Mariah Carey and Twins Host a Pajama Party

04/24/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Cute kids, snuggly jammies and nothing but love.

The joys of family life aren’t lost on Mariah Carey, who shared photos of a PJ party with twins Monroe and Moroccan, turning 2 next week.

With Mom and Monroe decked out in pink stripes and Nick Cannon and Moroccan matching in blue, the pajama-clad foursome hunkered down Tuesday for a showing of the Shrek box set.

“Hurry up Daddy! Ms Monroe, Roc Starr & Mommy Mimi wait patiently,” Carey writes. She later posted a photo of her daughter wearing a pair of mom’s famed high heels.

Mariah Carey Twins Pajama Party
Courtesy Mariah Carey

“Ms. Monroe raids mommy’s shoe closet, slippers by Agent Provocateur,” Carey jokes of her mini-me’s penchant for the stiletto — even as a toddler.

As Carey continues her judging duties on American Idol this season, she’s also back in the studio hard at work on a new album. She recently shared video of her session in a custom pink monogrammed vocal booth.

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— Andrea Billups

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Nikita on

Cute kids

Samantha on

Lovely picture, seem like a great family. Love Mariah!

Jujubes on

Very cute! Love her and them babies!

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

Those are most definitely her kds…ADORABLE!

debra smith on

another picture with only the right side of her face.

gagirl on

She’s made no secret that it’s her best side. Who cares?

Shannon on

I have always liked Mariah Carey, but there is just something so strange about this family.

anna on

Strange how? They seem normal to me.

Dawn on

Nice picture! the children are adorable

Komi on

Sooooo these kids are supposed to be cute because theyre little? Ooook.

anna on

Not all kids are cute but their kids are beyond cute. Look at those little glasses! Those kids are precious.

ang on

They are so cute! All of them!

ct on

I like this family. Mariah and Nick seem like great parents and very much in love. I am rooting for them.

Diedra on

They are so adorable. And I think you are doing a great job on American Ido – you are so humble and you treat the contestants with much kindness.

Marky on

Love how these two seem to love their kids so much and spend time with them having fun. They are adorable children, and are lucky to have parents who not only love them, they love each other. Best gift you can give your child is to love their other parent; and no, I don’t mean if he beat you half to death, so please don’t start the negative onslaught!

343 on

Looks just like dad

junbug on

I love Mariah! Her kids are soooo cute. Monroe is a gorgeous little girl and Moroccan is adorbs. I also really like her hubby Nick, I grew up watching him on nickelodeon and he was always a really sweet boy and now he is a great man and daddy!

Tina on

Nick and Mariah seem like good celeb parents that actually spend quality time with their kids.

anna on

Nick and mariah have the CUTEST kids ever! Every time I see a picture of them they just look angelic. That’s one lucky mommy and daddy.

Connie on

Not sure how much of this is quality time. Their photos always look staged to me. Give me an honest “real” photo with kids in mismatched pjs and mom with hair a mess from running around after the nearly 2 year olds. Not saying they aren’t loved or anything like that, just this doesn’t look like a true pic to me. Also, mommy mimi??! What – do they have mother mommies? That’s weird to me.

Patti on

Her daughter is so friggin cute. Her son looks like her.

ann on

looks like she is looking pretty much straight on to the camera to me. Darling babies

Crystal on

Too cute! Love Mariah and Nick! 🙂

Meg on

Children under 5 years should not be eating popcorn. It is a dangerous chocking hazard.

kristina on

And i bet u followed all rules as a parent. Could cause a choking hazard. Some parents dont watch their kids. My daughter was eating chips at 6 months old. (disolved in her mouth mostly.) she has never choked. Onlu now while drinking.water doess she choke.

Ava on

I believe that supervision plays a part. You can always say “one at a time.” Or maybe its the soft kind poured in the bowl.

lauralove on

I love Mariah and the kids are gorgeous! I love how they are dolled up 24/7. Thats how my kids are also! Mismatch clothing and messy hair is very annoying to me and weird…

ok on

When Nick and Mariah got together I rolled my eyes thinking it had to be a joke.

