Ivanka, Kim and Jaime Get Punky at Met Gala

05/07/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

The theme of Monday evening’s Met Gala was Punk: From Chaos to Couture — and these mamas-to-be certainly delivered with their own takes on the dress code.

First up: Ivanka Trump, who’s expecting her second child this fall. The businesswoman stuck to classic colorblocking for her outfit, pairing a skirt and blouse by Juan Carlos Obando, but it was her accessories that really stood out. Trump, 31, layered items from her own fine jewelry line with studded necklaces and a bracelet by Aurélie Biderman, plus a cuff by Tom Binns. She topped off her look with a few bold hair extensions and a python clutch by Nancy Gonzalez.

Next we have Kim Kardashian, who wrapped her bump in a custom Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci floral gown with grommet hardware at the sleeves, a turtleneck and a high slit. The reality star, 32, who’s expecting her first child in July, finished her patterned look with attached gloves, matching heels and a berry lip.

Finally we have Jaime King, who just announced her pregnancy on Friday. The Hart of Dixie star, 34, layered a lace top under a Topshop tuxedo for her baby bump debut. With jewelry by Jennifer Fisher, Bulgari and DANNIJO, plus heels by Jimmy Choo, King’s studded crown was our favorite part of the look — perfectly punk.

Met Gala Kim Kardashian Jaime King Ivanka Trump Pregnant
Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Larry Busacca/Getty; Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

— Sarah Michaud

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saydee on

I must be out of style because I’m not really digging Kim’s outfit. jmo…..

Pam on

I don’t think many people are saydee, especially the attached gloves. Weird.



Tara on

Me neither…

Karolina on

I can’t tear my eyes away from Jamie King’s hair! What happened there? Yikes.

Jen on

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Kim is doing a GREAT impersonation of my grandmother’s old couch. She really shouldn’t have tried the “Jolie” pose either….baaaad idea.

NW Mama on

totally agree saydee, she looks hideous, and her hair, what happened there???

Dawn on

The only one who looks classy is Ivanka. Kim is a mess and Jaime looks nice.

Jules on

There are no words to describe that flowered dress. If anyone told Kim to wear it, should be fired. Its a hot mess. Kim needed a friend that evening.

boohoobytch on

it’s quite disrespectful to put a porn pig in the same sentence as Ivanka and Jaime

jovan on

ivanka is a very classy dresser–pregnant or not—she is stunning

Mommy of 2 on

Wow kim looks like she dug that outa the trash…shes a hot hot mess i lovef when kourtney was preg she was beautiful…. Ivanka is stunning.

Emily on

It appears that nobody really remembers what “punk” means. 90% of the attendees didn’t wear anything even vaguely approaching punk. It should be edgy and risky, not perfectly combed and polished. (sigh)

derbot on

Punk was only part of the theme for the evening…mmmkay?

Beth on

How are these outfits , in any way, related to Punk ?????

Andrea on

Ugh, Kim has definitely lost her style mojo! Wrapping yourself in grandma’s curtains is not a good look!

heather on

Julies, if Kim can’t look in a mirror and figure out for herself that she looks like an overstuffed couch, that’s her own fault.

me on

Does Kim K even own a mirror that hasn’t cracked yet???? Maybe Kanye should care about she looks!!! That is quite possibly the WORST outfit I’ve ever seen!!!!! Is she blind??? How was she allowed to leave the house looking like that??????

Debster on

KK is a whale-and how is that flowered mess PUNK?

guest on

GEEZ….Kim looks like a BAD pair of drapes,and she is big enough to cover a department store window…

Denise on

Ivanka is hands down the most beautiful and classy woman.

Joules on

Ivanka Trump is pregnant? You can’t tell from that photo.

iphatcoolcat on

WTH is Kim K. thinking or does she think anymore? She looks like she has borrowed my grandma’s couch cover to wear! I thought pregnancy was suppose to be a beautiful experience but she screwed up that thought!
Ivanka won this hands down!

Samantha on

Ivanka looks stunning, her outfit is the only one I’d wear. Kim looks absurd and Jaime’s is not my taste.

Ann on

Ivanka was the best dress…….Kim’s outfit looks like some kind of joke…..

Mary on

Is Kim expecting octuplets?

Mary on

Kim should not be mentioned in the same article as Ivanka. Ivanka is classy, Kim is a flowered mess.

Janet on

I have no idea why Kim thinks her outfit as horrible as it is has anything to do with punk. She looks like a stuffed sausage in a floral couch cover. Very sad.

Renee on

I Love Ivanka Trump She Is Beautiful

Mary on

And, why on earth is Kim even there? She should be back in L.A. on her sleazy family’s television show.

Janet on

How sad once again for Kim to look like a stuffed sausage in a floral couch cover. Ivanka looks classy and Jamie cute in that tux but where is the punk in any of those outfits.

Deborah on

WHAT WAS KIM THINKING???? USG, it looks like a old ladies couch!

Jess on

Jaime had the best outfit hands down.

