Pink Calls Willow’s Concussion the ‘Worst Day of My Life’

04/30/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Pink Glamour Willow Concussion Ellen von Unwerth/Glamour

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

When it comes to her 23-month-old daughter Willow Sage, first-time mom Pink is singing a new tune.

“Every time she bounces on the bed, I see stitches,” she says in Glamour‘s June issue. “Being a parent is a Jedi mind f—. It’s also the raddest thing ever.”

As it turns out, the new mama’s worries are for good reason. When her daughter was “around a year old,” Pink was forced to face her worst fears — head on!

“Willow and I were at the pool and I was taking her to nap time. She was walking just a foot in front of me, and she trips and falls and gets a concussion,” Pink, 33, recalls. “She passed out. Cut to an ambulance and fire truck and a CAT scan.”

While the experience proved to be “the worst day of my life,” Pink admits she’s since received a fair warning of her future. “And what do they say? ‘Kids fall.’ Welcome to parenthood,” she muses. “I thought, I can’t handle this. I’m fitting her for a bubble.”

But Pink’s fearless character isn’t the only thing she’s curbing these days. “Willow said, ‘F—–‘ hi,’ the other day. I’m like, ‘F—!'” she shares. “We’re gonna get a [cuss] jar. Have to.”

Pink Glamour Willow Concussion

— Anya Leon

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Missy on

Love Pink and how she tells it like it is!

Kelsey on

I love her and how down to earth she can be, and I like the second photo, the cover is not so flattering… But I love seeing pics of her and Willow, they seem so sweet together.

missy on

The first time your kid hits their head hard is so scary. Luckily mine never passed out but its still very upsetting.

Anonymous on

I love her!!! She is so real! She was amazing in concert too…such a talent!

Anonymous101 on

I think Pink is probably a pretty good mom overall. I’m sure she’s also learning that kids are like sponges and absorb what the see and hear, so yes, Pink needs to watch her use of profanity. But the thing that would most concern me if I were her, is that her baby had a CAT scan. You hear such scary things about exposure to radiation with those things. I realize she probably didn’t have much of a choice with her hitting her head and being knocked out, but now I’d be freaking out about that. Always something to worry about.

Kelli on

Why would she be worried about a ct scan?!! If your child has a concussion and blacks out, wouldn’t you want to make sure there is no brain bleed or skull fractures??? The slight bit of radiation she could get would be worth the risk than watching your child die because you were too scared to take a ridiculous chance.

Noneya on

I LOVE Pink! Totally relate on ALL levels! Guess keeping it real is what it’s all about! ROCK ON Pink!! You’re an awesome person and an awesome mom!!

Amanda on

Welcome to Parenthood is right! We’ve all been there..and it doesn’t make you a bad Mom by any means.

Callie on

LOVE PINK!!!! I’m so glad the baby was OK.

Jane on

I love Pink; but man, I hope she really does stop cussing around her little one. A toddler saying “F**k, hi” just isn’t cute or sweet or adorable or charming. It’s flat out bad behaviour.

Anya on

I’m sure the baby is too young to realize she’s saying a bad word.

Megan on

That would be terrifying.

Andrea on

A 1 year old saying “f***”. Classy.

Lis on

I usually enjoy reading articles about Pink and her daughter…and gosh, seeing your one year old pass out would have been awful! 😦 I totally feel for her…

HOWEVER, I do not find little children (or older children, for that matter) to be cute and/or funny when swearing. Shame on Pink.

JMO on

Where did she say it was cute? I honestly havent met one kid that hasnt spilled out one curse word and l know alot if kids. They are sponges and pick up everything and sometimes as parents it only takes that one time to slip up & your child repeats it!

Pink is not shy about her potty mouth but in concert she wouldnt sing the F**kin perfect lyric bc she said she cant say that with children around anymore! I think its hard to change bad habits & yes cursing is a bad habit.

muiltar on

No class

Jen DC on

OMG, a one-year-old saying something she shouldn’t!! CALL CPS!

so Pink swears around her baby – it’ll be a learning experience for all of them when Pink and Carey Hart attempt to discipline her for it.

