Kim Kardashian Shops for Baby In Paris

05/22/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Shopping in Paris for Baby
KCS Presse/Splash News Online

Kim Kardashian didn’t let a quick trip to Paris — her last according to her recent Twitter post — interfere with her nesting mode.

In between business meetings and sightseeing, the reality star (who is due in July) and mom Kris Jenner made sure to make time for a little shopping in the city’s St. Germain district on Tuesday.

Luckily, they stumbled upon Ovale, a high-end baby boutique, where they picked up clothing and eyed the shop’s selection of mini silver jewelry and cuddly toys, including a handmade plush teddy bear.

The trendy mom-to-be gave no hints as to whether she’s carrying a boy or girl says a bystander. Either way, Ovale is known for its “don’t ask policy” and its luxe, gender-neutral goods (think beige, ivory, etc.) that are perfect for any sex.

Kardashian and Kanye West are also keeping people guessing with their cream music box shower invite, which features a ballerina dancing to a lullaby version of the rapper’s hit, “Hey Mama.” Talk about cute!

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere with reporting by Peter Mikelbank

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Reesca on

And yet this hag is still dressed like a moron. I’m so ready for her to fade into oblivion.

me on


Shanta Winzer on

For a HAG she looks pretty damn good to me!! Hater!

emma on

I agree *high five*

omega on

somehow i think the Blue Ivy was sent to Hollywood planet to save us from the antichrist kimye baby (whatever it is)

noelle on

The old hag Kris out with her fat tramp daughter

Kelis on

Hahaha! Couldn’t agree more!

Anonymous on

whoooooooooooooo caresssssssssssss!!

Pam on

Well if there’s a ballerina on a music box on the invite, I’d say it’s a girl.

tina on

I really didnt have a problem with Kim until she hooked up with Kanye, but her mother Kris works my last nerve.

Ann on

What a life she has…….she needs to take a look at how elegant Kate Middleton dresses as she is the world’s most beautiful woman………no doubt Kate MIddleton is one classy lady with a heart of gold whereas Kim is all about herself and material things.

kooch on

Lol no way is Kate even close to the most beautiful woman in the world. She is average looking. Pretty but nothing anyone would turn their head at if she walked by if she wasn’t married to prince William. She seems like a nice enough person but not the most beautiful woman in the whole world…..please.

KH on

Wow – instead of spending $100 on a plain white onesie that’s just going to get stained, how about donating some money to the OK tornado victims????/

Liz on

And how much have you donated so far?

Marcia on

Who cares?

Marguerite on

arent her 15 min up yet?

Diana S Fetterman on

I feel sorry for this child growing up with this family and the ignorant dad who can’t even speak English properly. It will be so spoiled rotten, but they might live to regret it when the child becomes a teenager.

cima on

Ignorant dad who cant speak English? Racist much?

Kelis on

How is that racist? Sounds like you may be the one sterotyping.

Kat on

Your comment is racist. We are all stuck on this planet so we should get along & atleast tolerate each other. I do nit like kimye but I will not ho that far.

Callie on

I would have my feet up relaxing by now with someone massaging them and yet this chick just continues to travel the world. Talk about being scared people will forget who she is!

Joy on

I’m so sick and tired of the Kardashian / Jenner Families & definitely of Kim.

sam on


happy on

Hopefully a house and a visa so she stay there! The US can’t stand you….so leave already!!!

Emily on

So based on the invitation she’s having a girl.

Joy on

Thought you can’t fly in third trimester if she’s due July

Meg on

You can fly in your third trimester, depending on the flight type (international or not) and the airline you can fly up until a few weeks before your due date. Anything after 36 weeks usually requires a doctors consent.

Amanda on

And this is NEWS? Please let them move to Paris. Mom too!!!! This money could be spent so much better and on people who deserve it. Not everything is about Kim.

Beth on

So, not a better maternity wardrobe.

Anonymous on

OK so WHAT did she pick up? Again US way to go with the headline, and no pic.

mferda on

You are reading People magazine pumpkin….not US

Connie on

It just goes to show you money can’t buy class or happiness. Kim is the perfect example. If I had that kind of money I’d at least buy clothes that fit and don’t hang over my hands because she didn’t have the thing altered. Also, at such a happy and exciting time, of being pregnant with your first child, why would you wear black all the time? Why not wear something that looks happy and fresh and exciting?! This poor child having Kim and Kayne as parents! Don’t like either one – both spoiled rotten and have no clue of the real world.

mellie on

You’re such a hater.

valeskas on

And they can buy the expensive things, because we have so many gullable people here, who buy their cheap stuff. If I had one wish, I wish the whole family would disappear. Seeing their names is awful and a torture, go away.

guest on

“what did Kim pick up in Paris”?????….probably more weight!

barbara270 on

Oh my, Kim K. and Mom go shopping. Now there’s a news flash. Please give the world a break and report on worthwhile people who make a real contribution to society, not these two self-proclaimed “I’m so special” gals.


