Shakira: Nobody Told Me Diaper Duty Is So Demanding

04/30/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Shakira The Voice Diaper Duty
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Diaper duty is not Shakira‘s strong suit. Turns out, tending to son Milan‘s bathroom duties is what has shocked the pop star, 36, most about motherhood.

“I didn’t expect babies to need so many diapers,” Shakira told PEOPLE April 22 during NBCUniversal’s press day at the Langham Huntington hotel in Pasadena, Calif. “Nobody told me they needed to be changed so often.”

Potty talk aside, the new Voice coach says motherhood has its challenges, but she’s managing just fine thus far.

“It takes a lot of energy from you,” Shakira says. “But I love it. I’m really enjoying every bit of it. It’s not as idyllic as everybody tells you — but not as horrible as everybody tells you. It comes with a full package. It comes with lots of joy and also lots of fear.”

Luckily, 3-month-old Milan is “a great baby,” the swiftly slimmed-down starlet shared.

“He’s an easy one. He’s very focused so far. I think he’s going to have a lot of concentration because he focuses on anything I give to him or any little movie I play for him. He really watches.”

But even on the rare occasion that her son gets too teary-eyed, the new mom has a tactic to make him calm down.

“When he’s crying or gets a little irritated, I play him music and he stops crying,” she says. “I play a little bit of everything. I play a little bit of rock and roll, some Latin music as well, so he gets acquainted with the music that I grew up listening to when I was back in the day living in Colombia. So apparently he’s going to like music.”

But the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer admits parenting would not be as doable without the help of her right hand man, boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

“Thank God [Milan’s] father has been really involved,” Shakira says. “He’s been amazing. The baby spends as much time with me as he does with his dad. He’s the kind of dad who is full hands-on. He changes diapers; he enjoys bathing him. That’s a real help for me.”

— Davhi Shira

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Miriam on

As a expecting mother, thank you for the encouraging and honest words Shakira.

Ariel on

I didn’t think motherhood was idyllic either at first. But it really can be! Best wishes to all new moms in getting there:)

Carol on

I love these celebrities…. I didn’t know this, I didn’t know that. Infants are demanding – feeding, changing, sleeping (or lack thereof). I still enjoyed it because once they were mobile I knew the party was started!

Sara on

It’s funny because I feel increasingly like this new movement toward “Don’t worry if you struggle with new parenthood, it’s actually really hard,” has sort of blown up into permission for everyone to complain and moan about it. It’s frustrating for those of us trying to conceive who haven’t been successful. I appreciate Shakira’s really balanced view of it: “no, it’s not perfect, but it’s not all bad either.” Good article.

Karin on

I love her honesty.

Anonymous on

fathers don’t “help,” darling! would you say that you “help” your boyfriend by changing a diaper or two? it’s a tag-team effort. Did dad slim down quickly too? This is such pabulum.

I do like her, though.

Sue on

First…what do you mean you didn’t know you needed to change a baby often. Second…in front of movies already. Your life is not about you any more sweet cheeks…it’s about Milan. “I love it. I’m really enjoying every bit of it.” QUIT Whining

Lw on

Oh Please, give me a break! This probably the problem of the round the clock care of the staff than her problem……..

KM on

I really appreciate the honesty. No one tells how hard it is, but it’s worth it. The older they get the more incredible it becomes.

Mila on

so far so good, my daughter makes being a mommy awesome.. she is a good baby.. I love everything that has to do with motherhood..

Yes on

I actually did find the first few months idyllic so to each their own. I respect that was her experience but we all have different experiences.



Usue on

I laugh at the nonsensicalness of it.

Aysen on

I can’t believe that she lets her 3 month old watch a movie…No screen time before age 2. Doesn’t she read parenting books?

Usue on

This article sounds like something written for a high school newspaper. She has a tactic for calming a her tearful baby. She plays him music. Gosh, there’s one to try, fellow moms!

Ace on

As if. We are really supposed to buy that she gets no help from nannies. She might change the occasional diaper

Anonymous on

Iris- Techinically it was her boyfriend who planted the seed. 😉

And how exactly is being honest about parenthood not being all sunshine and roses whining? I don’t get it, if a celeb is honest and admits that parenthood can be hard, she (or he) is called a whiner and basically told to suck it up. But if s/he gushes about how wonderful parenthood is, s/he gets critcized for not being honest! You can’t have it both ways, people!

J on

Get over it, Sara. Just because you have conception issues doesn’t mean people need to cater to you when commenting on baby care. Remember your scolding when you finally have a kid and complain about lack of sleep.

Marie on

She’s not whining, just giving a few straight answers about being a mother for the first time. For those of you who get off on bashing celebrities, take it elsewhere.