believe this baby will be loved and well taken care of regardless of what happens between Kim and Kanye.

Rhonda on

Congratulations to them. I hope they have a beautiful, healthy little girl.

Rhonda on

Rox, I disagree. I think their baby will be beautiful. Bi-racial children are generally attractive and also if she looks anything like Kim she will be very pretty.

cara on

Once Kris gets her grubby, manipulating hands on that little girl she’ll be just like the rest. Poor thing.

Lisa on

Yay! A baby girl. I am so happy for them. 🙂

sammi on

Congrats! babies are a blessing i’m sure baby girl will be beautiful.

Anonymous on

So money is so abundant and endless that they buy everything in both pink and blue? Wow. Thats some great lengths to go to, to keep a secret so the premiere of they’re show will have high ratings. These two are so affected by fame and celebrity…I truly feel bad for this little baby.

Anonymous on

If she is gross like many said then most of the US people is gross because the US women have sex with many men.

Kelis on

We all have sex with many men? Who are you to judge? STFU you sleezebag.

nvanburen on

So you’re saying all American women are whores?? Wtf is wrong with you. Idiot.

Sharon on

Just because youre a slut, anonymous, doesnt mean we all are.

queeniez71 on

I had heard months ago that it was a girl. I think it leaked out after she found out. Then it got all hush hush and after awhile E! and other media outlets acted like it was a big secret!

Kelis on

Another girl for Kris Jenner to pimp out.

kitty62862 on

That’s what worries me Kelis.


JFKnfddg on

That poor little girl.

Heather on

18 years, 18 years. She got one of your kids, got you for 18 years! Too bad you didn’t take your own great advice!

Rebecca on

LOL. Nothing but a gold digger!!!

CanadaGurl on

Poor child to have them for parents. She’ll probably end up as dense and vapid as her mother, aunts and grandmother.

Shannon on

For the ppl that”dont care” or the haters…if you really dont care why r u reading it or wasting ur time commenting? 0_o I wish ppl would stop being so ugly & rude! If u dont like it…move along…find some positivity in ur lives! 😛

Isabel on

Worst kept secret. I bet Kris was foaming at the mouth when she heard there was another girl she could pimp out.

JeaNashville on

What do you get when you cross a Jacka$$ and a pig? Guess we’ll find out next month.

Sharon on

Omg i just laughed out loud!!!

dale on

Who cares

anon on

Poor kid.

Jessica on

Who cares! She’s not the first to get pregnant and won’t be the last! She’s a whiney, spoiled, trashy brat! She needs a good swift kick in the arse!

Melissa on

I fear for this poor child’s future and that she will be nothing more than an accessory to these 2 attention whores.

LynnD14 on

Another female Kris Jenner can whore out. She must be thrilled!!!

roe on

Om so happy for them. I can’t to see the baby, she will be beautiful…. Love the Kardashians and Kayne he’s the best

Katie on

I have to say that is a beautiful picture of them. Very genuine feeling. Why can’t they (he) always look like that in pictures?

Mikaela on

Stop the ugly comments.How are you to judge a person you dont even know?How would you feel if someone said bad things about you?Just saying
Congrats to kim and kanye.

Sandy on

I agree Mikaela,my mom always told me that if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all,besides maybe this little Angel from God will help the both of them grow into mature,responsible,loving parents. God bless Kim and Kanye on their little princess!

kitty62862 on

If he wanted a daughter he will stay. Hmm, might be good for both of them. Just please give her a nice, normal name.

person on

I think that people need to stop hating in them yeah Kim did things in the past get over it like if u really did not care y did u leave a commet or read it and know matter what it is a baby so calm down and to the person that said kartrashien STOP HATIND GET OVEE IT SHE IS TEN TIMES BETTER THAN U

anonymous on

I believe all the people that is talking trash bout them are just jelous..the more u talk the more famous u are making them…truth hurts so suck it up…they will have a beautiful baby to go along with the beautiful parents.

