Dannielynn Birkhead Gets Dolled Up for Kentucky Derby

05/05/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Dannielynn Birkhead Kentucky Derby Larry Birkhead Mary Poppins Anna Nicole Smith
Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

Now that she’s started a modeling career, it seems Anna Nicole Smith‘s little girl is taking fashion quite seriously.

Dannielynn, 6ยฝ, and her dad Larry Birkhead stopped by a lounge at the Kentucky Derbyย Saturday dressed in iconic looks from the “Jolly Holiday” scene of classic children’s movie, Mary Poppins.

And it seems like it was all her idea. “Thanks Frankie Rodriguez for making the great outfits. Dannielynn wanted to come as this,” Tweeted Birkhead, along with a photo of his daughter’s inspiration.

After a quick search, we were able to find a similar version ($125) on Etsy. And if you’re willing to splurge, there’s a custom mini Bert costume ($350) also available.

Although super cute, we’re not so sure about their over-the-top getups. But it is the Kentucky Derby, where the stars tend to pull out all the stops. One thing’s for sure: Anna Nicole would definitely be proud.

TELL US: What do you think of Dannielynn and Larry’s Kentucky Derby outfits?

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LP on

Dannielynn was very cute last year. This year is just kinda creepy.

Btw, why do people insist that Anna would be proud? She tried to keep Dannielynn from Larry. And I think Im starting to understand why.

TeriSamuels on

It is actually cute, very age appropriate LP. Every girl dreams if being a princess. Mary Poppins is precisely that. A timely classic and a wonderful memory for a little girl. As far as what the tykes mother wanted. Not sure she was capable of making those decisions as we now know the outcome.

Lexi on

Mary Poppins wasn’t a princess. She was, precisely, a nanny. But who doesn’t want to be “practically perfect in every way”?

Juan on

Dannielynn and Larry, know how to step out in shear whimsical fashion! You caught our eyes and hearts : )

deannefox on

She’s going to be prettier than her mamma, lets just hope with her father in her life she has more self esteem and doesn’t ruin herself with selling her body and drug abuse.

PhoenixMom3 on

She’s just simply adorable!!!!!

teri on

Very cute. Love it!!

Mimi on

She is beautiful and she is happy! Good for them! That’s all that matters! ๐Ÿ™‚

Di on

It seems Larry is there for his little girl. I hope that she gets all the love and attention that seems to have alluded her mother and I hope that she will grow into a lovely well-adjusted, positive and productive woman.

Bob Schnier on

is that her father or her pimp?

melissa on

Your comment is disgusting and you are a poor excuse for a human being!

mileysucks on

This is sweet. l love to see a dad who is willing to embarrass himself a little to make his kid happy. She is still a little girl and he is keeping her imagination alive in a classy, wholesome way. It’s adorable.

Tiffany on

I think it’s cute. My daughter is the same. She would LOVE for her daddy to dress up like that with her. I think most little girls would.

Cynthia on

He seems to be a wonderful father. She is lucky little girl.

Fifisunshine34 on

Dannielynn looks like a very happy little girl. Cute outfit and Larry, your doing a great job!

Donna on

so is he only famous for sleeping with and knocking up Anna Nicole Smith?

Stephanie on

Yes that’s the only reason why he’s famous. He’s just a Ky boy with a awesome family. There’s nobody in his family famous.

Hattie on

Many didn’t want her Dad to be Howard Stern.

B on

I don’t understand why everybody is hating. She is adorable and her dad dotes on her non-stop. She is gorgeous btw.

Tangerine on

I think she is adorable and I am glad her Daddy isn’t ashamed to go along with what she obviously wanted.

envyofnone on

I think he is giving his daughter a wonderful life, and letting her play when she wants to, and model when she wants to. I would LOVE to have her outfit and I am not 6 1/2 yrs old ๐Ÿ™‚ I think he is doing for her what no one ever did for Anna Nicole; being a great parent. Keep it up, Larry.

m on

She’s so cute!

