Maxwell Johnson Celebrates Her First Birthday

04/29/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson Maxwell Birthday Party
Stephanie D. Kleinman

It’s all babies, all the time for Jessica Simpson lately.

Just weeks after celebrating the impending birth of her son with a Tom Sawyer-themed baby shower, the Fashion Star mentor, 32, shifted gears from blue to pink and threw her daughter a fair-themed party Sunday to mark Maxwell Drew‘s first birthday.

Held in the backyard of the family’s Hidden Hills home, around 50 guests enjoyed face-painting, coloring tables, beach balls and a children’s band. Food stations were set up around the party, featuring hot dogs, grilled cheese, tacos, fresh fruit, lemonade and candy.

“Maxwell had a great time! Everyone was in great spirits,” a source tells PEOPLE. “All of her grandparents were there. She loved listening to the band and seeing the other babies!”

Simpson says that even at 12 months, Maxwell already shows signs she’s taking after her fashionista mom.

“She loves to watch me put my makeup on and she wants me to put the blush on her,” Simpson shares. “She’s a girly girl. But I have to trick her into wearing bows and barrettes. She thinks it’s a game to pull them out!”

Maxwell may look and take after her mother, but Simpson admits her daughter is “definitely a Daddy’s girl” and clings to her father, Eric Johnson, 33. “If he is in the room,” she says, “she doesn’t want anybody else to hold her!”

Maxwell will have another family member to adore when Simpson welcomes the couple’s second child this summer.

“She knows something’s up,” Simpson told PEOPLE. “Maxwell is so cute because she’ll touch my tummy and she’ll laugh and she’ll give my belly kisses.”

As for her kids’ sibling dynamic, “I’m so excited to see what their relationship is going to be,” adds Simpson. “I think they’ll take care of each other. And I think they’ll always have each other’s backs.”

— Aili Nahas

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edward duke LOVE THE NAME on

adorable baby !!

KaySea on

I can’t stand JSimps – but damn, she makes pretty babies.

Rachel on

i hope she is as sweet in real life as she comes across. she seems like such a normal person.. besides being a billionare! she does not take herself too seriously, i really like this family. i wish them all the best!!

audra on

adorable baby!

judy on

Sweet picture

eryn on

are these not the pics from her baby shower… the outfits are exactly the same!

Marky on

Maxwell is one of the most adorable babies in celeb-land! She is always smiling, always loos happy, and both her parents seem so involved with her. Jessica looks terrific, as does Eric. What a cute family; can’t wait to see the new baby! Happy B’day, Maxwell!

Callie on

That kid is adorable!!!! They look so lovely together. HB Max

Veli on

adorable…god bless them!!

ME on

❤Love Jessica!!! And her little girl is adorable!!❤

guest on

Congrats to Maxwell! Lovely family. Happy baby!

Stephanie on

That is the cutest baby ever. Look at the smile!!!! They look so happy and Jessica is absolutely beautiful….

LB on

Gosh – that little girl is adorable! She has the cutest smile!

LizzyM on

What a GORGEOUS little girl and a beautiful family!

sal on

awww, she looks like such a happy little girl!

Emry on

I still cant get over how ugly that name is, almost as bad as holy Madison’s baby name rainbow.

Jean on

What a beautiful family

Ugh on

My daughter & son are 15 months apart and they ADORE eachother. They will be close friends 😉

I’m sure Jessica’s kiddies will be the same. Children are such a blessing! It’s nice to see people love and cherish their kids!

Melanie on

Maxwell is 1 already? Where did the time go? Great family pic. Happy Birthday, Maxwell!

Nikita on

Maxwell is so cute! What a beautiful family.

missmiggles on

that little girl is the most adorable munchkin i have seen in a long time. congrats on birthday number 1!!

Anonymous on

Is all of that really necessary for a 1 year old’s birthday party?

Sarah on

Eric Johnson looks like JASON TRAWICK (Britney Spears’s ex-finace), in this picture.

Danielle on

Maxwell is adorable . God Bless Jessica and Eric. and don’t tell the baby that Grampa is a homo.

Danielle on

Happy Birthday Maxwell.

Hannah on

Maxwell is such a little cutie!! Can’t wait to see what their little boy is going to look like!

kitty62862 on

What a beautiful family!

Michelle on

OMG Maxwell is so cute.

Anonymous on

Jessicca looks amazing and her family is beautiful.

Brooklyn on

Adorable picture! Maxwell is very cute!

Joyce on

Sorry but this journalist is definitely wrong. That kid looks just like her father, not her mother !!!

