Nick and JoAnna Garcia Swisher Welcome Daughter Emerson Jay

05/22/2013 at 11:21 AM ET

JoAnna Garcia Nick Swisher Welcome Daughter Emerson Jay
Paul Marks/Broadimage

Baby girl has made it to home plate!

Nick and JoAnna Garcia Swisher welcomed their first child, daughter Emerson Jay Swisher, on Tuesday, May 21 in Cleveland, Ohio, the couple’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“We are overjoyed, blessed and so full of love that our daughter Emme has finally arrived,” the Swishers tell PEOPLE.

“She is healthy, beautiful and vibrant. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

The first baseman for the Cleveland Indians, 32, was put on the teams’ paternity list (mandatory one to three-days leave) Tuesday, revealing the happy news.

He and his actress wife, 33, announced in November that they were expecting a baby, later revealing to PEOPLE their upcoming arrival had the couple thinking pink.

“I am so excited. I never in a million years thought I’d have a little girl, but over the last six months, the pink and purple dresses that I’ve bought,” Swisher joked in an interview last week.

“My wife says, ‘You’re going to spoil that little girl so much.’ I talk to her every night. We’re only a couple weeks out now. Jo and I, we’re so excited to meet her and to bring her in the world and give her a whole heap of love. It’s that life-altering moment that I need. I’ve been cruising along. I’ve got a beautiful wife — she’s my best friend. I’ve got a great job and a beautiful home, and now it’s time to be a dad.”

“We’re so fortunate,” he adds. “We just want her to be healthy. I want her to be exactly like my wife.”

— Anya Leon

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Janice on


avalyn on

Congratulations to Nick and Joanna. The manager of the team announced the arrival last night before the game. He didn’t give details just stated Joanna had the baby and Nick wouldn’t be playing as he was spending time with his family.

Tee on

Congrats! Why even announce this for pete’s sake, there is zero information about when, weight, length, name, where. Umm, we knew she was having a girl. People should have waited for the parents to release the info vice making a story from Mr. Swisher’s baseball team’s manager.

Ouiser on

Congrats JoAnna and Nick! JoAnna is a hometown girl (Tampa, FL) and I am so happy for her! Spoil that little girl rotten!

KiKi on

I really like this couple. Have been a fan of hers for years and he sounds like he is madly in love with Jo and the new baby. Congrats!

Sandy on

Congratulations to mom and dad ! What a lucky baby girl..

Deb on

Congrats Nick and Joanna! We miss your smiling face on the Yankees!!!

Caitlyn on

oh my gosh, his quotes are SO sweet! i’ve always liked her and i’m glad she’s happy. can’t wait to hear the name of their little one. i’m sure she’s gorgeous.

Crystal on

I love hearing a dad become so excited over the birth of his child.He said he wants his daughter to be just like his wife!!!! Awww! Congrats to the Swishers!!!! Can’t wait to hear her name!!!

Lisa on

Only one to three days? That sucks!

Anonymous on

Congratulations #33!

Connie on

Aww – very sweet! Sounds like a very lucky little girl and wife!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them – interested to hear the name!

Carol on

Love this couple………CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kristine on

Congratulations Nick and Joanna!! What a lucky little girl they have!! Her mommy and daddy obviously love her veeeery much!! Hope Nick enjoys his few days off with his family and then gets back to the Indians and keeps kicking butt!! 😉

3kittymama on

I’m so happy for these two! I’ve liked JoAnna ever since “Reba”, and Nick was the only Yankee I could stomach watching. Glad he’s with Cleveland now. I wish the Swishers all the love, health, and happiness in the world.

Ashley on

I swear I am the most cynical person I know and never gush about anyone, much less a celebrity. But I have to agree with most of the posters: his quotes are absolutely darling. It’s unusual to be able to sense sincerity, and he’s oozing it!!!!

Marky on

Love them as a couple, and love how thrilled they are to be having a baby! Can’t wait to hear the name. It may seem crazy that he doesn’t get a longer maternity leave, but it’s the middle of baseball season, and he will have lots of time during the off-season. Can’t wait to see her in one of those pink or purple dresses!

