Maternity Style Rx: Kim Kardashian, We’re Concerned About Your Feet

05/17/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Swollen Feet Givenchy Heels
Broadimage; Inset: FameFlynet

Who: Kim Kardashian

Where/When: Filming reality series in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday

Diagnosis: Swollen pregnant feet in dire need of comfortable flats. We get that the mom-to-be is committed to high fashion, but wearing too-tight shoes — in this case Givenchy’s Albertina Podium Heels — can never be a good thing, especially when your feet have the tendency to swell up (um, third trimester, anyone?).

And yes, a lot of stars wear pumps while expecting, but when it starts to feel like you’re stuffing sausages into casings, it’s time to break out the less sky-high and more roomier options.

Prognosis: Kim, we actually love your Givenchy White Open Sleeve Midi dress with its cool cape-like sleeves. But it would have been nice if you wore it with chic flat sandals — the less straps, the better — so your feet could breathe a little during these last few months. Seriously, they are doing the bulk of the work right now. And do we have to remind you of what they suffered just a couple weeks ago? In the future, make a mental note of the photo you posted on Instagram May 4 (below) whenever you’re putting together outfits.

TELL US: Would you wear feet-cinching heels and flats while pregnant? Or, how would you fix Kim’s footwear problem?

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Kim Kardashian Swollen Feet Heels
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

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Brooklyn on

How can those shoes be comfortable? The first ones look like they are cutting off the circulation in her legs/feet.

Sharon on

Oh my! Coming from someone who had four children and preeclampsia with all four. She needs to get checked out. I know women’s feet swell during pregnancy but that picture with white dress they r huge and that stuff is very dangerous. Both parties health is at risk. This is scary for me to see. Someone really seriously needs to tell her to check in with her doctor and check her blood pressure and etc. I don’t care how much she cares about her fashion, there are some cute shorter heels out there. She’s been ridiculous at this point. She’s got less than 2 months, she needs to relax!

Heidi M on

That is the first thing I thought too, Preeclampsia. Due to the restrictive fashion wear and busy lives, this condition can be overlooked, being attributed to lifestyle. She should definitely take caution and get checked for this condition.

Cheryl on

I’m sure she’s being monitored by her doctors. Mine swelled up three times that size when I was pregnant with my first. I was never at risk for pre-eclampsia; it was just bad water retention.

Jenn on

I had the same exact thought! I had preeclampsia also and what tipped me off was the huge change in the swelling of my feet, she should slow down and take care of that baby

jujubeet on

I’m sure she sees her doctor regularly. My feet swelled so badly (nurses said it was the worst they’d seen), and I maintained 90/60 throughout my pregnancy.

hatedbymany on

She has money pretty sure she gets checked out and doctors are very aware of her problems…. Kim is selfish

Nicole on

Kim is so crazy I mean who does this stuff to people when they are yours especially to babies little precouis things omg

Alaina on

Her feet, her body, her baby, her problem. I’m sure Kim KNOWS her feet are swollen & I’m sure she doesn’t care that much about others opinions.
Ultimately I don’t think swollen feet b/c of shoes causes harm to the baby, so whatever. We should keep in mind that this weight gain may be a bit difficult for her to grasp. She’s made all her money based off her looks so I don’t blame her for trying to hold on to it. However, I do wish she’d let Kourtney dress her (she was always so beautifully dressed while pregnant with Mason & Penelope) instead of Kanye.

Reesca on

Finally, People is getting on board with this derp and her “fashion” choices. She looks like a sausage stuffed into a condom and it’s hideous.

Truth on

I’m currently pregnant and will be wearing my heels as long as I am comfortable.

derbot on

As long as it is comfortable…exactly. But does this look comfortable to you?

huh on

This fool is such a jerk. Does she know that we’re all laughing at her while she walks around trying to look like a 400lb sexpot?

Lb on

she’s stupid to not take care of herself.

mala on

UMMMMM…No. I can not even imagine the pain – but the dress is almost cute =D

Summer on

Wearing shoes that tight only make your legs look BIGGER!!! Not to mention they cannot be comfortable in the least. I seems like Kim is still blinded to the fact that she is pregnant and she keeps trying to wear clothes and shoes that would only work on her if she was not pregnant! Get some rubber slippers girl and give your feet a rest!

Kat on

I wore strappy heeled sandals while pregnant, but why would you shove your feet into shoes that don’t fit? They are already going to swell, why cause more damage, it certainly doesn’t look good.

Anonymous on

She is the most unattractive pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. I’ve had 3 babies, and you’ve got to be an arrogant you know what to keep wearing heels like that.

Anonymous on

I agree!!!She thinks she’s all that!!!! I think she is a FONY!!!! AND arrogant!!!!!!

marcy on

She is so frickin dumb.

Lara on

It would be one thing to stuff your swollen feet into something that looked cute, but that looks atrocious!
It’s sad to try so much and completely fail. The pregnant ladies in tank tops, yoga pants, and flip flops actually look much better than Kim.

Mickey on

People should be concerned about the baby being born to this wackadoodle…not what kind of shoes she is wearing!!

Marie on

Yes it is about time for comfortable shoes. Everyone will give you a pass rignt now Kim. It’s okay to be pregnant!

noelle on

Kim is an idiot to be wearing those heels her feet are so swollen they look like they will fall off

Kab on

I think she just does it for attention

diane on

God help that baby. Let’s pray she considers giving it to a good home with caring parents.

Shanta Winzer on

Who in the hell are you to tell her to give her baby away?? Shut up!

kanye on

Really?? so according to you the parents are what? bad, irresponsible druggies

Tia on

Because she made what you deem a fashion no/no that equals her not being a good parent??? There are plenty of people -not just celebrities- who should have considered adoption but turned out to be good parents. You shoul be ashamed

Shannon on

Her attempt to be fashionable is actually making her look ridiculous. Swollen feet look stupid in chic heels. Cut yourself some slack when you’re pregnant! Your body is making a human being! There are plenty of fashionable maternity clothes and cute flats. You can still be cute without looking like a clown.

ginaR on

Leave her alone. Why does People insist on targeting pregnant women (and people in general)?
I am sure Kim K couldn’t give a hoot about what People thinks about her wardrobe. It’s really at the level of bullying at this point. Not cool.

Tara on

Look, I agree the weight should be off limits on a pregnant woman, but she buys $10k/day outfits and she wouldn’t buy them if she didn’t want people to comment on them. I’m sure she thinks they will all be positive but don’t lecture us when we disagree.

Shanta Winzer on

I agree!

Amber on

Can’t stand this woman. I could careless about her feet, the ridiculous way she dresses, or her baby!!

Tanya on

I don’t wear heels now, only on special occasions and never never that high. That cannot be comfy

deeda on

KK really needs to use a surrogate next time!

AL on

Ewwww and OUCH!!! Give it up girl!

Aneta on

Let me preface this by saying I am not a big fan of Kim. However, ladies (and I use this term loosely based on who comments here…) can we please try to stop tearing down other women? I guarantee you all the comments on how she is 400lbs are coming from people that are overweight and not due to PREGNANCY! She looks like she has gained a completely normal amount of weight, she eats healthily, exercises and does not smoke or drink, sounds like a recipe for a healthy pregnancy.

Mel on

Totally agree Aneta! ladies start supporting other women instead of adding to the problem. Curious how many of you actually personally know a celebrity?

Ruby on

A completely normal amount of weight to gain durning pregnancy is between 15 and 20 lbs. She clearly has gained much more, which isn’t a bad thing, until the baby is born and she’s stuck with the extra weight. We can only hope and pray that she’s not drinking or smoking durning this pregnancy, but let’s face it: She’ll see this child as nothing other than this season’s “hottest accessory”. My prayers go out to this child.

Shanni on

Actually, 25-35 pounds is a completely normal amount if weight to gain for an already normal-weight person. If you’re overweight, less… If you’re underweight, more.

Anon on

15-20 pounds? Are you serious?!?! Doctors recommend 25-35 pounds.

TiredMommy on

Her feet have been taking a beating for a while obviously (based on Instagram photos) – long before pregnancy. You can tell because both second toes are starting to stay in permanent contracture (bent) — early hammertoes – Ugh. The curse of looking cute in heels!

