Holly Madison Planning a ‘Kardashian-Sized’ Family

05/06/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Holly Madison TAO Beach
Denise Truscello/WireImage

Will E! have a show called Keeping Up with the Madisons in 20 years?

If everything goes according to plan, Holly Madison‘s family will certainly be big enough for that.

Having given birth to daughter Rainbow Aurora nine weeks ago, Holly and boyfriend Pasquale Rotella are planning on more children. A lot more.

“We want a huge family, like a Kardashian-sized family,” she tells PEOPLE Saturday at TAO Beach’s season opening. “I want to have three, then wait a few years for them to be older, then have another three.”

The star of E!’s upcoming special Holly Has A Baby — which will air on Mother’s Day — said she’s “loving motherhood” but is still getting to used the fact that babies have a mind of their own.

“Things never work out the way you think they will,” Madison, 33, says with a laugh. “Right now the spit-ups have started.”

But the unexpected nature of motherhood is not nearly enough to sway Madison from her itch to have more kids, saying, “I want to be that minivan mom — the one piled full of kids.”

— Mark Gray

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Steph on

Wow! When you have your first baby at 33, it’s a BIG job in a short amount of time to have 5 more!

Katie on

At 33, she better start trying for a second baby now! Hmm, wait till her baby is a screaming, temper-tantruming 2 yr old! 6 kids will become 2 kids quick!!!

Fargo Housewife on

Bahahahaha true Katie.

Lily on

She looks wonderful. And I love her hair color. It’s much prettier on her than the bleached blonde of the past.

Teena on

Okay, she will be one busy lady. Starting a family with 33….she will have to hurry to keep up with her plan. And I don’t think she’ll really have the time to wait a couple of years in between.

Karen on

She looks lovely. I love that shes not the size of a stick and looks like a normal after pregnancy woman. Kudos to her!

WiddoMouse on

Holly looks very good. She got her figure back in such a short time. She gives other young mothers hope.

mg on

Sloppy. Why not a nice one piece? Yuck.

Suzy on

Hahaha mg I’m sure you don’t look half as good in a bikini! Silly hater.

Alanna on

Yeah a one piece is much more flattering than a two piece.

Pauser on

She looks awesome mg! You sound bitter & jealous.

Jenna on

Wow. She doesn’t need to be in a bikini this soon. Plenty of time for that.

Josee on

Yay! For once a mom that looks like she just giving birth, not one of those skinny-as-before-giving-birth-2-months-after. Good job and looking good. 🙂

Estelle on

I think the top is a little too small, her boob is hanging out the bottom!!

Jamie on

She looks amazing! I could only hope to look that good 9 weeks after a baby!

celebsarah on

I’d be more shocked if the headline stated she was fully dressed.

SKM on

She looks fantastic! However, that bikini is too small for her. Something that fits properly would do her much more justice. 🙂

Tanya on

She looks good, but how much time could you spend with your baby if you got back into that shape so quickly. Also I thought you weren’t supposed to exercise for 6 weeks. It’s been awhile for me but I had a hard time even walking too far after my first baby.

Teri on

It could be that she has great genes and skin elasticity.

jessesgirl72 on

She’s breastfeeding- it’s very likely the top fit better at the beginning of the photo shoot than at the end.

BEC on

Steph, Katie, what a bunch of cackling hens the pair of you are! Sit down and chill!!

peoplereader on

She looks good! At least she is not saying how she won’t give up partying for motherhood- like Kendra!!

Julianna on

She looks amazing!

Anonymous on

soooooo annoying….have 2 or 3 kids and it will NEVER be 6…..so clueless.

Tara on

She could adopt. Why assume she will have them biologically?

Anonymous on

wow, someone had the nerve to say that Holly looks sloppy. Seriously? I only wish I could look like that in a bikini! My baby is almost 10 years old and I am still working on getting back to my old shape. Problem is, I am older and my metabolism isn’t the same. I work at it and I eat pretty healthy but I would LOVE to look that sloppy!

