See Blue Ivy on Her Mini Throne – Plus Dad Jay-Z’s New Lullaby Album

05/21/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Well, it’s no secret who is going to inherit Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s entertainment thrones. It’s none other than Blue Ivy Carter, who already has her own custom director’s chair courtesy of her superstar mom.

Recently, the singer (who is currently on tour) shared an adorable photo of her almost 16-month-old little girl from behind wearing a cute tee and tutu in her mini seat. Seriously, we can’t get over her sweet plaits.

Beyonce Blue Ivy Director's Chair Photo Tumblr
Courtesy Beyoncé

It’s rumored that Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister, but only time will tell. We do know that dad Jay-Z has babies on the brain. Rockabye Baby Music‘s popular lullaby series is releasing a new version featuring the rapper’s biggest hits including “Empire State of Mind,” “Hard Knock Life,” and “Run This Town” in July.

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Courtesy Rockabye Baby Music

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Marie on

Awe too cute! It looks like her dad’s attempt at plaits but at least he tried…lol. Priceless.

Misery on

Beyonce is so freaking lame and lives to keep herself in the news why keeping showing pictures of the back of the child’s head? If you don’t want your child’s face shown don’t show her at all. She acts like her daughter is better than anyone’s child, yawn!!!!!

Duke on


ruby on

Really some of you people need to get a life, she can show her baby girl anyway she wants too, come on lets face it all the rumors and stuff is really childish and totally beneath beyonce and JayZ, they are good parents leave them alone a get a life!!!!!!

#Raurau on

My point axatly. What’s the big deal, I take the pics of myself from back and put them on the net and u ain’t complaining. Get a life

faith on

She has shown her face. They r showing her initals on the back of the chair

Princess on

Ikr everybody knw she didn’t hve her smfh

irony on

And yet here you are caring.

CM on

I totally agree!

saskia on

It is normal to think that your child is special and better than other child. I am just a regular mom but I think of my child that way. I think my baby is better, smarter and more special than any other babies. I want him to have everything money can buy. It is only normal that beyonce feel that way. B wants to share her daughter’s growth with her fans but in the same time she is protecting her daughter’s privacy by not showing her face. Don’t be hating 🙂

Beyonce Fan on

@ Misery..No wonder you selected that moniker with yo unhappy self…yawn

Nannyto1 on

Adorable photo!

marilyn on

Shut upp^. Beyonce is Amazing so is her beautiful daughter blue ivy ❤

pmede on

Beyonce is a rehasher-takes legacy songs, costumes etc and rehashes them. Doesn’t take a lot of talent and that doesn’t translate into your kid is talented.

Better they should raise her out of the limelight so she feels whatever merits come to her she earned and that people aren’t just blowing you know what up her behind to get close to fame, parents contacts, their money etc.

Beyonce had her day JayZ well nuff said……very little if any musical genius there between the two of them.

Kimmy on

I don’t know who that little girl is but it is DEFINITELY NOT Blue Ivy. Blue’s hair is nappy as hell. This little girl has nice soft hair. Beyonce you can fool people but you are not fooling me and others who are realizing the fraud you are!

Deb on

Very ignorant and sad. Babies deserve nothing but love. How dare you speak such hate about a child. Her hair is not nappy. You have such a slave-inflicted mentality: worshiping someone else’s hair and hating your own. She has dry curly hair. If the hair is moisturized and brushed with water to seal in the moisture, the curl pattern loosens.

I’m so disappointed with people magazine. You should not allow folks to rip apart children. It’s a really pathetic use of media to drive up advertising revenue.

Guest on


kage on

Jesus Christ misery!! Its hee daughter she can do whatever she wants why do u care?

bevvie on

Too Cute! One purpose here is to show the initials of the chair with BIC sitting in thr chair.

Calm down, Misery. You are indeed a miserable person. There have been pictures of BIC’s face, but it’s her parents prerogative to show any pictures.

donnatex on

they’re showing her from behind, cause the poor thing looks like her daddy in the face.

Curlly on

Is this the same baby that was in the hospital pictures?

donnatex on

They have to take pictures of her from behind, cause the poor thing looks like her daddy in the face! hope she outgrows it as she gets older…cause he’s butt ugly.

Curlly on

Is this the same baby that was in the hospital photos?

Curlly on

Is this the same baby that was in the hospital photos??????

bevvie on


Callie on

The back of her head is the cutest part. Thanks People mag!!!

guest on

Why are you judging a child? You seriously need Jesus in your life. The child has done nothing wrong.

JJ on

why do we always only see the back of her head? I have nop idea oif she is cute or not. Her head looks ok I guess!!!!!

