Expectant Jamie-Lynn Sigler Can’t Believe the Size of Her Chest

04/26/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Jamie-Lynn Sigler The Talk Pregnancy Boobs
Dahvi Shira

Expecting her first child — a son — in August, Jamie-Lynn Sigler says she’s gained some weight – in the chest!

“[I can’t believe] how big my boobs have gotten!” the Guys with Kids star, 31, tells PEOPLE Thursday, just before filming a segment for The Talk‘s Million Dollar Baby Shower episode.

“I can’t handle how much weight I have in the front area. That surprised me the most for sure.”

And while it’s an adjustment for Sigler, her fiancé Cutter Dykstra is “not complaining” about the all-natural chest enhancement.

“He’s a guy,” she tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “I’m sure he enjoys it.”

Looking chic in a Bailey 44 dress, a glowing Sigler seemed upbeat, but she says that wasn’t always the case, especially during the beginning of her pregnancy.

“I got hit pretty hard,” the actress explains of her morning sickness. “It’s just what everyone said. It’s the first three months. Some people aren’t as lucky and have it their whole pregnancy, but it was really hard. I couldn’t stay up past 7:30 at night. I was nauseous from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed.”

Continues Sigler, “I survived on bagels. It was all I could do. It was rough. You start to feel like you’re never going to feel better ever again.”

Moving forward, the Sopranos alum says she feels “really good,” adding, “I am in the honeymoon period of pregnancy where you’re still mobile and not sick anymore. No morning sickness. I’m starting to feel kicks — fun milestones. I can run errands and not need help.”

If she could provide guidance to any of the pregnant women in the audience of The Talk Sigler advises, “Don’t stress out too much. [Being pregnant is] the most natural thing your body can do. Take care of yourself as best you can, but listen to your body. Don’t read too much. Every little thing doesn’t mean something. Be aware, but your body will definitely tell you everything.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Callie on

She sounds like one big complaint. Her boobs are too big, she’s sick, she’s tired…..shut up!!! Enjoy the journey.

Pam on

Yeah that’s how the 1st 3 months is. I am going through it now and feel like absolute crap all day, everyday! So shut up!

Vicki on

And Callie, you sound like a judgmental crabby pants! The reporter probably asked her specific questions and she responded.

valeskas on

Women get bigger boobs when pregnant, its not news.

Glenn on

She looks great!

Lizzie on

Callie….you are an idiot. If anyone asked me how I felt pregnant, am I to lie and tell them it’s all a bed of roses? The truth is that there were wonderful moments (just as Jamie says) and really lousy ones (just as Jamie says). I didn’t have nausea, but I had excruciating heartburn for five months. “Enjoy the journey” — who enjoys the feeling of a fire burning in their chest or the feeling of food coming up morning, noon and night. Puh-leez, you fool.

Jenny on

Callie, you’re just a straight up b*tch. I can’t stand people like you with their holier than thou attitude.

Anonymous on

Classy Jenny.

Pam on

Well she speaks the truth.

Jen DC on

HA! Same thing my formerly small-chested sister said. Went to bed an A-cup, woke up with Ds! It really was stunning how quickly the breast growth happened, considering (obviously, as it was the first trimester) there was no bump to kind of, you know, “explain” why suddenly she had new “tracts of land,” as the Monty Python boys would say.

I’m glad her morning sickness/first trimester trials are over! I understand the constant nausea, as I have a stomach condition that pretty much keeps me (feeling as if I’m) on the cusp of being ill much of the time.

@Callie: One big complaint if you only read the center paragraphs about her first trimester. The *remaining 8 paragraphs* are frankly pretty happy and optimistic and funny. F on reading comprehension for you today.

boohoobytch on

she’s cute

SuzyQ on

Well, I’m glad she is feeling better now. I loved every second of all my pregnancies, and I never looked so gorgeous as then.

lisaisalefty on

Yeah, it’s shocking how much your body changes during and after pregnancy. Your body is never the same either. No matter how many personal stories you read or hear about, you are never fully prepared for the crazy changes your body makes.