Jill on

Get that woman some flip flops!

Emmie on

She is seriously stupid! We all like to look good and stylish, even when pregnant, but not to the degree that we lose all common sense.

guest on

that’s a blood clot waiting to happen…wake up you big bimbo

WTF? on

Totally agree with the person who said she should be following Kourtney’s lead for pregnancy fashion. What I don’t get is WHY isn’t she willing to just CHILL for a few months until the baby arrives, THEN concentrate on getting back into shape and her ridiculous shoes and clothing?? It’s NOT going to be forever!

Brandy on

Can we say a little photo enhancement!!!! Compare the two and there is no way that the inset has not been “touched up”

Momma knows best on

Swollen feet during pregnancy can be a symptom to a much larger problem such as preclamcia or worse yet the Hellp syndrome. It is possible that the baby is in trouble. You can’t assume it’s just a shoe thing.

Chrissy on

I don’t care what she does, it’s her choice and her body, but that looks uncomfortable to painful. I’m a woman, I enjoy fashion just as much as the next person, but I think there’s something strange when you let it dictate your life to this extent. Yes, women have been known to wear painful heels for fashion, but during pregnancy? You can dress well without wearing formal dresses and intricate high heeled sandals. Her choice, but I think she’d be comfier if she just wore some flip flops or sneakers or something along those lines. Get a nice ballet flat. They’re cute and they don’t destroy your feet.

Amy on

Look, I had a friend who was wearing pumps well into her ninth month. But her feet weren’t swollen. When I was pregnant, my feet got larger and I actually had to buy new shoes that were 1/2 size larger. Thankfully the feet went back down to normal size after the baby, but it’s not a given.

If Kim wants to be in pain like this, it’s her business.

Sam on

Kanye probably won’t let her wear comfortable shoes!! These shoes are cutting off her circulation..

Mrs J on

Wow that’s just gross i would understand her in the heels if it were cute and looked nice, but it just isn’t and doesn’t. So why force it it’s not cute at all.

Red on

She’s a joke!

Anonymous on

She is a DORK! I know she loves her high hills but someone needs to knock some sense into her. Kim, you don’t need to wear totaly flat shoes. They do have really cute sandals, shoes with a one inch hill.

Crystal on

I’m sorry but that is disgusting! How she manages to stuff her fat feet into these shoes is beyond me. She has NO CLUE about anything. What is she trying to prove? It’s summer. You can wear chic sandals without looking like your foot is about to break those $3000 shoes. Look @ the plastic. One false move and that shoe is broken. She is so ridiculous and out of touch with reality. Kourtney looked great all throughout her pregnancies but she also looked comfortable. There have been tons of comments and suggestions about her shoe and her wardrobe choices but she hasn’t taken any advice. She continues to put on too little clothing and stuff those sausages, no pig feet, into too little shoes. Get a grip Kim. Oh, and also a clue.

Kayley on

Ballerina flats. Comfortable, variety of colors and styles that match everything and never go out of style.

Connie on

@ the person who said “she needs to give her baby to parents that will care for it” you are an idiot! We have real child abuse issues in this country and children who need loving homes. She may be stupid in her fashion choices but I doubt she will be an abusive parent. She will also have tons of help and will likely bring along plenty of nurses and nanny’s.

Ella-Berella on

I feel Kim’s situation. I lived in high heels with both pregnancies. My feet felt so much better in heels than they did in flats. If I wore flats, I would have to bring a pair of high heels to change in because my feet would hurt! With my first pregnancy I also had terribly bloated feet. They do not hurt but it is kind of weird that you can actually feel the water sloshing around sometimes in your feet! Mainly it just looks bad.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Kim, please wear flat shoes in these final months.
Better for you and the baby to be!

Lisa on

They don’t look good on her and they can’t be comfortable. Why is she bothering?

Callie on

It seems so uncomfortable and besides wearing heels is not good for you anyways as it puts too much stress on your back so wearing uncomfortable shoes and all of that extra weight is definitely not good. She should be comfortable during this time and not worrying about making a fashion stmt. They have so many cute flats these days or at least shoes with a much lower heel

lilith831 on

She simply does now know how to dress.

Crystal on

If I were her I would get some wider shoes. There is no reason she can’t wear cute shoes as long as she does not cause herself injury. Of course, the reason for why she probably feels compelled to up her fashion might have a lot to do with the horrible things people have been saying about her weight and clothes. Get off her back and let her focus on her new family, that alone is going to be a huge adjustment and she does not need the extra stress.

Marci on

To each her own… however, I’m 4 weeks from my due date and even flip flops hurt – I haven’t worn “real” shoes since I was 29 weeks pregnant! She’s absolutely beautiful and can wear whatever makes her happy… I just can’t imagine putting fashion over comfort during pregnancy.

Katie on

I don’t know why she is even bothering with the heels. They do NOT look cute on huge swollen feet anyway. Be comfortable girl!

Nicole on

Who ever said that the inset was retouched. Umm…no…her feet actually look like this…

Ann on

Oh Kim, I understand fashion is your thing but dear you really need to give your feet and ankles a rest and switch to flats. Once the baby is born you can go back to the heels but you are just causing more pain for yourself and your feet than you need to be in at this point.

Tara on

Poor girl I I’ll fitting shoes has cankles and it looks like bread rising past the straps.

Maureen on

I LOVE how all the world’s repressed fashionistas have taken the time to jump on the bully bandwagon, and comment on another woman’s wardrobe choices. I’m sure when you walk down the street people swoon over your personal style choices. And, to “huh”, I’m sure she has too many important things to wonder and think about than whether or not you’re laughing at her.

Tara on

Give me a break Maureen! Everybody else does not wear $8,000 dollar dresses everyday. No one touches Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore (when she was pregnant) she wants the attention so pipe down and read CNN if this bothers you so much.

woodchuck on

Birkenstocks!! And the straps are adjustable…

Moni on

Why so many nasty comments please cut Kim some slack,,this is her first pregnancy,,we all learn from our mistakes this,, is probably the most difficult time for her to adjust to her much fuller figure,,she still looks good and healthy.let her be.

Rachel on

If she is comfortable then other people’s comments don’t matter. Obviously, she is comfortable. People have been talking about her since she started to show and she still does what she wants. Let her be.

Sara on

Why does she wear clothing two sizes too small. Regardless of how much I dislike her work, she is pretty. She chooses such tight unflattering clothing. I do not understand her thinking behind this. Great dress in the pic but way too small..

candoz on


Chel on

My feet hurt just looking at that . . .

Katie on

I think pregnant women are beautiful however the way she dresses is terrible (in my opinion). Her “fashion” choices really do not look well at all on her. They make her look fat and frumpy.

Angel on

Lay off the salt, Kim and prop those feet up much as possible. The more water you drink the better. Then you can wear those heels. 😉

Ann on

evidently Kim would rather endure the pain then give up those hi-heels which is her business…..her toes look all blown up so she needs to dress for comfort than styling and profiling!!!!

UnKnown on

Really people magazine, how pathetic are you getting?

So what if Kim wear high heels while pregnant WHO CARES! So what if any woman want to hear heals while pregnant!

People magazine, start reporting on stuff that REALY MATTERS!!! And stop reporting on who wears what crap!

And leave kim alone!

Hea on

She must have a screw loose. Who would willingly put their feet through that?

rlb237 on

I hate wearing heels and I’m not even pregnant so I can’t imagine how painful this likely is, but it’s her choice. So what if she wants to wear heels, that’s what she likes to wear.

And I think she looks GREAT in that white dress. She’s certainly learned how to dress her body as she goes into her last trimester.

Anonymous on

Looks like she is developing toxemia and will only get worse towards the end.

kitty62862 on

High quality, springy sole sneakers.

Seriously, the odds of falling are sky high; not to mention the likelihood of permanent damage to her ankles, knees, and hips, that she won’t even realize for a while.

She’s doing it because the heels minimize the appearance of the swelling.

Bad move. Wise up.

