Busy Philipps: I’m Having Another Girl!

04/22/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps Expecting Second Daughter
Mike Coppola/Getty

Break out the pink balloons — Busy Philipps is having a second daughter!

“We’ve known for a long time now, I just haven’t had any reason to say it, but we’re having another girl. We’re really excited,” the Cougar Town star, 33, tells The Huffington Post.

But the actress and her husband Marc Silverstein aren’t the only ones ecstatic about the upcoming arrival of their second child. The couple’s daughter Birdie Leigh is taking her future role as big sister all in stride.

“My daughter is super excited. She’s actually incredibly helpful and … she’s really understanding things,” the mom-to-be says. “When I say like, ‘Mom can’t carry you right now because the baby in her tummy is pressing down on her bladder!’ She understands what that means and she’s cool with it.”

However, Philipps isn’t anticipating a completely smooth transition for the soon-to-be siblings — especially when the 4½-year-old realizes the new girl in town is here to stay, she jokes.

“We’ll see what happens when the actual baby comes,” says Philipps, who wore a HATCH Collection jumpsuit. “I’m planning for that moment like, ‘And when does she go back?’ I know that will happen.”

Until then, Philipps has been busy working her way through three tough trimesters, a surprising experience considering she breezed through her previous pregnancy.

“My first pregnancy was sort of easy and carefree and I thought that this one was going to be the same thing, but it has been just worlds apart,” she shares.

— Anya Leon

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, cute. I can’t wait to hear her name, especially after Birdie (which I like).

Also can’t wait until Cougar Town is back next year.

jay on

Agreed, Klutzy. I LOVE Cougar Town. I also love the name Birdie. It reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s character from Hope Floats.

Ella on

I love Busy! The name Birdie needed to grow on me, but now I really like it.. Birdie Leigh… So pretty! I am very excited to hear what they’ll name girl number two.

Anonymous on

Hopefully, she comes up with a better name than Birdie! What a STUPID name!!

Alissa on

So excited and like most other posters, I can’t wait to hear the name. I love Birdie and I hope Busy comes up with another unique and cute creation for her second daughter. And Cougar Town is so great. I am eager to see the next season.

Kelly on

Maybe she’ll choose Bizarre, which is what her & her daughter’s names are.

LisaS on

Hahaha Kelly 😝😝😝

missrum on

I had an Aunt Bunny (her maiden name was O’Hare) and I think “Bunny” would make a darling name for a daughter.

loveher on

actually, kelly, her real name is elizabeth. as a baby she was a “busy body” and the nickname stuck. fact of the matter is that its her child and can name her whatever she and her husband choose. but because you gave your kind opinion on the issue, i am sure she will take “bizarre” into consideration.

soph on

Clever, Kelly.

Anonymous on

Ditto soph.

AQ on

My son was also 4.5 when his baby sister was born. It was a rough few months and he definitely had jealous feelings about a new baby but now at 7.5 and nearly 3 they are so close! Congrats on a 2nd little girl !

Mystic rose on

Holy cow! Its D.C. audrey! I lways wondered what happened to her.

Caity on

I also think Birdie is a stupid name… Sure it’s “cute” for a two-year-old, but what is 35-year-old Birdie going to do for a living where she’ll actually be taken seriously with a given name like Birdie? She’ll forever sound like a stupid character out of a British story book! It’s as bad as Rainbow and Coco and Pilot. People, including ones with money, shouldn’t be allowed to curse their kids with stupid, idiotic names.

Cris on

Of course! That makes perfect sense! Because you get a job and are taken seriously because of a name. Kinda like a grown person being called a little girl’s name like Caity. I wish I could take you seriously but your name keeps that from happening. I hope you can hear the sarcasm.

Cindy on

Best wishes to the second time mom.

Letsy on

@Caity – I’ll pass on your “kind” views about the name Birdie to my friend, a well respected educator with multiple advanced degrees, which include a Ph.d from Vanderbilt. No mean feat for an African American woman raised in a poor Alabama household during the Civil Rights era. Her name never held her back and she wears it with more class and pride than you could possible hope for.

You're stupid on

Wow, oversensitive much? Are you the “friend” Letsy? Lol

SarahJane on

Admittedly I raised my eyebrows at ‘Birdie’ when I first heard it, but now I think it’s sweet 🙂 People do have the right to name their child whatever they want, but I think many parents (celebrity or not) fail to realize how strange spellings, strange names, and names of the opposite gender may affect their child.

Annie Mouse on

“Birdie” is fine as a nickname, especially for a child, but a person is only a child for a short time. Celebrities live in a bubble and don’t seem to think in the long term. O.o

Stephy on

Atleast it required some thought… and is unique… all these “Bryn” names? Geez. Brynlee,Bryna,blah blah blah. Five years from now there will be 7 in each kindergarten class :/ unique names are different than ignorant names, yeah, if your kids name is autopiolet inspektor… what did you think is gonna happen? My daughters name is Veda. 7 years later I still love the choice, and she isn’t amongst the 90000 Madison’s that came that year. If you love a name, you love it 🙂

Guest on

Name #2 “Kittie”! 😉

Ashley on

Love it Kelly–AGREED!!!!!!!!!

Carida Pizarro on

She was cute Congrats bucy to u and your family

Anonymous on

Letsy- I couldn’t have said it better myself. To add to what you said, Birdie has a “normal” middle name, Leigh. So it’s not like she doesn’t have options should she feel “Birdie” isn’t suitable for a working woman! 🙂

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