Kristen Bell: Why Dax Shepard Is the ‘Best’ Dad

05/31/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Kristen Bell has one happy household.

The House of Lies star was happy to chat about her 9-week-old daughter Lincoln as well as her baby’s doting daddy, Bell’s fiancé, Dax Shepard.

“[Motherhood is] actually better than I expected,” Bell, 32, says on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Monday. “It’s pretty wonderful, yeah. It’s a lot of fun.”

But parenting wouldn’t be what it is without the help of Bell’s other half.

Shepard, who stars on Parenthood, is “the best,” she shares. “It’s like he’s just made a new best friend. He talks to her all the time and sings to her all day. It’s wonderful.”

Asked about their unusual choice for their baby girl, “it’s always been Dax’s favorite name,” Bell explains. She jokingly adds, “He is substantially bigger than I am so I lost.”

Mid-conversation, Bell was thrown for a loop when pressured by the talk show host to answer whether her baby is as cute as her most-favored folivore.

“She’s close,” Bell said, as numerous photos of adorable little sloths hit the screen after the actress declined to share a photo of her own infant. “There’s nothing cuter than a baby sloth.”

Kristen Bell on Ellen DeGeneres: Dax Shepard Is Best Dad
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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Jenny on

I just love her! She is absolutely adorable, and she and Dax seem so awesome together.

jennrae on

LOVE Kristen Bell! Love love.

ava on

She’s so hilarious!

Susie on

I just LOVE that she didn’t share a picture. I love her and i totally understand her love of sloths.. i feel that way about elephants! haha

Callie on

She is way too over-exposed. She has no talent and her boyfriend is a *ouche. He has “duh” written on his face. She acts like she’s doing something good by not showing her baby’s face but they had a picture of her on here the other day so what’s the big deal? She’s probably holding out for a money offer.

gagirl on

So who pissed in your Cheerios this a.m. Callie????? Geez. Calm down. It’s not that serious. You don’t even know these people.

maryhelenc on

She’s too cute. LOVE that she didn’t show a photo. If I were in the public eye, no one would see my daughters either. Heck, I run a blog and while I talk about parenting, I don’t publish my daughters’ names or photos. I know it’s not entirely the same, but I don’t really want my kids out there like that. I think she’s doing the right thing by keeping her away from the public eye for as long as possible.

Just Me on

Sorry to break it to ya maryhelenc …Nobody cares about your daughters faces and names.

mimi on

GOMI forums, Just Me.

oh how people DO care..

lola on

Ummm just me…….. how about you stop being such a bitch? No one needs another one on this page. Go find something useful to do. Mkay, bye

Lauren on

Callie ate some sour grapes today…lol.

katelynn on

Anyone who has seen Parenthood knows Dax Shepard is very talented. He’s hilarious and also a great dramatic actor!

Magilyn on

Lincoln is a GROSS name for a girl!!!

SillyKitty on

So is Magilyn…

gagirl on

Lmfao WTF kind of name is Magilyn????

RBz on

Then don’t name your daughter Lincoln… There are lots of different names out there that not every person can agree upon. There is no need to be so hasty about what a celeberitu names their child yeesh

Kristen on

Lincoln really is a terrible girls name. And what makes it worse is that she’s named after an old car. At least say you named her after the revered president, for heaven’s sake. Try to make it just a *little* bit classier.

nsc on

What would be classy is keeping your opinion to yourself and wish a new mother well.

Sammi on

I love her.

meghan on

Just Me, there’s no reason to be nasty.

Charlotte on

a friend of mine named her son Lincoln when he was born in January. Different for either gender, but it works. Honestly, the first thing I thought of when I heard the name was the former President — my mind didn’t even go to a Lincoln being a car lol

fw on

Lincoln is a better name than Dax.

I have no idea who she is but I love that she said “bigger than I am” rather than (shudder) “bigger than me.”

Melisa on

What a bunch of immature BITCHES.

LM on

They are an adorable couple who obviously love their little family! Being a parent for the first time is so exciting and it’s lovely that they are cherishing the experience (and keeping a bit of the baby to themselves). I’m sure the Kimye baby will be pimped out an hour after birth. Enjoy this time Kristen and Dax!

Ivy. on

I love this couple! I’m glad she chose not show a picture, but I’d like to see what she looks like. By her description (more so than Ellen’s drawing, haha), it seems like she might favor Kristen. Wonder if she inherited her lazy eye?

Staci on

I love Kristen Bell!!!

liarlairpantsonfire on

a GIRL named lincoln!? it was odd enough when i thought they had a boy. why do celebs give their kids names that make them stick out like a sore thumb? they’re already going to be pointed at and talked about for having their family in the spotlight. give the kids a break!

SLR on

Give me a child called Lincoln over a child called Apple any day. I think it’s quite cute actually.

She is just too amazing for words. Love what she’s got going on.

sdw818 on

I love this couple, and am so happy for them! Just saw their movie Hit and Run and it was awesome! It’s shocking it didn’t get more press. Dax wrote, directed and starred in it – talented!

K.C on

First and foremost, I truly do not understand why some of you are even commenting on the “their daughters name”. That is their child, not yours. How would some of you feel if someone didn’t like your name or your childs name. I think she is very talented and Dax is hilarious.

Nayah on

I love her also, and I believe she is a good actress.

Amanda K on

Lincoln is a different name for a girl. Is there a story behind them choosing the name?

w on

I love the name! It’s unique, and fun. I like Dax for a name too… They seem like a fun couple…. best wishes.

junebug on

@ Callie…please explain what talent you have?? I love Kristen Bell and Dax!

claudette on

Chill out folks, its just a name, there are better things to worry about. Oh and by the way Lincoln cars are great, smoothest ride ever. Relax though, their baby might like her name and see it as unique. Who knows, maybe she’ll go by “Lin”?! Or by her mother’s last name, “Bell” with an ‘e’ at the end though? 🙂 Or Belle Lin, Lin Belle, Bella Lin?

By the way, Sloths are wonderful and docile creatures. They say they’re “natures joke”, and shouldn’t be, but that’s total bs, these animals deserve better treatment as well.

Anyway, congrats to this actress. I just became a mother almost 3 weeks ago, and aside from the “episiotomy”, its been a wonderful experience thus far.

grandmatocraigandlaura on

Who peed in your cereal? YOU don’t know them either.

Theo on

Callie, is too bitter for words. Kristen is talented and cute, Dax talented and unique. Callie, bitter and unknown!

Anonymous on

Callie, u r a total jerk!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

grandmatocraigandlaura- You don’t know that, and actually we don’t know that Callie doesn’t know them, either. People who actually know celebs HAVE posted here before! 😉

That being said, I think it’s safe to say that at least 99 percent of us don’t know them. Therefore, we shouldn’t be making nasty judgements about them that we can’t possibly know are true!

Hea on

This is such a funny site… Someone named >Magilyn< is knocking another persons name and there's always this crazy bitter person who just can't stop themselves from complaining… I enjoy this site. So much stupidity and so many eye-rolls.

I wouldn't name my kid after a car. I could call him or her Volvo, since that's Swedish, or perhaps Saab but we don't normally name our kids after things and food and whatever Americans name theirs after. I don't mind it that a lot of people name their kids after flowers and such but I don't prefer it for myself and I'm certainly not used to the idea. I wouldn't call those names stupid though. I'm sure they have their reasons.