Jenna Bush Hager Is ‘Totally Crazy’ About Daughter Mila

04/22/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

The price of beauty for Jenna Bush Hager? Apparently, a new baby!

Despite her water breaking three weeks ahead of schedule — at her baby shower surrounded by friends and family — the Today correspondent jokes the timing of daughter Mila‘s birth couldn’t have come at a better time.

In anticipation of the party, Bush Hager had recently received a blowout on her blonde locks.

“I kind of started sweating, which I guess is a normal thing, but then, all of a sudden, in front of all my friends, my water broke. It was like a romantic comedy,” the new mom said Monday when she called into Today.

Jenna Bush Hager Daughter Mila
Courtesy Jenna Bush Hager

Now nine days into motherhood, Bush Hager says she is slowly but surely learning the ropes of life with a newborn. “I’ve learned that you can love somebody in a totally different way. I’m totally crazy about her,” she says.

So much so that she’s happily embracing the unexpected changes to the family’s living space. “I don’t even really like the color pink, and there’s pink all over my apartment,” Bush Hager, 31, jokes. “I like things to be really neat, and there’s bottles and things all over, and we’re just as happy as can be.”

As for first-time father Henry Hager, he already seems to have perfected balancing his baby girl with his professional commitments.

“He’s doing great. He’s a really modern dad,” she says. “He was taking the conference call while holding the baby yesterday.”

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— Anya Leon

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Katie on

What a beautiful baby girl!!! Congrats Jenna and you look so beautiful and glowing too after having her!! Enjoy every moment. I’m so happy for you and the Bush family!! I miss your parents in the W.H.!!!!!

Ashley on

Beautiful mother and baby—-love this family!!! Mila is precious and Jenna’s hair looks great ;–)

Callie on

So cute!!! Absolutely adorable. Congratulations.

ME on

❤Jenna is GORGEOUS!!! The baby is adorable!!! Love them!!!❤

denise on


Me on

I love her. She is beautiful and so is her baby girl

Julie on

Scrumptious baby…..beautiful new mom!!! Love love love this family…..may they be greatly blessed always!

Jess on

All political matters from this family aside congratulations to this family for the birth of the beautiful baby girl Mila!

Jess on

Kaite ru crazy?

Kate on

No she’s not. I would much rather have Bush back than the Un/American, media creation, Socialist, liberal putz we have now. I wasn’t crazy about W but damn, I want Bush back. And thanks to Obama, W’s ratings have gone way up.

Patti on

I love hearing the emotions of a new mom! I remember being on the verge of tears constantly when I brought home each of my little ones. There’s just so much love in your heart/lack of sleep! I miss that. I love happy tears.

Lisa on

Jenna looks so much like her MOTHER! She’ll be a great MOM!!

Mary major on

wanted to wish your family all the love and blessings that come along with the new baby. all blessings and prayers. Mary major

Sarah on

Really? Don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice.

Another mother on

Jenna and the baby are gorgeous.

Lynocat71 on

Zee, What a disrespectful comment. The baby is a miracle from God and Jenna and the baby are both gorgeous-! Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are entitled to your opinion. However, if you have children or ever do how would you feel if you overheard people stating that you or your baby were u g l y???

Boom on

Hey Zee,

That comment was totally rude and uncalled for. Jenna and Henry and Mila are all gorgeous. Go back under the rock you crawled out from.

Marky on

Zee, you are an utter @$$! Jenna and Henry are a lovely couple, their baby is precious, and many of us in TX remember her father as being a great governor and a gracious man. When he was part owner of the TX Rangers, he would so kindly sign autographs, smile for photos with fans and kids, and honestly, dont know if anyone would have been able to do much better under the same circumstances he served under. Hind sight is 20/20, and you should mind your manners. What sort of mother raised you, anyway?

Amy P on

Thank you, Marky! I’m a Texan and I agree with you 100%. Zee, what a classy thing to say…Said NO ONE ever!!

Becky on

Beautiful baby, best wishes to all..

Zee, really? How rude is that…Hope you don’t have children, such negativty isn’t good for babys…

KW on

A true, genuine smile!

Karin on

Zee you are ignorant..Katie I couldn’t agree more! Baby and mother are beautiful!!

LOL! on

She’s just so tiny and cute! It’s always so joyful to hear the comments of a new mom and dad. Congratulations to them.

Dee on

So happy for her and the family. Congratulations. Beautiful picture too.

JB on

Zee, your comment says more about you than Jenna and her family.

MommytoanE on

Stop feeding Zee the troll.

Jess, I agree. Political matters aside, I think that Mila is absolutely adorable and I wish the best for the family. On the bright side, grandpa will be great at reading stories. 😛

Valerie on

Congratulations — great picture and good family with strong family values to be born into!!

