The Rancics Have Fun In the Sun In Mexico

05/31/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Bill Rancic Duke Mexico
Courtesy Giuliana Rancic

Baby’s first big beach trip?

Giuliana Rancic shared an adorable photo of her “two favorite guys” — husband Bill Rancic and their 9-month-old son Edward Duke — as the trio vacation at the Rosewood Mayakoba on the Riviera Maya Wednesday.

“Best family vacay ever,” the E! News host, 38, Tweets. “#mexico #sunandfun”

Shirtless and in swim trunks along with his son, Rancic, 42, smiles while Duke snacked on his own finger.

“His second baby tooth came in recently and it’s so cute when he smiles! He is such a happy baby and Bill and I can’t wait to see him with a mouthful of teeth,” Rancic told PEOPLE recently.

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Julianna on

Sweet picture. Duke is adorable.

Just Me on

Snore snore snore

Maddie on

Cutest little guy!!! 🙂

Paxton on

Ummm anyone notice that baby is not wearing a life jacket?

Jane on

Umm seeing as how they are on land and in a golf cart, why would he be?

Blankita on

Lol Jane!!!

CinSweet on

That’s not your child Paxton. Not your concern. Maybe one day, they will be as perfect of a parent as you are.

Kelz on

Seriously Paxton?! Um they aren’t on a boat dipshit!

Anonymous on

They are on a golf cart Paxton…why does he need a life jacket?

Elle on

Aren’t they inside a tram Paxton? No need for a life jacket…


Beautiful baby boy

Amelia on

Paxton, why would a baby wear a life jacket on a tram/golf cart?

He’s adorable. I like that we haven’t seen too many photos of him.

courtney on

Considering they are not in a boat but rather a golf cart no life jacket seems necessary lol.

Tara on

He looks like Bill. @Paxton, why would he need a life jacket? He is not in a boat, over water… He is in one of those golf cart buggies.

NSBooklady on

Serious dose of cuteness (son AND father) and no need for a life jacket since they’re on land!

Duh on

Uhh… Did you notice they are not on a boat? It’s a tram, see the street to the left?

Edie on

With all due respect…He’s on land…that is why he is not wearing a life jacket.

Tammy on

Oh my, he is so darn cute!

Robin on

I don’t understand why anyone would venture to Mexico for vacation, with all the violence, shootings, kidnappings, and drugs, and to bring a baby, in my opinion, isn’t smart, or a good decision, Now that they’re parents, they should pick a more family friendly place, but as my 82 year old Father always says, to each their own., however I wouldn’t do it,

Katy on

You can say all of those things about America too.

lauren on

Agreed Katy. I’ve been to Mexico several times with my children(gasp) and never felt it was unsafe. There are rough neighborhoods everywhere and certain places I wouldn’t venture to in the States. Keep to yourself, don’t act like an annoying tourist, flaunt your wealth or engage in illegal activities and you’ll be fine. Better yet, you can stay home in your bubble because with a paranoid and discriminatory attitude you will not enjoy yourself anyways.

Carrow on

I am so happy for the Rancic’s! They wanted and waited for this for so long.

This is waay off topic but I’m with you Robin regarding Mexico. Its just a lot going on down there. Cops framing innocent people with bogus (but serious) drug charges just to get cash? And yes you can say the same about America on some issues but a large chunk of our country isn’t being run by ruthless cartels. My stupid brother posted Facebook videos of cartel beheadings in the middle of the street with kids watching! And one of the victims was a woman. No thank you.

LisaS on

Robin I’m with you.
I went to Mexico MANY times growing up and around 10 years ago as well

Not anymore. It’s sad and people should not compare it to the US, nor to Europe because neither has the police state situation and criminal situation that comes even an iota close to what is going on in Mexico

These celebs can afford to be in the super safe, extremely pricey places — think of all the celebs that flock to Cabo for instance

Also—– his name is Edward. They should have never given the first name of Edward That should have been his middle name. So annoying

He looks just like Giuliana’s brother. Very cute

Sara on

I take my baby with me when I go back to El Salvador and the situation there is 10 times worse than Mexico.

Margo on

Duke is adorable! I’m not sure who he looks like yet!

Julie on

Cute baby, but dad is even cuter, oh my!!!

Kellie on

Oh shut up robin! God you are such a moron. I am sure they are more than safe.