NW Mama on

Wow, those feet need some serious help. She is so stuck on herself image, she wears heels to be taller, so she doesn’t look bigger. Shheesh, YOUR pregnant, your body changes and you need to embrase it and wear comfy clothes and shoes. Her belly always looks different in every photo I’ve seen of her, she needs to stop wrapping her belly when she wears tight clothes. Let that poor baby be comfy even though it will infringe on your tacky style.

Anonymous on

Ever heard of pitting edema? This is not a good sign…

mcarrion on

Kim just doesn’t want 2 admit or face the fact that she is very pregnant. She still sees herself as a non-pregnant woman… I’ve been pregnant and have had swollen feet also. Trust me, it HURTS!!!!!…..

MLanders on

What everyone seems to be missing is that the shoes aren’t too tight….Ms. K is retaining water in her last trimester. I hope her ob is advising wise choices in her diet and reclining with feet higher than the heart. Hopefully her blood pressure is within safe limits and monitored daily.

Anonymous on

It makes my feet hurt just looking at those photos! I’ve had three babies and worked in the corporate world where suits/heels were expected, but towards the end, WOW, there was no way I was cramming my feet into heels! Not only the comfort factor, but the bigger your belly gets, your balance is thrown off! By month 7, comfort should trump “looking good”, and she’s accomplishing neither of those things. Kim, lie down on the couch, put your feet up and drink some water…

diane on

keep your feet up n off the floor more often. don’t wear heels while pregnant.. wear comfort shoes with NO heels.. but keep your feet off the floor longer everyday.. swollen feet aren’t good for you.. and also you need to wear loose maternity clothes, not stretch dress or top. nooo.. wear loose comfortable maternity clothes.. t’care.

Anonymous on

My feet/legs hurt just looking at it.

SKG on

Has Kim realized that she is pregnant? Wow…nothing left to the imagination in that body hugging dress. Poor baby probably can’t breath. She’s just making a complete mockery of herself. Poor Kanye.

Anonymous on

Hope she doesen’t fall !!

Elaine on

My SIL had swollen feet like that and didn’t wear heels. She also gave birth at 30 weeks so I would be concerned there are hidden health issues here. I am not a fan of her by any means but she really needs to sit and put her legs up so the swelling will go down.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

I should stop clicking on KK because of the hate that’s spewed in the comments. It’s like a trainwreck — I can’t believe people have these things in their hearts to say about a stranger. I don’t care who she is, it doesn’t make sense to be that hateful about her.

valeskas on

She is a grown woman, who should know what’s best for her.

MEG on

She has got to be the most disgusting pregnant woman I have ever seen. and I have NOT seen many!! Most pregnant woman look radiant…. what happened here?

Kaumudi on

What is the need to wear high heels when you KNOW that they are killing your posture and balance, not helping the swelling on your feet and increasing health hazards when you are that big in your pregnancy?? Obviously Kim Kardashian doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

robin on

So much money…so little taste.

Lisa T on

200 lbs at 5′ 2″ is NOT healthy. What is it, a 40 lb fetus? Her feet look like pigs hooves. She has no one to blame but herself for the continued scrutiny. Her unsafe and ridiculous pregnancy fashion choices are only an indication of how stupid she really is. Sure, you have money sweetie, but shiz for brains. Buy yourself a clue.

dieann on

Time to wear sandles

Dawn on

I have no problem with her wearing the high heels, but she is retaining water, that could not be very comfortable. Not all women retain water during pregnancy, I did not and wore 4 inch heels, but after my second child, could never wear heels again. To be honest with you, the heels were the most comfortable, I could not wear flats when pregnant. I guess it is gets too uncomfortable, she will start wearing flats. Her feet, right?

Amanda on

Normally I would say it’s disgusting to critique every single thing a pregnant woman wears, but there is nothing this woman wouldn’t do for attention, so IMO she brings all this on herself. How vain do you have to be to be wearing heels like this while you’re pregnant and your feet are very obviously swollen? Nothing matters to her except fame, money, and looks. I feel sorry for her kid.

Anonymous on

Holy cankle sausage toes

Mert on

This is about the dumbest broad I have ever seen, PREGNANT. She only cares about herself. She has no sense of style while pregnant. Why is she so set in FASHION, she’s pregnant for goodness sake. Is she embarrased to be PREGNANT. That’s what it looks like to me. And her boyfriend K. West, doesn’t he care how she looks….and doesn;t he care about his CHILD…what she eats and wears affects that CHILD. I am so tired of the both of them, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! What she did to be so public makes me sick in itself!!!!! The entire family…..get out of the papers, television and any other media outlet, PLS!!!

Mary on

There are plenty of cute flat shoes, and flip flops. She only seems concerned about how she looks, not the baby.

Cris on

This entire “bully” issue with the Kardashians absolutely baffles me. This family makes a living off of publicity…that is their “job”! Their job is to put themselves out into the limelight to be noticed. Without publicity and acknowledgement, they’re unemployed. The problem is the K Klan only wants to be adored and admired, for no reason other than their ever growing egos. I’m sorry, but if an entire family forces themselves onto the public, living entirely off of undeserved fame, the YES they will be criticized. Kim is not being “bullied” because she’s pregnant, she is being criticized because her pregnancy perfectly demonstates just how vapid, vain and self involved she really is. Until the Kardashians develope real talent or contribute SOMETHING worthwhile, the criticism will continue. As it should. Nothing will ever be done about this family until enough people express their displeasure. If they have the right to force their presence upon me, everywhere I turn, I’m going to damn well have an opinion!

marsha on

Shes an idiot!!!

axis on

Her brains may be also swollen. Poor baby.

oneeggcream on

You’re so vain, you probably think this songs about you!!!
Get over yourself already!
Try and have some class!!
Impossible, I know!!!

kayaker83 on

Ouch and gross

AnonAnon on

Many of you don’t realize that people who wear heels daily CANNOT wear flats due to their feet conforming to the high heel style. Think of it like this: many of us that wear flats cannot stand wearing heels for very long because our feet are not accustomed/are uncomfortable. The same goes for those wearing heels that choose a pair of flats, they’re uncomfortable. Sure, they look uncomfortable for her but we aren’t the ones in them, are we?

Les on

No one with a brain would continue to wear shoes like this. Too bad she is just a moronic label-whore. Wait until she realizes that once you have kids, your feet get wider. LOL

Julie on

Please put on some comfortable shoes, they don’t have to be librarian shoes but give your feet a break. To those like “huh” the swollen feet happen if your a 100lb or 200lb Mom to be. I would never criticize someone elses maternity style even if I don’t like it. But for her tootsies, legs and circulation, maybe give them a little room to breath.

Jill on

Kim, stay home, take off the shoes and get those feet up. Retaining fluid will increase your blood pressure and that’s never a good thing. There is no place you need to be that is more important than the health of you and your baby.

kira on

she was certainly blessed with ugly feet! she needs to lay off the shoes!

Lali on

She just tries to hard to be on the spot she looks like a pig and she’s probably scare she won’t have her body bak and stop being famous … but nobody really cares about you kim kartrashian!!!

joan on

I have no problem with her weight, but why does she force her feet into those shoes? its not worth it…

Sue on

she should stop trying to be so cutesy and just be comfortable. besides, women who are pregnant have a tendency to swell up. Get some flats, some comfy stretch pants and a blousey top. Who are you trying to impress anyway??? You should be more concerned about the growing baby inside of you and not how good you think you look because you look like you are in pain.

bkable on

My feet hurt just looking at it! Time for the runners!

Anonymous on

Uh….I’d do the flip flops Kim! Jeez!

georgia on

No, those shoes are not comforatable and not safe..once your feet swell like hers are, you lose the feeling and they just feel numb, like you’re walking on two globs of she could easily twist an ankle, etc..then..when you take the shoes off, and the blood rushes to your feet, it hurts sooooo bad..if you’ve never been in that position, no way can you understand what I’m saying..guys???? so, Kim knows all this and still wears the shoes she does..and I think that she honestly thinks she looks good in those bad outfits she wears! and I think that she thinks she is the first pregnant lady to dress chic…and that she is setting an important pregnancy style..for all other pregnant ladies to follow! not!!!!!!! just my opinon…she just looks so tacky…and so fat..sorry, I know she’s preganant..been there done that..and I was fat, too..but, think I hid mine in an acceptable way..but, trust me,…she’s fat..and going to get much heavier before her baby is born…I believe that Kanye is probably a little embarrassed by her appearance..I would think that she would want to be remembered for having a romantic, pregnancy style..(to late for that, though).not remembered for looking like a stuffed sausage, as someone els has said!

