Giuliana Rancic: Duke’s Fiery Italian Side Is Showing

05/12/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Giuliana Rancic Mother's Day
Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online

Giuliana and Bill Rancic‘s infant son Edward Duke is on the cusp of a new milestone.

“He’s been going, ‘Mama mama, Dada dada,’ but I don’t know if he knows what he’s saying,” Giuliana tells PEOPLE at the launch of new mobile healthcare communications tool pingmd in New York City on Wednesday.

Potential baby talk aside, the proud parents couldn’t be more thrilled with how their 8-month-old baby boy is doing.

“Bill asked me the other day how we know if we’re parenting right and I told him, ‘You know you’re doing something right when you have a happy baby who laughs and smiles,'” she shares. “I swear he is just the cutest, smartest, most alert baby ever.”

“Right now his personality is kind of split between Bill and I,” adds Giuliana. “When he wants something really bad, the fiery little Italian comes out — his arms go down to his side, he turns red and goes, ‘Grrr.'”

As for how he’s more like dad?

“He’s going to be an athlete,” says Bill. “He can do whatever sport he wants, but eventually, I want to be the coach of his Little League team. And [Giuliana’s] going to be the crazy mom that they kick out of the stands.”

Jokes aside, the joyous duo shares that family will naturally be their priority this Mother’s Day, her first as a new mom.

“The one thing I’m doing is first thing in the morning, putting an auto response email out that says, ‘It’s Mother’s Day and I’m unplugging for the day to be with my family,'” says Giuliana.

And while the holiday is Sunday, her doting husband already surprised her with a special gift earlier in the week.

“Bill got Duke’s birthstone — which he pointed out is also mine since we were both born in August — as a necklace,” Giuliana shares. “It was very sweet.”

— Haiwen Lu

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CanadaGurl on

I wonder what she looks like without the 50lbs of makeup she’s wearing?

A on

Very unwell I should say.. While I love G’s sass it’s quite clear she has some kind of eating disorder. Her cheeks are sunken even when she’s smiling. Sad to see.

Tara on

Worse…. She needs 50 lbs of make up to not look emaciated.

Missy on

Love these two!! What a cute little family πŸ™‚

Marcia on

Uh, that’s called being a baby. I have no Italian in me and have seen the same reaction from both children.

rolanda on

what a scary photo that is! What is happening?

and she doesn’t mean “between Bill and I,” shudder. She means between Bill and ME.


annie on

honestly…all u see on her is her big head. and its not a good picture.

ships58 on

she looks anorexic and frail. Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as too thin.

Natalie on

There is also such a thing as too fat….

Margo on

Love these two!

Elle on

Wow, she looks very, very sickly. I wonder if her cancer is back, that’s how bad she looks.

Natalie on

That’s a discussing comment Elle. SHAM ON YOU!!!

Amy on

What an awful thing to say! Why would anyone say something like that?! So what if you don’t think she’s pretty, but have you never heard “if you dong have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”.

She’s just another human being for crying out loud. Celebrities aren’t immune to your hurtful comments. I hope they don’t read these comments where people say nasty things. How would you like it if someone said that about you?!

For all the trendy talk about bullying, most people who can hide behind a keyboard as still happy to be mean.

cordis on

Elle or whatever ur name is! You are very disgusting for you to leave such a comment. If u hate her dis much then why do you bother checking on her. Please go leave your sick life alone and leave someone else. U suck.

gigi on

She needs a little meat on those bones.

jj on

Why do you have so much make up on?

Nicelady on

Wow, all your comments are so ugly. She is a cancer survivor. Cut her some slack. You all wish you looked half as good. Negative, nasty people. Get a life.

LisaS on

I agree with you all on how sickly thin she is these days. It’s quite sad. All the bronzer on her face to cover up her forehead.

