Nick Lachey ‘Broke Down and Cried Like a Sobbing Child’ at Camden’s Birth

05/13/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Nick Lachey Camden John

Fatherhood was always something Nick Lachey dreamed of but it wasn’t until eight months ago, when he and wife Vanessa welcomed their son Camden John, that he could have ever envisioned such peace.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this calm,” the singer, 39, tells PEOPLE. Despite juggling hosting duties for two NBC shows, a new album with 98 Degrees, his solo album, A Father’s Lullaby, and a summer tour on the road with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men, the first time father is cherishing every second with his family of three.

“I had a lot of expectations for what fatherhood would be because I thought about it for so long but when it happens, it blows your mind every day,” he says. “This little creature that you created, that looks to you and depends on you, and just brings you so much joy, you just can’t put it into any kind of words. Your kids are the biggest blessing you could ever possibly have in life.”

And on that September day when Camden came into the world, Lachey admits there was nothing that could have prepared him for that moment. “I broke down and cried like a sobbing child,” he says.

But it was those emotions that Lachey was able to pour into his lullaby album, a combination of six original songs and eight covers, that became a gift to his son.

“It was a great way to get it all out and express what I wanted to say but also do something for him. It was inspired by Camden and it’s for the two of us.”

Camden’s first summer will be spent on tour with his parents, something Lachey wouldn’t have any other way.

“I know how much he changes day to day and I can’t imagine being away from him for months on end; I wouldn’t do it.”

For more on Lachey’s life with his family, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Their baby iz just SOOOO HANDSOME, he looks more like his BEAUTIFUL mama but it seems like they use their baby for PUBLICITY ALOT….thats all they talk about iz their son but who knows their true intentions probably they are just happy 2 be parents but it just seems that way but anyway congrats 2 them & their happy family!!!! lol

Annika on

OH sweet Jesus am I sick of hearing about this guy and his parental tearies.

It’s great to see you care about your kid, do you really need to do 8 interviews outlining the fact you’ve shed a tear a few times? Christ almighty I’m starting to wonder if he actually has a partner and it’s not all just a figment of our imagination.

Can we all climb out of this guys butt , say he has a cute kid and move on?

Just Me on

Kiiiiiiinda tired of reading about his son’s birth. I’ve never heard so many stories about one person’s birth. Not even from my best friend or mom or anyone. This is ridic.

lovely123 on

Now that is the way to do “good looking family”. Very nice.

Anonymous on

Who else is tired about hearing about this childs birth??????



Katie on

Beautiful family! Vanessa looks fabulous. But seriously, how many more articles can Nick be involved with talking about his son’s birth. I’m getting tired of it.

Reesca on

I’m so tired of hearing about this birth. I don’t talk about my children’s births like this. Shut up already, we get it! Your wife had a baby – she’s not the first person to do that ya know.

Crystal on

Does the baby look cross-eyed to anyone else? It could be that he isn’t looking into the camera. I love this family. Absolutely beautiful! Also, I hate to admit it but I think the reason Nick is giving all these interviews about himself and the birth of Camden is to stay relevant. :/

Hea on

That baby looks like Suri Cruise. I wonder why nobody’s out scouting for UFO’s around their property…

Robin on

We read an article on him that was just like this last week…the kid will be 18 and he will still be talking about this child’s birth! We get it! Why don’t we focus on other milestones now…

Torgster on

I agree with all the earlier posters. Pair of hasbeens using their baby to try and get their so-called careers back. Enuf already.

Jen on

I’m joining the chorus in saying ENOUGH about his tears during his kid’s birth. It seems like every week he’s blathering on about it, and the baby isn’t a newborn anymore. Seriously, move on from the birth story already.

Marlie on

Surely this child has achieved something else other than being born?? Move on already!!

Vanessa on

Obliviously you ppl care, cause you keep commenting on it.

Anonymous on

LOL at all the haters. Here’s an idea: scroll past the articles you don’t want to read. Some of us don’t mind reading about the Lacheys. I especially love seeing how this family’s obvious happiness makes your miserable lives that much worse. 🙂

ecl on

I assume he keeps talking about it because he is trying to promote his new album of lullabies. Do people actually buy celebrity lullaby albums?

jay on

“it was a way for me to express what i felt”…and to make money and try to be relevant again.

Amanda on

Yeah, he’s been talking about the kid’s birth a lot. But he’s promoting an album that he put out SOLO that was inspired by his son’s birth, so what else should he talk about? He answers the questions that reporters and interviewers ask him, and since the album is about the baby’s birth, why doesn’t it make sense that that’s what they ask him about? And what he talks about? And who cares? Scroll past if you don’t want to read it. I don’t get what the big deal is…

Tanja on

I totally agree with you Amanda…I don’t get why people keep commenting on this article when they are so sick and tired of hearing about Camdens birth.Seriously guys…no one is forcing you to read this.

The baby is just so adorable.:)

Katie on

Saying your tired of reading about his child’s birth story is not being a hater. Being a hater is when you say he is ugly and she’s got the face of a horse. That’s being a hater. Nobody is saying that here.

Stacey on

That kid is NOT cute.


I respect UR opinion but sorry, he iz just SOOOO HANDSOME….U must be BLIND!!!! lol

Kkij2828 on

The child looks so happy – he seems to have spotted his nanny just off set.

Anonymous on

Vanessa looks better then ever; she is just so beautiful. Nick, Vanessa and their baby look so happy and are just so good looking. Nick also looks the happiest I have ever seen them. I hope to see a whole lot more pictures of all of them.

Ashley on

If you are tired of articles about Camden John, why are you reading the article? Skip it; go to the next article. I like the couple and I enjoy reading about baby Camden which is why, when looking at the list of articles listed by People I will read the articles about Nick, Vanessa and Camden. Please keep the articles coming.

Callie on

If everyone is so tired of hearing about this, then DON’T READ THE ARTICLE!!! Go away and find something else to do instead of being rude and obnoxious. They make the most beautiful family; they are all gorgeous 🙂

MEG on

That is one beautiful family.

Think what you will of them but they do have some class.

Jessica should take some lessons.

funny on

It always makes me laugh how people claim to “hate” celeberties and all they talk about, why are you even on here if thats the case? go read a book.!

Prue on

Count me in as someone who is sick, sick, sick of hearing about this family. Nick’s perfect, sweet husband/father routine is so old and over the top. I just have to roll my eyes and groan whenever I see another article about them. Please disappear back into obscurity already!

jen on

Adorable family… but cant help but think they are trying to soak up all the press before Jessica’s baby is born… I mean last week he was talking about her and her family… I dont think it comes as much from him as Vanessa she seems like she would be the jealous controlling type to me

Luvmylife on

Normally I like this family but People has written this exact same article 5 times already! Come up with something new to say Nick. Anything to stay relevant