Stephanie on

Hypertension much?

Mandy on

I love the way people swear they hate KK….but yet you take the time out of your day to comment on a pic of her! I am 6 months pregnant and wish I looked half as good as she does. Apparently some have forgotten the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

Megan on

OWWWIIIIEEE!!! Restricting circulation can actually cause LOTS of problems, including blood clots that can lodge into your lung (yeah Kim!!!! ) I would hope that she will go see one of her overpaid on call Dr’s so he can tell her she IS putting herself and her baby at risk. Not too mention the risk of falling and breaking your ankle, falling on your belly, trying to go through labor/delivery newborn care with a broken foot… lol. I mean seriously; your shoes do NOT have to be 6 inches high to be fashionable, heels are not the only fashionable shoe Kimmy! Show us some of that (ahem) fashion creativity you have that you worked so hard at to get where you are today. I mean being in a sex tape does include fashion right? Maybe they had the Dash logo somewhere

Jessica on

I don’t think we should be commenting on how her shoes look on swollen pregnant feet because anybody who has been pregnant before knows that you don’t start your day with your feet looking like that! It happens when you’ve been up and around for a long time and you never know if your feet will swell up every day or not anyway. Give the poor girl a break! Everyone needs to stop commenting and criticizing the way she dresses while preggers. Let her wear what she wants and stop trying to make her feel bad about what she decides.

Guest on

please why so many negative comments abt, Kim please cut her some slack,,she has the right and freedom to dress and wear whatever she chooses,,lm sure she is receiving the best healthcare advice for herself and baby,,l just feel people are being way to cruel and negative towards this women and her baby,,l wish her the best,,,keep your head up high Kim the best is yet to come!!

Anonymous on

I guess no one has ever had swollen feet. It is quite possible when she put her shoes on in the morning her feet were not swollen and throughout the day they began to swell and she had no choice but to walk in them until she could change them. Give the girl a break. I think she always looks well put together and is enjoying her pregnancy and she is HAPPY!

Jay on

I would think she will look back at this and say “what was I thinking??” Or at least I hope she does.

sharon clarke on

SERIOUSLY girl u r headed to the hospital for complete bed rest if u do not smarten up – FORGET THE FLIPPIN HEALS AND USELESS STRAPS…….FASHION BE DAMNED who cares the health and welfare of your unborn child should be your one and only priority……..heels do not make the mom – as a soon to be mom there are lots of “stylish” shoes probably more comfortable for a pregnant woman to wear that you should invest in and WEAR!!!

Anon on

she always has to come first.. shes now putting herself first before her child. what kind of mother would do that?

Megan on

I have swollen feet due to an ankle issue, and shoving swollen shoes into shoes HURTS!!! Her dress is rockin, but the painful shoes such a distraction! I love the comment about her trying to look like a 400 lb sex pot. Seriously!? She is like 5’nothing….she prob STILL weighs under 150 lol… And when you’re pregnant you ARE a sexpot DUH. I’m sure her sisters will stage some kind of “intervention” for the show… make fun of her until she stops!

Anonymous on

I just cant believe she looks that bad. She needs to wear maternity clothes, they are maternity for a reason. Its all just BAD

Anonymous on

im glad she is committed to something


KIM!!!!!! Toxzeima!!! be careful…this is how it starts

Jessica on

I don’t care for Kim and think she dresses so the bump is showed horribly. However, this is the best I’ve seen her. As for the shoes….if you look close to the blown up pic and compare to the regular it sort of looks like they added swelling. You can see some swelling in the regular pic but it doesn’t look that bad…especially her foot in the back. Like I said…I don’t care for her so if the media makes fun it’s on her but at least leave the picture honest.

Vicki on

I love heels and wore them nine months pregnant…but in the last trimester I bought a half size larger. Believe me it’s worth it. Give them to a friend or charity after you’ve had the baby. Your feet will appreciate it and so will your friend. ha

Terri J on

Is it me or she just ignorant?

JC on

Looks like she has a few corns on those toes of hers. wonder why she doesnt have them taken care of.

Phyllis on

I’m sorry but it’s not just her shoes that are too tight.. She looks like a sausage in stuffing.. We know that she’s pregnant, but I’m sure that dress is extremely uncomfortable… I remember when I was pregnant, anything that was tight across my stomach was very uncomfortable and really made me miserable…The heck with fashion, you are pregnant and don’t need all those tight dresses and shoes, this is a time to be comfortable and you can still look fashionable and not look like a sausage.. If I remember correctly her sister looked stylish but didn’t stuff herself in overly tight clothing and shoes.. She should take a lesson from her sister…

MIchelle on

I wore heels my entire first pregnancy but I NEVER had ANY swelling. I’m currently pregnant with my second child and my feet have been swelling and I wear nothing but flats! It is her choice but honestly I do not know how she survives being so uncomfortable. She’s going to kick herself someday- pregnancy is uncomfortable enough- there’s no reason to torture yourself!

bnwsmile on

This is Kim’s Karma. Sad 😦

superwomanaj on

She looks like she has toxemia; that is not good. More than concern for the type of shoes she’s wearing, I’m concerned about her overall pregnancy health.

Anonymous on


Lia N on

So, Im not buying the zoomed in photo…It made it look like she has some mega cankles, but if you look at photo not zoomed in, her ankles do look swollen but not enough to look like cankles.

On another note, her squeezing her foot into something isnt hurting the baby, if she’s comfortable then let her be.

Kim on

And she’s going to be a mother! Frightening!!

Has-Common-Sense on

Thereis nothing wrong with wanting to be cute while pregnant, but she needs to take her swollen feet seriously. Swollen feet can be brought on by numerous health issues while being pregnant. She needs to choose her foot wear better and use common damn sense. Just sad that she rather be fashionable than comfortable during her third trimester.

Michelle on

Used to wear shoes like that. Pregnancy, foot surgeries and age changed that. By the time she gets to my age, she will regret it.

Julie on

All the money this chick has and her toes/feet look hideous!! YUCK!!

Kim on

It’s obvious this girl does not care whatsoever how she looks. Sad……

c on

even with a beautiful outfit like the one she has on, when you look at her feet, they make her look ugly!

LOL! on

Nobody ever accused her of being smart and frankly she’s never been that pretty either!


Everyone needs to let this woman enjoy her pregnancy. At the end of the day she has to deal with it and not anyone else.

Joy on

Really Kim? I can’t stand her. Whats wrong with her. You’re pregnant with your precious baby. What’s more important, baby or fashion. Good Lord!

Terri on

She’s insane. It is all about the Birks and flip flops. They actually make attractive flats and flip flops these days.

Anonymous on

Oh wow, she has toxemia. Better quit wearing the tight crap, drink a lot of water and STAY HOME and sit down!!

Anonymous on

This is how to fix her feet problems: FLIP FLOPS!

Gin on

I wouldn’t be surprised if she put heels on her little girl.

Punkie on

The fact that her feet are that swollen is an indication she needs to go up a size and put her feet up! This girl cannot catch a break!

mayra germosen on

because of the weight are causing this problem she should wear shoes more confortable

Fran on

It’s not the heels that are causing the swelling to that extent……it’s the weight gain! Her feet/legs are far to swollen to be healthy. Can someone knock some sense in to her?? She is really hurting herself and by extention the baby.

kris on

I am 9 months pregnant and have been suffering from swelling since month 7 and ill be the first to admit that your feet swell regardless what shoes you wear! Yes, i can no longer wear heels because my feet grew and no longer fit inside them but they also dont fit any of my ballet flats, sandlas, or slippers. Kim K’s feet could’ve been fine that morning so she chose those heels but then they got swollen later that day. Stop being so judgmental of pregnant women!