Angie on

Boring. I used to like Giuliana but lately she been saying some of the stupidest things about her “parenting” and her marriage.

LisaS on

She also is whittling away at a rate faster than I’ve ever seen on her

Maybe she needs time away from work to spend only with her child and hubby? Something is off to make her so stressed that she lets herself get so thin

midwest mom on

SO SO fricking cute!!

AllyB on

So happy for the Rancic family. Dreams come true.

Alliebeck on

Cute baby… And did anyone else notice that bill isnt wearing his wedding ring??? Wonder how long before the split rumors begin?? Look for that picture in the tabloids next week!!

ann on

I Dont Wear My Wedding Ring When Swimming Either As I Dont Want To Lose it.

Robin on

To Kellie:, First of all young lady!, I was just expressing my opinion!, and second of all, I am not a moron, but I will excuse and forgive your terrible behavior, as you obviously haven’t taken your medication today for your bi-polar episode., I just pray you aren’t a parent yourself, as you are very unstable., get a life honey!!!! 🙂

annoyed on

Robin, why do you have to bring up a mental illness as a means to insult someone. Bipolar disorder shouldn’t be pulled out of your arsenal because someone said something you didn’t like. Judging by your comments on Mexico and bipolar disorder you are full of misconceptions and would do better to think twice before opening your trap. Too bad for you, unlike bipolar, there is no dose of medication for stupidity.

Robin on

To Kellie, first of all, I was expressing my opinion, and you don’t have a right to call me a moron!, however I will forgive you, and excuse your ignorant remark, as you probably forgot to take your medication for your bipolar illness., so have a good day!, and I pray you aren’t a parent with your outburst!, as I feel badly for your children if you are., Have a good week-end honey!! 🙂

Kellie on

Wow robin! Real mature and how nice of you to make fun of a mental illness! You are real classy! That wasn’t an outburst it was frustration on your comment, so how dare you call me bipolar and talk about my parenting? who the hell do you think you are?

Lisa on

I think he looks like his MOMMA! So cute!

penny on

Juliana doesn’t seem like a mom to me. And it’s not because she didn’t give birth to him. It’s strange because I know she’s the baby’s mother (biologically or not, I don’t care) but she doesn’t give the mommy vibe.

krazy on

Cute lil guy. Gulianna gets on my nerves. She’s all skin and bones, too damn skinny. I watched their show a couple of times. Don’t like it. Her husband seems more like the mommy.

nancy on

This is to Robin. Your opinion about Mexico is ridiculous. And your comments to Kelly are equally ridiculous! How is it that you respond to disparaging remark with venom. Kind of proves that maybe you are a moron. You should talk it over with your father.

Tina on

And you are no better nancy.

Gigi on

Don’t feed the trolls.

Robin on

Nancy, people are entitled to their opinions on here!, but not to call names to others!, I am not a moron, for just expressing my opinion, I said, I wouldn’t take my children to Mexico!, so for that, people are calling me a moron!, that is so childish!, and immature, and yes, there has got to wrong with someone, if they call people names for expressing their opinions!, so I do think there is something off with Kellie!, and if that is how you treat your children for expressing their opinions, well, then you need help then too!

Ray on

Umm, judging by your writing and terrible sentence structure, you are a moron Robin.

Laurie on

He is so adorable! They are such a nice family!

Nat on

I agree with Penny. I think she is one of those people that have to experience giving birth to feel maternal. Bill just has that quality about him…that giving of unconditional love like Angelina Jolie n both r humanitarian. That maternal instinct is not innate in all women so may be she has to learn to be maternal (sigh) we shall see!

abbey on

thank god it looks like bill. eesh.

LisaS on

So funny I think the opposite– looks just like Giuliana and her brother!

SLA on

They’re adorable …and Idk how you people can judge Guiliana’s mothering skills, as surely you don’t know her. Haters hush up!

angel on

..Hey robin . First of all not the entire country of mexico is violence ok . I’ve to mexico on vacation and I had no problem . Its beautiful and safe. Its like saying don’t go to new york city is a lot of thiefs. And dangerous too!. They went to a resort not the old towns..

Vic on

Absolutely adorable!

Stacey on

I agree with Nat. She seemed to want a baby so bad , but now that he is here she doesn’t seem to excited about him. Sad.

gyl on

Sweet. He looks exactly like Bill.

