Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

05/25/2013 at 08:00 AM ET

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Mark Royce

After giving birth to her third child, son Tucker, last September, Melissa Joan Hart knew she would have a tough road ahead of her to lose the 60 lbs. she had gained in time to return to work on her ABC Family show Melissa & Joey.

“I was 30 when I had my first child (son Mason, now 7) and now I’m 37, so each time it gets more difficult to take the baby weight off,” explains Hart, whose other son, Brady, is 5. “My metabolism has changed so it’s tricky.”

Following recommendations from friends who had success with Nutrisystem, Hart started the program in January and has shed 29 lbs.

“The food is really good! I don’t feel deprived at all. I love the ravioli, the pizza, the mashed potatoes,” says Hart, whose renewed body confidence kicked in during a recent family trip to Tahiti.

“I wore shorts!” she squeals. “I gave up on my legs years ago, but for the first time in about eight years, I’m starting to like them again.”

It helps that husband Mark Wilkerson is supportive of her goals, encouraging her to leave their sons with him so that she can attend yoga and spin classes with friends, as well as work out with a trainer twice weekly.

“I’m totally satisfied and I’m on a great path,” says Hart. “Being a mom made me stop being so hard on myself. My priorities are my children.”

For more on Hart’s weight loss, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE — featuring our Bodies special — on newsstands now.

— Monica Rizzo

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Xan on

She looks great, and her baby boy is absolutely adorable!

abc on

I would lose that much weight too if I could afford a personal trainer and if nutrisystem paid me to lose the weight to be their spokesperson.

irony on

Exactly! Don’t get me wrong, she looks great & good for her BUT not everyone can afford spin or yoga classes, or personal trainer or Nutrisystem…just saying.

Don't be a hater on

I gained 70 lbs with my first pregnancy and lost about 50 of those lbs just by watching my diet. No exercise, NutriSyst, etc. I gained 40 lbs with my last pregnancy and lost all of that by eating right and working out at home. It takes hard work and discipline to get back to a healthy weight, regardless of whether you do it yourself or with help from other sources.

patrice on

I tried nutrisystem after my daughter was born it was gross

Over It on

For the love of humanity, People Magazine: STOP POSTING ARTICLES ABOUT WOMEN’S WEIGHT! You are promoting an idea that women’s value is tied to their weight. Was Melissa Joan Hart any less of a person or mom before she lost the weight? Of course not. If you’re going to continue this ridiculous trend, start including headlining overweight men. If we’re going to judge, let’s judge equally, right?!

Lilly on

Oh my goodness…yes!! You are spot on!!

ellaray on

She has the cutest kids out of all the celebrity kids. All 3 boys are so adorable.

Dawn on

If I had a shit ton of money, time off between ‘seasons’, and people pay me to use their product, I would have the most bangin’ body in all the land. But I live in the real world. I have to work all days of the year for very little money. I gots me a real body. Yay for her, but i’m so tired of hearing about the rich and famous diet plans. Gimme something real!

Anonymous on

Stop blaming your insecurities on other people and money you can make your own money

Stacey on

All 3 of her kids look exactly like her husband. They are the prettiest little boys i’ve ever seen.

Brandi on

@ Abc of course you would lose the weight if you had those advantages…anyone would. That’s a given. And plenty of people have been able to lose weight using the same product without personal trainers and being paid to promote Nutrisystem as well, so I don’t understand the purpose of your post. Seems a little redundant and also makes you sound a tad bit bitter…

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Just want to remind people that you don’t actually *have* to comment. Some people feel obligated to share their thoughts even when unkind. Ahem.

Mishella Mase on

I love yoga 🙂 I just do it at home, but it is a GREAT way to confortably and effectively lose baby weight!! It’s even fun to incorporate the baby! Fun for everyone, healthy and calming 🙂 Yeah, we can’t all afford EVERYthing celebrities get, but you can still find ways to take care of yourself to make yourself feel better, and baby will notice your boost in self-esteem! ❤

skt on

Y’all are pathetic. You can’t lose weight because you don’t have nutrisystem or spin classes or whatever weight loss plan. There are plenty of things you can do for free, like walking and doing squats, pushups, etc. And another thing…stop eating crap! All this processed food you see in the grocery store is causing weight gain for many of us like the mac and cheese and cereals. I cut all that stuff out and stick to true, natural foods like brown rice, veggies, small amounts of lean organic meats. I started drinking green smoothies and it cut my cravings in a matter of 2 months. It does take a while and my system was truly getting flushed out from all the crap I used to eat. Lost 15 lbs.

guest on

Big deal, I have lost 85 pounds, and I did it by exercise and changing my diet. You don’t Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any other fad to lose and keep off the weight. Retrain your brain about food, and increase your body movements, that is the key.

