Leave Her Alone! Stars Defend Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Style

04/26/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Ever since her baby bump started peeking out from under her designer clothes, Kim Kardashian has been getting near-constant criticism of her maternity style and weight gain.

But lately, celebrities (including a few moms and moms-to-be!) are coming to the reality star’s defense. Here’s what they had to say:

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Style
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Jenna Dewan Tatum
Frederick Taylor/Broadimage

Let’s all be kind to every woman out there who is expecting … it shouldn’t be about how much weight someone has gained, their fashion etc … it’s a beautiful amazing moment in time and not about vanity! … just try to enjoy the process! Not a competition.” — Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Helena Christensen

It is disgusting and despicable” the way that certain media constantly harass the pregnant Kim Kardashian … a public bullying and attacking of a pregnant woman because of her growing shape is just lower than low … No one should ever be publicly judged for their body, but to attack an expecting mother is sacrilegious and just plain wrong. A pregnant woman should not be criticized for her shape, period!!” — Helena Christensen

Gwyneth Paltrow
Hollywood Press/ABACA

I think that women should support each other, especially through pregnancy. It’s a difficult time and I think Kim Kardashian looks absolutely beautiful. And we’re supposed to gain weight when we’re pregnant — that’s how God intended it.” — Gwyneth Paltrow

Molly Sims
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

She’s just so happy to be pregnant and to be moving on to a different time in her life. I love that she has embraced it and that she is still wearing whatever she wants to wear. I’m kind of jealous. I like it.” — Molly Sims

Gloria Steinem
Paul Marotta/Getty

Our bodies are never public property under any circumstance. It’s wrong, and people in the street who feel the right to touch a pregnant woman’s belly ought to be arrested for harassment. Our bodies belong to us, and if we don’t invite touching, we shouldn’t tolerate it. If our bodies are treated as ornaments instead of instruments, that’s because we are rebelling because it’s an effort to distract us. So don’t be distracted. Why bother getting caught up in that?” — Gloria Steinem

Tracy Anderson
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

I am so excited for her as a young mom, and I keep telling her … relax and enjoy it. Gain the weight — who cares? — I can get you back better than ever. I think [the criticism is] ridiculous. I think it’s horrible. It’s sad for us as human beings. Who does that?” — Tracy Anderson, personal trainer to the stars

Sara Blakely
Kristin Callahan/Everett

“I think women being pregnant should just be left alone. As a woman who went through that, you’re already feeling like something foreign took over your body. And to have everybody commenting on it, that’s tough. Let her wear what she wants. She’s so beautiful — with a face like that, who cares what your body’s doing?” — Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx

Nancy Mattia

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Mika on

If Kim K doesn’t want people talking about her, then she needs to dress more appropriately and stop wearing skin tight stuff that brings attention to her weight gain.

emma on

Enough said Mika – I couldn’t agree more

Mom2 on

Isn’t it her right to wear what she wants Mika? Would you want to be constantly criticized for your fashion choices, especially while pregnant?

Shanta Winzer on

Why do you care Mika?? Hater is what you are!

KC on

I dont believe shes getting criticized for her pregnant body, she is getting criticized for dressing so horribly. Her maternity fashion kinda sucks and it has nothing to do with weight gain!

Christine on

I agree, KC. So many other stars dress appropriately during their pregnancy. Kim dresses horribly!

ann on

Couldn’t have said it better. She used to dress badly before and she is continuing to do so. I don’t care if she has gained weight or if she is pregnant and I don’t think it’s right to comment on these two sspects. But if she steps out wearing stupid clothes without knowing what suits her then she is just stupid.

Magnolia on

KC expressed my thoughts perfectly! Nothing to do with her body!

kmc on

Who cares if her maternity style sucks. She isn’t dressing to please the world. She is dressing to please herself and in clothes she likes. No one should be criticized fir how they dress, especially while pregnant.

lee on

I believe this comments section is a watering hole for sad, jealous and negative people. I agree she should wear whatever she wants as long as she is comfortable. I often wonder what some of you who make these comments look like. While you make your stupid comments which the 1st amendment gives you the right to do, this woman is laughing all the way to the bank because she is an astute business woman. Give it a rest already and get a life that matters so everyone else’s life does not make the naysayers bitter.

ME on

Judgemental! Watch out for karma!

Jade on

Then stop reading on her. Wow you must be a miserable human being ! Kim is gorgeous and it is her right to wear whatever she pleases. Maybe you’re a Muslim freak covered from head to toe!!!

AJ on

You totally missed the point. It’s not our right to talk about someone’s body like people have talked about Kim’s. Why are people so offended by what she is wearing? It may not bewhat I would choose to wear, but she has every right to wear what she wants. the fact that people have gotten so indignant about HER clothing choices is just catty and ridiculous.

Alex on

And why is she or any body going to do what you or other people wants then to do???? Who tells you what to go and what to wear???

Ashley on

Totally agree! I don’t think the public is “hating” on her pregnancy weight as much as pregnancy “style”. If you want to call her style as wearing 2 spanx and squeezing into I’ll-fitting, outfits consisting of see-through skirts, mini-skirts, tops where your cleavage is hanging out(according to the tabloids which are now F size), club outfits, high heels just a couple of week ago, etc. This woman BEGGED to be famous, called the papparrazzi herself to get pictures taken while in public, has her own reality show exposing her ENTIRE life AND has a sex tape. How on this God’s green Earth can people expect to have sympathy for her when she begged for all this exposure? Honestly, she’s getting everything she’s ever prayed and sold her soul for, FAME!

Lenny K on

Mika, you’re pretty much an idiot. When you’re pregnant it’s actually natural to put on weight and unhealthy for the baby if you starve yourself. And what’s wrong with trying to stay attractive? And seriously, pregnant women got it rough as is, so leave home girl alone!

Nessa G. on


galen on

Be nice. Karma is a b*tch

AS on

Creating and “growing” a new life is a wonderful and sometimes difficult experience, which is just about mom-to-be and baby. You can’t control how your body will respond, how the weight will distribute, etc. I am sick of the whole Kardashian family but its sickening to attack or pick on a pregnant woman. Who cares how she dresses??? All that matters is that she’s taking care of herself.

Bailey on

And what should she wear, Mika, sweatpants and sweatshirts? A pregnant belly is something to be proud of and show off. Ignorant people like you are why many expectant mothers restrict themselves and give birth to premature babies.

?? on

This article is so dumb. She is a media whore. It comes with the territory. You want to be a celebrity and want your picture taken? Keep your fat butt at home skank!! Price you pay for being a celebrity.

ME on

The price anyone pays for bullying or just talking mean about another person is: Karma.

Anonymous on

Stop with the karms garbage. She is a reality tv celebrity. She cant act and makes zero contribution to the arts. She gains attention because of her looks and
clothing nothing more The attention both negative and attention gives her the paycheck. Doubt she is offended. Provides her an undeserved lavish lifestyle. She has it coming. Part of what comes with acting like a moron on public television.

ogi on

Well said!! I could not have agreed more!! If she doesn’t want to be critizied stay at home then!! Or stop wearing those “look at me outfits” nobody to blame but herself.

Get over it losers! on

This article is so dumb you just had to leave a dumb comment to accompany it….??? Really!?

Laura Wike on

She is preganant leave her weigh alone….But if these things are being said why hasnt she stepped up and defended herself. The clothes she wears clearly displays the weight gain. What happend to maturnity clothes? I see pregnant women all the time and they do not wear maturnity clothes anymore… Atleast she isnt wearing the hills like we normally see her in.. Flats are the way to go Kim, stand u for yourself and tell people to mind their own and worry about themselves not you.

Jen on

I really think if she would just dress a little more appropriately for her growing shape, there would be less criticism. I thinks she is beautiful and don’t think she looks fat but I don’t understand why she would wear a black dress with a sheer skirt to flash her underwear. Up the class Kim, that’s all!

Jaye on

Exactly!! She dresses like that so people WILL talk about her all the time! Negative attention is still attention and she’s getting exactly what she wants. That sheer dress/thong showing was trashy and distasteful. You’re not 21 years old, Kimmy. Grow up.

melle262003 on

Media whore? Keep your butt at home? Where something else? Are you people kidding me? Yes she is in the spotlight. Yes the media is hounding her. Why do you think the media is going after her so hard. People like all of you are running to be the first in line to complain about her. LEAVE her alone for once. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. YOU are nothing better than a bunch of BULLIES. I can not imagine what she goes through on a daily basis living under the light she lives under. Give her a break for a bit. ALL the stress she is under is more than likely going to harm an innocent baby! She has already had one scare. Let her enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

ME on

Agreed!! Well said!! If some people have nothing nice to say, then they shouldnt say anything at all. Its something our parents should have taught us.
Talking cra p about others brings Karma back to us. It really does. Were better off staying out of it even if we really dont like a person.

Hollie on

Correction: she courts the media. Big difference. She would have been long gone if she had quit putting herself in front of every camera she sees (or calls the paps in advance with her location). If you CHOOSE to put yourself in the public eye then you are are accenting to the criticism. My guess is she probably feels the ‘fame’ outweighs (no pun intended) the negative.

Crystal on

The black dress she has on above was see through and you could see her pregnancy thong. Disgusting. I would beg her like everyone else to please wear maternity outfits but she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy and she surely won’t stop now. It’s like her style has regressed since she met Kanye. All of a sudden she’s stuffing herself in tight leather for all to see. Too bad we DON’T want to see that. Gross. Now Kate Middleton looks positively lovely in her maternity wear. She has clothes that actually fit. Although, I’m tired of the coats. It must be chilly where is she but I can’t wait to see her warm weather wear. A woman who knows how to dress appropriately for her growing body. A true princess in every way!!! 🙂

MommytoanE on

Kim is constantally in the media spotlight, purely because she WANTS to be. She’s stalked by the people she’s calling and telling where she’ll be. I agree with Mika…if she wants people to stop putting her down for how much weight she’s gained, perhaps she should choose clothing more approiate to pregnancy. Half of what she wears looks like something a 20 yr old would wear to a night club….not out shopping. I understand comfort, but there’s a difference between comfort and a walking fashion show. She’s definately not dressing for comfort, but to impress. Impress who…god only knows.

Guest on

Kate Middletown probably eats only lettuce she looks beautiful but it’s an unrealistic standard. It’s natural to gain weight through pregnancy Gwyneth obviously starves her family and herself so her comment shouldn’t even be included

ogi on

You could not be any more right!! she WANTS the media talking about her if not she wouldn’t call the photographers herself. MEDIA WHORE!!

Lily on

It’s a particularly despicable grade of lowlife that would trash the weight of a pregnant woman. What losers.

?? on

Shut up Lily

Anonymous on


ME on


Penelope on

Agreed. Women who bash other women over things like this are traitors. I don’t care what Kim K does for a living.

Otdina on

Listen, I agree that it is beyond low to comment on her weight gain. Yes, she is pregnant, she should gain weight. Frankly, I think the comments about her weight gain are her own damn fault. She has a beautiful pregnant body, and she is a beautiful woman pregnant, or not. But her fashion sense is beyond attrocious. Her clothes are not only tacky (despite likely costing more than most people’s car payments), but they are just not flattering. Wearing a tea length dress with boots is going to make anyone’s legs look short and stubby. That red dress has a too high neckline, and is just the wrong fabric and length of someone pregnant. It just accentuates her curves in all the wrong ways, Yes, she is beautiful. I don’t are what she weighs, with her money she can afford to dress more tastefully and in a way that flatters her voluptuous figure.

Stephanie on

I had a baby 5 months ago and I am a plus size woman with a large bust and the companies that design maternity clothes obviously forget that women come in all shapes and sizes and now a days you are judged on everything whether you are pregnant or not; celebrity or non-celebrity and I too had to get clothes in the plus size section and they hugged my curves very well while pregnant. I think Kim looks pretty damn good in her selections (yes there have been a few fashion faux pas) but she is embracing the pregnancy and is bonding with her child at the moment. She may just feel more comfortable in regular designer duds that can be tailored to go around her blossoming belly. As Gwenyth said we should be sticking up and supporting each other as women because we already recieve more than enough scrutiny in every aspect and walkway of life and the fact that people are still judging for “gaining weight while pregnant” (who ever heard of that) is rude and very childish. Kim continue doing what you are doing and please let the haters know that they can kiss your a$$…better yet let Kanye scream from a rooftop for you. I am team Kimye all the way and whomever disagrees with my comment or has something negative to say (I know there is at least 3) you can kiss my derrière too.

?? on

No sweetie I wouldn’t kiss your a$$ for all the money in the world. Shows what kind of person you are if this is your role model. Just saying.

J on

Sure she has that right, Mom2, she just shouldn’t get upset when people laugh at her visible undies and too tight outfits.

Amanda on

I’m sorry but she made her life public, very public not just actress public (which she is not btw, she is the daughter of an infamous lawyer, porn star and reality tv star….NOT an actress). It isn’t that she has gained weight, it is how she is dressing her new shape, she has a clothing line, I think she can expect people to notice what she is wearing….and it is awful

Lana on

On the one hand I think it’s mean and disgusting to critisize her weight and figure. On the other hand I have no respect for her in general. She is a media whore who clearly wants to be in the spotlight. So, while I wouldn’t judge her pregnant bidy, I clwarly have no problem disliking her in general.

futuremrsaaron on

I agree! To pick on her weight gain is terribly uncouth. She’s pregnant, it’s good that she’s gaining. Her maternity style could be better, but that’s her choice. I dislike her because she’s famous for the wrong reasons, she got pregnant with another man’s baby while still married to her husband, and young girls see this and think she’s a great role model.

All that being said, a baby is a blessing, being pregnant is a uniquely wonderful experience, people should be a bit more courteous when speaking about her pregnancy weight gain, as she’s probably like other pregnant people–hormonal…

Magnolia on

Agreed! Well said!

Susie on

Totaaly agree with you. As much as I think she is annoying and talented, I draw the line at making fun of a pregnant woman’s body.

Monica on

I just think she needs to wear some more flattering clothes. Sure people gain weight when they are pregnant but her weight gain has been dramatic and she obviously doesn’t know how to dress appropriately for it. Someone please help her out cause she’s still got a couple months to go and is only going to get bigger.

lovely123 on

I gained over 75 pounds with every pregnancy and went down to around my pre-preg weight within a year. As much as I dislike her, your body does what it does when pregnant.

lovely123 on

I do wish she would slow down with the face stuff she is doing.

susan on

The only comment I’ll make is “What style”?

Jen DC on

i struggle with my feelings about “Kim Kardashian.” i put her name i quotations because while she is a real person, what she has done with her persona and in the development of her brand has brought her to this crossroads. and while i firmly believe you can do what you want, when you want and how you want it, there is a part of me that is angered and disgusted that her initial claim to fame (other than her father’s dubious legacy as a friend to OJ) is a sex tape. essentially pornography. she has the absolute right to make as many sex tapes and marry whom she wants for whatever ridiculous reason… but expect repercussions.

are all the consequences of her actions fair or right? no. but she can’t now pretend that, after cultivating this fame and attention, it is unexpected. how do you reconcile her desire for the attention with her surprise? protest? that this attention is now overwhelmingly negative?

and look at her choice of fathers for her child. i mean, honestly: KANYE WEST? i hate that i find him talented; i hate that i hate his music because i think the man’s an egotistical ass. an incredibly self-centered and, like Kim Kardashian, a total media whore who has cultivated a certain image and now cannot logically complain that how he is viewed is unfair.

so. i guess what i’m saying is, on a human-to-human level, i pity her. we (the public, the media) have been cruel about her (atrocious, hideous, ill-fitting and inappropriate) pregnancy wardrobe. (dressing her top half, i can see the difficulties there. but she looked pretty cute in those skinny jeans, the leggings and the pencil skirts! but the bulk of what she has worn has been simply not flattering. and i don’t see how they would have been flattering on ANYONE, not just a pregnant and wildly bosom-ly Kim Kardashian.) but the pragmatic consumer of the good called celebrity, what can i say other than she brought it on herself? like, WHAT WAS YOUR EXPECTATION? HOW DID YOU THINK THIS WOULD END WELL? you’re american, you know how vicious and capricious people are. WTF. sit down and take it, along with your riches from your “brand” and your “reality show.” but if you don’t want the scrutiny and criticism? step outta the limelight. it is really that simple.

Shanta Winzer on

Sit down and be quite!

poohtattoo on

^this. Everything about this. I find it cruel and hypocritical that the first thing I thought of when she wore those GOD AWFUL peplum pants was “girl, burn those”, but on the other hand what we wear paints a picture of what we are. Unfortunately we live in a world where if a woman (or man) walks into a bank in torn/stained clothing and another walled in with a business suit on, the well dressed one will be treated better.

A woman who has forced herself into the media spotlight with two shows, a televised wedding, a clothing store chain, perfumes, clothing lines with other brands, social media, music…you get my point…she wants us to love or hate her. That’s how she makes money. Even when the world is cruel to her, its made her money.

If you truly can’t stand her, don’t watch her shows, buy her products, or follow her. It’s not as if she’s a had been actress that bad press will kill her career. Her career literally ANY press.

And by putting my two cents in I literally gave her 2 cents…sigh.

Mary on


You are the exact person they are referencing in the article in which they urge you to keep negative comments like that, about her weight and appearance, to yourself.