Elizabeth on

I dont understand why or what she and her family been famous for to begin with but I do believe she is beautiful and I hope she has an easy pregancy all the way til her beautiful baby is born and I also dont care for who the father is sorry to say she could have done a whole lot better oh well it is what it is

Kimmy G on

Please dear baby Jesus…… Let this one be normal.

Dee on

Well they had to use an old photo of the two of them cause they are never together these days. I don’t know why I watched their show tonite but I did. It just confirmed she wasn’t happy about her pregnancy. She is so shallow and narcissistic. Her sister would give anything to have a baby. It all ties into the reason she has been trying to dress like someone who isn’t pregnant. It just made her look ridiculous and big instead of with child. On another note, I hope she figures out how to take care of a bi racial childs hair. She is clueless.

Melissa on

Seriously Dee. I agree Kim will have no clue how to take care of this child’s hair. Of course I’m sure she won’t be actually caring for the child anyway, stylist and nannies will be doing all that work. And I was thinking the exact same thing. They HAD to use an old picture because the few photos of them together after the pregnancy; he looks absolutely miserable! I don’t know if he’s thinking “what did I get myself into” or if he just has a lot on his mind with the excitement of a baby. Either way, he could show a little more happiness, as he laid with the girl, and knowing by past episodes she was getting baby fever long before she actually got pregnant. She wanted this and got pregnant on purpose.

Aisha M on

Missed watching the show. Did Kanye attend the shower?

Anais on

While i dont like this couple at all, having a baby is always a blessing especially if you do have fertility issues as she does. I hope she has more in the future. I except this little girl will be dressed up and treated nothing short of a princess..

Mimi on

These two idiots declare that they “hate” the paparazzi, and are going to have their baby in Paris, to avoid publicity. Um, without the paparazzi, where would they be? They think anyone’s looking in their shopping bags to see if their baby clothes are pink or blue? WHO CARES ABOUT THEM???!!!

Sheba on

Little blue ivy have a playmate now

Callie on

Good for them. Congratulations! I’m sure the baby will be just gorgeous. Happy Trails 🙂

HaterofallThingsK on

Great….a mini Douchette!! Yea I said it!

Andrea on

The kid will be just like her mom…a useless hoe with a sex tape by the time she’s 18 with a huge ass.

Sarah on

A gorgeous little swirly baby!!!

Someone Smarter than YOU on

A lot of internet thugs and bullies when it comes to celebs especially the Kardashians. So sad how others can’t be happy for people. If this was your kid you wouldn’t want anyone to say the disgusting words all you cowards are saying. And please save yourself from the “I would say it to their face” speech. God bless this family ever growing. They obviously are doing something right for you to hate them so much. Being go-getters and successful business men and women creates so much animosity behind a screen it’s sickening. God bless you hateful people as well to get a clue. Congrats to Kim and Kanye, Jessica Simpson, Kate Middleton, Fergie and anyone else having a baby. Also to all of your successes and even failures as everything doesn’t always work out the first time.

Amber on

Now I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Aubrey on

Why are these self-indulged people even famous?

Court on

Seriously … I know people cannot stand the Kardashians, but that is no reason to be rude towards an innocent child. She didn’t have a say in who her parents are.

Casey on

It wasn’t a secret. Everyone knew it was a girl. Who would have ballerina baby shower invites if it were a boy?

JR Jake on

You will be seeing a whole lot less of Kanye with another girl in the family. A boy would have made him much more active and participatory. Momma K, Kim, Khloe will be dominating that little girl; so kiss Kanye to yesterday me thinks.

Lisa on

This is a “Top Story”? Sad day for

Gigi on

Poor kid.

Lisa on

That was a stupid comment Amanda. I had a girl and felt and looked great through my entire pregnancy. Only gained 22 pounds and got compliments throughout.

Tee on

A baby is a blessing indeed, however, for those of you so sold on her being a good, great Mom, she may be or may not, every person who becomes a parent(s) are judged in some form or another and why do those of you who are so sold she’ll be a great Mom forget about those who were blessed with kids and were horrrrrrrrrible parents. I am not convinced they’re in love, etc., but I don’t have much faith in her choices anyway, I see her as a bigass liar after the Kris Humphries scam.