WHY keep calling him Duke !? He is Edward. If you liked Duke so much, you should have given that as his first name. So annoying.

guest on

I don’t find her attractive at all

Anonymous on

Why don’t you all just stop being ugly, and try just being happy for someone else. You can think what you want but it truly is unnecessary to become so hateful.
Stop and think about what it is that you don’t like about yourself and makes you feel insecure… now how would you like others posting negative comments about you? Just be nice there is enough ugliness out there.

joyce wynkoop on

I agree totally ppl can be so cruel. This is crazy how many haters my opinion I love these two as a couple I think they. Are perfect together.

sailor on

wow! she looks ugly

Kiki on

Please eat something……

arijana on

i sure hope she feeds the baby better then she feeds herself

Sims on

WOW Elle, you must make your parents so proud by the comments you make 😦

Natalie on

Says the women who are all jealous if a successful, pretty , FIT woman. Maybe instead of talking ill towards another woman – go to a gym? Get a better job? It’s pathetic how woman are towards each other. Let her be proud of her son whom she wanted so bad. Happy Mothers Day to all!

NZChick on

I cannot believe how nasty some people’s comments can be, disgusting people out there, I feel sorry for you. Love G & B, FAB COUPLE!!

joyce wynkoop on

I fully agree with you great couple. She makes me laugh. I like her I hope pray her health is good she had been through. A lot. Ppl please have compassion.


The negative comments are so tacky. She is gushing with happiness and love over her new son. Good for her!

Nancy Gooley on

Wow…she looks SO unhealthy. So sickly. The woman needs to eat! What is happening to her??

Sarah on

I’m sorry, is this an article about Giuliana’s looks or about her first Mother’s Day? Geez people. It’s obvious from all the negativity that you must be jealous of her. Is it because you’re hideous and it makes you feel better making fun of someone else? Grow up.

joyce wynkoop on

Amen bet ur right so I think alot of jealous ppl. I can see if ur worried about her health. But its all means words that can hurt a person do you all think she has no feelings? I’m with Sarah.

DaisyMoon on

The dark hair is a little severe…

BeBe on

Honestly I met her in person at a signing. She was so nice to everyone. Very pretty in person but very thin but it was not to long after her surgery. She gave everyone time and was a sincere person.

Thira on

Very mean comments here. Shame on you.

Julie on

it’s like she’s the only woman who’s ever had a baby. we’ve been hearing about this kid since before he was conceived

michelle on

You all need to grow the fuck up. If you don’t like her dress her make up her weight then move on with your life. If a celeb is fat, too skinny, or wearing the wrong thing you all got some negative reaction. I wish you all could read peoples minds of what you look like without makeup when your heading out to the grocery store.

LisaS on

I didn’t know we could use the F word here. That’s fuck-ing awesome.

There’s thin and “fit” and then there’s ….too far

People can worry about her health as it pertains to her son EDWARD, not DUKE.

Please eat and stop working out so hard.

jeffette on

I think she needs a makeover, like some bangs or something to cover her odd shaped head and quit drawing attention to it.

Anonymous on

She deserves some respect. She had some medical issues. She might even be on chemotherapy or something. This is time to watch out for each other and pray for each other. We are each others keeper. Thanks.

rolanda on

“He can do whatever sports he wants.”

hmm….when my brother was born (first child) my dad was totally horrified to have a son who had NO interest in ANY sports at all. It was a source of conflict for years. Never mind that my brother had a beyond-genius IQ and was way too near-sighted to do well at sports.

Every child is an individual.

I am not jealous of her, but I am very ENVIOUS of her. It is the coolest thing having someone who adores you, someone you adore back.

Cara on

Can anyone explain this woman’s talent or appeal???

Marie on

Such a cute family and Duke is adorable. I love how they focus to make sure Duke has two loving parents who not only love him dearly but love him enough to give him great parents and a stable home. They are both funny so I assume Duke assumes that humor and Bill’s amazing looks! So sad that all people can manage to say is negative comments.

nancy on

Met her & bill at a book signing. Very very sweet and personable couple. She is very thin but pretty in person. Her pics don’t do her justice. Bill is hot as well. Happy for them! Happy moms day giuliana!

