Second Child on the Way for Vince Vaughn

04/26/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Vince Vaughn Expecting Second Child

No funny business here — there’s another baby on the way for Vince Vaughn!

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor pauses to take a quick sip of his drink before sharing the big news: he and his wife Kyla will welcome their second child together this summer.

“This is the first time I’ve said anything,” Vaughn, 43, reveals during the interview, airing Monday. “We’re very excited … [She’s due] August 5th.”

After tying the knot in January 2010, The Internship star and his real estate agent wife welcomed daughter Locklyn Kyla the following December.

“It gives you a different purpose,” Vaughn said shortly after becoming a father to his now 2-year-old little girl. “I feel so grateful.”

— Anya Leon

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Callie on

I just LOVE VV!! He is so sexy. Congratulations to them both 🙂

klutzy_girl on

I thought she looked pregnant in semi-recent candids.

Congratulations to them and can’t wait for The Internship (mostly for him, Owen Wilson, and Dylan O’Brien)!

K on

Love him…congrats to the family!

Anja on

Am I the only one who didn’t even know that he had a wife or child? Congrats to them! 🙂

tina on


Sharon on

Tina, I think you are the rude one considering you call everybody rude in all your comments. Get a life.

Michelle on

Ha Anja! No I thought the same thing when I read the title of the article!

Anonymous on

@Anja–I didn’t know about the wife and first child either! Happy for him. He’s one of my favs.

Sharon on

Ditto anonymous…didn’t know either lol….im sure the baby will be gorgeous….VV is so hot! Congrats to them 🙂

kim on

wait! hes married??? he already has a kid?? where in the heck have i been??? haha

Kelly on

This just further proves that Jen Aniston doesn’t want children. I wish the tabloids would stop reporting that she’s pregnant every other week. She’s just one of those people who is content without children.

CanadaGurl on

Based solely on the title, congratulations to Vince for being the first male in the worlds history to be pregnant 0:)

CCex on

I’m due the same day and have a two year old. Twinsies.

Congrats to them.

Guest2012 on

Couldn’t possibly love him any more than I do! Very happy for them..

Anonymous on


aomn on

I agree with most of the comments. Love VV and so happy to see him happy. When he was with Jennifer Aniston my impression was that he was trying to be something that she wanted. So happy to see him just being him! He seems happy and healthy. Congratulations to them. Can’t wait for his next movie.

anonymous on

Really just because VV has a kid and Jennifer A doesn’t u think that means she doesn’t want one? Just b/c they dated doesnt mean they should have a kid together WTF

Anonymous on

I think in part kelly is referring to the fact that she was with brad for so long and never had kids but when he left he went to a woman with kids and had his own shortly there after. Vince is the same.

Debbie on

I love Vince Vaughn! He is the whole package- looks, personality, charm, and sense of humor. The SNL appearance as host was excellent! I knew he was married, I just didn’t tell anyone, because I’m jealous. 😦

Anonymous on

didn’t know he was married, let alone had a kid…I bet he keeps his family laughing every day.

anna on

Love Jennifer Aniston. Congrats VV.

dudley doright on

wow…i would never have pictured this guy as a happy family man with 2 kids. Didn’t see that at all. Well u just never know. He seemed like a perpetual partier…congrats.

Anonymous on

anonymous (the one who replied to Kelly)- I agree! Considering it was nearly eight years ago that Vince and Jen dated, it’s entirely possible that he wasn’t ready for kids at that point in her life.

And/or Jen could have fertility issues. Either way, Jen strikes me as the type of person who would be content with OR without kids, and I agree that the tabs need to stop screaming that she’s pregnant! For that matter, I don’t think the tabs should be screaming that ANY female celeb is pregnant.

Not only is it none of our business, but the “pregnant” celeb du jour could be struggling with infertility for all we (and the tabs) know! If a celeb is pregnant, they will tell us if and when they are ready to!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, btw!

Mama Bambi on

VV rocks…he is just too cool !!! My brother got to meet him. Said he was real nice and down to earth kind of person. Congrats to him.

Isla on

I was eating at the same restaurant as Jennifer Anniston last week…I guess it’s HER fault that my food wasn’t prepared right. Also, I noticed that she passed on bread and baked potatoes…you guessed it! No one else in the restaurant was allowed to have carbs that night either. I’m just grateful that all of you brilliant People readers have figured out at last who’s to blame for all of the world’s troubles! I bet that was her in the Garden of Eden, and later, ripping a hole in the side of theTitanic…

Anonymous on


Sandy on

Am I the only one who wants to laugh every time I look at him???Funny guy!

anonymous on

lol, what do you mean this proves Jennifer didn’t want kids? Gee, maybe she wants to have kids when she is in a committed relationship. Can’t you just say something positive about Vince and his growing family instead of bringing his past relationships into the mix? If I had a kid with every guy I dated I would have a dang brood. Some of us just want to wait till the time is right.

Desirae on

Awwww! August 5th is my birthday! Congrats!! 🙂

gyl on

Nice. I thought he was good for Jenn also. But I guess some things are not meant to be.

Carol on

AWESOME, I love Vince Vaughn, he is so funny. Perfect guy to be a “REAL” dad.

Carmel on

Love him! He married a Canadian, eh!

myladyeve on

Congrats to the couple!!!

tieraney on

I thought I saw on one of those celebrity gossip shows that it was a boy. Either way, congrats! I always thought Vince was hilarious.

mobile20 on

Isla—Love your sarcasm…..I almost believed it and I’m the queen of sarcasm IMO. Get ready for the blowback, girl. Not everyone is smart enough to get your humor!

Isla on

Lol. All hail the Queen!

rocky mountain girl on

and so odd “she” married a celebrity?!….. she is from a small town called Okotoks in Alberta Canada. She lived there until they met. guess it was just meant to be!

Brianne on

Congrats Vince, Kyla and Locklyn!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations – He seems to be happy with her and their family. 🙂

Catca on

I think the comment about Jen Aniston and kids is simply that Brad left her and picked up with Angie who already had a son and proceeded to adopt and have more children with Angie. VV and Jen broke up and VV’s next serious relationship was with a woman he married and had kids with. Is that a pattern? Yes, but not enough to prove anything. VV may not have been ready yet when he was with Jen (but we can’t say that about Brad – he was clearly ready). But, Jen’s had a fairly long engagement with Justin and doesn’t look to be in any rush to have children and the time clock is ticking. Does that prove she doesn’t want kids? Honestly, unless she has fertility problems which is no one’s business but hers, it kind of does.

virgibia on

Canadian lover!

Kate on

Why all the Jen Anniston hater comments? This has nothing to do with her. I don’t want to have a baby with everyone I date. Leave her out of it.

Evelyn Godkin on

He is hot in a different kind of way. Congrats on marriage n bambinos. Little sis must b excited.

Anonymous on

Catca- They’ve been engaged less than a year. I’d hardly call that long (especially when you consider that most couples, both in Hollywood and in the “real” world, seem to be engaged for at least one year before marrying!)!

Lucy on


Ashley on

I LOVE VInce!!! Kyla is so lucky, ha ha. Congratulations to the family!!!

globetrottingfreak on

They don’t look like a very close couple.

But congratulations on the new baby.