Kim on

To the 2 ladies who are criticizing her for having a toddler that lets out a cuss word, IT HAPPENS!!!! I would love to see your kids, perfect angels right? Don’t fall off your high horse and hurt yourself.

Jody on

LOL I agree with you Kim.

Jody on

I love Pink I always have… She’s a great Mom…. Go on You Tube watch her in Concert where she stops Singing because a fight breaks out around the stage and there’s a little girl there. Plus there’s other You Tube Video’s of her and Willow. Just because Pink is Honest and tells you How It Is. If only 95% of Human Race were that Honest we’d beable to fix a lot of crap in this world! It’s actually sad that people feel they have to Cheat, Lie, Steal. Just tell the truth it’s easier in the end….. I’d love to have Pink as a BFF she’d have your back at all times, tell ya whether you look fat in a certain outfit before you go out on a girls night, she’d be there if you needed her.

Actually anyone who has a personality like Pink would be a True Friend.

Nancywsrgjh on

Well said kim

Anonymous on

Guys, I don’t think she meant Willow said, “fu** hi!” I’m pretty sure Pink just used it in her sentence because she was happy and excited that she said “hi.” That’s just the way Pink’s always been. I do hope her little girl doesn’t start talking like her though.

whatthe on

which part of pink saying her daughter used the actual f word did you not understand!? reread it.

Taylor Girl on

I can relate.
My daughter was 2 years old and standing right next to me, as I washed grapes for her at the kitchen sink. She had pushed her little high chair over to the sink and climbed up to watch me.

I had the grapes in a paper towel, as they were still dripping wet. She was climbing down from the high chair and fell forward…landing on her arm. Cut to the chase, she broke her elbow. I was standing SO CLOSE to her and things happen so so quickly.

I know how Pink feels…as I felt the same way…almost 30 years ago. The only broken bone my daughter ever had…accidents happen.

Sarah S. on

I agree with Lis 100%.

fan on

Say what ya want about her, at least she wasn’t driving drunk GOING THE WRONG WAY!

she may not be the “girl next door”, but she is genuine, transparent, no BS.LOVE HER!

Jenny on

@Jane It’s not bad behavior…yet. A 2 year old repeating something they hear is just normal. It doesn’t become bad behavior until they are aware that it’s wrong. I wouldn’t fault my kid for saying something I do; I’d change my behavior so they won’t do again.

Jenny on

I swear, you people with your holier than thou attitudes make me sick. So I’m guessing none of your children have ever said a bad word? Get off your high horse.

Ruby on

Thank you! These people act like they’re pure as the driven snow. We’re humans, therefore we’re imperfect beings. Get of your high horse and get back to reality.

derft on

All these other stars have their nannies in tow all the time – you never see some of them holding their kids – Pink and Gwen Stefani – those are REAL Moms!!!

JMO on

Gwen has nannies around all the time!

denise on

I love pink! I still look at her grammy performance for the glitter song….it is sooo amazing! I love her!

dorothy on

Pink, have you not hear of the saying, “do as I say, not as I do”… cannot expect your child not to swear when you do it in front of her. Children mimik everything they see, you have to set an example!!! You need the swear jar!!!

kitty62862 on

It certainly is a Jedi Mind ___, and the raddest thing ever! Yes, kids fall, stuff happens.

I discovered Pink because my daughter liked her.

I was doing a “Mom audit” and I decided that while her language can be a little raw, her message is strong. It’s about being a strong woman.

I love Pink, she’s cool!

deejason on

Every parent goes through a scare with their children. Whether it’s a fall, bumped head, playground incident, etc., It’s part of the job. I love and salute mothers who admit these accidents and share with others because that honesty and sharing helps us all!

Trish on

Nothing cute about a cussing toddler. It’s disgusting when parents do that around their kids and the kid(s) has a foul mouth.

Cindy on

Love Pink! She has such a beautiful voice!