Lisa on

So happy for them! Hope Little K doesn’t get the Big K ass.

Anita on

Where’s the button for “no shit, Sherlock” under react?

stewspoos on

Judging by the size of her, Kim is gonna have a 15-lb. baby. She makes Jessica Simpson (when pregnant with her 1st baby) look svelte by comparison.

Marcia on

Ugh, that poor, poor child.

diane on

Kris Jenner’s first thought “Ka-Ching”!! Another girl to exploit for millions.

Cinder Lou on

@Shanta Winzer – What makes your comment any more intelligent than Rox’s?

jean on

She didnt want the sonogram photos and thinks babies dont start walking until TWO YEARS OF AGE. This has EPIC FAIL written allll over it. What a dumb bitch.

gracie on

I caught a snipet of the show during the ultra sound segment. The doctor was searching and mentioned he didn’t see any male parts to which Kim replied…well, considering who his father is, you would definetly see it. What a classless and gross commenton national TV. Who really cares what that no talent Kanye has or doesn’t have. I truly feel sorry for this child with two such clueless and ego driven parents.

kerry on

kanye, do you like fishsticks?

Rica on

Sad the father was the last to know after basically her entire family!

Katie on

There are so many negative comments on this article that it makes me sick. Regardless of anyone’s feelings towards this couple and her family, people should remember that at the end of the day they are welcoming a human being into this world who will be very loved. A life is a life and that is something to be celebrated, not criticized.

Anonymous on

Lets exploit this baby and make money off of her!!

Jan on

Oh no….grandma K must love it is a girl and another money machine…for the rest of the world, good luck with the endless Ks

Der Kaiser on

Poor child … with parents like those two!

Anonymous on

Who gives a s—!!!! Isnt there more important things to report???!!!!

Amanda K on

I feel sorry for babies and kids exposed to the public in tv shows, etc. These little people have no say in the matter and I think it does more harm than people are willing to admit. Hopefully she will surprise us and actually be a devoted mom rather than the spoiled, self centered, airhead she appears to be.

demonchild38 on

I don’t get how she’s ok that hes not there with her, sharing in theses special moments? She found out the gender of her child w her sisters/mom? So hes album is more important? She was like, I’m so stressed out, I”m not devoiced, i”m having kid while still married, blah blah.. With all the rest of the guys she’s been with, she was on the pill and she ended up with this moron that’s NOT even there?? King of teachs us that money can’t buy you class..

demonchild38 on

This is the 1st time i see this wannabe SMILE… SHOCKER..

Trish on

I can’t be the only one who hears Kanye’s “Golddigger” song in my head whenever I see a Kimye story…

AlyssaJM on

There is no God ( why you hate us?). Mini-Kim. Tomorrow Tylenol will go out of stock from everyone buying it. ( Mini-Kanye would have been just as bad)

Elen on

Kim’s child must be nurtured by a nanny not by by a whorey kim and an idiot Kanye. Can you imagine how that child reacts if she’ll know that her mom becomes famous only because she is a slut and a doing porn. I pity that child growing up . But then again she might grow up no different than her mother and grandmother who fornicates people .

Guest on

Of course the photo is one taken long before KK was preggo … she totally is soooooooo vain. Any pregnant woman is proud of her bump no matter what the size – but then we’re talking about one self-centered media hungry twit who doesn’t have a clue about anything.

Boy or girl – doesn’t matter, cuz it’s all about KK anyhow. God I feel sorry for this soon to be child.

Anonymous on

Who really cares? I don’t know why I even bothered to read this…I don’t like either one of them.

Terri on

Ewe ick I hate kayne what he does he’s the media bag,she’s a ….I have no words except airhead…isn’t she still married?

Thee Queen B on

You think she’s still married? Lol who’s the real airhead here??

katie on

god, good luck to their poor kid.

