Kristin Cavallari: I’m Putting My Acting Career on Hold

04/29/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kristin Cavallari Coco Eco
Vijat Mohindra

Absence makes the heart grow stronger? Not so, says Kristin Cavallari.

Since settling in the Windy City with her fiancé, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, the reality star has turned down several acting offers, preferring to focus on her fashion lines that keep her closer to the couple’s home.

“I’ve passed on a couple of things that would have kept me here in L.A. because my fiancé Jay has to be in Chicago, so if I was here, we would never see each other,” Cavallari says in Coco Eco magazine’s April/May issue. “The sacrifices we make for love…”

With a big summer wedding in the works, the pair are planning to make their union permanent. However, other than sharing the season of their nuptials, the future newlyweds are keeping all other details secret.

For now, in place of pursuing her professional career on camera, Cavallari is balancing her designing projects — in addition to her shoe line with Chinese Laundry, the new mom recently launched a jewelry collection — with taking care of her two boys: Cutler and their 8-month-old son Camden Jack.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in your career and have that be your only focus, and I want my marriage to work and last — and family comes first,” she says. “The design work is great because I can do most of it from Chicago and I have so much fun with it. I love it and it all works out.”

Having quickly bounced back after baby, Cavallari has also been keeping up with her healthy habits that carried her through her pregnancy.

“My dad is a big health-nut so I’ve always tried to be as organic as possible, but when I became pregnant I took it to a whole new level and was even more conscious of what I was putting in my body,” she shares. “I gained 25 pounds which is what I was supposed to gain, and since then I have been choosing more of a plant-based diet. I work out four times a week and just try to live healthy.”

Not only did she shy away from red meat while expecting, but Cavallari, 26, also began to anticipate how she would provide her baby boy with a healthy start to life, too.

“It was more toward the end of my pregnancy that I started thinking about the products I would be buying and using, and started reading labels,” she says. “I don’t want to put anything on [Camden] which has chemicals, and so everything is organic.”

Her rule of thumb? “If you can’t pronounce the name, you should not be eating it. And it’s the same for beauty products as well,” she adds.

— Anya Leon

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Tee Tee on

Wow, good for her! It’s refreshing to hear about a celebrity that realizes you can’t have it all and that family really should come first. So many don’t.

me on

Acting career??.

Lynne on

Uh what acting career? Lmao

Hea on

What career?

Jen DC on

she had an “acting career”?

valeskas on

What career.

Steph on

I like her. Kristin gets a lot of flack. I do hope her fiance is appreciative of her efforts to work on their relationship and of the sacrifices she is making.

ruby on

What acting career? HAHAHA

Colleen on


J on

Um, what acting career? You were on a “reality show” where you got drunk regularly and had sex with/fought with a lot of people. That wasn’t acting.

Anonymous on

Ew, such cruel and nasty old bitties in here. Feel good about yourselves? At least she’s doing more with her life 🙂

I commend her for puttingh er family first and for being so proactive in her healthy choices. Pregnancy is a great time to really become health conscious and not gain a ton of weight. Great to hear she’s continuing it!

Mimi on

You people should be bashing the website and not Kristin, as the headline is something she really didn’t say. I’m not a fan of her at all, but they put that headline cause they knew it would get attention instead of putting something she REALLY said.

Shame on you celebritybabies.

MzScorpioX on

LOL@acting career

Alayna on

This is actually a nice story. I think it really shows how the bitch from Laguna Beach has grown up – like we all do. She is a mature adult now wanting to be married, have a family and have a career that works with that lifestyle. More power to her! (And anyways I was always Team Kristin- LOL)

ala on

this made my day, LMAO hehe

Bette on

Acting career? Since when?

Shannon on

I don’t think I will ever like this girl, with that being said she is showing that she is a good mom and putting family first.

kmp on

What acting career????

chels on

That doesnt’ even look like her on the cover of the magazine.

Claudia on

Acting career??

Lauren on

So she can focus on her nasty h0 career instead?

Lianne on

bahaha…acting?? What acting career is she speaking of?

OkayThen on

Thanks for the laugh! I love when the headline tips off that a “celebrity” is about to say something incredibly stupid. Can’t click fast enough. More fun stories like this, People!!

Yeah, I said it on

The “acting career” is laughable. However, I’m glad she’s smart enough to eat only organic.

