Kim Kardashian No Longer Worried About ‘Inevitable’ Delivery

04/23/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian E Upfronts
Jennifer Graylock/Getty

After a bumpy start, Kim Kardashian has finally found her pregnancy sweet spot.

“Now I think I’m past all the awkward phases and stages, and once you feel the baby kick, it’s a whole new experience,” the mom-to-be tells the Huffington Post.

“I finally really embrace it. I love it now, but it took a minute. It was a lot … of body changes and stuff.”

Kardashian, 32, has even managed to allow her fears of the future — mainly the labor and delivery of her first child — to fade away.

“At the beginning, that was what I feared the most, and now, I mean, it’s inevitable,” she says of giving birth. “It’s gonna happen — I’m really not worried or nervous.”

The reality star and her boyfriend Kanye West already know whether they’ll be filling their home with shades of pink or blue — but they’re not sharing. And with so much media attention, the expectant Temptation actress admits the couple have had to get creative to keep the baby’s sex a secret.

“We buy all white,” she says with a laugh. “Or we’ll go and buy both [girl and boy clothing], and then no one will know!”

— Anya Leon

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Marlie on

Why can’t she embrace maternity clothes too? She looks atrocious!

rhonda on


chaka on


Nancy on

Oh THANK GOD shes not worried anymore!!! What would we all do if she had to have a thought in that fat head of hers!!!!

Marcia on

OMG enough with the Kardashians, particularly this one!

chrissy on

Wow! As if she wasn’t already wide enough, adding this baby makes it worse!

amy on

Didn’t they already say a while ago they were having a girl? I thought they announced it. I don’t get why she wears clothes that try to hide the baby bump. It’s like she’s ashamed or something. Maybe getting pregnany with one man’s kid while still married to another has that effect on someone…

343 on

That’s what I thought too( girl) .. Funny you never see kanya with her

Wishing you the best on

Kim you really should embrace maternity wear and quit wearing things that are huge. They make you look so much bigger! Congrats and I hope you have a healthy baby! πŸ™‚

DKB on

She said buy clothes for a girl & boy…

Yeah, she said girl first so I’m betting its a girl πŸ˜‰

lauralieny on

OMG she is such a genius.

Carol on


Shanta Winzer on

You dont like them?!?!? Stop people article!

Anonymous on

Anyone hear of marriage before pregnancy? Does anyone follow Gods word anymore?
We wonder why this world is in ruins!
Wake up people!

MR on

People mag will stop writing about Kk when fat pigs like you stop reading and posting comments about her. I do apologize for the name calling but I just want it to let you know is not right to do it. Is call bulling. If you dont like the K family then dont click in the article πŸ˜‰

Annie on

Did this article really describe her as an “expectant actress”?? Lol, thanks for the laughs People mag.

Chica on

Didn’t even pick up on it, but that’s hilarious! Thanks!

Jade on

Kim now realizes it’s inevitable. Holy shit, what did she expect…for it to just magically appear???

Guest on

She’ll be tired of the baby after 72 days.

343 on

Lol .. Ya really !? Did she not know what happens when you get pregent..

kh in sj on


Annie on

Did they really describe her as an ” expectant actress”? Seriously? Lol

kris on

pick out all white. Wow!

Alison on

White will go well with baby poop and the rainbow of vomit.

Beth on

She has no clue, does she? Hey Kim, pregnancy is the ease part. LOL

Lisa on

She definitely DOES NOT look like a gorgeous, “glowing” expectant MOTHER. She’s going to be so MASSIVE by the times she has this “kid”. Wait until REALITY kicks in & the normal life of a MOTHER kicks in. I’m sure she’ll employ a few people, especially during the crying nights. Every woman w/ $$ should be FORCED to be shown what REAL LIFE is all about w/ a crying newborn & TRUE REALITY! Just my opinion,,,

rolanda on

black clothing, or no clothing. Pink and blue, ick. Brown maybe. It’s just a baby, it doesn’t care what color it wears. My son wore pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, whatever was practical.

Very scary to think of this couple as parents!

Anonymous on

I really don’t understand why so many people feel the need to be so negative about her, her choice to have a child, with whom she’s having it with and the fact that she was still, legally married, to someone else. I mean really, I tinder if a camera filmed the ins and outs of your life, what would we see. Get over it!

Amandanjack on

You don’t get why people would say negative things about her when she gets pregnant by one man while still married to another? What’s not to get about that?

aleshamom4 on

She chose this life, the cameras, the ‘fame’ then she BMCs about it, lies, that’s why people get so mad.. I used to like her, then tolerate her, but now, wow, DRAMA QUEEN?! What about those that would love to have family takes it & Middle Fingers us EVERY DAY..we can’t get away from it..boy the real life stories I could tell..not bitter, just wish they would be & act human, they are not royalty..