JJ on

This is cute. I don’t recall him taking her out for public/press outings in the recent years other than the Derby which makes since because he’s from Kentucky.

Marie on

I love the crazy clothes, only for Kentucky Derby! I think she is much prettier than her mother. She has both her mom and dad’s looks and it is incredible. She is just a gorgeous child.

Peaches in pa on

Is this outfit necessary? It is not cute at all!

Nancy on

Aid the person named peaches. Omg

Guest on

This was by far not the boldest outfit at the Derby. It’s a time for people to dress in a loud way and have fun. Good or them.

Shanice on

Dannielynn is so beautiful! However, I think Larry needs to come out of the closet already .. sheesh!

Cricket on

A little over the top!

Miriam Poulsen on

I do not understand people hating Larry Birkhead. He mostly keeps his little girl out of the spotlight except for at special events like this. He is protective and she seems very happy. Good for them both.

Birdie on

It would be one thing if Dannielyn was the only one in costume but seeing Birkhead dressed to match her is more than weird. Hope she grows up being well adjusted.

Mellissa on

So your parents never went out in costume with you as a child Birdie? No wonder you’ve got such a stick up your ass.

Kyle Riley on

I believe Anna is watching over her daughter.. I am glad Mr.Birkhead, is trying and,putting his best foot forward, where his daughter is concerned!!

barbara hawkins on

Thought they were adorable! that’s what she wanted and got! leave her alone, she knows nothing about her father. let her be a happy child!

Meg on

So cute. Larry seems to be doing a wonderful job raising his daughter….she looks like a very happy little girl.

Cyndi on

This is normally the type of thing I’d bash. But I just can’t. Larry appears to be a wonderful father who loves her with everything he’s got. Besides, Derby’s when you’re ALLOWED, even ENCOURAGED to go over-the-top. Derby and Hallowe’en, lol.

Teresa on

larry Birkhead is clearly Nuts. How he gets away with brainwashing this innocent child about her dead mother constantly is sick. He wants this child to be a money machine. Why doessn’t anyone step in to stop him??

AS on

What are you talking about Teresa? The public has barely seen this child since he began raising her.

Jolie on

Shut up Theresa and all you people that are putting down this great dad !! Really what man would dress up like this for his kid? Oh my husband did and does!! That makes him gay and need to come out of the closet?! What the hell is wrong with you?! You obviously never had a real man in your life, that’s what real men do, they take care of their daughters. They pamper their daughters, you’re making me physically sick right now your so pathetic!!!!!!! Mabe the world would be a little better with better fathers rather than white trash mothers?!! Geeeeeezzzz. Your the biggest loser ever

amy on

Darling..and I think she looks just like daddy.

sarah on

If he doesn’t learn to tell her “no” then she’s going to be just like her Mama.

Lisa on

I had always admired Larry for taking the steps of raising his daughter, but now I wonder if he’s using Anna’s name to make $$ off their daughter??? She’s a bit young, eh???

Dawn on

Come on, we see them both maybe ONCE a year, if that? There are plenty other ‘celebrities’ that pimp out their kids to the press on a regular basis that deserve your scorn. By all means he’s a doting father and Dannielynn looks well adjusted and happy. She is fully clothed and age appropriate. so what’s the big deal? I mean, it’s the Kentucky Derby, where EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is over the top. For those who are criticizing him for dressing in costume to match her – have you thought that maybe SHE wanted him to dress up too? She doesn’t have a Mom to dress up with, so of course she will ask her Dad. What is he supposed to do – say no and disappoint her? And no, it’s not strange or creepy – have you seen this picture of a father dressing up as Red Riding Hood because his daughter wanted to be the Big Bad Wolf? http://www.blameitonthevoices.com/2012/11/awesome-dad-of-day.html It’s called being a loving, involved parent.

lovebug98684 on

Could not agree with u more. He is doing a great job with keeping her out of the spot light.