Anyone who chooses anything other than organic or at the very LEAST non-GMO is stupid.

lori on

Studies have shown and proven that organic is no better than eating regular foods. It is actually worse.

ME on

Healthy and organic? That must make up for the healthy cigarettes? Laughable….

shanp on

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! acting career???????

Eli on

People, there is a typo in your headline.

Kristin Cavallari: I’m Putting My “Acting Career” on Hold.

There, I fixed it for you.

Anonymous on

Most of you people are so negative! Why don’t you give kudos to a girl who deserves it. Do you know her life? Are you with her 24/7 to know if she has a career. No. Good for her for choosing her FAMILY over her career. It’s refreshing to see a young girl choosing to focus on her family rather then making a buck.

ChimChim on

Oh, no! How will I get my daily Kristin fix??? (what is it she does again?)

Ann on

Honestly……what career? One commenter said there are a lot of cruel and nasty old bitties commenting about her. They’re not nasty and cruel, they’re just realistic. When society stops applauding bad behavior then maybe just maybe things will start to turn around. Until then, we’re going to see people like her, honey boo boo and the Kardashians be put up on a pedestal. Let’s face it, she’s creeping towards her late 20’s, she’s living with a guy and her illegitimate child. What happens when he gets tired of her? How far is her career going to take her without an education? She can only play cutsie for so long.

Norma Calderon on

At least Kim Kardashian has some actual acting credits under her belt. And Honey Boo Boo and her Mom never claim to be anything other than true redneck reality stars. They’re keeping it real.

Kim on

Never heard of her but I do know who Jay Cutler is!!

Marcia on

Lol WHAT acting career?!

Jt1260 on

What acting career?

LizzyM on

LOL!!! What “acting career”? Appearing in a reality show years ago as a teenager doesn’t make you an actress, honey. Please go away.

scarjo on

Acting career? Bish please. You never had a legitimate acting career to begin with.

Anonymous on

She had an acting career? I applaud her for doing research and doing whats best for her kid, but acting career? Please

RD on

Hahaha…to all the people who said “What acting career?,” I was thinking the same thing.

Karolina on

She has an acting career to put on hold???

Mom Of Twins on

Acting career? Oh really? lol

Kathy on

Acting career? What acting career? And she was supposed to gain 25 lbs being pregnant? Ding! Ding! Your 15 minutes are up…

Jackie on

LOL she was in that music video

BBB on

What career?

SKG on

wow…she’s pretty arrogant to even assume that she has an “acting career” I think she’s using her family as a cop out excuse for her non-acting career!

3kittymama on

Acting career? WHAT acting career? LOL! A reality show is not acting. She’s delusional. She’s a pretty girl who caught the eye of a pro athlete, so she’s set for life.

Anonymous on

She has an acting career? LOL

Marge on

I couldn’t even finish reading I was laughing too hard. What acting career? Girl you know the only “acting” you’ve done is LB, a few rinky dink movies, and pretending your relationship is happy.

Molly on

She has an acting career??

Carrie on

I’m sure if there were offers, they were probably something awful. It’s easy to take a break from a profession when no one wants to hire you.

kristinpaints on

Acting as in…getting an offer to play an extra in a movie in which you have no lines and you are listed in the credits as Waitress #2?

janette on

She had an acting career?

D on

I only see her in my daughter’s celebrity magazines once in a while and still don’t know who she is. I’ve never seen her on tv or anywhere else. What acting career is she tlaking about ?And a fashion and jewelry line? Who is goig to buy it?

Cataline on

I can’t recall her acting career at all….must have made some kind of impression, eh? LOL….another Hollywood princess who has come and gone….and should stay gone.

LenB on

“Everybody’s a dreamer; everybody’s a star; everybody’s in show biz; it doesn’t matter who you are.” Ray Davies – Cellulloid Heroes

Anonymous on

Angelina Jolie has an acting career.

ang on

Haha, she thinks she’s an actor, how funny. And the design thing she got only because she spread legs for someone who was actually known for doing something. Her marriage will not work and she will still make money because the guy is an idiot.


What acting career? This woman is like a Kardashian and a Simpson,they constantly want the medias attention but do nothing productive! She’s delusional that anyone cares what she does!lol

Jo on

She has an acting career? Outside her bedroom? Who is she trying to kid?