Shannon on

I am not a big fan of either one of them however I would like to send congratulations to them both being a parent is so rewarding. In the past few years there have been some celebrities that have became parents that have shocked me, parenthood seemed to be good for them so I hope the same for Kim, Kayne and the precious lil baby….

fdcxs on

This poor child.

Anonymous on

LOL babies dont walk til their two really kim even a moron knows better than that

guest on

gee. now will he like it when men treat his daughter the way he treats women? he seems to think women are around to cater to their man and that they are sex objects and nothing else. he just seems to treat women as second class citizens and accessories to his “greatness”.

Javier on

Hope she’s not allergic to her baby!! Poor Kanyes cat. LOL

Charli on

I’m not fan but every baby is a blessing. Girls in this women do well…just ask Robert Kardashian, jr. lol

Becca on

I pray he doesn’t call her a b***h also.

Jen on

Well Momma Kim can pass on the family secret to her daughter……just spread your legs honey and make sure and video tape it too!

Danielle on

Happy for Kim …she now will have a best friend for life….Kanje will fade into oblivion soon.

Nate on

I thought we already knew it was a girl!

Anonymous on

This isn’t top news – there are hundreds of stories out there of interest – this is like a 4 word post to put in the “nobody cares section”. Kardashian having a girl….

The Naked Vegetarian on

Wasn’t this made public eons ago?

Oh Really on

Love 😊

joan on

And Kanye will be out the door sooner than later!!!!!!!!

Valerie Tower on

That poor poor baby. Neither one of them are going to be good parents.

CC on

Does anyone remember that it was announced a few months ago that she was having a girl?

Barb on

Congrats to them!!! Why are people so mean and write nasty comments,if you dont like them why do you bother to read the article and then take your time and go to the comment section and write you comments!!! Move on………..

JOE on

Really feel bad for the little girl. Hope she doesn’t turn out to be just like mom!

Alyssa on

Once again…why is this a surprise?!!!! She sent out ballerina jewelry box invitations for the baby shower. Obviously a invitation for a girl baby….don’t understand how this is a top story. Poor baby will be whored out to the media just like all the rest of the kardashian sisters.

guest on

I feel sorry for their baby.

Melisa on

Lets just hope Kim is a better mom than her mother is, otherwise that kid is going to have a sex tape at 15.

jmquinnn on

Isn’t this old news? I read they were having a girl months ago.

Lili on

Oh yay, and she can become famous like her mommy with a sex video 🙂

Reesca on

Great, so we can see another Kardashian porno in 18 years. Gotta do something to keep in the limelight. That poor child doesn’t stand a chance with these two morons as parents.

martina on

Gross people. Such a shame. A little baby coming into the world, and she’ll be come nothing but a fashion accessory to her parents.

TiGi on

awwww yayyyy!!!

omega on

oh great, another s3x tape ‘celeb’

Leslie on

Always heard if you can’t say anything nice about someone….well you know the rest……

Anonymous on

In the early days of the show, I always hoped that when she got pregnant it would bring the show to an end and she could raise her baby in a normal/ less exploited way. Once I heard about her being pregnant (especially with Kanye’s baby) I knew this was just another way to stay in the limelight. The baby will give her another several years of relevancy on that show, and I’m sure that there will be more Spinoffs to come from Kim and baby…No doubt this she will be loved to death but will sure be overly exploited and probably will end up as ill mannered as her arrogant father and vain mother. Betcha they name the girl “Kandice”? There’s no way Kim would stray from a k name with Kanye as the daddy

Sharon on

I really cannot stand her, but i have to admit thats a really nice pic of both of them.

Debs on

My heart goes out to that poor little baby.

These two disgusting people should have had an abortion.