Can they not wear anything but black or white? There are other colors! Going to Paris to shop? Why can’t they shop here in the USA? Really!!!!

Shanta Winzer on

Kim K and her mom look great! People say the nasty comments and its so rude. Just haters! You wished you lived they way they do. You people dont even know Kanye and calling him names. Damn haters!

Shanta Winzer on

She looks very nice pregnant!

Lisa on

Love Kim! Hoping it’s a girl that looks just as beautiful and nice as her. Here’s to all the jealous haters!

daisy on

That’s fine you and some others on here are fans but by calling everyone who posts negative comments jealous is just as narrow minded. Personally I’d rather have to move to a trailer, start wearing recycled WalMart clothes and eat beanie websites from a tin can before I pimped myself out to the media like these narcissistic fame wh*res. Just sayin…;-)

bb on

Who cares?? Unmarried, immoral and with an illegitimate baby on the way..

mellie on


Kelis on

Exactly. Pray that kid survives this world being born and bred to two selfish and ugly souls.

Anonymous on

ummmm please reiterate how this is a TOP STORY!!!!!!!!

guest on

go away

Joules on


why, why, why on

When I read the title of the article – what did Kim pick up in Paris, I thought the answer would be .. another STD…

tora on

NASA should have send them to Mars with Curiosity rover. Peace on earth.

Mary on

Is Kim carrying her baby in her behind?

Sue on

Already heard it was a girl from Kathie Lee Gifford who slipped up on her talk show a few months ago when speaking of her friend Kris Jenner…..

wow on

So much hatefullness in these comments…just wanted to say love…just to spread some compassion and niceness..if ya don’t like the family don’t read the articles…just saying..

mellie on

Thank u! I agree with u!! U have to click on the title to open the article . So if u dislike her so much don’t open the article and read it.

kim on

they disgust me

Kica on

Ya know i have no problems with KK….except for her maternity wardrobe. #Hideous

dre23222 on

Kim K is the world most beautiful woman. Everyone wants to look like Miss Kim K

Sugakay20 on

Are you kidding me?! She’s pretty yea…but to go that far…I don’t think so. What also kills her is that she is vain. You don’t need to rub your beauty in everyone’s face with 100000 selfies. Whoever posted about Kate Middleton, they are right! Classy and very beautiful!

dre23222 on

I haven’t seen any families more gorgeous than the Kardashians and Jenners.

Suzanne on

seriously,you must ,get out of your house,more…

Mamsmom on

Retract the claws people, Kardashian/Jenner families don’t care how you feel. They are getting on just fine without your support, all the way to the bank.
NASTY NASTY COMMENTS…as someone might have said before, “if you don’t want to read about these people, YOU HAVE THE CHOICE NOT TO” MOVING ON

Mom Of Twins on

Kayne wrote on website that’s, “it’s a girl”.

pls yut up on

its a girl u can tell most ppl who have girls tend to gain more weight than ppl who have boys… excuse my bad grammar lol

smfh on

wow so many haters LOL #dumb

What up? on

Oy. I’ve read all the posts here and it’s pretty sad how there are so many haters. Yeah, she got famous off a sex tape. Obviously she’s a smart cookie, so is her mom and her sisters. They’ve built an empire that you, the public, support her in or she wouldn’t be as rich and famous as she is today. You watch her show, u buy her stuff, so, everyone just needs to chill and accept the fact she’ll never go away. If u don’t care, don’t click!

Carol on

Right on Reesca & Noelle!!!

Anonymous on

Who cares? With all that is going on in this world is this even news? When will the media realize WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM….THEY NEED TO GO AWAY.

anonymous on

I think we need to keep the mean and hurtful comnents on here to are self.

Anonymous on

why on earth does she need a baby shower?? She obviously has the funds to provide for this baby, she should donate all her gifts to the less fortunate!

Barbara on

Who Cares???? Why is this news???? When will they go away????

anonymous on

Please keep the negativity comments to your self.

Princessa on

why are we still seeing her in the media? does anybody really care? I DON’T

svm on

You are so dumb! Really? If you dont care why are you reading this? LOL i usually dont comment but i just had to ask?