Hhhm on

I’m confused! Acting career?

dianne on

Acting career??? Must have missed that!

guest on

what acting career? ..this girl thinks WAY to much of herself. go take care of your kid….your 15 min are up..

traycee on

I thought the last line of that interview was funny and true.

She never had anything going after that show. She is smart not to pursue a career in Hwood. The real reason, she can’t risk her golden ticket trading her in for someone else.

Sunny on

She was an actress? Delusional……

Amber Pearce on

When did she start Acting?

Laura on

Ah yes, once again, woman can’t help but knock other woman! She didn’t say she had an acting career….she said she had offers that she declined! She’s chosen another career. Can you all just wish well and cheer her on? Or are you all too jealous and catty? Kristin, may God bless you, Jay and beautiful Camden. And please, tell Jay we’d like another Super Bowl win for ChiTown! My mom sees Jay frequently where she works, and says Jay is always polite and gracious. Noteworthy among too many spoiled overpaid athletes.

Guest on

Acting career….so the hills reality show was acting. Lol. No acting career…more like happened to be tween famous has-been. Yes focus on motherhood and maybe getting married. If you’re able to have a child then give it a family

itznia on

I’m pretty sure NO ONE gives a sh*t.

Natalie on

You guys can’t see what’s going on here? She’s totally setting herself up to get more $ from him in her future divorce…”weep weep, poor me..I turned down lucrative role after lucrative role to be a SAHM and it has killed my career…so now you need to give me more alimony, weep weep………;)”. What a transparent idiot!!

nacho mamma on

Doesnt’ one need to have an acting career in order to put it on hold??? Maybe she should attempt to reboot her career and let Jay sit on the sidelines.

LINewYorkGuy on

I’m sure her fan is going to be heartbroken.

THIS deserves an “Announcement?”

By the way, I’m putting my brain surgery career on hold too. And my heavyweight boxing career too.

Amanda on

I was going to put what career? but so many people beat me to it…haha

Aly on

The fact that she is not well known as an actress doesn’t mean she isn’t one. Many actors go out and audition. We never see them but they consider it an acting career. Maybe she is just trying to make it like everyday folks. So she’s not starring in anything…How many of us are in the top of our profession???

Jay on

Her fiancé is morbidly obese at 29. I hope she gets him on a healthy regime. He’s always hurt.

jojo on

who the hell is she. just another nobody that the media wants us to think is a somebody.

jc on

I get it why people are jumping on the article title, especially considering her meager notoriety. I had no idea she had done anything either, bar a reality series a few years back. But, after an IMDb search, I see she has almost a dozen other acting credits. Regardless, it always sounds pretentious when an “actress” who has had a limited career decides publicy to “take a break from acting”. Maybe it would have been received better had it read, “Kristin Cavallari: Why She Decided to Put Off Pursuing an Acting Career for her Family”.

Anonymous on

delusional acting career..Pls dont get confused with reality show and acting…She got knock up because she was a has been and now she want to sound like her husband is the reason why she isnt acting??mmm..sounds like a lifelong freeloader. I hope J Cutler saves alot of money..she is going to cost you alot to keep her .

Anonymous on

Really, I didn’t know that she could act?!

Noelle on

I didn’t know she had an acting career?!!

FK on

Yeah all those Oscars that should have been hers…..,

Actress? Give me a break…..

OneTwo on

Its always easy to stop something you never really did.

Fashion Jared on

Kristin lost all my respect when she married Jay Cutler. She definitely didnt marry him for his personality! Lame!

Deesker on

She’s a legend in her own mind.

WhackJobs on

Wow, Photoshop much? That picture looks nothing like her… it looks too good. She’s really just an average girl.

tc on

This acting career.

Year Title Role Notes
2004 – 2005 Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Herself 28 episodes
2007 Get This Party Started Host 2 episodes
2006 Veronica Mars Kylie Marker 1 episode
2006 Fingerprints Crystal Main Role
2007 Cheerleader Camp Julie Television movie
2007 Cane Casey Episode: “Family Business”
2008 Green Flash aka Beach Kings Lana Direct-to-DVD release
2008 CSI: NY Isabelle Vaughn Episode: “Forbidden Fruit”
2008 Spring Breakdown Lizzie – Seven #3
2009 Wild Cherry Trish van Doren
2009 National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year Kaitlin Hayes Direct-to-DVD release
2009 – 2010 The Hills Herself 23 episodes
2011 The Middle Ms. Devereaux Episode: “Friends, Lies, and Videotape”
2011 RuPaul’s Drag Race Herself Season 3
2011 America’s Next Top Model Guest Judge Season 17, Episode 3
2011 Dancing with the Stars Herself/Contestant Season 13, Eliminated week 3
2012 Cupcake Wars Guest Judge Season 6, Episode 9: “Kristin Cavallari’s Baby Shower”
2012 The League Herself Season 4, Episode 4: “The Breastalyzer”

timraiders on

huh ? what? huh? Acting career?

