Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover Celebrate Baby Shower

05/17/2013 at 06:15 PM ET

With their baby — his fourth, her first — on the way in July, Tracy Morgan and fiancée Megan Wollover celebrated recently with a shower. Held at Spasso in Cresskill, N.J., family and friends enjoyed a four-course meal that included flatbreads, sirloin sliders, veal marsala, chicken parmesan, pasta and more. The intimate crowd also indulged in cake and mini cannoli as well as a chocolate fondue fountain and candy bar.

Wearing white linen, the Billboard Music Awards host, 44, and Wollover, 26, enjoyed opening gifts brought by their guests.  Already father to three sons, “I am over the moon excited and just want a happy and healthy baby and a safe delivery for Megan,” Morgan told PEOPLE in January.

Tracy Morgan Megan Wollover Baby Shower
Dennis Samatulski

Tracy Morgan Megan Wollover Baby Shower
Dennis Samatulski

Tracy Morgan Megan Wollover Baby Shower
Dennis Samatulski

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kjc on

Please tell me that if they get married she’ll take his last name!

Congrats on the baby! His current youngest is 20, it’ll be interesting to go through the baby stage again.

Toi Robinson on

Congratulations to Tracy & his fiancée on their new baby you will make a great dad 😉


CONGRATS 2 THEM….hopefully this NEW baby straightens out his life so he DOESN’T have anymore DUI’s….but may GOD bless him, his unborn child & wife!!!!

MrMonkee on

His oldest son is older than his baby mama.That must be a little awkward.

Jojo on

Wow, how did he land her? I hope he behaves.

Tara on


Anonymous on

Isn’t he a little old to be acting like a fool

Dave on

Best wishes to them and their new baby. Seeing this picture makes me wonder why male celebrities get these very much younger and very much more attractive women, yet you never see female celebrities that aren’t considered attractive with much younger and much hotter young studs, why is this?

sandee on

“intimate crowd”? So why am I (and millions) seeing these photos? They made me throw up in my mouth

Rhonda on

Congratulations to Tracy and his girlfriend. She’s a pretty lady.

Anonymous on

That is going to be one hell of an UGLY baby.

Cynthia on

Love Tracy, he is hilarious!

Nic on

How did he land her you ask Jojo? He’s famous. He’s rich. Period!

JustSayin on

@kjc – his youngest was born in 1991…making him 21 or 22 as of today’s date.

@veronica – seeing as his DUI’s were in 2005 and 2006 and his court stuff was done is 2007…it looks like he’s doing well with or without the baby coming

@MrMonkee – his fiancée is 26 and his oldest son was born in 1986 making him 26 or 27 depending on his actual birthdate.

I’m just saying…maybe you people should look stuff up before saying your negative, passive aggressive comments

Kate on

When People reported in Jessica Simpson’s baby shower, posters went rabid on the fact her family threw her a shower and how she didn’t need gifts, blah, blah, blah. Where are those folks now?

jhgjkhg on

My best friend met him once at a dinner party a few years back and said he was a complete jerk. Hopefully he has changed his ways, but who knows!

Kim on

He is or even funny. If he wasn’t a celeb no way would thus woman be interested in him. Also I think his oldest main is his step son anyways best of luck to them but I doubt this will last

bunny on

My God.. she slept with that…..she must if been desperate. Uggolee

Dany on

Quit trippin’ on the fact that his oldest is 20 or we/ – So??

LOTS of people, celebs or not – have kids young, out of high school or early 20’s – then later, maybe after divorce or college or WHATEVER have another child at a more settled age – is it really THAT big of a deal?? That unusual??!!
I don’t think so…. 🙂

I had my 1st at 20yo – I’m married to her father, my next not until I was 27. If she had a baby at 20, I’d be forty – some women START having babies at 40.

I just think it’s a silly thing to fixate on – He looks Happy, that’s all that counts. I also know his kids are very important to him, and that he is an attentive father – no matter the age.

Carolyn on

I find him a disgusting pig.

NYC on

Gross. What is a 26 yr doing w a 44 year old? It’s disgusting how young women prostitute themselves for fame & money. If he was not famous, I’m pretty sure she would be w him.

Dque on

Go head. On. Tracey. Do. Your thang. Bro…but. you still a ugly. Mother. Blah blah. Meant. Rich. Dude. Lol

Anon on


Jessica Simpson had a baby (and baby shower) a year before. Tracy’s youngest is 20+ years old and judging from the pink balloons, this is his first girl. This is the first baby for his girlfriend. I think it’s well within the realm of good etiquette for them to have a baby shower.

Anonymous on

He’s funny but …

Lil on

Megan Morgan?

jaime on

God bless and best wishes to the new family.

Marky on

My aunt was 19 and her husband was 54 when they married. He had 5 children, at least 2 were older than she was, and they had 2 children during their long marriage, which lasted until his death at 93. They were a happy couple, loved each other dearly, and Sunday dinner for the family was always at their house. It is really about how well you get along, how much you love each other, and whether you are in it for the long haul My aunt had a good life, and career she loved, and dad was there during the day for the children who adored him, so her friends and family finally had to come around to realizing she had made the right decision for herself.

Elsa Caceres on

is this his first child that he will be there for?
or has he been dedicated to all his children?
it seems that he has been tamed
good for him!