Ian Ziering Welcomes Daughter Penna Mae

04/26/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Ian Ziering Welcomes Daughter Penna Mae
Courtesy Erin Ziering

After becoming a father in 2011, Ian Ziering has welcomed his second daughter two years to the day later.

The actor and his wife Erin welcomed Penna Mae Ziering on Thursday, April 25 in Los Angeles, they tell PEOPLE exclusively. Arriving at 9:21 a.m. and weighing in at 6 lbs., 9 oz., their daughter arrived on big sister Mia Loren‘s second birthday.

“We didn’t plan it!” Ziering, 49, tells PEOPLE. “Mia was born a week late and Penna was a week early.”

Mia was introduced to her new sibling last night, the dad of two says. “She couldn’t wait to meet her. When she saw Penna she said, ‘Baby sister!'”

As with Mia’s moniker, the new baby’s name draws inspiration from family. Penna is in honor of Ian’s late father, Paul, while Mae makes her the fourth generation of women on Erin’s side to use the middle name. Erin’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all share it with the newborn.

“We are ecstatic,” says Ziering, who will join the Chippendales revue in Vegas this June. “Having a family is the realization of a dream for us both.”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dancing with the Stars alum brought his wife, a nurse, home from the hospital on Friday afternoon — and Mia was prepared to welcome them. “She had all her toys lined up and ready to show Penna,” Ziering tells PEOPLE with a laugh.

— Diane Herbst

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gaby on

congratulations to the happy couple. mia is beautiful and resembles her dad. best wishes!

kim on

well i guess that will make remembering their bdays and throwing parties a breeze!! lol

kim on


Renee on

Ian is 49??!! Wow… he played a teenager on 90210. Years ago but still…

kelly anne on

Crazy!! He looks great for being 50 basically.

Desiree on

Congratulations, Ian, Erin and Big Sister Mia! Crazy how time has a way of intertwining, so that nothing really ever changes. Loved Ian in Beverly Hills 90210 (as Steve). Great show. Now I just have to watch the last two seasons. =P

Anonymous on

Congrats so happy for him

mrsuga on

penna is a cute name!

Mia on

Love their oldest daughter’s name – a little biased… not a fan of @penna – sounds like penne pasta to me. However, their kids are going to hate having to share a birthday when they’re toddlers/kids…but I’m sure it will be something they will love when they’re older. Congrats to them!

Alissa on

SO happy for Steve Sanders! Congrats to Ian, Mia and Erin…love Penna’s name…too cute. And what a sweet bond the sisters will share with their same day birthdays!

maryhelenc on

That’s so cute that Mia had her toys ready! My lil girl did that when we brought her sister home. Congrats to them.

Kiffy on

My kids are 4 years apart to the day. It’s a pain actually because while it might be convienent to have one party, each kid will really want their own at some point.. My son was first,13 days late. I was hoping my daughter would be early, but she was 10 days late!

soph on

Yeah, reminds me of penne pasta.

jane on

how lovely! i share a birthday with my younger brother (3 years difference) and i love it! it’s a special kind of bond we have, and it’s nice because we’re such different people. congratulations to the beautiful family- best wishes!!!

Sherae on

They share a bday? Wow. Bday parties will be interesting lol

tina on

wow, crazy timing…congrats!!! my sister and I are 5 years apart in age, but her birthday is the day before mine in the same month. mere hours separated us from sharing the same birthday, and the both of us were delivered naturally.

Carrie M on

Ian looks fantastic! Congrats to the Ziering family on their new addition!

silvania on


Tori on

Ian hasn’t aged since the days of 90210,he still looks great! Congratulations to him and his beautiful family.

meghan on

That is so cute that Mia had her toys lined up and ready. She is taking her new job as big sister seriously!

Efranco on

Love that they uses Mae. That is my daughter’s middle name. It’s so traditional and timeless.

Kim on

I’m confused how does Penna honour Ian’s dad’s name of Paul? Or is that Paul in another language ??

Sharon on

Congratulations! Little Mia is adorable! I am not sure on the name Penna….I agree with Mia – reminds me of penne pasta lol. I think they make a really cute couple..Ian looks GREAT for 49!!

kelly anne on

He is nearly 50! Time goes by way too fast. The 90210 years feel like yesterday. He looks like he is 30 so whatever he’s doing or whoever he is paying….its working.

Gina-Nicole on

He sure looks fantastic for 49!

Kate on

wow that’s amazing! being born on the same birthday as your sibling’s years later, that’s a rare but lovely coincidence. congratulations!!!

Nancy on

It’s a Jewish tradition– naming the offspring with the same first letter as the one who’s honored. Not fond of the reference to “another girl” though– every child is one unique individual, so Penna’s not just another girl– she’s another whole person! Congrats all around . . .

Maria on

Penna means grieve in Spanish…. Dont like it… 😦

Anonymous on

Kim- I was just wondering the same thing! Hopefully they’ll explain it sometime! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them! I don’t share a birthday with anyone in my family, but my due date was my mother’s birthday! 🙂

Hea on

Hmm, in my language “Penna” means “pencil”.

sara on

I know right? How does “Penna” honor Paul? Just because they share the same initial?

Anyway I’m Italian and Penna makes me laugh. It’s not a name, it means “pen” or “feather”, such a weird name for a person.

Congratulations anyway!