KarenB on

You people get on my nerves! Pink never said she thought it was cute when Willow said F–. She said they were going to have to get a cuss jar. I am so so sure none of you have ever cussed around your kids and the little angels never ever uttered a cuss word. Get over it.

maryhelenc on

I remember when my eldest daughter tripped and fractured her leg and the doctors said the same thing to me. “Kids fall.” I wanted to put her in a bubble too. My ex inadvertently taught my daughter road rage. We had to have a talk about what kind of words we use and don’t use, without laughing.

Veee on

cute story, but those pumps she’s wearing are truly hideous.

Jody on


Mom Of Twins on

Love her! She is who she is, she never claimed to be perfect.

Kelly on

Lighten the f**k up people!! Don’t be so judgemental!!

Mila on

I love Pink!!! But yikes! Cussing at 1yrs. old and already needed stitches..

Julie on

Get off your high horses people that think their child will never say a cuss word. Children pick up on these things, you then learn from it, get the “cuss jar” as she said and try to teach them better words. We grow as parents as our children grow. Personally I would rather have my child use a cuss word then be judgemental or a bully.

freegluten on

a few comments about how this women has no class, couldn’t agree more. she is vulgar and vile. saw an old interview on ellen. she divulged her then unborn daughters gender by commenting that the sonogram tech saw a sl1t. i cannot wrap my brain around using that kind of language in that scenario. complete trash.

Annie on

Agreed freegluten! Trashy.

smartgirltoo on

LMBO@ Willow cussing …cut my finger said “F” and 3 yr old GD said “F too. I winced …sure hope she does not say that in from OF MOM!!(my daughter)

Tammy Brumm on

love Pink and how she has taken to motherhood. Its totally a Jedi mind f-ck. But it is the best, best, most amazing thing ever. Rock on Pink. Your little family is awesome.

ang on

It’s not cute when I see a mom at the grocery swearing and it’s not cute when this one does it either.

Tammy Brumm on

Oh please, to the people who are perfect and judging another mom because her kid swore. Stop and think of all the mothers who abuse their children. Go to youtube, there are tons of videos of DEAD babies and children, DEAD because their own mothers beat them to dead. Seriously, are you perfect?

notamom on

To the people criticizing the fact that her daughter said a certain word… here’s the thing. There are bad words. The N word is one, the F word is another, and any other hate-filled word used to dehumanize another person is a bad word. The worst, in fact. Growing up, my dear aunt who babysat me a lot explained that some words aren’t “bad” words, but rather “grown-up” words. To say that the f word is “bad” implies that anyone who says it is a bad person. Not the case at all. Give Pink a f’ing break!

jen on

I was watching my niece, she was maybe 8 months old and we were playing. She was on my mom’s bed. I went to the dresser to grab something for her. I think it took 5 seconds or so and she fell off the bed and started crying so bad. She wasn’t hurt Thank God, but I cried for an hour or two after. I felt like the worst aunt ever. I felt so guilty for not having held her while I got the item. I still feel bad 8 years later.

Montie on

I will freely admit to having a potty mouth, but I was always SUPER careful not to cuss in front of my daughter. When she was about two, the word S#!t came out of her mouth. The funny thing was that she seemed to know how to use it. She stumbled and fell walking across the room and out it popped. I lightly scolded her for it then proceeded to ignore it. After a couple of days, she quit saying it. I never did figure out where she learned it from (though I have my suspicions).

notamom on

Yep, kids fall, kids get hurt. It’s scary! At least Pink’s kid was walking and not seat belted to her hip like some other celebrity spawn who shall remain nameless.

brandi on

All of you on here saying she’s not classy because her kid throws the F bomb are nothing but ignorant, judgemental human beings. My daughter is 2 1/2 and unfortunately has thrown the F bomb a few times because she has heard it from numerous sources. Does this make me a bad mom? No. Does it make me less classy? No. The only thing you can do is reprimand your kid and do your best to nip the potty mouth. If anything, Willow will be just like her mom and tell all you haters to F*** off with her middle finger in the air!!!!

