Is Jessica Simpson Wearing Two Different Sneakers?

04/18/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson Sneakers
Albert Michael/Startraks

Did Jessica Simpson fumble her footwear — or should we be the ones feeling shoe-pid?

In between juggling a toddler and preparing for a baby on the way, we can imagine how hard it is for the Fashion Star mentor to keep it all together — especially when it comes to getting dressed.

On Wednesday, the mom-to-be stepped out in full-on workout gear wearing what appeared to be two different-colored running shoes.

Although we initially thought the designer had a slight case of baby brain, photos can be deceiving — turns out it’s just a trick of the sun!

After the story gained traction with readers, took a closer look just for kicks, and we have to say, we feel like heels.

Although we put our foot in our mouth, we’re sure Simpson — known for her cute gaffes — would understand.

Jessica Simpson Sneakers

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Missy on

Seriously? This makes news?

Liz on

it’s not two different sneakers- one is in the sun, one is in the shade, the lighting is deceiving.

Kat on

They aren’t two different sneakers…it’s the way the sunlight is shining on the on in front. The other one is in the shade so it appears as though it’s a different shoe.

Karma on

Bless her. Been there, done that.

Anonymous on

Seems pretty obvious that it’s not two different shoes; one is in the sun and the other in the shade.

Kelly on

She dresses like a tramp. Yeah, most women wear tops like that to work out. She may be in “work out gear” but it looks like the idiot just came from shopping, with the enormous bag to hide her huge body. Fool can’t even put on two shoes that match.

Sick of it on

You sound like a total idiot Kelly. Get a life jerk.

chelse on

And she’s carrying around a Birkin while sporting mismatched shoes. Oh the irony.

Anonymous on

One shoe is in the shadow and one is in the sunlight.

Rachel on

Missy- This isn’t a news site… It’s a gossip site. And this is gossip.

Sue on

Are you sure it’s not the sun shining on one and the other is in the shade?

Anonymous on

Missy, CNN reports news, not People. If you want the news, go to a new website. If you want to read about celebrities, come to People.

wowzo on

Really? Please tell me you are not serious about the shade vs. light being why they dont look the same! I cannot! Come on people!

Zen on

Sorry are you people blind? Those are two different sneakers. Light and shade, wtf? One is a black shoe and one is a white shoe. Up those prescriptions ladies.

Cheryl on

Look at the bottom picture where both shoes are in the shade. You can see they are the same shoe.

What? on

Are all the people saying they’re obviously the same shoes looking at the same picture I am?

Cause… They are CLEARLY different shoes. Look at the details!

Lacey on

To those saying they are the same shoe? Are you blind?? They are completely different, not even close to the same. You should get your eyes checked! Amatures!

Jenn on

Are you serious? People actually get paid to write these articles!?! One shoe is in the shade and one is in the light.

Anonymous on

are you kidding me one is obviously in the shade and one in the sun!!! its not 2 different shoes!!

Pam on

Lol! It is most definitely two different shoes! One is black, the other is white. I understand though as I’m going through that now. I’ll go to the fridge to get something I’m craving and forget what it was by the time I get there. I even forget how to pronounce words mid sentence 😛

Kimberly on

While I agree it’s not really news worthy, but a funny pic – I do not agree that they are the same shoe just one in sunlight and the other in shade – the sole of one shoe is white and the other is clearly black – even in shade it would still not be black AND look at the laces.

Alison on

I don’t get the “trick of the sun”, they clearly look different, regardless of one being in the shade vs sun. I am confused!

Rosa on

Bless her heart. Leave my fellow Texan alone. Stop picking on her.

Karolina on

I’m sorry – a trick of the sun! There is no trick that makes one shoe black and the other white….she is clearly wearing two different sneakers!

Jess on

No, the sun is hitting the one on her left foot. What kind of article is this?

Karolina on

There is no “trick of the sun” that turns one shoe white and the other black! She is clearly wearing two different sneakers.

Traci Lynn Sawyer on

when you can’t see your feet…….it doesn’t matter. lol. I have 7 children, I know. lol.

ali on

Why do they ask? Clearly she is lol

Stacey on

Must be a really slow day at the office.

A on


Anonymous on

looks like two different shoes to me…sun or not!

Nadia on

Whomever wrote this is “shoe-pid”! That’s not a trick of the sun, those are two completely different pairs of shoes!

Guest on

I am confused..looks like 2 different shoes to me

Susan on

sunlight vs shade? Seriously? The shoe is completely BLACK yet her leg is the same colour. She is wearing two different shoes. But still, who cares. Maybe one foot has swollen up more than the other and she HAS to wear two different shoes. Maybe it IS pregnancy brain. Whatever. Pregnancy messes with your whole body and she should not appologize for any of it. But sorry…..two different shoes. NOT shade.