Lori on

Its not about her weight gain thats so bad, she isn’t fat, she is pregnant and her body as with every woman out there that is carrying a precious gift carries the weight differently. Jessica Simpson was soooooo picked on for gaining weight during her pregnancy.. its their bodys, its their choice to gain and in some cases it may not be their choice but due to medical reasons.. what ever the reason, its the womans body! NOW the problem with Kim is that she refused to dress as a pregnant woman and would wear such tight and aweful designs that it looked like she was squishing that baby to death. She is doing a better job embracing her pregnancy now and dressing like she is now enjoying it. I still don’t know why they are considered “celebrities” though…

joan on

It;s like she is trying to deny that pregnancy will change her “style.” no one cares about the weight, but what she is trying to wear. SHE IS PREGNANT! and some of her outfits look plain foolish.

anon y mouse on

People would stop criticizing if the media stopped posting pics of Kim K. She looks horrible in these short little dresses. They make her look like she weighs a lot more than she does. Not sure why the media keeps taking pics of her. She could find much more stylish outfits to wear. Where is her publicist? Moo.

Isabel on

When you stop at nothing to attract attention, you can’t bitch and whine when it’s not all positive.

Ruby on

I wonder how much she paid them to defend her. She’s not on my list of favorite people, due to her lack of morals, but I would certainly not wish ill on her or her child. I only hope that she matures enough to realize that a child isn’t the hottest new accessory, and it can’t be returned or stuffed back in the closet when she grows tired of it.

Some weight gain IS normal for pregnancy, but she obviously didn’t prepare for the side effects of pregnancy. Everyone’s body reacts differently, but she doesn’t look very healthy. I hope that she tries healthy and natural methods to lose her baby weight instead of surgery.

As for her “fashion”… Dear lord, I wish she would wear something more comfortable. You’re carrying around a child for 9 months, you have an excuse to relax your style and dress your changing body in something comfortable and practical. Not strangle your unborn child in skintight outfits

nojudgment on

You clearly have never been pregnant Mika. If she were to wear regular maternity clothes, people would be calling her frumpy. When a woman is pregnant, their body changes dramatically and its not always easy to call what is going to look good on you. As women, that shouldn’t even matter. The issue is not clothing. The issue is that everyone is calling her fat! Are you seriously suggesting that she maintain some sort of diet when she’s eating for two? Anyone who thinks the criticism is justified should think twice about becoming pregnant themselves. You don’t deserve it.

nojudgment on

Anyone who thinks its appropriate to criticize a woman about her wait when she is eating for two, should never become parents. Her clothes have nothing to do with it. Have enough respect for her at this emotional time and leave her alone. I’d love to see all of the haters out there pregnant and their weight fluctuating be criticized for their weight. Actually, hold that thought. Just don’t become pregnant.

Magnolia on

Well I certainly don’t want to sound like a D-bag here but you definitely don’t literally eat for two. The baby certainly get some nutrients from what you’re eating but it’s definitely not enough for two people, definitely not even enough for say an 8 pound baby!

Beyond that, she has the ability and means to wear whatever the heck she wants. Just because people have millions of dollars doesn’t mean that they have any kind of taste or style. She obviously has neither! I think she has a beautiful shape! I’m so glad that she’s able to experience pregnancy she has always wanted to become a mom, I just don’t think the clothes that she chooses are very stylish.

I think most people on this site, maybe 60 percent, think that she just needs a style upgrade! As mentioned before, nobody wants to see her maternity thong underwear! True the other 30 percent are just mean people who have to make fun of someone who is just trying to get through a hormone filled pregnancy where she will absolutely gain weight, and that is incredibly healthy because you won’t have a healthy baby if you don’t gain weight; and to those other people I say, I hope you have healthy children one day which ends up making you fat one day. Sorry!

nojudgment on

What weight gain? The only weight gain is the baby growing inside of her! She probably hasn’t responded to the claims because she knows their bogus!

Ruby on

When it looks like she’s carrying another child in her @$$, the weight gain is pretty aparent.

Cortney on

This artical makes no sense all these celebs commenting are refrencing all her weight gain and body changes.Thats not what we are making fun of..What everyone is making fun is the fact she doesnt seem to realize her body is changing…Thats whats so funny! Shes trying to squeeze her rhino butt into size 12 ugly crap when in relality she needs maternity clothes! I remember watching her getting rid of her closets full of clothes because Kanye told her he was her new stylist…Khloe about smacked her…Oh to go back and actually knock some sense into her!

Laurie Palmer on

Kim Kardashian became famous because she “put it all our there.” All I can say is her pregnancy style/taste is horrible. She needs a stylist.

Diane Burtnett on

Kim Kardashian is not a beautiful pregnant woman. She doesn’t have the glow and she just looks fat instead of beautifully pregnant. She also needs to wear maternity clothes that flatter her, not make her fatter.

confessionsfromtheborderline on

YES to everything these ladies say. I don’t even want to look through the comment section because I know hateful people will be spewing more hate into the world. It says more about them than about anyone else.

DontHateMe on

In a time of everyone being “anti-bullying”, we are sure being a sad example to our children. Do you make fun of an overweight woman at the grocery store or at the park with your kids? If you do, then I feel sorry for you. Ignorance isn’t bliss, and karma comes back two-fold.

Tiffany on

i wouldn’t want to take time out of my day to explain what I feel. so all you who trash and bash her need to GROW UP! No one is telling you how to run your life. Her fame is not for you to decide. JUST SHUT UP!

Magnolia on

But you just did!?

amelia on

it is Kim who couldnt accept that fact that she was gaining weight. Her business is her body. Every chance she gets she is naked. So of course she would and everyone would talk about it. She wears cloths that are not flattering to her figure. Kim K choices like everything else in Hollywood are open for discussion. If she doesnt like it, then she needs to find a new business.

Anonymous on

What style she looks horrible!

NYC on

Kim chose to be in the public eye & is now suffering the consequences of it. She cannot stop people from voicing their opinions, good or bad. Can’t take it? Too late. Your choice.

valeskas on

If she don’t want to be talked about, she should stay at home, with her fat a$$.

ME on

Yikes u r mean! 😦

Anonymous on

Style???? SHe has no style, money yes style no!

mobile20 on

Ok, fine. But she has to promise to never, ever, wear see-thru dresses showing her maternity thong again.
Those are my terms 😉

dee on

It’s because she dresses like an idiot!

Lauren on

She should be left alone not because she is pregnant, but because she is truly insignificant

Jen on

Wow. So many harsh words for someone none of us know personally.

Summer on

“Fat” and “pregnant” should never be used in the same sentence. This country has a sick obsession with the weight women gain while pregnant and how fast they lose it. The focus should be on the miracle that is ocurring and the joy of motherhood, not something superficial like the body. I do understand why it’s like this with Kim K, because she’s generally such an awful person, but it’s still kind of disturbing to see. My son is 4 months old. I only gained 23 pounds but still have some of it hanging around. When you see articles about so-and-so prancing on the beach in a bikini 4 weeks later, it makes you feel bad about yourself. Only for a moment, but it does. Sad that so much pressure is put on women.

That said, Kim K is reaping what she’s sown. She’s acted like a bratty piece of trash for years now. It’s not right, but it’s understandable that people want to sit back and pick her apart. I mean, this is a chick that launched her fame with a sex tape, married a guy for publicity, then got knocked up with an extremely obnoxious man’s child while still married to the other guy. Seriously? How does anyone even defend that behavior?

And to the person who said for her to stop wearing skin-tight clothing – that’s the fashion for many maternity clothes, now. No longer are women expected to be in a tent. A lot of women, myself included, like showing off their tummies while pregnant. I lived in leggings and tunics, skinny jeans and tees/tanks. It’s not the 50s anymore. But I did trade the heels for flats.

ME on

Im shocked that you can be so judgemental about kims mistakes. Im literally shocked reading comments like yours. Its super mean! Are you really that cruel in real life? I would never want you for a friend. I couldnt trust being around you. Judgeing me for my midtakes

Anonymous on

That’s the way our society is MEAN always has even always will be. Get used to it.

ctlmom16 on

Two points:

#1:Where was all of this “defending” when Jessica Simpson was pregnant?

#2: Now ladies…. you know if you walked into the local Wal-Mart and saw a woman in the attire Kim prounces around in…. your first reaction would be OMG, what does that woman have on? Does she not know she is pregnant????

Tara on

I try to like Kim, but every time I do she goes bat crap crazy. I do feel bad that the baby daddy has not been there all but for 1/6 of her pregnancy. She looks alone.

jes on

No one cares

Anonymous on

Nothing she wears is as ugly as her heart..

ME on

WOW! that is a really super low thing to say isnt it? Id be way too scared of Karma biting me in the rear to say somethin like that! Why waste your breath saying somethin bad. Why not say nothin at all? Just curious

Jenjen82 on

But these celebrities are defending a pregnant woman who intetionally wears see through almost everything so people can see her thongs and G strings while she is pregnant! Talk about class!!!! I will defend a pregnant woman who has morals and values respect the fact that she is pregnant and dresses maturly enough as a mother to be. It just grosses me out me out. She is no way embrassing her pregnancy as people claim cause if she was she wouldn’t try so hard to dress like she wasn’t carrying a baby.

Anonymous on

Amen! Pregnant or not, she is beautiful. If she wasn’t putting weight on everyone would be judging that too. Just because you don’t agree with her personal life, doesn’t give you the right to try to knock her down to your level. Women should stick together!

kelly anne on

Its her wardrobe not her weight that most people slam her for. She may as well put a huge rubberband around her stomach with how tight she wears her clothes. If she doesn’t want to be talked about than how about not dressing like a 2 cent Hooker. I guarantee nobody would be saying anything about her weight or wardrobe if she didn’t bring so much attention like wearing clothes 10x too small for her.

tina on

Gloria cracked me up with the “not public property” comment! Um, well, KK did kind of make her body public property by choice. LOL. But I agree about the belly touching though – it’s rude and inappropriate. I was shocked and appalled by how many people actually felt it acceptable to feel my belly, simply because I was carrying a child! Um, no! Do these morons realize just how low on a woman’s body they’re touching?? They sure as hell wouldn’t pull that crap any other time! I can’t count the amount of times I had to physically fend off the arms of others. Just stop people!

skiy on

She is “famous” for her sex tape. I’m sure she’ll be proud to show it to her child. Feel sorry for the child. How long until he or she is exploited. Too bad it will start out in life already having an embarrassment for a mother. And its father isn’t much better. Tired of these people. Go away.

ME on

Please dont be mean and hateful. Whenever we say something like that, its really being a bully. I wish women would support each other. Why crucify her cuz she made bad mistakes. We are not her judge. Im scared of Karma so i keep my mouth shut even if i really dislike someone

Shanta Winzer on


Ruby on

Will you just shut up about “karma” already?! Being afraid of karma isn’t an excuse to be spineless.

Paula on


me on

With all this talk, how about respecting your body after the pregnancy. Its one to talk about while you are pregnant, its the annoying women who after a month come out with beautiful bodies, no stretch marks no baby belly after. Tells me that there are some awesome surgeons there in Lala land. Where were these ladies when Jessica was getting bashed during her first pregnancy?

Abagail on

Now lets interview all the stars that think she is a joke! Who cares about pregnancy fashion. Lets get the stars opinion about her acting talent or lack there of!

Cindy on

I agree, leave her alone bunch of bullies and half wits on here. She is having a child. She is in the spotlight because the pap follow her every single move. She can dress how she wants, it’s her body, her life, her business! I put on a lot of weight with my son. Who cares?! You people sitting there complaining eating your Dorititos, in your mama’s trailer need to go away.

Debbie on

I think Kim wears these outfits to get publicity, I am surprised these other “stars” dont realize that. What do they say “any publicity is good publicity” the more we talk about it the more outrageous she gets!

me on

one more thing People Magazine, could take a cue from the actresses above. Stop showing us what Kim is wearing in the first place. Your more guilty then the ladies who are bashing her! It obvious you want to say what they are saying but let the fans speak for you. Grow a set and just say what you want. You allow that so called columnist shoot her mouth off about people who are already not fan favorites.

JD on

Too many celebs won’t “risk” pregnancy because they are afraid of the weight gain. Ridiculous! At least Kim K has the guts to go through with it, even if it is a publicity stunt gone terribly awry. Once the baby is bom, perhaps she will stop obsessing about herself / her brand / her image and discover what true happiness REALLY is…motherhood, and the joys and happiness that come with it. And here’s hoping she finds a REAL man instead of that loser who got her pregnant.

thesubparbaker on

Tracy Anderson is quite the hipocrite. She was the one criticizing women for letting themselves go during pregnancy.. She is a peice of work.

Jood on

Mele, Kim put herself in the spotlight. She and her family “chose ” to be on reality tv. She chose to be in the spotlight and now she cries when anyone says anything bad about her. If the media ignored Kim K she would be miserable. She would do something to draw attention to herself because that’s what the Kardashians are all about. Have you ever heard the expression “if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.”

Ran on

Kim kardashian can wear what ever she wants, she looks great truth be told she has been wearing maternity clothes for a minute and she is still be called fat. You jealous whores are so up set that she looks better than you pregnant or not

VaBch77 on

Who cares why she is famous? She took a bad situation and made herself a millionaire. You don’t have to like her but the hate is too much. I don’t care for her fashion choices but I am sure celebrities don’t care for ours

Jenjen82 on

Look at the red dress in the middle? She looks so beautiful and cute pregnant but then go to other dresses that are see through. It’s not about her weight people are fussing about its the choice of clothing that she chooses! And why does Kanye look so miserable when with her since she’s been pregnant? I wish her love and hoping that he is emotionally invested in her!

tiffany on

To the person that said we aren’t making fun of her weight its b/c she doesn’t know whe gaining weight, that is a ridiculous comment. She can see in a mirror. Besides Kate Middleton, all celebrity moms wear tight clothes when they are pregnant, why shouldn’t they embrace and own it and what everyone is talking about is every single magazine article says fat Kim Kardashian this and she has gained so much weight that. It is unbelievable what they are saying to a pregnant women and it makes me sick.

Ran on

I’m sorry what she is wearing above is no different than Jessica Simpson or the pregnant star above that is wearing a lace dress, the only reason she is being talked about is because she is Kim

Regina on

Oh Gimme a Break with that Leave her Alone Shit! We need to be Left Alone hearing about her 24/7! He Creaves Attention She is a Phony!

lex on

Wear decent PREGNANCY clothes and not whore clothes and maybe people won’t bug you as much!

jess on

they are defending her weight gain not the horrible choices she is chosing. shes in denial that she pregnant and that her body is changing. heaven forbid she not a size 6 anymore!

dee on

Weigh gain is one thing, you gain weight while pregnant…..it’s the inappropriate clothes, ie the see through mine showing her rear that I think most people disapprove of. I wonder if she is really happy she is pregnant….after all the things she wears seem (to me) to be saying I’m normal, there’s no growing belly here, see I can still wear my normal clothes.

dee on

I also wonder why that girl invented Spanx to begin with, sure its’s made other women happy but she must have been terribly undappy with herself when she thought — Wow, I’ll reinvent the girdle and call it Spanx!

Lily on

There is nothing wrong with her weight & she shouldn’t be criticized for it. But you can’t go trying to stuff yourself into the skintight leather. Just wear maternity clothes & she’d look 100x better, as well as slimmer.

Lena on

She can wear whatever the hell she wants, but she constantly looks like crap. If you constantly look like crap, you need to be prepared for getting honest commentary.

Ran on

Kim is not just famous for her porn movie any more lots of other things help that including all these comments. How many of you have taped your self with your then boyfriend. Honestly stop living to your selves a whore we only heard of 5 men in her life he has dated pregnant at 31 yeah TNT sounds like a (whore) not some of you mothers with teenage daughters have had more boyfriends than that just this year alone lets not emotion sex tapes college parents people get a grip

Kim on

People make comments because she is a vain, egotistical media whore. She WANTS the attention, good or bad. If she didn’t want media attention, she would wear clothing that makes her stand out. This is how she makes her money, stupid people who give her the time of day.

anais on

Maybe if she embraced her own pregnancy then people would lay off the remarks. why cant she just enjoy it and look more natural. if she tries to look and act like she isn’t pregnant then people dont treat her like one..

Mila on

My point actually!!!! Leave her be!!!!!

Skiwoman60 on

It is indeed Kim’s right to choose what maternity clothing she. wears.It is unfortunate she chooses such ridiculous outfits in such poor taste.They border on ugly and inappropriate.

Mila on

My point actually!!! Why would anyone want to put down a pregnant woman about her weight and what she wears.. leave her be…

Michelle on

This article is so crazy!! It’s not about her weight. It is the way she dresses! People are judging her choice of clothing while pregnant. There is NO reason the girl can’t have some class!

Anonymous on

But it’s not necessarily about her weight gain! It’s about the fact that she’s accepting the fact that her she cannot wear the same size outfits as she did whens he wasn’t pregnant and it just makes her look crazy.

kmp on

It really isn’t about the weight gain it is that she is wearing god awful clothes. Look the red dress above hot, white nope. Kim is a vain person and instead of embracing her changing shape she keeps stuffing it unflattering ensembles. She should take advice from her sister who always looked great pregnant weight gain and all.

Anonymous on

It is not her style that people don’t like. It is the kardashians themselves. And that is nobody’s fault but their own. They are media whores and BEG to be in the spotlight every chance they get. My suggestion to them – disappear for a little while and I promise you won’t be talked about or missed.