Anonymous on

Maxwell is one BEAUTIFUL baby — congrats to all of them. Let the blessings continue with Baby #2!

Kate on

That baby is damn cute.

MEG on

That is one UGLY looking man!! looks like he’s in is 40’s!! Jessica, what do you see in this? I don’t see this lasting at all! If he really wanted to marry her, he would have by now!

Jessicaabiggestfan on

Awww! Happy 1st Birthday Maxwell

WiddoMouse on

It’s too bad Maxwell will not remember this birthday. I hope they took lots of pictures.

rapunzel on

she has to “trick” her into wearing bows. Will she “trick” her son into wearing, what, a football helmet? Seems like child abuse to me. And of course this kid is a girly girl, she’s been programmed since day one, with something glued to her head. She never had a chance to be “gender neutral” at all. She was labeled and tagged and “forced” from the beginning. “Daddy’s girl.” No open-mindedness with these parents. And this child already thinks she is a deity, with parties and presents and fussing right and left. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet, she’s just a speck, just one among the billions.

a on

she’s adorable!

CinSweet on

Cute family! Love Jessica’s dress.

Andrea on

She’s such a cute baby! Happy birthday Maxwell!

Dawn on

Very Cute little girl!

T on

i guess her friends are rich but it would be SUPER annoying to attend baby parties for her every week

Rhonda on

They look so cute and happy good for them

Mila on

Awww the baby is so adorable..too precious..

Holiday on

Adorable baby girl!

Renee on

This is a stunning photo of them all. My daughter and son are 15 months apart and at 1 & 2 are such little buddies, it’s beautiful! I completely get her on the makeup thing. They just want to imitate everything we do…. We have had quite a few fun pretend play makeup sessions. There always looks to be such love in the family 🙂 as for the hair clips- give it another year and she will realise that her hair is annoying and she wants it off her face ha

Fab on

@rapunzel… #SHUTTHEF&@KUP… Idiot hater!!! … ANY WHOOOOOO… BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!

Janet on

They look so happy. I hope their family will always be happy and healthy.

itznia on

She is totally adorable!!

Ashley on

That’s a great family photo! Except I’d photo shop that red thing in the back out. Otherwise, they all look wonderful.

Jax on

cute! and very happy for them… don’t know about anyone else, but Jessica Simpson shouldn’t have gotten plastic surgery, it doesn’t suit her at all

Brandy on

Beautiful family…adorable baby…max has the cutest smile and love the pose!! Lol!

lawoman on

she is fat

julie on

that is such a sweet family picture!

Yo Mama on

I don’t know who’s uglier!!

Alanna on

Eric looks like Britney’s ex fiancé Jason

Lady on

Jessica looks great this pregnancy…..beautiful family!

Julianna on

Say whatever you want about Jess, but she’s a great mom, deeply in love with her children. I can’t believe Maxie is already turning one! She’s so cute, and I think she looks like her mama.

Jetta on

they are a beautiful family im curious about the post where people r accusing her of having plastic surgery if u have any idea what pregnancy dose to a woman every thing swells when i was pregnant with my son i looked like a diffrent person before u say hateful things or acuse someone of something maby u should wait to see what she looks like after he wonderful new addition arrives

MommytoanE on

Rapunzel, take a chill pill girly. I had to trick my daughter into wearing bows as a baby as well. She hated them but if I told her how pretty she looked, she’d leave them in for all of 5 minutes. At least it was enough at her yearly pictures to get some cute ones.

Funny no one has bashed Jessica for being pg so soon after lil Maxwell was born. Poor Tori Spelling got all that heat tho. 😦 Jessica definately makes beautiful babies. I anticipate the arrival of baby boy to see how beautiful he is as well.

Stacey on

Adorable family picture. Maxwell (awful name) is a very cute little girl but she is not as cute as her mother.

Beth on

Good looking family.

Brooke on

Maxwell is absolutely precious. Just a beautiful family picture.

Melissa on

Maxwell is absolutely adorable!! What a sweet picture

Aimee Le on

Poor thing…she gets so puffy during her pregnancies.

Rachel on

I still don’t understand how you rationalize the fact that you should wait until marriage to have sex, but then you divorce and have two kids out of wedlock.

Anonymous on

my sister has a son and daughter that are 13 months apart (irish twins)–and to this day–both in their 40’s–are as close as can be–and I’m sure yours will be too–blessings to all

Brooke on

Maxwell actually turns 1 on my birthday which is tomorrow May 1st! Happy birthday little princess!! Love this family so much!!!

barbara coffey on

Happy birthday maxwell

Tharon Turner on

Happy Birthday Maxie!! You are so adorable!