Brodi on

LOL….I’m glad Willow is ok, but if she’s cussing at 23 months, her mother needs to start watching what she says around her child. My better half and I don’t have kids, but we make a concentrated effort NOT to swear when we know kids are around. Instead, we’ll be like, “Oh, MEW!!!” which basically means the same thing, but if kids hear it, they won’t get into trouble for saying it!

tina on

oh, lighten up people. Enjoy life instead of always seeing the negative.

Erika on

I love the way my parents raised me. They always cursed in front on my sister and I and not only did my parents do it, my entire family did and still does curse around the kids in my family. I asked them once if I ever swore when I was little and they said no, because they raised me to know that big people words are big people words and that we couldn’t say them or else there would be consequences. Too many people are choosing to keep things from their kids now instead of telling them what’s appropriate for people during what age.

lynn on

The girl is white trash to use this language in front of a two year old child. And now the baby is using this language. White trash for sure.

britt on

@JANE….How is her daughter saying “F—, hi” odd behavior? I bet its very common for toddlers to say a cuss word. If they don’t learn it around their parents they hear it in public or on TV. They pick up on everything and they have no idea that is a bad word. I am sure cursing is something Pink is used to and a behavior she has to change now that she is aware her daughter is old enough to pick up on it. She sounds like an excellent mother.

pinkrockstar on

@freegluten…WHAT does sl1t mean? i remember the Ellen Show but didn’t know what the word they bleeped out meant that Pink said.

Anonymous on

I love Pink, but my question is did they call DCF on her? My son fell and fractured his skull, it was the worse day of my life. And if that wasn’t enough to deal with, the hospital automatically calls DCF on you. I was treated like a criminal just because my son fell. But I’m sure she didn’t have to deal with that cause she’s a celebrity!!

Stacey williams on

What a classy woman! Not. If the kid is saying f$$$, maybe she’s also ready for some tats. Baaahaaaaaa

Ugh on

This woman has had to overcome more than you have ever dreamt in your pampered life. Grow up and remove your head from your *ss. It’s not a hat.

sometimesitisbettertoshutup on

Nah, no swear jar needed. She will hear it all over as she grows. They are only “bad words” because someone took them that way one day and made noise loudly about it till people jumped on board. Ask all the Moms Who Drink And Swear, it is good for our souls to be able to swear up a storm when the tensions rise. Nothing wrong with it. Just have to teach the little ones not to say them in the wrong company. Yeah, I know, some are going to bash me for saying any of this but that is ok. My kids are happy, healthy and smart. They eat and are educated everyday. I am doing something right, ask anyone who knows my kids.

What??? on

All kids fall but you can control a kid swearing…that is never ok. I replaced all my swear words and never went back. It’s trashy at every age.

weezer on

Something is wrong when a toddler is saying the f word. Not cool at all.

Kim on

Absolutely love her. And to those getting all offended about her cussing around Willow and Willow repeating it..get over yourselves. Kids ARE going to hear cuss words, even if they don’t hear them at home. And yes, kids WILL repeat anything they hear. Glad some of you are so perfect.

mik on

Yes, kids are going to hear cuss words however, the more they hear them and the bigger the influence, the more “they will mimic the behavior. It’s not cool to have your child cuss!

Nana on

Wow, lots of judgemental parents out there. We don’t swear around our child and never have, but when she was 2 she came home and said a bad word – that she learned from someone else! Honestly swearing is the LEAST of your worries as a parent.

leslie on

You have gotvto be kidding me. Pink is not “trash”, she isn’t a moron and this doesn’t make her have less class. Yes her daughter had stitches already….so what? I know everyone that wants to call child services on her raised perfect children but kids with actual childhoods have accidents. They are kids. It happens. And the cussing….it happens too….get over yourself. My daughter is 16….I raised her by myself, I usually curse like a sailor but she knows not too because I told her the difference when she did. From what I can tell Pink and Carey are wonderful parents. I am so happy that she has a baby and I honestly hope that they have more. They will always be awesome!!!!

