Jennifer Nettles Introduces Son Magnus Hamilton

05/12/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Jennifer Nettles is finally sharing with the world what she already knows: her 5-month-old son is a blue-eyed joy!

And the Sugarland singer has revealed the first picture of her newborn. “So much love and joy on my first Mother’s Day! A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas,” she Tweeted Sunday, with a longer note to follow on her website.

Nettles gave birth to Magnus Hamilton with her husband, entrepreneur Justin Miller, in December. And she’s already adapting quite well to motherhood.

Jennifer Nettles Son Magnus First Photo
Valarie Allyn Bienas/Sugar Cookie

“I’m so excited!” she tells PEOPLE. “He’s super, super sweet. We made a deal before he was born. I said, ‘Look, you can cook as long as you want, as long as you come out and latch like it’s your job and have a sweet demeanor.’ He kept his part of the bargain!”

As for Nettles’ plans for her first Mother’s Day, the singer says, “We’re going to have a Mother’s Day brunch. It’s a good time around naps! We’ll do a nice brunch and just relax.”

For another photo of Jennifer and Magnus and more on her life as a new mom, pick up a copy of this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Kevin O’Donnell

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Anonymous on


Stephanie on

I have been waiting to see a pic of this little one! Sugarland is one of my favorite groups and Jennifer is so talented–as well as funny!

Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer!!! He’s precious!

Ursula Collins on

I knew this baby would be a doll, look at his mom and dad!! Have an AWESOME 1st Mother’s Day Jennifer!!

Anonymous on

Mm! He’s got his momma’s beautiful looks. I love Jennifer’s spirit so much. Happy for her getting to be a mommy!

avalyn on

He is so adorable. Those blue eyes get me. What she wrote on her site to introduce him was great. So her. Honest and comical, yet sweet. Can’t wait see more of him!

DaisyMoon on

Beautiful photo…

Kimberly on

Wow! What a little hunk. My husband and I were just talking about Sugarland last week, and how we hadn’t heard ANYTHING about them in a while. No recent updates on their web page or Facebook. I was worried something had happen to this great duo. Now I know, and I must say, what a great reason to go off radar. How sweet! He’s beautiful, just like his mommy. Happy Mother’s Day Jennifer!

Carmen on

Gorgeous!!! Love this pic!!

Bette on

Adorable! Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer!

mferda on

I love the little toes!

JR Jake on

Jennifer congrats. Did not know you had your baby yet. What a fine looking young man.

Anonymous on

He is adorable!!!

Peggy Jordan on

Congratulations, on such a beautiful son. Happy Mothers Day Jenifer!!

Lisa on

What a GORGEOUS child! Congrats Jennifer, you will love the holidays now that you’re a MOM! Especially Xmas when a childs eyes “light up” @ the Xmas Tree!!

April on


Lily on

Cute baby but Magnus is a horrible name.

Troy on

Lilly must you pick on another human being especially an innocent child that was named after a loved and important family member? You should be ashamed of yourself.

MrMonkee on

@Lily……believe me, people said the same thing when you were named.

Marie on

Aww He’s so adorable!! They both look so happy! Congrats to her and her husband!

Julie on

Oh my……he’s scrumptious!!! And the look on Jennifer’s face is pure love.

natashamajd2005 on

Lovely Mother and cute lovely Baby …Happy Mother Day to all 🙂

Ann on

Beautiful baby! Congratulations!

Leslie on

Adorable baby…awful name….

Troy on

Must you pick on an innocent child’s name? Does it make you feel better about yourself to put down another human being? The name was chosen from love and respect of another family member. Magnus is unique like his name and is loved and adored.

Pam on

Beautiful baby and mother…bad name for a baby

Troy on

Must you pick on an innocent child’s name? Does it make you feel better about yourself to put down another human being? The name was chosen from love and respect of another family member. Magnus is unique like his name and is loved and adored.

Anonymous on

he is adorable!

Sue on

Seriously. Who names their kid Magnus? What is wrong with these people??????

Troy on

Must you pick on an innocent child’s name? Does it make you feel better about yourself to put down another human being? The name was chosen from love and respect of another family member. Magnus is unique like his name and is loved and adored. Sue you may want to remember the saying “if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all”.

Shirley on

What a beautiful baby!

me on

He’s cute! Happy mother’s day to all of the mamas!