Red on

Let’s not forget here that her only “talent” is her body, so it stands to reason that she would be criticized. She opened the door and the public is just walking through…

Kat on

Unfortunately Kim enjoys publicity good or bad, so our complaining doesn’t affect her in any way and anytime people click on her stories and comment, they’re putting money in the Kard. Clan pockets. These people will be around a long time unless people boycott their shows and ignore them en masse, just my .02

Veronica on

I agree with Stephanie, absolutely a form of bullying. We wonder where our youth gets it from? Everyone should set the example.

Mila on

My point actually!! Why would anyone want to put down a pregnant woman… it is just wrong, some woman when pregnant already have low self esteem about themselves whether if is their weight , or apperance… leave her be..

Anonymous on

OK, she has NO STYLE … That’s the whole point … It’s not that “pregnant isn’t beautiful,” it’s that with ALLLLLLLLLL her money and access to stylists and any and all clothes in the whole wide world, she STILL hasn’t managed to put a look together that is anything other than, “Whhhhhaaaaatttt?????”

Anonymous on

She has the right to wear whatever she likes, just as we have the right not to like it and criticize. She looks ridiculous! There are ways to look fashionable while pregnant without looking like a hooker who just fell off a stripper pole! Jessica Simpson is another one, I see her boobs more than my own!! We know how you guys got pregnant, no need to advertise. Show some modesty for cripes sake, you’re about to become a mother! No one is saying that you have to wear a paper sack but try and retain some dignity. Kim has such low self-esteem that she appears to be doing this because it’s the only way she’ll keep her babys daddy in her life. You may not like what I have to say but I feel it’s the truth so tough sh*t!

kelly anne on

Criticizing a pregnant woman’s body and weight is disgusting. I agree. BUT with that said, if your going to go out dressed like your in a circus with skin tight pants that look to be cutting off circulation, well then your wardrobe is fair game.

futuremrsaaron on

Didn’t Kourtney have an amazing fashion sense while pregnant? They’re almost the same body type, she should have just asked her sister for advice on what to wear. I’m not touching weight because that’s just wrong, she’s pregnant, but even if she weren’t, picking on someone because of their weight is just plain wrong.

Still don’t like her, (famous because of a sex tape, getting pregnant for sometime else while still married 《—top of my list for reasons I dislike her) but so picking on her pregnancy weight gain. And wait until she’s given birth at last before you pick her apart, pregnancy makes you hormonal and fragile and you NEVER know a person’s frame of mind at emotional times…

Anonymous on

Don’t throw yourself out in the public arena EVERY day attempting to set a fashion statement….and don’t give interviews saying you’ve gained 20lbs and your body is in pain all over…people aren’t stupid, they can see you are pushing 200 lbs. You aren’t the first pregnant reality star. Some just handle it better than others.

Sandy on

I agree with many of the comments in the article about how women should not be judged on their appearance. However, KK has made a career out of flaunting her appearance and publicising every aspect of her private life. If that is all she puts forth into the world, is it any wonder that people feel entitled to comment on it?

Stephanie on

I see Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson’s boobs more than I see my own! We know how you got pregnant, there is no need to advertise and dressing like a hooker who fell off a stripper pole is going to attract attention when you’re pregnant.

Anonymous on

She’s rocking it and looking gorgeous! Keep it up Kim! x

Cindy on

Notice that all these hateful comments come from other women, it makes me ashamed to be one. I would not want to get to know any of the hateful people on here. It makes me wonder what you are like ” in real life” ! Disgusting. The names you call this woman and her family is beyond words. I can also guarantee that MOST of you have done something in your lives that if scrutinized would be considered immoral. Yet you sit on your high horses and bash a PREGNANT woman about her weight and how she dresses because you think you are entitled to. She is a human being. She may have the Pap set up for some circumstances but not all the time as ALL celebrities do, it is called promoting one’s self. That is no excuse for how hateful women are to other women. That is why I have a male best friend and stay as far away from you backstabbing cows.

Leslie on

Right on Mika !!!!!

ME on

Why hate? Theres NO readon to hate in this beautiful world. We are alive! Not sick or dying. Life is good. No hate. Dont be mean. Its not necessary! Nothin nice to say? Just smile and move on. Help make this world a better place. Otherwise we will get worse and worse. Attacking each other and bullying to the extreme. That scares me

Cdyana on

Leave the woman alone. I’ve seen other knocked up women wearing far less than what she wears. Kim K should tell everyone who doesn’t like what she wears to kiss her azz.

Joyce on

It’s not just her pregnancy style that bugs me. This woman is in her 30’s and she still dresses like she is 20. Come on Kim, even Kourtney has toned down her style to be more age appropriate. Time you realized you are no longer some hot young Hollywood bimbo. That title now goes to your half sisters that mamager Kris is making the new Hollywood sluts !!!

lisa4569 on

If she was really happy about being pregnant, she would dress to show that off. She isn’t happy, how could she be, when the baby daddy apparently could care less. And it’s not about her anymore. She’s not center stage, her bump is and she’s not happy about that either. I hope she changes her attitude when the baby gets here, or that poor child is going to suffer for taking the attention away from her.

Ricky Oliveira on

Since when do people have a right to criticize another human being. We should all look at ourselves in the mirror and if what we see is absolutely perfect then go ahead criticize. NOBODY is perfect. We are all beautiful no matter what we look like and nobody has the right to judge others. Just because someone is in the spotlight does not give people the right to belittle, judge or laugh at someone else no matter who they are. Life is short and precious. STOP the self righteous crap and smile to each other, embrace what time we have left on this earth and don’t worry about somebody elses business, personal or not. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Paula on

The clothes are ugly. She was never “skinny” anyway, so I’d think she’d be this big pregnant. Wear maternity clothes, or at least clothes that FIT. But she loves attention, even if it’s negative. Why else would she wear a see through mini with a thong? Girl, have some class for yourself and your unborn child. Ugh

Anonymous on

I will not criticize her for being pregnant. I think people do it because she is not liked by so many people. When someone is fake and attention seeking like her that’s where the hate comes in. For example like me. I don’t like her strictly because she is so fake and superficial. I

Mary Alice on

Wow! If you livelihood is selling yourself, the image YOU project, then YOU have put PEOPLE in the place to judge. How many other reality/stars are on EVERY tabloid everyday with at least two or three articles daily? NONE….. If Kim wanted to change her image she could! KIM, has made the choice to ALWAYS be the VICTIM. What EVERYONE/including ME needs to do is to STOP clicking and commenting on her articles!

Anonymous on

People kill me the way they talk about stars. How is anything they do effect you personally? How does what she wears effect you personally? People are real quick to point their finger and talk trash about other people all the while they are doing their own dirt. I know for a fact that just walking down the street I see much more scandalous behavior and fashion choices than I have ever seen on Kim. The only difference between stars and the average citizen is that the media in all in their business. If the media was monitoring ever aspect of your lives you might feel a lot different. He without sin cast the first stone. I dare anyone on here to say they are without sin.

dinae on

the sad thing about this is that these people are wasting their breath. kim LOVES the attention she gets – positive or negative. she eggs this media attention on completely and is definitely not sitting home crying over the ‘negative’ comments.

Mary Alice on

Where did my comment go? All I said is that Kim has projected her own image and if she wanted to change her image she could. That you don’t see any other reality/stars on EVERY tabloid daily with at least two or three articles. Also, if you notice Kim is always the victim……. there is a problem when that is the case.

Nunya on

The only reason Kim got famous was because of her friendship with Paris and her sex tape. Had it not been for this nobody would know who any of them are. The old saying any publicity is good publicity comes to play here. If she did not draw attention to herself, she would be forgotten in the media. She got famous for being tacky and without class so why would her pregnancy be any different? She has us all talking about her and NOW stars talking about her. She would be more upset that nobody was talking about her than what is being said about her.

Melissa on

Funny how ‘celebrities’ are defending someone who has made her fortune and celebrity on inviting the press to follow her everywhere. This article is stupid. If Kartrashian didn’t want to be talked about she wouldn’t dress the way she does or do the things she does. She’s a media whore.

Tom on

These ladies are crazy! Kim K, needs to stay home and not exploit the fact that she is pregnant! Kim K. is doing it for publicity… SHE NEEDS TO STAY HOME!

Stacey on

The rocket scientists have spoken!

wendy woolcott on

No matter who is in the news, there is no one out there that has the right to engage in bullying someone who is doing something contrary to someone else’s opinion. Everyone has the right to do what they choose so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, that is why we call this America. Kim K has the right to dress the way she chooses, be as pregant as she is going to be and as heavy as she gets…..what she does is her business and no one else’s. Leave her alone!

esymmons on

it isn’t what she wears, or her weight, it is her attention seeking personality that is an issue. I think we could be seeing Munchausen by proxy signs already starting. That’s why I think Child Services should be watching.

tom on

If Kim KarTRASHian didn’t want all the media attention all the time then she’d be less of “in your face” than she is. She also is a magnet for all the media coverage because she and her family are so disliked and justifyingly so…their whole industry is an attention getting trick to make money…but exposing the fact that they are ‘trash’….rich trash…but still trash. Mom Kris is the madam of their ‘house’ and has pimped them all out…so deal with the bad as well as the good. ($$$)

eileen on

ewwwwwww shes gross.

Guest on

I like that she tries to keep her style the same as before her pregnancy. She gets criticized for not showing off her belly its simply a matter of choice. Fame is a double edged sword when your career is founded on your appearance u have to expect people to judge you. If you’ve ever seen her show all she ever talks about is clothing or her appearance so I’m not shocked at the backlash.

Lmth on

Lets get this off the table: I don’t like Kim. Never had never will. Now, moving on.

This is a woman who is “famous” for her outright sexulization of her body and sense of fashion. Outside this, she demonstrates no other talents to explain, or justify, her celebrity status. I’m shock that these people are surprised then that everyone is talking about her weight and the fashion des aster this pregnancy has been. BY HER OWN LIFESTYLE CHOICES (WHICH HAVE BEEN FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS BY THE MEDIA) SHE HAS TAUGHT US TO LOOK AT HER IN THESE WAYS!!! Give me a bone of any redeeming quality to explain why you should be famous ( and her overly dramatized personal life and who her baby daddy is don’t count ) and we’ll talk about that.

As a mother of 3 who is expecting her 4th, I understand the struggle to embrace the new curves you develope, and the struggle to find clothes to dress it attractively. But she didn’t have the limitations that I did. Namely, money. Good, fashionable maternity ware is stupid expensive for the average person to afford. If she is feeling awkward about her body in how it relates to fashion, she is a phone call and a credit card away from a ton of designers who would love to get their hands on her!

As for the comments about her weight… Even though I just justified why people are talking about it, I personally feel they need to stuff it. She’s creating a lif, and doing so practically requires getting plump! the only person who has the right to comment on her weight is the OB! Besides, she has access to trainers and healthcare to get back to her old figure in record time.

Anonymous on

I love how this article is about not attacking pregnant women, because it is pretty low..but yet, when I read all the comments related to this article, that’s all it is; more attacks. Quit the bullying, you don’t even know the woman, but yet so quick to judge. Isn’t that the issue that we are stressing with our own children. Bullying is not to be taken lightly. Yes, it is anonymous, but doesn’t make the impact of bullying any less.

Anonymous on

I agree with you!

snow on

I think what’s more concerning is the online campaign (by whom, I don’t know – ex husband, ex boyfriend) in which they are using foul language towards Kim K (particularly E Online). And I don’t even like any of the kardashians (I’ll be the first to admit I think their whole brand & fame for nothing in particular is classless), but the verbal foul attacks are rather disgusting.

Cindy on


Edie Koller on

First of all Kim Kardashian is not a young mom.. SHe is going on 33. I could care less what she wears or how she looks…Nor how any other celebrity female looks. Just leave them alone and let then do what they want to do. But I do wish her and her baby good health and happiness.

A Douglas on

Yes, please stop talking about her in any way. Seriously this is completely moronic!

shidley on

People are hating on Kim’s fashion sense (of which, she has none) is due in large part to the circumstances of her “celebrity”, her poor choices, the constant media whoring, saying one thing- then turning around and doing another, being impregnated by a man other than her husband before her divorce was final… only a fraction of reasons why she is so reviled. She’s in the headlines constantly, and don’t think for a minute she loathes it. This pregnancy and her intentionally poor fashion choices only garner her more attention. A dream come true! And as if that wasn’t enough, she can whine away to the world about all her woes on her show.

lex on

Shes never had any sense of style

Linda on

Americans = Land of the people who do not tolerate “bullying”

America = Home of some of the biggest “bullies”

Sad but true!

Teresa on

It seems to me the the Kardashians especially Kim and her mother go out of their way to seek any kind of attention they could get, Why? because they get Paid. If she was sincere she should just as well taken these 9 months to rest and be happy and stay out of the limelight. Thats what a woman does if she wants a happy normal pregnancy weight gain or not you take a 9 month rest to enjoy.

Shorty75 on

I may or may not agree with what she wears but i honestly think all the negative comments about her is a huge form of bullying. We are so conscious about stories about bullying when we are doing the same freaking thing. She is pregnant and im sure she is very conscious of it. Leave her the hell alone!

Stef on

If people were to stop talking about her, her career would be over.

me on

This is a joke right???? Every minute of everyday people are told they look fat in the entertainment businesses!!! I’d you aren’t a size 2 then you are a blimp!! Kim Kardashian dresses like a slob ever since she got pregnant!!! Did she fire her stylist or not have any mirrors in her house??? She looks horrible & hates being pregnant, she even said so…

Pam Church on

Every woman carries differently so everyone should back off and let her enjoy this special time. Who are. Andy of you to judge? Enjoy this special time because it will never babe repeated.

suzy diamond on

THAT’S NOT pregnancy! THAT’S taking advantage of pregnancy and OVER INDULGING in FOOD! Easy enough to figure out when you compare HER PICS with other pregnant celebs. SHE’S MADE HERSELF a PUBLIC FIGURE…TOO, TOO, BAD! If you can’t take the heat in the Kitchen then….GET OUT!

Cat on

You have to remember that the Kardashian clan love nothing more than publicity….so if people are buzzing about them all is good….

Edie on

I am ALL for supporting women and their pregnancies, however, the way and the why she dresses the way she does is purposely to gain attention, ANY attention from the public!
That’s the truth of the matter. Hollywood libs just love the camera!!!

Chance on

Kourtney very publicly starved herself after she had Mason to lose all the wieght and be on a mag cover. All 3 of the older girls had breast implants in high school. They have a makeup/hair team around all the time. They consider Khloe their “fat” sister. The younger girls model. They spend enough money on clothes per year to pay for an entire towns morgage. This family is all about looks and appearances. She gets photographed everyday. Why would go out to paparazzi photo grounds every single day if you cared? There are tons of celebs that rarely get photographed bcuz they don’t WANT to be. I don’t agree with our obsession with celebrities and honestly feel we could change it by simple not reading this stuff, then they wouldn’t get paid for it, but at some point you are making a choice. Like Rob and Kristen, it would suck to get hounded constantly. But, they go out in and around LA all the time. They could easily go to London and be pretty anonymous, but they rarely do. Kim does not have to be so public. Also, sorry to say this isn’t just a celebrity thing. Women in real life do this constantly. Who can lose the weight the fastest, who never does, who gains a ton while preg. It is nothing but a competition and if the Kardashians didn’t care about looks, they wouldn’t get plastic surgery and I’ll bet money Kim was talking about jessica Simpson before she got preg and realized.

suzy diamond on

She’s MADE her self and public figure and open for comments. CAREFUL what you wish for!

Kat on

Seriously? She has put herself out there as a fashion icon. When she wears crap and I do mean crap she should expect critics. Some of her outfits are cute. But to wear things so tight and hooker heels? Oh believe me she knows exactly what she is doing. She is such a media whore I doubt she cares if it is good or bad as long as she is in the media and for those ‘stars’ who come to her defense y’all are hypocrites.

suzy diamond on

She’s using the PREGNANCY EXCUSE to eat like a pig!

BlueSkidoo on

The weight gain shouldn’t be criticized. The fashion, well, there’s no way around saying that’s awful. And really, the fashion choices cause the weight gain comments, because the fashion choices make her look far larger than she is (even not pregnant). But what I find amusing is that Helena Christensen’s comment is all judgy and bullying, while talking about how we shouldn’t judge and bully.

Cinsimo on

The press builds up or tears down a celeb to make $$! Those hating on Kim K secretly wish they were her and are jealous of her fame and wealth because frankly it’s no one’s damn business what she does! The ONLY facet of a celeb’s life the public has a right to speak on is when it comes to the money spent on a ticket or merchandise sold by a celeb if it’s faulty! Their personal life is no one’s business! If you don’t like her then why follow her every move?? @Mika who are you to deem what is appropriate and what isn’t? I’d rather see a pregnant woman wearing the kind of clothing Kim K does that a woman with her breasts, butt cheeks or thong sticking out of her clothing walking down the street which is common these days!! People…I really think most of us have more to deal with in life than worrying about what a reality star is wearing when’s she’s pregnant!!! Get a life…SMDH!!

Alanna on

These woman are right guys Kim shouldn’t be getting bashed on her style! it’s her body and I can see from the photos that she is happy to be having a baby.

Flossy on

She’s always been a large woman, pregnant or not. Sure she tries to hide it and proportionalize it by having long hair but the pictures don’t lie….cellulite city, sweetheat, WAY before she even thought about getting pregnant. Sadly, she is a nodbody and has zero credibility and will be a single mother.