guest on

I may not have kid, but I did raise my younger siblings and there is nothing funnier then the first time they cuss. and yes as a parent you correct them tell them not to do it. then walk away and laugh your head off. pink did say she is getting a cuss jar and she is working on it. giver her a break. like all of you mother out there have never made a mistake while parenting. plus how do you know willow got the word from her pink? could have been her dad, grand parents, daycare. f&%$ the amount of cuss words my siblings learned from daycare is impressive. some of them I even had to look (English is not my first language) so I know they didn’t get it from me. but the way I look at it’s part of life. all you can do is teach them best you can. teach them right from wrong and to be a good person. the rest is up to them. I would take a cussing, honest person over a perfectly spoken ugly on the inside one

Toni on

To Kim and Really? ….. you might run around your house talking like a drunken sailor ….. most people watch what they say around little children and mine never ever used 4 letter words until they were adults. And we had a relaxed and fun house.

Ellarae on

“The girl is white trash to use this language in front of a two year old child. And now the baby is using this language. White trash for sure.” (previous post).

That’s a horrible statement to make and when I hear it, I often wonder about the character of the person saying it. Pink is certainly not “white trash”. I personally know a very wealthy, older Caucasian woman who subjects those around her to profanity on a daily basis; would people consider her “white trash”? I doubt it. Pink is far classier than this woman.

LuvLeeRita on

What a “F***ing” cute story… NOT!

nunya on

What I find absolutely ironic is all the ” no class” comments and OMG you think its cute your toddler cursed!!!! Pshhhh people you’re idiots!!! Unless your a Mormon freak and never utter any other word then the holy one…it freakin happens!!! My toddler trying to say DUMP TRUCK sounded like DUMB F@#K!!! These celebs don’t have to share but the REAL ones do…I absolutely adore PINK ….and like I’m sure she laughs her azz off ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK….I’m with her!!!!

rebeccagrace11 on

As a Mormon, your use of the phrase “Mormon freak” is offensive. Besides, no one is perfect and we sometimes let cursewords slip as well…but calling us freaks? Rude, and ignorant.

Anonymous on

Pink – gotta watch the potty mouth, girl! That said, hope the precious little one is fine. Must have been very scary!

Nannyto1 on

Love Pink…she’s so real. Glad that Willow is OK – must have been very scary. Kids will swear and they don’t have to hear it often to repeat it. I have a potty mouth but was super careful around our daughter. But not careful enough because she dropped the “F” bomb when she was in the hospital at the tender age of two… right context and everything. It was many years before we heard it again.

rimy1 on

Totally no class at all to say filthy words around a little child. We all know a child pick up ever they hear. An ignorant person use profanity because they don’t have the brain power to come up with better words to use. Sounds like another little Lindsay Lohan coming up.

CCex on

And that’s why you hold your one year olds hand when they’re walking around a pool which is likely wet and slippery.

Carrow on

Lol Pink is so funny and so bad a$$!!!

I just love how she brought her marriage back from the brink and now she and Carey have the life they always wanted. They are such a great example of how you can improve a marriage when both parties make the effort and commitment to change or curb their negative habits/defense mechqnisms.

Amy on

When my son was 2 1/2 , we were grocery shopping and at one point the store was super quiet and my son yelled ” Alright. We’re done. Lets get the F—- out of here”!

An older gentleman looked at my husband and I and said ” Woah! He really wants to go”!

I still laugh about this… So inappropriate but funny…..

I love Pink – I remember years ago when she was opening for somebody I met her before a Concert . She was sooooo nice and down to earth.

Wishing her the best!

For those who are mortified that parents slip up around their kids : Get over it. Life goes on 🙂

Amanda K on

Go to any playground and you will hear children swear people. Get over yourselves.

