Third Child on the Way for Zac Hanson

05/31/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Zac Hanson Expecting Third Child
Dave M. Benett/Getty

There’s a new album — and another baby! — on the way for the Hanson family.

Youngest brother Zac and his wife Kate will welcome their third child together in the fall, he confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We are so happy and thankful to add more life and love to our family!” the singer, 27, tells PEOPLE.

Equally ecstatic are the couple’s children John Ira Shepherd, 5, and Junia Rosa Ruth, 2½. “It’s fun this time to watch the little ones so excitedly anticipating their new sibling,” the proud papa adds.

But the baby’s welcome party extends far beyond his immediate family; Between Zac’s older brothers, the newest addition’s clan of cousins includes Isaac‘s two children Everett, 6, and Monroe, 4½, and Taylor‘s five children Ezra, 10, Penelope, 8, River, 6, Viggo, 4, and Wilhelmina, 8 months.

Hanson’s new album, Anthem, is out June 18.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Rennie Dyball

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?? on

Congrats! He looks so young for 27. Which is good. I am 28 and pass for 20.

Anonymous on


Colleen on

Congrats to them! I cannot get over how much he looks like Taylor here! Wow!

joss on

Knew it!

JustMe0303 on

He’s 27?! Holy cow–If that doesn’t make me feel old…

Denise on

Holy cow this family is fertile

Jenny on

Those Hanson’s sure like to spawn!

cara on

Mmmmmm Bop!!

j on

Knew it by looking at their tour schedule lol

Nix on

Wow, she looks more like his mother than his wife.

Shawna on

Is that a current picture? That hair needs to GO! 27 with 2 children and another on the way… time to look like a grown up.

Pam on

Um why Shawna? That makes no sense. He’s done fine with that hair with the first 2 kids. Just because someone has young hair doesn’t mean they’re irresponsible. He’s 27.

Sandy on

I bet all the cousins have a blast together! And just think of the music and fun this family must have! Lucky them!!

Missy on

So where is all the hate for him like there was for the Duggar son? Interesting….

j on

It is only his 3 child geeze…should not be hate for anyone who provide a lovi g home to their children

BooBoo on

Oh – I thought it said their THIRD, not their 20th…..

Latrice on

congrats to Zac and his wife on their third baby I can’t wait to hear the name I am sure they will come up with a great name for their baby

Jane on

Congrats to Zac and his wife. I’m kinda hoping for him to have another girl, there needs to be more girls in the family besides Junia, Penelope and Taylor’s second daughter whose name i can’t remember at the moment. Hope the pregnancy is an easy and happy one

Júnia Procópio on

Junia Rose?

how´s that spoken in english?

I´m Junia Lima, and in portuguese language it is still a little different…hehe

rap on

the word is “hatred” and don’t worry, there’s plenty!

Homo sapiens factory…

Missy on

Exactly its only his 3rd child…its also the 3rd child for the duggars son and he was called so many nasty names under the sun. I dont see the problem with them having as many children as they want as long as they are providing for them. The double standard because people hate the duggars so they talk garbage about their son vs the Hanson children is pathetic

Goolll on

Mmmmmmmm bopping

Jessica on

Kate is 29, but she looks older.

I think Natalie is the prettiest out of the three wives.

grandmatocraigandlaura on

She looks so old

meghan on

Maybe because the Duggars are sickening human beings?

tabitharoad on

Duggar family are complete idiots! End of story, no discussions, no arguments, they are idiots!

Jax on

Yaaaaay I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

they all just keep poppin them out!!! wow! lol congrats to the whole family on this new bundle of joy!!

Whitney on

I think all this family does is sing and have kids. Hope the ladies knew that when they married them! LOL

pinky68 on

OMG I thought that was his Mom!!!

robertacdarocha on

Yaaaay, another Hanson baby on earth 🙂

Jessica on

Yeah, Kate looks way older than 29.

ava on

Zac’s head looks HUGE.

Alex on

Yay!! I’ve been a massive Hanson fan since 1997. I managed to finally see them live in concert last year. I flew all the way from New Zealand to Australia for it! Haha. They’re absolutely the best band. If you haven’t heard their more recent albums, Shout it Out and The Walk, you should! Amazing. Congrats to Zac and Kate! Wish it was me, not her though ;). Hehehe.

Anonymous on

So glad this was finally announced! They are awesome parents!

Julie on

She looks like a brunette Holly Madison

Cortney on

Yeah she does Julie… I like her skirt in this pic.

sara on

My gosh they are fertile

mobile20 on

This is going to sound insecure or judgmental, but if I were her, I would ask him to cut his hair. He looks incredibly young, like a teen.

Nicole on

Congrats!! 🙂

To those who are negatively commenting on his hair: This is NOT the best picture of him. His hair is about that length, but in better pictures, he is so sexy. You’ll never convince us otherwise. 😉

MollyF on

To those who are asking why he should cut his hair because he looks immature, grow up. Nuff said. He looks fine with long hair and I’m very happy for him and his wife.

Carrow on

They are listening to the Bible to go forth and multiple. 🙂

Blessings to their ever growing family.

Lord Taylor has been married a long time!

Ann on

Congrats to them. His wife looks a bit “mature” compared to him. Those Hansons are some breeders.

Tawnee on

Has this family heard of birth control? I guess when your rich, who cares!

Stacey on

Yea for big families!!! I hope they come up with a better name for this one …………….ezra, viggo, shepherd, penelope, junia ect……….. Dang those are hideous names.

Anon on

Congrats Kate and Zac, glad you finally broke the news!

Chelsey on

He looks like he’s 12!

dudley doright on

the lady above looks like his mom

Sara on

I love all the Hanson brothers’ unique children’s names!