MR on

Great comment. Im not a fan of hers but really why the negativity. She still married and having another man baby…oh well is her life so be it. I think these comments are full of hatred and jealously because they dont have everthing she has. Sorry for all of you.

john on

What a total loser…does she really have to be in the media every single day for doing absolutely nothing and then she gets pregnant, not married, will probably never marry the guy and her track record is sickening with men…hasn’t she slept with thousands of guys…how can any guy even find her attractive…she is more like a prostitute. Go away Kim K.

john on

Kim K. is disgusting to the core. People magazine STOP printing what the readers really think…whatever happened to freedom of speech or are the Kartrashianians paying you off!!!! Why do u report on them every single day?????

Danielle on

O fear for her baby, she has no maternal instincts, she only cares about herself. The cat that Kanje gave her, dies, she didn’t know what to do with her and gave her away and the poor animal died.

Brandi on

She gave the cat to her assistant because she ended up being allergic to cats…then the poor thing contracted some kind of virus and ended up dying. Should she have sold the cat or taken it to an animal shelter? I’m not a Kim fan but I don’t see how that’s her fault or it translates to her not being maternal. I had doubts about what kind of mom Kourtney was going to be and she did a total 180 and turned out to be an awesome mom. We’ll see how Kim does…I hope for the sake of her baby that she ends up being a great mom πŸ™‚

Sammi on

No one cares to know if it’s a boy or a girl, get over yourself, whore.

Shanta Winzer on

Why are you calling her names?

Desire on


Krissy on

What is she wearing?! A cape with a tie waste?!

Renee on

PLEASE Kimmie… start wearing some maternity clothes.

nic on

I don’t understand why people are so hateful…

Shanta Winzer on

Thank you! I have the same question.

Lb on

I’ll sleep better tonight knowing she’s no longer worried.

me on

Why can’t she keep her legs closed??? In EVERY picture her legs are spread!!! Come on Kim, TRY to behave like a lady!!!

Jazz on

Boo. Why worried Its not like she is gonna push it out naturally, you know she’s gonna have a c-section and they’ll give her tons of pain meds.coward.

melissa on

So if u have a c section, then u are a coward. A c section is not a walk in the park. She really should wear maternity clothes though πŸ™‚

Cheryl on

Yes because having a c-section is pain free…I had an emergency one and felt like I got hit by a truck afterwards. News flash: it’s major surgery and a cut into your abdomen. Believe me; I would have much rather had my baby the natural way and recovered much quicker.

Lexie on

Did you really say that if she has a c-section she is a coward? I had 3 c-sections with all 4 of my kids and can guarantee you I am anything but a coward!

Jen on

Well of course they called her “an expecting actress” she did do a porn movie didn’t she. I can see her telling her little girl in the future…..”honey all you gotta do is spread your legs and you too can be famous” lolololol. But I do feel so sorry for this child. I don’t see her being a very good mom at all.

Laura on

I never post comments but have to say, yours made me laugh. So funny!

sweetheart81481 on

I’m not a fan of the Kardashian clan as a whole, however, I don’t think calling any pregnant woman “fat” is acceptable. Even one with a very sordid & deplorable past as Kim. I, did snicker at the reference to her being an actress as I think she’s no more an actress than Ryan Lochte is a genius.

Elle on

Reminiscent of a beached whale

Felicia on

Ok, I wish people with negative comments think before posting!! If it wasn’t for the Kardashians We would not have anything entertaining to watch. I’m sure some of you have done things you regret but they are not on display for the world. Some of you probably wish you were in her shoes!! Lol

Anonymous on

Maternity wear is so pretty now. Love your bump. My fav shirt was rocking my bump. Hedi klum has a great line a pea in a pod.

Crystal on

She is a fat piggy whore!!! That poor child. A slut for a mother and a lunatic for a father. I feel so sorry for their little girl. What morals and values will she grow up to? Learning to deep throat and take it from behind? Good-Luck with that. Do the world a favor Kim and give that child up for adoption. That way she doesn’t have the horrific knowledge of being raised by you or Kanye. Yuck!

Shanta Winzer on

Shut the hell up!! Who in the hell are you to judge someone or tell them to give up their baby! You dont like them stop readimg articles on them.

Guest on

Take it easy Mrs Jenner. We all hate you and your entire family as well. Except for Brucie!!

Susan on

All you haters need to leave Kim alone!

Kate on

In the grand sceme of things, who gives a crap? Will these people ever go away?