Tisha on

Let Kim wear whatever she wants in her pregnancy…to many have bashed her and said terrible things about this woman…do any of you know her pesonally??…if not leave her alone in peace and let her enjoy her pregnancy…why be so darn mean!

Anonymous on

I think it’s so sad how people feel the need to criticize others based on appearances. What kind of example are we setting for our youth? We blame kids for being bullies, but adults are just as bad. Look at yourselves, criticizing a pregnant woman for how she looks. Shame on you! As a teacher I ask my students, “are you being helpful or hurtful?” These comments are just hurtful and they serve no purpose. Let her wear what she wants; let people be who they want.

AmazedHuman on

Oh my lord….do you know – or even care – how much the average American wants to know about anything involving the Kardashians? We’re all up to here with those talentless, publicity-seeking what ever they are. Enough Kardashians! Who cares one single iota about her, her pregnancy, her…you name it…we don’t want to know about t!

Nancy on

Lets be honest here, the only reason she is getting criticized the way she is is because most people in general just dont like her! She became “famous” from a sex tape and flaunts her relationships in everyones face as much as she can…Its really NOT about what she wears…

Anonymous on

i don’t care what she wears, i don’t care about her weight gain, i just get annoyed that everyday People magazine seems to think that the words coming out of Kim’s mouth are newsworthy. People, you are perpetuating that the Kardashians are better than sliced bread. The woman is vain and arrogant. I caught 10 minutes of their show, i thought lets see what the hype is about. It is where she goes to new york with her sister khloe and hiuband odom. She was so ignorant saying she did not know how to dress to go to his old neighbourhood. Can we start talking stupid, ignorant and disgracful. What an insult to her brother in law.

Anonymous on

honestly, not picking on her at all just saying the truth. the truth is of all the celebreties pregnant women out there Kim K is the most not good looking at all. most of the pregnant women look cute when there belly start to grow big but unfortunately for kim k her butt grows bigger than her stomach. and the pregnancy does not served her well. she knows it too just look at the photos of her she looks unhappy and have issues with accepting her body weight that is the reason she keeps holding on to dressing clothes that are like for strippers. there is a trick in dressing sexy without looking like a stripper.

beth on

It has nothing to do with her being pregnant. She never possessed any sense of style or even a hint of class.

Vee on

I would never criticize anyone’s body at any size and I do agree that she should dress for herself. As long as she is happy that’s all that matters.

Having said that I think she often looks ridiculous but that’s only my opinion. I’m entitled to it.

Erin on

It has never been about the weight gain of her pregnancy, it’s how she is choosing to dress while pregnant. See through, ill-fitting outfits are doing her no favors and they just make her look silly. These celebrities defending her aren’t even addressing the real problem – her lack of taste and class when she can’t squeeze into the size she’d rather be than the size she really is.

Kelli on

When did we all stop being human???!!! So what her profession is a choice and just because she is in the public eye does not mean as women we throw her to the wolves. I am sick and tired of women fighting against each other instead of together, hate to tell you ladies the guys have the comrade thing figured out we as women have a long way to go. So keep all of your negative energy to yourselves the world is hard enough as it is and women solidarity is not a weakness, remember being kind does not make a person weak. Kim K, keep looking up and ignore the negativity you look beautiful and as a fellow woman I support you.

dee on

The girl is an attention seeker plain and simple..It has nothing to do with her weight… This girl is disgusting because of the reputation she has created for herself. She chose to air her dirty laundry (sex tape) among other things that should have been kept private for the sake of the almighty doller. She needs to stay out of the limelight and quit calling the paps whenever shes going to be out. Shed conceited and always fishing for compliments.

heather on

“…it’s a beautiful amazing moment in time and not about vanity!” Jenna is right, but for Kim,it’s always about vanity.

sappcls on

Really who CARES about what THEY SAY. She is a DAYM JOKE and NOBODY liked her azz before she WAS IMPREGNANTED. This is what happens when you WANT ATTENTION 24/7. Stay in the HOUSE and Folks won’t talk about her. That is very HARD for Her to do.

Sally on

It’s too bad Kim doesn’t exercise better judgement with regard to her eating habits and clothing choices. She could look so much better even with the enormous weight gain. She needs attention, even when it’s bad attention.

Jessie on

Any attention for Kim, is good attention..

Marie on

She has improved in her dressing as far as I can see, but attacking her for weight gain is what I have problem with. She has finally given up the pencil skirts and peplums and starting to dress better, pregnancy is not easy and being attacked everyday for it surely cannot be easy on her. She is carrying a baby for pete’s sake, the negative comments about her can come later after her baby is born, but I think it has been rough for her.

Kelly on

The irony, of course, of People magazine publishing this story is that they are among the most guilty news outlets that have criticized Kim. Why don’t they write about their part in scrutinizing her during what should be one of the most joyous times in her life?

Penelope on

People are mean and like to judge and stone others because they perceive “they deserve it” Suddenly everyone think they are God or someone’s judge and jury. Who cares what she does for a living. If you were not taught to have compassion for all of God’s/ life’s creatures, especially when they aren’t perfect, then you weren’t taught anything useful.

Windy on

I think Kim K should concentrate more on clothes that fit her comfortably and properly. She doesn’t look comfortable in some of the skin tight stuff she wears.

Nicole on

i have nothing wrong with kim and her body. she can gain as much weight as she wants. but she then needs to dress for that. she cant continue to wear her old clothes. dress for the body you have not the one you used to have

Tammy on

I can’t stand KK but to harass about her weight when she’s pregnant is wrong on every level.

Alabama on

I am not a big Kim K fan, I do think she a media whore but pregnant women deal with enough crap going on with their bodies and shouldnt be judged on their weight i mean when your pregnant u do gain weight its all apart of pregnancy and to have a healthy baby…Yes maybe she shouldnt be wearing skin tight clothes but she still doesnt deserve to be picked on about her weight thats just apalling!

Em13 on

If Kim doesn’t want to be criticized, she should get out of the entertainment industry. She’s famous because she wanted to be. She’s absolutely superficial (nothing wrong with that), but she’s gotta be able to take hits for superficial reasons.

stee on

Talk about missing the point. Kim isn’t getting criticism for gaining weight while pregnant. It’s for wearing ugly clothes that do not flatter her new figure. She always looks like a stuffed sausage because she’s trying to squeeze into the same silhouettes she wore pre-pregnancy. Gloria Steinem’s comments make no sense in this context. I wonder if that’s just a generic statement she has made in the past instead of a direct response to a question about Kim Kardashian.

LB on

Oh come on, we have a war going on, an immigration issue, a terrorist issue, and heaven knows we have a presidential issue in this country and people are defending Kim Kardashian….give me a break.

LM on

Like most of the other posters here, I don’t care about KK’s weight. It’s normal to gain weight while pregnant and no one should be criticized for that. However, Kim dresses horribly and since she is a reality star, she should be able to deal with people’s opinions on her style.
Also – I don’t buy the line that there aren’t cute, stylish maternity clothes out there. When I was pregnant, I made less than 6 figures and still found really fun, flattering maternity pieces. Kim can afford to dress with class and it’s nobody’s fault but her own that she CHOOSES not to.

Mandy on

Seriously? Leave the poor girl alone. Yes, she’s a public figure but does that give us the right to criticize a pregnant woman? Imagine her as your sister, your cousin, your friend! I think it’s disgusting that women tear other women apart like this, especially when she’s going through such a special time in her life.

I’m currently pregnant and you genuinely feel like your body is being taken over. The loss of control is hard but you have to try and focus on the positive, always. You’re growing a human being, wear whatever you want. Eat what’s healthy. And if someone tries to criticize my weight gain I’ll gladly put them in their place.

LB on

Oh come on!!! We have a war going on, an immigration issue, millions out of work, an economy going down the tubes, terrorism issues and heaven knows, we have presidential issues, and they are worried about upsetting little Miss Kardashian….talk about fickle…she loves the attention any other time. She would b**** about a hair in her sh** sandwich.

w on

She obviously wants the attention. She makes millions just for shocking and showing up, so she loves the attention. It is unfortunate to put on all the weight in her back side and legs though. It doesn’t make for a cute pregnant look, but what can she do? That is just her body shape? Having a baby to rear with her nasty boyfriend will be challenging enough!

marge on

I was an unwed mother and people criticized me all the time. Of course that was in the stone ages 1976. Grow up people.

JR on

Kim Kardashian is a garbage dump, pregnant or not.

Nannyto1 on

I agree with them. Not a Kim K fan, but criticizing a pregnant woman is just plain mean and uncalled for. I don’t care whether her face is in the news all the time or not, it’s wrong…

Carrie on

It’s the clothing she wears. She wasn’t dressing like she was pregnant and choosing to wear skin tight attire. There are many things that can flatter your figure. And she complains about bein pregnant every chance she gets. She hates it.

cristina on

while I am not a huge kim fan. I do feel sorry for her. The media just needs to leave her alone. She looks amazing. I admit the first few outfits were kind of too tight, but I think she realized she needed to dress more comfortable. now the crazy high heels, if I wore those while pregnant I would have broken a leg!

Anonymous on

First of all she is not happy about being pregnant. She just admitted in an interview she called her sister Khloe and said DON’T DO IT!!!

Anna on

Oh boo hoo…..this untalented woman has made millions with her beauty and exploiting the public for money. This comes with the territory. This is the most public support she has gotten since her marriage to Kris Humphries which made her 18 million. I do not like or support Kim or the entire Kardasian family.

As far as the pregnancy……all women carry their pregnancy differently throughout their body. To criticize any pregnant woman is pointless because it is what it is. Kim will have top notch personal trainers and dieticians after the baby is born which the majority of women cannot afford. I have no sympathy for this woman.

As far as criticizing her clothes…she has never had good taste in clothes, which was always geared to show her top or bottoms. When I look at her in pics….she appears to me to be “uncomfortable” with her pregnancy.

Tabitha on

I bet all the women making fun of her weight gain are big fat fatties themselves. Enjoy that candy bar you jealous b*tches!

Cindy on

“it isn’t what she wears, or her weight, it is her attention seeking personality that is an issue. I think we could be seeing Munchausen by proxy signs already starting. That’s why I think Child Services should be watching.” SMELLS LIKE are you kidding me?!! You should be charged for that comment. I wished they could actually do that! How dare you say that about a person you have never met or assume she would harm her own child?! You are a disgusting human being who needs to lose all computer rights. You are the reason innocent people go to prison, you make me sick.

Denise Smith on

JEN DC – you are right on!

Nic on

I don’t think it’s her personal style or her weight gain, it’s the fact that she is a nobody, brought to fame by her families money and her ridiculous antics. And to boot, whenever the poor girl opens her month, she spurts out ridiculous and immature nonsense. No one cares about her, so since she’s forcing herself in the public eye, people are going to be nasty, human nature. Maybe she should stay at home, find a nice decent guy, get married and raise her family out of the spotlight. A lot to ask I know, but millions of “normal” people do it every year and we survive.

Tara on

I’m not one to criticize a pregnant woman’s weight. If she is so happy about her pregnancy, she should embrace it and all that goes with it. There are designers who work many hours designing tasteful, attractive and fashionable maternity clothes. KK refuses to wear things that are created for a pregnancy instead squeezing into clothes that obviously aren’t maternity. It is possible to look attractive while rocking a pregnant bod…Jenna Dewan-Tatum does effortlessly as does Princess Kate. The comments aren’t nice but pregnancy weight aside she looks hideous.

jones on

I agree that attacking her body and calling her fat and other rude terms is awful. I don’t see anything wrong with disliking and making comments about her fashion choices. She seems to be in denial about the fact that she has gained weight (which is completely normal) and wants to dress the same as she did pre-pregnancy. She should embrace her new shape and choose more flattering outfits. I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that.

Melissa on

I see nothing wrong with the above photo’s.If she wants to wear a mu mu or a damn curtain out in public then that’s her choice because its her body.She’s a public figure but it doesn’t mean you “Ladies” have to click on the stories and read them just to criticize her. Boney chicks like Ann Hatheway can wear dresses that split way down the front to show off what she doesn’t have so then why cant a pregnant woman wear something to make HERSELF feel sexy??? Women who are 9 months pregnant show off their beautiful bellies at the beach so are you going to criticize them too??.You all sound like a bunch of damn hypocrites.

GoGee on

My issue is not her weight gain; that is something to be expected. But, let’s be honest. Kim was/is trying to have a fashion forward pregnancy. If she is putting herself out there like that, then criticism comes with the territory. Especially when you consider the fact that she (and her sisters) have their own clothing line.

semdog7 on

Good for them for defending her! I think Kim looks lovely, especially in that red dress, and it’s no one’s responsibility to judge her because of what she wears.

Nicole on

Wow!!! what a cess pool for the miserable. Did someone really mention her choice in her baby father? Really? are we now at the point where we dictate who celebs pro create with? if you people would put this much effort into your own lives you would not be this miserable, You hide behind the idiotic fact that she is a celeb so youc an say what you please, she is in the publick so she asked for it, in your twisted minds do your really believe that? I don’t think you do, I think it is your way to justify your nastiness, this woman has done NOTHING to any of you, she has not killed anyone, ran over anyone, she is not out here drugging and drunk driving, she is not out here in the clubs falling down sloppy drunk. Yes she made a few questionable life choices by choosing the wrong men, but how many women do that? she trusted a man that she was with for 5 years and he saw a payday and used her, but that was her mistake, it did not affect you or your lives. I think that people don’t like her because she did not allow him to destroy her life, she is a strong woman that has taken more abuse that most women, and she manages to hold her head high and go out and follow her dreams and it seems like that is somehow offensive to some women who are not as strong, she is a pregnant woman, she is growing a life inside of her, she may have gained some pounds but it’s worth it, she will lose the weight, because she has the resources to do so, but at the end of the day, the people who are miserable, hateful and down right disgusting will remain the same way, her issue is temporary, many of you cannot escape yours. So very sad.

GLN on

Sorry So Called ‘Celebrities’, you all make money from being in the public and from people giving you their energy.. you don’t get to pick and chose what type of energy people give you and we are allowed to comment if we don’t like your outfit, since that is what you are more or less contributing to society… Of course it would be great if we were all about love and kindness, but if that world existed.. your reality as you know it wouldn’t. If you don’t like it, get a job out of the spot light.

Anonymous on

Did someone say Kim K has style????
Was that was a misprint??
Tramps don’t have style

Nicole on

@lmth no one is forcing Kim or her family down your throat, this is America you have options, you have the option to bypass the article on Kim, to click to another channel, or to read another article in a magazine, Kim is not the problem, you all are, you do these things and then you complain about them being forced down your throats. Bullcrap.

UnKnown on

Ignore those idiots out there as they are just that idiots, who have nothing better to do!

Kay on

As someone has already stated, Kim is a media whore. From wearing skin tight clothes to pictures of her downing tons of food. She wants the media there every step of the way. Everything is about money for her. The saddest part is still to come. She still has baby shower pictures to sell and lets not forget how much money she will be trying to get for the first pictures of the baby.

sherrilynn1 on

So she is expected to wear the usual maxi dress for her pregnancy. I think she looks great and it doesn’t matter what she wears she will be criticized anyway. And no I am not a fan of the Kardashians but I support her as a pregnant woman.

KD on

i like this article. i am not a kardashian fan. i think it’s unfortunate that they are able to make as much money as they do in the ways that they do. that said, our society has gotten way too comfortable with bashing women in general. and i think bashing a woman’s body during pregnancy should be even more off limits. the things that people say about her are cruel. pregnancy should not be about who can look least pregnant while pregnant. it is not a contest as dewan points out. young girls are reading absorbing this stuff and getting some pretty distorted images of reality. so i think the media needs to lay off. it’s bullying. social media bullying is at an all time high and stuff like this contributes. people are way too comfortable typing horrible stuff onto blogs, facebook, twitter, threads, etc.

H1 on

I could care less for Kim, but the fact that the media is “monitoring” her “weight gain” is ridiculous. She’s PREGNANT, not letting herself go. People are so damn mean. On the other side, yeah, you can wear whatever you want, but a few of her outfit choices should have been kept in the closet considering she is about to be a Mother. You can dress SEXY and still remain CLASSY. When you come to the defense of her, just remember how she got famous. Also, remember you’re routing for someone who got pregnant while still married. Even though the dude wanted to fight the divorce and get it annulled, she wasted no time sleeping with someone else and getting knocked up. Kanye could be her soul mate, so why the need to rush into sh*t? Had she not been famous with a pretty face and voluptuous figure, she’d be a candidate for the Jerry Springer Show.

Hope on

I am just glad she decided to have the baby. Most don’t. Thank God for that, so just sit back and get fat. 🙂

sherrilynn1 on

Kim has the right as not only a woman but as a human being to how ever she pleases. How would any woman feel during pregnancy if everyone was commenting on their weight and clothing. This is suppose to be one of the happiest times of her life and I have a feeling she is probably miserable. She looks pregnant which is beautiful.

JC on

What is Kim known for besides her body? Throughout her entire “career” if she is being talked about it is about her body so why is everyone shocked and appalled that her body is being talked about now? Her being pregnant doesn’t change the fact that she has no talent and nothing else for people to comment on besides her figure.