MommytoanE on

Lots o haters. I have to admit…your kid being hurt is the worst of your life, and while its unfortunate and probably the worst day of a parents life…it happens. I will never forget when my daughter fell, and broke her arm…it was by far the worst day of my life. As for the swearing….I swear around my kid…yet she hasn’t said anything bad in years. In toddlerhood she said the S word once. But, we corrected her on it and started to curve our language for a few years. Now at 10, she knows mommy has a bit of a potty mouth (despite trying to curve it) and that those words are adult words and she’s not to use them. Its cute when she talks about a dam, or hell tho. She spells it out to make sure its ok first. lol. Kids are resilient, they are awesome and they are the most perfect things out there, despite their flaws. Anything that happens so young thats wrong can easily be taught to do differently. Its not like a teenager where they don’t listen. Kids are sponges. They listen, they respond. For all the haters, stop hating. None of you are prefect. Each and every one of you has made mistakes. Unless you are a holy perfect person (Which, frankly, does not exhist) stop judging others.

Anonymous on

rimy1- Obviously you don’t have kids and/or haven’t been around kids. Virtually ALL kids swear at some point, and the vast majority don’t turn out like Lindsay Lohan! The important thing is that you teach them right away that’s it wrong and make an effort to stop swearing yourself (at least around them!)…both of which it sounds like Pink is doing!

Sandy on

Man I love Pink but REALLY? Am I the only mother who would never say the F-bomb in front of their kids???? I get SO peeved when parents swear in front of no only their kids- but mine too. I have told more people to go away from my kids if they are going to speak like drunken sailors. Pink NEEDS to curb the swearing when with Willow.

Tiffany on

Haha, I don’t care kids swearing is hilarious. It’s really not a big deal. They are just words that someone somewhere deemed to be a “bad” word.

Anon on

LOVE her! It’s always so scary when they hurt themselves! As for you crazies giving her crap about the swearing, READ HER QUOTE. SHE expresses dismay over it and SHE says she has to get a swear jar. She’s taking responsibility for it and stating how she will change it. Why do you feel the need to be hateful over an extremely normal part of parenting?! I’ve said things around my son that I’ve had to apologize to him for and explain that it was wrong and I shouldn’t have said it. Just one of the many ways parenting makes you a better person. Congratulations if you’ve never said anything you regret around your child that they later repeated. You are the exception, not the rule. Stop being so hateful.

Momof3girls on

Personally, I don’t use the “F” word that often, and NEVER in front of or at my children, plenty of parents do…AND they learn to curb it when their kids start repeating it!!! It doesn’t make you “white trash” or a bad parent…it’s called…LIVE AND LEARN!!!

Marie on

She is such a great mom. Love her being so honest. I remember those cussing days between 2-3 years old. How something so little can use those words properly and yet cannot figure out how to use a tiolet is beyond me. Concussions are frightening, been through them with sports and not an easy thing!

nel1478 on

I appreciate Pink’s honesty. Most celebreties…heck, most people have a really hard time admitting their child’s flaws or imperfections. So her daughter swore…OH NO! I was VERY careful about language in my house and we went to a family barbecue and my uncle dropped a piece of chicken on the ground and said “Oh sh**”…I’ll be darned if my daughter didn’t say it. Kids will repeat things…period! Pink acknowledged her language and has a plan in play so back of people and I hope your landing is soft when you fall back into the land of REALITY!

Windy on

I agree, it is really scary when your little one gets hurt. I panicked the first time my 3 yr old got hurt. And I don’t allow cussing in my home. I am constantly getting onto my husband for his cussing. And my daughter gets in trouble when she says bad words.

Bee on

I love how all the people defending Pink are judging all the people who are judging Pink. Get it together people!

noni on

lol all the hate towards Pink cuz her child uttered a single swear word. I think its more important that the child will grow up to be a strong, hard-working, talented and kind individual if she’s anything like her mom.

joan on

@Erika – my folks were the same way or the people we were around said a few sh&T, da#n, etc. We never did because it was an adult thing.

I am sure my kids said a word or two as toddlers, because they were around other people, in public.

My sister and i used to call each other the b word when we were angry. Then we heard our 4 year old sister use it on her mother. whoops.

It happens. not the end of the world.

Silver23 on

Personally I find the cursing around toddlers to be far less offensive than the action of showing extreme hubris towards other mothers.

Niko on

Pink, PLEASE replace one of the lame female judges on American Idol! Pretty please?