But, these two seem to be the real deal very happy with each other and happy being parents. I hope they stay happy together.

Those babies are just too cute!

Lady_M on

I never post on these things, but Meg: live a little! Under 5? I’m not sure when was the first time I gave my kid popcorn but she def isn’t 5 and has been eating it for years. Americans worry too much. Yikes.
I haven’t liked Mariah since the early 90’s but motherhood suits her well. I hope the grounding effect stays.

kristina on

Right? My kid is 2 and will get small bowls of pop corn.

J on

Mommy Mimi? LOL!

Jenn on

And she calls herself Mommy Mimi b/c….there’s other “mommy’s” raising them.

Bree on

@Meg do you want to be the one to tell my 16 month old that she can’t have popcorn anymore? Under five are you kidding me?!?!? My daughter has been eating popcorn since she was 10 months old and has NEVER chocked on it. (And yes I realize that 10 months was pretty young for her to be eating popcorn but she wanted to try it and so we let her and she LOVES it!!) Popcorn is way safer than baby carrots and hot dogs and many other things that other kids eat. Unless your kids are eating the unpopped kernals (And even then depending on the age of the child they are not a hazard) popcorn is perfectly safe especially since it shrinks down so much when wet.

Very adorable picture!!

kristina on

I agree with you. Some ppl just think they know best.

Jennifer S on

Not a big fan of Mariah, but her children Are so cute! She looks so happy! Hope her and Nick have many more joyous years to come. They make beautiful children together.

Jt on

I never comment either but really the only thing you notice is the popcorn, Good Lord!!! Children and adults can choke on grapes, nuts and many other things its all about supervision etc. There are so many other things to worry about in life, if you have to watch every single detail of this or that and worry about EVERYTHING like how old you have to be to eat popcorn, I feel sorry for. Dont sweat the small stuff. Enjoy life a little instead of being a bundle of nerves. Look at how happy she looks and how adorable and happy those darling babies are while enjoying their popcorn. Enough said!

Bay State Beauty on

Hhmm, why don’t her kids have long, straight, blonde hair?

Oh ya, that’s right, she bleaches and irons hers. Cute little fro’s though.

andreaa on

Lol yeah, and so does the rest of Hollywood.

Tuchi on

Oh heavens… to the ridiculous popcorn comment, this is the most ignorant and jealous comment ever. So who cares if Mariah does her hair???!!! Her children are only 2. I would think it would be highly inappropriate for them to have any hairstyle other then their natural hair. Grow up jealous freaks

Jasmine on

BECausE Mariah hair isn’t Naturally blond it’s DARK brown Hello 90s era and when she Dries it We don’t know why but it Turns Blonde But recently she put highlights or lightened tones in her hair Their her kids but u have to remember she’s mixed

victoria jumbo on

I’ve always loved this babe, and she made me notice nicky. Their Kids are soo lovely and they make me wanna have kids. *smiles*

Leslie on

Detest her but the kiddo’s are cute…..

sraymon33 on

Can we say adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell Mariah love being a wife and motherhood… it suits her..


So happy for Mariah and Nick! Stay strong in love and raise those beautiful kids!

Callie on

This is the cutest picture ever! I just love how she is so involved with her children, they seem to have a really happy life 🙂

Rachel on

My son is 2 1/2 and he loves popcorn!!! All these parents magazines, website, etc like for us to worry so much.Don’t do this, do that. What happened to the good ol’ days when we were growing up ( 80’s for me) and we could do and eat whatever we wanted. Everything nowadays is “bad” for us. Whatever, as long as I am supervising my son, he will have his popcorn! BTW, Mariah’s and Nick’s kids are very cute!

