Shakira: Losing Baby Weight for The Voice Was ‘Stressful’

04/23/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Shakira The Voice Baby Weight
Jim Smeal/BEImages

Shakira doesn’t look like someone who delivered a baby just three months ago.

The svelte starlet, 36, appeared back to her pre-baby body when she chatted with reporters on Monday at Pasadena, Calif.’s Langham Huntington hotel to promote The Voice during NBCUniversal’s press day.

“[Losing baby weight] is the only thing that’s been a little stressful,” Shakira said of having her son, Milan.

“I knew I had to come back here to do The Voice two months after I had delivered a baby. I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has. I’m not trying to complain, but it’s been a process full of challenges.”

She added, “I think that our mothers and grandmothers weren’t under the pressure women of today are after delivering a baby. My dad says there’s nothing better than meat over the bones. So he likes my mom a little chubby. She was never under the pressure to have to get to her old weight — and she never did.”

When the performer told PEOPLE “I’m still a few pounds over,” other surrounding reporters scoffed at her remark, insisting she looks great.

“I do Zumba. Zumba has been actually really great for me,” Shakira said. “Even during pregnancy, I kept doing it until almost the end.”

But, “now with The Voice, I don’t have time to exercise,” she continued. “And when I have a day off, I just want to be with Milan.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Miche on

4 months? Who gets 4 months in the US? Most get 6-12 weeks. I got 8 with the first and 6 with the second.

Leslie on

4 months?! Yikes. I received one full year of paid maternity leave here in Ontario, Canada.

A on

“4 months of maternity like every woman on earth has”

I wish! Try 6 weeks…I know people who only got 3 days. Check your facts before making such a generalized statement.

Anonymous on

hahaa 4 months?? maternity leave?? hahaaa try 4 weeks sweetheart!!

Anonymous on

uhhh 4 months of maternity leave? clearly she’s cluless about the 6 weeks FML act allows. Get a clue and educate yourself before you act like a martyr for hosting a singing show.

Educa on

You most be American to actually think that S needs educate. I bed you don’t know the name of the state where you live or the population. For you information S is from Colombia a coutry in South America where everyone gets 4 to 1 year of pregnancy post. Not like in your country that actually is raising gum shooters at schools!

GiraS on

So the United States is raising “Gum shooters?” Ha! If you’re going to stereotype then one could say that in Columbia they’re raising drug cartel lords.

Anyway, Shakira’s exact quote was “every woman on Earth”, not every woman in Columbia, so to say that Shakira needs to check her stats about things before she makes an uneducated statement would be correct.

That being said, I’m curious to know how much she weighed before she “lost her weight”.

Shannon on

Shakira looks amazing and the fact that she went to work on a show just 2 months after her baby was born is wonderful. I don’t think she should have felt pressure to lose the weight. She is doing a great job as a judge. I’m really enjoying this season.

April on

Not everyone gets 4 months of maternity leave, especially not in the US! I am sure there are poor woman everywhere that wish they had a few weeks even!

Kristin on

Umm…not every woman gets 4 months maternity leave. Most only get 6-8 weeks…UNPAID.

Brandi on

Hmmm do you not pay into short term-disability benefits through your employer? And even in the event that you don’t have that option, there are companies like Aflac and Colonial Life that have short-term supplemental disability plans available. I had both state disability and the supplemental disability plan that I opted to get long before my husband and I planned to start a family, so I received my regular pay for the entire duration of my maternity leave. All of the women that I know received at least short-term state disability while on maternity leave with the exception of one (and she was self-employed as a manicurist and was not eligible as she did not pay anything into state disability). So before you jump all over Shakira, you might want to revise your post and instead say most women YOU KNOW have unpaid maternity leave because saying most women in general take an unpaid leave is just not accurate.

Emily on

This makes me sad! She looks fabulous, but it’s too bad the standards are this high.

Abby on

I’m sorry sweetheart, but maternity leave here in California is 6 weeks for vaginal delivery & 8 weeks for C-section. So having 4 months maternity leave seems like a dream for a working mom. And yes you are complaining.

Maggie on

Just so you all know in most countries besides the U.S. women get 4 months to a year for maternity leave. Before being critical check your facts she is not from here. Why does everybody have be so mean. What happen to women supporting other women. She is sweet.

marilyn on

So true! I agree

camom on

Actually, in CA you can get up to 18 weeks – 6 weeks disability (paid if you pay into SDI) and then 12 with benefits and job security after that. This is assuming you work for a business that qualifies for FMLA and, of course, that you can afford it.

Valerie on

Hmm, I missed my four months of maternity too. I wish I got the memo about “every other woman on earth” getting that time. Oh well, good luck to her anyway.

Angie on

“4 month maternity leave like every woman on earth has”?!?! Seriously- you have to be kidding me. I have 3 kids- and I have NEVER had a 4 month maternity leave. My leaves ranged from 6 weeks to 11 weeks with each of my kids. And for 2 of those- the entire time was without pay. Sometimes I can’t believe how out of touch these celebrities are with the real world. Oh- and the reason she ‘HAD TO COME BACK’ is because she F-in signed up for the show. DUH!

Tell on

Being that she isn’t American, you can forgive her for not knowing what the maternity leave situation is in the US. In Canada, it’s a year leave – paid. In many parts of Europe it’s 18 months – paid. In Latin & South America the majority is at least 4-6 months… Everywhere else in the world seems to understand the importance of giving mom time to recover & take care of a new baby. Maybe it isn’t a foreign singer that is out of touch but the American maternity system…

maria on

18 months of maternity leave in Europe?? Totally unaccurate: it’ s between 4 and 6 months depending on the country and i’ m not sure it’ s paid everywhere. About Shakira her statement was unhappy, there are women who cannot afford few months of maternity leave and make huge efforts to balance their job with family. Many celebrities just blow off some words pretending to understand ordinary people in their ordinary lives.

Guewt on

Don’t forget that Shakira isn’t from America. The US has the WORST maternity leave plans. Many countries allow for up to two years of maternity leave and even in some cases lengthy paternity leave. Perhaps in Columbia They get 4 months and Shakira was just referring to that. At any rate, she is a lovely person and not nearly as annoying as many of the celebs out there.

Angelmom on

Love her! She is so cute and funny on the voice 🙂

Erica on

4 months like every other woman on earth… yeah right. She probably needs to look at American stats for maternity/paternity leave.

Jen on

Most women I know, ONLY have 8 weeks maternity leave and head back to work…..Not sure what she’s referring to when she says 4 months….Maybe in Colombia?? Or Spain??

Anonymous on

I never comment but ‘every woman on earth’ has 4 months of maternity leave? Shakira is living in a dream world…

Amanda on

I really don’t know why people are jumping all over her or accusing her of being out of touch. If anything, it’s THIS country that’s out of touch, and you moms on here who are saying she’s living in a dream world and accusing her of complaining and not having her stats straight, it’s YOU who aren’t being treated the way the rest of the world treats their mothers.

My cousin lives in the UK and just went back to work last month, over a year after her son was born. We have a SERIOUS problem in this country. HUGE. Moms AND dads need to be able to stay home to bond with their babies and get to know one another without the stress of worrying about whether or not they’ll have a job to return to. America isn’t the whole world, ladies. So Shakira isn’t that off vase when she says that “the rest of the world” gets extended maternity leave. They do. The United States is WAY behind the times when it comes to this issue.

Julianna on

I love Shaki! She’s an inspiration and Milan is just the cutest baby!

Mommiof on

Completely agree with you Angie…I think most women would kill for 4 months of maternity leave. Smh I really liked Shakira until I read this interview…sad sad sad how entitled and out of touch these ‘celebs’ are.

Anonymous on

in ontario we get a year

Andra on

Thank God for Canada. We get 1 year paid maternity/paternity leave.

Guest on

I am from Canada and am currently on maternity leave… We do get one year partially paid … Some employers top you up for some or all of the year. My employer, for example, topped me off to 70% for 17 weeks. The
Rest of the 52 weeks were
Government employment insurance which you pay into whenever you have almost any job.