TEM on

No way, I saw this same photo the other day and she had black sneakers on both feet. This is doctored. I’ve got to find that other photo.

aNON on

Ok those are 2 different shoes for sure!!! I don’t care how much is in the shade and how much is not in the shade. One of those shoes are black and the other is white. Shade doesn’t turn a white shoe black!!!!

Mommy on

I don’t get it. One shoe is black, one shoe is white. There is no color deceiving and no amount of shade to change the color of black and white.

Serena on

Def 2 different shoes. They clearly have different markings on them too! Shes pregnant. Give her a break!!!

Erin on

Um….those are definitely 2 different shoes. A white shoe would not be black just because it was in the shade.

Kim on

Leave the mom-to-be alone she can’t see her feet and was probably in a hurry. It happens! I did it!

Lisa D. on

Ohhhhhh yeah! Those are the new color changing shoes that are being sold everywhere! Silly me. I thought I was CLEARLY seeing one black shoe and one white shoe. Come on folks, sunlight does not make one shoe look black as tar and one as white as an egg shell.

Shannon on

Seriously!? They are two DIFFERENT shoes! The shade doesn’t change the color of the soles or the laces! WTF People? The woman can’t see her feet, she most likely made an honest mistake and put two different shoes on. Did her publicist threaten to sue People if you didn’t change the story or something? Good grief.

Anonymous on

Completely two different shoes! The shade does not turn a white shoe completely black. You can even see the black shoe lace sticking up. But we have all been there before, usually just with black and brown shoes 🙂

Anonymous on

1st world problems. Ridiculous this is newsworthy.

Denise on

I looks like two different shoes to me.

Alysia on

Agreed, this pic is edited. You can find the real pic on google images and she is clearly wearing black shoes on both feet. I am totally done with this site.

Katie on

They are clearly different shoes. I guess she can’t see her feet.

Jane on

There is no way that’s a trick of the light. Those are clearly two different shoes. One is black, the other is white.

Mia on

Wow….you guys at People Magazine are really hurting for stories. Definitely NOT the same magazine it was even 5yrs ago.

Alysa on

Excuse me. Don’t insult my intelligence. Shoes do not go from black to white in the sun. She screwed up, so what?

Melissa on

TEM – You are right. I googled “Jessica Simpson Birkin” and sure enough the Huffington Post has her in two black shoes. Yes, I did just waste 3 minutes of my life doing that.

kate on

they’re black sneakers. in the light one seems lighter but they match and they’re black. not a fan of hers but if you see this pic on other sites, you can see.

Daniela Wells on

Why is this news?

kira on

you’re all idiots to not see that one foot was in the shade and one in the sun…

BBB on

The photo is photoshopped or she’s wearing two different shoes, this isn’t a sunlight issue. Either way, who cares.

raif valone on

so now we are picking on jessica because she is fat ? I’m not sure about the shoes . She’s allowed to be fat . She dedicate her life to her career , she is allowed that . I decree that .

littlebeemama on

These are clearly two different shoes. The materials of the shoes are different. And a shoe in the shade would not be completely black, like the one in the shadow. It would be that running sneaker with a shadow over it, not a different color!

FreedomRoad on

Though not newsworthy, I cannot believe that the sun can make one shoe look white and the other black !! She has on 2 different shoes !!!!!!!!

Heather on

both feet are in the shade. her right shoe is black, her left shoe is white. one little corner of her huge bag is in the sun and the rest of her is in the shade. those are two different shoes!!

sam on

She has always taken pride in her stupidity. She should kiss the ground her father walks on for negotiating brilliant business contracts.

Hmm on

Didn’t notice it, her boobies popping out (again) caused a little distraction. You can be sexy and classy at the same time Jess. Your a mama now.

blameitonmytongue on

Seriously. I do understand that THIS is a celebrity site hence the word People, but their are other news happening now that are way more interesting than this. I’m not saying that everyday should be about sad news, but an article like this could have waited.

Jenn on

Seriously?!? I get why you would talk about snapping a picture of her out and about shopping, but clearly it is obvious that one shoe is in the sun and the other in the shade. Y’all will stop at nothing to take a person down. Geesh!

Elizabeth Mills on

The black sneaker leg around the knee area looks totally ‘shopped, unless she also has a huge rip in her pants.

Kimmy on

Def. two different colors of the same shoe. No shade issues here! Just one black and one white shoe!

blameitonmytongue on

Okay I give up. Its the sunlight people. Look at her Ankle.

Millie on

I’m not buying the shade thing, it’s clearly too different shoes.

Elizabeth Mills on

Also, the area right about white shoe… clearly doctored!! No one’s socks fall that way

Anonymous on

lol, right because all shoes are black in the shade!

jessakash on

Seriously , who honestly cares what she wears on her feet?