Mary on

When did she become an actress??

Vanessa on

As if she’s not going to have a caesarean…puh-lease.

MR on

Does a c section make her less of a woman? You are stupid and ignorant.

Amber on

I just don’t understand why everyone hates on the Kardashians..Is it because they have money and you don’t?? Who cares who she is with and all the other negative comments. You must live a miserable and negative existence yourself to talk down about people you don’t even know…I will pray for all of you who say horrible things because it is just a shame that you don’t even know them but can criticize the Kardashians…

T in Texas on

Oh heck , all white clothes . This poor baby is only going to be dressed in white and black just like her dumb Mom and Dad .

Desire on

She’s not a whore nor a slut and her baby is going to have a great life…. What the hell is all our people’s problem. You must’ve had horrible parents that didn’t teach you respect! Most of you are so negative, don’t hate her because not her. And for all you who don’t know she’s famous because her father was a great person. He helped others and did his best for his children. That’s why the “kardashians” are so rich. There father thought about them and left them all his money. He cared about his children just like she will for hers.

Elle on

I hope she gets some advice from Kourtney on how to raise a baby. During their show Kim was always giving Kourtney so much sh@t about being a mom and she couldn’t even take care of the kitten! She lost it.

Lucy on

I predict this will be her one and only pregnancy since she seems to be so vain. Sorry, just not a fan of the all!! Still haven’t figured out why they’re so famous and all over the internet and tv.

LittleMo on

Anonymous: The rest of us absolutely do not understand how you or anyone like you DOESN’T see negative things abou her .As for telling people to lay off “pregnant by one while married to another” b/c our lives aren’t perfect either, there’s such a thing as a degree of offense . Meaning, how wrong you are makes a difference. Mr. A steals a loaf of bread b/c his kid are hungry. Mr. B steals money from a register where he works b/c he wants to go out that night. Technically both are thieves, but Mr. B is far worse than Mr. A. Same difference here – and most of the rest of us are smart enough to see it.

Elizabeth on

Um, she already said she was having a girl…why Ida People trying to act like its a secret?!

Anonymous on

Looks like a hippo!

Leslie on

Can we just stop with all this attention she is getting. Really just like her sister she is an unwed mother who is only famous because she will sleep with any guy that looks at her. If she is ignored will she go away?

Leslie on

Just go away

Erin on

Why is the sex a secret? Who cares?

Mary on

I agree with all that are tired of People Mag posting on the whole family. Enough posting on them, there is plenty of things in this world that you could post on here I thought People mag was not a rag mag but it is turning to be.

Christina on

Two words for Kim, MATERNITY CLOTHES!! Please stop wearing skin tight clothes because people don’t need to see you in tight ass clothes especially when you are pregnant! Kim is such a fame whore

Guest on


Guest on

If you’re sick of hearing about the Kardashians then why read an article about them? Yes she is famously for nothing and filthy rich from it. Well lucky her I say! I’m sure you all wish you were rich and famous for no reason at all. Congrats and good luck on your future endeavors Miss Kardashian. Haters are gonna hate!

Lindsey on

Why would the writer of this article identify her as an actress? I mean I know the ray jay video was staged but that isn’t really indicative of her being an actress. Beyond exaggerated.

donna on

there are things called gender neutral clothes…but of course that might not draw attention to her or the child who is unfortunate to have her for a mom…i feel bad for any kid who has to call those two mom and dad…

Kayla on

Some people are so mean on here. I would feel bad if Kim ever read these comments. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

Anonymous on

Nobody will know and nobody cares anyway. We just don’t…….

sappcls on

Does PEOPLE Magazine & E Entertainment have a CONTRACT with Kris Jenner? Kim K is the Worst PREGNANT woman EVER to watch or listen to. Can she go somewhere and HIDE. American MEDIA is a daym JOKE. If this is what SELLS we are in TROUBLE.

Anonymous on

no one really cares. hey, kim you haven’t even gotten to the hard part yet……late pregnancy, labor and raising the child.

Melanie on

Kim, a million people out there have recommended you wear maternity clothing. There is actually really nice stuff out there. Not to be critical however the outfits you are choosing are making you look like you are shopping in the juniors section when you pregnant. and it has nothing to do with the cleavage, they just don’t fit you.

Amanda on

I’m sick of hearing about her. I’d rather/want to read about the royal baby. Least that was made in a normal union, and with true love. Not some rebound, marriage, divorce, limbo.

pbdb on

I think she’s trying to be hip by not wearing maternity clothes. Only the tall skinnies, ie., Gisele, can rock the regular clothes thru birth.