Lindsey on

It’s nice to see other celebrities sticking up for Kim. The things being said about her are disgusting and mean. Yes she has made a career of being in the spot light, but that in no way means she deserves such bullying! It is so easy for all of you to slur such hateful comments from behind your computer screens isn’t it? Must be amazing to b perfect! Kudos to the rest who have positive things to say. If there was more people like you in the world it would be a much better place for all of us.

Sky on

I feel sorry 4 the BABY…What a meaningless, sad, life 4 the child of kk..No Dad, no moral role models, just lots of money and sex tapes..meaningless


I think she is dressing to draw attention to weight gain and to look as big as possible so when she has the baby and gets a big diet deal it will look like she dropped all this weight fast and the program is great.

Emry on

Here is the thing…its kim kartrashian, not a deserving mother, not a good person, has things handed to her on a silver platter, has no reason for anything to respect her, i never criticized her for gaining weight, i criticized her for not wearing pregnancy appropriate clothing, she always looks like shes suffocating that poor baby, she should know better, shes not fat, she has a fat ass though, not going to lie about that.

gaby on

everyone should just leave kim k alone come on now. can u blame her. she just wants to brace herself as a pregnant woman. i am not saying i love her style but everyone should respect her, leave her alone and mind their buisness!

dawn norris on

most speaking out are media whores also like kimmy

nicaw on

Kim Kardashian’s weight is not the issue. The way she dresses makes her look heavier than she probably is.

She should dress in maternity wear, stop selecting items that she thinks makes her look sexy and dress for comfort as a pregnant woman and not for show.

Wendy on

All the mean comments are disgusting. Leave her alone. Yes, she likes attention and puts herself out there but it doesn’t mean everyone has the right to be mean and nasty.

Agness hooser on

My mom when preg
With my sis and bro
She gain weight about 150
Pound . She loved jelly bean
. Come this Kim first preg . Some people gain weight .Some people don’t .
Kourt and Jessica Simpson ballon up
No one was saying mean thing. Kim was 120 now she 140 she not wearin
Size 6 . People who mean things have no life .

Gail on

I am not going to knock her for her weight gain etc. But she is wearing Kanye West’s clothing line all the time now, and his clothes just look really ugly. She is a pretty woman, but Kanye’s designs are hideous.

brendas on

she is a fat pig that is now a fat cow….oh yeah she is a whore also

Aubrey on

I hate looking at the comment section on People (well, everywhere) because the “ladies” here can get very cruel and become bullies. I’m not really a fan of Kim Kardashian or her style choices. She’s physically very beautiful, but I don’t know about personally. She comes off as an attention whore, but that might not be so. No one commenting here really knows. The only good reason I have to dislike her maternity style is that she looks absolutely MISERABLE. I had a miscarriage that wrecked emotional havoc on me, and according to the media, Kim K has had a few miscarriage scares, too. You would think after something as terrifying as that, she would celebrate her pregnancy. I don’t think she really has embraced her pregnancy like these stars are saying, and I hope she comes to her senses soon.

Anthony on

Leave her alone .
There always some thing to pick on her.
Her butt was fake . Her lip was real
She fake her marriage . Stop
Already move on .Get life
Will you plz. Try to live your life on tv
And some stupid people .And will say
Thing aren’t true . Try to have personal
Life on tv and people know who you dated or sleep with . Or many things

Dany on

I’ve always thought before and during pregnancy – that she is a drop dead gorgeous woman!!!

I may not like her personality – but she Beautiful and whoever denies that is a LIAR!

Krystal on

I’m the last person to defend Kim kardashian because I honestly can’t stand her…but who cares what she wears?? It’s her body and her money…aren’t there more important things to focus on these days?

Lily on

I think a good portion of the public were sick of her before, the whole 72 day faux marriage, and accidental/on purpose pregnancy just validates what people have always said about her. It is really on her to change public opinion if she cared too.

Diana on

Kim thinks she looks good the way she dresses, pregnant or not. Before pregnancy, she always said she embraced her curves, and dressed to excentuate that fact. In her eyes she thinks she looks fantastic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sorry, but I see nothing but very poor taste in the clothing she chooses.

leslye on

She has made her body public property by wanting all the attention for her slutty clothes and sex tape before her pregnancy. So NOW she wants people to not pay attention!!??? This family thrives on negative attention and drama is is how they make their millions. If she doesn’t want the attention then crawl back under the rock from where they all came from and go into a private life……..But don’t complain when you can’t have respect when you have never earned it.

Smiles on

I don’t think it is so much about how much weight she has gained but her clear uncomfortableness about being preganant. She is not embracing her pregnancy or her changing body by still trying to wear the same clothes and stuffing herself into them like a sausage. But she loves attention…..good, bad or indifferent. As long as she is in the news the media whore is happy.

Andy on

Ah, maybe it just me. who saying anything about her weight gain? the problem is::: She looks ridiculous in the clothes she is wearing !!! FIRE YOUR STYLIST HONEY !. You can still be cute and stylish. Look at Tamar Braxton. She is not wearing maternity clothing. Jenna Dewan-Tatum looks great. But Kim looks soo crazy at times in what she has on, and uncomfortable. Chile, your baby needs to breath.

Jen on

The articles about her weight are inappropriate. However the ones on her ‘style’ who cares, she has made some pretty awful choices on how to dress. Of course her style before was bad too. Kim tries to make herself a style icon and fails miserably hence the criticism.

pixy14 on

people give her a hard time because she puts herself out there. that and she has non stop complained about her pregnancy.

Snowbird on

I think what she has been wearing other than maybe two outfits are not wearable for any one at her size. It doesn’t matter if she is pregnant or not – they are just too damn tight. she is not a size 5, she needs to stop thinking she is and wear something that fits instead of what she hopes fits.

Dru on

Let’s just be glad that Kim didn’t “leak” a tape of the baby’s conception and call it a day.

Stephanie on

Amen! It’s her body, she can do with it as she pleases! She looks amazing. Bravo to these women who are defending another woman!

jUDY on

I do agree with all these ladies, however, KK puts herself out there so much its hard not to judge her. I think she purposely does this crap just for the attention. Bad attention is better than no attention

Eli on

I don’t think anyone should pick on any woman whatever her shape or size. However, for Kim K. to whine that the media that she has whored herself to her whole adult life is now turning on her is pretty ironic. Why don’t you stay at home and stop calling the press wherever you go and then you don’t have to worry about what they say about you.

Karen on

Every negative comment on this post thread is a form of bullying … do you all truly not get it?

Anonymous on

i personally can’t stand Kim K but she is pregnant for gods sake give her a break on all the weight gain and dress attire.

Sasha on

Not sure what anyone expects her to do-wear a tent? Granted, she doesn’t have to wear skin tight clothing, but come on people-its not like she just got fat-she’s pregnant! Damned if you do damned if you dont. I agree should could choose clothing thats a little more classy-but if she wore loose maternity clothing, no doubt she’d get criticized for that too

justv13 on

She’s famous by having a sex tape. Seriously , what ever. Stop giving her so much attention.

gyl on

Sorry, Gweneth Paltrow is not an authority on weight gain. I think the fashion choices are despicable. She draws attention with all the outfits. I think the jabs are to her dress choice not the weight gain. Everyone gains the weight.

MCI on

To all of you women who say leave her alone….if she does not want public opinion…..she should get out of the public eye…..

MCI on

Leave he alone? If she does not want the publics opinion, she should get out of the public eye.

joanne1965 on

Read her ignorant comments, plans and mind set…She is not concerned one bit about being pregnant. She is only concerned about her appearance…http://www.intouchweekly.com/stars/news/pregnant-kim-kardashian-enlists-five-trainers


gyl on

Go to Pea in a Pod!!! Get maternity wear. I see women at my job (teachers) who dress their bumps elegantly. She looks for the attention then gets upset when it is negative. I am sorry, it is not about weight gain, but these awful outfits.

aleshamom4 on

It seems to me everyone is doing just what they say they don’t want to do or be doing, talking about her or bad mouthing
her. I think most of the vitriol canes from the fact is that she is known for “putting it all out there”- now take that for how you want, be it her body, family, relationships, etc, that is how she makes her “$$, fortune”. Feel free, dress how you want, it just seems if you are blessed enough to be pg, have $$, you would embrace it better & not be in denial. All said I hope her baby is well :):)

LittleMo on

Stephanie: Fitted clothes because the bigger size a woman needs isn’t available and wearing the ridciulous clothing Kim is wearing are 2 very different things. What Kim has done is dress in a way that puts a glaring spotlight on those wardrobe choices that make her look ridiculous. While there is no excuse for the comments on the weight gain, those of you who are defending the way Kim dresses should remember a very simple concept: If your body weight for your height is 130 pounds, what looks nice on you when you are that 130 pounds WLL NOT look nice on you if you are 200 pounds. What looked good on Kim pre-baby is looking utterly ridiculous on her now. And
Stephanie you can kiss verybody else’s a$$ too.

camriss on

Funny because by all accounts she gets exactly what she puts out. She didn’t pursue modeling in a professional light. She could have put a face to modeling for women of curves..really took it to a level of class and tact, but in her mind it was just
better to be a legal form of exploitation and she used her body for notoriety and recognition. These celebrities were not defending women as a whole when this same woman made it clear of her self degrading sex symbol she was comfortable in being in front of women? Umm these so called photo shoots are what really? Im proud of women not drinking the water down punch, to call her out for how inappropriate she is. Sorry if her feelings are hurt because she’s pregnant, but people have stated the fact of what and how she has displayed herself for a while now. It’s because of her pregnancy her image seems to be picked on more..but not really. This woman wanted to be known for her look.not her brains. She doesn’t need to be defended.

ties” defending her were not defending women as a whole when thia

Anonymous on

These ladies keep talking about how their bodies are not for public consumption and should be off limits, but that’s total bs in KK’s instance because that’s what she’s known for, well that and smoking any African American males pole she comes across. Not only is she a media whore, she’s a whore whore who goes thru more black men then the prison system. She get’s what she deserves because all she has is her looks and those are waning as we speak. KK couldn’t happen to a better person, good luck with Kanye.

Trixiebelle on

Pleeeze … she lives on camera 24/7. And by the way … she is fat and she dresses terribly.

Stefanie R. on

Really, Tracy Anderson? YOU were the one who openly criticized women who gain too much weight during pregnancy and ripped those who don’t lose their pregnancy weight within 6 weeks. Phony.

Chris on

She’s gaining weight to get the attention of a weight loss company to endorse her and … duh, pay her money to lose weight and keep her fat ass in the spot light. I wonder how many companies Mommy has already contacted for her, and also for “rights” at the first picture of the baby. Kanye… run!!!!

Kelly on

She has a tendency to have weight fluctuations anyway so one would think that she would be more conscious of what she is wearing and how it is showing her shape. There is no reason for a woman to gain that much weight during pregnancy unless they are just eating way too much. Eating more and eating too much are entirely different things. And what type of trainer would encourage her to keep eating and to not worry about gaining weight? Probably one who wants to ensure an extension of her employment for a few more months.

Mariac on

Oh please. She’s a disgusting pig…and I’m not only talking about her looks. She puts herself out there and she ought to hear the truth about her image.

LSA on

She’s not being talked about because of her weight gain. People are talking about how she is dressing her pregnant body. Yes pregnancy is wonderful but the pregnant woman should be proud of it and not trying to cover it up and pretend she isn’t pregnant. She looks down right stupid in some of the outfits she wears. YOUR PREGNANT KIM!! Deal with it. Most woman are happy, feeling great and embracing the experience. You do nothing but complain. My feet hurt, my back hurt, my stomach hurts. I have physical pain already what is delivery going to be like? I’m putting too much weight. I need to still have a waist. You are so stupid looking. Dress like a pregnant person and love the changes to your body and enjoy the experience. Stop being so vain! It’s only for nine months Kim. You can go back to thinking you are all that afterwards. You are such loser. What on earth are you going to do with a baby???? OMG

thebeckster on

Notice how hideous all the pictures are of all the people that made comments in this article are with the exception of Jenna and Gwyneth. Pathetic. People magazine, please quit glorifying the Kardashian family. They are nothing, yet you have continued to put them on a pedestal!!!

Tracy Jewers on

I find it interesting that there is so much in the media about anti-bullying; so many children losing their self-esteem and even their lives to bullying, and yet they media seems to think it ok to bully someone about their weight. This is so not right. What are we teaching all the children, teens and adults out there. We are showing that it is ok to make fun of someone; which is never right. To do away with bullying, we as adults and the media need to be setting the example. We don’t treat others in a way that we would not want to be treated!

Sar on

It’s surprising that when choosing photographs to accompany this article, you did not choose any of the questionable outfits that brought about the criticism. I agree that no woman should be bullied for her changing shape. HOWEVER, you need to respect your own body enough to choose appropriate clothing. The reason Princess Kate continues to make the best dressed list is because she dresses for her shape. While her baby bump is smaller than Kim’s, she is also choosing flattering silhouettes like wrap dresses and separates to celebrate h new figure.

Anonymous on

She just needs to stop putting herself in the public eye, she’s looks for it

Amy on

Good for these ladies for speaking up. The price you have to pay for being a celebrity, if she only dressed better no one would bash her….blah blah blah America. I love how the internet allows people to hide behind a veil of secrecy. Internet balls I call it! This is the exact problem with America today. Everyone has an excuse as to why it is ok to bully and call people names. Ok so she doesn’t always wear the most flattering things, so don’t look if you don’t like her or read her articles about her. Who are we that we are so special to make fun of celebrities just because they are not “real people” who we will never meet. All these kids that commit suicide do so because of exactly what you people are doing. Then the other kids who did the bullying say well she did this and this and this, so it her fault that we bullied her. If only she had not of done that…blah blah blah. Seriously people, just think how you would feel if this were a loved one of yours getting bullied. It happens to celebrities and normal people alike. You still think it’s ok to bash her because she is in the lime light and you have an opinion. WHO CARES! Do other productive things with you time. You want someone constantly ragging you about your imperfections, oh and we all have them. Geeze. Oh and you can respond to this and bash me all you want =) but I don’t care what you have to say to justify yourselves. I know that what you are doing is wrong and that most of you are cowards. Yup, you are cowards! Mmmm, chew on that one for a while. So bash away but rest assured that it doesn’t bother me one bit. Your veil of cowardliness just makes you seem even more like a jackass to me and the many others who just dismiss your stupid posts. =))))) Extra smiley face!!

Schae on

What these people mentioned above need to realize that it’s Kim who puts herself out there like this. She doesn’t look too bad in the red lace dress in the middle picture or in the black and white dress with the black fringe vest on the right. But the thing is that Kim is the one who continuously puts herself out there like she does and the comments that people are going to make comes with the territory. As ?? stated, she’s a media whore. She’s going to be criticized no matter what she does and if she doesn’t like it, then Kim shouldn’t put herself out there like she does.

Bethany Rich on

I agree with Mika, if she doesn’t want haters she needs to start dressing with some class, take tips for Kate Middleton, a princess for goodness sake. This is someone to look up to not someone who goes and gets pregnant while married to someone else real classy(not). Its what you get for using someone to have your wedding ceremony on tv whether you love them or not. Kris Humphries has my support, you get all the negativity you deserve.

Anonymous on

To demean someone during a time like this in their life is HORRIBLE. She has another human being growing inside of her, and I think she looks wonderful! ***Let’s remember, she has another human growing inside of her. Celeb or not… we should be kind to one another. HAVE A HEART!

Punkie on

Exactly Mika! If it’s so wrong then why is “Fashion Police” such a hit show!

KarenB on

I think she looks like an idiot! Other pregnant women have managed to dress classy,sexy,fun and have done a damn good job of it. She wants to dress like she isn’t pregnant and it makes her look hideous!

JanieB on

Kim dresses terrible, pregnant or not. She wants the attention. I feel sorry for her baby. Who wants a mother who acts and dresses like Kim does? She got pregnant with one man while she was married to someone else!! This is not OK!
She needs to grow up and be respectable.

BL on

While I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s, I AM disgusted by this publication and others that fixate on women’s appearance and weight during pregnancy and celebrate those woman who look like they were never pregnant two weeks after birth, or publicize those woman who take longer to lose pregnancy weight. So many of these low-weight, pregnant women in the spotlight have eating disorders to begin with, so what kind of message does this send to normal pregnant women?

itsallgoodnroanoke on

They are NOT TALKING about her dress code AS SUCH! People are TALKING about the MISSING DADDY! See, NOW THE PREGNANT 72 DAY MARRAGE BITCH feels the LAUGHTER! KARMA! LOL you think YOU have him, we KNOW if HE LOVES YOU! WHY, OH WHY isn’t he WITH YOU AT THIS TIME!

JanieB on

Kim is white trash. Acts like it and dresses like it!

Anonymous on

She dresses cute…don’t you suppose to gain weight when your with child?…Hollywood is something else

olhussy on

STARS??? What stars? The remarks on here are from second rate wannabe’s, must be friend’s of the Cow… Why do you people keep trying to cram the “Porn Star” down our throats, put an article in here about “Somebody” Ms Thang and her family are NOTHING…. Do you know what Trash is? Well if you don’t, your magazine reeks of it and I won’t buy another with her or her family’s name in it……. The Moral’s of your magazine leave much to be desired….

Deesker on

I think who cares what these people have to say? Kim K. is a media wh***. End of story.