Anonymous on

Stop being an idiot and put some sandals on, Kim. Who are you trying to impress anymore? You’re pregnant so embrace it for God’s sake and the people who are saying mind your own business need to shut up already. She’s in the public eye because she WANTS to be. This is the only way she can get publicity.. by wearing outrageously dumb things to get photographed. Kardashians are finally phasing OUT.

guest on

Wrong. Not concerned about her feet or anything else on her.

jenna on

In all honesty and seriousness, I think she is a sociopath. She doesn’t show emotion unless it is scripted for tv or an interview, she has no friends, and obviously only cares about Kim and staying afloat in the world of fame.

Also, she seems to be missing a conscience entirely because she has already put the child at risk so many times by flying in late pregnancy, not resting and taking a break, especially with so much water retained which like another font said was dangerous. It’s like she does not give a sh** about the child or the pregnancy coming to term, she was always boohooing and having the poor-me’s when Kourt had Mason saying ‘I want a baby, I want a baby etcetc’ Well now she’s gonna have one of her own and she is miserable

Honestly, she is messed up in the head, and Kris standing behind her cheesing and showing off that 30$ phone cover that anyone can get on amazon is kind of weird and tasteless. Kris probably said those shoes looked great on her too.

And I find it sickening that she chases Kanye all over the globe – he could be the one jetsetting if they aren’t going to live together – she’s pregnant and DUMB to put up with this and chase after this guy.

Fredricka on

If you really look at the picture of her feet on her and the one in the circle they are not alike, look at the shadow. You can seek the muscle on her left foot…..I may not like watching her but really people stop with the doctoring of the photos!

rosa on

Ultimately it is each person’s choice to dress the way they wish during pregnancy, with that being said, there are so many pretty flowing maternity tops these days and cute jeans legging etc, a woman can look very beautiful while pregnant no matter how big she gets. However, trying to prove a point by wearing designer nonmaternity dresses makes a person look ridiculous. Pregnancy is a time to feel beautiful and anticipate becoming a mother, not being selfabsorbed and trying to wear designer clothes and be all sexy….not the priority for that short time of a person’s life.

Mommy on

Get the girl a pair of flip flops and call it a day.

fan on

More worried about her HEALTH! Feet this swollen during pregnancy means lots of different complications!
Put your feet up kimmy,STOP traveling all over place.

Sarah on

That’s what you’re concerned about??? I’m concerned about her wearing white with that big caboose she’s lugging around…

SHT on

I wore heels in to my 3rd trimester, but I didn’t have swollen feet. Some women have a difficult time understanding they may have to change their lifestyles temporarily. Maybe that’s what she’s going through. They’re her feet, her baby, and her life. Personally, if me feet were that swollen, no, I would not wear those shoes, but everyone is different.

Vicki on

Is it just me or does the inset picture look photoshopped (in the white dress)? While I understand they zoomed in, her feet do not look that puffy or that smooth in the original picture.

Katie on

Geez Kim, give your feet a break! My feet and ankles were swollen the last few months of my pregnancy–flip flops and strechy flats became my best friends. Nothing else fit! I get her need to feel “glamorous” or whatever since that’s her image, but she should cut herself some slack. IMO, pregnancy is the one time when you can really take it easy fashion wise and most people wouldn’t dare question it.

Sierra on

Um, yeah, wear flats and wear compression like Preggers – my doc recommended them and they have done wonders.

Lori on

Lets talk safety. being pregnant is not easy for anyone. our bodies change we lose our balance more often, things shift its life. to continue to put yourself and your baby in harms way is just beyound stupid. there are so many pretty other type shoes she could be wearing that would make her very swollen feet feel better our bodies are already in a strain why push it. I never wore heels when I was pregnant just out of concern for the safety of my babies. you can’t fix stupid!!!!!

Toni on

People are so rude and downright mean. Leave Kim alone. This is Kim’s first pregnancy and all I ever see is bullying behavior from these stories. Kim needs to be encouraged and not ridiculed. Pregnant women have enough to go through and comments like the ones below are not helping in any way. It’s time to stop and get a life.

Kim on

Her choice. Her problem. Her pain. If she ever has another child in the future, maybe she’ll be smart enough to remember this and how being pregnant drastically changes a woman’s body.

Catca on

I agree with the article, I’m actually kindof loving her white dress and think it’s very flattering on her. As for the shoes, they’re cute but they do look silly when they don’t fit. But they’re not that bad and while they look uncomfortable, they certainly don’t look tight enough to cut off circulation so I’ll actually give her a thumbs up on this outfit. She’s worn some other things that I thought were hideous but I love this one.

Dany on


Every woman who’s ever given birth has had days, weeks even where/when their feet look like that – LOL – that swell like that – especially this far along – whether they were in sandals or tennis shoes – sheesh!

I am not Kardashian fan, but Damn People – Leave Her Be!!!

Lisa on

She looks like a huge MOOSE! I predict she’ll NEVER lose all the weight she’s packed on,,

Lori on

am no fan, lost all of that when they had the smell off of each others hoohoo’s. before we sit in judgement on them or any other person take a long hard look in the mirror. WE ALL HAVE FAULTS. end of that. its her life her business lets all lead our own lives and mind our own business shall we.

Kar on

The inset pic is quite obviously photoshopped. Leave the poor girl alone.

Anonymous on

It’s important to be “cool” at all costs, you know?

Betty on

Her toes look sore and painful.


Take a doctor’s advice:

Footwear in pregnancy
Your feet increase in size during pregnancy due to water retention in the legs. Also, pregnant women are prone to falling and tripping due to changes in the centre of gravity and dynamics. For these reasons flat and low-heeled shoes are ideal. Backless shoes made of flexible material can accommodate changes to your feet.

Heather on

The zoomed in photo of her feet is different, the shadow is on the opposite side and its different?

Lu on


Heather on

The zoomed in picture is different, the shadow is on the opposite side

Simone on

I feel so sorry for that baby! If she can’t embrace her pregnancy and the fact that her body is changing what do you think is going to happen once that baby is born?
Can you imagine her with a little spit up on her shoulders? I can’t!


Footwear in pregnancy
Your feet increase in size during pregnancy due to water retention in the legs. Also, pregnant women are prone to falling and tripping due to changes in the centre of gravity and dynamics. For these reasons flat and low-heeled shoes are ideal. Backless shoes made of flexible material can accommodate changes to your feet.

Lonnie on

Victoria Beckham ruptured a disc in her back while pregnant with her last child because of heels and she is tiny.

Meb on

Anything for attention. The photo she posted on instagram should be warning enough to her to change what she puts on her feet!! It is all for the publicity, which she certainly seems to attain and crave. The entire family is just starved for attention!

LuLu on

She’s an idiot. Then again, maybe she’s not. Afterall, here we area all talking about Kim Kardashian’s feet! Maybe we’re the idiots! Heck, she doesn’t care what we say or think about her as long as we’re talking about her.

CM on

Honestly, whatever makes a pregnant woman feel comfortable and happy. I’m just at a loss as to why she would want to wear those shoes.

candice on

This is just hideous, she is just getting really big and think that she will only look cute in dresses and heels. Meanwhile she can look much better in something comfier bc this just looks foolish, let alone painful. Nothing attractive about this look that’s for sure

Janet Burns on

Could it be that perhaps that idiot baby daddy does not permit her to wear any other shoes or clothes and THIS is why she dresses like she does? Did anyone ever stop to think about that? Not that I would ever listen to that jerk but obviously she does…..

lisah2012 on

She is an idiot. I am 3 months pregnant with my third child and I have never worn heels with any of my pregnancies. My feet are already swollen. Tennis shoes and occasionally flip flops are what I wear. She should be more worried about her health and the babies health than how she looks. I wonder if she realizes people are laughing at her.

Ella on

I don’t know why people hate on her so much. It’s her body and her feet. If she wants to wear uncomfortable looking shoes to feel beautiful, then let her.

boohoobytch on

she’s as dumb as she looks

Mary J on

Look at the photo closer…’s been photoshopped. The shadow on the ground isn’t even the same

Anonymous on

I agree w/the peeps who are concerned about her baby. She is not taking care of herself….while her swollen feet are not affecting the baby…it may also be a symptom of eating too much salt. It pains me to see her doing this when Khloe longs for a child and I think Khloe would have embraced all aspects of her pregnancy.

