Alyssa Milano: Our Bodies Are Not Made for Bikinis

05/02/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Alyssa Milano Huggies Baby2Baby
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Who’s the boss of Alyssa Milano‘s heart? None other than her little man, 20-month-old son Milo Thomas.

“You think you know what love is before you have [kids]. Then you have the baby and it completely shatters whatever concept of [what] love was before you met them,” the actress told PEOPLE at Saturday’s Huggies Snug & Dry and Baby2Baby‘s Mother’s Day Garden Party event in Beverly Hills.

The first-time mom has been soaking up all the time she can with her son, subsequently putting the task of shedding her pregnancy pounds to the back burner. “I was very kind to myself and gave myself a lot of time. No pressure,” she says.

“I find any sort of weight loss is about eating less and moving more, so I just did that and took my time.”

But in the year it took Milano, 40, to completely bounce back, her focus remained on her baby boy — and not regaining a beach-ready body.

“Our bodies are not made to look good in a string bikini!” the Mistresses star says. “Our bodies are made to nurture and cuddle and all of those amazing things that come along with being a mom.”

Completely head over heels with their son, Milano and husbandΒ David Bugliari have already broached the subject of another baby and are looking forward to expanding their family … eventually.

“I’m enjoying this one right now,” she says. “We’re talking about baby number two, but we’re not actively trying yet.”

— Anya Leon

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Ivy. on

Milo is such a good looking kid!

Brooklyn on

Milo is super cute!

NeeNee on

What a little cutie!

Carolyn on

What a gorgeous boy he is!

Maria on

Could her son be any cuter? Love the big brown eyes πŸ™‚

Leslie on

I love this, made me smile to know that she values being a mom in actions and body more than getting thin to get the next movie or show deal. I’m pregnant with number 5 and exercise 4 days a week and exercise after I have the baby to be healthy not too lose weight. I will wear a tanki or bikini and don’t care how I look because I’m happy with who I am and after 5 kids I figured I could look a hell of a lot worse for having tons of kids. I applaud her for being REAL.

Guest on

You need to stop sista.

shidley on

So true, Alyssa. That’s the right attitude. Our bodies were not designed for every garment…including swimwear. Go with what feels right, and if it doesn’t fit or look right- no biggie. Just find something else.

sal on

why didnt she do something with her hair? It looks like she hasnt washed it in a week

Brittany on

Sal, she was too busy trying to put her son’s appearance before her own, which is what good parents do, and I think her hair is cute actually. Nice job being shallow, though.

Charli Mabriel on

Wow Sal, could you have missed the point of this article more?!

Ginny on

As I was reading this article I was thinking back to the years where Alyssa was the typical young Hollywood celebrity, and made all of the wrong moves. It goes to show that with maturity, the right kind of love and a solid family life she’s turned out to be one heck of a mother/woman. Kudo’s to her. And what a gorgeous little one she has.

Justeace on

Ginny, What are you talking about? She was never some strung-out, attention-seeking starlet that no one could depend on. Her parents always kept her pretty grounded. Sure she followed her heart and got married quickly but she was always a dependable-working actress and activist and a darn good photographer to boot. She grew up solid and is a wonderful woman and a good mommy.

Anonymous on

what a beautiful little boy

Emily on

Dear “Sal”, please post a picture of yourself. Some people (like you) are incapable of seeing the good in anything. Good luck!

Guest on

Oh my, he is cute! Milo gets the award for cutest celebrity baby boy. Suri gets the award for cutest celebrity baby girl.

Miranda on

I love that she is not one of those hollywood women who want there body back almost minutes after baby. I loved her in Charmed and hope to see a Charmed movie soon

Greetings from The Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima since 30-04-2013

Noneya on

OMG Sal! Where’s your picture?!? She’s definitely got her priorities straight so SHUT THE……!!

Good Tx Girl on


BBB on

Obviously this is a baby blog so the focus is going to be on the baby but I wish the women on these blogs would mention husbands in situations other than as the men who will provide them with the ability to have another baby. Doesn’t having a kid bring husband and wife closer? Doesn’t having a kid mean loving seeing your husband be a good dad? Doesn’t it mean more love for your husband in general? Seriously, the foundation of a family is the relationship between the parents, not the relationship between a mom and a child. It often seems that mothers forget about their most important relationship.