Donna on

She can dress any way she wants, but if you our yourself out there as a fashion icon you can expect comments on your fashion. No one should be commenting on her weight, but she has dressed in some ugly and I’ll fitting clothes since becoming pregnant.

smartgirltoo on

It is not the pregnancy I make fun off, it is the stylist who dresses her, the designer who makes these so called maternity clothes for her. There just terrible and do not flatter her at ALL

Biter on

Honestly, she should never be critized for what she wears or her weight. I’d say all the negative people on here are hypocrites. Exposing your thongs or carpenter cracks when you sit down or bind over puts you in the same boat as some where wearing a shear outfit. What I think is offense is when people who go to walmart in their night gown or spandex and blind my children’s eyes.

People who are offended by Kim are those who are jealous if her. Who want to beat her down so they can feel better than her. Get over yourselves people.

liz on

What is puzzling to me, these ppl. Talks about bulling, and they are doing the same thing and worse, I know this is the way they make their money, but come on, lighten up a bit. Find something else to pest about. Enough is enough, ppl. Must know when to stop. Yea, yea, free speech, but everything have a limit. Wear whatever you want K.K

tina on

As I read all these posts, I see some many people jealous as hell of a fine beauty that became famous because she looks good which no of you can do… I laugh cause shes fine and got a lot of good looking guy on her shit and most of yall raggedy ass busted bum bitches can’t get nothing or no one for that matter so stop fucking hating on go get a make over of something maybe you would start feeling good about yourself… yall really can’t say nothing about yourself post your picture lets see what the hell yall look like (shit) i bet

liz on

What is puzzling to me they speaks of bullying an they are doing the same thing, leave K.K alone, yea, yea, free speech, but everything has a limit. We must know when to stop.

liz on

Leave K .K. alone, everything have a limit, enough is enough.

Eve 0305 on

Love you Kim K! I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and have fun with your baby when it comes! Ignore all these really negative people! Kindness always wins!

itsallgoodnroanoke on

Where is the Man! Missing in action! MMM, Is it a KARMA!

lydiaferguson on

Kim deal with it and suck it up . girl get some balls and tell people to fxxx off and stop your crying be a big girl keep your head up brace your beautiful body and before you know it you’ll be holding that beautiful baby;,)

elaine stenzel on

Its a wonderful time for Kim,don’t you jealous and catty people try to ruin it for her.She looks radiant.

Angie on

I’m not sure I understand. So, because she’s in the public eye, it’s perfectly acceptable to mock her weight gain (it’s not so much weight gain as it is SHE’S GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING INSIDE HER BODY, PEOPLE) and begrudge her style of clothes, which has always been very fashion forward and risque? Did people really think she would stop being Kim just because she got pregnant? So ridiculous. Definitely a case of haterade going on here. She looks mad cute.

Ann on

She is free to wear she wants but at the same time if she doesn’t want any negative comments then she should avoid being in the spotlight all the time……some of the things she wears is tacky so lets keep it real, people……

Anonymous on

Trashy is trashy and no matter how many celebs come out that’s just a fact. You can dress nicely and in fashion without looking like that. You can also embrace being a pregnant woman who loves her body without looking like she does and wearing clothes so tight you can see the baby move. Get real with those comments. If she doen;t want to be talked about dress better or stay in the house.

Alayna on

This makes me so happy that other stars are coming to her defense. It really bothers me how the media, bloggers and society puts her down. She has a doctor and if her doctor says her outfits aren’t hurting the baby than why the heck should we care?? Bashing someone’s fashion? A whole new low- and the people who tend to put her down are most likely only doing so b/c they have some kind of negativity in their life and something is missing. I follow the old rule that we all learned when we were little “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”!!!

Steph on

It is wrong to criticize her weight gain. Every woman gains some weight while being pregnant. That is between her and her doctor. Right now, she is getting exactly what she wants….publicity. She doesn’t care what kind as long as her name is out there. That is the problem I have with her (and her whole family). They are media whores that just won’t go away. I don’t care what she wears. If she thinks she looks good, so be it. Who am I or anyone else to judge her? I

Sol on

Haters will always hate, there’s no point on judging a person for the color of their skin, body shape or religion. Carry on Kim! she looks the way as a pregnant woman should look and it’s nobody’s business how she dresses, puts make up or the way she chooses to live her life. For all the haters…. GET A LIFE!!!

ceecee on

To Kim’s credit, she handles it well. At a time when a lot of women want to just stay in and hide, she’s putting on what she likes wearing and getting out there. She keeps a pretty good attitude through all the insults. Good for her.

Anonymous on

She can walk around in a loin cloth and nipple stickers if she wants for all I care, so long as she’s not hurting anyone. She’s just another person like the rest of us who can do whatever she wants.

jam on

Who cares what she wears? How does her appearance affect your life? If mika doesn’t like her or her appearance than perhaps mika should find a hobby that doesn’t include looking at or reading pics/articles of KIm K. IF you don’t like what you see change the channel.

Guest on

a woman’s body isn’t public property…unless they do everything in their power to make money off of it… she’s set herself up for the criticism so she needs to take it.

susan on

I’ll say it again…..WHAT STYLE?

Rob on

Perhaps people would be less mean to Kim Trashian if she was a nicer, caring person who did crave attention!

Sierra on

They did the same freaking thing to Jessica SImpson and I think its such a low thing to do. It’s her first pregnancy give her a chance to learn from it. All I can say is at the end big or not they will have a bundle of joy that made it all worth it. What do the critics get? Satisfaction for trashing a pregnant woman? Wow hmmm I don’t know who wins there?hahaha get a life! if you hate her then don’t read the stories.

Flipper on

i agree, i think most of kims stuff is very pretty on here and so what do you have to roll over and die because you gain weight while pregnant, your SUPPOSED to gain weight, id be more concerned with the princess who doesnt look like shes gained a pound yet –

Windy on

Back off from Kim K. If she wants to dress like she had to squeeze herself into her clothes, then thats her choice. Besides who are we to judge? None of us know her personally.

Kirstib8s on

For those of you still trashing this woman: did you not understand the article at all?! I am no fan of KK, but all women should support each other during pregnancy and stop discussing weight. We all carry pregnancy differently and nobody should have to defend the size of their body while carrying a child…

crystal bristol on

I think she sets herself up for the criticism. She looks like a whore. and people are just being nice. she has a pretty face but she’s vain. She looks horrible for dressing like that. she needs to take a break and realize its not about her. honestly nobody cares about her like that. she needs to take a break and then come back and do something positive. i doubt that will ever happen. she will just attempt to pimp out the baby. and she is huge them hips spread so wide and its not cute she will have a hard time getting back that baby. and stretch marks..lets not even go there boo. good luck tracy.. we know you gotta get paid so your being nice but lets be real she is no gwen!

Anonymous on

get off her dick. shes a horrible example. yall jock her like this is appropriate behavior and shit. she is wack. tell her the truth. look at the people letting her out the house like this. be honest and tell her she looks horrible. put on so clothes that flatter your pregnant figure. Like the rest of the preggo women around the world. stop givin this hoe a pass

Kristin on

For a personal trainer to encourage a pregnant woman to “Gain the weight — who cares? — I can get you back better than ever” is not only trying to be popular by jumping on the defending Kim bandwagon, but also potentially dangerous. Being pregnant doesn’t give you carte blanche to eat all you want or gain as much weight as you can. Instead gaining too much weight is unhealthy for the mother and baby and causes other issues later on. As for how Kim has chosen to dress, she made herself famous with a sex tape; who really thinks conceiving a child with one man while you’re still married to another would make her wear anything more appropriate than she ever did before?

jennrae on

One, the celebrities are defending the right to be pregnant and not be criticized for your weight, not necessarily Kim Kardashian, but if they were, the only reason they aren’t expressing what a skank-ho she is is because it would be bad for their own images.

Two, I’ve never liked KK, but I’ve always thought she was pretty. Even with all the injections and filler and lip plumper she shoots in her face, but whatever she’s done most recently to her nose and lips has permanently ruined her face. There’s no going back now. She’s going to be trying to reconstruct her old nose for the rest of her life, a la Michael Jackson. Why why WHY can’t pretty women be happy with pretty?

Three, I have no doubt that the subject of her weight and the clothes she wears and the subsequent entertainment articles regarding both as well as user comments has been orchestrated as a plot point on her “reality” show. There will be tears, Kim will express how she can’t understand the public’s vitriol for a pregnant Kardashian and how hard it is to be her.

Last, this woman, you guys…she is awful. She is the reason if you ask young people today what they want to be when they grow up they say how they want their own perfume or bag lines. These are not real careers. And let’s be real. I’m sure Kim Kardashian would prefer “press” that is flattering, but the reason it isn’t is because she will never have a legitimate career as long as it’s rooted in the size of her behind, and she continues to sell-out moments of her life which are meant to be special. The truth of the matter is, she could make these negative comments go away and she wouldn’t even have to step out of the limelight, although that is what most of us would prefer. Her camp leaks this crap to the press, maybe not all of it, but most of it because she wants to be relevant. That is the bottom line. She’d rather people talk about her negatively than not at all because that’s how she makes money.
And I’m sorry, but I can’t get over her nose job. She looks like she’s permanently flaring her nostrils.

dj on

As a young black male attracted to women…I used to like her i thought id hit that shes bad. but shes never been a woman i would want to wife or impregnate. she’s on id like to smash in the past. i dont get why some of yall defending her. grow up america. shes a joke. shes got no brains and no real things to be admired besides her body and what can go inside her. no that she has a child growing inside her…shes proving the point that shes nothing more than an object. still trying to portray sexy…instead of embracing the changes it brings shes a cry baby complaing about all that comes with it..bitch duh thats what happens when your pregnant. I have sisters friends and a mother. Stop bitching quit trying to be cute and be a role model. You are going to be a mother..nobody wants to smash anymore…1..everyone already hit it. 2..your gonna be a mom..the allure and appeal is done. Kanye even over it. Time for the paps to start payin a new chic to show up where they at. we are over you and your beasty outfits. we dont care anymore. and people.com you are more relevant than to stay on kim k level. get your life. speak on more worthy people.

Ladybug on

My level of disgust for her has nothing to do with the
way she looks. She is simply trashy and self-absorbed
to the max. I feel sorry for that baby.

UGH on

I think she looks beautiful I wish I was able to wear the outfits she wears with the confidence she has. Get over it people.

ST on

People are just plain mean, they always have been, mean and dismissive, but the internet, everyone can clearly see hateful people are. I don’t care for any of these people, but the hateful comments, and things people say, are so horrible that bothers me worse then anything any of these family members do. They only associate with a very small percent of the population, the people doing the evil ranting are all over the place, now that’s scary!

suzy diamond on

Wah,WAH,Wah….cry me a river…………ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK, KIM!!!!!!!!

Susie on

I think all women should support each other pregnant or not…… hands off to other women’s husbands as well (take note angelina Jolie)

Anonymous on

Unfortunately this is one of the consequences when you base your “career” on how you look.

purplekam on

How will our young people ever learn NOT TO BE BULLIES when most of you commenting here are. If adults do not set a good example who will our children learn from. Most of you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

What??? on

So she chooses to whore herself out to any and every media event there is but now that she’s preggers she wants privacy…not…she is still hitting the circuit in bedazzled tight, messes so fair game or disappear!

April on

she looks trashy…all the time..she makes herself look very unflattering by wearing the skin tight outfits

BuckysMom on

Don’t listen to the haters, you have always been beautiful and are even more so now that you are pregnant.

Internet bullies need to knock it off, very uncool.

j on

you people supporting her need to get a life. she chose the life she leads, she needs to suck it up and deal with it. she makes her own choices and the last time i checked, this is a free country and we are allowed to say how we feel. don’t be telling people their opinions are wrong just because you think your opinions are right. get over yourselves. boo hoo for her.

S on

To the people who say that Kim- and other celebrities for that matter- have invited this sort of thing and therefore deserve it… that’s an awful lot like saying that woman who was raped asked for it (and therefore deserves it) because of what she wore.

People, don’t let common decency depend on what someone else does or doesn’t do. If that’s your tactic, you’re looking in the wrong direction for a solution.

ten-z on

Good for these outspoken womenl! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but not always easy when one is subjected to cruel and unfair criticism.

Jill B on

No one is criticizing Kim K’s pregnancy or weight gain. We criticize her poor, poor, poor fashion choices. Princess Catherine is pregnant and gaining weight as well but do you hear anyone critique her clothes?

Jane on

It’s sad society we live in, but women love hating/criticizing other women.

Linda S. Miller on

It’s not about the weight gain,it’s about her dressing like she wants to pretend nothings changed. There are so many beautiful maternity options. I would think even more available in her price range!

Patti on

I think what the “real” issue is that everything KK does she attracts attention good or bad. But she has this way about her where she is constantly whining about the attention & opinions she draws to herself. Put the bandage dresses back in the closet-get comfortable & relax-you can still look nice or sexy with a toned down maternity wardrobe-I don’t know I hate how she seems to need to be seen in the photographer’s site.

Grace on

For some reason, I thought that it was bad for a pregnant woman to wear high heels in her pregnancy. Especially if she was in her second or third trimester. Is that true or is that simply a myth? Just wondering…….

Nicole on

Hey, the woman became famous for showing her vagina to the whole world and getting knocked up from behind. That’s what it takes to become famous today. She and her whole family are disgusting and I don’t know what kind of man would want to be with this slut.

guest on

fat AND ugly!

HockeyMom on

Kim should take some lessons from Kortney on how to dress. Her clothing even before pregnancy was less than flattering. Kim has no one to blame except herself and her mother for all the media attention. She has done everything in her power to gain it. Suck it up buttercup. Don’t want the attention, don’t put yourself out there.

Christine on

wah wah wah – poor kimmy k. Here’s a thought – where clothes that were designed to fit for when you are fat because of pregnancy. Instead she looks like a ridiculous sausage. Shoved into clothes that looks like she’s about to go swing on a pole 24 hours a day. It’s not sexy – it looks awful. This pig loves the attention. It’s never enough for her – so let’s not pretend we dont know what’s going on here. I think it’s hilarious that people actually make statements on here about people being “haters”. Really? Hating on what – a n oversize beached whale trying to look like she’s 110lbs. Please stop already.

lauren on

People are so nasty and mean for no reason. Take a good look at yourself before calling a pregnant! Woman names. Even if you don’t like her…get a freaking life and worry about your own. Its clear why the world is falling apart….people are nasty and rude just because they can be. Do you really feel better about your self now?

Maddie on

I could care less what she wears…the lack of morals however, that I have serious issue with. Being married and getting pregnant publicly by another guy…that shows seriously lack of morals, values and really poor judgement.

Cait on

She can wear whatever she wants, but, I’m sorry, the Gloria Steinem quote is cracking me up. She’s totally right; women’s bodies should be seen as instruments instead of ornaments, but I do not think that quote applies to Kim Kardashian. That woman has tailored a career around being vain and vapid and an object of lust.

maria on

Fine she can dress as she pleases and gain as much weight as she can, but when she the baby she shouldn’t be allowed to make any money of however she sheds the lbs. If she makes her money of liliving in the public eye with reality tv then expect the critics. Oh and the other call celebs and pregnant women saying its sacred to be pregnant, please ladies stop being so smug.

Anonymous on

Gotta agree with the moms on this one but regardless Kim K is a whore and her show should have ended a long time ago.

Anonymous on

Fine…then dont leave yourself open for the truth…I agree woman should support other woman but we also need to be honest otherwise things wont change…she look BADDDDD

demetri on

while i agree with the comments. HOWEVER, KIM does hate being pregnant, while other ladies love it, she hates it, and her vanity what has gotten her all the criticism. Being pregnant is beautiful but she does hate because of her weight gain, i dont think any of these celebs know how vain and shallow kim k is, after all, these ladies have real talent, and got where they are because of that,…while Kim… well you know… her sex tape and all.
case close, kim is an attention wh0re.

GoT geek on

Lets just face it- the fact we are even talking about Kim K is problem enough

Sharon on

Did you all attack the star when they had their pregnancy hanging out for all to see on the beach in little bikinis. Y’all are just so jealous you stink. If Kim is a media whore than what are the rest of you……..comment whores. Mind your own backyards and when y’all are perfect than please feel free to talk about people.

T on

It’s not her weight gain that people are criticizing, it’s her complete lack of knowledge on how to dress in a flattering way. She makes herself look like a house by dressing really badly. She has no taste when it comes to maternity style.

Kimberly evan on

@ all you haters , yeah you too Mila, She’s pregnant, and yes common sense would say , yes you gain weight. Kim K loves her body and clothes. Jealousy seems to be your only reasoning. Let her be and enjoy this time , when it should be special. Good day and keep up your beauty Kim K 💖

Sharon on

I would hate to be friends with most of you on here. You are all so mean and have ugly hearts. You are also so jealous that is just eats you up. If you don’t like something didn’t your mama’s tell you to not say anything? You say that Kim is a media whole, well…..y’all are comment whores. Why don’t you comment on the bellies hanging out on the beach when they are pregnant. Y’all need to get some lives.

Sandra on

People kill me with this dress more appropriately crap…More appropriately for who…You????? If she is cool with it why do you have a problem with it?

mimsy on

Please.. Gwyneth &Traci are probably laughing at Kim every time she comes to Traci’s Pilate’s studio!!.. She looks awful trying to wear tight clothes

tammy on

kim kartrashian deserves every ounce of criticism she gets. she dresses like a plus size hooker while pregnant not a fan of her’s she’s trash.