Jules on

That is one HOT daddy.

lisa on

Bill is hot!

haven on

Cute baby almost walking cute baby he going to be tall those are some long legs

Lily on

Robin you are not entirely wrong about Mexico, in terms of corruption when Mexico is compared to North Korea, and Afghanistan, that is no bueno. 🙂

Anonymous on

Darling little boy…I am glad G has her baby…she is a loving mom with good values and priorities…took time off, seems happy, family first.

angie on

Such a cute baby boy! I am so happy that they finally had the baby they had dreamed of for so long! It gives all of us hope!

Mimi on

He’s a cutie.

Ginger on


Ginger on


LisaS on


Amaryllis on

I wish he’d put the baby down. I’d rather look at Bill’s chest!

LisaS on

Lol 🙊🙊

Mel on

Robin- That’s not fair. That would be like me saying, as a Canadian “Why would you go to the States on vacation? There are bombings, murders, kidnappings, gun violence etc. Yes, there are but that hardly makes up your entire country. It’s just what’s reported on and sensationalized the most.

Robin on

I was writing on my IPad Ray!, so that is why I made the mistakes!, and my so called poor sentence structure, does not make me a moron!, and you and the others who are calling me a moron, you are all bullies!, and shame on you all, and shame on your children!, you’re bad examples of being a parent, if you encourage name calling, and bullying others for their opinions.q

jaime on

Oh my God!! ALL Gulianna did was share a picture of HER husband and HER baby with us. She didn’t ask for ANYONE’S opinion!! So keep them to yourself!!

Cyndi on

Cute baby, loving and caring hot dad. About Giuliana, I agree with those who say she just does not give off that mom vibe. I was turned off by her the moment she said that she may not be there when the baby was born due to work. After being a loyal fan watching every show they were on lamenting about their issues of not being able to conceive, I found that highly offensive. I was like “what??” She wouldn’t have the choice of not being there due to work if she were physically giving birth, so why would that be any different? They were there telling us constantly that it was not different and it was such a blessing. So I just didn’t get it and was turned off. By the way, I think she was there, but just hearing about that was a gamechanger for me about being fans of theirs.

LisaS on

Wow hearing this is a changer for me too. To even think of not being there…

Thanks for posting that


Robin on

Well, seriously, Ray, I’m on my IPad, so I tend to make more mistakes, however that does not make me a moron., and second of all, those of you calling me a moron, and Paxton, a dipshit, for our opinions, well, you are acting like bullies!, those of you on here who are name calling, either are not parents, or if you are, then,your children are bullies at school!, you can get your point across, without being nasty!, or calling people insensitive names.

Anonymous on

It’s always pics of Bill with the Baby …never Giuliana it’s weird .

LisaS on

Because she’d shock the world if we saw her in a bathing suit.
Like, medically shocking

Bisodun on

He is so cute. I love this couple. Am so happy for Gulliana.

SLA on

How do you people know how “excited ” or “maternal” Guiliana is? Answer: you don’t so Give it a rest! It takes alot of energy to be so negative and malicious. Use your energy for positive goals for yourself. Not women (mostly) bashing a good woman,mother. Most haters either wish they had her man, money or body. After all they’ve been through: cancer , ivf, surrogacy, don’t they deserve some happiness?

Jessica on

This is exactly what I was thinking SLA. How do any of you know what kind of mother she is? You see a small portion of her life on tv or a picture here and there in a magazine and you think that means you know everything there is to know about how she is as a mother and wife. Unless you live with her or know her personally you don’t really know anything significant about her accept what she chooses to share with everyone.

Also duke is adorable, bill is one hot hot daddy, and Giuliana seems like a great mom! I love their show, I cried watching what she allowed us to see of her going through her breast cancer ordeal and trying for a baby. I’m happy for her and bill to finally have their dream of being parents.

Patty on

It worries me that this baby is on a boat, and has no life jacket on. Sorry, but there have been enough deaths in boating accidents to NEVER take a chance with your child’s life. JS.

Gigi on

They’re not on a boat Patty! Wtf! Did I miss a memo or something?! Are life jackets now required on land?

Kells on

Hello Patty!!!! That’s a golf cart, HAHAHA!!!