DHWMommy on

She just had the next Gerber baby.

dudley doright on

sweet pic…she seems like she’d be a fun mom…cute baby.

Anonymous on

Listean do not care if you do not like the name but it is all his and we love him and my middle name Odessa was picked on many times so please when it comes to him keep your comments to yourself thank you

Dayna B. on

You tell em’!!! Don’t mess with the Mama Bear…she bites!

e97 on

Cute. Absolutely love the name. You’re not just naming a baby, he will be an adult someday too! Can’t get a much stronger male name than Magnus.

allie on

Wow. This baby is SO so cute!!!

Pat on

Oh a gorgeous baby 🙂

Anonymous on

He is a cutie! I like her voice but can’t stand to watch her perform. She is too dramatic. She tries too hard and doesn’t need to.

Troy on

Spoken like a true arm chair entertainer. You probably really tear it up karaoke night. Just a little tip that we practice in our family we give put ups not put downs. It gives smiles and leaves them on our faces as well.

Ava on

He is so cute!!!!

Erin McGuire on

HE’S SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband!

Sharon on

Oh, Man! That is a beautiful picture. Jennifer is – and always has been – gorgeous, but Magnus…….he is truly one beautiful little boy. So happy for all of them – lots of love going on there, you can plainly see.

DG on

Magnus is a Scottish name. He won’t be a baby forever, and will grow into it. I don’t know if they have Scottish roots or anything, but at least it’s a real name with a history in Western civilization, unlike some of the other names we see on this page…

Shelley on

Beautiful baby…awful name.

Angie on

love the name Magnus

Brooke on

He is PERFECT. So, so sweet.

Amy on

He is adorable! Congrats.

Tee Tee on

Yea, we finally get to see the newest Sugarland baby! He’s beautiful, Jennifer!

Reesca on

What a cutie pie!! We were both due around the same time so it’s great to finally see her little one! Those blue eyes are captivating, I just love them!

ALM on

If there’s anything to astrology, he will definitely have a sweet demeanor–my daughter’s birthday is a day later, December 7th, and she’s as sweet as can be! (And she’s a huge Sugarland fan…)

How Sweet! on

Adorable!! 8)

sarah on

I’m looking at all the positive comments, and I can’t figure out why this article got so many thumbs down. Cute baby.

Angie on

He is a sweet pie. Congrats Jennifer!!!

Ursula Collins on

This is possibly one article that I have seen have the most positive responses but there are still a few who want to be negative about this babies name. Maybe Jennifer and her husband think his name is the most beautiful name they have ever heard. If you research Magnus’ name, it means “great”. Magnus is destined for greatness! We never know the significance that a name holds to an individual or family so, look at this way, prepare to see great things out of this young man in the future!

amy on

He’s darling.

JJ on

oooooh he has got big beautiful baby blue eyes. What if he had black eyes? Never heard of baby black eyes.

wanda hinton on

Just wanna say he is so Handsome and Happy Mothers Day

Amanda on

If “anonymous” back there was really Jennifer, as we were supposed to believe, then I think she should know that she’s fighting a losing battle by commenting to a bunch of strangers on the Internet, telling them to “keep their comments to themselves.” One, it’s the COMMENT section of an article about a famous person. People are going to comment. Two, if you don’t care what people think of the name, then don’t act like you care what people care of the name. Three, you will have no life if you spend it all trying to tell random strangers that have something to say about information that YOU made public. Let it go, and spend time with your family. If you really don’t care what we think, then act like it. Four, TROY…what are you doing? Cut-and-paste responses every time someone says something negative? What are you, Jennifer’s dad? You’re telling people not to pick on a baby WHILE you’re picking on other posters.

There are people called “publicists.” They handle negative press for you. But this isn’t negative press…it’s the comment section of a magazine’s website. It’s meaningless. It’s a waste of your time. As far as fame goes, there will always be someone who thinks you suck, or that your kid has a stupid name, or that you’re not pretty, or whatever. That comes with the territory of being famous. So don’t worry about it. Focus on all the positive in your life. I don’t even know who you are, but it appears that you have a lot going for you. Don’t feel the need to respond and tell the big meanies of the Internet to not say mean things. That’s a losing battle, sister.

Anonymous on

I love Sugarland!!

Megan on

I don’t have children, and, quite frankly, I don’t like children much….but I find that look of joy and love on a new mother’s face to be one of the most beautiful sights in the world.