Guest on

I think People should do an article that makes women aware of pregnancy weight gain guidelines rather than focus on one pregnant women’s pregnancy style. More than half pregnant women gain more than the Institute of Medicine guidelines (which is 25-35 pounds) which predisposes their infants to obesity later in life. This has contributed to the rise in pediatric obesity.

MzScorpioX on

She’s pregnant , weight comes with pregnancy…but the fact how she sat there complaining about being pregnant right next to her sister that is trying so hard to be pregnant, just disgusted me….and maybe if she found more comfortable clothes and actually enjoyed her pregnancy she wouldnt look/feel miserable all the time.

dudley doright on

C’mon, it’s not about her clothes or being pregnant. Alot of people just don’t like her. That’s it and that’s all.

Dian on

The Kardashian trailer trash chose to put themselves in the spotlight, especially this one! If she doesn’t (or the others don’t) want comments being made, stay the H home -or- wear more suitable looking attire. I agree with ?? — she is a media whore. Who will she nab after Kanye’s finished?

Cowgirl on

Don’t be fooled by this BS. Kim LOVES the publicity. The pregnancy keeps her in the limelight for another 15 minutes. Poor thing, she’s still trying to be famous for something.

Anonymous on

But its not her weight, its the style she chooses? Her style is NOT chic at all, right?

Bluejeans on

So thankful to these women who stepped forward to defend a pregnant woman. Finally, some decency.

Shonda on

It does not matter what someone wears. If she feels confident and beautiful in what she wears that is great. Good for her for not wearing what someone else thinks she “SHOULD” be wearing. If she is healthy and her baby is healthy that is all that matters. Who are YOU to judge what someone does or does wear? She has been put down because of the weight she has gained on so many magazines and that is not fair. I think she is BEAUTIFUL

really? on

Really? I wouldn’t have guessed Gweneth believed in God. I’m impressed.

Kim does have a beautiful face… but… who cares? she lives in an altered reality, and has no moral compass to speak of. I know, I’m as guilty as the next guy reading about her… but it’s like the car crash you just can’t help looking at.

Cinder Lou on

Again, these so-callebrities are missing the point. No one is criticizing Kim for gaining weight during pregnancy; obviously, that happens. What they should be addressing (as we are) is the way she wears ill-fitting and unflattering clothes, although she can certainly afford to dress appropriately. Just another observation that all the money in the world does not buy class.

Renee on

I could not give a hoot about her weight, nor could most people, I am just sick of seeing her BUTT on display! If she and the DB she wants to spend her life with want to parade around for all the world to see that is certainly their choice. For me personally I would muchprefer to see less of her tush. I love looking at what she wears! She is a beautiful woman who has very poor taste in men (my opinion, I am entitled to that) but if he is the fashion expert he pretends to be, why not dress her with less of the junk showing in the trunk.

suzy diamond on

Wah, Wah, Wah, Cry a river Kim….ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!

Melissa on

You ladies are trashing her are absolute Hypocrite’s!

Kassy on

Ugh…. the thing that irritates me most about today’s culture is the belief that just because you have the ability to post a hateful comment doesn’t mean you should. You people have easy access to bash on people and tear them down, so you feel that it’s within your right to do so. You have no idea how mean, horrible and uneducated you all sound when you tear her down for a “see through” skirt. Seriously, from the front, without all those crazy powerful camera flashes, that outfit is brilliant. But CAMERA FLASHES from the MEDIA HOUNDING HER demonstrated that skirt wasn’t exactly pap friendly. Big deal…

I love that celebs are speaking out in support of her. She has handled difficult situations gracefully and I admire her spirit and class. And the haters are just people who will never make it as good as she has so they’re jealous. Careful… your closemindedness is showing… and it’s ugly.

lauralee on

If you make her and alllllllllllllllllll the ‘KARDASHIANS’ go away for good I promise not to make fun of her anymore ! We all know that is not gonna happen soooooooooooooo…………here piggy , piggy ,here piggy piggy!

lauralee on

STYLE .VS. STYLESS…………………… We the public win S-T-Y-L-E-SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia on

What a hoot. She dresses like she does so people will talk. If she didn’t want the attention, and Kim loves attention – even negative, then she wouldn’t wear clothes that MAKE her look heavier than she is because they don’t fit anymore. I support women and hate that people are mean about weight gain, but it’s not Kim’s weight, its her style.

cruisinid on

Supporting Kim because she is pregnant is like supporting two people because they are making love– there is an appropriate time and place as is Kim’s attire. The pics you’ve selected to share of Kim have her covered up and looking professional– THAT is rare, and those are not the clothes that people are talking about. If she decides to go out with her hemline at her crotch and breasts hanging out then nobody needs to “defend” her; she’s quite aware of what she is doing and the response she’ll receive. As for the weight gain.. we all know she’s intentionally packing on the pounds to do a weight loss endorsement when she’s done. She’s not stupid, just manipulative.

Deb on

Who cares?

Erin on

“Media whore? Keep your butt at home? Where something else? Are you people kidding me? Yes she is in the spotlight. Yes the media is hounding her. Why do you think the media is going after her so hard.”
@Melle. I’m not cool with people attacking a celebrity putting on weight but the fact is she IS a media whore, she is the epitome of one. Do you not know how she got famous? The girls pimp themselves out for anything and everything. She pretty much got married just for the attention. Lets not pretend she’s a celebrity who is famous for a talent whether it be singing/acting etc and just do their job who are then hounded mercilessly by the media. The Kardashians actually court the media. With the good you get the bad. She can’t expect to be paid to attend lavish envelope openings in tight see-through dresses yet choose to be exempt for ridicule.

Missy on

She is a whore. Let’s get married for 72 days and then dump him to move on with nasty Kanye!!!! Can you say SKANK? I am so glad she isn’t with Reggie. He deserves and got so much more without her!!!!

Mandy on

She has no fashion sense even when she isn’t pregnant. She needs a stylist because she doesn’t make good choices. I really could care less how much weight she gains. She’s the one who is going to have to lose it, not me.

Kathryn on

She has the god given right to wear what she wants when she wants. If you dont like it stop looking. And while you are at it stop being judgmental asshats. Grow the hell up people and stop acting like you get to treat her like garbage because you dont like her. Imagine if god judged YOU this harshly!

Danielle on

Kim needs to stay home and take care of herself……Why she is always parading the streets up and down every single day…..?

kaka on

i like kim k, lets hope her baby looks more like her than kanye…
i think its interesting that she made a huge thing out of so lil.. i mean, so big is her butt, but.. i mean.. a lot fo women have big butts too.. hahahaha

kaka on

i used to watch her show and she didnt exercise much and used to eat whatever.. i mena, not whatever, but a lil of whatever;; she doesnt live on diets.. which i think is the way to go, and its expected to gain weight because of this style of living hahahah.. plus.. th thing is. have 2 o 3 babues, than take pills not to eat.. becaus eu cant take pills when u r making life.. so.. u can, but its not healthy ewww.. poor babies.. anyways..

Susan on

And every single woman who ‘defended here’ missed the point. People aren’t talking so much about Kim’s weight, but that she dresses like she’s still trying to get herself knocked up. Tone it down and have some class, woman.

Carrieesq on

The day everyone stops talking about her is the day that she and the rest of her family will need to get real jobs.

Guest on

What? Really? I don’t really care what any celebrity wears, but if you’re in the spotlight, people are going to talk. Now her weight gain doesn’t bother me, it’s the way she shows her underwear in a sheer dresses. Even if she wasn’t pregnant-it’s not appropriate!

Jenn on

Last time I checked women are suppose to gain weight while pregnant. As far as her being a “media whore” well it sucked everyone on here to comment. She knows how to play it. Those who live in glass houses…..

Loretta on

they are no bodies who want to see there names on the web,as for Kim cover your ass, seen it more times than my own.You get respect when given and she does not give it,be a role model not a media junkie.

Melli on

I am so tired of how we are supposed to be so amazed when a celebrity becomes pregnant. As if it’s some rare occurrence in the universe.
As for Kim, she is just dressing like she would before she was pregnant. This is nothing new and it’s definitely not anything newsworthy.

Anonymous on

I understand we shouldn’t judge her because she’s pregnant but we wouldn’t have a reason if she would stop dressing in skin tight clothes. Atleast dress like your pregnant.

tammey pipkin on

I really don’t like kim Kardashiasn from what I have seen of her she is really selfish and self centered spoiled little rich girl I have no idea why anyone would even care what she wore!

Debs on

Kim is hideous not in just the way she looks but what she is..a media whore just like her mother.

Mom Of Twins on

There are some really nice maternity clothing lines out there, she should at least give them a try.

Dana on

If she wants to be left alone she should not be on any media outlet imagine, on our faces at all time. She should leave a private life!
She should quit comparing herself with duchess of Cambridge and post picture side by side (that does not help her case)!
Well after these things are accomplished I will vote to be left alone.

Get Real on

Where were all these folks when Jessica Simpson was being slammed during her first pregnancy? The complaint about Kk is that she HASN’T embraced this pregancy herself until recently, but still tries to where the clothes she wore before (See through dress- come on- how many pregnant ladies think that looks good?
If she doesn’t want to be noticed, stop sending notices. SHE releases pics on instagram, twitter etc herself. You want to do something under the radar…be under the radar. Alot of the celebrities do maintain some privacy-ask them how if you don’t know KK.

Cheryl on

Yay!!! I’m so glad this high profile women are coming to Kim’s defense. I am not a Kim K fan, necessarily, but as a woman, I am outraged at the vitriolic and cruel comments about her weight and style. I think she looks amazing and dresses beautifully. The public has no problem with certain celebrities posing nude and pregnant, and showing up on the red carpet half-dressed and pregnant! I think the resentment of Kim’s personal life as crossed over into violating boundaries that should have all women offended and defending her.

nacho mamma on

Stop dressing like a trampy whore when you are pregnant and perhaps people will stop talking about your wardrobe. She looks horrible in every single one of those pictures.

nojudgment on

Seriously? What weight gain? She’s all belly! People expect pregnant women to look like Kate Moss when their expecting. Whats more, when a woman is pregnant, their emotions change and they take on different things change. Let the poor woman wear whatever she wants! She doesn’t need this negativity when she’s carrying another life form inside of her. We probably haven’t heard anything from her about the negative comments because she’s smart enough not to look at them! Lay off, and Shut up Mika.

donnatex on

All that weight has to be from the baby’s head and butt…big head like daddy and big butt like mommy.

sad on

isn’t the media reporting & ALL the negative the comments on here the “CYBER BULLING” we are trying to teach our kids NOT todo??? just saying……..

Joy on

Her weight isn’t the issue it’s her inability to let go of the sex kitty image and dress like a normal pregnant lady!

Rosa on

I think Kim just needs to dress appropriately for her body, it just seems as though she is trying to still dress like she was before she got pregnant. She can still be fashionable while pregnant and definitely embrace her growing belly. Half her outfits don’t seem to be very comfortable and that’s something very important when expecting! She’s a beautiful woman, and glowing but she needs to not be concerned with the social media and critics picking at her fashion choices,

dancer92136 on

I agree that for whatever reason…people are mean and just plain rude to Kim Kardashian. I actually feel sorry for her at this point

star on

I don’t understand the hoopla about her panties being visible through her dress. Paparazzi constantly follows this girl in her bikini and everything else. Many people know what her body looks like. She’s had a sex take out. So what. Leave it alone. Many girls wear see through garments in the streets and clubs. Its so hypocritical.

visitor on

BARF!!! The whole Kar-Trashian clan is all about publicity. They don’t do one thing without wondering how it can get their faces or fat asses in the public eye. Nothing is sacred to them…NOTHING!!!

I don’t think women are trashing Kim for her weight gain as that’s a natural thing when pregnant. It’s her horrible taste in fashion, men & lifestyle they’re trashing!!!

When someone can tell me how this person & her family are famous & for what I might possibly be supportive of her/them. But to me if your Dad was one of the lawyers that got a murder off, then that’s nothing to be proud of or celebrated. They should be ashamed!!


Are you kidding me? She’s a fame/attention whore who needs to be the hightlight of the day every day. She makes sure she has the press follow her around 24/7 just so they can report on her. If she doesn’t want the attention then stop parading around in the spot light,she can’t stop so boo hoo – get over it she loves any attention she gets!

Bella Mama on

who cares how much weight she has gained? women, we need to support one another.. too much energy is spent knocking each down.. sad..

Anonymous on

Maybe if she would stop doing interviews and making dumb comments about her weight and the baby we wouldnt have such a low opinion of her.

Gina on

I don’t hate Kim (or anyone else for that matter). However, she has proven that she has NO CLASS and hasn’t a clue how to dress.

JustSayin on

Oh please. Cry me a river KK. You are a media wh0re and this is what happens. You got knocked up while married to someone who is not your husband who you married for ratings. Now you are entrenched in legal battles for the fraudulent marriage while you flaunt your disgustingness. No one really cares that you are gaining weight with your pregnancy. It is just that everyone, including the media, are sickened by you and don’t think you deserve any slack even while pregnant

Jenn on

It never ceases to amaze me how judgemental we women are towards one another. Instead of building each other up we tear one another down. Live and let live.

Tina on

OMG! This article is sooo laughable. Let’s look clearly at these “celebs” who are coming to KimK.’s defense. Let’s see, we’ve got a couple of ‘models’ saying that people shouldn’t be judged because of their looks (hypocrits). We’ve got another pregnant woman, who obviously would be very sympathetic under the circumstances. We’ve got a personal trainer, who would love to get her hands on Kim after the baby and make a big/bigger name for herself. Gloria Steinem, who needs to be on some quest of some sort to be relevant. And, Gwyneth Paltrow.

CS on

If we’re going to focus on anything negative…maybe it should be the fact that she was married to one guy and pregnant with another.

WhiteLily30 on

It’s never healthy to gain a LOT of weight during pregnancy, it can lead to serious complications! I am not speaking from a vanity point of view, but a health one. I am not critisizing Kim or saying that she’s unhealthy for the amount of weight she’s gained. In fact, the amount of time she spends working out at the gym is impressive and shows that she’s dedicated to a healthy pregnancy. She is naturally very curvy and pregnancy has caused her curves to look rather extreme right now, that’s all. But to all those who feel it’s okay for a pregnant woman to use her condition as an excuse to throw caution to the wind, eat excessive amounts of food and disregard any notion of keeping oneself at a healthy weight – that is an extremely bad idea! Doing so can lead to health problems that don’t go away after the baby is born, which is a harsh price to pay for 9 months of self-indulgence.
As for Kim’s choice of maternity wear…it’s obvious that she’s not willing to give up the idea of being sexy just yet – with all the skin tight dresses, leather pants and see-through outfits she’s been squeezing herself into. She said that pregnancy has been painful, but that might have a lot to do with the fact that she never let’s her body breathe or rest! I would have been in constant pain too, when I was pregnant, if I stuffed my growing belly into leather skirts and tight dresses, and then kept up a constant schedule of flight travel. I feel bad for her, honestly. She can’t let go of her sex symbol status for 9 months, even to enjoy her pregnancy 😦 She must be exhausted, trying to keep up with her old lifestyle, and it’s sad to watch 😦

Anonymous on

Wow, Kim is huge!

Dana on

I think it is totally wrong to make fun of the amount of weight a woman gains when she is pregnant. Look at Jessica Simpson though. The media hounded her about her weight gain when she was pregnant with her daughter. The problem I have with Kim Kardashian is how she has been dressing while she is pregnant. I know that she probably has a stylist who can dress her much better. Like so many other posters have mentioned, Kim K is NOT an actress. She is just well known because of who her dad was and her infamous sex tape. IMO the whole family is nothing but TRASH and MEDIA WHORES with the exception of Bruce. Kim has probably already sold the pictures of her baby to a magazine because she cannot stand not being in the spotlight. She needs to take maternity dressing lessons from Duchess Kate!!

Anonymous on

These stars can defend Kim K all they want, but she dressed in rather too short, too tight for maternity clothes. Of course when you have an small brain that can only focus on one thing, yourself, I guess the clothes have to match the size of that brain.

Sarah on

I agree that we should leave her alone – I mean completely. And not just while she’s pregnant. Stop writing about her, taking pictures of her, caring about anything she does. Just everybody leave her alone.

Ramy on

I just feel sorry for the kid….she’s going to make a horrible mother. She’s so self-centered.

Mom Of Twins on

You think she’d learned some maturnity tips from Kourtney. There’s some really nice maturnity clothing out there, at least give it a try. You just might like what you see.

Kelly on

People are upset because ..really what is she famous for? A sex tape and some seriuos BS and I cannot stand someone who wears fur!!!!! For the person that likens this to rape. Really???…because you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

Alli on

Anyone criticizing someone is sad. Anyone criticizing someone they don’t know is pathetic. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Seriously on

I looked like a moose when I was pregnant so I can sympathize. But let’s get real here, the problem isn’t that she’s pregnant. That family is so darn unlikable and undeserving that it’s just another reason to flame her and them. She wears skin-tight garments that accentuates her weight gain and given her constant need for media attention, it certainly doesn’t help the backlash.

Party*of*5 on

I agree with all of the women in this article EXCEPT Gloria Steinem. What a too-serious hag. Yes, our bodies aren’t public property, but those people who want to touch a pregnant belly have NO ill intent. They think it’s a precious thing and they appreciate what that pregnant woman is going through. Personally, I never minded if someone touched my belly but I know people who do mind; the difference is, they’re not ANGRY, like Gloria is. The “belly touchers” should just ask first. Keep on rockin’ it, Kim. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

bethany on

This is the only article about Kim K I could actually respect. Almost all of these comments are exactly the reason why women dont feel beautiful. Stop hating eachother. No, I cant stand the Kardashians but no one should be making fun of a pregnant woman. Social media is a huge monster of jealous women commenting on what “They think”. Leave people alone.