MN on

Yoga and spin classes aren’t any different than paying for a gym membership people. Get a grip. Yes, she is a celebrity, but probably a little more realistic than most. I don’t see any mention that they are PAYING her to use Nutrisystem. Calm down.

LNH on

You people are so judgmental! Yes she has money for a trainer and Nutrisystem, lots of people do, not just celebrities. The moral of the story here is healthy eating and exercise! She can pay for a trainer so she does. If you can’t, then go out and exercise on your own, but stop criticizing others.

Excuses on

I’m so tired of seeing people automatically come back with “If I could afford this trainer, this meal plan, this fancy class…bla bla bla”. It’s an excuse. Go run or walk outside. Do bodyweight exercises. Lift your children or heavy objects around your home. Just MOVE. There are ways to get healthy & in shape that don’t require personal trainers or gym memberships.

I also agree with “Over It”. Society needs to stop putting pressure on women to look a certain way, be a certain weight or be a certain size. The number on the scale doesn’t mean squat. Women (as well as men) should be encouraged to love and accept themselves. To treat themselves kindly. Not be encouraged to take up less space or fit some ideal society created mold.

Zeze on

I don’t begrudge her for loosing weight, but it would be nice if we could see more celebrities who did it the old fashion way, instead of with gimmicks that are unattainable for most people.

CLM on

You don’t need Nutrisystem or a trainer to get into shape. All you need is determination, will power, and focus.

I am a full time working mom with two young children. After the birth of my second child, I made the decision to train for a local 5K. That led to a 5 mile race. Then a 10 mile race and finally a half marathon ten months after my first run.

I run at 5 am and watch what I eat. I will be 40 in July. I have now run three half marathons and I am in the best shape of my life. I did it all by myself. No trainer and no food system. People need to stop making excuses about why they “can’t” because everyone can be their healthiest self. It is just a decision that needs to be made.

Kelly on

Good for her but Nutrisystem is not healthy. I know a woman whose hair started falling out and when I did it it gave me awful stomach pains. I’ve also read that it has caused people to have gallbladder probs. Stick to food with ingredients that you can pronounce.

Also, why all the complaining, “if I could afford….. etc”…. you prob can afford to cut down on whatever it is that you are eating, and walk. Just do it and stop bitching about what others are doing.

Miranda on

I had a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness for only $32 per month. It included a variety of classes like yoga, spin, and kickboxing.

Anonymous on

How much did Nutrisystem pay People for this free ad?

Pam on

My husband loves her! She was his young boy/teenage crush/and he still loves her now. He used to watch tons of Sabrina and Clarissa explains it all. Still does from time to time, lol. She’s the only girl he’s ever told me he thought was beautiful, besides myself of course. She seems like such a good mommy. I like her.

Alissa on

I love MJH, but I really hate it when celebs talk about how they lose weight, especially when it involves at “weightloss system” like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig. You never hear anyone try to convince you yummy food is delicious, just when it’s completely disgusting and you need someone to get you to try it. Glad she lost weight and feels good about herself…you’re too good to push gross crap MJH, just get out of the deal!

Truth on

So many excuses on here as to why women can’t lose weight…..Oh, if I could afford a personal trainer, or Oh, if I was paid to lose weight… costs NOTHING to go for a walk. Get up off the couch, step away from the computer, stop eating crap, and try it.

meme on

I agree. I lost 60lbs after the birth of my third child, and it did not cost me a penny! I took up jogging, stopped by the park and did pull ups on the monkey bars, ran up and down the stairs, basically sweated my butt off. I also borrowed workout DVDs from the library. I ate more healthy food, and less junk!

Sure having money gives you an advantage to resources, but you can do it without money too.

So please stop the excuses. Not having money does not mean you can’t lose weight!!!

Emily on

I’m FAT BECAUSE I don’t have a trainer. I’m FAT BECAUSE I don’t have a ton of money. I’m FAT BECAUSE nobody paid me or cooked my food for me to lose weight.


