Pearl Osbourne ‘Went Insane’ Trying First Cupcake

04/30/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Jack Osbourne Pearl Birthday Party
Courtesy Jack and Lisa Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne may be dealing with personal issues at home, but nothing brings a smile to her face faster than talking about her granddaughter Pearl Clementine, who celebrated her first birthday last Wednesday.

“We had a birthday party [on the 20th],”ย The Talkย co-hostย tells PEOPLE on the set of the show Thursday.

Lisa and Jack have a lot of friends with one- and two-year-old babies, so they all came. Pearl had her first cupcake — just a little bit of a vanilla one. She went insane — it was unbelievable to see it. She was shaking with excitement.”

The milestones continue for the little one, who is the first grandchild for Sharon.

“She took three steps on her birthday — it was just amazing,” the proud grandmother tells PEOPLE, before adding that there may be more children to come.

“Jack wants about five kids and Lisa comes from a big family, too. They both want to have a whole brood.”

And as Sharon promised from the beginning, no grandchild of hers will go unspoiled.

“This is what grandparents are for,” she jokes. “When they don’t get something from Mom and Dad, you come to Nana. Pearl knows she’ll get [what she wants].”

Jack Osbourne Pearl Birthday Party
Courtesy Jack and Lisa Osbourne

— Dahvi Shira

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Kelly on

one of the most beautiful babies!!!! Happy birthday Pearl!!

Miriam Poulsen on

She was probably shaking from the sugar, not excitement…

Ava on

She has never had a cupcake? Not being rude but is there a reason why?

Cara on

Ava, most parents I know, myself included, don’t give babies sugar. Their first birthday is the first time they have that kind of treat.

I’d be more shocked by seeing a baby sitting there eating cupcakes as the norm. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ava on

That makes sense. Looking back I don’t remember giving my kids a lot of sugar before they were one either.

Imzadi on

Oh my God, that little one is so darned cute!! Love the picture with the cupcake – such a big smile!

dancer92136 on

So cute…you can spoil her all you want!!!

Noneya on

She sure is cute! Happy Birthday Pearl!

snow on

My son had his first dose of sugar on his 1st birthday – I tried to keep him away from it the first year to hopefully develop a taste against it – and it was the first time he had a temper tantrum. It was all down hill after that, lol. Sugar=crack

Joy on

Aw, what a cutie pie.

Guest on


Sia on

So CUTE!!!!!!

Lu on

Such a lovely baby! Good on them for keeping her from sugar.

Megan on

I can’t believe she’s a year already! Happy birthday!

kitty62862 on

They may be kooky, but they are a tight knit family. What a beautiful baby!

kitty62862 on

Ava – She never had a cupcake, because she just turned 1. If you want to help a child not have weight issues, refrain from giving them table food until the first birthday. Before that, the body is not processing right, and fat cells are for life.

I did this with my daughter, who is 20 now.

You cannot pinch an inch on her, and she eats well.

jgchef on

It is totally normal for babies to get their first taste of cake on their first birthday. My son had his first taste of it on his birthday and he hated it! He’s certainly changed his mind, now that he’s 8.
Happy 1st Birthday Pearl. You are a cutie pie!

Nurse1121 on

Pearl is a beautiful baby!! Happy Birthday to her!!!!

carrie marino on

i cant believe that she is one year old.

Tara on

Pearl is gorgeous! I love the sugar vs. no sugar debate going on. Whatever happened to moderation? If learned from an early age, it is a lifestyle. Besides, It’s her BIRTHDAY.

Joselyn on

So precious! I didn’t give my daughter any sugar until her first birthday, we did a smash cake and she hated it. She hasn’t liked sweet stuff since..We just went to a birthday party this last weekend and she refused to eat a cupcake lol. Mission Accomplished! ๐Ÿ™‚

kim on

very cute. and @ava, you act like giving babies cupcakes everyday is normal. my kids didnt have any sugar until they were 1 and after that it was very limited. theres NO reason why a baby should be eating stuff like that on a regular basis…

Beyondthedreams on

Too cute Pearl is!