JL on

i just wanna know how Kim washed her hands after going to the bathroom…

I think the continuous print (still trying to figure out the gloves) made her look a lot bigger than she really is! The only break to the eye is her Angelina leg sticking out and then we are back to the print on her shoes. It’s just a lot for the eye to take in and it really does her no justice.

Val on

a lot of people make jokes about Kim´s weight right now and It is normal to gain weight in the pregnancy, but why is Kim wearing that horrible dress!!?? the gloves, the shoes! =S she looks like a carpet! I understand that their look has to be punk, but where´s the punk in that??

Nikita on

the bookends look lovely….can’t say the same for KK she looks like a huge couch

Anonymous on

regarding Kim K the print looks better on my grandmother couch

CJ on

Hey Peach, you are not only ignorant you are also mean and nasty! REAL women gain REAL weight when pregnant, it’s life, it’s natural and it’s a beautiful thing. Those who make fun of any pregnant woman are just classless slobs!

Ruby on

Gaining 500 lbs. is far from normal, dear. It’s quite easy for people to slam Kim, mainly due to the fact she’s famous for a PORN video, not for her business skills or artist expression. She shouldn’t have ever been invited to the gala. She and her baby daddy are a bad joke.

tina on

Peach, the fact that she is waaaay shorter than the other two and way further along in her pregnancy I would assume that’s why her belly looks a lot bigger. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

DeeAnn Pruitt on

the other two ladies look lovely, Kim looks RIDICULOUS as usual.

Robyn on

Kim looks like a walking couch…ugh.

nj4 on

Another unfortunate fashion choice for KK. And she even had dinner with Anna Wintour the night before the gala! Even if KK was not pregnant, that dress is horrid.

no on

Not even “People” will stop throwing Kartrashian in everyone’s face. Done with this site too.

kitty62862 on

Ivanka looks fabulous!

Jaimie looks like a cool/cutting edge Mom to be.

KarTrashian looks like trash.

Denise Simpson on

Kim K looks like a couch.

jennifer golden on

I was not sure if that was Kim or really, really bad wallpaper!!!

Anonymous on

O Kim!!! Bad choice!!!

Maerilyn on

Truth is I try to be objective towards Kims sense of fashion but I just can’t find anything nice to say about it. This girl is not fashionable, I don’t care how many people put it out there. I just don’t see it.

Anonymous on

I like Kk dress but not the split or the pose and she is rich stop hating with those negative comments…

Lb on

kim looks like something threw up in the flower garden.

lyn on

Look what the cat dragged in! Kimmy Kartrash

Anonymous on

Face it, it’s Hollywood there is very far, few and between women in Hollywood who actually know what the meaning of the word “punk” and define it with style in EVERYTHING they wear. Hollywood women have this false sense of reality that they have to look “AMAZING” all the damn time and be the bell of the ball -_- and that they make so much money they can afford to wear the guliest stuff cause (face it their cool like that) *rolls eyes* STOP IT cause if you ask any man they would take a girl with a pretty face and a messy bed head over some chick who took 5 hrs to straighten their hair and put makeup on. FACT! Beauty is simple not tried for you eiher have it or you don’t….God I hate Hollywood women LOL

jc on

OMG!!!! I kept blaming my dog for killing my couch – instead it’s Kim who killed my couch and made a dress out it. Hey Kim, you owe me a couch.

Cruella on

I will be so glad when Kim pops that kid out! This has been the longest pregnancy EVER. Maybe she is carrying an elephant?!

Ruby on

I personally believe it’s a whale 😉 Especially since that ill-fitting black and white dress made her resemble an orca!

Laurie on

Kim, All I can say is HAHAHA yep you are preggo and gaining weight by the TONS, Yes it can happen even to you and guess what stretch mark city, bet your bod is never going to be the same and without the bod what are you good for NOTHING…. You are now officialy a HAS BEEN, Oh and the dress totally sucks, Hope it was one of a kind so noone else looks that bad.


Kim just killed my eye sight!!

Karen M. on

Ivanka looks fabulous and happy.

Stayce on

My mom had a pair of drapes like Kim Kardashian’s dress. The drapes were ugly — and so is that dress!

GSL on

I don’t understand how a flowered dress can be punk?

larkwoodgirl on

Kim looks awful, like one of those braided throw rugs my grandmother used to have on her floor.

Lani on

I really like Ivanka’s sense of style, very classy. She can look simple on any day, but still very sophisticated.

I can never figure out KK as she always likes to go over the top even with her this heavy in her pregnancy now. Her feet always look swollen and in pain from her tight shoes. (she showed pics of it) I don’t know what she’s trying to prove. The water retention, the pain on the body and feet and with her never ending tight wardrobes, I feel so choked up for her. Pregnancy should be an enjoyable time and embracing all the changes in her, not about her having to get all the attention and be the best looking pregnant woman on earth! She’s the only pregnant woman I’ve ever seen on mags looking so overdone. Having Kanye as her new fashion mentor /bf is not helping either!