Deb on

If she wants to stay home with that whiney QB then good for her. I never was so glad to see someone traded away from the Broncos.

JJ on

Maybe she is referring to that show she was on where she played a shallow, narcissistic, entitled, elitist, rich beeyotch, west coast airhead. Oh wait, that was really her…..nevermind.

Anonymous on

The Hills may have been scripted but that doesn’t count Kristin

Anonymous on

Acting career on hold?….what acting career….

MJ on

The only “acting” offers she probably got were from Vivid Entertainment. Who is she kidding?

Dariio on

is this a joke??? I thought she was a reality show person!!!

Now she’s an actress with a career that needs to be put on hold… Even her cover photo looks forced!! Take as much times as you need girl we’ll all be waiting for you, like we wait to see what happens with octamom and her hoard of kids!!

Crisostimo on

What acting career? She was barely in anything worth watching. Reality celubutantes and ridiculous appearance fees and so called new careers as designers r annoying.

wtf! on

star gives up acting….lol…wheres the star and/or the acting?

sam on

what career and please dont come back

Kim on

Uhhh, what acting career?

roz on

Kristin Cavallari is an actress? seriously? I thought she was just on a really bad reality show. Who knew.

merelyashadow on

What acting career? Who is she?

xyzzz on

She has an acting career???

Larry on

Kristin Cavallari is putting his acting career on hold ??? Good. Take Obama with you. He’s been trying to act as a president and is lousey at it.

dee on

Lmao.. thats the first thing that came to mind ..what career?? Never saw her in movies or commercials. Organic food is actually not good either. This girl is funny!

Jes on


We’ll see if her marriage will last! Hmmmm.

Anonymous on

What “acting career” ? LOL okay!

Awwwshucks on

Did she say “acting career” or delusions of grandeur?

J on

Anonymous on April 29th,

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was a bit busy with end-of-the year projects and paper submissions. Ah, the life of a Ph.D student already highly respected in her field! Sometimes I’m just so exhausted I think I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached!
Lucky you to have so much free time on your hands to be able to post multiple hilarious and erroneous assumptions about what we have or have not done!

Julesy on

Thank goodness she decided to put her, ahem, “acting career” on hold. Maybe we won’t get to hear about this nobody anymore. Woo hoo!

Anonymous on

HAHAHA!! Acting?? Is that what her Hill’s ‘performance’ is called??

EMG on

I laughed when I read the caption and then I laughed even more reading everyone’s comments below (acting career?).

Theicefountain on

I feel bad, but I have never seen her in anything or know who she is.

Anonymous on

to be fair to her, she never once says “acting career” in this article. she just says she’s passed on things that would have kept her in la. that might be acting, or it might be designing or producing or working at a magazine or any number of other things. once again, people magazine published an inaccurate headline and got the hundred comments they were looking for to show to advertisers…

liarlairpantsonfire on

yeah, me too. and my olympic dream. and being the first woman president. yeah, all that’s on hold.

paul dyer on

Will anyone notice? Or care?

PingPangPong on

I’ll have to repeat and agree with everyone else….”WHAT ACTING CAREER?!?!?!” She probably has mom brain now and has forgotten that she never had an acting career…hehehe

PingPangPong on

Someone’s dellusional…hehehe

Anonymous on

On hold?? Don’t you have to have one first before you can put it on hold? That is actually funny (and embarrassing) that she actually considers herself an actress.

Carrie M on

If she has an acting career then I must be an astronaut. 5..4..3..2..1…blastoff!

Teriayers on

Good for her, tho, I don’t know who she is.

Morgan on

Acting career? No… I mean I think what she did was nice and great for her family… but she doesn’t have an acting career.

2isfamily on

Sorry couldn’t help…LOOOOOOL @ acting career…