Kris on

It must be so so sad never knowing your Mommy. Makes you want to go hug your own kids.

Kim on

It’s cute. Hey..it’s the Kentucky Derby..anything goes fashion wise. The wilder the better.

Marie on

How adorable. It is so nice that her dad wants to make her happy. He has been going to the derby since he was a young kid, so of course he wants to include her in his family’s tradition. She is a lucky girl to have so much love. I wish she wasn’t modeling though. I think she should just be a little girl right now.

Rach on

Love that Dad is willing to don this look for his little girl.

Amy on

Can you imagine if that wacko lawyer was raising her? She seems happy and that is what’s important

Charli on

This is what happens when 6 year olds are in charge of wardrobe. lol Hilarious! Cute that he is willing to play dress up with his kid. He’s probably a little overindulgent after allhe went through to get her.

Cinnammon on

Want to see more of Dannielynn. She is gorgeous and adorable.

Pat on

I think the outfits are adorable and Larry
and Dannielynn are WESOME,

Joy on

I wonder if she has a relationship with Anna’s mother and with Anna’s boyfriend/lawyer can’t remember his name right now

Mark on

Glad he ended up with the right stuff to get that child away from that MONSTER Lawyer!!!!!

B Ray on

Danielynn is a beauty; and she has a great Dad to guide her through life. They look SUPERcalifragilisticexpalidocious!!

jack on

I think it’s cool he’s willing to dress up for his kid and it’s cool to that his daughter wants to be mary poppins not kesha.

Lynda on

Cute!! What a good dad, dressing up to make his little girl happy. This is the kind of thing that thrills a little girl. He seems really hands-on and she seems like a very happy child.

shopgirltn7 on

Too cute. I love it when parents dress up with their little one!

Marky on

Peaches from pa, you must be a very unimaginative parent. This is a fun outfit for a fun occasion. It’s not how she dresses all the time! And Shanice, whatever…..

Cesa on

Why is dad, Larry on all of Dannielynn’s photos (possibly except one). HE wants the publicity.

Anonymous on

Been waiting for this. I love hearing about them. He seems to be doing a wonderful job. And just because he let her pick the outfits for the Derby doesn’t mean he never says no. She is as beautiful as her mom, and he ain’t bad looking either! Dannielynn won on both sides!

e on

i think she is adorable and looks really happy. i think Larry is doing a great job in raising his daughter. after losing her mom and brother right after she was born………, this little girl deserves to be happy. God Bless her!

AS on

She is adorable! Love these outfits! She seems to have a great Dad. So glad that scumbag Stern didn’t rob Larry from his little girl.

Sassy777 on

What wonderful outfits! Anyone that loves Mary Poppins knows these are the outfits from the Horse Race Scene! Such an appropriate choice! Birkhead is from Louisville, Ky. & I think it’s great that he takes the time to come home & indulge his daughter in her roots by attending THE function the year in the state! She looks happy…actually much happier than most of the other star’s children we continually see having their photos snapped by the Paps…Larry’s done a great job keeping her out of the lime light most of the year.

Gregory M on

This guy looks like an Oompa Loompa who escaped from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This is freak show stuff, and I can’t believe he brought his daughter out like this.

I feel sorry for this little girl.

Sade on

She is so cute and Larry is a good father.

michelle on

Seriously, LP? You actually think it was a GOOD thing that Anna Nicole tried to keep Dannielynn from her bio father because he dresses up like this? (appropriately, seeing as it was the Kentucky Derby) Have you forgotten that Anna Nicole was a LONG time drug user and Howard K. Stern helped supply her with drugs and kept her doped up 24/7??? This guy is doing a beautiful job raising his daughter! He VERY clearly loves her. They’re always together and the child wants for nothing. THANK GOD she has her father in her life!