Toni on

Jenna and her baby are beautiful. Zee …. spoken like a true Obama Liberal Democrat … nasty to the end. Grow up …..

Anonymous on

Precious! Blessings to the happy couple!

Gotta Be Real! on

Jenna is such a sweetheart! Love her!

Carrie M on

Some people have so much class that they call an innocent baby u-g-l-y. I wonder what that person’s children look like at birth if they had any.

BTW – what a GORGEOUS baby and glowing new mom!

trisha on

no sense trying to make sense with zee. ever try to make sense with a person who is nuts and evil…? you cant…let it go..jenna is amazing..cutest baby…henry is a great guy..wonderful family all around.

trisha on

adorable baby…jenna is amazing..henry is a great guy.

zee is an idiot..and a mean one..dont waste your time on such a toxic person.

Karen on

So proud of you People. You actually have a nice article about someone other than a raging liberal. Their may be hope for you guys yet.

my_opinion on

WOW….a new mother is ‘totally crazy’ about her baby. I guess that feeling is only reserved for celebrities. The story was sweet but the headline is ridiculous…how else is she supposed to feel about this adorable little girl

shannon on

Awe, such a gorgeous baby girl and mommy! Congratulations to the family!

Tim C on

Let’s hope in a few years that the Obama girls are shown the same respect.

Bridget on

Zip it Zee …

What a beautiful lil princess !!! God Bless them !! I luv the name. I too named my daughter after both her grandmothers and then used a nickname from the combination 🙂
She will certainly be the apple of everyone’s eye and I am sure her grandparents are over the moon !!! What a great birthing story to share with Mila years later .. Right out of a movie !!!

Ugh on

So happy for them. Children are such a blessing from God.

aleshamom4 on

Pulls @ the heartstrings, in these situations you put politics aside..Congrats, gorgeous!!

Kate on

I miss the Bush family. Truly American. Jenna and Barbra are successful and educated, George and Laura should be proud. Congrats on the baby Jenna!

Kate on

Loser. Jealous huh Zee?

AmyPond on

I completely disagree with his politics, but it was very endearing how excited her Dad was to be a grandpa!! Congratulations to all of them, Mila is a doll!!

Sara on

Sweet baby. What a blessed event! All the best.

Dayle on

Jenna seems like a very nice person.

Tayler on

Well despite the trolls on the page, this Texan could not be more proud of Jenna and her precious Mila! They are both gorgeous and yes, there are many of us that still love ALL the Bushes here in Texas, so please keep your negative comments to yourself!!!

Colleen on

I am not just saying this, but Mila is a GORGEOUS baby!!!! Those little cheeks, and hands!!! Oh my gosh, it reminds me of when my son was born almost 7 years ago!!!! Awwww, it makes me want another one soooo bad!!! Jenna, best of luck to you and your hubby! She is truly a stunning baby. It goes by sooooooooo fast, so enjoy every second of it!!! You look so beautiful and happy!!! Motherhood agrees with you! My BEST advice to you….. FORGET about the house being a little messy, and worry about sleeping and getting your rest. Nap when Mila does, and unplug the phone, so nobody wakes you or the baby up!!! Lol that was my terrible mistake by not unplugging the phone! Lol I wish you and your family many years of happiness, love, and memories!

Tammie on

Congratulations, Jenna!!! Beautiful baby girl! We had our first granddaughter in January and are over the moon! We send our best wishes and love to you and your family.

Colleen on

See, u are a ignorant moron!!!! Obviously your comment was based on the fact that you don’t agree with Presisent Bush’s politics….. But to name call a innocent baby is beyond disgusting!!!! BUT I BLAME PEOPLE magazine for allowing it. Comments are modified, and the fact that they printed it was pretty horrible of them and THEY should be ashamed of themselves as well!!!!! The truly UGLY person here is you!!!!
BTW….. I love the BUSH family!!!!!

Monika on

Seriously? This passed thru a moderator?

Kate on

I miss the Bush family also. Never worried about as much stuff as I do now under Obamanism. Congratulations Jenna.

Ashley on

Little odd they say her water broke in front of all of her family and friends at her baby shower when her shower was April 2nd and Mila wasn’t born until April 10th. There’s a 24 hour window (I am an L & D nurse) we allow moms to go before the baby has to be born when mom’s water breaks. Otherwise the baby and mom are at risk. It’s not just at the hospital I work in but others as well. Perhaps she leaked urine some moms think their water breaks and it’s just urine and we have to send them home. I highly doubt her water broke at her baby shower over a week and water is broken and no delivery I call B S !!!