Nancy on


Susan Albert on

Congrats to the family. Always loved Ian on 90210.

Big Fan on

Congrats, he is one sexy guy yum

Magilyn on

The name Penna is cute but why not name her Paula since his dad’s name was Paul?

anais on

Ian looks the same. he never ages.I guess if you are a happy person you dont. very beautiful family btw

anonymous on

Beautiful! Congrats to the whole family!

Xan on

Don’t usually comment on names, but for some reason, I especially loathe Penna. Why did they choose that oddball name?! What does it even mean to them? It makes me think of penis, penne pasta, pens!

Luckily, I doubt they’ll ever read this. I do wish them all the best. I’m sure their baby girl is beautiful.

tina on

You are all rude!

bernadette on

Quiet, cow.

Ram929 on

Sharing a birthday is not that big of an issue…just ask this mom of twins 🙂

beautiful on

I clicked on this to see if Ian Ziering’s wife was still that Playboy bimbo and am not surprised that it’s not, since you can’t make a ho into a housewife. Happy to see he has an even more (and natural) beautiful wife now and babies.

cherrysoda99 on

They chose the name Mia to honor Ian’s late mom, Mickey. Penna is obviously chosen to honor his father, Paul. If it had been a boy, I imagine coming up with a name would have been a little easier, but it still means a great deal to them. That’s why they chose that “oddball” name. While it is not my style, I think the name is cute and unique. Many congrats to Ian, Erin and Mia.

Anonymous on

Chippendales takes 50 year olds now?

yes, I too thought of pasta, and Pema Chodron (she pronounces her first name with a short e). but it’s not the worst name, and at least it’s easy to spell/say

Tee Tee on

Ach, April 25 will be a big day in the Ziering household! How sweet for these sisters to share a birthday! I love Penna Mae’s name… a little bit on the unusual side without being “out there.” Congratulations to the Ziering family!

meghan on

50 year old’s who haven’t aged in the past 20 years.

dsfg on

How is naming your baby Penna naming her after Paul? Yeah, I get that they start with the same letter, but you aren’t honoring Paul unless you name her a female variation of Paul, like Pauline or Paula.

dsfg on

Beautiful, that’s a nasty attitude! I don’t know what you look like, but you aren’t being very nice, and that certainly isn’t beautiful.

Anonymous on

A daddy at 50? That means his wife is 20?

Kelly on

Another ugly, made-up celebrity name. Paula or Paulina would have been prettier but it is definitely their choice as a ridiculous name that resembles penne.

Alayna on

Congrats! What an adorable family! Love it!!

Lola on

Holy crap he’s 49!? He looks SO good!!! Congrats on their new little girl….i’m sure she’s as beautiful as Mia!

Kellie on

While not the same, my first born son and I share birthdays. He was 7 before he figured it out and boy he was not happy ! He wanted to know why his three sisters and brother had their own, and he had to share with me. Now going on 13, he thinks it is cool we shared.

Vicki on

It shouldn’t matter to anyone what they named their child, the name Ian and his wife chose is special to them the same way all of you with kids names are special to you and all of you with kids would be upset if someone made fun of their names. Talk about something that’s important in your life or the country and be happy instead of raining on someone elses happiness. Congrats.

Anonymous on

Nancy- Thanks for explaining! So they must be Jewish, then. 🙂

Anonymous on

BTW, anyone have any idea how Penna is pronounced? Is it Pee-na, like peanut, or Peh-na, like penne?

LisaS on

Wouldn’t that make the new baby the 5th generation to use that middle name ? If the mother has it took? That makes 5. Not 4. Unless Ian’s wife does not have it (then it’s not a generation thing really)

Missy on

They picked Mia because it started with M like his moms name, so I’m fussing Penna was pick because it starts with the same letter as Paul. Penna’s really starting to grow on me!

Julianna on


In my language penna means feather lol

Molly on

Penna? Why not Penelope, with Penna as a nickname? Otherwise, I love Mae as a middle name.

Amy on

Congratulations to Ian, Erin & Mia on the birth of baby Penna…

Unusual name but I like it!!!

Mira on

Penna made me chuckle. It’s the most uncool name in Bulgaria– it’s a name that fits an old, fat grandma working in the fields. But obviously, any non-traditional name runs the risk of sounding ridiculous in one or more of the hundreds of languages and countries out there. Still, I think they should’ve taken the penne pasta connection into consideration.

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of the name…but congrats to them!

pia on

Penna is a real name. I looked it up. It is Greek , meaning weaver and short for Penelope. Just because it isn’t popular or common doesnt mean it is “made up”. It is pronounced like penny but with an a.


dsfg on

“BTW, anyone have any idea how Penna is pronounced? Is it Pee-na, like peanut, or Peh-na, like penne?”

I apologize if English isn’t your first language, but I can’t believe people are asking how to pronounce this name. If it was pronounced with a long e it would either be spelled peena or pena, not penna.

Brooke on

ooh, I kind of dig on the name Penna…..Never heard of it, but I like it a lot.

Sue on

He is my age? Wow, he looks great. Congrats but that name?

cj on

none of my business, but new baby name sounds like a pasta dish. maybe a longer, prettier middle name would help, like Penna Patricia Ziering,lol.

Kat on

I can’t believe he’s 49, he hasn’t changed almost at all since 90210 days!!

cara on

Guess it’s better than the long version, Pennsylvania.