Lucy on

It’s a family tradition and he also met her mother there so wants to keep the tradition alive. She looks adorable and age apropiate and most importantly HAPPY

Dani on

All questionable and of agenda motives? Who of any of us would really know?

cassie on


Anais on

They are so cute together. Clearly he is a wonderful dad to his daughter from every photo I have ever seen they look like they completely adore each other, more power to them!

Becky on


Anonymous on

Do all you ‘haters’ realize how hard he fought for this child??? I think he’s a great dad and what little girl wouldn’t want what he gives her…..LOVE AND HAPPINESS?!?!?!?!? Way to go Larry ๐Ÿ™‚

Bella T on

Everytime I see this little girl I am so happy that Larry is her father! For the most part she is out of the public’s eye and he is not exploiting her. He knows people are curious so he allows a little publicity every now and then. Good job Larry!

Laura on

What a Awesome Father&Daughter..She is Adorable and Larry seems to be a really great father!! I think Anna would be very proud! This is really a great ending to such a sad story.Go Larry you are a Super Dad..You have a precious little daughter,God Bless!!

Lena on

Yes, the outfits are outlandish, but so what??? They are great if your child is a Mary Poppins Fan ๐Ÿ™‚ I Heaven forbid a parent have a little bit of fun with his child!

Laura on

Anna Nichole was one very messed up lady and Larry is a wonderful father,the fact she wanted to keep Dannielynn from him was insane and to state otherwise you need your head examined. I think they look adorable together in their costumes. She’s seems like a normal,happy little girl with a dad who loves her very much and is trying to give her a happy life. Haters,get over yourselves!

Anonymous on

I love the outifts! Fun and perfect for a 6 year old. Larry seems like a good dad to me.

mari on

Looks like Halloween

alexis on

okay he’s a good dad and really seems to like the pageantry. it’s’ a little strange – it would be more impressive he was were nicely dressed and she was in an outfit that didn’t scream “costume” – she is a gorgeous kid though and having lost her mother she can wear what she wants at the end of the day…

DAP1952 on

Sorry….but I have to shake my head in disbelief when I see people on this board say that this kid’s daddy is doing a wonderful job simply because he dressed her and himself all up for the Kentucky Derby. What else do you know about his ability to raise this child? Probably nothing, but yet you feel the ureg to post that he’s a good father??? C’mon people …get serious. NO ONE can tell how well this guy is to the kid simply by lookiung at one photo and reading one article.

nicole on

I think its sweet. he’s done a great job as a father.

cricketmoss on

Too freakin’ cute!!!!

Karen N Miller on

I think hes doing a great job as a dad to her. I can see a little girl that age wanting her daddy to dress up along with her.

ct on

@LP, I disagree – he seems like he’s a good father. Only on occasion do you see these two in the spotlight – he seems to want her to enjoy her childhood and from what I can tell, she’s always in age appropriate attire which is refreshing.

Carol on

Isn’t it sad that Dannielynn is being displayed like this she is 6 and being placed in the same position as her mother and look what happened to her. Shame on the father. Get a job and support her instead of the other way around.

Julie on

Beautiful picture, nice to see Daddy is willing to look a little silly if it makes his daughter happy. As for those who think he’s “pimping” his daughter out, the only time there seems to be photo ops is at her birthday and the derby day. The modeling I’m sure if she didn’t want to do it she would’t be doing it.

innostranka on

the kentucky derby and her birthday are the only times during the year that larry takes dannielynn out where they will receive publicity. i think he has done far better with her than anna nicole or howard stern would have, and she seems to have had a relatively normal upbringing. he seems to dote on her whims, but in a healthy way for a 6 year old child.

gomez hectar on

for all you negative people out there, kids like to live in a fantasy world and good for larry granting those wishes……if we domolished every creative dream our children have, they will grow up with a lack of creativity and no self-esteem. i bet the people with negative comments here do not have creative chidren. eh? dream bashers?

SRose on

I think she is simply beautiful. Kudos to Larry for helping his little girl have this magical day.

sdw818 on

He’s a super sweet Dad, and I think she will grow up healthy and well because of him.

