Matthew McConaughey: My Family Life Is Like a Circus

04/25/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Matthew McConaughey David Letterman
Michael Buckner/Getty

Fatherhood has left Matthew McConaughey feeling as if life has transformed into a true three-ring circus.

“We’ve got Levi, he’s going to be an astronaut. He loves building airports all night long in the living room,” the Mud actor said during a Monday appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.

“I get home from work, say 6 p.m. … Levi’s building an airport, hanging things from the ceiling fan.”

As for daughter Vida, 3, her sights are set on the fashion world, jokes the proud papa.

“Vida … has gone to her room and it’s a fashion show,” McConaughey, 43, says. “It’s about eight different forms of dress and undress and headbands and angel wings and different shoes.”

Fortunately, the youngest performer has yet to participate in the action. “Livingston‘s not doing that yet, he’s not moving around much,” McConaughey adds of his 4-month-old son.

Every big top needs a leader and for McConaughey, wife Camila is at the center of the show. “It’s a wonderful time and I got a wonderful woman,” he shares. “It’s a circus at the house, but it’s fun. She’s the ringleader of that circus!”

Although McConaughey jokes that the family of five “get along pretty good so far,” he admits the arrival of the couple’s third child took the controlled chaos to a whole new level — times 100!

“It’s true that third is not like you just added 33 and a third percent more — you added about 133 percent more with that third [baby],” he says.

— Anya Leon

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Amanda on

I suppose it is different for everyone. For us adding a third was a very smooth, easy transition. It was adding #4 that was tough.

TG on

Beautiful family.

sweetpea on

Just curious- how does Levi reach the ceiling fan???

ok on

It does seem like he thoroughly enjoys being a family man. Which is great! I hope he was exaggerating about the ceiling fan or that’s it’s not connected to anything if so yikes!

la-la on

He is a clown.

Stacey on

HILARIOUS!!! Love Them!

KW on

Watch out Camila….all of that was code for “What the *$&% did I get myself into?!”

kim on

the kid is hanging things from the ceiling fan?? that sounds dangerous.

ursula on

their family is awesome..

Lizzie on

I LOVE Matthrew & his Fam, his wife IS BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL & their children ARE too Adorable!! BLESSINGS to them alllllllllllllllllllll!!!!

JoAnn on

Yes, its a circus, how many nannies do they have? I see it as so funny when actors and actress act as though they take care of their own children. Nannies know the truth.

claireadele on

i love their family

Yahoo on

He’s not aging well to say the least.

Anonymous on

Sweetpea: It is likely he tosses things up there and they get stuck. I have a friend whose son liked to throw balled up socks at his ceiling fan and watch them fly. She thought it was funny until he did it and it hit her and it caused her full cup of coffee to splash all over the walls. Needless to say the flying objects stopped immediately.

angel on

wow he totally looks like he is on drugs.. he has just got that look.. too skinny and my instincts are beeping all over the place… i wanna see a few more pics but the last time i saw him was when first baby was born and he looked HEALTHY. Now he looks tooo skinny.. way too skinny!

krista on

I’m pretty sure that’s an older picture, I heard he lost a lot of weight for a movie he was filming.

Beautiful family 🙂

Tee on

Wow @ Angel….did you NOT see he did a movie where he lost all that weight for a role he played. He has slowly been putting weight on, he looks alot better then he did while filming. Now that was very sickening to see him like that but he is a actor he knows how to make that money 😉

Tee on

Love them! They have to be one of Hollywoods most loved couples/families! They are great together, have three beautiful children…just seem like a very tight couple who’s marriage will last to the end 🙂

Rachel on

He is skinny because he lost a ton of weight preparing for a movie roll (The Dallas Buyers Club). He played a man with AIDS. Some of you are way too judgmental in assuming it is drugs.

dudley doright on

i would have never imagined this guy as a family man with kids….but he seems very happy and happy with his family life. That’s nice. Congrats.

Wintermomma on

He lost weight for a recent role in which he played a man with AIDS. I thought he was gaining it back, but this photo doesn’t look like it. Though I’ve seen more recent photos of him looking much better so maybe this is an old stock photo?

Anonymous on

krista- It is. He’s obviously not 100 percent yet, but if you compare that picture to the way he looks in the video, you can see that he looks much better now! And you are also correct that he lost the weight for a movie role, not because of some personal issue (drug-related or otherwise).

At any rate, I think we should root for him to put those ten pounds back on (that’s how much he’s said he still needs to gain), not criticize him for still being thin! It took him awhile to lose the weight, it’s going to take him awhile to put it all back on!

JoAnn- Maybe they don’t have a nanny. Not all celebs do. And even if they DO have one (or more), that doesn’t mean that they don’t take care of their children. To me, they appear to be two of the most hands-on-parents in Hollywood (and on the ONE occasion I can recall seeing Levi out without his parents- shortly after Vida was born-, he was with his grandmothers, not nannies!)! Bottomline: I don’t think it’s fair to paint all celebs with the same brush!

All of that being said, I love hearing him talk about his kids. It’s obvious he adores being a father, chaos or no! 🙂

Marky on

JoAnn, I find it hilarious that posters feel the need to criticize celebs for having a nannie. And it’s always “nannies”, as if they have 10 of them and there is no time they are with their own children. This couple lived in a trailer have the time for a long time, and didn’t even have space for a nannie and chef, as some of you rag about. If you work, you have someone babysitting, and when they work, they do, too. No big deal! Sheesh, I’ve never heard about this couple having a bunch of help. For all you know, this coupe has no help except from grandma…..

Gotta Be Real! on

That sounds like a blast. He seems like he would be an awesome dad.


He always looks so sickly looking. A shame!

guest on

How can these celebrities somehow think what their child is going to be? Fashion world? Is it because her mom is in the fashion world? That’s about how it goes…

Anonymous on

guest- I think just about every parent makes playful guesses (and it DOES say Matthew was joking when he said that about Vida!) about what their child’s going to grow up to be at some point!

Angie on

He doesn’t look as handsome as before.