Jessica on

Patty – Except that they aren’t on a boat or even in water they are in a gold cart/tram on land. You can clearly see the road to the left of them.

seriously? on

@Paxton….ummmm anyone notice that they are on land?

Erin on

Robin, don’t blame your iPad for your idiocy. You can’t structure a logical thought, and neither can you correctly tackle the Herculean task that is utilizing proper grammar. Most cities and towns still operate public libraries, and I suggest you look into taking advantage of that luxury. Good luck to you.

ME on

Um Erin, what are you, the spelling and grammar police? Take the stick out of your butt. Geesh.

Rachel on

Lol @ robin. Responding to everyone saying they need help makes you look like an even bigger moron. Bye dipshit!

noorilhuda on

Thank God the pic doesn’t include Guiliana-who would have had the ‘look at me! look at me!’ expression – the kid is cute but I wish this couple – the wife in particular -stopped using the poor kid as an accessory to their non-existent brand. Guiliana is already a ‘non-pregnant, non-mother, non-parent’ person who is fixated on work and vacations.

Kells on

How do you know noorilhuda? You know her? Live with her? Associate with her? Are a family member? Close friend? HAVE YOU EVEN MET HER?! No, so quit being so negative & judgement about someone you THINK you know because you DON’T.

Anonymous on

If there is a person on this planet I have heard enough and then some about it is Giuliana Rancic. She plays the poor me card constantly and it is beyond old.

innostranka on

wait… you guys don’t put life jackets on your kids in the car???

Cmama on

LOL innostranka!

Kells on

LOLOL LOLOL!!!!!!!! Good one innostranka…


Such a sweet picture.

Marcia on

Yes, the baby is very cute but I was, uh, busy looking at Bill.

guest on

Thank God- He looks like his dad not mother

karen on

what a cute little guy…. dad isn’t so bad either! lol Hope they are enjoying their vacation.

tina on

wow, what a cutie! I’m so happy for them! he looks like a perfect cross between the 2 of them.

WiddoMouse on

it’s fun to see pictures of a child once in a great while. This family does not flood the media with pictures of their little guy. I think they are wise.

anonymous on

Why do people keep making comments about a life jacket and being on a boat….what picture are you looking at??? They are clearly on land and not on a boat. Last time I checked a life jacket would do you no good on land.

Also, for comment regarding his name…. not your place to say how he should have been named. They weren’t asking for your opinion. For goodness sake they just shared a picture from their trip and it was taken by G….that’s why she is not in it. People find the dumbest things to go on and on about.

sara on

Please, let these two people, +1 go away. They are so annoying.

Becky on

Laughing at all the comments, wondering why the baby doesn’t have a life jacket on. Does the stamped concrete under the golf cart they are sitting on really look like water? They are on LAND, Paxton and Patty! So funny!

(BTW, cute baby! And Bill’s looking pretty cute, too!)

Anonymous on

love them

Anonymous on

He looks like his mother…very cute and obviously happy little guy….and Dad is amazing!

Nelliedogg on

Don’t know what kind of mother G is or not but in her defense, I can understand why there may be more pics of the baby with the daddy since that happened with my own family…I was the one constantly behind the camera! I’d like to think that doesn’t make me a “bad” mother so maybe we can cut her some slack in that regard

KrisAnn on

Not worried about a life jacket.. more worried that the little guy needs a sunshirt and a big floppy hat!

nancy50 on

Baby Duke is adorable. I had to stop following Giuliana on twitter due to her none stop hawking of merchandise – mainly her fashion line but then i noticed her praising Duke’s Huggies and sure enough she is now a spokesperson for Huggies diapers. These two sure know how to make a buck out of any situation.

kjc on

Hey Cyndi, I could be wrong here, but I my guess is that Guliana only said that to create “drama” on their show. I don’t think there was anything that would actually stop her from being there for the birth of her much wanted child.

If I remember correctly, didn’t her and Bill head up to the state that the gestational carrier lived a couple weeks in advance, just to be sure they wouldn’t miss it?!

Anyways. Adorable baby.

As someone who struggled for years with infertility myself, I am truly happy they are now parents.