Frankie on

Sad – we get 1 year off in Canada to stay with our baby. Some can also split the leave and daddy can stay part of the year if he chooses to.

Donna on

4 months!??? I had 6 measly weeks!

lg on

IN other countries they get that long- that’s what she meant.

Lara on

Every woman on earth gets 4 months maternity leave?!?!! Ha! She’s obviously clueless.

No woman in America is guaranteed ANY paid leave, and the most they are legally guaranteed if they can survive without pay is certainly less than 4 months!

Angelica on

She’s from Columbia. America is horrible when it comes to maternity. My friend in Australia says they get 6 months of maternity leave.

Marianne on

Here I am reading all these comments about how you were lucky if you even got 4 weeks and all I have to say is….come to Canada! We will give you plenty time off.

Rachel on

In Canada we get one year of job protected leave after having a baby. If we’ve worked at least 650 hours in the 12 months prior to delivery, we are also eligible for employment insurance which pays up to 55% of our wages while we are off. We may pay more taxes here but we are very lucky!

Anonymous on

So sad that 1) she thinks (or is pressured into) losing weight to be on YV, and 2) that she can’t take the time that she wants to, to be with her baby.

Cathy on

I’d like to know who get’s four months of maternity…we are lucky to get 6 weeks.

jenny on

Actually, here in Ontario, we get one year of maternity leave…

Andrea on

Most women in the world have months of maternity leave, especially in developed countries. Canada and many European countries have up to a year PAIDED leave. The US is the only country in the world without any paid leave. I’m sure Shakira doesn’t know this, she probably assumes the US has a good maternity system, like other wealthy countries; AS THEY SHOULD!! That’s something to get mad about.

Anonymous on

Paid 8 weeks leave… All of us wish it was 4 months… She doesn’t know too much about the US anyway.. She is smaller than Christina was.. Hollywood puts too much pressure on these women to lose weight.. But then again it’s hard to feel bad for them when they make a lot of money and have nannies..They can afford to have personal trainers and dietitians.. It took me 6 months to lose my baby weight the last time..

Ella on

Canada has 12 months paid go see what Europe has to offer (2-3 years). The US needs to revisit maternity leave options. Family should be number 1 priority.

amy hendricks on

Maybe she doesn’t realize most women don’t get that long for maternity leave because she’s not from our country. Give her a break. She looks wonderful and I’ve enjoyed seeing her on the Voice. It’s a nice change from Aguilera. It’s sad that she had so little time and felt pressured to look perfect.

heidicroft on

The US is about the only country without at least four months of maternity leave so her statement isn’t off at all.

Andreia on

4 MONTHS? Try 2 WEEKS!!! …..I had my child, and two weeks later I was back at work FULL TIME not part time….women do what needs to to be done point blank and simple —in order to support themselves and their families. I think that comment made her sound very unrealistic. I would have loved to have even 1 full month with my daughter….Oh the world of celebrities and their “hardships”.

Myriam on

BEFORE YOU JUDGE, she´s talking about the infancy laws at Colombia, where she´s from… Mothers get 4 months for maternity leave, and that is a somewhat recent development, as they pushed for that in Congress, and it became law, as they realized both mothers and babies would benefit from that bonding-nesting period together…

maman2 on

I think Shakira just gave a number that could estimate/relate to a bigger population. The US may only get 4 weeks to 11 weeks. Canada gets a paid year and I’m sure that these time frames change for different courtries in the world. Maybe do a little research “everyone women on earth” doesn’t only represent the US! With that being said she looks amazing!

Mirna on

I didn’t get four months, either. But in Shakira’s defense, she lives in Europe, where they DO have extended (and paid) maternity leave. The US is one of the last Western (industrialized?) countries that provides so little time off after having a baby.

Dominique on

4 months? Is she referring to Columbia? It’s only 6 weeks over here in the US. And 8-12 weeks if the mother needs FMLA.

Anonymous on

I wished I could lose weight in 3 months after giving birth! I kept mine on 6 months afterwards! But I am not under pressure to look a certain way neither.. I think she’s just exaggerating! I had 8 weeks leave with pay.. Still wasn’t long enough.. But then again I didn’t have a personal trainer or dietitian or a Nanny.. It’s hard to feel bad for the famous women .. Still like her on the Voice..

Give her a break! on

The U.S. has the worst maternity policy of any country. I work for a huge company and pay people all over the world. There are countries that get a full year off. She’s probably not trying to offend all of you, she’s just speaking from her experience of what a typical maternity leave is like.

Mazooka on

In Spain, where she lives, it’s 4 months. I guess he should have said “like every other woman in Spain”. She is, however, complaining a lot. Plus she probably has a chef, personal trainer, nannies, etc to help her out, which 99.9% of women on earth don’t.

Anonymous on

One year mat leave in Canada.

Sha on

Wow – In Canada woman can take up to a year mat leave. 6-8 weeks sounds brutal – you’ve barely recovered from giving birth!

Megan on

She’s basically saying she’s less fortunate than “everyone woman on earth”….oh yeah, I feel real sorry for you, Shakira…

Shakifan on

Well i had 5 months of maternity leave 4 weeks before the baby was born and 4 months after. Its called FMLA, it can be done. BTW people are so critical, she gives an interview and gets ripped to shreds for one comment. Everyone fails to notice the important message here: its OK if your not perfect, she HAD to do it for her job, sheesh, so judgemental ladies.

Nia on

Actually she’s not completely out of touch. I believe America has the shortest maternity time. Some countries get a year paid ! Also some countries even pay you for being a stay at home mom.

Tina on

So, her dad likes her mom a little chubby and she (her mom) was not under pressure to have to get to her old weight – and she never did. Well, if I were her mom, I’d have to say Thank You for saying that. (sarcasm)

Dawn on

Before y’all draw and quarter her, she and her partner refused gifts for themselves and baby and had guests and fans donate to charities that support healthy births for women and baby care in countries that are underfunded (or non funded) She may be one of the most generous celebs out there. Maybe she has a little bit of mommy brain 🙂

She’s also worked really hard to stay in shape before the baby and unfortunately had pressure none of us regular folk have to deal with-making a living looking like 1% of the world. Love her still!

Jen on

I guess I’m glad to live in Canada where we get A YEAR maternity leave :)!

S on

less than 4 months – wow. It is time to look at the Canadian system where there is 1 year of paid matermity leave though the government.

C on

I don’t understand how a country like the US still doesn’t give PAID mat. leave to working mothers.

In Canada, you get a YEAR!

Heather MacNeil on

We get 1 year maternity leave here

Michelle on

I knew when I read the line about 4 months leave that the responses would explode. She comes from a part of the world where that is the norm…actually, that or more is the norm in almost every other industrialized nation. Only in the US do we value companies over our families. I too have 2 kids and have had to choose to go back to work in 6-8 weeks because I couldn’t afford more time than that. But, maybe we as women need to push a change. Whey shouldn’t we be able to be home longer. Have you noticed that most European countries don’t struggle with the same, murder, drug, alcohol issues as we do in the US? Maybe that has something to do with the fact that companies/countries value peoples families and allow mothers (and fathers) enough time off to get their children off to a strong start. Just a thought…..

Kathryn on

Maybe what Shakira should have said is “I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has except for women in the US.” Would have have made all of you happy? Don’t be mad at Shakira for her comment, be mad at your government.

In the country I live in a year of mat leave is standard. The US is one of the few contries that don’t give a minimum of 4 months maternity leave. She didn’t mean anything bad by her comment so there is no need to get so mad at her.

Anonymous on

In Canada we get 17 weeks maternity leave plus 35 weeks parental leave.

Victoria on

In Spain women get 4 months of paid maternity leave. She shouldn’t have said “like every woman on earth”.

Cam on

“I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has.”

What an ignorant, ridiculous statement. Most women on Earth get NO maternity leave, and most women in the US are lucky to have a few weeks of unpaid leave.

