Chely Wright Welcomes Twins George Samuel and Everett Joseph

05/20/2013 at 12:30 PM ET

Chely Wright Welcomes Twins George Samuel and Everett Joseph
Jim Smeal/BEImages

It’s blue times two for Chely Wright.

The country singer and her wife, music executive Lauren Blitzer Wright, welcomed identical twin sons on Saturday, May 18 in New York City, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Although they weren’t due until this summer, George Samuel and Everett Joseph — who are named for their great-grandfathers — are thriving, the rep says.

“We are grateful for all the amazing medical care and the love and support of family and friends,” Wright, 42, tells PEOPLE.

The couple, who announced the pregnancy in January, revealed the sex of the twins in March.

“We’re having two little boys,” Wright said at the time. “They’re healthy babies … Everything looks good.”

Wright and Blitzer Wright, 32, were married in August 2011 after the country singer came out publicly in 2010.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Mary Margaret

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Jenn on

Awwww. I had my identical (mono-di) boys in September. They are the loves and joy of my life! Twins are awesome! Congrats!

Shannon on

Congrats to the family!

dee on


Anonymous on

Congrats!!! It’s always exciting when a baby joins the brood.

Candy on

Awwwww…congratulations to the new Mom’s. Love the names!

Nancy A. on

Congratulations, Chely and Lauren on the birth of your new baby boys! Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness together.

Catherine on

Love the names they chose, very traditional! Congrats!

NSBooklady on

Congratulations to the moms! Hope you got some good sleep in while waiting because with two babies in the home, that is all about to change. 🙂

Emry on


Terri on

Congrats to you both! Those babies are blessed to have 2 moms who love them so much. Wishing you all the best.

Kathleen on

congratulations Chely and Lauren. The boys will be blessed. Thank goodness the boys will have normal names 🙂

Pat on

Heartfelt congratulations! Identical twin boys, what a joy they will be! And THANK YOU for giving them normal names!!

You will make wonderful mothers. Those little guys will be very lucky they have you.

denise on


I Am Standing Right Behind You on

Congrats and many blessings on the new bundles of joy!

Joy on

Awesome they have normal names, they were actually planned and wanted, and their parents were married before their birth. Who says gay couples can’t be traditional!

Keri on

Joy – Best.Comment.EVER!

Lisha on

Dumbest comment ever Joy.

Cate on


suzannejc on

Congratulations to your family–wishing you joy, health and lots of fun with your boys!

Brooke on

I love following both Chely & Lauren on Twitter. They are so in love and want these little boys so badly. Happy for you!!!

Shawna on

How awesome! Congrats to the whole family!

Bella T on

Congratulations and thank for naming them normal names. They’ll thank you later too!

Lisha on

Who cares whether the names are “normal” or not, Bella? These comments about normal names aren’t any better than comments about being “normal” in general. Come on people.

Sharon on

I have to agree with the normal name comment, Lisha. It is refreshing to see traditional names. I know it is to each their own, but so many celebrities give their kids crazy names that you have to wonder how the kids will feel when they get older. I dont think people mean to be negative at all when they say its nice to see a normal name.

meghan on

Nice names.

hopeso on

Congrats to Cheryl & Lauren…. Happy Healthy.

Anonymous on

what’s the surname?

someone wrote “thank you for naming them normal names.” Yes, I’m sure they did it to please you, whoever the hell you are! But then, I always thank people who don’t reproduce, because it saves resources!

Lisha on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes how ignorant and irrelevant the ‘normal name’ comments are.

Latrice on

congrats on to her and her family on the twins and I love the names

Jocelyn on

It fills me with such joy to see so many positive comments!

Sharon on

I feel the same way, Jocelyn!

meghan on

Blitzer Wright I would assume, given Lauren’s name.

Cathy on

Congratulations!!! As the proud mommy of fraternal twin boys, hold on tight for the ride of your life!! Enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast!!!

wildangels66 on

How exciting!! Congrats :))

Lisha on

Congrats to you beautiful ladies. You’re an inspiration to us all. 🙂

Cindy on

SOOO refreshing and nice to not see any negative comments, congrats to the couple and their babies! ❤

Alissa on

Congrats! Did they say who was pregnant? Just curious. Love the names, well I love all the names, traditional, trendy, off-the-wall, etc. , it’s a parent’s right to name their kid what they want.

Sharon on

I believe Chely carried

Anonymous on

Better you than me…

Jill on

Aww. Congrats! My son’s name is Everett and I am a little worried them naming thier son that will make it popular. 🙂

Sharon on

I couldnt wait for these babies! Congratulations Chely and Lauren…im so happy for you. You deserve so much happiness! Enjoy every moment with your bundles of joy! Beautiful, normal names! Now lets see some pics 🙂

DeeDee on

So happy for them!

Marie on

Congrats! We had twin girls in Nov. So much fun!!

emma on

Congratulations! & thank God they have normal names.

FYI: they make a beautiful couple!

Alice on

I know this isn’t a debate forum, and I don’t mean to stir the pot, but I can’t help but feel sort of bad for the boys. I’m sure they’re great women and will be amazing mothers, but I think every child needs a father. And this is coming from a bisexual woman who is currently in a long term relationship with a woman! I love my dad a lot and can’t imaging having been raised by a single mom or two moms. This is a big fear I have for my own future kids: raising them without a father. This really bothers me because I love my partner and am not willing to break up with her; we have committed to each other for life, but I really want kids and I’m not sure how its going to work out!

Gloria on

I am so happy for Chely and Lauren! Happiest congratulations! Heartfelt wishes for happiness with the boys! I’m proud of you!

Sophia on

Fantastic names! Huge congratulations to Chely and Lauren, and welcome George and Everett x

George Lund on

Congrats to you special ladies. Your going to be awesome parents – lucky kids!!!

Marissa on

Best wishes and much congrats to the new Moms!

Bonnie on

Congratulation to the happy couple. I STLL love Chely’s music and will continue to be a fan.