Cate on

LOL. I’m happy for her — children are a blessing. That said, I’m not sure if she understands how much work is involved when you have several young children. We have two-year-old triplets and we’re busy with them nonstop.

Erin on

33 is not that old!! Jeeze people. She can keep having them into her early 40’s. People do it all the time 🙂

MommytoanE on

I just hope she finds better names….otherwise we’re going to be seeing a lot ot exotic names comming from this momma.

Marcia on

And what is her occupation, again? Besides previously being one of Hefner’s girlfriends and then having a baby and then posing in a bikini…?

Tara on

Marcia, she was a headliner in Vegas.

Sue on

she looks great! what a beautiful woman!!

Bee on

She looks good! However, she needs to have a roomier top now that she has to accommodate the new mommy boobies.

Katie on

She is so obnoxious.

Amt on

Some of yuo are just jealous. She looks awesome to have just had a baby. ‘m glad she isnt a stick figure at this point. I’m sure she looks better then most of us do .Oh and btw 33 is not to old. She can have kids well into her 40’s if not later.

Lana on

Well yeah, if she’s lucky. Not everyone is able to conceive at that age….

The younger the better. It’s great if your body gets preggo at 40+ but women shouldn’t take it for granted. There could be bitter disappointment if u wait that long.

Just_Jasmine on

She looks fantastic, but I’m not sure if I would be in rush to take bikini photos.

Tara on

She has really come in to her own with motherhood, I am nothing but happy for her.

Dawn on

Why doesn’t she get married if she plans on having 5 more kids with this guy?!

mindy on

She wants to have three, wait a few years and then have 3 more? Does she plan to still be having kids in her late 40’s? Well, I guess she figures if Halle Berry can do it …

BBB on

She looks great but why do people do this? Go to the beach with family weeks after having a baby? Sure, I guess if you’re comfortable. National picture? Um, no. Why put that pressure on yourself, why open yourself up to be critiqued?

Anonymous on


Sandy on

She looks FANTASTIC! I hope she is trying to make a statement- yes she has probably more of a stomach than before- but she’s embracing it- she created a life for crying out loud! Way to go Holly!!!

bunny on

She was in great shape before baby, and its her first. Its no great feat she looks so good.

Erin on

Won’t that be difficult with her fiance in jail and everything? lol

Tina on

Why does everyone assume this is an after-baby photo?! Nothing says that?!

Lindsay on

I’m really sooo over every celebrity posing in bikini’s hours after the birth of their child. It’s getting really abnoxious and I could really care less if they’re back in their skinnies or not.

sarah on

Yes Holly looks good in a bikini, but quite frankly I don’t understand the obsession of competing to see who can get “back into a bikini” the quickest. The focus should be the fascination of the creation you just made with the person you love and this amazing little being you just brought into the world. Just too typical Hollywood focusing on the vanity of how you look. I think her baby is named Rainbow as well…

melissa on

She looks gorgeous! I wish I had that body!

But, I think most 1st babies are good? Mine was anyways.

Have a 2nd, and see how you feel! Temper tantrums, and non-stop fighting, will change your mind! :p

Aleisha on

Silly haters the things you say make me laugh! Way to go holly yes true shes older and I agree her mind may be changed when the screaming comes to play but shit if you can rock a two piece why not? It makes no woman sloppy slutty or anything else . she has confidence in herself and it’s her style 🙂

amsjll507 on

What other people said. Apparently she knows nothing about the female reproductive cycle, unless she is freezing her eggs (and even then…). She could have 5-6 kids if she is continuously pregnant until she is 40. At “already” 9 weeks after giving birth she’d better be getting be pregnant again already! But she’s not famous for her IQ. SMH

Kathy on

she may change her mind when she has a few…..she can have all she wants because women are having them well into their forties…..

Kass on

Yay for large families but I hope she adopts instead of giving birth. So many children need homes. GOOD homes. Terrible things happen in foster care. I wish celebrities and wealthy people would adopt more often. I am all for them giving birth, as it is an incredible experience, but wish they would show unconditional love to those in need, in our own country as well as others. I pray that the day comes where no child is abused. We can make this happen if we work together!