Anonymous on

I don’t understand why people need to be so mean and judgemental? I guess you all live in glass houses……

Monica on

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. She is a happy mother. Leave her be. If she’s too skinny or too fat that’s her problem not yours. Worry about yourself before karma kicks you in the butt.

They are not terrorists or rapists or pedophiles or animal abusers.

Leave the negative comments for them.

LisaS on

She doesn’t seem to get it- i don’t think people are being catty, she is not being healthy to herself or her baby to be that thin. Even on her show it always showed how she had to manically be on the treadmill a lot.
She needs to find other outlets and cool it with, (especially)- aerobic exercise. This is not a good look. And it’s not being catty or snobby, it’s that she honestly looks sick. I feel bad for her, truly bad.

Ree on

God you people are awful. Who pi$$ed in your Cheerios? Oh she looks thin and sickly.. Did you ever think maybe her health is fragile after you know, her cancer and all? Or maybe she has metabolic issues and she can’t gain or keep weight on? And that you sound like ugly little asshats with your ‘eat something’ comments? Sad sorry people.

mytwocents on

The article was just about her baby and mothers day… Not about her weight, her makeup or how ugly people think she is… What is wrong with everyone?!

Bisodun on

I think she is naturally very skinny,cos she has always been. If she is healthy and loves her body then it’s nobody’s business. Her husband loves her just the way she is.

Marky on

Such a bunch of hateful posters! Are you all just having a terrible Mother’s Day, and thought you’d see if you could hurt someone else? Ugly, ugly, ugly comments! Guiliana is so happy to have her son and so proud of him; she should be allowed that, and you people need to control yourselves!

Flipper on

guiliana will not face her eating disorder, shes getting skinnier and skinnier and its a shame she wont face what is happening and neither will her husband

Ella on

She looks a little thin/frail in that photo, but she also looks amazingly beautiful (and that haircut looks PERFECT on her!).

After watching Giuliana & Bill’s struggles with trying to conceive, I’m so glad the two of them were finally able to get their little boy. I hope she had a wonderful Mother’s Day. πŸ˜€

M.E on

She is too thin, but I also think the design of the dress doesn’t help. It’s giving her a really small waist and she’s already slim so she doesn’t need to visually trick the cameras. That dress should only be worn by someone thicker or someone with a boxy figure. Wow, this Fashion Police commentator needs to police herself ; )

Anonymous on

I am so concerned about how skinny she looks. I just love Giuliana and her sense of humor. She is my favorite fashion icon. I just hope everything is ok with her.

Danielle on

Julianna needs to put on some weight……she looks unhealthy.

J on

Crypt Keeper!

valeskas on

Can’t stand her.

Noe on


Let’s all be nice, don’t involve cancer, anorexic, bad hear, big head….c’mon. Ask yourselves a question: Are you perfect?

If not, then shut it and don’t post bad comments.

texaschickeee on

She does not look healthy. She is scary thin. Sadly I don’t buy the cancer thing as much as I know E! would have sent her somewhere if she was pregnant- they are all high school girls rail thin and have some compensation for wearing dresses that are not becoming on them.

valerie on

When did people in the world, become so mean-spirited and and ugly? Can take something beautiful and just turn it into hatefulness! SMH

To all of you making comments about Guliana’s looks, have you looked in the mirror lately, we all have flaws and no one is perfect.

SKG on

I attended high school with Giuliana and she was naturally thin; however, she does appear to have lost a bit of weight over the last few years. But I am happy for her, as she went through such heartache before having a child.

jackie2830 on

Wow, she’s SACRIFICING ONE DAY for the baby instead of $$$……..give her the Mother of the Year award! Also, I read this before on this blog and it cracked me up, so I will pass it on…..ET COME HOME.

disgusted on

Stop the constant pseudo drama. Oh I can’t get pregnant I’m 90lbs. Oh I miss my baby because as Bill said “Everybody has to work”. It is incredibly selfish. Her schedule is beyond simply working, it is grab every dime balls to the wall with both of them so the baby is a bought and paid for accessory . They didn’t want to miss out on the experience but don’t pretend it’s not a choice made at the expense of the child because of self absorbed greed.