Reality Sucks on

This woman, or should I sale child, is so naΓ―ve and immature. Millions of women give birth every year Kim, and getting pregnant usually leads to “body changes and stuff”. Why do people care about this women. It’s sure comforting to know that money means nothing to them, lets buy two of everything just so people don’t find out what they are having? I’m so sick of this woman — enough with her already,

Emry on

You are one of the last people on earth who DOESN’T deserve to have a child, your a piece of shit and a piece of garbage.

rosie on

No one honestly thinks she’s going to put in the work to actually raise this kid, right? The nannies and paid care-givers have already been hired. How else will she get any sleep, get her body back, continue to participate in the reality show, and most “importantly,” try to keep baby-daddy in the picture? He’s long gone. I feel sorry for the kid; he/she is going to need a lot of therapy by the time Mom & Dad are done “raising” him/her.

kelly anne on

Kourtneys a better mom than Kim will ever be. Maybe kourtney will rub off on her a bit and she will quit trying to out do everyone and realize what life’s really about. She needs to fire her stylist. Her “maternity” clothes, which are not maternity, are so ugly. She looks like a clown. Wear normal maternity clothes. They would look so much cuter. Her effort to hide her bump just makes her look heavy.

Anonymous on

why do people care so much about these people? why are they famous any way?

White? on

Haha all white baby clothes? I guess they are wealthy enough to wash 14 loads of baby clothes a day!

Michelle on

THIS is a top story? Seriously? With all the events of the previous week and THIS is a top story?

Seriously on

Whew. Rest easy world. She isn’t worried anymore. I don’t know about you but I will sleep a lot better tonight knowing this earth-shattering news.

rosie on

No one really believes she’s going to actually raise this kid, right? The nannies & caregivers all already in place. Baby-daddy is long gone. I feel very sorry for the baby; what an awful family to be born into…

DKB on

Ummm… my comment had to be approved before it was posted. Does that mean all these comments are approved as well? do you realize that Kim may read these comments? I not a fan, but as a mother of 2 who has been pregnant twice before, this negativity is harmful to Kim and the baby. Think before you approve comments.

DKB on

She has personally done nothing to these people to deserve their rudeness and hatred…

Anonymous on

Wish she would dress in more figure flattering clothing instead of tents and whatnots. Especially above the waist. I swear her chest is bigger than her baby bump.

Shel on

And we care about this why? Anything for media attention…..

Arron on

I’m disgusted by all these awful, hurtful comments people are writing. Like her or not, she is a person who doesn’t deserve to be called horrible names. I really hope you people don’t speak like that in front of your children! People are surprised with all the bullying in our schools??? Well I guess it starts right here. You people should be ashamed. Whatever happened to, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you hate her so much, STOP watching her show and STOP reading articles about her. It’s that simple!!!

Annette on

Like she has a choice about birth….should have thought of that before now.

BlueSkidoo on

I don’t know why she insists on wearing clothes that just make her look like a really thick body topped by a tiny head instead of just admitting she’s pregnant. I’m still learning toward thinking she’s not really pregnant and it’s all a publicity stunt.

Annette on

No talent….just ridiculous.

Anonymous on

Kim K is pregnant? Geez, I would have never known….

Sarah on

If no one likes Kim or the rest of her family stop reading the articles about them! Seriously don’t read them. This is a celebrity entertainment magazine whether you like them or not they are famous and who cares! stop hating on Kim and the rest of her family because they and she have all this money and you don’t! who also cares she was married to someone else when she got pregnant . just because some loser wants to hold up the technicalities and paper work does that mean she can’t move on with her life? is anyone commenting on here perfect? NO so shut up and quit being haters . Good luck Kim and Kanye!

Anonymous on

Prior to divorce … pregnancy horrible (told her sister don’t get pregnant). Now, that she’s divorced, pregnancy is wonderful. I’m wondering who’s REALLY going to raise this child as she is so busy with “work”! More power to anyone who can turn their life into a “living” for all the world to see.

Liz on

Kim, watching your E special last night, I couldn’t help but think about all the aches and pains you expressed you were having. Knowing that you have suffered from Psoriasis in the past, have you been checked for Psoriatic Arthritis? Often times this kind of stuff comes up during a pregnancy when your immune system is suppressed. Make sure to check with your doc. And forget all these rude and ridiculous people on here. Everyone becomes a mother in their own way, and fucking mom jeans does not a mother make. Do your thing and love your bundle- that’s all that matters.