Halley on

Uhhh…. I dont know how anyone would think that babyshower invite was gender neutral. Obviously, that is a shower invite for a baby shower for a little girl…

cjay on

Aren’t you not supposed to fly in your third trimester? Just curious.

Natalie on

Are you kidding me People?? This is news today? Must be a slow news day for you over there. Just an FYI-there are people in Oklahoma that have lost everything and deserve the coverage so we can help anyway we can. May KIM K should take note!!!!!

Ella on

A ballerina in the music box? I’m thinking a girl. Either way, that baby will be gorgeous (and quite loved). ❤

Jamie on

I don’t think the music box invite was cute as much as it was a bit pretentious and tacky (the entire recent trend of over the top invites being pushed by party planners is tacky, this is not exclusive to the Kardashians), but I’ll admit Kim looks beautiful in the pic with her mom and from what I hear she and Kanye asked for donations be made to a Chicago children’s hospital rather than give gifts at the baby shower which is a lovely thing to do and not everyone in Kim’s financial position does that and she and Kanye deserve some respect for that. Perhaps Kim is finally growing up.

ellie on

flats? what an amazing selection!

HerrinSchadenfreude on

Oh, is that what she picked up?

I was thinking something more like the clap.

Sherae on

Pretty sure little boys don’t use music boxes. I think we can guess what she’s having based on the invite.

Katie on

I’m betting the nanny is in the delivery room! Wonder if she’ll get paid millions to lose the baby weight. Yep, probably! UGH!

el on

you ppl are such an idiots…always expecting celebs to help when tornadoes hit…hospitals…etc…how about y’all get a second job and donate?! KIM KEEP YOUR MONEY TO YOUR SELF AND SPEND IT ON YOUR SELF!!! …And this words come from a single mom who doesnt get child support…works 2 jobs…and doesnt expect the wellfair!!! KIM SPEND ALL YOUR MILLIONS ON YOUR SELF!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT YOU WORK HARD ON IT!!!!!…stop expecting celebs to do everything because they make good $ that is Obama Job!!!

whatthe on

those are ridiculous statements! kk works hard on earning her millions? this woman is famous because her sex tape opened doors for her. whats a little dough for tornado/bombing/encaptured victims etc who really need the money. fyi our govt has disaster relief funds in place. its not “obama’s job”!

?? on


gia on

You are an Idiot!!!

Rachel on

“Ovale is known for its “don’t ask policy” and its luxe, gender-neutral goods (think beige, ivory, etc.) that are perfect for any sex.” I’m sorry shouldn’t that say either sex? Any sex to me means there are many genders not just two.

jolly on

Please people, you don’t know her or her family so stop judging. If you can’t send out positivity go work in yourself and so reading things about them. We are all humans and noone deserves to be called names. Just because she’s in the public life doesn’t give you the right. Grow up and maybe go volunteer and learn compassion. Money or not, we are all humans. Good luck kimmy, and God bless those of you with so much hate.

fer on

15 – 14 – 13 – 12 – 11 – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7- 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 0 – DING – DING – DING

It’s over!!! The 15 minutes (14 too many) of ‘fame’……….

Tanya on

I guess her needed rest was over. Also aren’t you supposed to stop flying in your 3rd trimester?

star on

Geez some people are so angry. It’s not her fault the media makes her relevant. BULLIES!

ME on

Love the Kardashians. Kim is my fav, so pretty ❤ I dont care what the rest of the world says about her, I like her!

hottathan holywatta on

I was going to guess a venereal disease!

svm on

you are not funny but you do sound real ignorant…

Didi on

I read that Kanye wants to name the baby “North.” North West. Hmn. . . . on

Kim kardasian gets the most attention out of there while family and yet she is the dumbest one…how can she even be proud that she is still married and knocked up by someone else and her baby daddy is a disrespectful dumbass.all she is going to do is use the baby as another accessory and prolly even hang it next to her purses in her closet when she’s not sporting it! Poor thing! and all these company’s spending all this money to follow her around just to snap pictures if her fat ass trolling the US and other places should be spending that money helping out OK and all the victims of the hurricane.eww kimmy k makes me throw up in my mouth and then I swollow it because I don’t want her getting any extra attention

Sara on

If you continue to comment they will never go away…

ShoeDiva on

These comments are full of so much venom and hate. Terrible. Sad. These people have done nothing to any of you trolls. It’s jealousy. No matter how you refute it, it’s jealousy. Damn.

aven on

In order for kim or her family to think charity, they would have to think of someone other than themselves. Donate the the OK victims? HAHA And that baby daddy kanye is nothing but a self centered brat who with his tramp g/f needs to fade away.

alexa on

You’re having a shower? How much more crap do you need? How about in lieu of gifts everyone contribute to Moore, OK fund. Selfish twit!