Kass on

Adopt, adopt, adopt! We have way too many children in the government’s ‘care’. Terrible things happen in foster care. Not all foster care, but even one is too many.

Giant Megaphone on

If I looked like that I would show it off too…
you work it honey….

ava on

The only way she’s going to have 5 more kids is if she has quintuplets. She is dreaming if she thinks she can have her own kids in the birth spacing she’s thinking of.

Anonymous on

Kass how many have you adopted, im assuming you didnt give birth to any and not planning to

Anonymous on

what a great message these hollywood women send to us regular people who cant bounce back so fast, We dont have nannys private trainer and food shipped in, No wonder women have body issues give us a break!

ang on

She looks fantastic.if you dont agree you have Not had children.way to go holly.

gyl on

She looks great. The right amount of weight still on because who can go back to prebaby so soon without serious starvation?

DM on

She looks great..after having a baby or not. Who cares if she thinks she’s having 6 kids. More power to her. I had five hids in 9 years and know others that have more in even a shorter amount of time. Nowadays anythings possible. It just drives me crazy on here that people have so many comments about being fat or look bad in their clothes. Apparently she looks good or someone cares to see her, or she wouldn’t be in People, like none of us writing on here are. Get over with your jealousies and let people just live their lives they want to, stop criticizing everything.

Susan on

I expected to see the usual stick figure of famous post birth mom’s and was thrilled to see her looking normal! Bravo, Holly! I do love the natural hair color better also… makes her look younger.

Beth on

Please….stop reproducing. The world has way too many people to start with, so no one needs 6 kids unless it’s through adoption. Second, if idiots like this have all the babies, America’s future is going to be pretty bleak.

Cathy on

Wow is right ! Why? is better ..
Women should be allowed to return to a healthy weight naturally and slowly. The average woman does not have the “tools” avail to the celebrities , and it adds stress to an already stressful time in a woman’s life. She needs to feel beautiful always, but especially now.


Molly on

Good luck with your future 6 children, Holly. You’re going to need it.

sandra on

Jeez, couldn’t the camera person have told her an inch of her boob was sticking out at the bottom?

Stacey on

Awesome!!! I’m a mom of 7 and it doesn’t feel like work to me at all. Some people are just really cut out for it. I wouldn’t think Holly Madison would be one of them, but you never know!!!!

Pia Razon on

She’s able to have her nannies watch her newborn right now so everything appears cute – especially when you’re able to sleep through the night. Let’s see how she feels when those kids are in their terrible 2s and 3s with a brand new baby . . .

Kelley on

If she wants five more children, she should’ve started having kids five years ago unless she has a set of twins or couple sets of twins.

Cassie on

I like her! She seems so dumb but seems pretty genuine and has wanted a family for a while so .. Good for her!

Anonymous on

Hey anonymous even if she did have all of those things she still has to put the work in. Stop making excuses because you don’t have the willpower that someone else does.

Amanda Sechrist on

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where women are placed on the cover of a magazine for being dedicated. Let’s see the kind of mothers that have to budget their money, work from sun up to sun down, cook dinner from nothing, sit by hospital beds, work tirelessly over homework with children who struggle, etc. Instead I get to see another AMAZING story of a women in a bikini with a nanny and plastic surgeon.

Greetings on

a little bit of a nip slip on the right!

a on

she looks great! 🙂

Heather on

I like that this photo looks only minimally photo shopped. I think she looks great! She’s not as thin as before – she looks like a normal, pretty woman! Good job & congratulations!

Lydia on

She’s a slut. Why is she even famous??? She was one of 3 girls sleeping with an 85 year old man. NASTY. I’m sure her future mini-van full of kids will be so proud of how their mom earned her fame.

Meg on

Bikini is too small for her. She looks great though, glad she isn’t a stick..she looks like a REAL mother!