Ashley on


Anonymous on

She has already reported she is having a girl, now it’s a secret? Is ANYTHING a secret with the Kardashians? I feel bad for the poor kid… At least she will be able to get plastic surgery for the spoiled brat, cause I’m SURE she’s gonna need it with the mix of those mutts.. Just sayin’……..

Barbara on

She’s having a girl. Boys NEVER marr their mom’s beauty. Her face is too puffed up to be a boy. Either way, I doubt she’ll ever marry Kanye even if she divorces. Once Reggie had a baby with another woman, she did a revenge deal. Can you please take them off TV now?

Anonymous on

She looks amazing. Go Kim!

rockybopper on

Not nervous AKA just scheduled her elective C-Section.

Kaitlyn on

She is revolting-getting peedandpooped on by Ray Jay.

KC on

Ohmigosh, so many hateful comments on here. I like Kim. I like her sisters and I like her family. I’m happy for her and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be a great mother. She is beautiful and still looks beautiful pregnant. Wishing her all the best and a healthy bundle of joy!

Karen on

Kim, you are pregnant. Wear pregnant clothes. The clothes you are choosing make you look like a box with little legs. Time to realize you are a mom, not a hooker or a taller snooky. Gross.

Ro on

I agree with Marlie, these outfits are not very flattering and are just plain ugly, does she not look at herself in the mirror?

Mariam on

Pliz haters stop…..coz some luv da kardashians Kim luv more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

cdub on

wow…. all this negativity! i happen to love the kardashians and feel this is just terrible stuff to be saying about a person. talk about all the bullying and negativity going on in this world… as i read over this, it saddens me to think there is so much hate towards something as simple as someone having a baby. seriously all you negative people, there is so much more to worry about and be angry about… (boston ringing any bells????????????) i find you all disgusting and offensive. BUT i love kim k and wish her nothing but the best!!!!!!!!

Caemen on

When will she go away!!

Anonymous on

I so hate her, and am sick of both this hose girl and her skanky “boyfriend”. How many kids does he have with how many mommas?!?!

mci on

Phew! So glad she was never worried about becoming pregnant with one man’s baby while still married to another….

She is pathetic….

Jan on

Goooooo away!!!!!! Please.

joules on

Of course she’s not worried, she decided on the c-section, tummy tuck/lipo combo.

Desire on

Why are you guys so mean to Kim, she’s clearly to busy to have done anything to you. To all those people that stood up for her thank you, all you other judgemental people need to chill she is pregnant and doesn’t need your horrible attitude. Put yourself on her shoes!!! Please

shidley on

And by the time this child reaches the tender age of five months old, Kim will have taught him/her everything she knows…

Go away, Kim. Ugh.

shidley on

And why should she worry? That vag has been through enough already… birth will be a walk in the park.

What??? on

Yes I wish she’d go away..but on a sidenote I had a c-section when my son would not come out after 11 days overdue and inducing meds. It was not an EASY experience feeling your gut cut open and then being immobolized for 6 weeks. Having a baby is not easy any way it happens.

Iva on


GeePee on

My day has been made!

Ugh on

Maybe this baby will get her a star on Hollywood blvd?

I’m certain she will go c-section with lipo! (nothing against csecs – had 2 myself).

So sick of this nasty whor3.

a on

uh. she’s going to be in for a rather…big surprise when the baby comes out. I”m betting it’s going to be handed over to nannies, or her sisters.

HotBlondemamaof3 on

Oh good for you!! I’m the mama of 3 and even with my 3rd baby girl (I have 2 boys before this little angel) I was scared. I was like ugh – um. Really? Is this happening. This ass has no idea of what it takes to be a mom. It’s harder than working ur butt off full time. Work is easier than taking care of a baby!

Cb on

Seriously, do we have to have an article on her every thought, if you can call them that, on her pregnancy? It’s pretty ridiculous. I know you want the clicks, and that’s why the Kardashians are so important, because people like to bash on them, but shouldn’t your magazine focus on something a bit more substantial? At least give us a day of relief. Maybe even they will like it, since the comments are pretty harsh.

Omo 'bee' on

People should leave this Baby Mama alone for Christ Sake!!.

caonabo35 on

Why people keep giving this vain and empty woman and other so called “celebrities” so much attention? We don’t have too. Wake d f up! Don’t let her undeserved and fame influence your life, because she’s fake. She’s never done anything remarkable important. She lives off of people who follow her and consume her “good and services.” You’re smarter than that. Don’t fall for that.

Omo 'bee' on

let us wish her and Kanye well. Safe Delivery for Kim and A Very Health and Sound Baby. That is just from my heart!! Luv u Kim!! fr

Irene on

Please, People Mag—no more Kardashian articles!