Connie on

Sharon spoil away! That is what grandparents are for! Love that they gave her a cupcake. So many celebrity parents take this away from their little ones because it isn’t the hyped thing to do – so what, give the kid a sweet on their birthday for crying out loud! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brianne on

I gave my daughter her first cupcake at her 1st birthday and not before. She sure is a cutie pie! I love her smile!!!

Anonymous on

She is really truly adorable, love her little hat and dress!

BBB on

hahaha I don’t know why I thought this was an article about Kelly Osbourne going insane after trying a cupcake.

bec on

Ava, it may be because they don’t like their daughter eating sweets. My son’s first taste of cake was on his first birthday. Not only did I not want him to eat too much sugar, but also, since his teeth were just growing in and getting stronger, I didn’t want them to be weakened with sugar.

Mom Of Twins on

Happy Birthday Pearl!!!

Evita84 on

It would be great to hear about more babies because they seem to be a very loving and caring family.

Denise Simpson on

oh my God…everyone came down on that girl Ava for her comment, lol. give the girl a break…she prob doesn’t have kids. Sorry all you expert Mom’s out there….

Sarah on

Pearl is so adorable, oh my goodness. ๐Ÿ™‚ And my nephew didn’t have his first bit of cake until his first birthday. He loves it now, haha.

LuvLeeRita on

Happy 1st Birthday Pearl. You’re beautiful and a blessing to the Osbourne family and beyond. โค

Hilary on

Pearl is my birthday buddy! Looks like she had a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

ldg on

so cute! but be careful.. no one wants “shaking with excitement” to turn into American food addiction, weight battles !

in this society, babyhood isn’t too early to think about such things- sadly !

ok on

Pearl is a cutie pie! Look at her loving that treat.

I have to say I am both shocked and impressed at how well adjusted the Osbourne kids seem to be. It didn’t always look like that would happen.

Oh and being from a large family and parenting a large family are very very different things.

That said I hope they are blessed with as many children as they can handle. They do seem to love parenting.

Typical on

To Ava- it’s not that unusual for babies to have their first tast of cake at their first birthday party. Same thing for my girl. Why give them sugar the first year? They don’t know what it is and they certainly don’t ask for it!

Jaylynn on

ADORABLE little girl. Jack and Lisa look happy and healthy. What a wonderful family they appear to have!

Jess on

She is so adorable. She looks just like her daddy. Happy Birthday Pearl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cm on

shes adorable!! and a year old already! wow…time flies!!

Anonymous on

Grandma’s are the best!

Anonymous on

What a sweet story and what an adorable little girl!

Tish on

Happy Birthday Pearl! Beautiful baby!!

Nikita on

Omg she is so cute!!! hehe…tickles me to see that cupcake smile ๐Ÿ™‚

amy on

How darling is that baby??

Dal Asher on

What an adorable baby! Hopefully they will limit the sugar to rare occasions so that she won’t have the weight issues that have plagued Jack, Kelly and Mom. Happy Birthday Pearl, you are a sweetheart for sure!!!

Anonymous on

Miriam and Ava need to ‘meet in the middle’ on their cupcake views….just saying.

liarlairpantsonfire on

i remember when my first had her first taste of salad dressing. her whole head shook like “WHAT WAS THAT?” babies are so fun. all those “firsts” are magical.

Sandy on

Um “insane” is a pretty strong word. Maybe she was just happy???? Geez….

Jane on

Have to admit – she is beautiful!!! His wife is gorgeous too. Wow!

texaschickeee on

Can’t stand Sharon Osborne. She is a witch, but tries too hard not to come off as that. She is nothing but the wife of a rock star that now talks (about nothing) and Jack is a no body too….so why report on the kid?