Anonymous on

Less Mary Poppins, and more My Fair Lady.

Laura B on

Knowing how a modeling career ended badly for her mother, I can’t believe that Larry would encourage this. How foolish. He should let her be a child now and let her decide what she wants to do when she gets MUCH older.

Janis on


Anonymous on

She is such a pretty little girl. She looks so happy in that picture. He so does NOT use her for PR. You rarely see pictures of her and the modelling was a one time thing because her mother had done it. I think he is doing a wonderful job of raising her.

melissa on

Completely Agree ๐Ÿ™‚

susanne on

Exploitation is the only word that comes to mind.

philippafrederique on

I don’t understand how people can even say anything negative about this. This is just absolutely adorable in my opinion, and she must be so excited about the fact that her daddy dressed up along with her. But perhaps I’m biased because I just love Mary Poppins.

Lynn in the South on

Until Dannielynn started going to the Derby I thought it was the all time bore of bores. I look forward to it now. I appreciate Larry allowing us to see her every year. I love how he doesn’t keep her in the spotlight.

I think the outfits are wonderful. I get tears in my eyes thinking about how wonderful it would have been to have a make believe day with my father (he died when I was young).

I love that she wanted Mary Poppins and not some of the trashy things that is popular now.

Grinch on

I think it’s PRECIOUS! You’re on 6 once!!

Lia on

Very cute. He’s doing such a nice job of raising her. Anna would be happy knowing her little girl is happy, and being taken good care of.

Anonymous on

Looks cheaply made. But I commend the father for indulging the child this way rather than in damaging ways. My husband husband has done silly things like this with our children, and done in fun and with nice intentions all will be fine. Why children need to attend the Kentucky Derby when they are not involved in equestrian events is nonsense, maybe she should be attending premieres of G rated movies, get her a gig on Disney or Nick.

RJ on

Seriously, Larry what in the world are you thinking. Modeling…Let her have a NORMAL out of the limelight childhood. You should be protecting her from the influences that eventually took her Mother’s life.

Guest on

He looked a little alarming to me at first, but knowing where this was, I think his getup matches hers and probably made for a very fun day for them both. To those who ask what he was famous for – nothing. He was a KY boy who met a flambouant woman. I’m sure 10 years ago he didn’t see himself raising a child on his own in 2013, but he seems to have stepped up to the plate and is caring for and protecting her, and is limiting her exposure to the public. I rarely see pics of them, but I like how he’s in them with her – that way he knows who’se taking the pics and he knows that the pics will be appropriately captioned and handled. He’s doing a great job considering the 180 his life took. I think if the tables were turned, Stern would not have been the same type of parent.
I give Dannielynn and Larry two thumbs up.

rebecca on

i think it’s precious

Anonymous on


Diane on

What do you mean ‘People’ that “weโ€™re not so sure about their over-the-top getups’ . . . . MY God – she is a little girl and he is a doting dad – it is so obvious to everyone who has ever seen them together that they have a great relationship – why is this ‘over the top’?? looks to me like they are having a great daddy-daughter time – whoever wrote this article needs to reassess what they do for a living! Anna Nicole must be VERY happy that her baby is with her daddy, who is by the way looks to be taking GREAT care of her!

Howie on

You people commenting are IDIOTS !!! The Kentucky Derby is about wearing crazy things and having fun. They both look awesome and it’s glad they know how to have fun and fit in for such a cool event. Way to go Larry !!

Just Me on

LP, Anna Nicole’s brain was addled by drugs thanks to the loser attorney/husband/leech she was with. I think Larry was the only one who actually cared about her. I also think he’s being a fantastic daddy to Dannielynn. Not too many fathers would do this for their little girl. He’s done a really good job of letting her be a child. As for the modeling career….really People?

Anonymous on

Larry is a great dad and Dannilyn is adorable, why should’nt they have some fun!!