Lu on

I would have thought she isn’t worried anymore because she is finally divorced !

Me on

I can’t think of what would be worse–a girl who could turn out like her mother, or a boy who could turn out like his father. Let’s hope the child gets beyond their massive egos and has a somewhat normal childhood.

Patti on

She is soooooooooo corny!! A real corn-ball. Everything is so amazing or I have to follow my heart. If she didn’t expect the “body changes” she’s really out of it.. I wonder if she is really naive or if she just likes to act clueless? She’s 32 years old!!

CCex on

Normal to be worried and anxious about giving birth, especially with your first.

She looks great.

Anna on

Wow….she probably thinks she is so special to have just figured this out. When you think so much of yourself, I guess this happens.

LMS on

Now that her divorce is over, she needs to use the baby to keep herself in the spotlight….

Colleen on

Lmao!!!! THANK YOU to everyone on this comment site….. I seriously needed a laugh tonight, and you alllllll had me laughing my A S S off! Lol LOVED IT!!!!!! They have already shared its a girl, so why is she acting allll weird about it? Isn’t it nice to be able to afford the buy everything in both genders? Lol I bet her cheap self will return it also instead of donating it. I can’t stand the petty c r a p with this chick!

caonabo35 on

Why people keep paying attention to this vain and empty woman? You’re smarter than that. Wake d f up! She lives off people who follow her and buy her stupid “goods.” Other than getting a lot of plastic surgeries, she hasn’t done anything remarkable. And that means she doesn’t like who she is. She’s fake.

Kate on

Wow. Anonymity turns posters here into nasty bullies.

If those kind of things were said to me in person (while being pregnant nonetheless) I’d want to punch you in the face.

Kat1129 on

She looks horrible!! can’t wait till this baby is born so we don’t have to keep looking at every ugly outfit she wears that makes her look 10x bigger than she probably is!

Pat on

“β€œNow I think I’m past all the awkward phases and stages….”

This poor clueless whiny woman! Wait until she enters her 7-8-9 months of pregnancy when the majority of growth and weight gain take place. She has not even begun the akward stage! Can’t wait to watch her “embrace this”!

fil on

Pretty fat and ugly

Anonymous on

A secret? The only reason they are keeping it a secret is so that she can have the big reveal in a 3 part E! special when the baby is born.

Celia on

Why won’t these idiots go away….you think labor and pregnancy are hard? Wait until you have raise this child….oh with out help.

Elizabeth on

She is human, like EVERYONE else. I don’t understand what purpose all of these negative comments serve. Do I agree with her decisions? No. Am *I* perfect? No. We have all made mistakes and hopefully learn from them! Love is all encompassing and I wish them nothing but happiness!

Kan't Stand the Kartrashians on

One assumes KK’s baby will have the Kardashian surname since Kim seems to following tradition & not marrying the father, or perhaps Kanye West will step up & give the child his last name even if they don’t marry. What will the name be? Wilhemina West? Kanyetta Kardashian? (I’m on pins & needles!)

Cath on

And this is a headline how exactly? Pregnant woman realizes that birth of her child is inevitable…really?

kelly anne on

Oh my God I think I saw that dumpy dress at the used prom resale shop down the street. She is not doing any favors to the designers of her clothes. I am sure they are like ” please Kim quit buying my clothes. You make my clothes look like hell”. Why not embrace your baby belly with maternity clothes? She seems so unhappy being pregnant.

Anastasia on

Whew…..I am so glad she is ready. Because childbirth is the easy part of raising a child….Can this family please go away from the headlines??? They are embarrassing for the rest of the society.

emsblue15 on


Oh' Well on

Yes Kim this is what women go through when pregnant u get fat and go through pain, but dont worry before anyone knows it u will go under the knife for the mommie makeover, tell eveyone it was through hard work and Jenny Craig for your next multimillion$$$$$$$$$$ deal…

Anonymous on

She is trash. Poor kid.

Brie on

oh yes delivery is going to be a piece of cake for you….LOL

Lydia on

SHE never said she was having a girl. That was just tabloid rumor mill gossip. Supposedly one of Kim’s “friends” told the media she was having a girl. I still think it’s BS made up from the Kardashian camp to try and have some drama for their “reality show”. Everyone is gonna be thinking they are having a girl when BAM! She pops out a mini-Kanye. Blah. I think it’s all so obvious that they aren’t sharing the gender with the media from their own mouths because of the show they have.