K&S on

She is about a dumb ass! to walk around thinking she looks fucking cute when she looks a hot mess with them shoes. she need to get her shit together because its not going to be about her trying to look like she is a young chick any more. i hope she don’t dress her child like she do!

klutzy_girl on

It’s takes a “special” kind of person to want to try and continue to be a sex kitten during pregnancy.

Adra Maxwell-Flowers on

OMG-those are her feet!?!!?!? All that money and they look like that! (yikes) She’s too busy trying to still be cute. She’s more concerned about her appearance than her pregnancy… of course that’s just my opinion!

Mel on

She has become more of a laughingstock since getting involved with Kanye West and getting pregnant than ever before. To me, she has lost any fashion sense she ever had and seems to be letting Kanye dictate what she wears. I don’t care if you wear heels while you’re pregnant but good grief!!!

Mary on

Is it just me or does she look like Octomom?

Anonymous on

Dear Kim, you’re an idiot!

amy on

Did anyone stop to think that maybe she knows exactly what she’s doing? We’re talking about her, no? I have seen these same pictures in almost all of the celebrity magazines, and she even made the front page of some news websites. Her whole business is built around her relationship with the media and the paparazzi, that’s how she stays relevant. And we’re all fools who fall for this (including myself). She knows exactly what she’s doing, she’s getting attention because in her world any type of attention is good attention and attention=$$$$$ for her and her family.

wendy on

OMG! I cannot believe what I am reading. Why do women have to trash other women! I am not really a Kim fan, but picking on a pregnant lady is hitting below the belt. I did not wear shoes like this while I was pregnant, but I agree that a pregnant woman with swollen feet should be wearing comfortable shoes. Who are we to judge someone else? Are you all perfect? I find it hard to believe that women are saying she should give her kid up for adoption and what a terrible mother she will make! Do you know her? I know she is materialistic, but that does not mean she will be a bad mother. Shame on all of you for judging anyone! Do you sit at the right hand of God?

Scarlett on

I always wore heels with all my pregnancy’s, I wore them to the hospital in labor, however I wore shoes that fit, and were comfy. There is nothing wrong with wearing heels, just make sure they fit and aren’t cutting off circulation.

GeePee on

She is just so attention hungry – she knew her feet would blow up like hot air balloons when she put those on. She just wants everyone to pity her because she’s pregnant…poor kid!!!

Anonymous on

i thing kim is an ass because she is studyin style an not her baby if she fall wareing those heals she can lose the baby an i am a mother of three so i know what i am talkin about the most stupid people are celebs not all but some

Anonymous on

she is so vain

elvira walker on

Whenever a person wears shoes that are too tight, whether pregnant or not, the water is going to pool there, especially. if she has been consuming too much sugar and salt.

Abbie on

It is her right to wear whatever she wants, but that looks sooooo painful. It doesn’t look fashionable when your feet or pouring out of the heals. Even Jessica Simpson admitted there was a point in her 1st pregnancy where she had to give up the heals.

Casey on

I wore heels till I couldn’t anymore. Mine never quite got that swollen, but yes- to be appealing to the eye she should just spare the heels and drop to some flats. Her poor feet have to be killing here. Drink a lot of water and put those feet up Kimmy!

Anonymous on

can’t fix stupid

melissa on

I work as a massage therapist and what is alarming is no one is warning her that there is a trigger point on the outside of her ankle that can induce uterine contractions! Three finger widths above the ankle….don’t put pressure there!!

Renee on

Can’t fix stupid!

KER on

Time to lay off the potato chips (and other high sodium foods) and go for the comfortable flat shoes. And yes, I realize that sounds matronly but surely this lady can afford something nice in a flat shoe?

Kaye on

Some people may believe it may not cause issues to the baby per say, but it can cause issues with her body. When I was pregnant with my son, I was so swollen, I could not even wear flip flops. I was in such pain from even walking. The swelling is a concern because of blood clots. It is a serious thing, esp., when you wear shoes that are not appropriate during pregnancy.

Robin on

She is the definition of someone who cares too much about what people think. When women are in their third trimester, they should tone it down a little and take one for the team (fashionably) and wear some darn comfy shoes. Walking around in heels and tight fitting dresses like that CANNOT be comfortable! She needs to just not care about what the paparazzi think or what the magazines say and just enjoy being pregnant. Break out the sweatpants woman!

dave on

they are not feet, they are hoof’s of a pig!

sabina on

those are not her feet, look closely

dave on

they are hoof’s of a pig

Jessica Johnson on

When I was pregnant I was introduced to Crocs, Thankfully I’m not a celebrity who wants to look fashionable, but I’d probably still just wear anything comfortable.

Anonymous on

I’m so concerned for her… Wearing shoes worth thousands of dollars. It must be such a hard life!!

Anonymous on

those are not her feet, look at shadows

Lynn on

to “huh” who said “This fool is such a jerk. Does she know that we’re all laughing at her while she walks around trying to look like a 400lb sexpot?” yes, she’s laughing too-all the way to the bank.

i can’t stand this family at all, and i’m sick of seeing her plastered on the cover of every magazine. i did see a picture of her (on a magazine cover) in a bikini and she looked great (as much as i hate to admit it). it’s just when she tries to squeeze herself into clothes that are too small that she looks, as you put it “400lbs”.

but people, please do me a favor and stop watching that “show” and stop buying the magazines with that family in them or they will never go away!

Cris on

Exactly! I posted a comment for the first time on this site because I’m sick and tired of seeing this family everywhere I look; everywhere I turn they’re there! The Kardashian’s are a “novelty” that I wish would fade out. There are so many more interesting, talented, relevant people out there…

Ruth on

She became so ugly…I can’t wait to see the kanye west face baby.

KHI on

You have got to be kidding me – this the most read story – one about Kim Kardashian’s bloated feet? SMH

Anonymous on

She looks so funny! It’s just hilarious seeing her as such a butterball. She is so easy to ridicule because she is so hated for her lack of humanity. her baby daddy is just as nauseating.

Teri on

People thought Snooki was going to be a terrible mother. She is a great mom and I think Kim would be a great mom too.

mich on

Ew. I hate her she is such a stupid whale

Ashley on

I’d give her a dash of common sense. Be comfortable for crying out loud!

kristi on

oh gosh its her first pregnancy i mean she could have not had swollen feet when she put them on duh! and threw out the day the swelled (i’m 8 months pregnant) no matter what u wear ur shoes hurt and flats are worse! i mean why not be fashionable! leave her alone i mean her weight now her shoes jeez ppl its not right to bust on a pregnant woman.

karen on

That looks painful – preggo or not.

Sabrina on

She’s ridiculous. For her, it’s ALL about Kim and only Kim. If she thinks she’s making herself look sexy by still dressing like this, she’s mistaken.

avil on

Folks she is only 5 feet tall and without heels looks like a baby hippo…so soon the baby hippo will have a little gorilla.(looks just like babydada)

Janey on

I don’t know why someone would do that to themselves, it doesn’t look good.

Jana C on

She is selfish and only cares about herself and how she looks.Hopefully she will hire a nanny that takes better care of her baby.

Mama on

How much cuter would she look in a maxi dress with cute flats? I’ve had 2 babies and been so uncomfortable during my pregnancies. Why make it worse by squeezing into clothes and shoes that don’t fit?

Anonymous on

She is trying so hard to be fashionable and in the meantime she ends up looking ridiculous. The swollen feet must be cutting off the circulation to her brain.

Jean on

What ugly looking feet. Kim better get Botox for those tooties.

JF on

It’s hard to believe that someone who is so much into fashion like KK doesn’t know any better. Everyone should know and/or understand if they don’t already, when you are overweight and/or pregnant, the tighter the clothes and shoes the bigger you look. Fashion has gotten really nice for maternity clothes. With all the money they have, she should by clothes for the occasion instead of trying to fit into clothes that are not for the current situation.