Mom1 on

You people are literally blind…if you look at the soles of the sneakers and the style closely – they ARE two different ones.

klutzy_girl on

LOL, I’m not even pregnant and I’ve done stupid stuff like put on two different shoes (both were left once!). In my defense, one time, it was dark and I wasn’t paying attention when I put them on.

Anonymous on

Those are two different shoes

Lil on

The same photo is in the Star Tracks photos. It’s bigger so you can see the shoes a little better. I think it’s just the sunlight.

Julia Fusco on

If it is shade then white people must turn black in the shade. Stupid people two different shoes. Look at her purse parts of it is in the sun and shade and its still ALL orange just different shades. Shade doesn’t turn white to jet black. Get off gossip sites and hit the books.

sarah on

lol..those are two different shoes..they even have different details..come on people..nice try at covering it up.

tina on

this is the first thing i noticed when i saw the picture in one different magazine, and i also think these sneakers are different, because if you look closely you will see that they both are in shade

Angela on

Maybe she didn’t realize it – after all when you’re pregnant you can’t see your feet ! LOL

Patricia on

Missy, FYI: People is not the news.

Deborah on

For the people who think they are the SAME sneaker? I want what you all are smoking!

Kim on

Yes, one is in sun and the other is in shadow..but I’ve never seen that make this much difference.

Just My Opinion on

I’ve never seen a white sneaker look black in the shade?

Just My Opinion on

Those are totally different shoe.

Anonymous on

There is not THAT much shade there! ….. The shoe is clearly different… the shad wouldn’t make her entire shoe black, including shoe strings…. nothing else is shaded…not her leg or anything… they just don’t want people to think she is crazy…but so what just own up to the fact that it’s two different shoes! We could all do it.

Just saying.... on

One leg is in the sun and one is not and they are both the same color! Would having one shoe in the shade change the color of the sole? Is this chicken or tuna? Remember that?

hbomb1225 on

I have to agree with a couple other people here. I also took the time to google and every other site that has pictures from what appears to be the same shopping trip have her in 2 black shoes, so either a) this is photoshopped and either People was too dumb to check on it or did it themselves or b) she realized it was two different shoes and just so happened to have the other black shoe with her and change. I am going to go with option a.

Nastashia on

Seriously? who cares!? she is pregnant! probably can’t see her feet! I couldn’t see mine!

Mizari on

Since when did a shade, not even that much of a shade, turn something clearly light gray (nowhere near black) into black? I have a pair of running shoes the SAME color as the one not in the shade. They do not turn black when in the shade.

Robin on

Did her publicist call People and tell them to say it is the same shoe??? Who cares? Really. Does it matter? She would have been better off saying yes, they are two different shoes, mandated by my doctor.

Shannon on

Who cares about her shoes- look at that bag! I would give anything for a Birkin!!

Amelia on

1) Laughing at how pun-tastic this article is. Love it.

2) Laughing at the commenters that just aren’t getting it.

Montrealgirl1978 on

I m not even pregnant and I left the other morning to drive my husband to the airport wearing two different sneakers! It happens to the best of us!

Anonymous on

A black sneaker does not turn white in the sun. The first pic has got to be photo shopped

Christine on

Did anyone actually read what People wrote? They know it isn’t two different shoes and admitted their mistake.

xlovehappyx on

haha 🙂 i wouldn’t be surprised if i did this…not always easy to see the feet at 8 months pregnant. yay for full length mirrors

Teresa on

You people are blind. Those are two different shoes. Shade my @$$.

Anonymous on

A white shoe would not look black in the shade, nor would a black shoe appear white in the sun. I call BS on this one. Its totally photoshopped.

6453 on

You people crack me up! You look at the picture and can not wait to blast your stupid comments below. Kelly, you called her a fool?!?!? You should feel ashamed…!! Get off your freaking a$$es and do something worthwhile. And before you “comment” on how I’m on this sight. I’m at WORK on hold with a claims adjuster. Yeah WORK… You should give a try sometime!

Jamie on

They are completely different shoes. Look at the tongue, traction and laces! This is a funny article but c’mon, shade doesn’t change the entire design of a shoe.

wrynn on

Ready the damn article and look at both pictures retards…People solved the problem ya’ll are all arguing about. its the same shoe…geez.


what bs, i saw this photo 9+ hours ago & it’s clearly two diff colored shoes. jes darling you are a moron, just admit it and move on girl!