Demonica on

Please is that even her probably NOT. They are a trip so the raggedy kid. We all special in GOD’s eyes not just her.PLEASE

Demonica on

I agree with Misery 200%. Give use a break. How do we even know that’s her. Please!

mandyeta on

I think Beyonce’s life is way tooooo public , I know a celebrity who respects herslef and the matters of the family! Beyonce be boring now! Yawns…

kitty62862 on

A rapper made a lullaby album?! I might just by that, for the sheer novelty of it.

I love this little chair, awww!

Honest on

Cute photo but she could’ve combed the child’s hair. Beyonce is worried about her appearance when she perfoming, why can’t she do that childs hair and she’s adorable. Even if she doesn’t have time, she has money to pay someone.

sweetheart on

Why everyone be hating on misery that person just giving their damn opinion what ever happened to freedom of speech geez and hello its not like blue,beyonce or jay gonna see these comments so stop tipping like you know them in person,they living happily god dammit

lydiaferguson on

So Many Hatersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Get over Your Selves, good grief !

Tamara on

Well said!

SHT on

Not a Beyonce fan, but this is cute!

derft on

I’m afraid they don’t show her face because she is butt ugly…

Susie on

Clearly, most of you skipped English and Grammar classes altogether. I am a recent high school graduate and I can spell better than a lot of you on here can. GET AN EDUCATION, PEOPLE. YOU’RE MAKING THE HUMAN RACE LOOK DUMBER AND DUMBER BY THE SECOND.

i need a name on

Oh My Goodness – too cute for words !

Anonymous on

She IS the HBIC. lol

Sheila on

It freaking amazes me that so many people don’t believe she was pregant, and now you’re saying that isn’t her baby. EIther you don’t have anything to do or just plain jealous.

boohoobytch on

Blair Witch anyone?

Dina on

How cute!

All the naysayers sure are some unhappy bunch of people. They have shown Blue Ivy’s face many times so all the comment about her not wanting to show the baby’s face is ridiculous. How lame, jealous and hateful can some of you be?

Some of you’ll are some slow people…slow to get anywhere in life and jealous of Beyonce for where she is and what she has.

Marky on

Really, some of you need to get a grip! Are you truly so full of hate, you can’t be nice about a baby?? Blue Ivy is not even 1 1/2, and you are being hateful and unbelievably rude. I don’t listen to either of these people’s music, BUT I would never insult their child’s hair, appearance, or anything else. What is the matter with some of you???? Those of you with children must be proud of your young bullies; they couldn’t possibly be nice, kind or caring if they are being raised by any of you haters……

Kat on

Glad they decided to ahem, ‘go easy on the blue’. Every time I see a photo of that baby she has something blue on.
Poor kid!

Anonymous on

stupid picture in my opinion, who cares she has her “own” chair with her initials lots of other kids do to

Anonymous on

stupid picture, lots of other “non” famous children have their initials on a chair too….big deal

sandy on

who cares, lots of other “non” famous children have their initials on a chair as well….stupid picture

Leila on

Blue Ivy is a sweet, innocent child. So many nasty comments being posted here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what is the point of being mean? Really.

Lady on

You people are seriously CRAZY!!!!! Go find your lives you seem to have lost smh!!

She’s adorable & if this is the picture she chose to share, so be it!! Don’t comment if you don’t like it!!

ShyeMom3 on

Ok, I am a mother of 3 girls, I do not have the ‘resources’ that Beyonce has however if I didn’t know how to do my daughter’s hair, I asked for help. With all that money, somebody can really do that baby’s hair. She’s a cutie but a bad hair-do can make a baby look like their mad even when they arent 🙂

Gina on

She can’t even comb the child’s hair.

kankey on

you go blue looking beautiful I love the caters god bless them for life

kankey on

I love you blue looking beautiful I love the caters

Eva on

Ever tried to keep a child that age sitting still long enough to do their hair? ‘Nuff said.

Crystal on

Some of you people are insane, nasty and downright RUDE!!!! I think this is an adorable picture. So what her hair isn’t perfect?!?!!! She actually looks like a normal child hanging out with mommy. BIC does look like her dad but she’s super cute!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but please stop insulting this beautifully innocent child. It makes you look childish, crude and immature as well as stupid.

Cheryl on

I agree with your post wonder what some of these sick people would actually do if they were up close to bey and jay out with blue ivy it makes me sick please people get a life and stop obsessing over these people and their child, weirdos.

Really?? on

I’ve seen Blue Ivy’s face….She looks like her father……no wonder they show her from the back.

maryhelenc on

So precious!

@Misery: I take pictures of my daughters walking from behind, etc. I just think they’re fun, not that I think my daughters are “better”. Maybe Beyoncé just thought this was a cute photo.