Mariac on

I live in Canada where one year is pretty standard… i think 4 months is way too little! i don’t know how people in the US do it with just a couple of months. That’s crazy. I mean you probably haven’t even got the baby on a schedule yet! How can you possibly make it through a day at work?! I know i couldn’t.

ella on

Yes, beacause it´s super necessary to be 100% back to your original weight after having a baby.

Norway has 10months of maternity leave, and then there is the paternity leave… 🙂

Crystal on

Wow, I have lost alot of respect for Shakira after reading these statements. She doesn’t EVEN HAVE TO WORK!!!! Many mothers have no choice but to take the 6 weeks and get right back to work. I had my baby on a Friday and was in graduate school, they didn’t care, I was back on the Monday!! I know that was the best decision in the long run. If I was a rich celebrity I would have stayed home longer, or at least not complained about choosing to work!!!!

Kevin on

I am not sure where Shakira’s publicist was when this interview took place, but that person should be fired. This interview makes her seem entitled, haughty, body dismorphic, and very rude. Keep in mind that she never said women get four months of maternity leave from work. She said four months of maternity. That could mean several things. Furthermore, globally, the USA has some of the worst standards when it comes to working conditions. So, Shakira very well may not know about the US standard of 6-8 weeks. But, I still love her on The Voice. We’re all entitled to a bad day and a lousy interview.

Jewing on

I feel sorry for the Moms in the U.S. – here in Canada standard maternity leave is a year. 6 – 8 weeks is what a woman needs simply to heal and get accustomed to having a new baby. Having to leave a new born baby at that young age? Something needs to change for sure – that is just not right!

Kris on

Maybe instead of criticizing Shakira for her comment you all should be directing your anger elsewhere. The US is practically the only industrialized nation that does not have a mandatory maternity leave policy. Her statement would ring true in almost any other industrialized nation in the world, where maternity leave of that length is provided for by law. And just in case anyone forgot, Shakira is not an American so she is likely speaking based on what she knows of this matter. I don’t blame her for not knowing the effect her comment may have on a US audience.

R on

4 Months!!!! I guess that’s what all women on earth get since she is in need of money she need to get right to work clearly makes me dislike her more and more

Anonymous on

Here in Canada we get a year maternity leave!

Anonymous on

We are extremely lucky in Canada and get 1 yeat maternity leave. Not like our neighbours to the south who don’t get anywhere near that. And it is different everywhere around the world. There is no ‘global mat leave’

truth on

Anonymous needs to understand that Shakira is from Columbia and there is no reason for her to know of our FML act! It would not apply to her anyway

Pg on

Colombia’s maternity leave policy (atleast when I lived there a few years ago) was 4 months paid, so perhaps she is referring to that. Maybe she is taking a slight dig at the u.s.’ maternity leave policy, which is not great, lets be honest.

Pam on

4 months?!? Not here in the US! What a stupid thing to say here.

Elise on

For those of you who are telling her to check her facts, why don’t you? In other countries, some women get up to a year! Our country has one of the shortest maternity leaves for women. We’re behind the times when it comes to that. So I’m sure Shakira was referring to the MANY other women in OTHER countries who get a lot more time off than we do!

Dawn on

4 months? I got 6 weeks!

Anonymous on

WoW, thankful I live in Canada. We got 12 months!

Maria on

Most countries in the world at the exception for the US maternity leave is minimum 4 months. In scandinavian countries 1 year. France 4 months. Chile in Southamerica 6 months or 7 months if you work half a day.

Brandi on

She probably meant in her country…maybe the length of time that new moms get with their babies is different there. She didn’t say “all moms” so relax if it doesn’t apply to you. I got 3 months home with my daughter…my boss was nice enough to let me use a month of my vacation time after my eight weeks of maternity leave was up, but I knew in my 8th month that I was going to have a c-section (I ended up with a broken tailbone after a fall and my OB felt a vaginal birth was too risky) so it made it a bit easier to plan. I sympathize with her because like any mom, she wanted more time with her little one and while I was grateful for the time home that I had with my daughter, I still understand how that feels. Lol maybe she’s a little misinformed about how things work here in the U.S., but to me it’s just not that serious to get all bent out of shape about 🙂 #LifeGoesOn

Angelmom on

Omg people relax, she isn’t even from the US. Perhaps there are different standards in her country.

By the time I return to work I will have been off 14 months will pay. Oh Canada!!

Amit on

The fact that women in the US don’t get paid maternity leave for at least 3 months is just unbelievable to me. At 6 weeks old babies still need mom around (and for longer, but that should be the minimum!) and our bodies are just finishing healing. It should be unlawful to require women to return to work before the 6 weeks are up.

She isn’t American and she probably assumes that what she knows from other countries is also relevant here. Don’t be mad at her. Also, I find the “need” to get back to pre-baby weight completely ridiculous. She could be on TV with a few pounds left – why should anybody care? She just had a baby.

JR on

Sure sounds like a lot of you are really mad at her statement about four months. Maybe she does not know the timeline for a lot of new moms but why so much anger?

cands2002 on

I’m not sure about Columbia’s maternity leave, but here in the U.S. working moms do not get four months off. We’re protected by the FML for 6-8 weeks (depending on the method of delivery) and that’ just to guarantee that you will have a job when you get back. The sad fact is that United States remains one of three countries that don’t mandate paid maternity leave. The US lacks universal paid leave for new mothers, which is offered by 178 nations around the world, including some of the poorest. The U.S. is the only high income nation that doesn’t have paid maternity leave, while almost all middle to low income countries offer it. Only about half of all first-time moms in the United States are able to take any paid leave after childbirth; and just a fifth of working women with young children receive leave with full pay. I wish we all were as lucky as Shakira. I like her, but I think she is just misinformed about how maternity leave works for most American women.

Kourtney on

Well then don’t complain Shakira! I’m sure your hefty paycheck is the silver lining so stop whining! Besides, most moms only get 6-8 weeks so your 4 month remark is completely ignorant!

JR on

Chill out that she said four months. Sounds like a lot of angry mommies out there. Get a grip!

Anonymous on

Y’all need to get over it! I knew when I read it people were going to focus on the 4 month comment. How about focus on the fact women feel so much pressure to lose the weight within weeks after giving birth! That is so sad to me! We should be celebrating new life and not worrying about weight!

Annika on

Well she has spent most of her career in Europe, i am talking pre whenever whatever….and we DO get quite good maternity leave here. So wanna focus on a mistake?

WE in Sweden get 1.5 years maternity leave to share for mum and dad. We are lucky.

Laurie on

After reading comments i have a feeling of wow,really? We all make choices as to when we want a child in our life…If you dont like or agree with the maternity leave, tuff suck it up!!! you are the one who chose your job,read the copy of rules and regs before you start employment!!! weather a celerbrity or not women need to stick together….we are the center of our family and their needs…you sound like a bunch of nagging hens!!!

Agi on

In Europe, there are countries where you can spend 3 years ( yes, up to 3 years) at home with the baby. It’s up to you and it’s not totally unpaid. In a way it’s great to spend so much time with your baby, on the other hand, you can be afraid that your employee won’t take you back.

I know about the 6-8 weeks in the US, but I have no clue, where do they have 4 months………

Megan on

I’m from Canada. I get a year.

MJ on

ZUMBA is amazing!! Our instructor also did it until about 3 weeks before she delivered, THEN came back and taught us a new dance like 3 days after the baby was born!!!

Leah on

4 months is common in many countries, just not the US. She is not American, so cut her some slack. Perhaps she was just referencing what she knew. Most countries allow a woman a full year to be off for maternity leave. It’s the US that has it’s priorities a bit backwards here.

joan on

other countries in Europe do offer 4 months of maternity leave

Lina Bina on

1) I get 12 weeks maternity at my job and I can use my sick time to stretch that out as well, so she’s not that far off. States laws and company policies differ from each other…so everyone complaining about her statement needs to stop generalizing as well.