Nikki on

It took me a year and hard work but I lost 45 lbs (and have kept it off). I just started eating better and taking a daily walk. I added miles every few weeks to my walk. I never had a food program or a trainer. Normal people can do it; don’t lose hope.

Sue on

The baby is adorable. She is not that great at acting though.

button on

You don’t need money to lose weight. I use exercise CDs. It’s like having a personal trainer. I walk 4-5 miles a day too. Homemade food is cheaper than junk. Cooking uses more calories than posting lame excuses on line people!

Elara on

It’s actually pretty simple. Eat less junk and move more. You don’t need a personal trainer or someone to pre-cook your meals for you. Stop making excuses.

Mellissa on

Stop griping everybody. Nutrisystem IS NOT THAT EXPENSIVE. I just completed 3 months it and lost 15 lbs. In fact, every month you’re on it you get an extra $30 off. Get over yourselves and be happy for her!

semdog7 on

She looks absolutely beautiful, but she always has. Melissa looks so much happier though, and I’m sure her adorable sons have helped!

CAL on

Wow bitter much, I’ve lost 27 lbs, I do not use a trainer, I am a normal person who joined weight watchers…if you want to do it, just do it, don’t say you can’t because you don’t have a celebs life. And the 27 lbs is since January too. She looks amazing, and she did it.

Zeze on

It’s great that you all lost weight with diet and exercise, which further reinforces my point- you did it the old fashion way, without a gimmick! Yes, anything that you have to pay $300 per month for that you can’t keep up on your own is a gimmick. It’s the same way I felt when I heard Jessica Simpson lost weight by living off of smoothies while representing Weight Watchers. This is not realistic. I applaud any woman who is able to loose weight but I wish we had more examples of women who did it with diet and exercise. And no, I am not lazy, I eat 1400 calories and workout every day.

Sunny on

I’ve lost 38 pounds on Nutrisystem so far– Its not $300 a month, and there are all kinds of discounts available. Costco sells a $100 gift card for 79.99- there are ways to make the cost work. Yes, some of the food is horrible, but some things are really good.

Good for Melissa, her kids are all so adorable. You don’t need a trainer, I’ve found great workout dvds at the Dollar Store! Eat less, move more– its not rocket science

Anonymous on

Good for her!

Tina on

Way to go, Melissa! I’ve been a fan since “Clarissa”, and I think you look amazing! I’ve been working on losing almost 60 lbs of baby weight myself. I have 20 lbs to go, and you are totally inspiring! I can’t necessarily take the time for classes and trainers, but I have been getting out and walking my little ones around. Thanks for the inspiration!

Annie Mouse on

Articles focusing on a woman’s weight loss (i.e., her body) are sexist. Period. WHY exactly is this news? Why? People magazine, you are OBSESSED. Please stop and think–really think–about why you feel it’s necessary to report about the state of women’s bodies.

Brat on

@abc: I lost that much weight without personal trainer and nutrisystem. All I had to do was get off my butt and watch what I ate.

It’s not about personal trainers or even fad diet plans, I prioritize my workouts into my daily life. Seems like you’re just making excuses for yourself.

Whinerpolice on

Good grief people! Stop complaining! You too can lose 29 pounds in 5 months…Stop eating sugar and carbs and you’re good to go. I’ve lost 23 since Feb 22, so yea you don’t need a trainer or NutriSystem to do it. Just some good old fashioned will power.

Charli on

She looks great but I need a way to lose weight without the expensive meals.

Alayna on

She looks amazing! Having 3 little boys is hard enough to lose weight…A 7 and 5 and toddler will keep you busy! She should be proud of herself. It isn’t always about the personal trainer and the fact that you’re being paid – it comes from inner strength. You go girl!

sandy on

HAPPY Mom, HAPPY Family!

Holly on

mel looks great. and all her boys are just gorgeous.

jenni on

True. having trainers etc makes it easier and quicker but doing it on your own is not impossible! Eat more natural food, drink water, work out. It’s as simple as that:)

Iza on

Seriously, these kinds of articles bug me. I am not a mother so I have no idea what it’s like to lose weight after having a child but I feel like too much pressure and emphasis is put on women to lose weight as it is regardless of being pregnant and the media just puts more and more attention on it by running articles like this. Not every woman in america can afford a trainer and an additional 300 bucks a month to pay for this food (which tastes like dirt) and who cares??? I also think it seems almost like she is pimping her kid out by putting him in the article with her….like, “Look at me! I had a baby 7 months ago (HERE HE IS!) and I am looking AMAZING!!” Kind of tacky. That’s just my opinion.

gyl on

Nice to see she did not just drop the weight overnight. It is healthier and normal.