Marie on

Amen BBB! So many women end up neglecting their husbands terribly once they finally get that baby. Saying she didn’t know love before baby is a slap in the face to her husband.

MR on

Please read the article several times and maybe you will get it BBB. Love for a child and love for a mate is completly different, I can say that the love I feel for my kids is a million times more than my husband. My kids are first. I can see that you might be one of those women that will put a man before her kids. Too bad.

dancer92136 on

Spoken like a real mom!!!

Whi on

Yay! Finally, an article about someone WHO GETS IT!

I like reading things like this. Reminds me to remember that I grew a human and that is much more important than trying to lose the weight/pudge. πŸ™‚

Callie on

He is a gorgeous little boy. I absolutely LOVE her attitude too.

terri on

This from the sexiest actress on ‘Charmed’. Allyssa is one HOT momma!

emma on

What an inspiration to ALL women. The other self involved women of Hollywood could learn a thibg or two from this beautiful example.

And her son is beyond adorable and those beautiful brown eyes..OMG!

emma on

I meant thing* sorry typo

angie on

Gorgous mother and gorgous boy!

Beth Campbell on

My bikini days died with the coming of my “mommy scars” (stretch marks) and that fine. I have four beautiful daughter and can swim happily with them in a one-piece.

TRaceyT on

Nice to see a Hollywood beauty with good priorities!

tcvajv on

Cute cute little guy. So proud of Alyssa’s comments and showing more concern for her child and relationship with the child than impressing everyone with a bod following child birth.

Marie on

What an awful article! No one should print a quote that says “you don’t know real love without a child.” So Alyssa didn’t love her husband? What about the childless couples out there that can’t conceive? I guess they will never know love! Basically telling people they won’t have a fulfilling life unless they procreate us shameful. People need to think before they speak.

OK_Guest on

Calm down Marie…not every couple unable to conceive gets their panties in a wad over a simple comment like this, so you shouldn’t either. And I say this as a woman who cannot conceive. Some of us can look past the initial words and read into what she is saying. She is not verbally saying that we won’t ever know real love or that people that choose to not have kids will never know love. You just read way too deep in to it.

Marie on

You’re not offended by it so that means I’m not allowed to be OK_Guest? Actually that IS what she’s saying. She said it right there in her own words. She made a blanket statement applying to everyone, not just herself.

OnlyMe on

Marie, settle down before you make yourself sick. I understand what she meant. I love my husband dearly but the feelings that I have for my children takes my breath away. I am in awe that together we created such wonderful human beings. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t know love before them because I did. She is only talking about her experience and there is no reason for her to censor herself because someone feels disrespected. She is absolutely correct in feeling how she feels about her child.

Marie on

OnlyMe if she said “I didn’t know what love was.” Instead of “You don’t know…” Your argument would have some validity. How do you know what she meant? She made a blanket statement for all women but she only meant herself? And instead of love she actually meant a different kind of love? I don’t think so. You can’t take everything she said and change it and say “That’s what she meant.”

Mimi on

I completely agree OnlyMe. I’m pregnant with my first child and while I’m very much in love with my husband, the love I have for my unborn child is different and wonderfully special.

Brittany on

She was just saying the love for a child is different Marie. Geez, give her a break. I love my husband but my children and there needs come before mine and his. Doesn’t mean I love him less. Priorities shift.

Marie on

Brittany, no she didn’t say it’s different.

Storyideas on

What a real person, very refreshing.

carrah on

Alyssa is beautiful , balanced and real. Hollywood needs more like her and less of the plastic photo shopped phonies.

Chris on

First of all – what a gorgeous kiddo. Second – Sal, putting your hair in a bun requires more effort than tossing on a hat so it’s not like she did NOTHING to her hair. Personally I think she looks great and who cares when she washed her hair? If you are a mom then you should understand that certain things become luxuries for a while when they are little. Finally, kudos to Alyssa for getting the priorities in order – it’s not about having a supermodel body ever, let alone 6 weeks after baby. It’s about enjoying your kid and having a healthy outlook.

Guest on

Well if you wanna get technical about it, our bodies weren’t made for any clothing at all!

There’s a reason that children are happiest when they’re naked!