2) She may not know America’s FML rules, but in other countries women get a LOT more time off. Some European countries women can take off a whole year and their jobs will be held. It is not so far-fetched that a woman who zig zags across the world would make that type of statement. Culturally, for westernized, 1st world countries America is in the minority of giving maternity leave.

3) She is beautiful and much smaller than me. But, I understand someone feeling like they aren’t at the weight they are accustomed. I gained a ton of weight after I was in a car accident and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin until I lost it. Whether you are bigger or smaller, when you are too big for your normal clothing you freak out. It is part of being a woman.

Monica on

Ok everyone stop being so sour! It is not the same everywhere! Actually in Colombia women do get 4 months of mat leave. I live in Canada and we get an entire year! I’m quite surprised to see that in the US you only get a few weeks… Shakira looks amazing and she is doing an incredible job in The Voice 🙂

Reina on

I had three months maternity leave with my daughter. Only two weeks were unpaid and that was because I saved up my PTO.

Anonymous on

Yes here in the US we do not get that long but please stop getting on to her for not knowing. I bet most of you don’t know how long they get in other countries so why should she have to educate herself on US policies.. Stop proving how judgmental we Americans can be and and focus on how great she looks and how hard it is for any mom to work and be away from there child. It is never easy being away from your little ones!

Mom2two on

OK, maybe the “on earth” part was a bit too much, but here in Europe maternity leaves range between 4 months and 3 years (paid leaves). Our natality rate isn’t that high, so governments try to stimulate it.

Happy Canadian on

Canadians get up to a year including 60% of their pay, and if mom and dad both want to take leave they each get 6 months.

maryhelenc on

She looks great!

As for her maternity leave comment, here in Canada we get a year of maternity leave, other countries get two years, perhaps Colombia gets 4 months. I know a couple of American friends got 4 months as well, maybe it varies from state to state?

Gina on

She is not only a good singer, but intelligent and beautiful as well. Great role model for Latinas.

truth on

A…your friend who got 3 days is lying (or you are), that is against the FMLA

Mes on

Calm down folks! She said 4 months like most women on EARTH, not US! Geez! and Yes, many women get 4 months (some more than that!) off in the US if you combine your personal days with FMLA which allows up to 12 weeks off.

Barb on

We get a year off maternity/paternity leave in Canada! lucky us

Sara on

Guys, she’s not from the US/doesn’t live here on a regular basis. She probably has no idea that 4 months maternity leave here is rare because in other countries (including the one where she lives) it’s a given that you get 4 months or even longer. This is certainly not even close to being entitled compared to what other celebrities have said.

Laza on

Wow.. You all need to relax.. So she was wrong about the length of maternity, get over it..

Jill on

I took exactly 4 months. Used Vacation time and then my FMLA. Planning ahead helps.

sandra on

In Canada we get 12months, yes one whole year … So i guess it’s four months where she comes from

heidicroft on

The majority of the world has paid maternity leave averaging about four months. The US is glaring exception. Even so called “third world countries” have better maternity leave than we do. She isn’t wrong at all. She is just world focused rather than US focused.

Michelle on

4 months…every woman on earth??? That just lowered my rating of HER. And also not every woman on earth has 24 hours a day help with their baby or kids…I’m sure she has that. Also if she is feeling the pressure to lose the weight that is on her. Love yourself the way you are…isn’t she always saying that. Whatever!

Val on

That’s why I love living in Canada! We get 1 year paid maternity leave!

susan on

I am a mom of 2 boys in Ontario, Canada and feel so lucky that here we get an entire year of maternity leave. No matter how long your mat leave is, there is pressure on every Mom to lose the baby weight, famous or not.

Trish on

Yes, in the US women only get several unpaid weeks off. But you forget she’s an international star. In countries outside of US, people get more than 4 months. In Canada, we get 1 year Paid leave and in Scandinavia and France they get around 2 years. So 4months may be the average. So in other words, the world does not revolve around the US.

omega on

well in Canada we get 1 year. im prob in colombia you get 4 months, or 6 in some other places.

Dont be hating on our Saint Shakira, you know she’s done far more good in this planet than any of your ‘idolizing’ reality trashy stars.

we love you at any shape Shakira! God bless your generous heart 🙂

if you dont know jack about her charitable work, educate yourself. She works hard for her career, and gives back so much, so so much, she is our latin pride and joy.

Keep being the amazing woman you are Shaki!!

AH Mommy on

Shakira is one of the sweetest women in the world, a real class act. She has a heart of gold and is a great mommy.

I dont have a problem with what she said, even if she was slightly exaggerating or misinformed. But she wasnt just referring to the US. What i do have a problem with is the oversensitive, cruel, cynical women that write these replies! I feel sorry for your negative outlook on the world… Life will surely be less enjoyable for many of you.

I am surely on Team Shakira! Dont listen to these lame, negative women just trying to nitpick!

Cheryl on

4 months? too bad the US was not like Canada…we get 1 year for maternity leave!!! unless you are self-employed, which would be less

Peg on

Thank God for Canada and 1 year of maternity leave!

Bea on

4 months??!!?? She went back to host a reality tv singing contest by choice that she makes millions on,most of us go back after 6-8 weeks to bad jobs that don’t pay well.

Laney on

I’m not going to lambast Shakira, but I don’t understand celebrities of her status claiming they can’t take time off. I mean its not like she’s just starting her music career. She has enough money to last many lifetimes over. Many women around the world return to work soon after giving birth for fear of loosing their jobs. Even with all her contracts I imagine she could still write her own ticket and tell them to F-off while she bonds with her baby and recovers.

A on

Almost all industrialized nations have very generous maternity leave policies. In Canada, you can get up to a year. The U.S. is a rare exception. Be upset that we’re lagging behind, not that Shakira isn’t aware that our country doesn’t place the same value on maternity leave as the rest of the world.

Laurel on

4 months of maternity leave like every mother has!?!?!?! There’s NO WAY most American moms get that much time!

Sue on

6 to 8 weeks in the US?! are you kidding me, my heart breaks for every mother who only got this. 12 years ago they changed it from 6 to 12 months in Canada, and it was wonderful to have the full year with my son

Michelle on

Losing weight stressful? Sounds like her priorities are a little off.

Anonymous on

Shakira is not American so don’t blame her for not being in touch with the US’s backward labour laws. In most other developed countries, four weeks is a normal – even a little short – maternity leave for a woman to take, whether she’s a music star or a housekeeper.

anonymous on

You guys are really changing your opinion of her over something this simple? For the record, payroll laws very in every country. The U.S. has the worst maternity of any country in the world. Seeing as she isn’t American, 4 months is actually probably quite normal to her. My Canadian coworker just came back after a year of Maternity leave. She’s not saying “poor me.” She’s saying compared to the maternity leave where she’s from, she had to come back quickly and it was hard.

Anonymous on

she does not live in the US people! She lives in Spain and in Europe all women have long maternity leaves!

Anonymous on

Actually, Shakira is more right than all of you are: The US is one of only 5 countries in the world that doesn’t mandate some type of paid maternity leave for new mothers. In Canada you can get up to a year depending on how long you’ve been at your job.

Anonymous on

what a loser! whoa is me, i have money and can do what i want and it’s just so hard to get things done…. Please!!!

mel on

Its 12 weeks family medical leave act in wahigton state

Anonymous on

What in the hell is Shakira talking about? 4 months? Reality check time for you, woman.

Kimberly on

4 months, what a joke this lady is. Try 6 weeks for regular birth and 8 weeks for c-section here in the states.

Bonnie on

I don’t understand why women on here are getting so angry. She is from another country maybe they get longer maternity leaves. English is also her second language so it’s easy to mis-interpret her words as rude or clueless.
She is in the public eye and does have pressure to look good so that is stressful. I don’t think she is wrong or “complaining” to say that. People on here need to stop overanalyzing every word famous people say. Give them a break.