Tabitha on

The name is Emme. It’s in the article.

Lynn Scorfield on

Emerson Jay? Nice… But it’s really a DAUGHTER?

Faith on

The article has the little babies name in it. It is Emerson, and congrats!!!

Taraakapinky on

Emerson is used a lot for girls now and Jay really isn’t that masculine either. They can call her emery or Emmy now too, and those are super cute nicknames. So I am a fan! Congrats!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Love her name.

Capulate on


Me on

The reason most people are saying they can’t wait to hear the baby’s name is because when this article first came out…the name hasn’t been revealed yet. The article has since been updated and the previous comments are still there.

Ashley on

Emerson is also a girl’s name and calling her Emme is adorable. Love that name! can’t wait to see pictures of her.

Jay on

Congrats to them and what an adorable name!!

rlb237 on

Love this couple! Congrats! Miss you in right field at Yankee Stadium, Swish!

Sandra on

Love the name Emerson

Kriss on

My daughter’s name is Emersyn Jayde! Yes, it is used for girls as well! Many names these days can be either gender. Congrats to them! I’m sure she is beautiful!

Daffygrams on

Love that name!

dancer92136 on

I am sure she is a beauty….love the name

Jennifer Leighton on

So happy for them and well ms emme for having a cute name 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats to the cute couple! Love Nick’s enthusiasm and miss that since he left the Yanks. He seems to be genuinely appreciative of all the blessings in his life and so adorable how says all those sweet things about his wife. Can’t wait to see pics of the baby!

Tammy on

If you want to turn a man into mush, just add a baby. So sweet.

Jenn on

I love Emerson for a little girls name…I have an Emerson Rose of my own!

mandyeatsmeat on

If you’re going to call her Emme, why not NAME her Emme?

Ann Maria on

Congrats Joanna & Nick!!!! Miss you Swisher can’t wait for your return to Yankee Stadium next month! Miss your salute during roll call!!!!

meghan on

Because they wanted to name her Emerson

jadrienne on

Congratulations! My daughter is Emerson Jade! You have good taste! Haha

Hollywoodista on

@mandyeatsmeat well, Nick’s full name is Nicholas. Do you think his parents should have just named him Nick instead? Same goes for Jennifer – Jenny, Matthew – Matt, Jeffrey – Jeff, and a few thousand other names I won’t list. Are you completely against shortening names in general, or just this one in particular?

Heather on

Congrats! I have always like JoAnna. She delivered in the same hospital I did! We are happy to have her husband here too. GO TRIBE!

Marcy on

Adore the name Emerson! Congrats to Nick and Joanna!! May your family be blessed with health and happiness.

sharon on

awwww I didn’t even know they were expecting, I just adore her I’m sure their daughter is gorgeous. God bless nice to hear how excited a man is about having a child for a change…

Isabel on

Not a fan of the name as, to me, it’s completely masculine but I love the couple and am sure she’s adorable.

Tara on

someone should tell them they got a girl.

jo on

Tara, someone should tell you you’re a jerk…zing!

jo on

Yes, people are entitled to their opinion. But why some feel they have to share it is beyond me. Just say congratulations! Obviously they love the name, leave it alone! Haha

Lady on

I love the name Emerson!! Who cares what they chose to name THEIR daughter….maybe they plan to call her Emmy & if not, who cares! Congrats!

Cassie on

I think Emerson is a beautiful name. At least its not Chalkboard or Octagon or Flip Flop. 😉

Jay on

Guess their money wasn’t enough to buy a decent name for a GIRL.

Brooke on

My niece’s real name is Emilee, but she exclusively goes by Emme. Who are you to tell them what they should call a kid?

Brooklyn on

Not the biggest fan of the name, but it’s better than a lot of celebrity kids’ these days!

Squiggles on

Emerson Jay? Sounds like they wanted a boy.

Amy on

Congratulations to Nick & JoAnna on the birth of baby Emerson!

Anonymous on

Such a cute couple…not a fan of these last names as first names but whatever…congrats!

Kimber on

How exciting! Love love love the name. I have an Emerson Noel and we call her Emmie too.