Happy for her... on

I think it is awesome she has such a great attitude, and I am thrilled for her that she is happy. BUT I hate it when anyone – my friends, family, celebrities – say or write things such as “You think you know what love is before you have [kids] …” I totally get that her concept of love (or anyone’s for that matter) changes, but I am deeply offended and hurt when people tell me right to my face “You don’t really love your husband, you don’t know what love is until you have a child…” If Alyssa had not amended her comment [above] with ” it completely shatters whatever concept of [what] love was before you met them.” I would be very offended. Her comment is not upsetting, but people who say things to me like “Oh, no, I am sorry, you THINK you know what love it, but you don’t” are total a*holes.

Windy on

Its nice reading an article about somebody who cares more about her child then getting her post-baby body back. And her son is adorable!

Carmel on

OMG @ sal, could you be more obtuse ?? Miss the point much? I think she looks amazing, and NORMAL to value being a mom over being bikini ready 14 minutes after delivery. More power to her!

Ashley on

Almost every new mom I know says something similar about love. That having a child brings a love you never knew existed out of you – for that child. I don’t think it’s offensive to the husband at all as it is a different kind of love. I don’t have children and if I never do then I don’t feel Alyssa Milano was putting me down in anyway. Some people read way too much into quotes and need to chill.

linda on

I totally agree Ashley.

Marie on

Ashley if she said a different kind of love you would be correct. But she didn’t. There is a direct quote from her and it stands as is.

RNMomma on

Give it rest Marie, it’s time to move on.

Donna on

i have always adored Alyssa Milano, from her days on “Who’s the Boss” playing Samantha Micelli to her days on “Charmed” playing Phoebe Halliwell…nice to hear that she is not killing herself to meet Hollywood’s ridiculous body image standards.

Taylor on

I find it funny, the celebs that didn’t “rush to lose the weight.” I lost my weight w/in10 wks just w/ diet and exercise. I have 2 kids 14 1/2 mos apart, didn’t ignore them, have no nannies, and only worked out 1 hr/day. Its not that hard to lose the weight, definitely doesn’t take a year and no one should try to lose it w/in 6 wks either.

Tuchi on

Are u looking for an award now Taylor?? Good for you for losing it so quickly. Remember that not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same body or metabolism. Most a people I know lose the weight between 6 months to a year. The doctors even tell you that it took 9 months to put it on, expect about the same amount of time to get back In shape. Stop being so judgemental.

mamita on

What a beautiful message!

You are truly one of us REAL mothers.

Lots of love from Australia.

Anonymous on

Some people without kids do know what love is. Maybe they can’t have kids or don’t choose to, and help their aging parents while other siblings are busy, or work hard and lend a bit more time and money to helping other kids….whatever. I have plenty of love in my heart even though I don’t have kids.

Marie on


Tuchi on

How about people who don’t have kids stop being so bitter and In denial that another type of love exists when you do have kids. It does not mean that you love less or more. When you carry a baby in your womb for 9 months and give birth, there is a bond and different type of love that can only exist between mom and baby, and sometimes dad. You can’t understand it unless u have a baby.

Marie on

If she talked about a different kind of love you’d be right. But she didn’t. She made a blanket statement that no one knows love without children.

Anonymous on

So all those years of her keeping fit for tv roles etc was worthless because she’s a mother now? What about her husband, seems like he is just a sperm donor now. she says her son is at her heart now. Well one day that son is going to grow up and she’ll find her husband won’t be there any more.

Skylar on

Oh my gosh, Milo is such a gorgeous little boy!

Bev on

Marie…calm yourself. I agree 100% with Alyssa (and pretty much every other Mother out there) that you really don’t know what ‘love” is until your sweet baby is born! I love my husband dearly…I always have and still do even after having our 2 kids. In fact I love him even more!! But the love IS a different kind of love. It’s an all consuming, would give my life for my babies kind of love! You know what, my husband says the same thing about our kids…that he didn’t know love like this until they were born! And I wouldn’t even dream of getting offended. THAT right there makes me love him deeper…there’s nothing like seeing the man you love be a wonderful Father! I will add that this is MY opinion…MY feelings and am certainly not trying to offend. Sometimes I think people just need to find something to complain about and get offended from.

Marie on

Bev if she said a different kind of love you would be correct in your statement. But she didn’t. She isn’t saying that. Her direct quotes says exactly what she meant.