Ashley on

In Washington, DC you get 4 months. I’m an HR Manager for a hotel chain in DC and our female employees can take 4 months off.

Terry on

In Canada (I am Canadian) women get a year paid maternity leave and I believe in Europe, South America etc the mat leave is very generous. Only in the US is mat leave not generous.

Wendy on

Okay everyone we get it! Its not four months. Move the eff on cause many people have already something. The thought is already out there, Geez

anno on

Ok, you ppl need to realize she lives in Barcelona, Europe. And a lot of the European countries have great maternity leave. In Sweden for example, you get over 1 year – PAID.

Anonymous on

Wow, I feel bad for you Americans…here in Canada we get 12 months maternity and sometimes 18 months depending on your job. 6-12 weeks is soo little time, that’s not right.

Anonymous on

Wow! Every woman on earth gets 4 months off! I had no idea!!!! How exciting? Should I contact my boss and tell him that? Oh – wait…do women all over know this and it was just me?

Rrr on

Come on over to Canada ladies – most of us get a full year!

Anonymous on

well some people get a year paid, give her a break she made an assumption – like any of you have never assumed anything in your life. constant complaints from you people.

Ally on

I rarely comment but in other countries they have longer maternity leave then we do here in the U.S. She is referring to that. She lives in Spain, so how would she know about the FML Act. Good Lord, must we jump on her for that.

JustMe on

Shakira grew up in Colombia..I don’t know what they do there, but I know in many European countries women get an entire year off after a baby. Give her a break…she may not have any clue about what usual maternity leave in the U.S. is.

cynlee on

In Canada the maternity leave is one year

trose68 on

What a bunch of nasty judgemental women on this blog, instead of saying good for you and you look great, you all pick out one thing she says, twist it into something that is so stinking ridiculous waaaa waaa I didn’t get 4 moths I only got 4 weeks, guess what there are woman out there that get 4 months and there are some that actually get to stay home all the time, because they can, talk about a bitter group of women. Shakira KUDOS to you 🙂

Anonymous on

How many people have to comment on her misquote of maternity leave timeframe?? I don’t think that was the whole point. Yes, we all had to go back to work “approximately” 8 weeks after giving birth…. but we were not going to have millions of people looking at us and were not going to be scrutinized by the media on how we looked just 8 weeks later. Celebrities aren’t even allowed to peacefully gain weight DURING pregnancy without constant critism. Either way.. all Shakira said was it was stressful to have to lose the weight in 2 months. Who can’t relate to that?

cynlee on

The maternity leave in Canada is one year…the U.S. needs to catch up!

cynlee on

Canada’s maternity leave is 1 year…the U.S. needs to catch up!

Erica on

Poor thing ONLY got 4 months. And then she had to go and make those filthy millions of dollars.

Kathya on

Actually, USA is one of the few places on Earth that has a short maternity leave. People, do your math!, she only got a little over 8 weeks before having to go back to work and leave her child behind, just like many of you. Even if she is able to have someone to watch her baby after her while at work, we all know it isn’t the same as having that time at home with your little one.

South and Central America and Europe have much, MUCH longer maternity leaves. In some places in Europe is up to a year.

Maybe some of you should get your facts together.

tina on

In Canada, we get a year maternity leave.

Jenny on

Everyone needs to calm down a smidge. Yes, we may only get 8-12 weeks tops in the US; however, last time I checked the US doesn’t constitute the whole world. There are many other countries where women have leave for 4 months to an entire year…fathers too. Yes, she generalized but she’s not far off the mark with regards to leave throughout the world.

Mandy on

Most places you can get up to 3 months of leave after having a baby, but not 4. I don’t think she meant anything by it. Remember that she isn’t from America.

Happilyever on

It is very sad to see so much anger from women towards this woman for making this statement. It is possible that in her circle this is the norm. There are countries around the world that offer 12 months for the mothers AND the fathers. Instead of directing your anger towards Shakira how about redirecting it to our elected officials to get them to enact laws that are more favorable to family.

Lynn on

I understand that maternity leave in the US is only an average of 6-12 weeks, but that doesn’t mean that she is uninformed or being a martyr. Sweden gives a maternity leave to both parents of 6 months. Other countries have maternity leaves of much much longer than the US.

Anonymous on

Don’t complain about her, complain about the US Government and all of those rich, Republican business owners that would never let longer maternity leave happen. In most of the industrialized world, 4 months would be a short maternity leave. It’s our country that hasn’t bothered to catch up with the rest of the world and she’s not from our country.

katrina on

most people in other countries get 4 months.. since she didnt grow up in the US how would she know most only get 6 weeks.. and im in the US, and a nanny.. and my parents (both have normal jobs) and she just had a baby and got 4 months off.. so it depends on what type of work you do and what company policy is.. there are a ton of people who can take 4 months off.. might not be able to afford it, but you can.

Tracie on

Who gets 4 months? Well Canada for starters… We get one year mat leave. Many other places get as much or even more than us, so yes, I’m sorry in the U.S. you aren’t given a lot of time home with your babies but MANY other places in the world you are, so maybe YOU should get your facts straight. Shakira isn’t an america, FYI 😉

ES on

> didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has

Europeans get between 6 and 12 months after and 1-2 months before the delivery. US has like 6 weeks?
Apparently even Latin America is more civilzed than the US when it comes to treating women right,

Mandy on

If you are going to gripe about not gettin gpaid while you were off, that is your own fault. You can get Aflac & they will pay for you to be off for up to 3 months. I know as I went through this since I was off for over 3 months when I had my baby. I got put off work 8 weeks before I had her as there was concern she would come early & then I went back to work 6 weeks after I had her.

Anonymous on

Wow you.guys are harsh. Most European and Latin countries give more maternity leave than the US. She was probably referring to what was her . Give the girl a break. Yes she tiok a greatjob opportunity like must of us would but since she us in the public eye she admitted too feeling the pressure. Look how they stack kimk and shes pregnant. We are not a forgivibg public in regards to the impossible body inage standards we place on these eomen and in turn ourselves.

susankfish on

You think she is out of touch, but in reality, the US has one of the worst maternity leave policies among developed countries. Here in Canada, maternity leaves have been one full year (@ 60% pay) for more than a decade.

trose68 on

WOW what a bunch of bitter judgemental women on this blog. You take one comment she says and twist it into something that is so ridiculous and whine about how you didn’t get the same advatage and slam her because she assumed most women got a certain amount of maternity leave. If this is all you can say about this article then I feel very sorry all you that have nothing but negative comments.

Kudos to you Shakira you look fabulous 🙂

Melina on

We in Ontario, Canada get 1 year maternity/parental leave.

YasJanda on

Dear commentators, the US is not the “whole world”.. the US probably has one of the worst maternity policies in the world. In Most developed countries the law DOES provide for women to take several months off (paid) after having a baby. Most also allow for paternity leave (paid)… France has an amazing system that we would do well to emulate here in the US. So although here in the US we don’t get 4 months, there are plenty of people who do get that, so she wasn’t just being ignorant, she was thinking about what mist developed, rich countries provide for their citizens.

Ilene on

In here defense there are other countries where women can take up to a year of paid maternity leave. Also I had a manager take a six month maternity leave and she had he son vaginally. Please don’t attack this woman and say she out of touch with normal people assuming that women everywhere get the same amount of time off when having a baby.

LB on

Not every woman on Earth gets 4 months – I get a year of maternity in Canada.

Tami on

Most countries allow parents much more time than 6-12 weeks of unpaid leave – that is for both parents, not just the mother. Australia allows up to a year. Sweden is allowed 16 months of parental leave that parents can use during the first three years of the babies birth. The US is at the bottom of the paid maternity leave scale.

Gracie on

I think she meant 4 weeks not months. And she didn’t get to rest for the first 4 weeks since she started to workout soon after delivery.

jenny on

She may have been referring to european and latin american countries and assumed the US was similar. Depending on the country, europeans get anywhere from 14 to 28 weeks of maternity leave. cut her some slack. She lives in Spain most of the time.