I don’t know what is worse…Kanye as a father or her as a mother. It’s gonna be scary.

lauralee on

N-o-w………….reality kicks in for her dumbass ! Be afraid girl it’s called ‘EPISIOTOMY’,hahahahahhaa,what a dummy!

lauralee on

Oh how good it feels getting ‘knocked up’………….it’s gonna hurt like hell coming out that is if you are a real woman,and are going to actually deliver,instead of having a C-section…Oops my bad you actually ‘have’to be pregnant though and we all know you are faking it………….LOSER!

guest on

I cannot say I am a fan of Kim K, however as a mother I find it very gross to see so many malicious comments targeted at her weight. Yes, I know most of you say that the clothes is what you are making fun of but frankly I don’t think it makes much of a difference. You guys act with ten times less grace and ten times more ugliness than you claim Kim K looks and honestly I would be horrified if anyone of you are mothers yourselves. Setting a great example for your kids on how to behave.

suzy diamond on

What’s with all he black all the time? Is she in mourning over her pregnancy?

sarah on

Kim k is moving forward and all you haters are just stagnant.

Louise on

It makes me sad to read all the hateful comments! She will be a great mom and I’m happy for her and Kanye and wish nothing but the best for them and their baby!

SEM on

“We buy all white”…..boy, is she in for a rude awakening….Maybe they plan on the clothes be disposable?

Christine on

Whew, I’m so relieved she’s not worried anymore.

But it’s been leaked it’s a girl and you know Kris Jenner said cha-ching when she heard.

Snow on

This woman is 8 years away from 40, and is still using the filler “and stuff”. Lord help that child.

FaithLynnette on

WOW!…yet another ‘famous’ {{cough cough}} person having a baby like she’s the first one EVER to procreate! Goodness…let us all bow down *gag*…Women have been having babies (in all walks of life), successfully, for eternity…GET OVER YOURSELF!!

NewEnglandGirl on

Goodness, she can’t keep her legs closed can she!!!!!

zuess on

Nice the baby will have all this video of how much she complained about her pregnancy— Maybe the nanny can keep the baby away from all that information for a while.

Ann on

It appears that Kim is the first female to ever have a baby as we see and hear about her every move…..beings she’s such a big time ACTRESS!!! Its going to be a boy or girl so whats the big deal? The only elegant pregnant LADY is Kate Middleton who is one classy lady…..every since Kim started dating that new BF she always looks tacky so evidently her new BF has awful taste when it comes to dressing his GF……when did she become an actress??????

Denise on

I generally actually like Kim, but I can’t understand her way of dressing herself even if I wanted to. She really does look huge, but in a very unflattering, non-pregnant kind of way. I hope she can find her way to maternity wear, I think she can look super cute!

AnitaC24 on

Oh, for pity’s sake, only a couple of days ago she was crying about how much pain she’s in — even her nails hurt! Now this narcissistic, clown-costume-wearing old fool is strutting her hideous self down the red carpet! Stay home and learn how you’re going to mother that unfortunate child of yours!!!

J on

Oh for God’s sake. This girl… (smh)

sally on

Who cares if it is a boy or girl? Keep it to yourselves and keep the baby in hiding until it’s 18. 2 losa of the earth have a child…very sad!

J on

Seriously, did she just want a baby because Khloe wants one? She nags Khloe nonstop about infertility issues and then suddenly decides she needs to freeze some eggs and that she desperately needs a child? Please…

And no Amber, people aren’t jealous of the Kardashians because they have money. They chose to be on TV and make their lives open for us all to see so it’s not like they are strangers. Get over yourself…

sally on

didn’t she make a statement that she is in pain? Gosh does she know how the world feels seeing her on every site? We are the ones in pain! Goodbye rubbish!

Arron on

You people say you hate her and how awful she looks… But if you really hated her, you wouldn’t take the time to write! Your just embarrassed to admit you think she’s beautiful!!! It’s not healthy to full yourselves with all this hate!

naz on

Love u Kim. Hope u have a healthy and beautiful baby. These haters are jealous they’ll never be you.

ME on

Love Kim! She is gorgeous and a sweetheart ❀ And I think her and Kanye are so cute together. Just hope they last! Glad she dumped Kris.

guest on

1st thing Kim, if you are “embracing” pregnancy then maybe try wearing maternity clothes. Believe it or not, you will look soo much better! & I thought they already announced they were having a girl…am I the only one who saw that? Idk…they are all just totally out of touch with reality…

ANA on

WHO CARES?! She is famous for nothing- no skills, no talent- and Kanye is just terrible. I wish they’d disappear.

jomara on

WAIT!…. let me give you a quarter so that you can call someone who cares! Kim & Kanye…..go away, PLEASE!