Kathy Watson on

In my day, it was considered “tacky” for the Mother to give the shower. I guess Kim doesn’t have any friends willing to do the job.

Kathy Watson on

In my day it was considered “tacky” for the Mother to throw a shower. Poor Kim must not have any friends.

japonica on

man that’s a big girl! there’s no restraint with the food is there.

Anonymous on

who cares? She is going to be another unwed Kardashian mother….and her hag mother is gonna ride this story line to the hilt…

japonica on

Boy she does not have good taste in clothing…

pepper2040 on

Who cares? She is going to be another unwed Kardashian mother….and her hag mother, Kris, will ride this story line to the hilt…While I don’t think that she is particularly fat, she does resemble a sausage…just sayin’.

Heather on

She’s still trashy. This ho will never be classy. All she will be known for for the rest of her life, is “that girl who made a home porn with Ray J”. i wish I could scour my brain clean of any news or information about the Kartrashians.

dee on

Doesnt kris jenner ever wear any other color besides black??? My gosh lady change up your style for once. As for kim always pretty but her body is ugly even before her pregnancy.

AJ on

People please stop writing so much about the Kardashians. I’ve tried to ignore all the stories, but it isn’t working! They constantly come up on my news feed and RSS. Just judging by others responses, I think a lot of people are ready for a break… please!

Sarah S. on

Why don’t you just move there…permanently.

frustrated fan on

Kim needs to stop letting her mom run her life and live independently from her and that entire clan. Are they all codependent or what? Her mom is hanging onto her for dear life and Kim can’t seem to forge an identity without that show. She needs to be more sincere about wanting privacy and a family because she’s pimping it harder than the average dealer.

kim on

I thought you couldn’t fly in the 3rd trimester?? or is that just for us normal people–celebrities get a free pass? just asking…

japonica on

You would think she ‘d have the sense to hire a stylist

Carrie M on

How utterly idiotic does this chick look?

kim on

Vee also shopped for tons of baguettes and loads of fatty & farty & stinky cheeses and loads of fromage a la creme ! pepe le peeu was there to greet us ! Paris was formidable & stinky !

Gina on

Proof that money can’t buy class..

Anonymous on

Does this woman ever stay HOME?????!!!!!!!
What on earth will she do when the baby arrives??!!!

Danielle on

Let’s have some sympathy for Kim….she made a mistake by getting pregnant by a man that doesn’t care about her or the child…….he is totally irresponsible , making her fly to see this loser…..Kim when are you going to learn a lesson….?

Girl on

It’s a girl.

Diane on

Does this woman ever stay HOME???!!!!!!
What will happen when the baby arrives?…………..

Nan on

Looks like she picked up about 50 more pounds!!

Anonymous on

If you are so ready for her to fade into oblivion, stop reading and talking about her! People need to get a life and stop harshly judging Kim, Jessica and whoever else they are jealous of. I love the Kardashians. I cannot wait until their show comes back on! Jessica Simpson is awesome too. Her baby is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Charli on

Kris just seems like such an opportunist and sleezy person.

Crystal on

Kris supposedly told Khloe not to get pregnant because she wanted all the attention on Kim’s baby. How psycho is that? They are all fame whores and Kim is a FAT PIG!!!!! Her ass is the size of the Paris. Yuck. She’s disgusting.

meghan on

What a useless human being.

meghan on

Honestly, I’m pretty sure not a single person saying bad things about Kim actually knows her. She’s entitled to wear what ever she wants and do what she pleases with her money. If you don’t want to read it, don’t click the story, and stop complaining.

kim on

Vee got some shopping with endless baguettes with savouring stinky farty cheeses and fromage a la creme all with us and Pepe lepeeu

janie on

Who cares

Summer on

Did anyone catch Kanye on SNL this past Saturday? Not sure what the song was called, but WOW was it disrespectful to women. I was honestly shocked that it was allowed to air, and I’m not someone who is easily shocked. I just kept thinking about how this guy is going to be a father. So sad. I find Kim tacky and a bit trashy, but no one deserves a guy like that. I feel sorry for the poor girl.

Sherry Clavier on

Why are people so quick to say hateful, hurtful things about people they don’t even know. Remember the old saying “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”! I’m an older lady, don’t know the Kardashians and never will. Be kind people!