Anonymous on

very cute! i hope they display this photo in their home. Larry seems to have a wonderful relationship with the little girl that he fought so hard for. She is lucky to have him and he is lucky to have her. It seems they both know that ๐Ÿ™‚

she on

What a couple of clowns. Good lord.

KW on

What a great dad! She is a lucky little girl.;-)

Terrence Block on

I saw these two on television and this melts my heart. what a great thing to do for a little girl.

davisfamilyblogs on

Anna Nicole loved dressing up and having fun.
Good for them.

LPW on

Good luck to you, Danielynn.

Linda Becconsall on

why are these two still in the news?

Larry needs let go of the limelight and let his daughter have a normal childhood.

I agree the photo is creepy

Sabrinna on

She is very close with her father and he proved his love and paternity;things are working out fine. She is adorable, and there will be good things for both of them. In the meantime, let them enjoy the fun things in life, and wish them good health, good income, and pure love.

Tanya on

They look great.

Kim on

I love that he is willing to do this for his daughter! What a great dad, and I am so glad that she has someone stable in her life, because this is just what she needs! He is awesome, and she is beautiful.

Katie on

I’m sure Larry would of much preferred to raise her with the help of Anna, but so far he seems to be doing a wonderful job. I think he has Dannielynn in and out of the publics eye so others can see her grow up. I just hope he isn’t taking advantage because of who her mom is. That is my only worry. Other than that, she seems like a very happy little girl. Kudos to him. But modeling, I think that should be later in her life.

melissa on

I don’t understand any of the negative comments. I think she’s a beautiful little girl whose dad loves and takes good care of her. I love that he’s not embarrassed to dress up along side of her even in public. I think they look adorable! They were having fun. Give them a little break

meghan on

Sure. Let her have anything she wants. Overindulging her won’t turn out badly at ALL. [sarcasm]

Kat on

And this is what a picture of a daddy wrapped around his little girl’s finger looks like. ๐Ÿ™‚

meghan on

It makes me laugh when people say that Anna would be so pleased or Anna is smiling from Heaven. Do you not remember the lengths that Anna went to keep this man out of her life. She wanted sperm, not a father for her kid.

veronica_classa00@yahoo.com on

He is a better father than Anna would have been a mother. I think they are very happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Missy on

Okay so if he’s a bad father and exploiting a child who only gets photographed 2-3 times a year, where’s the bashing on Jessica Alba, Angelina, Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, the Beckhams and all these other celebs that get praises for being out in public with their child constantly? There’s more pap pictures in a week of these kids than there are in years of Dannilynn.
I think it’s cute that he would dress up like that for her.

Marie on

Such a sweet picture and love how her dad went all out for her, she must love Mary Poppins. She is absolutely beautiful and I think she takes after her dad with her mom’s smile.

May on

There are some really stupid people on this post. If you think he is exploiting her, you really need to get a clue.

1. We get to see Dannielynn on average ONCE a year, and usually at the Derby. Last I checked, that is not ‘exploitation’.

2. You want to see people pimping out their kids? Um, hello, Kardashians???

3. Her outfit is age appropriate AND Derby appropriate! I think it’s wonderful her Daddy wanted to get into the fun. My dad never did things like this with me, nor did he have any interest. Dannielynn is a very lucky girl, who is very loved!

Stephanie on

I’m glad she is in the right hands. Hopefully, she’s one of the lucky ones that got away from the negative effects on babies who are born to addicts. I hope that POS Stern ends up needing a colostomy bag, and loss of his junk for happily feeding drugs to the woman who was pregnant, and knowingly doing so, trying to pass off the child as his, for money. That whole situation was nothing more than moral repugnance, at it’s core.

MollyF on

What an adorable picture of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Larry seems to be willing to do anything to please his little cutie pie.