Marky on

Bay State, seriously?? Black people have all colors and textures of hair. My DIL wears her hair long and straight, I have friends who wear nothing but wigs, I have friends who wear their hair curly and I have friends who wear their hair in a type of Afro. Their children’s hair looks all different ways, depending on the child’s age and/or desire for a certain hairstyle. The idea that all black people have to wear their hair the same way is as ridiculous as all white people wearing theirs in one style. Sheesh! This is a cute family and seem very loving. They may have a nanny, but they don’t have 50 people raising their children, and they take pics themselves so others won’t drive them nuts with cameras in their faces. Nothing wrong here….

hbomb1225 on

In regards to the comments stating there are other “mommys” raising these kids – unless you are a stay at home parent (which is something that most people cannot afford to do) your kids also have other “mommys” raising them so give it a rest. Mariah and Nick both have jobs so, yes, they will need help raising their children (again like most other people in this country).

rocky mountain girl on

awww, how sad….. her little boy is funny looking (lol)

ava on

These children are adorable–they look like dolls! Anyone who has nasty words should keep them to themselves.

just saying on

i always see her posing with her daughter and never her son….or pictures of her and her daughter…it’s like she favors her daughter over her son….one is not better then the other. boys are just as special as girls are…just saying!!!!

Adele on

Those babies look so cute!!! I already have a baby boy who was born in November. I’m pregnant again.

Renee on

They look like a really sweet family and the kids always appear to be having such fun moments with their parents. Beautiful! As for some of the comments- freshly popped popcorn is a healthy snack for them, it’s a bit of fun. I always post Instagram pics of myself playing/snuggling/eating/dancing with the kids…. and I always look decent in the photos! I could post photos of my baby screaming, toddler throwing a tantrum and myself looking distraught but what would be the point of that?

haarlemrose on

Who is taking the picture if it was sent to Nick?

april on

Sweet little family. May they have many many years of happiness.


Mariah gets more beautiful with age. She reminds me a lot of Pia Lindstrom with thoe fat cheeks

She and her daughter are both attractive. They channel Madonna and Lourdes.

Someone's Mommy on

Ehhh, call me overprotective but I wouldn’t dare give a 10-month-old popcorn, Bree. Just because (thankfully) nothing happened to your daughter doesn’t mean that it’s “perfectly safe.” Popcorn is a big choking hazard so why even risk it with a child that young? There are so many other foods out there you can offer your child. I understand your child wanting to try it. My 18-month-old wants to try everything he sees my husband and I eating…including hot and spicy foods, etc. But as parents we have to step in and be the parents.

gagirl on

Several of you are just plain BITTER. Who in the HELL finds something wrong with a pic of a mother snuggling with her kids???? Seriously! Are you really that miserable and insecure???? That has to suck.

Kevin on

Mariah is an incredible singer, a talented actress (if you’re watching Precious), a fashionable lady, a fun wife, but my gosh…she is a horrible judge on American Idol.

amy on

The babies are precious but Mariah is just self absorbed..

Anonymous on

Does her daughter have a disability?

Paula on

Seeing her with her kids makes me just love her! Beautiful family 🙂

MommytoanE on

Cute kids! I love the lil matching striped PJ’s! Too cute.

amy on

Cute pic but I sincerely hope the babies were NOT eating popcorn. So dangerous.

Shonda on

SHE calls HERSELF MIMI and so does NICK. Duh, her Album was called The Emancipation of Mimi!!!!!! It is so funny how many people just pick at things to complain about. Who cares what she calls herself. She did not say THEY call her that. Also, it does not show THE KIDS eating the popcorn. Wow, people have to relax and just look at the picture and read the article and move on.

Cindy on

The girl is cute, the boy is not so cute. 😦

Robin on

The little boy has an unusually high forehead…

RachelB-MD on

what adorable little cuties!!!! Nick and Mariah are blessed

JustMe on

I would hate living in the public’s eye… so much criticism and hatefulness. Can’t believe anybody wants to be “famous” anymore. With the internet and its anonymity, people can be downright evil. Disgusting.

As far as the pic…

Cute kids, cute mom and happy moment for the family. 🙂 Yay!

B.J. (the girl) on

Cute cute babies, and I’m excited to hear that MC will be releasing a new album sometime in the near future! I’ve been a big fan of her music since I was young.

Nina on

Never liked Mariah for a minute. Seems very fake and always has to me. I will say her kids are cute. I’m hoping neither of them take after their attention hogging parents. Sorry but thats just my opinion. Kids seemed to have calmed her attention seeking ways a bit. Until American Idol that it…

Evette on

they look so cute.