T on

She is not American people! Many many other countries in the world DO have longer maternity leaves than 4mos, Canada is 1yr and I know other places are the same or even longer. I’m sorry americans don’t have much time to stay home with their babies, but for us that do, 4 mos is relatively short for the time we are normally given. Geez, give the girl a break, she might be working in the states right now but she is still from another country and god forbid she is used to the way things are there. wow judgey mcjudgers. I’d hate to see what half of you complain about ( Starbucks opened an hour late and I couldn’t have my morning coffee wahhh) that people in other countries would think is rediculous…

Kristy on

Ok…she said “I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has”, not every woman in the US. Every country has different Maternity leaves. Some have as little as 4 weeks, but Canada has 12 months. A lot of you need to get YOUR facts straight before blasting her and open your mind to the fact that the US *must* be what she is talking about.

Veronica on

4 months?! Try 6 weeks maternity leave!

dk on

In Washington state where I live, we can legally have 4 months! Not paid, though and we have to pay for benefits out of pocket…

melissa gilbert on

” I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has”….strange comment right there

Flea on

My god people, forgive the woman for speaking in hyperbole! Did you want her to say ‘every woman in a developed country excluding the US’? Not everyone on is an American. As a Canadian, I’m entitled to a full year, so 2 months would indeed seem terrible. She’s allowed to lament not having enough time with her son!

Anonymous on

FMLA allows for 16 weeks off. You may not get paid during that time but you can take that amount off without risking your job.

Jane on

She meant 6 months in Spain, where she lives!

Christine on

Good grief people. She is from another country. Most of you would probably be shocked to hear what women get in other countries for maternity leave. Leave the poor woman alone!

Anonymous on

Just for the record: Yes, Canada provides a full year of maternity/parental leave but it’s not paid in full. It’s about 55% of your regular income (and there’s a maximum so if you earn $200,000 it’s not like you get $100,000 while you’re on leave)

Jill on

LOL! Reading these comments makes a lot of people look pretty ignorant– and Shakira isn’t one of them. Sadly, the USA is one of a very few developed countries that does not offer paid maternal leave. Most developed countries do this for several months or more. So PLEASE, don’t be ridiculous. The USA is not the only country in the world. Can’t we just appreciate her kindness & candor instead of attacking an innocent (and not entirely wrong) comment?

Laurie on

If they get four months of maternity leave in Colombia, that is great, but she should not have said “every woman on earth has.” The earth is made up of many more countries than just Colombia. She should have said “every woman in Colombia” or “most women in Colombia.”

Kaitee on

Wow, I can’t believe how cruel people are on here. The US is one of the worst places for maternity leave and she clearly isn’t from there so she doesn’t know. Give her a break. She’s a beautiful mother who looks great after having a baby and isn’t trying to insult anyone she obviously just didn’t know. Geez

Anonymous on

Dear goodness, break out the judgmental thoughts please. No one had a problem with Shakira until she made a comment about maternity leave. Get life people…pronto

pinkroses914 on

Wow! Tough crowd! Whatever the amount of time a maternity leave ends up being, the fact remains is the pressure to loose baby weight quickly.

For all of you who are zeroing in about the 4 mos. factor, who the real barbs should be going to are those who are quick to judge a woman’s body for not being model slim immediately following giving birth.

In my opinion, that’s a bigger issue.

Not the length of a maternity leave.

Jenna on

I had 3 months, but it was UNPAID!!

Nadia on

We Americans think the world only revolves around us, don’t we? In other countries, they get several months of maternity leave and fathers get paternity leave as well. It’s only in America that 2 months or less is the typical maternity leave period. Give her a break! Sheesh! We’re not the only women in this world who take maternity leave.

Sammy on

Who gets 4 months maternity leave, Shakira? Uh, your 8 weeks is a dream. Most women in America get 6 weeks.

purpledandelion on

Federal employees in America can get 4 months. I work for the VA. Every employee is entitled to 640 hours of FMLA per calendar year. Women here take 4 months. You can also choose to spread it out. For example, a woman who just had a baby in February recently came back to work after having used about 2.5 month of her time. She’s taking the rest of her FMLA hours and spreading them out, 18 per week. So she is working essentially part time through September, keeping benefits and full time status.

Also, Canada may get a year paid off….but does anyone REALLY want to live in Canada? I’ll say no thanks to that one.

I think it’s ridiculous that some people think companies should have to hold your job for you for 18 months or even pay you for that time. Federal employees don’t qualify for any type of short term disability. I have to use my vacation and sick leave and the rest will be unpaid. So I’m saving money. It’s called personal responsibility.

Ashleigh on

and this is why I can’t come on this site. the comments are crazy. LOOK it up people. Where she is from the ML is 4 months. Some places are longer. I wish the owner of this site never sold it to People… It used to be a good site..

Nicole on

Is 4 months what EVERY woman gets? No. Shhhh! You are complaining.

Anonymous on

This is why people hate Americans. We all think as if this is the only country in the world. Shakira is worldly she meant most of the world. This is one of the few countries that do not consider a mothers time to recover. Shame on us. Get educated please.

Ashley on

I don’t see the big deal of Shakira being a touch heavier, I mean Christina Aguilera was on the show and she looked like a freaking cow for most of it…..

shidley on

Anyone ever wonder if Shakira was a contestant on “The Voice”, if her singing would get any of the judges to turn their chairs?

Janis on

4 months? Wow, that’d be nice. I had a c-section & got 6 weeks. My baby was premature, so was in hospital for 3 weeks. I only had 3 weeks home with my baby before I had to return to work. And why did she have to shed the pounds for The Voice? What’s up with that? Shakira is beautiful no matter what her weight. That’s Hollywood for you, I guess. Thankful I am not part of that scene!

Erica on

I really like Shakira, but that “four months like every other woman on earth” remark was pretty dumb. I don’t know any working mothers who had four months of maternity leave. Employers at the most give you three months and many women don’t even get that. Military women have to return six weeks after birth and then spend that trying to arrange child care.

Paige on

Wow – I had a 5 month maternity leave, and didn’t realize how lucky I am. I’m in CA and work for a big company – we get two weeks before our due date at full pay, then 8 weeks after (for both vaginal and C-section deliveries) at full pay, and then you can take up to 12 weeks FMLA, which my company pays half of. At my company, your vacation days are used to supplement the FMLA pay, so my whole maternity leave was at full pay except the last week or two. I am VERY grateful – I guess I’d better keep working here if I’m planning to have another kid. = )

Cory on

In most developed countries in the world women get 3-12 months of paid maternity leave. The US generally the last on the list of countries that have benefits for maternity. She probably had no idea how backwards our country is.

Angela on

She’s not American, sorry your maternity leave sucks, I guess she didn’t realize how bad off ya’ll have it. In Canada, we get 12 months.

shelalashow on

I think most the women on here is ignorant. What she is referring to is Spain and most european countries that provide 4 months and plus for maturnity leave. Talk about fangs out and ready to attack get ahold of your self American women.

Angela on

Yes in Canada we get a year, but it’s not fully paid. Believe me the $1600 I was getting a month was a drop in the bucket to the $5000 I usually take home a month. And it certainly wasn’t 60%, it’s 55 or 60% to a max salary.

Kisha on

I am guessing it’s because she is a new mother, but whenever I had children it was always 6 little weeks of maternity leave, nowhere near 4 months. Many women have had to make the choice to leave their newborns behind at home, daycare, etc. and go back to work. It is always a hard choice, but we have to suck it up and pay the bills.

Anonymous on

Awww..leave her alone. Who doesn’t speak “off the cuff” when asked a question and has to answer in a split-second. Of course…this comment is going to be printed so everyone can fire back. I happen to like her quite a bit.

lala on

geez people…get over it! maybe the rest of “the earth” has longer maternity leaves than good ole america. maybe she averaged it out. who cares!

Elsie on


Anonymous on

Is she naive enough to think that any let alone all women get 4 months maternity leave?