Windy on

Congrats to Zac and Kate!! Been a huge Hanson fan since 97!! I’ve never seen them in concert, but still love ’em!!

dd on

She looks like she is his mother. So I went to pull up other images of them and saw pics of when they got married – and they looked the same age then. She looked a lot younger. So she has definitely hasn’t aged well (she’s pretty, talking about age only) – or she has definitely aged a lot faster than him!

Anonymous on

Tawnee- Uh, this is their THIRD child, not their seventh! Three is a perfecty acceptable number of children. Also, how do you know they weren’t using any birth control? No method (except absteinence!) is 100 percent effective, you know!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Leslie on

I am very happy for them. Nothing wrong with having children as long as you can take care of them and support them. By the time I was 27 I already had my 3rd and was pregnant with my 4th. Now at 31 I’m pregnant with my 5th. My husband has hair just like Zac he is 36 and a doctor so I think there is nothing wrong with being who you are. I say keep making babies, the more the merrier.

Eva on

If you look closer at the pic then u can see he looks like her son. But congrats for the Hanson Family, I loved them in them days

Rebecca on

She kind of looks like his hot much older sister lol. I thought the guy was 18. Impressive.

BBB on

Wow, not meaning to insult her at all because I don’t know her and have nothing against her, but I thought the woman next to him was his mom! Turns out she’s 29 going on 30. This is one of those combinations where she looks a little older and he looks a lot younger so the age discrepancy appears greater than it is. Ouch!

Amy on

I see the jealous fans are still jealous. Kate is actually the most gorgeous wife and that is what is known as a bad picture. We all have bad pictures so instead of dissing her how about a good ol fashion congratulations for being with child? Geez… Congrats Zac and Kate!

amaryllis on

Yikes, 27 and three kids??

Kris on

His wife must be so mad she is going to look like she has four kids since he looks 12! Congrats to the family. All those kids are pretty close in age, must be fun when they take them all on the road together. Ten kids under the age of 10, yikes,

Sarah on

CONGRATS! I am so happy for them! Babies are such a blessing and boy do those Hanson boys make cute babies!

Too bad it isn’t the greatest picture they used for this article.

kay pasa on

Awesome! Them Hanson boys have grown to be wonderful family men. Still making music too!

Jessica on

This is a 2 year old picture so Kate was 27 and Zac was 25.

Nana on

I think their parents married young and their greatest joy was (and is) their children. The Hansons’ paradigm for joy is this pattern and to my knowledge, as young as they started, they’re amazing husbands and daddies. Good on them 😀

Mary Alice on


Anonymous on

First time I’ve ever seen this couple.. thought she was his mom.

Lori on

good grief she looks way to old for him. yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy on

Sigh. . Hanson fans just love to pretend they’ve “never seen” Kate before and then say something mean about her looks. You didn’t marry Zac and you will never be with him. Please move on with your life. She’s gorgeous and I’m sure she’s a fantastic mommy. Zac is super lucky to have a beautiful wife with a great heart like hers. Don’t be such jealous nerds.

janet on

she really looks a lot older than he does. He needs to cut the hair and look less like a bieber look alike and then maybe he will not look like her little brother

illeryial on

Wow, so much talk about 27 and 3rd kid… I am 28 and we have 4 children, in fact we just had two back to back that are 16 months apart… by all means, send hate my way because I love having a big family and we plan on more in a few years.

Anonymous on

Congrats! Hard to think of Zac as nearing 30! Seem like such good guys and a loving family. 🙂

Shawna on

Are people actually making a big deal out of having 3 kids??? That is not a lot. Plus there is nothing wrong with having kids young. I had all 3 of mine by the time I was 26. I am now 33 with a 12 year old, 10 year old, and 7 year old and I like being a young mom.

Shari on

Congratulations to Zac and Kate on another baby on the way. I’m very happy for them.

Jane on

How is he selfish huh? Just because you probably can’t get it up doesn’t mean you can say shit about someone else adding a new life to their family. It shouldn’t matter if you have the baby yourself or adopt, all babies are precious gifts

Jasmine on

For people who are not a Hanson fan, that don’t understand about Hanson. The picture that is taken was taken a few years ago, he looks totally different now with his new hair cut. How some of you guys got on the subject of the Duggers and Hanson put together, I haven’t gotten a clue. Putting all kids together there are 7 kids. Grand kids there will be ten. They Hanson family has always been a big family.

Let the Hanson family expand=)

Lisa MacKAdams on

I think some Hanson fans have to accept the fact that Isaac,Taylor , and zac are human. They are going to live their lives the way they see fit.
I wonder how Hanson fans would feel if Isaac , Taylor and zac told every Hanson fan how to live their lives? I bet lot of fans would be pissed?
So stop hating and start loving
Congrats zac and Kate .

Anonymous on

Is that his mom? She looks so much older than him.

MissMissy on

I’m two years older than my husband. Everyone who keeps commenting on how she looks WAY older than him… 😦 She’s pretty… and lucky!

Leslie Mitchell on

all 3 kids OF Zac Hanson try find there name out you can get back with me as soon you can ….. I ‘Am One there big’s Fan Outside of there wife’s of the Hanson MMMMBOP all there’s year’s after almost 17 lot year’s still love there music see them all toget 4 time in concter now …..
From: Leslie Mitchell

Leslie Mitchell on

all 3 kids OF Zac Hanson try find there name out you can get back with me as soon you can ….. I ‘Am One there big’s Fan Outside of there wife’s of the Hanson MMMMBOP all there’s year’s after almost 17 lot year’s still love there music see them all toget 4 time in concter now …Thank you From: Leslie Mitchell

Giullia on

Zac is my favorite:-)