Lou on

With all the history her Mom has and everything she went through you’d think he would be more apt to protecting this little girl than exploiting her. She just needs to be a little kid. Keep this beautiful girl safe Larry. She deserves to be confident, ambitious, independent and clean from drugs and alcohol!!! She’s a bit young to be a public figure and let’s be honest…odds are not on this kids side. I just keep thinking of Drew Barrymore (who was a strong enough women to kick butt and make a wicked comeback!!)

Molly on

I think its really cute. I wish my dad would be willing to wear the whole Bert costume if I dressed up as Mary Poppins. He did don a beanie and green shirt to be Dopey the dwarf when I was Snow White at age 6, but he had those in his closet….

Courtney Rose on

I’m sure some of you are doing a perfect job raising your kids at home! If only we can see in your household. He doesn’t give a rats ass what you negative Nancy’s think. And for the fool who said she would be “toast” before she was 18, maybe you should be grateful if you wake another day. Making a filthy,uncalled assumption about a child makes you “toast”. To think some of you bash Christians for being judgemental, you people are the real deal.

Tutie on

She is one super-beautiful little girl. I can’t remember seeing a little girl who was more beautiful. Larry seems to be raising her well.

Dianne on

Looks like it’s more for Halloween, but I do remember the part in Mary Poppins when the carousel horses came alive….

Sandy on

I to loved Mary Poppins at her age! I don’t blame her for wanting to dress like this. How nice that dad lets her express herself- he must love her so much.

Sabrina on

Dannielynn is one of the prettiest celebrity kids ever. And she always looks happy. Larry’s doing a good job.

zella jacobs on

I always love to see Larry and Dannielyn.She will be a star some day,Larry is doing a great job,Love their outfits

Cassandra Joy Ulrich on

Larry Birkhead, I think you are raising Dannielynn up as a wonderful little girl although saying NO once in a while would be a good choice because she would not end up like her mother nor her big brother Daniel. In the end Dannielynn is the most spoiled little girl by her father YOU Larry Birkhead, She is so lucky & so are you… GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH & HAVE A FANTASTIC YEAR & LIFE!!!!!!

Lynley on

This is incredibly ugly and yet another addition to the catalogue of the creepy shaping of this unfortunate child.

Kerri on

I love that little girl and am routing for her in life.

B.J. (the girl) on

What a beautiful child! She looks very happy – if my dad had dressed up like that for me, I would have been thrilled! Larry appears to be a loving, attentive father.

AK on

It’s not creepy or weird at all. It’s rather brilliant. If anyone actually remembers the movie, Mary Poppins and Bert actually watched a horse race dressed like this.

donna on

So he’s just gonna use her as a paycheck.

Sabrinna on

She is a beautiful child and is having a good and real life with her real dad. The look so great together, this is what a good parent does to make their child happy. So she is modeling at 6.5 years old, and a few years from now she will be doing sports or whatever. She is having fun and acting out and every little girl would dream of this, especially if her parents were involved. I am offended by the mean words.

cheri on

He’s such a fun Dad, a loving Dad and has clearly devoted his life to make sure she knows she is loved and has a good start.
Great photos and great fun too…….nice to be light and funny and just be silly for a change.

Guest on

Who do some of you people think you are? GOD?!?!? How DARE you judge this man’s parenting of this child!! Shame, shame, SHAME on all of you who presume to sit in judgment of Larry Birkhead!! It’s time for all of you to crawl back in your holes and hibernate for 17 years!

Anonymous on

Considering how hard he fought for her, & the fact that we rarely hear about them in the last 6 years, I highly doubt he wants the publicity. From what I’ve seen I think he’s doing a great job & clearly loves her. And it’s the derby, she doesn’t have a mom to play dress up with so I think its adorable he was willing to do that to make his kid happy. Lets just be thankful she has a loving protective father & its not Howard stern!

Debra on

Seeing Dannielynn is my highlight since I’m not into horse racing. The thing I so appreciate is that what I’ve seen of her its so age appropriate. Good job Larry B.