Sarah Jessica Parker: My Twin Daughters Dress Themselves

04/20/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Sarah Jessica Parker Tiffany Blue Book Ball New York Loretta Tabitha Style
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Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker may have a wealth of fashion knowledge, but when it comes to dressing her 3½-year-old twin daughters Loretta and Tabitha, she has no input in the matter at all.

“They pick out their own clothes every single day,” the actress, 48, told PEOPLE Thursday night at Tiffany‘s Blue Book Ball in N.Y.C. “They won’t listen. I just provide the clothing and a lot of those dresses they wear are from my childhood or my niece’s young childhood.”

Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s budding fashionistas even have a daily styling session to choose their next day’s wardrobe.

“We have a routine. They pick out their clothes at 3 o’clock when they wake up from their nap,” says the Sex and the City star.

“We tell them nothing. We just give them the temperature outside and if they don’t pick enough clothing, then we say, ‘You need leggings or pants. You need to add something so you’ll be warm enough.’ That’s all they would listen to.”

Parker adds: “One is more serious than the other. Loretta will sometimes say, ‘Mama, can you help me with my bundle?’ Bundles are what we make for the next morning. But Tabitha is completely on her own. She’s extremely independent. They pick their hair ties, which are Emi-Jay. They only wear Emi-Jay hair ties and insist upon it. They pick their own headbands, pick their own hats. It’s very amusing and entertaining for me.”

The savvy little ladies have even raided Mom’s closet and tried on her Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin shoes.

“They do try my high heels on, but they are forbidden to leave the house in them!” Parker jokes.

— Paul Chi

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Lisa on

I love love love the way those little girls dress. Thanks for posting this amusing article.

msmick on

Maybe they can teach their mother a thing or two about fashion! She dresses like a bag lady from the Good Will Store anymore!!!

Kristin Milom-Smith on

Those little girls are priceless and I agree maybe they can teach their Momma a thing or two about dressing, cause lord knows she could use the help! Good job girls

akri on

Too, too cute!

Julie on

Yep, it looks like they dress themselves and apparently they dress their mother, too!

Heather M on

How does a three year old know what a certain type of hair tye/product are available? Weird.

Barbara on

Sounds like they may be in the fashion world in some way in the future. I look forward to their pictures, always.

guest on

So where are the pictures of the twins?

LA girl on

This is truly a sad article. So 3 year olds know what designer clothing and head bands are! And here is a news alert…….If you have no power over what they wear you will have no power over disiplining them on anything else. Get a spine and parent these kids so they don’t grow up to be self absorbed people who think the world is there just for their fun.

missmiggles on

I love these little girls, they are so precious! and I have to agree, my 2 1/2 year old girl picks her own clothing out everyday as well and if I try to help I get the “no mommy don’t” … kids that age are asserting their independance and it’s perfectly normal.

Melisa on

Yeah. I’m sure they know what Emi-Jay hairties are completely on their own. My kid wears Childrens Place, Wal Mart and the Garage Sale special.

bekah on

I dressed myself and picked out my clothes too at that age. For the most my mom just gave me simple instructions about the weather. Rarely did she veto anything.

I knew about headbands, ribbons, and barrettes too, as my mother talked to me when she combed and styled my hair each day.

It’s amazing what kids can learn when you spend time talking to them and teaching them instead of hovering and always doing for them.

Bridget on

Well Put Bekah … I “talked through” tasks with both my kids .. My MIL thought I was crazy when I would explain a button/zipper/ hairbow to a 1yr old as i was dressing her .. Fast forward 2 years and not only does she know what they are but what they are used for ..
Talking to our babies vs hovering or doing it for them is definatley the way to go..

Torgster on

Well said Bekah!

Marie on

So cute, I think they dress adorable, but this explains the multi colors and headbands. If you buy them cute clothes and let them dress themselves, they cannot go wrong. These twins are the cutest things in NY! My daughter made it very clear at 3 years old what she wanted to wear, usually rainbow colors and lots of it.