Gigi on

Agreed kjc. Don’t know what Cyndi is talking about. I don’t remember her saying that. They were in Colorado for a couple weeks before the birth, so they wouldn’t miss it. She cut a work thing short so she could be there. So much negativity on this thread. Wow. They had a long, bumpy road to parenthood, so I wish nothing but the best for them. And please, more shirtless pics of Bill!! 😉

Farrah on

First of all to the people that think this child needs a life jacket, get some glasses or LASIK surgery!!!! They are on a damn golf cart!!!! And to all thr haters on here, please keep your idiotic comments to yourself. We don’t know these people personally and what kind of parents they are. They seem wonderful and caring and that’s all you all need to know.

didi on

Bill is the perfect husband. Please clone him a zillion times. I love that man.

didi on

Gee Paxton, I never knew a baby had to wear a life jacket in a golf cart/tram. How about you look before you make judgement. Fool!

Jacqueline on

ROBIN: It’s so interesting how you’re slamming everyone who called you names and then turning around and accusing them of having mental disorders and being poor parents and saying “shame on you and shame on your kids too” — WOW! You are really taking it hard that someone who you don’t know and likely never will know anonymously called you a name on the internet.

Btw, your constant replies and double replies that are worded just slightly different are actually only serving as more fuel for the “let’s call her crazy” fire. Just let it go. You had your opinion and you’re entitled to it. And in the same way, other people are entitled to disagree with it. Get over it. Move on.

Jacqueline on

Also….LMAO that people can’t tell they are on land. I think they see the swimming trunks and automatically think they’re near water. Really unobservant!

Nancy on

The reason the baby is not wearing a life jacket is because he’s on a tram, not a boat.

Michelle on

Super cute baby!! Adorable!

Amanda on

omg, that little guy is so handsome!

Nana on

They honestly seem like such a sweet and loving family and good parents. I wish them years of such happiness and as many kiddos as they want ❤

Smithy on

Paxton — last time I checked you don’t need to wear a life jacket on a golf cart type vehicle.

Ella on

I just adore this family! After everything they’ve gone through, I’m so happy that everything worked out for them in the end! ❤

weezer on

So adorable!!!! He has his momma’s eyes.

rose on

Ok rub in our faces you have the money to have a kid. There are lots of people whom wanted to have children and cannot afford to try other optins. Adoption is expensive too.

Katie on

Innostranka: Life jackets in a car are pushing it, unless you live near water I guess. We strap a motorcycle helmet and a bubblewrap suit on our kids before we get in the car. Ha.

grandmatocraigandlaura on

Where is the life jacket? Isn’t this one of those floatable golf cart ships?

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them both. I sure hope that they will be able to expand their family.

Becky on

LMAO @grandmatocraigandlaura!!! Hilarious!

crappola515 on

That’s cobblestone not water.

Anonymous on

These two are such media whores, all you heard was how much they wanted a child who the hell is raising it the nanny? they are always giving speeches and on shows when do they see this kid and stop saying vacy use english!!

reader101 on

Never been a fan of the parents but the baby is very cute.

nicole on

SO adorable, great picture. When is the show coming back, June or July? miss you guys. xo

Alayna on

He is so cute!!! Duke is just adorable!! What a little mush.

smile on

Hopefully she and her husband ignore all the comments posted. It is a wonderful picture! It made me smile, he is such a beautiful child!

maryhelenc on

What a cute little guy!

I’ve read some of Giuliana’s comments as of late and I commend her for being honest about her feelings that Bill is more closely bonded to Duke, etc. I think a lot of women in her position who want a child sooooo desperately and then maybe aren’t supermom right away feel like they’re ungrateful or something and struggle to be honest about their feelings. I had a friend who had PPD after years of struggling to conceive and struggled to bond with her son and people told her all sorts of things, like she clearly didn’t want to be a mom, etc. because she had battled infertility. I may not agree with everything she says, but I think her candor allows more discussion.

Big fan on

I love this family. I love her on fashion police. Such a cute baby.

Nat on

Why is stating an opinion that she does not seem maternal, perceived as negative? It could be a fact and an issue that many women face. It doesn’t make her a bad person, it is what it is. Obviously we don’t know them personally but putting your life story out to the public leads to opinions and speculations, it comes with the territory.
NO there is no ill will. Its just an observation. Just like some people stated their opinion that she seem like a good mom..It’s an OPINION. We could be wrong or right. We will never know. If u don’t like opinions, then don’t read comments or blogs.