I don’t feel like she was complaining, just sharing her own experiences. I loved my first pregnancy, even though I was plagued by morning/noon/night sickness with both pregnancies, but my second was not so much fun. Everyone’s experience is unique to them. She looks radiant though. Best of luck to her and her little one…

Tee Tee on

::giggles:: I am always amazed at what people choose to share publicly. Ach, I’m glad the morning sickness has passed and she’s feeling better!

Danielle on

I wish others like Kim K would take note to how pretty she looks and Kate M. When you show off your bump it looks very nice…As someone who went from a B to a D…insane for sure

Candy on

Jamie Lynn looks great!

kim on

just wait till after she gives birth! they will double, at least!

mary on

Jen DC, Monty Python? LOVE IT! Just wonder how many other ‘readers’ will get that….. LOLOL

I personally found this article funny!

Kerry Crowley on

She does look great!!!!! And her boobs are fine. If Jamie thinks hers are big well she should look at Kim K’s, lol those things are the new floatation devices.

Elena on

She doesn’t sound like she’s complaining, she’s being honest! The first trimester feels nearly impossible and isn’t what anyone expects. I think by the end of it, she sounded more optimistic. It gave me hope that the whole experience gets better!

Pam on

I know I’m in the 1st trimester, month 2 and I am exhausted and nauseous all day, everyday. But I’ve also heard it gets a lot better during the 2nd trimester.

Michele on

It is funny how my daughter is due in Sept. and so much bigger!! 🙂

Kimberly on

She is a big fool.

nlb on

And you are a big ass Kimberly…

Sara on

She’s gorgeous. Love her!

Amanda on

Wait until the milk comes in, Mama. 😉

I don’t think she was complaining at all, and if she was, then who cares? Because she’s famous and has money, she shouldn’t be allowed to feel nauseous or uncomfortable? Guess what, famous women go through the exact same things that the rest of us go through.

Personally, I never felt better than when I was pregnant, and I gained between 65-70 lbs with each of them. They’re eighteen months apart, and I still have large “tracts of land” (love the MP reference…big fan here), because I’m nursing both babies (28 mos and 9 mos). I had enormous babies to match, though (10lb12oz and 9lb8oz, both 22in), so it kind of worked out.

I feel better than ever about my body, and I hope Jamie is similarly inspired. The annoyances of nausea and weight gain are worth it, even though parenting is hard. I wish her the best of luck, and I hope she is enjoying those first little flutters of life within her belly. That was my favorite part. ❤

Anonymous on

She looks beautiful

Holiday on

Wow Amanda 70 pounds is an insane amount to gain. No wonder you had giant babies. I gained 25 pounds and was small to begin with. Pregnancy is not an excuse to pig out and you are not truly eating for 2. My kids were 6 pounds 2 ounces and 5 pounds 14 ounces. Perfectly healthy petite babies. I’m sure if I gained 70 pounds they would have been gigantic like yours were

Lorelei on

Way to judge Holiday. I gained 27 lbs and 25 lbs respectively and I had a 9 lb 8 oz baby and a 9 lb 4 oz baby perfectly healthy- no gestational diabetes either. My third was 7 lb 1 oz. with a 25 lb weight gain. I guess I had two “giant” babies without the weight gain. Each baby and pregnancy is different.

Angie on

Don’t complain if you only gain some weight.

Anonymous on

Wow….what a class act! (sarcasm) Now That’s a headline I would like to have attached to me! (sarcasm again) Oh Brother!

Steph on

First pregnancies are such an amazing journey. I am glad that she is experiencing the good and the …not so great…it makes the journey all that more interesting! Jamie L looks fantastic in that photo!

Aimee on

Callie sounds like she’s never experienced pregnancy. I had seven months of hyperemesis and made me never want to have another pregnancy. I almost lost my baby due to severe dehydration and ended up on IV hydration and antiemetic meds. When you have this severe vomiting it is NOT “one big complaint” when multiple medical issues can arise.