Nannyto1 on

Chill out LA girl. No parent needs “power” over what their children wear. Letting children pick out their own clothes boosts their self confidence and allows self expression. And it provides the perfect opportunity for them to begin making choices and decisions that are completely age appropriate. A parent’s job is to teach their child to be independent and self sufficient. Way to go SJP!!

Cris on

LA girl, weren’t you ever told about picking your battles? I don’t care what my kids wear as long as they cover all the important parts. We have many pictures of my oldest wearing flowers, stripes and polka dots. Made her a happy kid and it didn’t hurt anyone. I throw around my weight as the mom over the important stuff.

Anna Katherine on

I absolutely LOVE it when parents allow their “little ones” the option of choosing their own outfits or picking out what they want to add to an outfit. It does not surprise me at all that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick allow their girls and I am sure their son as well, to choose how they are going to dress. It definitely gives the child an outlet to express their creativity and if the parents are not allowing their “little ones” this option because they are too worried about their own image, they need to get over themselves!!

Anonymous on

Nannyto1 and Cris- Exactly! Also, LA Girl obviously didn’t pay THAT close attention to the article, because SJP clearly states that she although she allows the girls to dress themselves, she DOES set bounderies (for example, forbidding high heels outside the house and not allowing stuff that isn’t weather approprite)!

So obviously she IS maintianing some control! 🙂

Marky on

Of all the celeb parents, these 2 seem to have a level head on their shoulders, seem to be devoted to their family, and appear to be doing a great job parenting. These kids always look happy, they are with their parents, and have the look of kids who are deeply loved.

As a person with adult children, let me say, she is not only giving them the chance to have control over a proper area of their lives, she is helping them learn to dress properly. The fact that they know about a particular hair acc. doesn’t mean anything negative. Close your green eyes and realize these people have more money than some, and can afford those bows. That’s just fine. They do their share for charities and live a fairly simple life. I did the best I could to provide certain things for my children, even if I bought them at garage sales. All they cared about was the look they wanted, not which store we bought it at.

I really admire how Jessica and Matthew are raising their children, and the fact they have been together a long time. Hooray for them, and their seemingly very happy children!!

Jen DC on

i love the girls’ outfits – but not all SJP’s! LOL but if she likes and can afford them, and she’s enjoying the attention (as would the designers), i say go for it.

LA Girl: have you fought with a three-yr-old over what to wear? it’s not a worthwhile way to start the day. it’s, in fact, a horrible way to start the day, what with the screaming and the crying and the wrestling and the possible bruising (of mom or caretaker, since the 3 yr old’s amazing physical strength and dexterity make him/her IMPOSSIBLE to control without harmful use of force by the adult). as SJP says: so long as they are warm enough and they aren’t taking her good shoes outside, why fight them? i like her attitude: It’s fun for her to watch the girls’ personalities play out in their clothes and negotiating what’s allowable. i think that’s wonderful.

valeskas on

I just adore the twins and their cute outfits.

joan on

LA girl – you are clueless about little kids. I had one kid who went through a phase around two. She refused to wear what we wanted. With two other kids around, including an infant, trying to get to work and preschool, two year olds can battle for a LONG time. I just let her pick out what she wanted, even if it didn’t match, because she was covered and warm. The mismatch phase lasted about a week. then she took the suggestions again….until about age 4, where it was dresses and cowboy boots in the spring. pick your battles… because life is short. AND fyi – she has grown up to a great kid…who still is particular about her clothes.

Skor on

I do the same with my kids… Provide the clothing and let them pick from there. For those who criticize the bows, you should take note that SJP states that many of their dresses were hers or from another relative, so basically hand me downs. From the pictures I’ve seen of her kids, they are always dressed age and weather appropriate.

Ayla on

Of course of all the things she can probably say about their little girls, their “fashion sense” is the one thing this woman is prouder about.

lovely123 on

Style Icon? I just laughed out loud from the first sentence. Obviously this author has not seen any pictures of SJP when she dresses herself. Style Icon – ha! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

Terri on

So cute! They shound like a lot of fun!