Ame on

I don’t know how her “team” of people can let her go out in public dressed this way. She is taking a beautiful thing like pregnancy and making it a freahshow. I guess that’s what she’s known for anyway. I am hoping she’ll go away like Paris Hilton and every other uneducated, untalented self absorbed fool.

Charli on

Her feet look like sausages stuffed into casing. She needs to put on some les constricting shoes.

maryhelenc on

That can be a circulatory problem and foot massages can trigger labour in the third trimester, so she should probably lay off the shoes. Squishing one’s feet into shoes can cause serious problems later on, not to mention she could trip and hurt herself and the baby. I’m not going to be one of these people who are gonna trash her fashion sense, but I worry about how sore she must be @ the end of the day.

Cassie on

Extremely immature and selfish behavior! Her balance is not secure with the extra weight and hormones making it very risky to the baby for her to wear these heels. If she falls the baby could DIE!!!! Lame, lame, lame……shameful. You’re a mother now, when will you start thinking about someone other than yourself?

Anonymous on

I’m calling the stupid airhead,anyone who’s a mother or to don’t wear crappy heels like that when you are expecting and you wear flat shoes or sandals (oops,repeated myself),I never wore those when I was pregnant with my son,she’s terriable

RJ on

Is anyone not concerned that she could have pre-eclampsia.

Anonymous on

As I read some of these comments I only have one question why do people give a rats ass to anything that’s going on in her life. Judge not unless you are ready to be judged yourself

Tracy on

Dear Lordy…during my second pregnancy, my feet were even worse…I resorted at the very end to house shoes! I don’t care WHO you are…that looks horrible…and near preeclamptic! She needs to slow down…elevate her feet…rest a little more…and stop squeezing into ridiculous outfits. Her sister looked so cute…I don’t understand this woman! You can look good and be comfortable!!

Amelia on

If she doesn’t want to wear flats she can always go to Givenchy and the other high fashion designers to custom make a pregnancy friendly heel?? I mean she is ubber rich and highly famous I’m sure they can accomodate her and the other celebs that still want to wear heels during pregnancy!

wolfpacka42 on

When I was pregnant last year I was able to wear high heels till about the 6th month mark. After that it was manily flip-flops and sometimes snearker for me. My feet at about the 6th month mark started to swell up and my back started to bother me. I think that Kim has reached the point to put the high heel sandals to the back of the closet and reach for the flip-flops till after she gives birth. Yes I love wearing high heel sandals too. When I am not pregnant I will wear high heel sandals for about 3 days of the week, sneakers for about 2 days of the week and flip-flops/t-strap sandals for the rest. As for Kim’s Little White Dress its very nice and looks summerly. But do your self a favor and put away the high heels till after you give birth. Its starting to look bad.

Anonymous on

She is a Kardashian and many of few who put the D in DUH!! She thinks she is all that and a box of chocolate’s but sorry I can’t stand any of the women Kardashians but their brother seems to be down right and honest!!

wolfpacka42 on

While I was pregnant last year I was able to wear high heels till about the 6th month mark. After that it was manily flip-flops and sneakers for me. My feet swelled up thus making the high heels too tight. Also my back started to bother me. I think that its time for Kim to put the high heel sandals to the back of the closet till after she gives birth. My doctor told me that its OK to wear high heels till about the 5th or 6th month. Normally I wear high heel sandals for 3 days of the week, sneakers for 2 days of the week and flip-flops/t-strap sandals for the rest. Kim’s Little White Dress looks very nice and summerly. Do your self a favor and put away the high heels till after you give birth. Its starting to look really bad and you have to be in pain.

katty on

I love KK and I don’t mind her shoes – perhaps she needs to go up a size bigger while pregnant because those just look 3 sizes to small. Her feet are too swollen.

Watcher on

Beyond her strange choice of clothes and worrisome choice of shoes is my concern for her health and the health of her child. When I was pregnant, the mother’s weight gain was strictly monitored. Actually, too much! Later, dear old Father Medicine decided that it was more beneficial to add a little more pounds. (I was only about 114 pounds, but was ordered not to gain more than 20-25 pounds. Today, these gals make HUGE gains of 50, 70, even 100 pounds. This is NOT good for the mother or the baby. There is a much greater risk of complications and for difficulties in delivering babies which are actually much bigger than they need to be. There should be a happy medium, ladies!

Dorie on

Good Lord!! She’s cutting off her circulation on her feet AND not to mention suffocating her baby with tight clothes!!

andi j on

She has cankles!

Nicole on

Seriously is there nothing more newsworthy to report on? First the media has literally become bullies over a woman struggling to dress her body type while pregnant, now your being so particular its about her swollen feet? as someone who shares her body type I know how hard it is to lose the “middle of the hour glass” while pregnant. and to dress that in a flattering way. How about you all give a moment of grace and try executing some kindness towards others

Sara on

The girl loves her heels! It is what it is. No one ever died from wearing heels during pregnancy.

marn on

im so sick of hearing about kim and her being pregnant. she lacks common sense.

CinSweet on

Kim is acting real simple minded right now. But it’s her body, her baby, and her pregnancy.

Tina on

It would be nice to see Kim dressed as a normal person for once. You’d think she would be more careful with her body because she’s pregnant.

Meg on

Her shoes no longer fit. She looks like she shoved her feet into these shoes and her ankle fat is boiling over the top. The dress is cute..maybe a little snug, but she needs to make more sensible choices when it comes to her shoes. If she wants to wear flats or heels, that’s fine, but pick some that actually fit.



sofinethings on

She’s cutting off the circulation in her legs, which is not safe for her. Pregnant women can wear heels as long as they’re comfortable. My only concern is that pregnant women’s center of gravity is shifted and makes them more prone to falls.,

Jess on

Wow why are you people judging her and calling her names. She never did anything to you stupid people. We are trying to stop the bullying and yet here are you people bullying her. Is this what we are teaching our children that its okay bully when it’s not. She’s pregnant. How would you women feel if people were calling you fat and ugly while pregnant. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it so why do it to her. It’s not her fault hat her stupid ex boyfriend leaked the stupid video she paid her dies. Now stop being jealous and get over yourself

Dottie on

Both times I was pregnant my body was so full of fluid there was no way I was going to pack my feet in uncomfortable shoes. I couldn’t even wear my watch. Cutting off your circulation is not good even when you aren’t pregnant. Kim please wear come comfortable shoes your feet will love your for it and you will be so much happier. No one care when you are pregnant if you have sexy shoes.

Dottie on

When she has that baby shoes are not going to be her problem, Kanye is. If he can’t control her like he is trying to do now he is probably going to try to take custody of the baby. As Wendy Williams says ” Kanye is a little kookoo ” !!!

Anonymous on

poor thing! pregnancy just doesn’t look good on her.

meemaw on

Pleeaassee! just make Kim K just go away!

guest on

I feel bad for her that she feels the need to keep up this “image”. I adored being pregnant because it was totally justifiable and okay to wear leggings, a sun dress and flip flops everywhere I went. People understand that, you are pregnant! She doesn’t seem to be embracing this new phase of life well.

Windy on

If she’s having to squeeze her feet into these heels, then I think its probably about time she bought out the flats or sandals. But what do I know? I quit trying to wear heels when I fractured my ankle a few years ago. Idk, but she can handle them.

Anonymous on

The only thing this entire affair proves is that this woman has serious self-worth issues. Her body changes for 9 months and shes so insecure that she can’t just allow her body to be comfortable.
Lookin good and having people calling you a sexpot seems to be her only priority. Poor baby!!

TunechiGal on

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wore heels as often as I did when I wasn’t pregnant. However, when the swelling started even I put my heels down in favor of cute flat sandals and flip flops. Wearing heels when the swelling is so prominent is by no means comfortable and is actually quite painful. I know ur a slave to all things fashionable but come on Kim, take those off til u have ur baby. That’s look painful and uncomfortable. Ugh…

sally on

There are usually problems when you put a 220 pound body on feet. As for being concerned, yeah I am not!