Temeriti on

Huh. Funny, I lost 35 pounds without Nutrisystem, personal trainers, spin class or yoga. Planet Fitness, $20 a month. Boom baby. 😉

Tee on

Um, not to down her, but 29 pounds in 5 months (going on 6) doesn’t seem like all that much considering she’s doing spin classes, yoga, “diet” food AND a personal trainer. Tucker is a cutie indeed.

jenny on

Oh my goodness, you complainers…you don’t have to have $300/month and be on nutrisystem to lose weight! It has nothing to do with working full time, and not finding the time. If something is important to you, YOU’LL MAKE IT A PRIORITY, and if not, YOU’LL FIND AN EXCUSE! The reality is, weight makes a different for how women view themselves…whether it’s right or not is irrelevant…it matters and affects self-esteem…so stop saying you’d lose weight too if you could “have the time” or “had the money”….you just need more discipline and less excuses.

Jessica on

Wow people its called eat right and buy at home yoga dvds and other workout dvds. its not so hard!!! so why are you all conplaining about how much this stuff cost when you cab do it at home like i do?

dfy7888 on

She’s a beautiful young woman with or without the 60 lbs.

Anonymous on

To Charli and all the other making excuses… That us why your fat!! Learnt I cook good meals and peel yourself away from the computer and get active. Plain and simple.

Amy on

You don’t need that system to lose weight. Try a sensible diet and exercise, I promise you WILL lose weight. Complaining about others will not make you any skinnier. I say, get off your butt and earn it.

MollyF on

I’m not going to stoop down to namecalling (like some who call the readers here who bitch and moan “pathetic,” that’s sad when people do that).

Those who are companing about her having money and can lose the weight need to think what you’re saying. You can easily lose weight with barely any money. You can take long walks, bike and other things at home. And you can eat better.

MollyF on

Oh I’m also on Weight Watchers, which only costs $45 a month and it’s a great support group.

Kristen on

I love the “I’m not rich, don’t have a chef, don’t have a nanny, so I’m forced to stay fat” excuses. Get off your a** and take a walk. Cook a healthy meal instead of going through a drive through. Make your life a priority and stop making excuses. But then you might make a positive change in your life and something tells me that most of the “If only I had a…” women enjoy wallowing in their own self made hell.
It didn’t take a ton of money for you to get out of shape, put the same effort into getting back into shape. Right now, you’re only burning calories by running your mouth but that won’t help that couch potato a** you’re growing.

meghan on

Tee, most doctors recommend only shedding a pound or two a week. Six months to lose 30 pounds is right on target. People who shed large amounts of weight in short periods are usually crash dieters, which is unhealthy.

322to140 on

So happy for her and glad it’s given her a confidence boost! I’ve lost 155lbd since Jan 2012 by counting calories and moving more. Hasn’t cost me a penny 😉

dsfg on

I have to agree with others that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, etc. There are plenty of healthy foods that are cheap: eggs, bananas, kiwi, beans, peanut butter, celery, and sweet potatoes are just some examples. I have never joined a gym or a pool in my life, and I’ve never bought an exercise DVD, but I get free exercise every day by walking my dog, hiking at the park, or just walking to the convenience store. For those who live in colder climates, you can go on youtube and get exercise videos for free.

I’m not a fan of the pre-made, packaged diet plan like Nutrisystem. I feel like it’s not good quality food and it also doesn’t educate people on nutritional needs and portion sizes because you aren’t preparing it yourself. I don’t think it prepares people well for the real world; you can’t go on eating Nutrisystem meals for your entire life. But I can see how it might work for some people.

Loretta on

I wonder if she had a girl would she name her Sabrina or Clarissa? I love Melissa Joan Hart, she looks amazing after having her last child. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!

Ouiser on

What handsome little boys! With a beautiful mom to boot!

JoJo on

That’s cool. My kids were motivation to shed some weight. too But I didn’t get noticed for that lol But I’m happy for her accomplishment despite the negative comments down below. It’s not easy so we all should be compllimented for our hard efforts 🙂

gabba on

I love Melissa! she is funny and beautiful! I loved her shows and most of all i feel encourage to loose weight I just had a baby and I need all the pushing to work out and eat right ! so I am happy to see her looking amazing!