MF on

at my work its a full year for maternity leave. paid.

Anonymous on

Actually in California law say they can take 4 months, so I am sure that is where she got that amount of time from.

Anonymous on

FMLA gives 12 weeks, not 6

arica434 on

OMG, you people can be so cruel. I have 3 kids. With my first one I was only out for 6 weeks, I got 8 weeks with my second and with my 3rd I had 4 months. I had a better job with better benefits with the last child AND I live in the U.S. Shakira is a sweet woman who does a lot of charitable actions and if you took the time to read previous articles about her you would know that. And she said Earth…not just the U.S. So let me guess, she should’ve broken her comment down geographically???? Jeez! Some of you apparently need some Xanax in your lives b/c you’re too uptight. Chill out!

Anonymous on

You know that she’s referring to European countries. Even 2 months of maternity leave in this country is considered luxury. She should consider her audience before pissing off an entire country.

Anne on

Boy am I glad I’m in scandinavia, where we get 12 months – PAID.

AL on

All the ladies complaining about their short leave…stop your b**&%% and get yourself a new job perhaps? 4 months is pretty common actually….

Anonymous on

Actually, for those of you seem to think that short-term disability is the answer to the problem, you are seriously delusional. First of all, short-term disability from the state is only required in TWO states. Second, short-term disability through companies such as Aflac and MetLife may or may not be offered by your employer; even if you purchase a short-term disability policy on your own through one of these companies, they usually do not pay for the first two weeks of maternity leave (exclusionary period), and then only 60% for the next four weeks. So even if FMLA does apply to you and your company, you are only protected for 6 weeks of maternity leave, with 4 weeks paid at 60%, and then you can be terminated.

So maybe people like Brandi and Mandy should know what they’re talking about before assuming that every state has required short-term disability, and that if you don’t get paid for maternity leave that it’s “your own fault.” Self-righteous, much?? Maybe you should get a clue before you assume that everyone’s situation is the same as your own.

kkh37 on

In the US, FMLA provides for up to 12 weeks of unpaid job protected to leave to care for the birth or adoption of a new child. Your employer has to have 50 or more employees to qualify for FMLA. If you don’t qualify for FMLA, then it’s solely out of your vacation and sick leave and willingness of your employer. All these women saying they only took 6-8 weeks, it was either because their employer was not subject to FMLA, or it was a personal choice due to money. Otherwise you can take the 12 weeks! It’s an option in the US for many working moms.

Kel on

Hello people, she’s not referring to women in the United States!!! She’s not from the US! Calm down. I took 12 weeks with all 3 of mine, so close enough.

hbomb1225 on

Clearly you people dont realize that in almost every other country (so it seems at least) most woman get at least 4 months off after having a baby – and some get off up to a year after having a baby. Its standard in a lot of other countries since other countries put such an emphsis on family as opposed to working. We have things a little backwards here in America. So I am sure shes thinking that the way things happen in her country and others is the way we would do things here (or at least better since we claim to be the best country in the world).

Chanda on

Most women only get 6-8 weeks.

Lorainne on

The fact is that she is at a press event in the US, talking to US media about a job she is working in the US. And wants American women to watch her show. Our US maternity is very relevant when she is complaining about only “4 months” when we get only 6-12 weeks by law.

Anonymous on

The fact is that America is not the whole world. And that the maternity leave laws here are horrible have nothing to do with her. Those are facts.

Cate on

I get her point – that it’s hard to lose weight and get back to work and think everything should be the same pre-baby. But the 4 month comment, that’s probably coming from her not being from the U.S. – many other countries offer longer maternity leaves than the U.S.

My bigger problem, which is society’s problem with women’s weight, is why did she have to be as small as she was pre-baby when she went on The Voice? Who cares if she was 5 or 10 or 15 pounds heavier? She is a talented musician. Why couldn’t she be allowed to come back from having a baby, and LOOK like she’d just come back from having a baby? That is where we need to get, and we are so far from being there!


Being that she isn’t American, you can forgive her for not knowing what the maternity leave situation is in the US. In Canada, it’s a year leave – paid. In many parts of Europe it’s 18 months – paid. In Latin & South America the majority is at least 4-6 months… Everywhere else in the world seems to understand the importance of giving mom time to recover & take care of a new baby. Maybe it isn’t a foreign singer that is out of touch but the American maternity system…

So ladies complaining about the four month maternity leave get your facts straight she know what she is talking about.

Anonymous on

In Slovakia we get 3 years paid 🙂 SO we really get to spend time with our kids. LOVe it

Stop complaining on

For those of you complaining about not getting 4 months maternity leave….blame your country and/or state. She is referring to many other parts of the world who do get proper maternity leaves. I think it’s outrageous some of you only get 6 weeks!! I personally get 8-12 months with most of that paid with 70% of my salary. Don’t assume she is only referring to the USA in her statement.

chelly on

@miche she lives in Spain so it is diffrent there than in the states. In Canada where im from it is a year of paid mat leave.

seriously? on

So many people here being so petty and ignorant. Just because the US doesn’t give 4 months it doesn’t mean she’s completely wrong or ignorant. MOST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD have at least 4 months maternity leave. In most (if not all) the Latin American countries..its 4-6 months.. Canada has 1 year leave.. most European countries have 6-8 months. Educate yourselves before crtiticizing someone else. The US is NOT the only country in the world.

Steph on

Shakira is probably talking worldwide in general as far as maternity leave. The U.S. has the worst maternity leave policy in the world. Mine was cut short because I had to go on early maternity leave because of problems. When my daughter was born, I had 3 weeks at home before I had to go back to work. If the U.S. would have better leave policies like most other countries, it would be wonderful. If we want better maternity leave, rally for it.

Twizzy on

OMG – I used to think she was great, but now I’m going to boycott The Voice and picket her concerts because she has the nerve to make these egregious and inflammatory statements about maternity leave! It’s like she is thumbing her nose at the rest of us poor working women who barely have time to type our outrage onto this tabloid comment board. Besides, I’m sure she has a million nurses and housekeepers and people to pick out her clothes and chew her food for her. Also – she should be ashamed to wear animal print…. she is a MOTHER!

brenda on

Wow 4-6 weeks off for maternity leave, I don’t know how you do that??? Here in Canada we get 1 year of paid leave!

Marina on

6 weeks of maternity leave?Shocked!!Here in Russia we have 3 years of maternity leave 18 months of which are paid 40% of the salary.

How do you breastfeed then?Have milk in store?

Casey on

I had 12 weeks. But started going back part time after about 8. Wish we could have a year of paid like Canada, but we would also have to sacrifice other luxuries to have that kind of leave.
Thank god for nursing! Because that’s how I lost all of my baby weight. I could wear my old clothes 2 weeks after the birth of my son. Now I focus on toning. I would think she wouldn’t have such a hard time getting lean again- but once you have a baby you feel like your body isn’t going to be the same as it once was.

Jen C on

SHAKIRA, YOU LOOK GREAT ! Motherhood looks wonderful on you! May God Bless your family!

She is referring to Columbia’s 4 month maternity leave policy. Instead of criticizing the fact that she is not aware of the FMLA here in the states &/or complaining that you did not have 4 months maternity…..why don’t you try to do something about it. Like start a petition online to extend it here, or write your local congressman. Do something to start a movement, instead of just complaining about it.

You don’t know until you try, right?

Liz on

“I knew I had to come back here to do The Voice two months after I had delivered a baby. I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has. I’m not trying to complain, but it’s been a process full of challenges.”

I LOVE Shakira! And here she sounds like such a new mom. I never had 4 months of maternity leave, and just went back to work full time at 2 months after giving birth to my 3rd child. I know people will massacre her for this comment – because lots of us are in more dire circumstances with less support at home and money to spend on trainers, housecleaners, cooks, and nannies. But give her a break – she’s learning, like the rest of us, how to be a mother – and what a great challenge and gift it is – no matter how rich, no matter how poor.