DD on

I am impressed that others from show business are speaking nicely about Kim K. I really don’t understand why you judge someone you have never met and will never meet in your entire pathetic existence. I pray she and her unborn child are happy and healthy despite what she wears in public. If you don’t like what the fuck she does in her life, look the other way.

Anonymous on

Love you Kim!!!You look great! Ignore the hated!

Christina on

She shouldnt have to wear maternity clothes but seriously her choice of clothing is ridiculous. Im almost 8 monthes pregnant. I know everybody is different but i know those clothes are not comphy. Her clothing isnt just unflattering to her weight gain but theyre ugly

Caragon on

She’s gross no matter what she wears

Anonymous on

stay away from the spot light Kim & start wearing maternity dress – not super tight outfits that don’t fit

Morgan on

I’m pretty sure she doesnt want to be left alone..how else is she going to keep her fame??
The more she is talked about, good or bad, the more publicity for her.
This chick has so much money, she could care less what people say and think.

Morgan on

Im pretty sure she doesnt want to be left alone…Bad press is better than none. As long as she keeps the media and people talking…
this chick has so much money, made from media attention…thats her job.

Paula on

She needs to start dressing in clothes that look like she didn’t have to jump off a roof to get into. Some of the stuff she wears doesn’t even look comfortable, more like restricting. Start dressing in something that doesn’t cling to your body and maybe people will quit criticizing!

Nellie on

I think it was seeing the thong that has everyone’s panties in a bunch. Pregnant or not we didn’t enjoy seeing that. Thankfully, People Magazine had the class not to show he exposed sheer backside. Thank you People! But everyone else ran with that non-story with that photo we couldn’t un-see. O well.

Kat on

I think what’s most annoying about ANY pregnant celebrity, not just Kim Kardashian, is the weight gain mentality. Yes, you are supposed to gain weight when you’re pregnant, but you’re not supposed to gain 75 pounds! Most people use pregnancy as an excuse to eat what they want and let themselves go. It’s really not supposed to be that way, pregnancy is VERY difficult on a woman’s body, why would you make the process more taxing by adding unnecessary weight? If I were pregnant I would want those to be the healthiest nine months of my life, not just for my own health but for my child’s. And I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for her. People aren’t criticizing her fashion choices because she’s decided to take up sweatpants and t-shirts as her choice of wardrobe, it’s because she continues to stuff herself into too tight clothing that just isn’t appropriate. I don’t know who said it, but I agree with the person who asked where maternity clothing went. Nobody said you have to wear mu mu’s but at least dress like you know you’re pregnant.

jillianblackburn on

I’m glad not everyone is being so hateful about Kim, I feel bad for the nasty things people are saying. Of course she’s gaining weight- she’s not fat, she’s pregnant! And who cares what she wears, she’s beautiful!

Lyla on

I will admit, I don’t like Kim Kardashian and quite frankly I find her whole family to be extremely annoying. However, Kim being bullied for her “weight gain” during her pregnancy is very rude, disrespectful, and completely uncalled for. She’s going through a beautiful time in her life and getting bigger during her pregnancy is normal. All women go through it. What woman doesn’t gain weight during her pregnancy? I don’t agree with some of the things she’s wearing either, but if that is what makes her feel comfortable during her pregnancy, then who are we to judge? I feel that people should stop making fun of her and let her enjoy this time in her life peacefully and stop caring about her outfits and her weight gain. I’m pretty sure we all have better things in life to do than to obsess over something thats naturally happening to her body and criticizing her way of embracing it.

Bailey on

Mika is dumb. She missed the point here. Kim could wear a stretch skin tight bandage dress and her weight gain shouldn’t be an issue. She’s pregnant….she could gain 200 pounds and her weight still shouldn’t be an issue…WHY? because she’s PREGNANT!

JJ Agustin on

It’s really no ones business. It’s a beautiful time in hear life. Celebrate however you want to & whenever you want to.

Chris on

Wow! You people need to get a life! Just sayin’…

Chris on

What do you do everyday… Find new ways to trash others? Awesome! Get a life!

Lucia on

Awww don’t worry Kim, your sex tape will be around forever in case you want to see how you looked when fame/ambition/idiocy took hold of your life.

liza on

It’s not so much her weight we hate, it’s her never-ending, attention-seeking, publicity-grabbing ubiquitous presence that is driving us mad along with her “fashion” that isn’t fashion. She wants us yapping about her, so she has to take the yaps she gets. Would that she would just go away for a while!

Ellian on

I think that bullying a woman over weight gain during pregnancy is ridiculous. But if we are talking fashion her choices do not look comfortable.

CAK on

Believe me Kim and her mother are loving all the attention, no matter how disgusting she looks. She doesn’t have class and the way she dresses proves my point. Beautiful –oh please, get real!!

ranny on

LOL you people are bullies! she is pregnant, it’s not “weight gain”. Skank, just look at Taylor Swift how many men has she been with, no one calls her any names. I am sure Kim K doesn’t like all the camera people running around her ALL the time. you people are all haters! you push people down to make yourself feel better. when you preggers you want to look fashionable too not where a tent, she look great and is a great person, with LOTS of money, which none of you haters have. get over it!

Anonymous on

What the people above don’t understand…..Kim made it to the top by her x-rated movie!!!! Now she is claiming to be a celebrity??? Why should we care……she is laughing herself to the bank. People can’t stand her or her family, they are no bodies that have made millions by being as******!

Anonymous on

She flaunts her fat *** around that she is so proud of. We are sick of her and her family putting themselves out their and then complain. The K’s are no bodies, they only survived so far due to Kim’s x-rated movie. No talent, no brains….

tammy on

I think she’s fine the way she is and I’ve seen some really AWFUL pregnant who let themselves go to hell just because they are pregnant. KK will be OK, people should back off on the vituperative commentary

D. Hendricks on

Kim has chosen a life in the public eye. She’s not a child, despite often acting like one. She thrives on the money, fame & lifestyle which her choices have brought her. She has bragged about loving her “curves” and has whined about pregnancy ruining her figure and just wanting her “sexy” body back. When your self-worth comes largely from your breasts & backside, it’s understandable that you would feel a bit lost when pregnancy “ruins” your most valuable assets. But when you CHOOSE to live your life on camera, you have to accept that along with the zillions of dollars you’ll make, all those “fans” who are keeping you rich will have something to say about your lifestyle. You take the bad with the good; you don’t get the wealth & fame without the constant public analysis. The most selfless & generous thing Kim could do for her baby would be to raise him/her completely out of the public eye. But if the $$ and fame mean more to her than her child’s well-being, she’d better grow up and accept the consequences — and hopefully somewhere in that fantasy world she lives in, someone will clue her in that her child is the one who will suffer the most. Kim wants it both ways — to display her body as cheaply as possible & constantly talk about “poor me, me, me” but still get love and admiration from the public — but that’s just not realistic.

Anonymous on

Only famous for her x-rated movie and her fat a**. What does she expect, she puts herself out their and then just like the rest of your family whines…………….boo hoo!!!

Nancy on

I agree with statement that pregnant women are beautiful and yes weight gain should be expected. However those expectations include wearing some appropriate clothing that your underwear does not show through, glaring as such in last weeks photos. I have to say that since she has switched “dressers” her choices have been somewhat more tasteful, however she simply enjoys all the attention she gets, negative and positive. Apparently she telephones the paparazzi ahead of time and alerts them as to her arrivals at certain destinations, where the “papps” do not usually congregate. Kim, You reap what you sow……

allthingsfantasy91 on

You know, I see all these comments about how people should stop bullying her, it must be so hard to constantly have the media talking about her, everyone should be nice to her, etc. Keep in mind that it was her choice to exploit the sex video she was in and basically make herself famous. And before anyone says that, well, it was her mother who really took over with that, keep in mind that Kim could have put her foot down, but she didn’t. She and her family wanted to be in the spotlight and now she is in the spotlight for better or for worse and quite honestly, I think she thoroughly enjoys it because she doesn’t really seem to care about having any kind of privacy. As for her maternity dressing, wearing any kind of dress that’s so see-through its going to show you’re wearing a thong is just inappropriate. If she wants people to stop criticizing her maternity fashion then maybe she should consider buying some clothes that are actually appropriate for being pregnant. At this point her clothes look like something she would wear before she got pregnant and they don’t look right or look like they fit right. Every woman gains weight when she’s pregnant, I’m not going to judge her for that at all, but she could dress in a more flattering style that I’m sure would be more comfortable and she could still look attractive in.

bevvie on

I see that the main ideas of the article were lost on you malcontents who like bullying others about any and every possible thing. So sad to see so much animosity and nastiness.

Anonymous on

I agree with all those who defend a woman’s right to wear what she wants to wear, and that people should stop judging. I feel that we have to focus on our own lives and leave others to make the choices that resonate best with them. Enough of the bashing. Let’s find the goodness in each other. It can change the world.

tj on

yes but Kim is vain, always trying to be fashionable. Can she just wear some true maternity clothes. I love this girl, but her pregnancy is changing and so should her clothes just like any pregnant women.

Debbie K on

Its not the weight gain, that is normal, its is her gross choice of clothes, it makes her look huge and all those tight skirts, those skirts are not pregnancy material wear maternity clothes and see how beautiful she will look, stop trying to squeeze in like a sausage into a pencil skirt. Wait till the baby is born, then maybe the world wont trash her.,…

EMG on

Jen DC summed it up the best.

Cindy on

Lighten up people. I am 5’2″ and I only gained 27 pounds when I was pregnant but I still looked like a barrel. Short girls look funny when they are pregnant, breasts and tummy blend into one big piece on a tiny body. What is the big deal? What is wrong with people these days? Everybody is such a delicate flower on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Get a grip.

M on

WOW. SOOOO MUCH HATRED!! this is the first and only I will comment but seriously ladies, is this what you teach your kids? to be jugmetal and mean? if nobody cares about Kim then why is everyone racing to voice their opinions? pregnancy is such a chore and a miracle all ot once….but that has nothing to do with people expressing so much hatred!!! whether I like her or not I wish her well. I may not choose to like her wardrobe, but again who cares??

Anonymous on

Kim dresses to please her man.She dosen’t care what people think or say . As long as he’s happy

Tasha on

I think Kim is amazing and has a wonderful supportive family and anyone that talks crap about her or anyone in her family is just jealous!! Kim is a great person… If you have nothing good to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all!!

Chrissy on

I’m so glad this issue has been commented on by some well respected celebrities! It is so incredibly wrong that she is criticized for gaining weight during her pregnancy. It’s the healthy thing, and making fun of her isn’t going to do anyone any good. Would it be better for her baby if she was exercising non-stop and dieting? Of course not! So leave her alone and let her enjoy creating the miracle of life without being looked at under a microscope!

Kica on

I think physically she looks great pregnant. Her maternity wardrobe needs a re-boot.

Cherry on

You’re right Mika.

Annette on

I’m not going to bash Kim for her weight gain. She’s pregnant, so she’s going to gain weight. It’s her outfits that are atrocious! I read that she is not wearing maternity wear even though she clearly needs to at this point of her pregnancy. None of the outfits i’ve seen her in have been flattering. She needs a new stylist STAT!

Chris on

Suck it, Shamu! You dressed yourself, so deal with it! You want to be the biggest “star” in the world? Well, for all the WRONG resAons, you got it Baby!

HK on

You know, I’m guilty of trashing Kim K myself, but I really have to say that all of these people (the ones quoted above) are right. I don’t like Kim K at all, and one can argue that she’s in the media so we have a right to talk about her however we want. But do we? I see this really as perpetuating a problem that goes beyond Kim K. We start with one person and extend it to another. By picking apart a pregnant celebrity, we allow ourselves to think it’s ok and it gets extended to others, and that’s how we have come to live in culture where a pregnant woman’s body is a target for harassment and ridicule. It’s not ok.

Anonymous on

Who are any of you to say what is appropriate clothing? She can wear whatever she wants and does not deserved to be harassed because she is pregnant. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress in sweats and nasty t-shirts. Good for her for embracing her pregnancy and dressing very stylish! Remember what your momma said “if you can’t say something nice shut up”.

Wobblebaby on

You go Kimmm…Looking gorgeous…as long as ur comfortable…If u don’t wanna see her close ur eyes/….and as long as we comment on every article about her she is gonna be relevant and get the big fat lucrative deals that we allll want, but have not had the opportunity to receive…to each his own…I wish I could be paid for doing nothing…What????u work hard to achieve then what…suck it up B!@#$es!!!! She is living the new dream

rep on

I would totally “love” this article if it wasn’t complete trash and the person they were talking about wasn’t Kim Kardashian. I have no problem with her weight gain as that is totally normal but Kim Kardashian cares a whole lot about looking the way she does. I have occasionally seen ads from the show and a few episodes and she just does not seem very happy about being pregnant, almost like she regrets it. Ppl including myself base my opinion off of seeing their show which they approve before it is aired and she is self-absorbed before and during her pregnancy making it easy to criticize her.

Lakisha on

My problem is not with her weight gain, pregnany women gain weight. Unless you are Victoria Beckham. My problem is the horrible way she dress but we can not blame that on pregnancy because she dress horrible before she was pregnant. She loves the attention that she getting she doesn’t care whether it is negative or positive as long as her name is in the media she doesn’t care!

Anonymous on

women that make comments about pregnant women, are the lowest of the low(even if its to mock their dressing), no one forced you to look. I have heard of young vain women trying to induce childbirth early to reduce the amount of weight gained.. just sick, unhealthy, and stupid. attitudes like that where the childs health is second to weight & vanity is caused by women who make such disgusting comments. I’m scared for the next generation. have a better influence

Brandy on

I am so over people insulting Kim’s weight gain and crappy wardrobe choices. Maybe she doesn’t find what maternity choices that are available are “high fashion” enough for her. So she’s trying at least. Maybe “normal” people don’t agree with her choices, but she still is a beautiful woman, even as her pregnancy has progressed and she’s gained weight. She was curvy and not stick thin before. She looks as a real woman does pregnant, just with bad wardrobe choices. Some of her looks have been really cute but overall not so cute. And yes she should stick to flats, safer and better for her and the baby.

What I don”t get is everyone nowadays is screaming about bullying and society’s poor body image expectations, that women shouldn’t be stick figures to be famous, that it is not teaching our young ladies how to love their bodies no matter what shape or size. 95% of women do not look like Jennifer Aniston or Gywneth Paltrow, especially while pregnant or otherwise. YET society, media and the public are tearing Kim and other women apart for gaining weight while pregnant. Talk about hypocritical.

TdW on

Its funny because people are criticizing her for not responding to the negative comments, but I actually respect her for that. Im sure it hurts her feelings. If she responded by lashing out at all of her detractors, she would be bashed for that, too. So make up your minds. With that being said, being 8 months pregnant and going from an elite athlete to a morning sickness riddled, peanut butter and bread eating lunatic, I can understand how you end up with a body that you have no clue how to dress. It took me 6 months to figure out how to compliment my newly curved frame and I still have missteps. Granted, I dont have a stylist, but I get it. Give the chick a break.

leslie on

Can’t believe anyone is poking fun at her weight while pregnant, I mean pregnant out of wedlock, I mean pregnant when she was still married to another man, I mean how incredible petty!

CCC on

She wants to “have her cake and eat it too”. For a talentless media whore to publish sex videos to obtain “fame”, to tout non-fda approved diet aids, harp about how much weight she has lost, and to pose nude to prove it, and then to complain about publicity related to her weight is unbelievable to me.

DewDrop on

The media wouldn’t hound her if she wouldn’t call them!

If she had a decent stylist to teach her how to dress properly for her size & shape she would look so much better! And stop wearing see thru clothing. Who wants to see a pregnant woman’s thong, especially one with a behind the size of hers? Cover up for Pete’s sakes! Look decent & respectable, THEN you might get respect!

cc on

Thanks to the stars who spoke out for Kim because I for one am sick of reading and hearing some of the nasty names people call her. You people who have bad things to say about Kim have made her rich and now you feel you can say things to hurt her well it is not right anyway it is looked at. I wish you foul mouth people would look in your mirror everyday and see the image looking back at you then try to say something nasty about someone else.

Hayla on

The negative comments on this article are absolutely deplorable! Grow up everyone! We wonder what is wrong with humanity and then we criticize a woman who is pregnant? She is gorgeous and should wear whatever she wants. And Kim K. is successful and wealthy, because unlike everyone on this site – writing negative comments about someone you don’t even know – she is out doing something with her life. Regardless of how her career started, she has been smart and capitalized on our society’s interest in her. So my advice to all of you, go out and get a life of your own – running someone else down, doesn’t make you more successful, more attractive, happier, ect.

Sandra on

I think that the media has serious issues when they compare Kim kardashian to Kate Middleton !!! Where do they come up with this crap seriously !!! Kim kardashian became famous because of a sex video , no comparison to the Dutchess !!! It makes me ill these women who become famous like that !!! Just like Paris Hilton , Kim Kardashian will fizzle soon too !!!

Carole on

Every women is beautiful especially when she pregnant. Kim looks radiant and she is enjoying her pregnancy, which is what every women wants to do. Good for her.