KdgMom on

MAAAAAYbe Kim thought it was “puke” instead of “punk”…

Ruby on

Haha, love this comment. 🙂

lawinz on

Ivanka is gorgeous everyday, the green skirt is to die for, BUT her new religion requires that she dress modestly, and her Rabbi better not see that slit up to her “pupik” (yiddish word)

diane on

ivanka is gorgeous n very good taste.. kim, its too bad n noticed her legs n feet were swollen from pregnant. i don’t know the last one, never heard of her..

Brooklyn on

Love Ivanka’s look! She looks great. As for the other two, no comment.

qdpy on

Kim Kardashian looks like she stole someone’s curtains and or wallpaper. It’s amazing that people see her as an A-list celebrity when in reality she’s an high priced hooker for an A-list celebrity. You know that pregnancy was a trap. Hope Kanye ditches that one too. Shameful to know everyone’s seen her not so goods splayed out.

Georgea on

For some reason I thought most of all celebrities outfits didn’t not look good … Only couple exceptions and Ivanka is definetely one of the best looking ones !

Not sure what led Kim to dress like this ! Maybe pregnancy hormones !

Amanda K on

LOL! Kim looks like she threw on an old curtain from the 80s. Not liking her style at all

Stormy on

Ivanka is just gorgeous and sadly Kim looks like a curtain that needs to get hanged ..

Cip on

KK look slike an overstuffed sofa with Grannies fabric and shoes and plastic lips…………how dare you put her in a photo next to the others………….

Edie on

Are these people for real??

Do they really take themselves that seriously?

What happened to the smile. It’s not cool any longer or what???

Lisa on

Kim’s camouflaged arm/hand looks just plain weird. I don’t understand how she could really think she looks good.

snopper on

LOL ivanka trump is punk now?

people magazine has always catered to the brainless and clueless

beeswax on

I think it is very disrespectful to put up an Ivanka Trump picture up next to Kim. Ivanka is a real woman, married and expecting her second child with her husband. Kim is Kardashian is white trash and is still married, but expecting a baby with her boyfriend. Can we say trash??? I really want to barf right now.

beeswax on

It is very disrespectful to put Ivanka Trump’s picture next to Kim Trash Kardashian. Ivanka is married and expecting her second child with her husband. She is so classy and looks amazing. Kim, however, is still married to another man and expecting a child with her boyfriend. Can we say white trash? And why is Kim “considered” famous? Please, I think I am going to barf.

Pamela on

She looks like one bug lump. Is that baby in her belly or in her rump?

Vanessa on

So that’s where my bedspread ended up? On Kim K. Why is it that so many other pregnant women can look stylish, yet she can’t get it right?

anon y mouse on

Kim K NEEDS a new stylist ASAP. Pregnant or not she looks horrible. Wow.

Judith on

K was huge before she got pregnant. Big butt, big mouth…..you know the rest.

Jessica on

I’d say Kim looks like my grandmas couch but my grandma has much better taste than that.

Kim, that dress is absolutely disgusting. I love you but you look awful.

fan on

Can no one tell Kimmy “hey, not so much” the next time she asks if she looks ok? I was pregnant with twins, never looked like this! girl get some style PLEASE!

Catca on

I actually think Kim looks pretty but the grommets on her slit do not even come close to converting this dress to punk influenced. I also think blue streaks in the hair and spikes on belts and cuffs are not punk because it completely misses the point of what punk is. If fashion wants to incorporate punk influences, incorporate the spirit, not some silly hair color or metallic spikes.

Mary on

If we all stop clicking on Kartrashian stories and pictures, and stop buying magazines with them on the cover, and stop buying whatever they design (clothes, jewelry, etc), maybe they will go bankrupt and go away. That includes all the Kartrashians, Jenners, etc.

mamato3littles on

is Kim wearing my Nanna’s curtains?!

Mel on

The thing is I don’t think Kim looks bad pregnant. She’s a pretty girl. She’s due in like 2 months so she should have a big bump. It’s just her wardrobe choices make her look awful. If she didn’t dress like she wasnt pregnant she would look nice. She needs to embrass her pregnancy and dress to flatter her bump than she wouldn’t get all this heat.

meme on

funny, the theme was PUNK, and everyone seems to dress like trash, especially this awful get up kim k was wearing. she is so awful!!

JustSayin on

Kim Kardashian and her family are so quick to react to those calling her “fat” but she insists on wearing ridiculously tight clothing. She is asking for it. Wearing clothes that are so unflattering and leaving little to the imagination is her only way to stay relevant these days. Pathetic.

itsallgoodnroanoke on

Moo! To kim.looking like a moose. The other two. Looks good. And by the way, what in the SAM HELL is she wearing! Too big for PRINTS! LOL, MOOOOOO!(

Michelle on

Ivanka Trump = Class

Kim Kardashian = Trash

beverly durham on

wow..thats about all you can say is WOW…kim’s head looks to small for her body..if kanya told her to wear that dress,she should smack him!she is either going to have twins or that is one hellofa big baby!she just keeps getting bigger and bigger,and i know that your suppose to,i have 3 kids myself..but she is just reeally BIG!her hind end is huge!it’s bigger then her belly!