Jojo's on

It’s an illusion people. The dress is supposed to give the appearance that you are skinner than you actually are. That’s what the black panels are for!!!!! I think it’s great that someone in Hollywood loves their spouse and child. It’s very rare now.

Anonymous101 on

I love these two, but I really wish Giulianna would gain some weight. She just doesn’t look healthy.

meghan on

Stop saying she is frail because she had cancer. She was treated TWO YEARS AGO.

GJ on

Oh man, to all you bitter, sad and nasty folks out there GET A LIFE! At least she’s out there doing something with herself, why don’t you all try it. I never leave comments but I had to this time. What she calls HER son and how she describes HER son is of no concern to any of you. If you don’t like it, don’t read the article. Plain and simple. I really hope you all don’t pass on your negative and ugly attitudes to your children.

sarah on

She battled breast cancer last year, that’s why she appears too frail. Some people are naturally thin. But, I still think this is a lovely family and I adore her on Fashion Police.

Angie on

She needs to put on some meat, she looks too thin.

mg on

how does that skinny body hold up that big ol’ head? yuck.

NW Mama on

Fun to hear how the new family is doing. Glad the baby is doing well, but the new mom needs to keep herself strong and healthy to care for this precious little one. So as long as she is doing that, who cares what she looks like.

Allison on

I wonder if she knows how unhealthy she looks. Far, far too skinny, which is why she couldn’t conceive. Even her own doctors told her to put on weight (she refused, saying she’d lose her job and she didn’t understand what weight and conception had to do with each other).

Her horse mouth pretty much takes up all of her face. She’s really NOT attractive at all. Put on about 35# and find some boobs and curves. She needs to look like a woman, not a mannequin.

RachelB-MD on

happy mommies day G! love to you , bill and the duke!

He is such a cute chubba wubba


For 2 people who begged for a baby, they are never with him! I dont know how he deals with her.

Brandi on

Do you people realize that she actually may have a hard time gaining weight. Not everyone has the same metabolism, it could be medications, there are a MILLION reasons why she could be so thin, not always an eating disorder. The woman has been through HELL to have this baby, let her gush about being a new mom without all of the catty comments. Would you want people commenting on your flaws? Maybe she WANTS to gain a little weight and can’t. Why is it socially unacceptable to call someone fat, but heavier women are so quick to tell someone they need to eat to make themselves feel better about being overweight.

Tiffany on

Love them, she is an amazing woman with a great heart,

RKF on

Please. It’s a known fact she has nothing to do with that child unless the cameras are flashing. A nanny is raising that baby, not her or her husband.

debra on

Elle your comment is worse then licking. SHAME ON U LOSER

Mary Ann on

G! What is going on!! I don’t like your new hairdo at all!! It’s too edgy!! There isn’t a wave anywhere!! You definately need to have curls!! It’s to straight!! You look older! It’s not for you G!! Put some bounce into hair and wear a little color on your lips too!! Love you so much always, sorry for the post that it’s not positivie. But you could look so much better!! love you me!!

therealpatty on

Amy, very well said…..what a bunch of hating bullies. I’ve meet Guliana and Bill and they are two of the most down to earth, approachable people I’ve ever meet. Is G skinny? Absolutely. But in person she does not appear to be sickly, weak OR unhealthy. Both are over the moon about that little guy, and he’s adorable. Anyone who gets on ANY site to say such ugly, hateful, cruel things should be ashamed of yourselves. Why don’t you put up a pic of yourself and let strangers rip apart ANYTHING that is a perceived flaw? See how it feels when it happens to one of you, unless of course, you are perfect. (Eyeroll)