Joy on

Ok if you look at the comments on the bottom after the article about her babyshower you can see that the date on those is the 10th. The 2nd was a mistake. People should check their “facts” before they run their mouth. Just sayin

Ashley on

Ok there has to be a typo in one of these articles. In the article covering her baby shower it stated the shower was thrown on April 2nd, and Mila was born April 10th. If Jenna’s water broke Mila would have been born about 7 days sooner than April 10th because no OB or Maternity ward is going to allow a mom to go that long with her water broken before delivery. They give you 24 hours before risk of infection skyrockets.

Perhaps she leaked urine as some moms mistake that for water breaking. We even have strips that test for amniotic fluid alot of times especially with first babies they think their in labor and their not and we have to send them home or they think their water broke and it hasn’t and if their not having contractions we send them home.

Joy on

It was. Type O! Look at the comments at the bottom of that article about her babyshower,they all say the 10th! Really! Some people should check their “facts” before they start running off at the mouth!

lovely123 on

Cute picture. Did anyone else notice BUSH HAGER being carried out through the entire article?

Rmichelle on

Zee your a mean b$%#ch is all i can say.Who calls a baby ugly and you should not make such comments like that.I hope no one ever calls your kids ugly….Rude Rude person.

Charli on

Every time I see Jenna I find it so remarkabke how much she looks like her dad. You can she the joy in her face. Lovely!

PoliticsAside on

Congrats to you and your growing family. What a lovely name and a beautiful honor to the grandmothers. So glad your grandfather surmounted his health woes to see this wee one enter the world.

briana on

Zee ignore the bush ass kisser you are right that’s one ugly baby.

briana on

Maybe ugly is a strong word but only because her head is squish sideways and she kinda look like his idiot grandfather
poor kid

briana on

What sort of mother raised you, anyway
luckily not the same mother that raised this baby’s grandfather LOL

briana on

Oh so now people’s magazine are a strict republican magazine is that so.

briana on

You people just proved my point.

Becky on

That’s a beautiful baby right there! I love that her water broke at the baby shower. What a memorable experience for all involved. Congrats to the new parents!

Kat on

From People, Inc.: Please ladies, we have now run out of exclamation points and have reached our quota.

Colleen on

Zee, Are you so starved for attention, that you will show this type of classless behavior?? Grow up and work on that attitude and maybe someday you’ll have a chance to get out of the ghetto

Colleen on


Melinda on

Why wouldn’t it be, lovely? That’s the name she goes by.

Kab on

She’s precious!

texaschickeee on

Jenna has always been pretty, and is even more so.

I am happy for her and the family. That said, I don’t know any new mother that isn’t totally crazy about their new born. BUt to give Mila Props, She did the entrance at the perfect time. NO phone calls, family just took her to the hospital.

Just My Opinion on

@Kaite, There still “bushes” at the White House.

Biazinha on

I wonder how beautiful you and your kids are (I guess if u r blessed by having kids)

Just My Opinion on

@Zee, funny how your comment has some folks pissed. But it’s ok to attack Obama’s children, no matter how old they are. Do I detect double standards here? hmmmm

Mimi on

I miss the Bush family. They were truly American. Wasn’t a huge fan of W but I am now, thanks to our current president.

I love the photos and congratulations Jenna. Congrats to George and Laura too, especially for raising such fabulous, educated daughters!

mg on

enough of this chick already. yawn.

Laura on

Beautiful baby. Love the family and wish them nothing but the best!

Amelia on

Her work baby shower was April 2. Her baby shower with friends was the weekend Mila was born. That’s pretty clear if you watch the video in the post.

SKM on

Very cute photo! She looks so happy. 🙂

JJ on

She is so cute, congratulations, have lots of fun with your precious baby girl. God Bless

Joy on

Wow! You know just by your comment you can tell you’re not only ugly on the outside but F’in ugly on the inside! You’re just a sad,sad person and I feel so sorry for you!

Shannon on

Congratulations to the Bush and Hager families! Babies are always such a wonderful blessing.

And for the people saying the article is spreading misinformation because the article states her water broke at her baby shower and the baby was born on April 10th. There is a simple explanation for this: She had more than one shower. The one reported in the earlier story was for her friends at work. She had a separate shower for close friends and family. She’s even wearing a different outfit in the photo’s that I have seen. Many people have more than one shower. We always throw a shower for people at work when they get married or have a baby, but it’s just for co-workers, not families. Not unheard of at all to have more than one.

Mary Alice on

Congrats, a lovely photo.

Terri on

Well that will be a fun story to tell her daughter someday!

Terri on

Toni, you’re no better.

Terri on

Grow up, Kate.

Terri on

I think Mila was born on the 13th so I could see her having a shower on that Saturday as well. Most first time mothers have several showers!

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