NettaJ. on

She is foolish!!!

catherine on

It’s just stupid. She is not doing her baby or herself a favor. And to post the pic of the strap marks just shows how really stupid she is

dee on

Kim, please put your feet up, That has to be painful

dee on

p.s. the dress is really cute, swelling is normal during pregnancy, what is not is continuing to cram your feet into shoes that distort them. It has to be painful

Annie on

Ouch! It must really hurts her! I knewit in my pregnancy too… Even crocs fits too slim to me…

Leprechaun on

Do not feel sorry for this fool…she continues to get bad publicity because of her insane choices that she makes that are extremely horrible! Who in there right mind would continue to wear shoes that are 2 sizes too small especially when she has millions. People and the other rags may think she has style but the only thing I see is a women with very bad taste in clothes and shoes. Kim hid in a closet where you belong….this has nothing to do with the fact you are pregnant since your taste in tight fitting clothes has always been in your mouth!

Stephanie on

Just looking at her shoes make my feet hurt! I’m 37 wks pregnant and have been wearing nothing but flip flops for the last month, mostly because my regular shoes don’t fit right now, my feet are so swollen. I can’t imagine shoving my feet into shoes to look good. Right now I’m all about comfort. More power to her for wearing real shoes, but, personally I wouldn’t do it.

Amanda on

You would think someone who knows her would tell her the most BASIC rule of fashion. Wear your size!! Stuff that is too tight makes you look fatter, that applies to both clothing and shoes.

reecie on

If she can’t even take care of herself while pregnant, how is she gonna take care of the baby? I don’t think she’s ready.. still seems too selfish and putting her own needs and desires first.

suzy diamond on

WHO’S CONCERNED???? Shouldn’t SHE be concerned??? If she isn’t who’s business is it??? Doesn’t ANYONE get that’ll she’ll do ANYTHING for the $$$$ to “Look good” for appearance sake!!! WHAT a JOKE!!!

suzy diamond on

It’s very scary…if she can’t make a sensible choice for herself how in the world can she make important decisions about her child? VERY SCARY!

Erika on

I agree with Alaina, it is her problem. My point is that she shows with this and all the decisions she makes her poor judgement and her scale of values: not embracing her pregnancy and taking care of herself as any normal woman, bringing her newborn in tour, she is so shallow and selfish and dumb. Poor baby, she is going to be a lousy mother.

Ellian on

Yes it looks uncomfortable….maybe she just wants attention…everyone keeps telling her to dress more comfortably then she takes a pic of her sad swollen feet…attention seeking. Clothes wise she hasn’t worn the most flattering things…but I do not think people should ever talk about a pregnant woman’s shape. That is wrong.

Stephanie on

I wear 5 inch(or more) heels 7 days a week. I wore heels for my entire pregnancy, up until the day I delivered. I love fashion and I’m addicted to shoes.
HOWEVER, when I found out that I was pregnant, I went out & bought 5 pairs of flats. I tried, in vain, to wear the flats for the safety of my unborn child, worring somehow I would fall down. However after wearing heels 7 days a week for over 8 years, my feet felt most comfortable in heels. Everytime I tried to wear flats, I was in excruciating pain. My legs, feet, and back were accustomed to my heels. Don’t pass judgement on another’s choice, it’s their body and their decision to make.

robinepowell on

She already had one pregnancy scare, early on. Is she looking for another? Is it so hard to lay off heels for a few months?

Amanda on

Kim needs to start thinking like a pregnant woman. Her feet have to be killing her then to put them in shoes like she has been is absolutely crazy. They make great looking flats and sandals nowadays find a pair. It is only going to make you feel better. I could have never worn heels while pregnant for longer then I had too. I wore then a little during my first trimester and only once during my second at my friends wedding. It was the most uncomfortable thing I ever did and as soon as I could I took the heels off.

Cat on

Well we know Kim’s baby won’t bet the benefit of being breast fed because once she has that baby all she will be focused on is losing the weight she’d gained and she can’t take appetite suppressants, which she will and nurse your baby. What she probably doesn’t understand or care to know is that nursing is a great way to not only bond with your baby but to get your core back into shape. What a shame. I wish the baby all the luck in the world.

Julesy on

Not only do her feet and legs look swollen, but so does her face. Most people have more common sense in their pinky toe than she has in her whole entire body.

Nicole on

It so disappointing to see how many people delight in tearing each other down or in this case picking on a woman for her body shape while pregnant, if it was anyone other than Kim Kardashian the public would be up in arms. Would you all speak this way in person or are you hiding behind social media.. this truly is just bullying

toi on

I won’t say anything bad… because this poor thing has some of the lowest self esteem and looking this way is her attempt to try to “dress” it up, I think this has been an extremely difficult pregnancy for her especially psychologically and she still has a ways to go.

anon y mouse on

he he he he he

jennrae on

She’s an idiot. Who cares if she’s wearing $3000 shoes (ridiculous, btw) when they make her feet/legs look like that? Whoever loaned her those shoes is laughing at her! I think she must love all the negative press or else she wouldn’t wear what she does. I’m sure it will come up in her reality show, wrapped in a “people are so mean” bow. Gross.

w w on

A beige ’cause’ bracelet, saran wrap and a couple of rubber bands on a styrofoam meat tray is Not a shoe. No matter what Kim’s boyfriend or stupid designer says.

Lisa on

To keep wearing shoes that tight is ridiculous. Swelling like that Cantonese blood flow causing nerve damage and possibly even blood clots. Why risk permanent damage or death for fashion? Especially when having your feet swell out past your straps looks crappy and painful.

Ayla on

This is the perfect example of how this woman is like. She’d rather be uncomfortable and in pain as long as her looks are perfect (according to her, at least, I’m not a fan of her style). Image is the most important thing for her, so I’m not surprised to see her using those shoes at this stage of her pregnancy. But hey, her feet, her pain. I just hope the baby does have good nannies that care for it, because I wouldn’t trust this lady near a newborn.

Just Me on

Yeah OK Ella Barella……your feet are actually more comfortable in heels…. you’re about as ridiculous as the porn queen with the ham-hock feet.

Anna on

How about you post a picture of how beautiful she looks while pregnant! I agree that she really doesn’t need to try so hard to be sexy right now but maybe she wouldn’t go so overboard if people started showing just how beautiful she looks with her baby belly.

Angie on

Alaina, I couldn’t agree more! She is her own person and should be allowed to wear what she wants! People Magazine, quit trying to start a topic that can create nasty comments and encourage bullying.

Nak on

Question: How do you guys know her feet didn’t swell AFTER she had been wearing the shoes for awhile? My logic says thatwhen she put the shoes on, they didn’t look like that, and only after awhile did her feet swell up.

And what is with you guys being so mean? What did she do to you people?

k on

Kim’s dress is cute, and while I think her family is odd, she is gorgeous. I do have to agree that the shoes look extremely uncomfortable, and are not flattering. Seems more than fair to comment, as her entire “career” is based on attracting attention.

Annmarie on

When will this poor girl catch a break? She is pregnant, happy & still looks beautiful every time she steps out! She has always worn heels & if you are used to them pregnancy doesn’t affect that much. If she wore flats he feet would still be swollen, it’s not the shoe that makes it happen. I feel awful that she has had so much backlash from the media & hateful people who have said terrible things about her body since becoming pregnant. It supposed to be a happy time for a woman and she has had to not only go through her pregnancy in the spotlight, but has had to read horrible things that people have said. Let her enjoy it, leave her alone.

Anonymous on

How about People stops commenting on Kim Kardashian, her body and what she chooses to wear?

Anonymous on

It’s hard to wear flats after you are so used to wearing heels all the time. When you are used to wearing heels all the time wearing flats can be uncomfortable. I bet that the ones who claim that they dont like this woman is the same ones who give her show ratings.

Just that on

There is no way that her sausage feet are comfortable. She has tried in vain to show everyone that pregnancy doesn’t slow her down. It slows most mothers to be down. But we are not banking on our looks for a living.

Jess on

just proves how much of an airhead she is. clearly she cares more about how ‘good’ she looks vs taking proper care of herself and baby. but then again, look who she’s with; that says A LOT.

Anonymous on

She is disgustingly vain and that baby will be nothing but another accessory to her.

tasha on

has anyone really looked at this photo! the shadow on the kim k phone is to the left while the shadow on the zoom in is to the right! not to mention the ground is completely different!