Debs on

the poor little baby, having these two disgusting people for parents. I feel so sorry for her.

mayra on

I hate both of them they both make me sick n everything she do is all for him never for her that bitch is dam bow there having a girl dis asshole thinks he’s going to be the next jay z lol maybe not I hope wat west did to dat lil girl I hope someone these it to his lil girl there baby is going to be ugly cause he’s ugly

Shelly on

They are disgusting! The who family is disgusting!! He is a low life! They could all fall off the face of the earth and nobody would care or miss them!! ANIMALS!!

Anonymous on

then why did we all know it was a girl for months. I’m going to puke if I hear one more stupid comment come out of her stupid mouth. He’s going to be a horrible father that is NEVER around if he can’t even be with her during the pregnancy. She is so self absorbed she’ll be a terrible mom. Give the baby to Khloe or Kortney.

Anonymous on

now she can prep the girl for a sex video and the girl can have her own reality show and make tons of money cause stupid people watch ….only in america

Tiffany on

Why go through all the trouble of hiding the sex of the baby and then telling everyone anyway? I am sure it was for money. That’s all they seem to care about. That is going to be another vapid girl, just like mom!

D on

Congrats!! 1st pregnancy should be fun and exciting, i still believe she could have done a whole lot better than Kanye though….

sam on


Anonymous on

I’ve known for months it was a girl. What was the big secret?

Angela on

Um…this was reported elsewhere months ago. Why is it news now?

Laura on

Ummm… they may have chosen the sex of their baby!! Just saying…

DJ on

I feel so sorry for this child. I don’t think it will take long for the novelty to wear off and for reality to set in. This child deserves SO much more than what Kim’s and Kanye’s $$$ can buy. It’s ridiculous how many millions of dollars they foolishly spend when they could help so many needy people. Try teaching this child values and not bring it up in your spoiled, rich girl world.

Sara on

Buy white!?! This is obviously their first baby! White NEVER stays white, lol!! Of course, when your baby only wears an outfit once then I guess it’s no biggie!!

human on

Yeah pretty telling she didn’t want sonogram pic and they pimped out the sex for the season premiere. Sad. Also notice strategic family comments right around premiere time to get viewers. Wish the family well however and hope they develop some morals humility and compassion for others. $45, 000 shoes and purses then sold on ebay and not sold for 100 percent charity is shameless. Btw did shekeep Kris’ s ring?

Ashley on

I feel sorry for any child – especially a girl – born to these two. Having to look up to Kim and grandma Kris as role models? How sad. The most we can hope for are great nannies for this baby and occasional visit with Aunt Khloe, the most down-to-earth one of the bunch.

jsp81355 on

It seems to me that I read several months ago that she was having a girl – so why make a big deal over the announcement now?

Sarah on

We already knew she was having a girl. So this isn’t something new.

dancer92136 on

Congratulations….I am sure a healthy baby is all the really wanted. I am sure she will be a beauty

Sarah on

Congrats to the happy couple! That will be one very gorgeous girl!

DH on


chrissy on

I usually do not comment but Kim you have looked really vain and narcissistic throughout your entire pregnancy. I hope your child is not used to make more money. Maybe you could use some parenting classes since you think babies don’t start to walk until 2 years of age. Bet Reggie Bush is glad he doesn’t have to deal with all the drama anymore because this has been too much. You are having a baby. Women do it all the time. Just found it interesting that you became pregnant after you found out Reggie was expecting a baby with his fiance. Coincidence I think not! Maybe there was some jealousy there. You just have to stay in the spotlight which is why you look so vain. That’s all I have to say. I wont say anything really mean about you.

crystal on

Wish it was Khloe instead. Believe she will be a great Mom.

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

I can’t believe she stooped to the level of a Kanye West!

boohoobytch on

she’ll have the kid for 72 days and return it

Nina on

Poor kid’s gonna be raised to be a Narcissista

Mari on

Momager Kris will exploit this poor child in the same fashion she has exploited her own children. What some people won’t do for a buck. So sad for the child.

Brandi on

I doubt it Mari. She hasn’t done anything even remotely close to that to Kourtney’s kids and between what she gets paid for the show, Bruce’s money and what she makes for managing her kids…I think Kris Jenner’s pimping days wilI end with her own offspring.

