Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman Welcome Twins Asher and Oliver

05/24/2013 at 01:45 PM ET

Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman Welcome Twin Sons Asher James and Oliver Charles
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Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman‘s double blessing came early!

The Killing actress and her husband welcomed their sons via c-section on Thursday, Jan. 31, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Arriving 81 days ahead of Jamie Anne’s due date, Asher James was born first weighing 3 lbs., followed by his brother Oliver Charles, who weighed in at 2 lbs., 11 oz.

Following Jamie Anne’s difficult pregnancy — she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and spent months on bedrest due to a shortened cervix before a bladder infection led to the premature delivery — the fraternal twins were admitted to the NICU.

Asher and Oliver spent close to three months there before being discharged in late April at 8 lbs., 1 oz. and 7 lbs., 7 oz. respectively.

Jamie Anne and Marshall — best known for his roles on True Blood and Prison Breakannounced the pregnancy to PEOPLE in November, revealing they were “ecstatic” but not surprised to be expecting multiples.

“Twins run in both of our families so we were prepared for the possibility, but we know we’re gonna need all the prayers and help we can get,” the couple said at the time.

— Anya Leon

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Tara on

Hope all are continually healthy, had a sister in law have a high risk pregnancy bed rest for 6 months, with twins in the NICU. So I’ve seen how difficult pregnancy can be… So love, health and Happiness wishes to her and her family.

Alissa on

Congratulations and blessings for continued health. I’m glad Jamie Anne and the twins are all doing well…many years of happiness to the whole family.

Laura on

“Twins run in our families” is kind of an old wives tale when it comes to the men. If the twins are fraternal, it has nothing to do with the man, the woman released two eggs. Identical is a different story. So I’m curious if these boys are identical.

Elsie on

But it still gives you an idea whether or not you could have twins, Laura. Duh.

Anon on

The article mentions that the boys are fraternal, Laura.

Brooklyn on

So great to hear they are doing well. I know of someone who had twins that were around the same weights when they were born and it was very tough. Wishing all of them the best going forward. Love their names by the way!

Ewok on

Why does this magazine keep announcing births of babies from parents that no one has ever heard of. Is People Magazine still a celebrity magazine? I’m beginning to wonder.

Amelia on

Laura, it says they are fraternal.

Ewok, she was a central part (the murderer) of a hit TV show. And I know him as Tommy on True Blood. They certainly aren’t unknowns.

Anyway, congrats to them – happy the boys are healthy. Great names.

jennrae on

Congratulations! Marshall was also on Mad Men.

I love that they say twins run in their families–Sam Trammell, who played his brother on True Blood, has twins in real life with his wife (who also acted on Mad Men as Betty’s married friend from horseback riding).

But for anyone to say they don’t know who these actors are, how sad for you! With credits from The Killing, True Blood, Mad Men, even Prison Break…exactly what kind of crap have you been watching on tv?

SadieJane on

Jennrae, I would hardly call the killing, True Blood, Prison Break and Mad Men the be all and end all of television.

There are far better shows to watch.

Noneya on

My twin girls arrived 86 days ahead of schedule and spent 3 months in the NICU. It was a hard, long journey. I hope they are doing well now that they are home!

meghan on

Ewok, I have heard of them both, they are quite talented. Your knowledge of a particular actor or actress is not a barometer for their level of success or fame.

Marky on

Ewok, there are several shows on TV, just because you only watch one channel and missed their shows doesn’t mean no one else knows who these two are. Some of us think they are really good actors, a cute couple, and have actually wondered about their babies, since we knew they were expecting twins. Sheesh, I don’t understand the “who cares?” or “who are these people?” comments. Look them up, if you don’t want to read the whole article, which tells you who they are!

Love the names and this couple is just so cute. Glad all is well. Twins run in my husband’s family; always fraternal, and only through the girls, of course. It’s always been every other generation, as well.

Tanya on

Wow that was a lot of personal medical information about the Mother. Glad to see the babies are doing well.

Pam on

I thought so too Tanya but then again once you’ve gone through it it’s not really embarrassing to talk about.

sara on

omg that is LJ from Prison Break!! 😀 congratulations and great names!

Becky on

Well I have never heard of them, but I don’t think that means I only watch carp on TV..I have never watched any of those shows jennrae, so don’t make silly statements like that..I have four sets of twins in my family..Congrats on the babies, love the names..

Becky on


disturbed on

My niece spent close to 5 months on bedrest when she carried her twins. They were born at 32 weeks and spent 5 weeks in NICU.