By the way. I have an all consuming love for my husband. I would die for him. It’s not different.

mouse on

Marie, Marie, Marie…haven’t you ever heard people say “You, in general…” She’s not saying “You, Marie….” Clearly she loves her baby – why are you getting so upset and taking it so personally?

linda on

While I do commend her for taking her time, I have some advice. It is one thing to take your time with the weight and another to wait to have another child. She is 40 and is in serious denial if she thinks there is no rush. I know that many people have healthy pregnancies well into their 40s however your chances of conceiving are greatly diminished, plus many other risks. I find this “i’m going to wait” hollywood attitude quite misleading to the average woman. Just like bikinis aren’t meant for certain bodies, pregnancy isn’t meant after a certain age.

KP82 on

What a cutie!!

MollyF on

I follow Alyssa on twitter and lover her tweets. She seems so down to earth in her tweets. Kudos for her and what she said. πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

Alyssa rocks and is such a good example and role model! I coudln’t agree more!

Marky on

It seems as if there is such a divided camp while reading these comments. One basically says,

“Who cares what I look like, I made a baby! My baby is the only person I care about, the only thing I have to think about, and the only thing I need to do is take care of my baby!! If you don’t have a baby, you don’t know what life really is, and I would feel sorry for you, if I wasn’t so busy doing everything I have to do 24/7 for this fantastic baby!”

Another camp says, “I had a baby, it was mind-blowing, and I am so excited and thrilled, BUT, I also need to take care of myself so I will be the best I can be for him/her, so it’s okay if I get back in shape, it’s okay if Daddy (who I love beyond words; so much I wanted to create this baby with him) spends some special time with this amazing baby while I go for a walk, exercise on the treadmill, or take a shower. My baby is part of a whole family, who I love very much, as well, so I don’t have to be the only one who holds the baby, kisses the baby, or plays with the baby. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend a great deal of my day with him/her, I’m just not afraid to say, “could you hold the baby while I shower, etc?” ”

I truly value being a mom, and see it as being so fantastic, but I realize if I had never given birth, I would still have value and my life would not be without importance. I have given birth several times, and believe would throw myself in front of a truck for them, but I cannot say I never knew love until I had a baby, not when I am married to the amazing guy I’m married to. I just think there always has to be a bit of balance. JMHO

Marie on

Amen Marky! What a great statement from an open minded inclusive mother!

Charli on

Good Lawd that’s an adorable baby. Kudos to her for being sensible.

Caroline on

Holy smokes! How cute is this kid!? ❀

Allie on

Alyssa Milano is one of my favorite actresses & i’m so happy for her & her husband, Milo is an absolutely beautiful baby. Enjoy your quality time with your son Alyssa, those are the memories that last forever. (wow i sound like a hallmark card! lol)

MM on

Milo is a gorgeous child and I love his mother too!

BeNice on

How refreshing!! I absolutely love her attitude. Eat less, move more. It’s NOT rocket science!

lola on

What a beautiful boy!!! I don’t know why the pressure to lose the weight from Hollywood. The pressure, if any should be to be a great parent, happy & strong woman. Silly me.

Me on

Sorry parents (mostly moms, though) you don’t have a monopoly on love just because you popped out a kid. Something EVERY species on the planet does.

Marie on

Genius Me! Great statement!

Stacey on


CCex on

The love you have for your child is different than that for other people. That’s all she was saying. Did she word it not best? Possibly. But to get your back up because she’s saying childless people don’t know love is ridiculous. It’s just different, a deeper, give my soul, breathe their breath, know their movements, painful kind of love. It can’t be explained, you have to a mom to know. I’m not trying to come off as slanting those who don’t have kids, but I’m sorry you just don’t get it. I didn’t before I had kids and I thought someone saying what I’m saying right now would be annoying as heck. But I was wrong, as are you people getting upset about her comment.

Anita on

Gee, thanks Linda. I was waiting for the “She’s already 40, she better get started on the 2nd kid” comments. These boards never disappoint (eye roll.)

