Nick Lachey: Watching My Son Being Born Was ‘Surreal’

05/01/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Nick Lachey In the Delivery Room Fox News Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Nick Lachey has always been good at finding all the right words to say (er, sing!), but the new dad still can’t get over the first time he laid eyes on his baby boy, Camden John.

“I was [in the delivery room]. It was surreal, but one of the coolest things to ever see in your life,” the singer and TV host tells Fox News.

“You’re there with the woman you love, she’s giving birth to your child. It’s a pretty magical thing.”

Completely head over heels with his 7-month-old, Nick — who shares Camden that is “into the belly laugh stage” — is basking in baby bliss, but promises not to push his own success on his son.

“[It] would sting a little bit [if he told me to stop singing], but he also has to be his own person. Whatever he’s feeling I’ve got to respect him on some level,” Nick, 39, says.

Having moved past her brief battle with the baby blues, wife Vanessa is reveling in her new role. too. “I think for women you’ve got all the hormonal changes, the breastfeeding,” Nick says. “It’s a lot to contend with — especially your first time. She’s doing great though. She’s a natural as a mother.”

The doting dad has channeled all of his overwhelming emotions into his new album, A Father’s Lullaby, featuring both classic and original tracks that shine light on his sentiments toward his son.

“Obviously, it was inspired by my little guy and all the feelings that came along with finding out you’re pregnant and watching him being born, just a very emotional time,” he says.

In the future, Nick may find himself penning more songs for his family; He and Vanessa are already contemplating adding another baby to their brood.

“I think we’ve talked about two more, but if the next one is a girl, it may be tempting to just have one of each,” he says. “In a perfect world we’d have a couple of boys and then finish off with a daughter.”

— Anya Leon

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LP on

Okay, I like the Lacheys as much as the next person, but for the love of pete, stop already with the birth/pregnacy anecdotes! You guys are not the first people to become parents!

LP on

No more, please!

Arden on

Obviously they’re going to have another baby, if not five more, because that’s the only thing either of these people can do to get publicity. For two people who go on and on about raising their kid in Ohio instead of L.A., they sure do shove that kid’s name and face in any magazine that will take it.

kay on

Umm he didn’t mention KK? Use to like him, now not so much. Didn’t know he was on TV??

Mom Of Twins on

I have boy / girl twins, to have one of each is such a blessing.

Kourtney on

I just love them both together! They’re great and they always have good news.


Don’t you think it is time to stop posting these egomaniacal comments from so-called celebrities. It is so inane.

Thousands and even millions have watched their children being born and do not care to hear from someone who probably allowed his son to b e circumcised ( a crime against the infant boy) and drugged up in a hospital. He should just go away and you should stop reporting this trivia

Anonymous on

Seriously the child is 7 months old – you could stop talking about the birth now! Many men and women go through the same thing, only difference we’re not a celebrity!

Shopgirl on

Kinda milking it for more publicity at this point. Lots of people have babies every day and find it amazing.

observer on

They don’t have anything else to talk about except that baby, and they ran that in the ground a long time ago. No one cares what they are doing.

Tina on

Umm, I’m happy they’re happy. But seriously, the baby is 7 months old now and we’re still talking about the birth?

karen conrad on

I really hate when a guy or anyone says. “we are pregnant”.. last time I checked only the woman is pregnant… like really where the heck did that even start.. so stupid

Stacy on

OH MY GOODNESS! You had a kid 7 months ago and the whole world has been hearing about one thing or another since then. GET OVER IT ALREADY and MO VE ON!

Anna on

It seems some of you failed to read this section of the site is called Celebrity Baby Blog! Therefore, it is dedicated to celebrities sharing their baby stories, A-List or less. I don’t think any of them pretend to be the “first people to become parents”. My God, I’m scared for how people will react when I have my first baby, if the sourness on this blog shows anything. Can’t a first time parent celebrate the amazing blessing in their life without getting criticized? I don’t recall any of you being the first people to become parents either. So please, chill out, and go back to enjoying your life. I plan on doing the same.

PR Gal on

LP/ Arden / Steve / Shopgirl etc etc – This is People Magazine- it’s a celeb driven media outlet, so of course they will ask celebs (over and over again) about the current happenings in their life. Whether personally or professionally, celebs are asked these things ALL the time on the carpet at various events. Although it seems like “old”, “redundant” or “nonsense” news to the readers, that is what you are going to get from tabloid/celeb driven media outlets. It is not like celeb mom’s and dad’s are calling People Magazine every day seeking this publicity. It clearly says in the article that Nick Lachey has a new CD to promote that was inspired by his son, so of course the media will be asking him what it’s like to be a new dad so they can plug the CD. PR 101 people. Common sense…

No reason to hate on the parents. It’s part of their job. Plus, MOST celebs don’t have a new movie / product out every other day of the week that would give media something fresh and new to discuss. It’s completely normal and expected for celeb driven media to continue to ask celebs about their marriage/births/raising their children.

Callie on

I just love this guy. He seems like the nicest person.

For those of you complaining, you could have NOT clicked on the article idiots!!

Vanessa on

Obliviously you ppl care or you wouldn’t be reading it and posting your negative comments!!!!

Anonymous on

Why do people complain when Nick and Vanessa talk about ther kid but not when other celebs talk about THEIR kids?! I don’t get it!

Guest on

Did anyone else notice the comment, “Having moved past her brief battle with the baby blues”…. Is saying she has Postpartum Depression really that bad of a thing??? Do we have to make up cutsie names like “Baby Blues” instead of just saying what was really going on???

DaisyDuke67 on

I like reading about them, that’s why I visit the “PEOPLE Baby Blog” section. Here’s a thought, if you don’t want to hear about it, don’t read it. Move along….

Kelly on

We get it – they are first time parents, they think the world of their baby, blah, blah, blah… who cares? Not any different than any other breeders on this planet.

Marky on

Steve Hernon, as much as I don’t particularly want to hear from Nick or his wife, I have to say your rant about circumcision, drugged up babies, and hospitals is over the top!! I’d rather see a baby be circumcised (they rarely even know it’s happening) than to see the uncircumcised baby grow up to be the 21 yo who has been irritated for years that no one had him circumcised and decide to go thru the procedure then! My following your suggestion led to exactly that with my son, and he was very uncomfortable for weeks (unlike a newborn who doesn’t even realize it happened), He did NOT choose uncircumcision for his own son. Your kid, your choice; someone else’s child, their choice!

JaxTeacher@VCollege on

Love The Lachey’s but its time to get over yourself. Congrats on not being the first celebrities to give birth to a baby boy named Camden