Marky on

Kass, as someone who fostered for 13 years, I absolutely RESENT your statement that “bad things happen in foster care”! I’m not saying it never does, BUT may I say, that the reason those children are IN foster care is that something bad happened in their bio home??! Way to make an ignorant statement. People should only adopt if that is their desire. I assume that you have adopted several children, since you are so “knowledgable” about the subject? Congrats to Holly for looking great and still enjoying her baby.

Brooke on

She looks fantastic! I’m guessing she wishes she hadn’t wasted all that time with Hef now that she’s decided she wants six kids though.

Renee on

She looks good! I didn’t realise she was 33. But underboob is gross!! lol

louli on

People with good infants sometimes do this: assume motherhood/parenthood is a piece of cake because their newborn is sleeping well and they’re still flying on hormones. Let’s wait a few years and see that number reduce from 6 to a more manageable 3!

6453 on

I was in my jeans 4 days after my son was born. Its just how a person is made. Just because she is posing in a bikini 9 weeks after having her daughter doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend any time with her! Some women really do make us other women look bad! If you are slimmer than me, more power to you! Get off your jealousies and get a life!

Jenn on

She actually has curves! She looks normal..alhtough she should wear a swim suit that fits..her boob is falling out. Embrace the curves Holly!!!

Amanda on

It is really no special feat to look like that 9 weeks after giving birth to your first baby if you were in good shape prior to pregnancy and stay active during. I was back to or under prepregnancy weight with all 4 of my kids by my 6 week check up with no exercise or dieting (but I didn’t sit on my butt and eat junk during my pregnancy/recovery).

Part of it is good genes but it is mostly a lifestyle choice. For some reason American women seem to think pregnancy and postpartum is a special occasion where you don’t have to make healthy food/exercise choices. I am always amazed by the fact that so many women think you shouldn’t continue to exercise during a normal healthy pregnancy and then complain about gaining 50+ lbs eatting processed junk

Mary Ann on

Holly looks great but she looked wonderful through out her pregnancy.

Anonymous on

She looks fantastic…but of course! She ate healthy and took care of herself… I laugh when I read how first time moms say they want LOTS of kids!! Having the first baby, you have moonbeams in your eyes (as you should)… Having KIDS, that’s a different story, lol! Keeping up with just 2 or 3 kids is more than a full time job.

Shannon on

She looks amazing!! However I do wish people would stop and enjoy what they have in the moment- I feel like these celebs have a child then immediately start talking about wanting more, that’s fine to want more kids- but enjoy what you have right now.

Miranda on

She looks awesome but the cameraguy or woman should have seen that her bikinitop was too small.

Anonymous on

How’s she going to get pregnant with Pasquale in jail?? Pasquale and Holly are the worst role models ever and would be doing their future children a huge disservice by having more. She sounds like octomom.. a selfish fame whore willing to make kids pay the ultimate price in the end.

Amanda on

She looks great, if indeed this is a post-partum picture. And that in no way means that she doesn’t spend time with her baby. I had two children in 18 months, and gained nearly seventy lbs each time. Both times, it was all gone by two or three months post-partum. Breast feeding, wonderful genetics (no stretch marks on any grandmothers, great grandmothers, or aunts), and my babies were very big (10lb12oz and 9lb8oz, both 22 inches long) all contributed to my quick weight loss. My little one is nine months old now and I look better in a bikini than I ever have, and I’m thirty years old. I think it’s very unfair to project your own insecurities and failures onto the famous moms on this page. It’s really quite sad, actually. If someone didn’t have the identical experience that you did, they must be a bad mother or a neglectful mother. Watch it with the blanket statements.

Lauren on

That is such a stupid name!!! Seriously where do they come up with a name like that? Were they on LSD when naming her?

Meredith on

Motherhood agrees with you Holly!

ang on

Cute! I hope it turns out the way she wants it.

louli on

Lauren, Holly has said previously that she knew a child growing up named Rainbow and thought it was a lovely, feminine name and wished it was hers. I think it’s a bit silly, but I’ve heard worse.