Bev on

Lol Oh my goodness “Marie” shut up already! Although I got a good chuckle out of your numerous bitter posts:)

nan on

First i had to read Milo Thomas’s name twice as i thought his name was Marlo Thomas! That girl! Now here is a actress mom who understanfs momma hood! Unlike the kardashians, and others in a hurry to get back intheir skinny jeans after a baby, may her family be blessed

Babe without a babe on

I don’t think it’s fair to characterize “motherly” love as something more important than the love between 2 people who do not have children whether it be by choice or by circumstance. the love I have with my husband is very special, more special than any other love I’ve ever experienced. Granted, having a child probably does bring a ‘different’ kind of love for some people, but as someone who chooses not to have that life experience I certainly don’t feel as though I am missing something significant or being denied true joy. Motherhood has been so glamourized over the last little while in Hollywood, the media, and our own backyards and while yes, it’s awesome, it’s a miracle, etc etc it’s also not the be all end all to a full, happy, well-balanced life. kudos to whatever choice one makes, but why demean the true happiness that anyone has whether they have kids or not or a partner or not. I wish we could see more public figures coming out in support of child-free / childless unions such as Portia de Rossi did recently when speaking of her relationship with Ellen. It was refreshing to hear another perspective. Mother’s are not the only ones to be celebrated on a pedestal for populating the Earth, us child-free ones should be celebrated as well! πŸ˜‰

dudley doright on

dont care for her too much…cant believe shes 40…time flies…cute kid though

amy on

He is darling!

jenna on

umm… newsflash, Sal. sometimes when you’re a mom you don’t get to shower for a week, LOL! (or at least it feels that way sometimes).

stockdale on

i cant believe so many people would criticize her for saying she loves her baby…. goes to show no matter what you do there’s always someone trying to rain on your parade.

Anonymous on

Me- No one is saying that you have a monoply on love if you have a kid or that you can’t experience love if you don’t have a child…just that you experience a different type of love when you have kids.

Clearly you don’t have kids, so I suggest that you observe people that do. Unless you have no heart whatsoever, you will be able to see that special bond plain as day! πŸ™‚

As for Alyssa…I love what she has to say. And to the person who critcized her for having a baby: Note that she said they are not actively trying yet. Generally, when someone says that, that means they’re not doing anything to prevent a pregnancy either.

So it sounds like she is taking a “if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t”, attitude toward another pregnancy right now.

So it sounds more like she’s just letting nature take it’s course right now rather than d

Marin on

She seriously looks like she is posing in this picture as if to say “Look how in love I am with my son! Look, everyone!” At least that’s how it reads to me.

Elizabeth on

What an amazing mother she is and what a cute little boy.

Chi on

BBB, I’m sure the interviewer asked her a pointed question about whether or not she wants more kids and that was the answer she gave. I’m sure she doesn’t view her husband as just a sperm donor. That being said, having a child did not bring my husband and I closer…he was a jerk during my pregnancy and it’s taking lots of time for the damage to be repaired from that. The marriage has to be strong, really strong, before the baby comes…otherwise the pressures of having a newborn and expanding your family can cause your marriage to break. In my case, I didn’t forget about hubby…he forgot about ME. Watch what you say about mothers. Sometimes it’s the father that’s the reason for the broken family!

Off my soapbox now!

Ann on

Good for her and wow! that is a handsome baby……

Claire on

Speak for yourself, Alyssa Milano! Our bodies are “meant” to look however we want them to provided the amount of time and effort (and sometimes $) one is willing to put into it.

Annie on

She is awesome – and so right! Time to cuddle and love our little one…who cares about bikinis anyway? the best time at the beach is early evening in shorts and a comfy top just enjoying life…….with loved ones.

Amanda on

Aw, Her little boy is adorable.

Anonymous on

why can’t all women have this attitude!!! milo is just a little handsom boy! i would want to hug and squeeze him too!

Tanya on

pretty baby and nice to read that a star is normal and not crazed about their body and more crazed about their baby.

Linda W on

Cute kid, You know I look at a two piece, or Bikini just a cover up for my boobs and muff so I can tan most of my skin. If I don’t feel like tanning that much that particular day, I’ll throw on a one piece. It shouldn’t be like you’re competing , but where these women come from, they stick they’re head out the door, they get a snapshot. They probably all get paranoid. I hope that price was worth it.