Anneke Sheppard on

Leave Kim and kanye alone, a beautiful baby girl is about to be brought into this crazy world and that’s all that should matter.

Lisa on

So happy for them!!!

Elena on

Poor child.

Carolyn on

Another poor child born into a ridiculous excuse of a family.

guest on

Really? This was already announced months ago! There was a comment made about the baby being born wearing leather leggings…Whatever…

Tisha on

It should say “its a girl for Kim Kardashian” cause Kanye don’t want this baby, he’s already a dead beat and the kid isn’t even here yet!! He just going to be another baby daddy that thinks being a daddy means sending a check every month. Good things she has the money to support this kid on her own!! Good luck Kim and congrats!! LOL

Kfan on

Congrats to them both! Excited for them!!

Nancy on

Who cares. I feel bad for the poor child. They are only doing this for publicity. They obviously do not care one bit for the baby. It is being born with a job. These 2 are the most disgusting, talentless freaks on the planet. Please take this innocent child away from them as soon as she is born

Megan on

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, I am so excited that I think I just peed my pants.

Oh wait…I thought she found out that she was sterile…

Tina on

Oh, how I look forward to the day when Kim K. and Kanye West (either individually or combined) are no longer in the spotlight. Not a day goes by without their mention. I’m so exhausted from it. Go live your lives quietly and privately. No ill wishes. Just go away.

TerTer on

Not too much of a secret. Kathie Lee Gifford showed the shower invitation on the Today Show on Thursday, I believe. It was a music box with a ballerina. LOL

bkable on

I think its great they’re having a girl, though it would have been great if they were having a boy lol as long as the baby is healthy!

What irks me more is how Kim acted in the show last night. First she didn’t want the ultrasound pictures, then she didn’t care about the nursery and finishes it off by ignoring the whole babyproofing conversation “well the baby won’t walk for like 2 years” yes Kim babies don’t grab or crawl before that at all.

I don’t care how much is going on. Be excited for this “miracle” baby! You made your own bed, YOU got married for 72 days, no one forced you (or so you claim), YOU got pregnant by going on a birth control “cleanse”. And if you’re not excited, give the baby to Khloe cuz I bet she’d love and cherish it always!

Hooty on

Name is KayKayKay, lol!!!!

Pamela on

Congrats to the parents. I hope Kim a safe, healthy delivery. I know this little girl will be so pretty and precious. God makes no mistakes. Kanye’s Mom will be watching from Heaven. Best of luck to parents and daughter.

emma on

I am aware that this is a child of God, however, i feel sorry for the baby once she is born. This entire family makes me sick. All they do is, well, exploit themselves in such a vain, talentless, money grubbing Kardashian way.

And before ANYONE makes a comment and decides to call me a hater or whatever, remember everyone here is expressing their opinion (s) and this is mine.

D on

Isn’t he the guy that was ugly to Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony? All I have to say is Taylor is someone’s little girl and well what goes around comes around. I think that both those people have issues. YUCK!!

k8 on

They would be better with a boy. Girls are drama and like this family needs any more of that 😉

Guest on

Lol! Here comes another superficial Kardashian girl.

Just what the world needs.

lena on

People awe so dumb if u think shes dumb for having a babay why are u going and looking at her media stories!!oh

Mary J. Smith on

That’s too bad, a boy would have been better for these two, in that he hopefully wouldn’t look up to his birth mother and grandmother as role models. A girl hasn’t much chance to not be taken advantage of. A boy also had a better chance of not being unattractive. With Kanye as a father and Kim as a mother, she doesn’t stand a chance of being attractive, poor little thing. The Kardashians were hideous as teenagers, they only have a semblance of attractiveness now due to photoshop, money and surgery. Poor sweet little girl!!

lola on

i hope she is not the same type of mother that Kris is.

Anonymous on

It’s hard to believe these two know how to be good parents, but I hope for the best for their child’s sake.