Sherry Clavier on

Be kind people. Why say hateful, hurtful things about people you don’t even know. The lady is 7 months pregnant, smart, and I think very pretty. Cut her some slack or shut up if you can’t say something nice!

Anonymous on

Amazes me how there are so many people who are affected by bullying and yet it continues on someone like Kim who is constantly picked on for no reason other than jealousy.. She’s a beautiful woman and has done nothing to eah of you personally who are making suh outrageous statements. I hope Kim is enjoying her pregnancy and ignoring all the non warranted hatred!

Moi on

Why is her Mother so happy that she got pregnant with one mans baby while she was married to another man? Low class ho….she spreads her legs like peanut butter…..

lee on

What she picks up from paris are gifts for baby. she is set to bring a cute baby who kenya west has attachment about. A new baby adorable is a happy

Mija on

Tagline I saw on homepage: What did Kim pick up in Paris?
My first thought: Gonorrhea?

sfmom on

good lawd a’mighty.
I am NO fan of the Kardashian family but to hear the way people talk about these people…you’d think kimk was Osama Bin Laden or something.
And seriously – is it any wonder that kids are getting bullied online all the time. Do you ladies HEAR the way you’re talking about this woman?? “fat tramp daughter” who’s baby is the “antichrist”
Yikes…There’s always the over-used “If you don’t like them, don’t click” concept…but still…can you imagine if you found comments like these about YOU online?
How ever annoying she is or however little you think she “deserves” her success and the attention she receives, she is still a human being and a mom-to-be…I’m honestly a little shocked People doesn’t purge out more of these comments.

Karma on

People if you could care less about, are digusted by, or sick to death of hearing about the Kardashians or any other celebrity then for the love of goodness stop reading the stories. Its not as if someone is strapping you down forcing your eyes open and demanding you read it. #the most was asine thing ever.
Kindly take your negativity elsewhere and move on with your miserable lives.

Shonda on

For so many people to say who cares you all sure did take the time to read the article. I like her but I LOVE KANYE WEST

redhotrash on

she is a tramp

Tiffany on

I find it really sad how many people have really mean nasty comments to make about her looks. Being pregnant is hard enough to deal with let alone having thousands of people daily bash you about your weight gain. I think she looks great!

LisaS on

Rotfl!!!! 🐄🐄🐄🐄😜

Rebecca on

Why do famous people like to buy their kids useless over priced bs?
It’s just going to get covered in slobber, food and vomit. Plus kids like colourful things, not beige ornaments and silver jewellery. Ugh.

p on

I’m sorry, with those two parents, that child is going to be VERY unattractive.

laladi on

this poor child, being born to two of the most narcissistic people in the world.

cheese on

Everyone is asking, “when is their 15 mins of fame up?” Maybe if you guys would stop clicking on the articles, your wish will come true. You guys read whatever is posted about her, get angry, and then call her a slut. You are the enablers for more articles to be written.

Sheryl on

I think her 15 minutes were up…….60 minutes ago!! Enough of this “fat cow”, media whore. Who cares what she wears, who she sees, where she goes….and seriously her mom?!! Really Kris you are a plastic faced, nothing!

goaway on

How is she famous again? Why does the world stop when something Kardashian related happens? Move on!

esymmons on

so let me get this straight – the two of them are throwing a baby shower for themselves?

Susie on

Kim Kartrashian is a glorified prostitute and her mother is a pimp. Two of the most disgusting, immoral whores standing in Paris. The Kartrshian trsh, this family is uneducated, no values, disgusting people!!! Make them go away!!!!!!

Jodi on

Not a fan of the Kardoucians however some of you are ruthless and mean as hell. Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t pertain to you. They aren’t doing any real harm are they? Turn the channel and don’t read the stories about them.

dave on

take kardasions off tv. no one really cares. bullshit. waste to much time on tv. no one really cares. your family has money. what r u doing to help us poor people?.

Mo-Jo on

Just a couple of money-grubbing tramps. . . like the rest of the family. Go away already !!

Sandy on

what she can’t find what she need here in the USA?

give me a break.

Josephine on

I have no idea why so many people are leaving hateful comments if you have such a problem with Kim Kayne and the whole Kardashian Jenner family don’t read the articles about them ignore it when you open a magazine its pretty simple just turn to the next page and leave them to it your obviously wasting your time seems as not hate them and don’t care what there doing turn tin page and don’t comment just leave it alone. I think Kim looks great and during a pregnancy you wear what ever you feel comfyin and if that’s black yellow green or orange its your choice not anybody else’s