Linda W on

Cute Child, You know I think women in Hollywood go thru more pressure than most. They should be able to put on any bathing suit they want and feel proud. It’s all those pictures they have to go thru from the rag mags.They’re personal.

tassie on

It is so nice to have some like her say that is ok to take your time on lossing weight. I just had my son Maxwell 12/5 and I have NOT made it back and I’m fine with that. It took us 8 years to have him. I’m ready for baby 2 BUT not in a hurry to lose weight. Just want to be heathly. Thanks

Cherry on

Milo is so adorable just like his momma..

Birmingham on

I love that someone in the public eye is finally speaking out about what is important!!

LMS on

A few of you need to take a chill pill! If every one of us thought before we spoke, imagine how quiet life would be. I’m SURE she didn’t mean any offense to woman (like myself) who cannot conceive and have children. It amazes me the few who took offense. I can see the love she has for her child and obviously she loves her husband as well. Having been around many people who have kids, I get what Alyssa is saying and this is one of the most refreshing, “real” articles I have read about motherhood and taking your time to enjoy your child and not worrying about bouncing back to prebaby weight. Come on people quit reading into what isn’t there and relax! I’m sure you’ve all mostly accepted your situations and have enough friends with kids to truly understand this article and what she is trying to say.

boohoobytch on

she’s cute and her baby is adorable

Renee on

I love my husband deeply but my daughter will always have my deepest and most profound love. That’s nature. I gave birth to her and that creates a unique bond.

Courtney on

What a doll!

Ceci on

Milo is such a cute baby!

traycee on

You don’t have to completely give yourself to your baby. It is ok if you want to get in shape and try to look good in a bikini. You aren’t a bad parent, if you want to take some time for yourself and if that means getting in shape, so be it. It seems women, are looked down on, if they want to get rid of their weight right away. I don’t think that is right. If you are not happy with yourself , you won’t be happy as a parent. If being happy means working out and trying to get your old body back, that is ok

Mvp on

Great mom and cute little guy. Her look toward him says it all….unconditional love.

Sal, Alyssa looks gorgeous !!

Duh on

I don’t know why everyone in this country is always looking to get offended over every little thing. Not everything that comes out of someone’s mouth is going to be considered ‘PC’ or considerate to every single person in the entire population of the world.

Her statement was simple (and true): you do not understand how deeply or completely you love someone until you conceive them, grow them, give birth to them, nurture them, and are entirely responsible for everything in their life. Not every mother loves their children, but the ones who do experience a love unlike any other that you could ever experience. People always say that because it’s true.

I love my husband, but if he cheated on me, murdered someone, because a compulsive lair, etc- I would be able to love myself more and leave him. If my children did something (anything!) that was bad or horrendous, I would still love them and stand by them.

It seems like so many people look for opportunities to get upset. Move on with your life- she wasn’t talking to you.

4mom on

I fail to see how anyone can compare the love they feel for their spouse to the love they have for their children. I chose my husband to be my partner in life and share the ups and downs that it may bring. He is my rock and constant companion that I share everything with. I love my children in a completely different way. They make me laugh, bring me to tears, and make me feel awe every single day. My life is richer for knowing them. She didn’t say anything about her husband because she doesn’t love her “lover” the same way she loves her child!

LuluAZ on

@emily in response to Sal……you handled that very gracefully πŸ™‚

Dawn on

Such a Handsome little man!

Katie on

Her son is such a cutie pie! Those eyes!

Jessica on

I know her choice of words β€œYou think you know what love is before you have [kids] and then you have the baby and it completely shatters whatever concept of [what] love was before you met them,” is meant to be beautiful and to convey her immense love for her child, but, I wish that women would realize that saying this is completely insensitive to women who can’t have children. Does this mean that because I am infertile that I will never know real, true love? So not only am I robbed of the miracle of being able to carry my own flesh and blood, but I am also robbed of never knowing true love?

melissa on

I find it heartbreaking how judgmental our society has become. Nothing in this article was negative but yet people are being harsh and turning everything that was said into something different. Please stop being so hateful. From one women to another we should all be supporting one another. Who are we to judge?

Debbie on

I’ve always loved her and love her even more now. And Milo is just the cutest little thing ever!!

Heather on

My son is only 3 days older than Milo. I love her as an actress, so great in Charmed. She is such a wonderful mother, love knowing we are going through basically the same stages with our boys.