Liz on

I find Kim to be incredibly vapid and narcissistic. With that said, the comments on here are so rude – especially about her weight. Women should be supporting other women – not tearing them down. While Kim is not a role model by any means, she does not bash other women. She is a first time mom. I’m sure she will learn that white clothes aren’t going to work well but give her a break – she doesn’t know but she will learn. I find it so disgusting that people think it is ok to attack a pregnant woman – whether it is behind a computer screen or not. Its scary being a first time mother – perhaps some advice rather than criticism.

Sandra on

When I was pregnant with my first baby I was nervous about everything. I had no prior baby experience and everyone was telling me things that I really found quite scary but once I felt Aaron move( sharp kick to the ribs) I sorta calmed down. The only fear that stayed with me was delivery and the pain associated with it, but once the epidural kicked in ….Life was lovely.

Carrie on

Where is your baby daddy, he is not with you very much what is up with that Kim….she made a big mistake and time will tell.

Lisa on

what is she going to do with all the “other sex” stuff she buys? What a tool!

Guest on

Yep, what comes in has to go out!

AmandaC on

She will be fine, that baby should just fall out of her at this point.

kalamry on

I feel sorry for the child she is going to have. She is too self centered to be a good mom. Nanny’s will be raising the child.

kalamry on

Those clothes she is wearing are terrible and make her look bigger than she is.

Guest on

geesh, i hope she donates the clothes of the gender she isn’t having….talk about throwing money around. buying clothes for both girl and boy? talk about thinking so highly of yourself that we’d actually care what the gender is. pathetic.

jsattzfan on

My guess is that she will handle the labor and delivery bit by having a C- section. Can’t picture her going through labor.

Anonymous on

Who caress!!!!!

Annie on

People Mag – can you PLEASE stop with all of the Kardashian (non-) stories? We are SICK of them. Try to be more creative == there have to be more meaningful stories to report on. REALLY.

myfluffyone on

would someone buy her a full length mirror so she can see how dreadful she looks, the front and back match, her clothes are horrible. and when are they going to go away

Anonymous on

she looks wonderful. pregnancy is a privelage & once you feel it, there’s no comparison. the judgments will always be there but who give a crap at the end of the day, you’ll have this awesome experience that some people dream to experience so no matter what anyone says, she’s glowing, she’s gorgeous & she’s blessed/lucky.

Anonymous on

hoping for a looong and hard labor

Sheryl on

The sex of the baby is a “secret”?? Perhaps she’s hopeful that she’ll get a TV special….”The Sex of the Baby……is” It would be a worthless show, just like her sham of a wedding show. No one cares about a thing you do, say, wear, indorse, watch, ride in, or even who YOU ride. Go AWAY!!

4mom on

I don’t care for this woman but please do not say a c-section is “easy”. My first child was breech and I had to have a c-section and it was incredibly painful. The drs don’t keep you on pain medication forever. I am glad I had it because my daughter had a really big head and probably could not have been delivered breech, but please do not think it was in any way “the easy way out’.

Brandi on

Good God I hope all of you “women” (I use that term loosely) aren’t mothers. If so, I can only imagine what kind of daughters you are raising. I love how all of her stories have the most comments (don’t believe me, how many others have 200+ comments?) saying “who cares” or “I wish she would go away.” You women are not only low class (your language and poor grammar says it all) but you can’t have a bit of common sense to say some of the things you’re saying. If you don’t like her, pass the story. You are interested and you do care, or you wouldn’t be here. Are Kardashian pregnancy articles the gathering place for miserable moms?

Brandi on

Also, you can learn a lot if you read an article before commenting, they are calling her an actress because she is in Tyler Perry’s new movie, Temptation.

Ellen on

People…..please stop printing stories about Kim and Kanye. From what I’ve read on your website, nobody cares anymore.

Kelly on

She is an idiot!!

Shonda on

LOVE HER and the way she dresses. She does not have to wear maternity clothes that are approved by old fashioned people. LOVE HER AND KANYE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE RAPPERS:-)

Kris on

Please just GO AWAY!

Tasha on

Clearly you guys havent seen her maternity style she has been wearing plenty of tight clothes to show off her bump and everyone who has ever been pregnant is worried about giving birth, all yall shond like a bunch of haters. smh at people in this society

RachelB-MD on

she has a healthy weight gain…. at least she is not starving her baby…

Samantha on

She did something to her face. Her nose and lips mainly. She used to be a natural beauty. Oh well.

Anonymous on

She is an a$$hole

HockeyMom on

That dress does nothing for her. She is pregnant but you would never know it. She just looks dumpy!! With all her money, she should look fabulous!

Anonymous on

Everyone who says negative things about a pregnant women are losers! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Julianne Newtown on

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