Anonymous on

I’m the only one that has ever had a kid.I mean,someone else had it for me.

mobile20 on

“She can’t even comb the child’s hair.”—@ Jaki…..She has a cute little pin curl thing going on. It looks totally adorable!!….Get a life.

mobile20 on

“Ok, I am a mother of 3 girls, I do not have the ‘resources’ that Beyonce has however if I didn’t know how to do my daughter’s hair, I asked for help. With all that money, somebody can really do that baby’s hair. She’s a cutie but a bad hair-do can make a baby look like their mad even when they arent ..” @ shymomof3…Wow…that is one of the weirdest observations ever. Your poor kids.

MJ on

What if she doesn’t want to show the babys face because she has a hare lip?

That could be fun later.

Cheryl on

How could having a hare lip be fun later? Where in the heck do u whackos come from geez

Greetings on

Wow I thought her name was tacky before now seeing this I remembered what B.I.C. stands for. Her parents are nothing but ghetto trash

Cheryl on

Trash is where your post should be idiot

bevvie on

only scum would write negative comments about a baby or a child!

Woo43 on

Cute in her special made time-out chair!! Lol!!

lol on

Hahhaaha wow for some reason I instantly thought the initials on the chair stood for “bitch in charge”, like shes sitting in her moms chair & its a joke cuz I just saw the tiny pic & hadnt yet read that it was beyonces kid, otherwise I wouldve just known it was for Blue Ivy Carter!

MommytoanE on

Some people are just soo cynical, judgemental and rude. Just because you all like to show off pictures of your babies all over the place…and heck some of you probably share pictures that shouldn’t be shared, does not mean everyone does. I really hope those of you that are being judgemental freaks aren’t passing this rudeness onto your children. The last thing we need in the world is more tempermental, judgemental children.
The chair is cute. I love the little tutu sticking out in the bottom. So princess like.

Hea on

BIC as in the pencils and lighters?

Anonymous on

Still can’t stand them since the whole hospital shut down thing. Security refused to let a dad in to see his premature baby! Good luck on the tour and hire a hair stylist for your kid.

Kim on

This is a great picture of Blue. I’m sure the reason for her face being plastered all over is an security issue. Cute cute cute!!!

jmansMoM on

… very cute pic :)… Blue is so adorable!!! And, her hair is cute!!! AND, IT’S COMBED… clearly you can see that her hair has parts and rubber bands in it!!! Some of the comments are ridiculous… SHE’S A BABY and Beyonce can do what she wants… that’s HER CHILD!!!

Cherry on


I totally agree with you.

Cherry on

Soon she will put fake hair for her child just like hers. LOL.

kankey on

beautiful blue I love your chair god bless protect you and your family hatemongers live the carter alone

Cheryl on

I am not a fan of neither of the parents but why would anyone say anything about a little baby you people are sick and cruel go get a life it’s weirdos like you who they will have to watch out for when they are out with their precious child.

eric on

BIC? What is she, a cigarette lighter?

sweetheart on

@Evarector I got a 11month girl and she sits still when her hair needs to be done yes she one sassy lady in her own right but any mother would know how to handle their kid


MollyF on

For those bashing the kid, you really need to be locked up or something. You guys are such bullies when you make comments about how ugly she is. Someone needs to call you ugly to your faces I guess. words hurt, even online. So shut up all you haters.

Btatted on

bleu ivy is not a beautiful baby at all.her parents famous of course she gonna be the cutest a lil girl ever….BIC lmao

Cheryl on

Wow some of these comments on this site are no insensitive it just floors me and this is a child I am so surprised by the energy these fools have put in, what could a baby have done to anyone are you people kidding me? It makes me wonder what would they say if this child was diagnosed with autism are some other disability now as a parent with a child with autism this solidifies my feelings for being overprotective and aggressive when it comes to being out in public with my child because idiots can be so cruel.

Jessica on

some of you are a bunch of idiots. they are showing off the chair not the child. she is just a lil girl and you people are saying ugly stuff about her. you should be ashamed of yourselves. you haters make me sick!!!!!!!! no wonder so many girls have self-esteem issues with ugly people like misery and others.

with on

ok jessica i so hate your comment but i love the baby.

cc on

I am so over beyonce she has so many things about herself it just makes me sick on the stomach. I have gotten to the point where I change the tv when she comes on the screen. People have to understand she is just like some foods you just get sick of seeing it or eating it. Too much of anything is not good so for the people who think we are haters it is not so just sick of seeing her, hearing about her and reading about her almost ever day. PLEASE IT WOULD BE NICE NOT TO HEAR ANYTHING FROM HER FOR A LONG TIME.

Easydray on

Blue Ivy is a very cute baby! You hating on a baby as small as she is makes me wonder a kind of mind y’all gat! Little wonder good things run away from you! Misery! You surprised me, no wonder they treat you like chair! You making me think you’re a BASTARD whose life should be spent in MISERY!

Niki Amadeo on

It’s a picture of her child sitting in the chair with her initials.If I were B I would protect Blue there are many disturbed individuals in the world. They both seem very proud loving parents