You go GIRL!!! And way to rock right back into shape! Even though I went back to work at 2 months after having baby, I didn’t have to lose all the weight by then. I still had 19 pounds to go at that point!

kkh37 on

FMLA provides you 12 weeks of unpaid job protected leave for the birth and care of a newborn child or adopted child. That is a fact. I don’t know where these women are getting 6 weeks from. Perhaps that’s all they get paid or covered by short term disability, but 12 weeks is what federal law provides under FMLA.

roditelj on

dear women, I live in one of the poorest countries (Bosnia) in the world. and in our country, when we deliver the baby we get 1 year maternity leave+paid

Luvmylife on

Wow… Some of you ladies are bitter. Just typical Americans thinking that they’re the center of the universe. MOST countries get at least 4 months. It’s unfortunate that the American government places such little value on families and bonding with a newborn.

I’m happy to be Canadian. I took the full 12 months with my first child and my husband stayed home for 7 months with our second. It’s good to have options

Elle on

In a lot of countries women do get a minimum of 4 months, there are some that actually give 8 months of maternity leave. The U.S is not one of them. You guys are all insulting her like she doesn’t know what she is taling about…but maybe she is coming from a cultrally different perspective. And THAT makes you guys look like you don’t what your talking about, not her. Use your brains.

Anonymous on

I knew when I read this article that the comments would be riddled with nasty retorts full of “well guess what I got, try 2 weeks!” Etc … You crazy women never disappoint. Life is not a competition, you shouldn’t gloat or be proud to cut someone else up for an honest mistake in context. Sadly, you’re all mothers and choose to behave so poorly. Not a good example to set for your children. I’d be embarrassed if I were any of you that’s acting so negatively.

Ellen Le on

Yeah, after reading some comments, America should change their stance on Maternity/Paternity Leave. Maybe Canada sounds nice after all. Or a European country.

Melody on

I suspect her comment about “4 months, like every other woman on earth has” was probably an off-the-cuff comment, a bit of hyperbole. She might have even said it jokingly! Please calm down everybody!

Lindy on

Wow! I wish maternity leave was four months! But for most of the mothers on earth, at least in the United States, have six weeks.

Anonymous on

There are other people on the world besides USA commenters or did you just think your the only ones that counted.. In Canada we have 12 months paid, other countries very much the same, so stop you trash talk you

Vanessa on

Only such a short time of leave? We get 12 months here in Australia….paid.

Eryn on

I never had maternity leave, just had a great husband who brought home the dough, I was very lucky. I can’t imagine leaving my kids at even four months to go back to work.

Anonymous on

News Flash! America is NOT the whole world! Get over yourselves really. And yes maternity leave here is terrible, why are you taking it out on Shakira? Oh wait you’re Americans. Enough said.

Anonymous on

First of all I love Shakira!! And second, I want to ask why so many of you got only 6 -8weeks unpaid? I thought that as a Full Time employee state disability pays you for 4 weeks prior birth (if not more depending on your health and doctor), 6-8 weeks postpartum and an additional 6 weeks (if you meet the hours worked requirement) for “boding” time? Most of the women I know got this and even my part time employees got 4 weeks before and 6 weeks after. I just think maybe many of you don’t really know the law or you didn’t partner with you HR department. I got 4 months off, it was partial pay but i still got paid.

V on

Most of you are complaining as well…women get treated horribly in this day and age. Just 40 years ago, a woman may actually have a stand up man who provided properly for his family, showed real financial comittment. Society did not pressure or easily accept a woman to hustle off to earn a paycheck to compensate for their cavalier mindsets. Women have multiple jobs now at home and as breadwinners. Thats how the family breakdown started. Women have had to trade off their softer nurturing goddess to harsher more abrasive sorts to navigate the unfair expectations of women today. Women who MUST work outside the home should be given 3-6 months paid leave! We NEED our feminity BACK!

Lisa on

Wow… Lots of hate on these posts… In almost every country in world mothers get 3+ months of maternity leave if not closer to a full year. This just shows up how messed up the US system is that moms are only given 6-8 weeks… And actually for those of you bashing in her about not knowing US standards… Under FMLA woman are authorized 12 weeks of maternity leave.

Dina on

In Russia we have 1,5 year paid, but you can stay at home with your baby until she is 3 years old.

Jarmila on

In Slovakia – a 28-week maternity leave and then we have a parental support for 3 years when women are at home with children and get money, not much, about half of an average salary but when necessary, women can go back to work earlier, 28 weeks is minimum and it is paid- 65% of your salary-I think, or something like that

MC on

Listen people “the world” is not the US, study geography and maybe you are the ones that need to educate yourself, the US maternity leave policy is the exception to the rule, most countries do give that long……….lighten up!! please!

Anonymous on

Wow, all these comments make me really glad to be Canadian…we get a full year.

alex on

She is demented…. I had 3 weeks and blonde bombshell she is not. I guess they dont see she has black hair with black roots over the blonde hair…

CH on

Who gets 4 months. I got two weeks, lol.

kim pilny on

I read this, & the only thing of interest that struck me was her unbelievable assertion that every woman on Earth gets 4 MONTHS off for maternity leave! She definitely has the wrong planet in mind, because I’ve NEVER seen or even heard of a woman getting 4 months off before. This only serves as further evidence that celebrities have absolutely NO knowledge of how life is for the vast majority of this planet’s inhabitants!

frenchy on

in dominican republic we have 3 month, maybe in colombia is 4 months…..i heard that in canada is more than 6 …..a dream

Renee on

4 months??? Geez. Here in Australia everyone is entitled to 12 months unpaid maternity leave and depending on who you work for sometimes the whole year is paid out to you. 6 weeks is absolutely ridiculous. I’m going on 2.5 years at home and love it. I couldn’t afford to go back to work and pay 80% of my wage to a child care centre

okxana75 on

Ladies, first the name of the country is COLOMBIA, Shakira is from Colombia!

Second each country has their own rules or stipulations about maternity leave.

Bugsmum on

I can’t imagine HAVING to get back in the gym so soon after having baby let alone having to go back to work just 2 short months later.
Such a shame that she felt so much preassure to get back to pre-pregnancy weight for the show, I’m sure she looked just as beautiful with the extra weight as she does now.

In New Zealand we get 16wks paid parental leave provided you have been in full time employment for 1yr before the baby’s arrival (other rules apply for those in part-time employment), This can be taken by either parent (ie half mum half dad), but is usually taken by the mum. We can also take extended un-paid maternity leave up to 1yr where our position must be kept available for us. I can’t begin to imagine how how hard it is for women who have to go back 6-8 weeks post delivery. You poor american ladies need to raise your voices and improve things in your country, hard to believe teeny tiny New Zealand has better maternity/parental leave laws than the “great and powerful” America.

Silver23 on

People need to chill out.
It’s not Shakira’s fault that your maternity leave was so short (USA). It’s USA’s priorities as a whole.

And yes, to the people asking if it’s true that the US gets only a few weeks unpaid maternity leave. It’s weird because a lot of companies are trying to get rid of BC coverage over here, yet they don’t give women the time to actually take care of the child resulting from poorly protected sex :-/. (Sorry, I was thinking of this yesterday).

Katie on

You all do know she isn’t American, right? And there are lots of places that do in fact get more time, here in Western Canada we get 1 year with 60% pay. You guys sure do have an f’ed up system.

Naty on

Thanks God, that in Slovakia we have 6 months maternity leave and parent leave up to 3 years of a child

amy on

Wow, people need to relax! She’s not referring to US maternity leave.

Canada has 1 year, Europe has 2-3 years and Colombia (where she is from) has 4 months.

megan on

This just shows (by the comments) that a lot of folks in the US are the self entittled ones. US is not always the norm or what is standard. Get out more.

Terri on

Not every woman on Earth gets 4 months of maternity leave, especially here in the US, and also in 3rd world countries. But I get that having a baby is hard work & stressful.

Anonymous on

What “earth” is she from??