Nae on

I can’t stand Kim.. I thought it was pretty sad how she through an attitude about Kourtney and Khloe being there for her ultrasound…

She was crying because she might have been still married while she had the baby? Whis fault is that tho! She knew the risk by getting off birth control and having sex eith Kanye. She just reminds me of not mother material. .. like getting up at night with the baby she won’t do it or she will be annoyed by it… I bet the nannies will take care of her kid. Hw sad

Ashlee on

Her baby girl and Kourtney’s baby girl, Penelope, will be close in age and great playmates. Congrat’s

Katie on

Leave Kim alone already…Kanye knew Kim before they got together. So he knew what she was all about, and he is the one full of drama and being a jerk. She is the pregnant one, and yet he makes her travel all over the place, just to see him. That is just wrong, he should be coming to her. Kanye HATES the cameras, and yet he knew that was part of Kim’s life before!.

She needs to leave him already, he cares more about himself and his career, more than his baby girl & his woman. No amount of money & fame is worth leaving the ones you love is it?!?

Carrie on

Mommy Dearest will be so happy another girl to pimp out!

Me on

she is clueless. on the show last night, she mentioned kids don’t walk until they are 2, so she has time to do her new house over. 2? most walk before 1 or over 1, but NOT 2.

Anonymous on


Sara on

This is exciting! She will be one BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

judy on

It’s a known fact KK and Khloe only date black men . Momzilla should be real proud of her biracial baby. Hope she likes fried chicken and watermelon. Oh, don’t forget the collards and grits. What a bunch of worthless trash that whole family is.

Brandi on

Racist much, Judy?? You have a lot of courage to hide behind your computer screen and spew this garbage out but you and I both know that you would never say any of this to a black person face-to-face. So continue hiding behind your anonymous racist comments. Bum bitch.

Doreen on

Kanye is an ass! Remember what he did to Taylor Swift when he was on stage and took the mic from her?! What an ASS he is! Kim is so pretty….really she couldn’t done A LOT better than him!!

Carol on

Please let Kim and Kanye enjoy the last few weeks of what is a beautiful experience between the two of them and PLEASE them alone with your negative, hurtful remarks. They are people just like us. They have feelings just like us. Kim, you are BEAUTIFUL no matter what your weight is. Hold your head high and may God Bless!!! I am so happy for you and Kanye.

Anonymous on

I don’t know where else to post this so I will post it here…the first show this season hit a new low to the point that I changed channels. Kim is clearly not ready to be a mom and all of that anal sex talk was disgusting esp. since they have a young viewership of girls who idolize the Kardashians. Shame on you, Kris Jenner. You sold your family out.

Magnolia on

I’m glad that little girl will have Khloe for an aunt… She seems the closest to normal in that whole family!

Sandy on

Oh NO another girl in this family! Can you imagine??

Sammi on

Ugh, go die.

Anonymous on

Wow and he could not be around for the ultrasound…..shows the parenting style.

Liz on

This is a joyful occasion for both of them. Everybody lighten up! Let her actually enjoy this special time in her life. I can’t imagine being constantly scrutinized throughout my entire pregnancy….. 😦

Julianna on

Aw, that’s so cool! I bet Kim’s really excited she’s having a little girl to doll up, and Kanye now can get tips on how to raise a baby girl from Jay-Z.

Stephanie on

I feel sorry for that little girl two ego maniacs for patents. Between Kim and Kanye they both have to have all the attention.hopefully they hire a nanny that can raise this little girl to not be as selfish as her patents.

Anonymous on

Who is she/he/they and why is People devoting any space to them?

Amanda B. on

This disgusting, egotistical family never ceases to amaze me. They take any private, beautiful moment and turn it into an ATM machine. This should’ve been a moment between a husband and a wife, or in this case a “married-to-another-man-knocked-up-by-a-new-boyfriend” woman and her guy finding out together what the sex of their future child will be. Instead the father is not even present and they gather as many Kar”trash”ians & t.v. cameras as possible and turn it into a narcissistic, greedy specticle. Absolutely disgusting.

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