Angie on

I have no idea how anyone can say that’s a “trick of the sun”! The sun doesn’t turn one shoe completely black, or white, and give one shoe multicolor designs on the sides while not shading the leg at all, etc… Either someone played around with photoshop or she’s wearing two different shoes. Being pregnant with a toddler will do that to ya! 🙂

Angie on

I am willing to bet that the first picture is photoshopped! I have NO idea how someone could possibly think that it’s a “trick of the sun”. Really!?!?! The sun doesn’t turn a BLACK shoe WHITE or the other way around and look at the details of the white shoe! Why would the writer of the article even use that as an excuse!?

WiddoMouse on

it is no doubt the way the light is hitting the shoes, but I was ready to cut her some slack. I’ve gone out the door in one black and one navy shoe. It taught me not to buy multiple colors of the same shoe. I thought she had on a top with an assymetrical cut-out to expose her ample cleavage….then I realized I was looking at her right hand. Sorry Jessica.

amber on

are you guys blind, its clearly 2 different shoe. the shoe in white its photoshopped. look at the sole of the shoe, if it was true that the shoe just looked black cuz “it was in the shade” than why would the tip of the black color shoe still be black when it is in the sunlight? and shades doesn’t turn colors black, they just turn the original color a few shades darker. also wouldn’t Jessica Simpson also be black then? cuz 1st her white shoe is way lighter than her skin color and 2nd her whole body is in the shaded region. so what the shade just magically turn white shoe black but wont turn white ppl black ?

CCex on

Two things happened here (because they are NOT the same shoe);

1.) PEOPLE doctored it to make it appear as two different shoes for “news” sake.

2.) She did wear two different shoes but PEOPLE have now doctored the photo to make them match as per a publicists request.

AG on

The funniest thing about this article are the responses. How on earth does sun and shade create such a difference in colour?! One is white and one is black!

wikkedstepmom on

Oh come ON! I am a photographer and let me tell you that shoes don’t turn black in the shade. Her hair is in the shade and it isn’t black. People just doesn’t want to fess up to the fact that they rag magged the public by posting a photograph that was CLEARLY photo-shopped. Those shoes aren’t even the same design for crying out loud!

Leah on

So what if she is…its hard to find comfy shoes when your feet are swollen from pregnancy…..Let’s focus on REAL news, like finding out who is behind the Boston bombings and the West, TX explosion.

Melody on

I agree, there’s no trick of the sun that can turn a black shoe completely white or vice versa. Totally different shoes, with different markings.

Possibly, she realised the mistake as she stepped out into the paps, went back inside, changed and came out again. So possibly the shots were taken several minutes apart? Who knows?

Not that it matters, it’s no big deal if she wore mismatched shoes! So what?

mrsE on

Agree on all accounts Melody!

Well said. 🙂

Beth on

Funny, when I wear my black shoes outside in the sun, they look black !

TMB2012 on

Looks like her whole left leg and shoe in the top photo is different? Bluish capris vs. black ones with white shoe vs. black shoe.

Two different sources for the photo…hmmm maybe the top one was photoshopped and sold to get the story?!

Karyn on

Not that it matters in the slightest but these are
2 different shoes and 2 different photos. Who
Cares if her shoes don’t match? Seriously, this
whole write up is ridiculous,.. Just sayin..

Ram929 on

HOW can people be this ignorant? Oh yes, it’s the internet. It is the SAME sneaker. The sneaker IS NOT WHITE! It is a BLACK sneaker IN THE SUN. I should be shocked by the level of idiocy…but I’m not…You people really need to sit through AT LEAST one Science class.

pam taylor on

this is news? does she own a top that fits?

Jen on

Wow I had no idea it was wrong to go shopping AFTER going to the gym !! She looks great . She s a very successful business woman and seems to be a very loving mother . You go Jessica !!!

Romy on

what store was she shopping at? is it possible she was trying on a running shoe and accidentally walked out with it and then went back in and changed or something? they look like 2 different shoes in the pictures.

Reesca on

This is no trick of the sun, it’s a poorly done Photoshop and People just cannot admit that they fell for it.

Anonymous on

Photoshop is a wonderful thing.

Torgster on

I wonder if she is ever going to update her look? She is so dated and always looks the same. The long straw hair that’s never styled, the huge boobs busting out of her outfit du jour. She is such a pretty woman, and could look like a million bucks instead of like a hillbilly throwback.

sasha on

she’s stupid…wishing her children the best, they’re going to need it!

rachel on

jesus, look at all you dumb bitches insisting it’s different shoes. you must be the stupidest people on the planet. there is sunlight on her ankle, and if you use your freaking eyes you can CLEARLY see it’s a black shoe illuminated by the shade. you absolute goddamn morons.

haven on

She looked better when she was married to nick. Now she is fat. Ok she is pregnant but even when she isnt she still doesnt look as good anymore. I dont think she is as dumb as she make herself sound i think she plays that whole dumb thing for attention.

Anonymous on

Its totally photoshopped! The pant leg is even a different color. And a white shoe would not look black in a shadow.