Anonymous on

I agree on the comments to Sal. This artical is about not focusing on the outter looks but the inner beauty of being a mom. She looks great and you can see the love in her smile.

Tiffany on


Carrie M on

Thanks Alyssa for being real. Enjoy that gorgeous boy….he won’t be small forever!

Lucy on

What a refreshing story, never heard of the woman, not do I follow celebrity life much. I want to say, may God Bless her, her adorable looking son, and her family, for she is a great woman to be able to put her son ahead of her self, for the needs will always be there, but the precious moments spend with our kids well, you can never make those again. Wish her all the best!!!

Anonymous on

I agree with Me. Moms get so self righteous it’s gross. You’ll all be boo-hooing in 18 years (or less) because you never cared to put any work into your marriage/relationship after you popped out your kids and you’ll be all alone. Your kids do grow up and stray their own lives and won’t need you like they do now. You better get used to it and focus on still loving your husbands/partners.

Annie on

Nah, our bodies are made for bikinis. We should just be realistic with what we expect from our bikini bodies. So what, if you have a pooch. Just enjoy the sun and surf in your two piece. No one really cares. And those who snicker are going to snicker no matter what and they’re shallow, self-loathing people themselves. Pity them! Don’t feel you have to squeeze yourself into some tummy tucking sausage casing to be “skinny” on the beach. Please let there be some place where you can just be free to be, be comfortable and love your body. It starts at the beach! ~Spoken by an American woman who bought her first bikini at the age of 31 after realizing she was the only woman in a body warping 1-piece on an Italian beach full of women of all shapes and sizes wearing their bikinis and loving life. The saddest part is that I was not fat, but felt I wasn’t “skinny enough.” Seeing them just so comfortable changed my view on swimwear. I tried a bunch on (at awesome store in Italy) and was amazed when I found an actual bikini that made me look fabulous.

Desirae on

What an amazing mother/role model! I couldn’t agree more with what she said. I wish more moms and celebrity moms would realize this rather than worry more about how they look than their own children. Go Alyssa!! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Bravo!! So true and I love her hair! I’m a mom of 2 and I only have time to make my hair just like that!

Julianna on

Milo is the cutest! Look at those cheeks!

Trese on

She made a lot of money taking pics, trying to make us think that our bodies ARE supposed to look good in a string bikini..?

lovely123 on

Me, sorry your mother didn’t give you enough love.

lovely123 on

Alyssa, you better get to baby making if you want to expand your family. You have about two/three years max.

jo on

marie on may 2 is being a h8r because alyssa said that you dont truly know love until you have a child….she said its awful and insulting to husband….well im A husband with 8 month old princess and I agree w?Alyssa. you think you know love til child brings it to a whole other level

Claire on

I think it’s great she didn’t put pressure on herself to lose all the weight immediately. Too often actresses and singers race to snap back to how they were before and I think it’s sad they feel they have to focus on that rather than just enjoying the fact they just had a baby. Marie I don’t understand why you’re personalising what she said. I think when a person has a child they’ve loved family and their partner so you imagine it’ll be similar and then the baby kicks and you eventually hold the baby and you think ‘oh so this is love too’. Perhaps she should carry cue cards just in case she’s asked things so she can put things exactly how you’d like her too. She hasn’t bashed anyone and she is allowed to speak in general terms about her experience. To imply she doesn’t love her husband based on what she said is a huge leap

nicole on

I like her, she’s not fake. her son is so cute. I haven’t lost my baby weight and my son is 7. He has autism, and he’s happy as long as mom can jump on the trampoline with him and recreate movie scenes and snuggle with him at bedtime. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

poppykai on

How did an article on getting in shape/ healthy lifestyle after baby become ‘how dare she say you don’t know what love is unless you’ve had a baby’. A couple of the posters on here seem outraged by this article for some reason. Love comes in many levels: love for a pet, love for a husband/wife/, love for a child, etc. If you are married without children, no one is saying you don’t love your husband (why else would you marry him!). Once you have a child however, it is biologically essential for the survival of the baby that the mother devotes most of her love to him/her. Not to go into a whole lecture on nature/survival/evolution, etc., but if you had to choose to save the life of either your baby or your husband, I would hope that a mother would, without doubt, choose her child. Just my two cents.

mama3 on

gorgeous family!